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tv   News 5 at Noon  NBC  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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our continuing verage of the water te ince in monument... thtown is st-poning e final vote on the rahange d tonight... there will be a public wor session to discusshe rate crease. yone who lives in monument or owns a business there is encouragedo attend. the meeting starts at 5-30t the town hall. as we've been reporting... the final vote on the te increase will be held on march h. s he a ntleft of the winterean ahd of u. but the dective forcof
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mindof mou springs sidents.. this is video from august of last year... when water was rushing over the streets. nothe cities flood recover team is hoping you can hel to upcoming flood recovery projects. looking ahead for you.. a public meeting is duled for tomorrow night. it bins at 6 at city hall in maniu spngs. the owr of three great danes th vttked kids in eaerel paso county community of ru face mdeanor charges related to the attack. the owner of the dogs has not been identified but the el paso county sheriff's office says he is facing charges of unlawful ownersp ofange, which is a misdean. thattack hneturday night when officials say a woman brought her five kids with her to check or bosses animals. the woman ld ahorities she was checki on the horses in the ba when she heard reams anturned to find t dogs
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closing aruments are expected in e ial of "dynel lane." she's thmont woman accused of cug nborn babyrom another mas womb. both the prosetion and defense rested their cases fday. prosutors called 16 witnesses, but the defense called none and sted after lane told tudge she would notestify. during therial, ne's first terview th police was played fothe jury, where she clai ctim, "mhewilkins," was e one who attacked her. wilkins was atcked lt marc when she w 7 months pregnt -- she survived, but hebaby did not lane is charged withttempted first-ee murder, asslt and unlawful termination of a egnancy. turninnow r econ watch... ere are eight days until super tuesday... when 12 statesncluding colorado -- will make their pick for a presidential nomination. over theeekend... two major battles concluded as edicted with botpaie frt runneraking the victory.. with dald trump taking south
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meanwhile... rmer president bill clinto was clearing the way for his feampaign here in colora clinton finished up his southern colorado campaign stops th a trip to lorado college sunday afternoon. he told the crowd of more than a thousand supporters abt hillary's an to fight the country's drug pblem and solidify a ph to citizensh for illegal immigrts. he also talked about his wife's desire to implement -- free community college and her job-trning program lorado lieenant gornor "joe garcia," who s t ence, rees that e focus should be on younger ericans. it's tiruture we must be most focused on. there are peopleomg out wi debt, need to get bs, need t buy a , needo start business. that'st he was talking about. e former preside also held a rallon saturday -- at e eb convention center... and "super tueay" results
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here's's hale jackson. -- p- on hisictory lap in lanta trump rally atlanta: lights go out h, thats so much bter!." donald trumpn't ndhe dark... 16;48;32;07 "get those lights off. off! chts turn off the lights, turn off the lights! deing the lights stay off after prost pulled the p.. trump, freshff hisights-out win - in south carolina. trump: "such a autiful--such a beautil victory, such a conclusive victory!" trp oking headed to anhe first-ace sh tomorrow in neva graphics / headlines peaps unstoppable no though his rals are trying to. cruz / saturday: "if you don't believe that donald trump ithbest candidate run against hilry clinton novber, but cruz's disappointing thirace fish in sout rolina - maan more pressure to rform in next week's super tuesy primaries. cruz - ultimately hong for a two-man ce -
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puing in his bigstrowd yet in tennessee - facing a new line of attack from trp - o's to rule out questions about rubio's igilitr the white house.. the floridnator - born in ited sta..his parents rn in cuba. rubio / this wk: 'm gonna spend zero time on his interpreti of e constituon with regards to eligibility" key to rio's sategy? staying in the race long enough to bring together the establishmt wing..... rubio: "now we'till going to have our imary, it's a smalr eld this mning tn was smler - by one ... the d of theoad for jeb bush... the end of the lin- for now - for s family's presidential political nasty... bush speech: "tonig am suspending my campgn. noo! yeah... okes up " but after that emotional speech - the scramble forisupporters. d his nors. and w thisorningthe rn laing a fresh ta a aimed at hlarylion f her performae in southarolina 2008 nats all this - as the republican - reiterates i pse
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is. and tuits atteion to democr. na and new isorning - t r launching a fresh atck ad aimed at hillary clion for perfnce in south carolina in 08... w this morning - a video - airing exclusively on the toda show - hits hillary clinton for her performance in south carolina in 2008... ad nats "the damage between the clintons and the african-americans this country might be irrepable" that w hallie jackson reporting.
