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tv   Today  NBC  February 25, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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how e cawierare kept seet. >>o ahead, the major ke for facebook users. y li sethi when you can love something? >> and t abc news exclive, david muir's ierview with apple ce tim cook, tou ques about a terrorist' edone and demands from the justdepament.yoatchg ldew w. hey buddy,et's get these dauil liquidels ango. but thesliquid gels are new. mucinex st max it the samdiffence. thesare multi-sympm. wellare ese. is os max streng and ghts muc. thatne doesn't. uh...think fast! you dropped something. oh.i'll put it backn the elf... w fr mucex ft the onlyranded cold flli th is max-reth and fights mucus. start e relief. ditch thmisery. les end this.
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. so we use y ultragel. itnhces my bods natulmoisre so c gnto eswing it bit quicker. and when i know e's feeling hat, it mak mfe like we're both. when she eoys it, we enjoy it en more. and eny it. rence wi k-y ultrel. have the >> is that the number two train maybe? apple is digging in its hes its standoffgainst thebi's demando help it break the iphone used by one of the san bernarno killers. >> abc'sid muir sat down with apple ceok is stanng firm sayin thath ises about much more than
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sympathat they've been rough, no e should have to go through. apple has operated with e fbi fully in this ca. they camto us and askeus for althe inrmatn we had on this phone. anwe gave everyt that we had. but th case is not abo one phe. this case is about t fute. what stake he is can the government compel apple to write soware that bieve wld make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the worlincludinthe u.s. and you'd have to write that system in oer tunlock thaphone? >> yes. the only way wknow would be to write a ece of software that we view as sort of the sofare equivalent of ca. wehink it's bad news to ite. we would never write it. we he ner written it. and that is what iat stake here. >> reporter: t f ss it believest sy farook us
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hiwife, his colice. and i'm curious, do you struggl at all with the possibility that there could b information on that phohat could reveal other plots,ther peoe who were invold lanning the san bernardino attack? >> david, if we knew aay t get the inrmation on thehone that we haven't already ven, if we knew a way to do this, that wld not exposhundreds ofillions of other peoe to issu, we would obviously do it. >> reporter: i wanto get to what the f director james comey said. said it's not about a pery slope. it's aut "14 people who were slaughte many mor had their lives ruined." ybe it hol the clue, maybe it doesn't but we can look t survivors ithe eye a ourselves if we d flow any do y understand where he's coming from? >> io. this is an incredibly complex ise tlace a backdoor in the iphone.
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millions of customs at risk. whink at thi point givent is out in the puic, is we need to snd tall and and tall on principle. there's probably me informatn abouyou onou one than theres in your hoe. our smarhones are loed with our timate conversationsour financial data, our health records. they're al loaded with the cation of our kidsn many cases. and so it's not just about privacy but it's also abou public safety. >> b in your quiet moments, do you have any concern that you might beble to prevent a terrorist ta by breang in that phone? >> david, some things arha and some things are right. d some this are bo. this is one of those things. >> andn is ce, you believe ere e some this th ouldevere created? >> correct >> but tim cook tells us they talked to e fbi early givingheadce, he says other ways to best get information from that ipne t plug it in, to bacit up to the iclo.
