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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 24, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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you can choose beten two washington dealmakers. or oneroven csistt conservative. now, there were just 30 delegates at stake in nevada. n for candidates super tuday, mar 1st. 11 stes will vote and nearl 60 delegates are upor grabs. reena and kendis. >> late morning there inas vegas where they're still counti som of the vote our thanks to lauren there. the republicans are fanning t w. trump to virnia today. others to texas. >> as for the democrs, hilry clinton and bnie sander looking towa voter i the ttleground state of south carolina. that's ahead of saturday's primar >> the candidates did te part in a townall event last night. we get the latest right now from senneth moton. kenneth, gd morng. rorter: good rning,hgs, kendisnd reena. hillary clinton was fired up afte aederal judgeuled the former secretary of state's top aides should testify over her use of private e-mail, but ahe
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imarn south carolina, the focus was on african-amecans who make uore than halff the elra. >> we mt sustain and strengthenhe hisrically black colleges and univerties >>acm along with economic issue, ecational issuesnd all t rest have to be addressed. otherwis you know, we ar ner going be the natn we should be. >> rorter: bernie sanders admitted he's got some work to do to cnect with bla voters. clton got endorsement from black mothers who lt t children inigh-profile killin and dth eric garner, trayv martin, sandra bland. saers also hit clinton veraissu iving wlthy donorsandirelease h ll street spehes but clinton said the real issue was havg theest plan to crack down on wall street. rea and kend aright, abc's kenneth mon joini live in wagtonthanks. >> stay with abc new roughout the morngor me ligencluding a
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cauces, results later on on "good morning america." well, w to the ddly weather sweeping across the overnigh as you can see in this dar, that severe storm system bnging thunderstorms, hail, heavyain and possibl more deadly tornadoes to the rehman. >> today the sto system sweeps up fro the gulf coast intohe mid-atlantic and the northeast. more than a dozen tornadoes were reported late sterday. such as t one that tore through a trail park in loa. least two people were kille and dozens oths injured. n of them i critical condition this morning. several people are uccounted for. rescue workers are searchi through theight forore victims. >> a lot of debris is piled up in areas. some of ite just couldn't really get down into and we're hopinghat's where the dogs and some of the teamsith more eqpment, we could get down into those pes a try to fd people. not far fro that thisene, a traor trailer knocked over
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aornado broughthe strg wis to pensacola and anoth mobile home resent killed in mississippi. president obama's new plan to close the prison at gutanamo ba cuba, facg strong opposition. theost controversial part would transfer some of the detaees to prins he in the u.s. such a move is against.s. law. but the white house hasn't lled oxecutive action nst the president. the res would be sent to other countries. the white hound senate locked in anotrattlever replacing the late justi antonin alia. a defiant majorityeader mitch mcconnell wit his strongest word yet ruling out any action on whoever president obama nonates. he w't even meet with the peon esidena is expecd me a nomee inhe next few wes. >> some new details this morning about the man aused of llingix peoe in lamazoo, michiganlast weekend. jason dalton was a regular customer at a nrby gun shop
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hours befor hislled rampage gan. he didt buy weans o ammo on that visit, just a jaet,he owner says the uberriver appe to be in good spirits. police sti do not he motive > well, now tohe showdown betwn apple and the fbi over a smartphone pvacy rights. about 5 people showed up outside an ale store in san francisco. but that wa one of the bger crowds. the inrnet rights gup fight for the future organized t protest andad hoped to suort support f apple in fight with the fbiver unloc a phone used in the san bernardino massacre. apple said doing so would set a precedt. the fbi director says the bureau wants help in just this oneas bu i cou docts apple sa that's not true th justice department is seeking similar helpnbout a dozen other cases b none apparently involve terrorism and most are f older io phone software easier to unlock. coming up the new listf the best new cars o the road.
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is home sendi debris flyin to the treetops. at caused the blast. >> a speal delivery, a baby born on ang amtrakplatform.
