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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 16, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MST

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anthe roots righere from iladphia, pennsylvania ladies andtlemen. st tuned for "late night with sethyers." thyofor watchi have a greight. hope to see you tomorrow. bye-e, everybo thk you! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> announcer: fr 30 rockell plazan rk, it's "la night with seth meyers." togh-- anthony anderson. from "jack of e d hets actress famke ja music om ean friedbeer feuring the 8gand wi ed armis [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meys! >> seth: gd evening.i'm se meyers. this is ate ght!" how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers andpplaus] that is wonderful to hear. in thase, let's get to t news. e grammys were held last nig cluded performancem the ywood vampir, coting of alice oper, joe perry and johnny depp. and while they mightot loo likeour avage rockand th definitely sounded like average ro band. [ laughter ] marco rubio is being cticized for opens new campai ad with t slogan "it's morning again in ameriut showing stk otagimes of ncour,ada. [ laughter ] of course, he'noe only
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a cler look at cana. [ laughter ] sevel poticapert-- chrs andppus] ral litil experts have put geth srt list of w they believe president obama is considering for the supreme urt nomination. meanwhile, the gop has put together their own short lis laughter ] wie -- woulde do it? according to the latesnational poll, hillary clinton's lead over bernisanders hanaowed to t points. also narwed, hilry clint's eyes. [ laught ] a w pollas fou tha31% of donald trumpupers in sth calina would sport aan of sexuals immigrating to the u. oh, yeahause that's what a cool gay europeans dream o-- soh caro. [ laughter ] made it! [ applause ] n has
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comparinthe republan candates tused cars, which likened hn kash to a familyriendly minivan. and here are sof the other candates. ben carson is a ius. u can hard heait running. [ lauger ] ted cruz is a gremlin.jeb bush -- and of coue, donald trum there it is.[ uger[ pl ] the townhoe next door famous director woody allen is on the rl estate mket for $27 million, but i'd be surpriseif it went for anything or [ laughter ] [ auence oohs ] seems liseemlike you're on the fce. [ laug ] anfinally, nf hacome out with a toyun that ca shoot foam darts uto 68 mile per hour. and when y'rdone playing th it, you c plapirates. [ laught ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a fanttishow for you tonight! [ cheers and applause
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comedy "blk-ish," anthony derson is in the house tonight. [ cheers ] she's the ar othe w lm "jack of the r hrts." famke janssen is ithe house tohight. [ cheers ] also we have music -- you're goa recognize her from sitting in oitar witthe 8g bd. tonight, she's hertoerform for . elear friedberger is here. she'got a great new album. i n't wait for tt. but beforee getoll tt busine, republan ont-ruer dald trump has open up a new ne of atta in the goprimary over e cy opresident gege w. bu, specicly as it reles to e iraq war and 9/. r mo on is, it's timfor "a closelook [ cheers and applause ] >> set so for yes 's been taken an article th among publanth george w. sh kus s after 9/11 and tt despite bush's mistas iraq,he chaos th'saken hold there nce 2008 is actually preside obams fault.
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satuayonald trump said this. >>bviously the war in iraq was a big, fat mista, l ght? george bh made mtake we can make mistakes, but that one was a beauty. we should have never been in iraqwe he destabilized the mide st. therwere no s of mass destctn. [ booing ] okay. all rit. >> set look how angry trump is.his skin is so red it los like he's fadininto theacround. [ laer ] but this is truly stunning. crics of the iraq war have been sing foyearth ge. bushisd the on to the rh to war. but for the publican party's own frontrunner to make that se's aig deal. but that wasn't even trump's biggest violation of rublican orthodoxy, because this happened next >> whileonald trump was building a rea tv sh, brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe, and i'm proud of whahe did. [ cheering ] and he's had the gall to go afte-- >> the world trade cter came down during your bther's
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[ booing ] holonlet meinis >>eth: that'right. after nths of p making racist comments at republican debates, he finallgot booed for sang george w. buswas president 9/11. you can't do that a republican debat that's one of those ings, everyone knows is true, t one is aowed to y out loud. like h you'rnot allod to say th wn your hotsin was stng abrd she wa actulyaving by[ laht ] but yesterday jerespded to trump's tacks with a slam of his own. >> some of the dialogue back and forth made me woer. cled my eyes and ihought itasiceloore on the age. >> seth: "also when i osed my eyesretend i wasn't nng r presidanore. [ light laughter ] i s back home in florida where none ever twts mean things out me and hur my feelgs." [ light laughter ] but trumwas not backing down. and in press conference on monday he we even harder a george w. bush, lambasting him for his manament of the iraq r. >> shouldn't have been there, ouldn't have gotten out the way we got out. but if the president went to t beach, we wod haveeen tter off,elve me. saddam hussein was aad guy.