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the rly days of the investigation, fbi directed the countyo reset the icloud paword. when thais done, the phone will nlonger back to the cloud so wish they wou have ntted us earlier sthat that would not have been t se. >> hrucial was that misse portunity. >> is veryrucial. i'm curus, tim, did you er tnk that you'd find yourselft the center of such a crucial national debate? >> n this i-- this is not a positionhat weould like be in. it is a very uncomfortable potion. to oppose your goverent on sothing esn't feel good. and to oppe it on something e we are advocating for civil liies, whichhey are suosed to protect, it is
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>> apple now hasl id to respd to the courts order to assist t fbi in the san bernardino case. david ir, abc news, n francisco. we should point out tim cook did say he pns to fight this all the way to the supremeourt need . it will likely end up there. >> it wa fascinating with the pollumbehat a vast jority of amerins actually supporthe fbi butupport grew for applemong those whown smartpnes divided. >> but unifying, young and hold. republicans and democrats. cong u a change, fabooks hoping you'lreal like. >> maybe jt li but li with a heart. you're wating "world news w." m gainise. you maow me as lieutant dan fromheovie "forst gump, thbar lt. dan nd i' hadhe honor to meet many of our soldiers and veterans. it's a sad fact that some of our warriors,
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tt2watu# s4 bt@qop< tt2watu# s4 "a@q_\x tt2watu# s4 bm@qtwt tt4watu# s4 " dz t atu# s" tq @$4watu#4 " gzt& l tt4wat" tt4watu# s" iztq#dx tt4watu# s4 " jntq148 tt4watu# s4 " lzt& )yd facebook fack lood on fk ised eerls hanging ou a t mall but now i just wait for them to wri on my wal >> famous sound there. >> anyone u know w's hood on facebook knows all about the standarded way the giant lows us to like someone's post or c. or poke someo on facebook that's been problem. you could only liksomething. w facebook is long all of us to show a much more broader
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>> rr: febook hang knowleed the limitations o "lik" there are more sentimen that pple want to press th just pitivity or that they like something. reporter: so there are re ways to react. >> we have a tremendous oblem. >> reporter: take that n "game hrones" parody curntly making the rnds. >>he greatesbuilder is me. and i would ild the greatest wall you have evereen. >> rorter: "winter is trumng." asginally pruced for the austlian broadcasting corporatn. well, instead of thumb's up, you can now give it a love or a w ora-ha or even a sad or an angry. >> i d think thekee very much.>> rorr:eature that veisli che are alrey loing exploit. >>rt lg. >> repor so far, le is the moopular oion. david wright, news, new york. interesting. i like the fact that they don't alike button. >> i wish they did. ther >> pers out ther
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>>u feel tt ergyhais going on in e om? >> s do >> it is notecau it's friday eve. it's because we're now three days away from hollywood's biggest night as oscar preps kick into high gear. >> it's exciting. you know, behind the glitz and th glamour i a highly specialized process of tabuting those votes suounded by security as abc's brandi hitt shows us >> repter: they are the be
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martha ruiz d brian cullinen arset to carryhose famous briefcases again. and the oscar goes to. >> reporter: holdinghe names of this year's winners. >>he ever been a miake? >> no, there has >>epr: for 82 ar price waterhse coopersas counted the car ballots. 6,261 se out to ting members thisear on paper and online. >> we control everything from the time they out indicat with security codes and the coack to us. wehene those in an disclosed loti >> rorter: inside that secre undisclosed locationecurity is tight. there's a specialized arm system,iometric locks and no ternet access where a small team counts all 24 categories by hand. >> is to brian and i to then csolidate everything, make se we'reoing through their les, counting that and recounting that. we will stuff the envelope, cle it, seal it with the red.
2:24 am
and duplicate set a then loed into two briefcases like this one, both locke a vault ll oar sunday en ruiz and culinen entetheir code and ta the briefcase, each avelg diffent route corted by los angeles police. maer what haens, at least one of us will get the. >> you dole a litt bit lik 007? >> a little bit. >> lasyears a oof, they even carried ahird briefcase usy host nl patricharris and backstage they only hand the envelo to e esenter st seconds before the annouement. >> is this the hardest sret to keep? >> is a big impoant seet. th reality is, there's a secret keep foreverand thats who got second. brandi hitt, abc ne, los geles. interesting. >> who geta police escort? abc is the place to be oscar night. live coverage starting at 7:00 on sunday, 4:00 p.m. pacific ti of course, tune in to "world news now" next moay f