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closer look at theiv,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a quiet start quiet start to the day, but inmiave of energy wille sparki activitover the next 24 to 36 hours. rain/snow wi devop ithe mountas and attempt to movto the lowerleons later this eveni and into esday. highs y will be in t 50's for many areas so any precipation will initially be rain until temperatu drop this evening. lows fall into the teens with snow connuing, especiallfor higher elevations. snow continues into tuesda afternn with highsnly in the 30's with stng norerly winds. the late models are coming in ths moisturen this systemnd more northey winds, cutting down snow potential for some areas of the plns. snow totals could be near a foot for the hight mountain areas, 7" for many areas higher elevions west of i-2 ars the plas will have the lowest accumulatns, only a trace 2 after lows in the ens an clearing skiesueay night, conditionsmprove starting wednesy with sunshin rerning fothe st of th week. high tempetures rebound
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bi cosby wife camillis ing sed toy inivil case ainst r husbanmrs. sbis not protected spousal privile in massachusetts,... and for many years she was also ll cos's businessanag. nbc's stepnie gosk ion the ene in singfield wh more on this eaking sry. as- live camille sby's deposition is on dispute coy's legal team fighti it every step of the way. late suny night a judge led that there wou be no more delays. it could last as long as seven hourher in this marriott. her legal team had aued th
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that it s chosen by plaintiff's lawyers to in their words cosby. this is pa of a cil case invoing seven women who alledge they were sexually used by cosby and that his nials amounto defamation. it is part of the mountain o lal ttat is ci oursknhat s facingminacharin nnsylvia case ofrea constand. multleexual e charges there . we expect to get some preview of what happen side there later on today..ack you after the break -- we're lookinat how the lead- taind tap-water in flint --
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don't in today's your healthy mily... we've been reporting on the on-going w criin flint... and today we're looking atow the leed tap-water -- will likelctives of the children who drank it.
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-- on the developing bs of babies and tdlers. however, the full impact olead poisong ist clear unl much lar inife. "suehaw" shares the story of two le poisoning svivors and how their lives are impacted decades later. --pk--- nats as parents - youant to give your child the besshot at life. sot: holly britwell, mother "i remembee da was born and i was never happy in my life." for his fst 18 months - david brightwell met every developmental mileone. then... sot: holly brightwell, mother "at rst i didn't realized what was ing on - he was having nteizure" davihabe eatinand breathing le paint chips and dustn their home. sotsparents "it was in the carpets.. in the walls "i st can't believthis hapned to my son." "what i d ... i just prayed to the lord." jerry burkwas agnosed with re lead isoning two...
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18." jeral clabin d idea her n been chewing on lead paint ips he home. sot: jeral clabin, mother "as a re it will dveou cry ... all yocan think is my baby mit be brain damaged." so parent "wilhever nmal." like the childrein flint - no e n er know who david and jerry might have become... but today we kw who they are. jey willn 21 sand illives with his parents. t: jeral clabin, mothe "he dot call me moth. he calme number 2. yes. ju ahead in bite "he don't call me mother. he call me number yes. jump ahead ibite we'rall numbers.. we all g numbers. all numbers thim. i don't understand. 's been doin for a lg time." nats . yan burke ead jerry nearly twoad a we showed hirrda t: d brburkediatricia "you tel he's mon coof himself t this is better than i had hoped. because he was thet gnifany lead poisod chili'd ever sn." any blood
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jerry's was an astonisng 203... high enough to kill him. compare that to vels in the 30.. thathe highest the sta i babconf flint ildr. nats "is he circling around me." david brightwell's lev of exposure was 47. sot: holly brightwel mother "david had been diagnosed with adhd.. with tourettes.. a lot of times i wl think ofoo many thohts at once. davisays he haways struggled focus. t: david brightwell, had lead poisoning usually like to think like backgrnd mic in my head to help the fus because the bagrnd music heps. heal a hh scol adua. sot: holly brightwl, motr e adted with a regular diploma, which at - at one point we we even surthat w gonna ." college is not t picture - and david is still working on getting driver's lins but he did get hisirst rl job recently - helping kids with special eds. sot: holly briell, mother "he's got the st kindest heart of anybody ie ever known david's mom thinks the challenges of his own chilood - have me sense to those of others.
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"i am ry proud of the man he
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dot away -- oast eck quiet start to the day, but an inmi wave of energy will be sparking aivity over the next 24 to 36 hours. in/snow will develop in e untains anattempt to move intohe ler elevations ter
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anks forpendinpart of your afternoon with us. for contus news updates all y wh youe nowatchi
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