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pl, it all tural,lear tastfree and dissolvescompletely. it's clinicay proven to keep me ller lonr anhelps ke m healthy ind fiber thy , i ca ndeflte the fiberle ah, little trinchristina stokes just couldn' wait to get here shwasorn on a train platfor north of baltimo. mom was ridi amtrak from north carona to phillyth's when she wen into labor. the baby w actually due rch 4th. thankfully everydy is fine. >> wow, trinity s a ttleit early. train was on time. federahealth officials are investigating more than a dozen reported ces of sexuall tritted zikairn the u.s. all the ses voe n who
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outbreaks and may have infted their fema sex partners. according to the cdc, that suggests sexual transmison is more likely than previously thought. well, a j says johnson & johnson mus pay 2 million for woman's ath from ovarian cr. the abama woman had blameder ileson yea of ing the coany's ba powr and shower to shor oducts. johnson & hnson's face hure owsui ng it fail ed to warn consumers a ta based product could cause canc. the alabama woman fhe suit before she died last fall. "conmer reports"s out thts annuarags of e st new cars. the top five include also luxury cars audi follod by subaru, lexus, porsche and bmw. the top ranging domestic brand is buick at mber seven. "consumer reports"onsirs rforncreliabily
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boston dieynamics are at it again. they have introduced a new series of thr atlas robot. walks around on two legs d can ere doors an tdoors, 's lht, noas as rlr rsions of the atlas and can bendown, lift n-und weights and place them on shelves. >> look athat. >>ook at that, see. >> it can so help you move. >> who nds mers no >> exactly. nice job. >> if ly they could do dinner too. it's be set othe laundry. i would take just laundry. >ing uprapped in the r, workers caught on the sidef a new york city skyscraper. how they managed to geto safety. and the teenager behind a viral sensation now the target of attack. thosdetails st ahead. attack. those details just ahead.thcfid tecfidera is not an injection. it's aforepsing msat has the power tout relapseinalf. aginwhatou could do
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new 80 calorie obsession. light & fit feel free to enjoy. > incredible scenes of destruction in livingsn, louisiana, aft tnadoes stri hitting the baton rouge surb. at maye piec of alumum sidi are sewn around kempednum poned trees e down, yet nearby homes appear touched. >> that storm system is going to make really wet ros in the eastern third the country and some flooding in the soueast. roads likely to be sliery from stlouito chicago and in michigan ahe dakotas if you're flying, rport delays a likeliest in atlanta, charlotte, washington, d.c., phadelphia, new york, boston chicago, big lis andetroit. the legal saga invving keedy coin michael skakel is ba in court is morng in the connectit sue co
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the muer conviction against skakel for killing his neighbor, martha moxley, wn they were in their teens in 1975. he was found guiy of her murdern 2002 but granted a new trial 201 he's bn free on a $1.2 million bondver since.sel figus a polygamist sect in utah will make couppraesoday to ce fraud and moneyaundering charges. they were tak into custody sterday at their cpound along the utah/arina border. among those arrested were two brotrsf ct ader warn jeffs inriso for child sexual assault. federal prosecutors y the suspects tried to defraud food stamp progm and hid the proceeds. re testimonyoday in e $7milliolawsuit by sportscaster erin anews, at issue those ked videos of her that were posted online. the "dancing with the stars" co-host was in a nashville court tuesday.