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visit orthoinfg. the joints ain't sore no mor i still got it. this this morning on "world news now," inside apple. company's c speakg out about a rrorist's cked iphone, privacy and why apple will not offer quick fix. our exusive interview and response fm the justice depament. political demands. o is pushing donald trump to public his tax retus? how tt ry ng involved and how trump is fiting back. po the rnadoed several le in the souttohe heavy snorms that travheir tracks. the latest from accuweather. and later insidehe oscars fr the dazzlinstage to the
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we're getting a look at the ademy awards venue even before hollywood's biggest stars are there. it is thursday, february 2h. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news w. good morning, everne, on this thursday. i'm kend gson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we're going to begin with apple's o tim cook and his reaction to hiexclusiv inteiew with abc news. cook says helping the fbio unlo an iphone used by one of thsan bernardino attackers uld like eating master key that could iact hundreds ofillions of users, t a seorovent officiays the i wants apple to delop a way int that phone, whichil be known only inside app. >> abc's elibeth hur more.goodning, elizabh. >>eporter: kendis anreena, morni to yo right off the bat, timook addrsethe victims' families of the san bernardino attacks saying that they have s deepest sympathy and no one should go through what they have been through. that said, cook says this case
2:29 am
phone. >> safetof ourids,afety of our families is very impornt. e protecti of people's dat is incrediblimrtant. >>orter: app ceo tim cook explaining his decion exclusivelyo davidmuir. >> app has coopete withhe fbi fly i tscase. they came tos and asked u f l t infmation we had on this pho and we gave them all that we had. >> rorter: a judge in california ordered app t unbloc san bernardo terrorist syed farook's iphonend apple has sto firm that's not happening, insisting at stake i the dataecurity of millions of law-abiding peop. >> thenly way get information at leaurrently the on way wknow would be to write a piece software that
2:30 am
that is what is attake here. reporter: but in the name of puic safety, attorney general loretta lynch isrging apple comply. >> judges all over the country and on the supre crt have said that thosparties must assist if it's reasobly within theipower to do so. >> rorter: theightending thousands across theountry to rally in support of apple. even though a negh poll finds 51% of americans believe that apple should unck t phon >> if we knew a way to do this at would not expose ndreds of millions of other people to issues, we wld obviously do it. but again, thiis not about one phe. this is about the future. >> repter:pple has until tomorrow tfile a rponse to the judge'sorr. and se legalxper s ts isandmark casehat could reh the sue cour kendis and reena >> o thanks to elizath there. we're going hear more from tim cook a our exclusive terview in our next half hour anall morning long. >urng to polits and the latest clash between d trump
2:31 am
st a dayfter trp's landslide vicry in nevada, mittomney lled on the billionae to relse his tax returns sang they may contain a bombshell. roey, the former gop presidential nominee sugges that either trump i not as wealthy as he says is, or he ha't bee payin the kind of tas weould expect him to pa >> i think the last time hwa asked about his taxes, he said, well it's goi toe mons. look, people have a right to kn ithers problem in the tas fo they decide. >> trump fired back saying mitt roey who totally bw an election that should have been won and whose tax returns made hilook like a fool is now playing tough guy. the hilry clinton cp is outn force looking tshore up support ead of ser tuesd. foer president bill clinton made aouplof campaign stops virginito make the se for hiwife and accused republicans of demonizing muslims for political gain. hillary clintospt her day shoring up support from the
2:32 am