11:44 pm
killed terrorists. w aq is harvarfor terrorm. >> seth: iraq harv that's ridiculous. both bhes went there. it's definitely yale. [ light laughter ] but course,ven when tru ight he fis way to be wrong. because trumhas been claiming for months durinis campaign that he had the foresight to eak out against the iraq war when it first started in 2003, not just later when the war turned o to be aisaster. yet independent ct checkers have bn ab to find no evceru was er crital of war before eg. in fact, he was nfroed aut it suny on "meet the press." >> none of us ha been le to find any instance where, befe e invasionca out ainsthis war wh t>> well, i did it in 2 i id it before the don't forget, i sn't a litian. >> set'mry, you guysi'm rememri bk wh het a lician [ light ughter ]
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republican voters will react t trp's atck in general, the r remas very popuwith 5f amerans and en 44% orepublans saying it wa't wortht. still george w. bush remai rsonally well-lid puican pmary voters. so just how shocked was the p tablisent atrump's aack? welle gonsultant t ticoterdquot "eveinwe knoabou poticastraes sugge thru's disio ak or. wl backfire, and if it doesn't backre, en it will be oicial -- nothing can op him." it will stop him! or it won' and th nothing will, or maybe not. i dot know, justtop asking meueionsbo him! [ light laughter far there's nevence tha the attacks onheush lecy are hurting trump. onsouth rolina vot told nbc hegrwitheb, t ilantos trp, adng, f jeb had to him to [ bleep ] off he'd get my vote." [ ughter ] i know you think you want hear jeb say that, b h wouldn't be go at it. you'd sehim working up the nerve, bhe'd lose confidence halfw and bl. like, "hman! [ quietly ]
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"what did you sa" [ very quily ] "[ bleep ]ff [ laer ] so it's a b-trump fight in the spotlight and e age was set r george w. bushimselfo enter the fray. sh joined his brother jeb in soutroday, hirst campaign appearae in years, anhe took a sh atrump, george w. yle. there seems to be a lot of name-cling going on,ut i wanto remind you what our good dad told me ontime lals are for soup cans.[ lauger >> seth: what? what w happeni when your dad said "labels are forp ca?" [ laughter were you tormenting jeb with a labelmak? [ laughter ] that wasn't e only blast fro the past yesterday becsere was other member othe sh administratihoraed out ofhe woodwk to slam trump, and if y suddenly feel cold wind blong tough you, you di't leave t winw open.