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allong the m w eventually pleaded guiltyo stalki h to ay ght next door. >> they cannot sp in her oes and unrstand the humiliation atan come om the violation of a standard of care. it's not in their dna to understand i >> the attorney for the hotel coanies andrews is suing told jurors that whilthe incints we terrie, andre' stalker is thenly one bme the frie of califoia teener who found instant fam th a viral video has become the victim of a dangerous prk. the so-called damn, dael video about a high school fresan's outfitshaseen reeeted over 300,000 times. well, now the teen who made the video has bee targed in a s.w.a.t.'ing incident. poce swarmed hisome after someone made a hoax call to 911 sayi he had killed his mother. the familyold police they've en receiving strange calls
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wella seattle ar couple has di aer a perfu explosioripped apart their le he. the blast in port orchard was so powerful, it sent debr 30 feet into the air people up to eight miles away from shaken by the explosion. developers fro the at have joined the search for a cause. e house was heated by propa ane fire official sa leakg fuel could he us the blast. excuse me. two works found thselves stucon a scaold more t60 et abo thetreets o midtown manhatn. theyere rlang glaspanelshethweher nasty, sey decidedo come in and the scaffolding di'tove and they were stnded fn hour. refighters c aole a windowo bring themo safe. e scaffold's operator said the resc was not necessary okayso oncagain let's rn to the safety of the sts and rra firma sport highlights. >> also again wet those from our guys at espn. >> he's st, i'm neil. he has an a highght.
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>> we got the rocketsnd jazz ently ttling f that eighth spot in the westn conferce. top 18ake the playoffs, of course. less than 20 seconds left in ertime. derek favors on the offensive glass puts the jazz up by ree. lasthance for the roets. evorriza gets a . , si reboundo jason rran't hit the corner james haenad 42 points. his eighth 40-point me tied stephen curry tied for the mos the nba, but the jz got a litt from erybody. five jazz players witht least 15 points and they win it by three. what if i told you i got a cat making a 70-fo st? is that something you'd be interestedin?>> oh, yeah. >> vanderbilt on the road at florida. cue up the commos. >> oh, that's awesome. >>osh henderson just whipped it, look ait, justoom.
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half-cou shots were hard and look, that kididn't en jump. strong like ox. vanderbilt got the win too. >> theneeded that win too. >> yeah. >> trying to get into the ncaa tonament like a lot o teams at this tim of ye. >>n oo sp int murphy and say hi to don >> back to you. >> good tip if youe in hawi. >> stay hi to don. line dion's trmphant return to the age r thrst time sie r husband's death. lego newest figures cludina stay-at-home dad.ntirll se nutritial drink ca be a challenge. try new boost compac nutritial drink the only drink thatrovides complete nutrition halfhe softher nutritional drink o compact is filled with0 grams of protein, plus vamins anminerals iluding calcium anditamin, to help you get the nutrition yeed. try new boost compac nuitional drink today.
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..ll arod-ugh-cleaner,mrclean. te for "the pulse" and we're going to get staed with an emotional rurn to the stage r celine dion. it happened last night in las vegas. her fir concert since the death of h husband last month. >> the sho started with a ittenesge and a video coag of their moments through theyears. after dion sang her first song she talked about missing her partner of 21 years and that she isure he sll hea her then dion paused and told the fan shfs hearing him saying, ote, zip it andtart singing. at least she has a gre sense hur. ch a huge loss for her? she showedomert last night. nex up lego isalling its newest attempt toy in tune
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yeah,ouee the part part lego's city set. >> on the far leftom with a baby bottle but dressed for the ofce, there inhe mide a bedad doing t mr. mom thg, pushi a baby carriage. by the way you see the characte onhe righ 's a childn awheelair who also has a guided dog, not ured there but t dos part of the set. i love this. >> vancing, all right, very ol. >> this video i actually hirious, budding artist in austlia you might sayoing viral. okay, so the little girl managed to tur her sister into a zebra us permantker before being caught in the ac>> oh. m isn artist so she obviously understands a creativ impulse and doe seem too upset. me on, ts videos so cute was vied more than 1 million time you got to give it t the sister. baby brotheroes look a lite zebra. >> she was sing sheants t
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. checking our topstorie another big vtory for dald trump winning the nevada caucuses by a wide margin. marco rubio and ted cruz a ttli for second place as the focus shifts to super tuesday. there have been a least a dozen tornaes in theouth causing deaths in louisna and ssisppi and destruction all along the gulf coasore severe storms will be a problem through the night. well, there strong publicppositn tohe presidt' plan to trafer someetainees from guantanamo bay to facilities in the u.s. ch a transfers against the la buthe white house has not ruled out executive action. other weaer concerns today, snow in t eastern dakotas androm s louis to
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severe storms in the south and heavy rain f the rest of the east but fairly wm temperures. finally this morning he's been a fwiksur on the american landscapeince we all first saw him running through the stres of philadelphia as rocky balboa >> ri. >>randi hi looks ahe t sund's oscars with stallone once again mock theominees. >> reporter: rockyalboa an iconic movie hero with strengt and heart. the pion. >> reporter: creed by a man known as one of the most hume in hollywoo >> sylvester sllone "rocky." >>ack in 1977 he d not win the oscar for bestctor o writing "rocky." but after shadow boxin with muhammad ali on ste, he was still appreciave. >> something i want to treasure for the rest o my life. unbelievable.