rona primary addssing the gun vionce and the flint water crisis and it was anoth huge crow for bernie sanders. more tha 9,000 people gathering here in tulsa, oklahoma, last night. 2,500 of them couldn't even ge in. bernie sanrs told supports he didn't think there was any way he could lose lahoma. >>the deadly storm that have ravaged much of the midtlantic aregin to dissate, but not before taking a heavyoll. a state of emergency in virginia where four pplwereilled. wind and thuerstms knocked out power and left motorists stranded by flooding. the farming town of waverly was espeallyard hit after rnado touched downith almost no warng. >> glad you let us ghrough ththis. amonghose kled were two adt men d a 2-ye-old boy whe bodies were found not far from a mobile home destroyed bit stor
2:33 am
yo have wet, heav snow slamng much othe midwt, icarea. nearly 1200 flights haeen caeled hundreds of sn snowplo were oyed but manyrivers fou lves trapped. forecasters are warning temperatures are falling ght creating dgely icy roadondions can, as . all the snow stirred up ge a warninom toast guard that those picture takers ay back aleast 25 feet fr the water's edge. thatysm is moving east but without e sa intenty. here's justin povick at accuweather. good morng. >> reena,endis, tnks. good morning to you as well. t news this morning. we are finished with the severe weather. althe tornado reports yesterday and on tuesda tt storm syste is working well to thnorth and he east. baind it , still som
2:34 am
lighte int, thenowhowersill not be morthan an in orwo the gss surfas from detroit to pittsburgh to charle. as we mp ahead to the weekd, we're warming things back up. high pressuris in control. lder a bottl up to the noh reaminall the warm air in. next week, looks like the cold r will make a quick return. reena, kendis, back to you. >> now to syria. new video showing how badly ancient ruins have been damaged by isis. the destrucontalmyra much cludinnuments at the syria and obtainedswedish tv. peaking of syria cere is set to go into effect in that country saturda althou isis a othererro groups are now covered by e agreement. there are growing calls to tablish a so-called safe zon in northern syria to protect syrians who are fleeing their
2:35 am
secretary of state john kerry told top lawmakers tha such a zone would reqre up to 30,000 u.s. ground troops t maintain. colorado,hree sherifs deputiesaven s wle serving an ee conviction notice. one of them di. last n vigil w hd in his south of denver. nate kerrigan, a 13-year veran, was killed when the homeowner open fire on deputies. the homeowner als died t shootout. thevtion considered hri. a mystery at aeral office in the san ancisco bay area. the cuoms and border ection office in almeda wa evacted after an employee opened an envelope containing white powder. thee people complained of feeling a sick but a search by hmat teams turned up nothing spicious and the office was deemed safe
2:36 am
this year'flu vaccine isoing tter than last year's. is 59% effective. that's a big improvement from last winter's vaccine, onl about 20% effective. health oicials sayur flu seasonas been milder this ye, b they do warn i has not peaked as of ye a judge here in new york city has cared the way for salt warnings toe placed on many mus over the next couple of days. those stinctive warnings must be posted byargein restaurants a fast food outletsays by next tuesday. if tho eateries don't comply, th could be fin up to $600. the national restauran asciion challenged the warnin w will appear on items containing more the recommended daily dose of . first lady michelle oba called it a bittersweevent at the whithouse last night. the nal time the obamas re helping honor onof arica great musians. >> and yeah,nd it was a really great mucian. theresident paying tribute to e late ray chles, who he
2:37 am
th a-okind voice. usher raymond was among the artist rforming, sin "georgia omy mind." oh geoia no peace no peacthat i find jt an old s song yeah keeps georgia on my md >>ery nice the. mi lovato, yolda adamsnd the band pry also performed. th event, by the way, wil broaast on pbs tomoowight. >> nothing like a little ray arles in the morni. i lo r charles. good. president obama calling him ving aarabity to llap our weightiest emotns a sine note. so wl id. >>o well said. so well put. ray charles passed away in 2004. still ered.
2:38 am
most attctive jobs for men andwomen according to tinder. also ahead, our f look at the dazzling stage and ous ckstage at th osrs, of course, gettg erytng ready f sunday night. a t woman accus of a rder-for-hire schem insists she never planneto have r husbd killed. wait unt you hear her exanation. ou've got t check out our bend the-scenes pics on ine'a differencee omega-3s in shin k oil unlikeish l,is easily absorbed ydy... ...which makes yo h,ga-happy. happier still, megared is proven to increaseomvelsn en tsorb.