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president bush a his team purposely lying the countrinto war i iraq, sayi, "i will tell you they lied. they said there were weapons o mass destruction, the were none. th kw there were none." your response? um -- he soun lika liberal democr tme, bret sh: fallysomeone o' t afraido arl back at um remeercheney'ss gonn have the upp hand. trump only claims he can shoot e get away with . cheneyid it. [ laughter ] sot wi be intesting see how p vote respond tthis bate over the bush legy, but trump hasn't only beentical of bush's handling othe iraqr,e also has his own ll-tht olan r ghting terrorism. i wouldb th[ bleep out of 'em. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, my god. every plan is teible. this has been "a closer look." [ apause ] we'll be rightack withore ate night." [ chee and applause ]
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[ rs andpplause ] seth: welcome back, ybody. give it up e 8g . [ chee applae ]al bk s rutonit, fred armin is in th hous ank you r beinre, fred. >> fre you. [ chrs and applause ] >> seth: you check out fred, "portlandia" seasix is airing right now on ifc and he's also very funny in the movie "zoolaer 2." always such a pleasureo have
11:52 pm
not ju because he's my friend, but so we talk backstage a one my complaints about television right now, tre's too much good tv. there are too many shows. i can't keep up. fred on thother hand tells me evy day at he doesot have that proem because he watches every le shoon tevio [ laug ? >> fd: it's ve true. >> seth: oy. that means it'time oe agai for fredrmen's extmely acra trep. eers a [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: okay. so thiis tprove you kn ery show on levision, fred. i'm a giveou the title o a show aou're gonna tell me what it's about. all ght? >> f oka >>eth: okay, "colony" on u fred: oh,colony this is aeally -- ia really fun sho >> seth: oy. >> fre it's like a crazy, craz-- it's this comedy. >> sh: okay. i th froit a rlly nny show. >> fred:t's really- real, funny. it's so fuy. itust ke sh: okay. >> fred: i mean, havyou seen it? >>eth:o. fred: oh, tre's lot of inside jokes. a lot of inside jokes have -- seth: f people whve sn other episodes? fred:ell,rom e book the colony boo
11:53 pm
coc, you kw? did you ever read "colon" >> seth: wha no. again, i c't ss enough, i don'knownything out "cony." >> fred: oh, so it's rea funny. and sohe characters there -- there just -- le it'srazy. so there -- [ laughter ] yoow frofroo ere'big miy. >> seth: froo-froobig mikey. >> fred: don. the wizard twins. laer dr. clenon. 's so y and th're just ke, theyust n ar. i an, it's lot of inside jokes. they'rlike the's -- they have these raisins andhey're throwiaisins. you woul't underd the ke. ghlaughter ] you don't get it but, they throw the raiss arnd a l finally,hey sort of ke, th doctor comes out and he', you guys havto sp wastg raisin oo anthe joke is, well we'rnoeahe [ lauger ] you have to read the comic's all i have to say. >> sh: so, basally there's no point in watching the sw if yohavet readll the comic books leading up to it? >> fou shod readhe c books. seth: okay, how my coc
11:54 pm
fred: oh,s been arod since . [ laug ] , what it ?what'sber? --'t, 50? ? es anyone ow [ laer ] >> seth: are you asking the audien? >> fred: yeah, yeah. no one? >> seth: all rhtred, i'm sorry to do this, but i'm gonna readhe description according to tv guide for "colony." >> fred: okay. >> set s in the future, myerious totitarian governnt has seized control of la and imprisoned cize within giant metallic walls. >>red:o nn sony. ah [ lahter ] >> seth: it do- it ds go on to say that the cizens' names e froo- froo, big mikey -- >> fred: yeah.>> s don, and dr. mcendon. [ lahter ] >> fred: good. good. >> seth: thank you so much, everybody. ve it up for fre >> fred: thank you. thank yo [ cheers and applause ] seth: now, m t sure if yoguys are familiar withhese dog shaming websites. the way works is people take a cte of their dog looking guilty next to a little sign th says what the dog did. here's an example. i ke to hide tens lls arou t house.pretty ce. right? here's another one eat my daddy's wooden furniture. adorable. these are all minor offenses after arching on the inter
11:55 pm