4:26 am
>> yeah, i never thought i'd be able cross this thres again. >> reporteack a rocky nominated for a best sporting actorscar in t sequelde creed." >> everything i got isoved on and he >> reporte with his daughters by h side the hollywood heavyweight won his first golden globe last month and reflected on being absen during his quick rise t fame. >> then iealized that fily is everythin and that's the greast award you can get. you g one chance at life and youetter fight to keep i >> ppl seem to be cheering for sylvester stallone. want to see him win becau he's worked so hard for such long time. reporte when "roc"he film's proce are seen puing stallone on stage. >> i le tohank you sharing your dam of ocky" withus. >>eporter: sunday he maylimb those stairs again this time for his own oscar. sill vest l stallone's star has bn on the hollywood wk of fam more ahoze man 30 years.
4:27 am
than a billion dollars worldwide. andihitt, abc news, hollywd. >> hard t belve nobod wanted to make that movie. >> it was his passion project. remember, the oscars air right he on abc. live cove starting at 7:00 sunday eastern time. sed of openinfi inside a corado springs plned parentod will be in urt today. wh tod's ruling could f rert dear's trial. ani' have a look at your forecast in just a lileit the only campaign that can beat dald trump is ts campaign senator ted cruz has his sights on donald trump... after e caidate pulledut his irwin in the ra white house. how the candidates
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tuesday. it's 40, wednesday february 24t clemens. here's a live look a.. yesterday was teer county woland park d crystola got nearly half stday... with one repoing 10 ines crews were able to clear major highways quickly... with sn lingering a bit side street ondriv ld us he wasn't too worried about the snowy weather... because doesn't ic around f ver long 13:45:56 "you ju have to slow down and behave. i love colorado...this won'be here long, so enjoy it while you can." and he's rig... stormtraer 13's abby acone is tracng ait of a rmup. ad-libs by... weheon 1 today: iin to be a much nicer y, with more sunshine
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wa io e 40s and 50s fo most. its pected to stay dry,hichill for much eaer commutes in southern lodo! eny e re re sprinlike atr. a wk cold front will ve through late today, this will drop temperures slhtly on thsd.but raior sw is expected to accompy is t. extded: ghtly cool o thuray tha ll be wednesda b mperatures are exo rm bup throh saturday. sunday will be cldi with our xt sto system expecte to arre latemond. it is e moay em that ll bring back the chance for showers, with the potentl r shows pected to la into tuesday. and u guys have been sending in your pictures of the storm ... tarah sent us this picre of a group of deer nging out in the snow. and send us yourhos... u po em to ou facebook pag cebo page . or email them us at kr dot
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ve been sending in your pictures of the storm ... group of d hanging out in the snow. your ptos... them tour facebook pe .. ormailhem to co e spec ned parenthood shoong will be in courtoday. this wilbe the first court pearance for robert dear e undergoing a al health evaluation at the stat hospital in pueblo do younow who is lawyer ? he's the lawyer for t batman shooter thatrugged him all up. that's what thewa to do to me. is expected whetherr is competent t d trl. in court dea said he would t opate with a mental exam. he's accused of shog d killing three


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