dogs that have done much, much worse things. 'd like to show them to yo now in a segnt wll "ereme dog shang [ cheers a applause ] >> seth: extreme, indeed. so let's take a look at our first dog. this guy's adorable. can't imaghe'd do ytng too i wn waiter drops the shes. [ lahter the worst. everybody hates th. bad do who do we haveext?awe, he etty cute. i wain charge of adele's audio at the grammys. [ laughter ] yogoa double-check tha it's, like the most important. o do we have next? oh, i like this guy. i'a bartender, but i insist on being called a mixolis [ laughter ] bad dog. get over yourself. bad dog. who do we have next? what an adorle little pupper i don't think the oscars are white enough. [ laughter ]
11:56 pm
ohandoble lile thea or ziusn b i jackp the price 5,000%.[ laughter ] d dog! who do we have next? oh a cole. i lo a cole. kitty fell down the well. oh, my g. [ laughter ] that's not bad. ank u uch r warn us. oh wait. no, i'm sorry, there'sore. i pushed him. oh! [ laughter ] bad dog. o'up next? , what a gttle de. at could he have d at wngs i flirth the bride a little just to see where her head's at. [ ughter ] i likeour styl badog. [ laughter ] who do we have next? oh, big guy. i love big old d. unlike t beafrom the revenant, when i maul a guy in the woods i get the b done. [ ght ughter ] d dog. cinephial dog. o wha next? ohth's all canay wh clde haveone? billosby, innocent! [ laughter ]
11:57 pm
dog. o'xt? th is perft ttlech for lentinday put a w on my dick and said "youe welcome." [ laughter and appus] how does how does that work with paws? [ laughter ]who do w who do we have next? oh, wait a minute, this is my g frisbee. bee what d you do? evernight i wond, seriousl who got seth wife pregnant [ laughter ] frisbee! that was extreme dog shaming. we'll beight back with
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...alec? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our first guest tonight is an emmy-nominated actor and comedian, who stars in the popular family comedseries "black-ish." new episodes air wednesday night on abc. let's take a look. >> what's going on? >> they're abo to announce the
12:02 am
that. >> what do you mean yothink you heard abt that? it's been alover the news. it's the one where they shot the kid in the middle of the street, right? >> unh-u! that was chicago. >> oh, is this the guy that got shot in ont of the colle at the trafc st? >> no, that wacharleston. >> no, charlesn was armed guwho got shot in e ck. sinsey was the traffic stop. wa, whoa, wait. then wt was w york? >> new york was the unarmed guy who was selling rettes that t choked >> cigettes! >> yeah, this is the unarmed guy who was selling dvd'that got tased 37 times. >> w, is he okay? >> he got tased 37 times so, you , he's not great. [ laughter ] >> seth: please weome tohe, anthony anrs [ ch andlaus] seth: >> seth: vniceo see u,my fend. >> very nice tsee you. >> set ts is vy exciting. i had jasosudeikis on last night. >> yes. >> seth: he was ureammate. >> yea
12:03 am
nba lebrity alstarame. i love how you slipped nbc in on tt. >> seth: yeah, i wanted to get -- nbc -- ly here on e but you got to play in the all-star game. how did you play? >> if that's what you want to call whadid. >> seth: i'mlad you brought that up becae we ally have ip of mething yod, i wampressed bause isto me, is tegy. >> oh,kay. set a lot of gu shoup they jwant to play their il. yo explain what direalquick. yodiait g cd into the game. >> no, no, i checked myself in the game -- [ lauger ] during the game -- >> seth: during thgame. >> as the play was being draw-- athe opposingeam nng the playi just deto checkn just hoputonhe crt. >>eth: and iry impornt know that wheu ecke noneheck out.>> nonchecd out,o. seth: let's take a look cause i wavery impreed with this. all right,he you go. you run in - laughter ] all righ you stl it.>> lk that! look at that! look at that! that is the flowest brkaway ever! [ laught ] d i score. [ cheers ] there you go! >> seth: and then yoju go backo ur seat. that asome! [ laught ]
12:04 am
th-- >> thenly bucket i scoin that game. eth: was thathe only -- d sudeikis h a bame. y knowhat, man? we call him "white curry." >> seth: white curry? >> yeah, white curry. that's sudeikis' new nickname. >> seth: because he's the eph curry of white people. >> he d 17 points? >> seth: yh, he had a g da >> he s rainre all day. >>h: y it was really excing. >> we had great me a greate. setow iave othespts questfoyou. >>k toe. s samacks on e show. es. >> sh: s jonot into a li twier beewi narump. na tmp claimed tt had never golf witsam jackso te, "i don't know sael l. jacksoto the best of -- theryou go. "to e bestf knoed. i han'played gwith him and think he does too manyv commercials. boringnot fan." u came -- you came to e defense sam jks immediel u twd ght , e ondonaru. played golf with samu. ckson d me we. weo had lunch together, shrimpnd hot dog sounfami?" [ lahter ] >> yh. >> seth: so,ou --
12:05 am
e three of y golfed together? >> we golfed together at tmpcourse in bedminster, and had a eat time. >>eth: yeah.>> i don't uerstand ho me can say they not- they're not a fan of sam jackson? >>eth: how can you nota faof sam jackson? h can you n be n of mueljackn? seth: aan r this country? >> ectly. [ light lauger ] >>eth: thas funn yocan be the psident of ssia and not lsam jackson. >> but n the president of the unit states of arica. >> set how wast golfing with trump? >> you know at? trump is a great golfe >> seth: mm-m. i'm not gonna say trump eats, okay. his cay cheats for him. [ lahter seth:y. >>ll right. t if ywn the golf course, i guess, you know, that's a prerequisite. you nna cheaand make sure the bosslways has eat lines. >> seth: how -- d you noce the eang hapning? >> oh, yes. vel tis. >> sh:kay. >>eah, sever times. >> i hit -- miss h a ball. it hooked a little left abt 20 yards. trump the exact sa shot but went 20 yards further left than mine. could nofi my ball in th trash. trump's ball had the fluffiest lie in the middle of the
12:06 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: it sow bounced down>> yea butike i say, i di't see tru cheat 'cause he was on the tee b with me, but middle of thfairy. yeah, so do i. i'm not mad him. >> s n, one ofhe thgs, --bvioly, he ing r ident. i'm goa gus despite higolf skills, you might nobe voting for donald trump. gonna vote for? i know who i'm not gonna ve r. seth: who's that? >> the black guy. laughter ] r fo. ben carson? >> yeah, yea i mean, youw, au a l of le said, you know, "i and, uh, a lot of the people in the african-americ communy only voted for barack obama because he was black." >> seth: right. >> that eoryoes not hold anyweight becau i don't kw any negro at's voting for n rson. [ lahter ] i mean, s wife isn even voting for h witho hilary buon on the her day. >> seth: that's not a goodign. >>eah, no. seth: now y -- otr ing that -- you knowoming obviously soon, ishe oscars. yes. >>eth: and y have d some itmsf the diversity
12:07 am
>> yeah.>> seth: i thi rightlly . >> lite bi >> seth: b you're also concerned abouover course corrections going into next year as well? >> ion't want the oscars to start giving awards out guilt for what they did this year an last year, know? i would hate to see, you know, best fms made by tyl perry, "madea tck-or-treats in compton." [ laughter ] >> seth: right. >> you know,e don't want that to win nt be stuff >> seth: that uldn't fix the problem. >> that uldn't fix it, no. nor do we want to give kevin hart in lieu of an oscar, you kn, beusthey are the sa size. [ laughter ] they are theame size >> seth:hat's actual ze. >>eah. [ applse >> setow i wt to talk about "black-i,"hich is ch fatic show d as we n see from the clip, one of the things you guys dis u addresal iss you , rlier in seas -- your ssoiere, year was abuse n-word. >>es. >> s a then s, the clyou , actually funny ipbout polic brality, which isn't necessarily -- or of course, noall fuy issue.
12:08 am
and still making it lighenough to sorof be a family sho >>ell, you kno we ways prided ourselves on, you know, being timely and topic about the thingst are happeninin our commity. these are issues tt wanted to tackle first season, but we looked at it alow-hanging fruit. we wand to establish the -- establish the show with point of view and in particular,haracter, andre johnson's, int ofiew. so, when we did tack these sues, you saw whe he w cong fm. you knowlikeany other black yoh in the comnity, i s a victim of police brutality. , you knowwe're not just ripping this from the helines, yokn? were saking from personal expeence, as well. and, you know, is also -- you know, you can geyour point ross with a teaspoon of suga better than yocan with a teas of salt. d so, we find those codic elements to add to it d add some lity to it, butyou know, it is serious pic. in real life as ll >> yes comedy. is there eveanything in the
12:09 am
makeouchdren upset? >> aot -- a lot of the first season was takinfrom mfe and the crtor ofur show, my my partner, miss kenya barris. 'soosely -- i shoun't say loosely. is based on our relatnship with our family anr children and our wive i had to cp one episode aboumyon it was t s talk episode when my son was caught masturting by his mother. >> seth: on the show? >> on the show. and you ow, a lot of people know tt thshow iout our family and my ildr. eyay like, "ah, myon's name is nate. that's cold-bld, nate. youramcaught you." [ laughter ] so, i had to comout and publically say, "that wanot a particular incident in the hoehol that was auay mes ild being caht bmy mother, masturbang." >>eth: oh, no. [ laughter ] >>ea but -- >> sh: was that artic? >> it was cathartic. i d to put it out there d put itff on my son. soi'm pointinghis up again. that wasot mson who did, it wame. >>h: iyou to give yo a chanceo clear something se up because you were aw & order," a show that i stilwatch nstantly
12:10 am
>> seth: always wonderful to see you ont, andor years, u -- you blamed your co-star for something -- know wheryore going wi sh: plee te the story beuse s. epatha merkerson, st a fantastic actress. >> yes, okay. so everybo at mend in the audien, it was epatha merkers, myself, and jeremy sisco in a sce. and i n't know what had fo lunch that day, but had the bubble guts. [ laughter ] and i was hoing it in and is tirecene, it was like a five-mute scene, and i held it in. and as i left the room, i le something inhe rm. [ ht ] >> seth: y. ig set a bn ere. >> aery siscwas coming ino do his part of thene. th was all on camera, and you could see [ laught ] s. epatha merkerson -- just see and it srtedo just burn! [ laughter ] d she was, like, "wait mi! wait a mute! cut! which one ofou all mother [leep ] farted?" [ laughter ]
12:11 am
moer bleep ] d this!" so, s. eso, s. ea merkson, remy cisco, i would like to apizto you both. one, epatha, for letting tt go inhecene. and jeremy, for allowi you take the bme f tt. [ lahter ] so -- seth: he was a stand- partner. >> he waa stand-up partner he did notnitc he did not snitch, b he couldn't -- he didn'ow it was me.we had other cameramen around. could have been aameraman. et that's ue. u don't nna blame the crort. >> nouon't wanlame the crew. so nobody anythg, b i was me. [ laught >> sh:ou're a big man dog at. at's very ki of you. give it up for anthony anderson, everybody. [ eersnd applause ] "black-ishai wneay nights on ab
12:12 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome bk, ybody. you kn our next guesfrom her work in the "x-men" franchise hit show"hemck grove." her w film, "jack of the red heartsopens in st theaters on fary . t'take a look. [ ining ] >>ey! >> aoukay? [ whing ] >> what happened? what hpened? >> where i-- >> don't kw. >> what,m? >> t tubstick. rememb? we wenovers. e nesoto cheon while wegettinr dressed. ok. swtie, tre youo. good gl. go girl.
12:17 am
don't ask why the order matters,utt do. okay? >> all right. i'm sorry. >> a rht. that's a gd girl. what we gonndo now? set pleaswelcome showmkjan. [ eersnd applause ] >> thank y >> tnk you. >> sh: h areou >> i'mre, how are yo >> seth: so nderfuto h you he >> thank you fing me. >>eth:o, i want to start b asking yous. are dutch? >> i am dutch. >> seth: and you're om amerdam, yes mm-hmm. >> seth: i liv there for a couple oyears, and i wanted to ask someone who is a celebri from there, itms likthe dutch have aomplely different lationship with celebrity than ier they don'teem into it. t l. i don't me from a culture where celebry somehow put on a pedestal. , when they see somebody, they say, "okay, look over there. it's seth ye, bupretd don't know who he is." seth: yea >>t's that kd of stuff. >> seth: aolutely, b ieven
12:18 am
of noticing him tolikereally bring h back down t size." >> oh, yeah,ea you want to make sure because you don't -- you can't be that special. >>eth: now, even this is even ue of a dutch celeity who, like, cometohetas and haa career. likewh you gck >> thet scrimite. >> seth: theus in anybody. >> y're st not iyby cause you just have toe rmal like everybody se. don't any -- >> set they'e, "yeah. i drive a uck,ndhais also a j." [ hter ] >> is that how wspeak? >> seth: yeah, sorry shouldn't haveone dutch. yeah, i wasonna ask you, yo-- sethdutch person sort of speak like this? shouldn't do it front of dutch person. >> n at all. [ ughter pe ion't sound le that. >> sh: meanwhilehere, you're doing an excellent american accent, and i'm butcring you. well, 87% of tcpeople apparently speak english. >> seth: i believe that. >> i just learned that fact. seth: and i will tell this, thother thing i fod t is -because trie and i did not succeed. wh i tried to learn a little t of dutch -like, even wn you go and try to, like, order someing -- >>es. >> seth: they can immediately clock at youpeak english, and they just switch cae they'r le,don' please't bcher our language." lighlahter ] >> right, don'do it. >> yeah,younawl doing ." >> can y say anything in d
12:19 am
[ ughter ] >> sh: that wasn't bad. no wonder. [ laughter ] pizza ishat yowant. coffee? >> sh: yeah, thawas me ordeng a coffee. and that w mdoing it sex [ laughter ] oh, that was sexy? oh, you gome >> seth: so, you came straig from amsterdam to new york, right? >> i did. seth: and were younwhen that happened. ias -- i s -- yeah, i mean, i wasn't that young, but was probably 20 yearold something, but i w vernaive.>> seth: a were u scared of new rk? >> i wasery ared of new yo because i'd grown up wh erican movies, and they te to be the violent side. so whei first came to new york, it turned i stayed in e mo fancy par new yo, t i was so sred -- >> that was on thepp east >>eth: okay. >> the fanciest hotel you can i was a mol. of course i'm gonna put up at some greatlace. i dn't know. i justas petrified to leave my hotel thking everydy is ing be out the soting gu anwhatev. >>et y. it's gonna be apacino a robert de niro> th: exacy.
12:20 am
>> exactly. so i finly getp thcoure. o and whener somebody reached into their pocket, m, like, "oh, no! it's happeni!" [ laught >> seth:h,y god. l theugge look like old jewish ladies. 's terrifying. >> right. yeah. >> seth: and have you ever had any -- when you'ad family visit, is that the same way? arth wored aut things? >> yeah, i think, i mean, it just when you gr up with that cultur so, myie actlly came to visit one summer to my then-boyiend whoed in l.a., d e s stat the hoe and shwa a one nit. she s on thene with her rid whis an ex-marine. and she id ", god. hear somethingand it comingroupairs ahere's body in the house."d he gs,geundee benow!" so he must he tche"taken" probab a f times. laught >> seth: "tan"s an ex-mari trning video >>xaclty.all three of the so sheunder the bed, a
12:21 am
the call. antheyo, "what's your emergency?" anshe'saying, "wl, tre somebody in e house and ey're upstairs and she goes, kay,here are yono" d e goes"under t." stayhe so." she goes, "goo bec the can besed ainst u,o,ou kn, wegonn" >> seth: don't give he soing negative to think about when she's alrea under [ lauger ] >> exactly soshe's now under the bed, on thphone, ando thman talks her throh th. they're gonna knock onhe dr, so, you know, "do you hear the helicopts ye" and she n hears helicteover house. eth: pole licoers. they st police helicopters >> police lipters. >> seth: oh, my goodne. >> oh, yes so, w, police licopter's there they kck on e door. she runs. and the woman says, "i'll stay on the phone with you." and so now, you kn, six cops are coming witguns dwn and th g "okay, ere is tnoise?" >>eth: yeah. >> and they'oing upstair and they kick open the door, and that's where my then-boyfriend was in his ltle undies. >> seth: oh, no. >>sleep, in the house. >> sh: so, she heard? >> she heard -- >> seth:he hea arom
12:22 am
ho owened the house.>> seth: oh, tt'-- >> so now, the having, you kn, all these ps with th gunswngoing "who a y?" and said,i'e owr of e and they "n you pr w, he' h little underwear. >> seth: yeah. nobodyreaks into a house, strips down to their underwe, and goes to bed. [ laught ] >> so w,he haso, you know -- they say, "who are you?" "did younow ts is my niece. this ur uncle w she hato go upstai, d, yokn, e'ming -cos stai, and he's there with all of these cops with guns drawn on him. and she es, "yes, that's my uncle." et oh, no. i feele she went back to hollan and they sa, hat was erica ke?" she said, xactly what u think." [ laughter ] "it's exactly as good as the movies." >> no, it's betterecause then, theyo downstai, and the cop is like, "oh, wow! i li what u've done th the house with the decations i like the wallpap." >> seth:t least they saw the other side of the erican poli force. >> exactly. >> seth: it'like -- li- like -- architecture. >> mhmm.
12:23 am
>> seth: this about autism and sortf a realistic take on autism, which, ihink, is importanbecause many times in hollywood films, autism is seen as something that almost gives peop powers, magicalows. >> the rainman kind of way. >> seth: exaly, the rainman, thin was it importa to you to me film that was rt of a bit re honabout the afiction of autism? >> vermucho, ands really woerful bee reor net grlod the iter jennifer deaton, are bh women who ha firsthand eeriee wi autistic chilen. sotheynow thins outs of what that's like. and they've give-- ia really honest rtrayal. it'smuch a family -- it's a movie about ve, family parenting. and, so,t's rely notbout au. it's reajust abo a famil llinapt. and in this case, it's wom who comes into our lives who is an imposter because e preteno be a caretak, but she knows nothing about autistic children, let ale chen. she'reallyhild, hersel
12:24 am
ultimately. and we all bece ryse, anth, we finout who she is. >> seth: is very nicat it's a film about family as ll bause feel ke that is who you ow - everyo has to go through that together, so it's wonderl that you made this film i also want toskou, doing an arc on "how get away with murder" with shondrime >> rig >> sh: these sws are very you'reot allowed to away any splers on the ings. no. >> set you can say anying about -- >> now i canay i was via davis' lesbian ler, but before that,o. sh:ou coun't say anything? othing. >> seth:ndou had pice with ts with "n"? >> oh, yes. >> seto,ike, wheyou did thmovies, what harder >> iie in every "x-men" moe, i thin and every single time, they had find a watoring me back. ani codn tell anybod >> seth: so obviously,ecause your character is dead, yo ul't say, "i'm g to shoot thnew 'x-men' movie." what wou you tl ople? >>i'm al not feelingell six months [ laughter ] "aon call anymore i don't ow. >> seth:ho was stricter on spoirs onda omarvel? and who were you -- that's a ally -- that's a toh one. i think at the only thing i've
12:25 am
experice is i can keep srets really well. very well. >> seth: that aood thing. that is a goodhing to ve learned out yourself. thank u so mfor being here >> thank you so much for having me. >> seth: cgratulations. fae jans everybody! "jack of the redearts"l opens in theaters on february 26t we'll be right back with music from eleanor friedberg. cheersnd applause ] mkids don't so my kids don't have to forage,o bspamortge, and i've also got a brain. life's srt, is chp. be woinwhile u eep. still doi've gotin you thk a re enoh? o' step up when things get tough? dot you want that nd obrain?
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chrs a alae ] et w bac everyby. in support oher recent leased third so alm, "w view," tonight's musical guest willick off north amican tour this thuray at w yo boryalperfming ecause i askedou pleaelmeo th,
12:31 am
why ouldou want te it sw hold me til i l y go oratli ennis pro y ul you want to doha why would you nt to do that why would youant to dim the l or let that record play all night or scramble yolk in wh e it why uld you want to do that why woulyou want to do tt ec asked you causked you to whwod you want to te the tru or furnish me with matmatil f orump with m off ofhe roof why
12:32 am
why wou want to do that why would yowant to hold me ght talke out of my stage ht ohelp with out with my rewrites why would you wao do that why would you nt to do that because i ked yo becausasd yoto i'll look in your eyes a iso pole think abt it'll beere
12:33 am
why would you nt to let meleep r lo bor s thstreet into dres, bety shee why uld you want to tt y would you wa to that y woulyo toit slow tell meomething i don't know and when i say so, let go why would u wanto thathywant to tha use i asked you because i you to causi aske u because i love you i'll l i'll looin your eyes i am so po
12:34 am
about it i'll be here all night [ cheers and applae >> set elean friedbeer folk the albu"new vie is out now. for tour dates gto
12:35 am
12:36 am
12:37 am
[ chrs and applause ],,,,,,,,,,,,,,eers [ cheers and applause ]>> sh:y thanks to anondersfamke jansse eleanor frieerger, everydy! eers and applaus and of course the 8g ban ed armisen. ed for "cars dal wel serr!


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