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south dakota's governor has until march 1st toide whether to sig a biluiring students to use bathrooms and locker roomsatching their rth gender advotefor transgender rights rallied at t capitol and met with the ve,ing the to of the bill. ifhe bilis signe sou dako wouldecome the first ate toct such a law. similar legislation is also peg in aleast 22 oer stes. a indianalis m hasn coicteof blong up a house for the insurance money. two next door neighbors were killed. zens of people were hurt and more than 80 homes dtroyed in e explosion and re as part he testy. jurors heard a tape-recording one of the vtims begged for help in the last moments of his life. he eventuay bued to ath. the man found guilty, bob leond, facesife inriso
2:43 am
we turn to that dmac murder-f-he playing out in west palm beh, florida. she's serving 20 years for allegedl hirin a hitman to kill her husband >> n she's back in court testifying for t first time. what police caught her doing on ta was an act. here'sbc's linzie janis. >> reporter: dahlia dippolito is cing a retrial for hiring a hit man to kl herusband o six months. >> i w afrd. >>eporr: h 11 glt veictas overturned due to a tainted jury pool >> he threatened to hurte a rt my faly. >> you know, he gets two in the head. >> i'm positive. >> reporter: she says she was simply acting during this deo from a scripthat dahlia, her then husnd michae and former loveuhamdad all written for an acting project they
2:44 am
can get puicit >> osocial mediao wean try to get an acting job from it. >> so this is acti? >> yes. >> reporr: but prosecutors say that was no act and allege s paid andercovercop, posing a hit man3,000 to killer husbd. the real act investigators say wa her reaction to these sth florida police offics telling her this lie. i'm sorry to te you, 'am, he's been lled. >> no. >> reporter: but h lawyer claims theole were setting her up for an appearance on the reality show "cops." >> whether you like her or not, shs entitl to the same constution right as you and this case is aut a polic department that tosseder und the bus for purposes of gettin famen a ps tv ow. >>epter: linsey davis, abc newsnew rk. cong up in o next lf hour, the other high-profile. courtroo drama playing o e naville,ne, this
2:45 am
themotiol testimony of the faf erin andre and how his daughter's stalker has devastated her life. as the clock ticksown to car sday, p kicng int high gear. e getting our first peek bend sta. and you'reatching "world new now.[male narrat] enmericansolunero rve theicountry, their country pris to take care of them when they come home. afte26 years in the miliry, james mineffered a paralyzing injury that changed not only h life, but his wife's. [james miner wife] my role as a care ver it's a 24 hour, 7 days week ere's nores. having a spinal cord injuryis not like yojust rtouback. everything is chlenge. ale narrator] mple day-to-day ling requires enormous assistance. spinal cord injured veterans are dependant the v-a for their healthcare and bets. gettinthem can be an overwhelming process. paralyzed veterans of america has behting foer 60 years
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get l the benefitshey rve. we know exactly at tdo, exactly what the v-a needs i order to ala. they're committed t just to husband as an indidual they're committed to our family. [male rrator] he us he america verans. visit pva dot or >>it'setting exciting! ree ys ay from hollywood's biggest night of t year. >> so e yards and s of red carpre b laioutse the dolby theater in hollywood, but is morning wre getti our fir peek inside of the theater and age. here abc's george pennac >> reporter:-e view of production a crews continll a more finishing touches the red carpet.
2:47 am
the dolby theater. but t at's going on inside? thiss dek mcclain's fourth year as production designer e os this year the t design celebrates '70s glam and that takes lots of spare. using re than 200,000 ovski crysls and all t decorative elements. th glirtin stage will be eye-pping for oscar audiee both at home and in the dolby theater. >> of cose, you wa it to el glamoro for the pple the room. this celrates theinight, their celebratn but the sa time so many more people are seng it on television that we try to be prettdisciplid oureally payattention to what we're seeing on the tv monitors and not with our naked eyes. >> reporter: the production team has a master pl, but it is not raid to change thiat the minute.
2:48 am
make tt better? >> rorter: bacge the green room, this year designed by rolex, starsho a l break fromll an comeo relaxndoy t ld back atmosere. er mayot be a actual windows here but this is sti a room with a view.eaf this year's green room was spired by the ok and feel of the late0th century me high inheills of ywood. this is or pennacchio reporting r abc news. >> geez, i'd like move in. >> abc is the place to bon oscar nigh eragstarts sday p. eaerfic. tune into "world news now" next monday mningorull and entire wrap-up. >> do you know whohe most nominated person is?
2:49 am
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when she es we enjoy it even more.and i el the dferencwith k-yultrag. . >>annow it time fo"the mi" remember wn esideninn s aig cigissue, dn inhale? yesyes. >>ememthe whole thg? apntlyt's t anueor bernie sanrscampaign. take ak there liamped th its stccsojuana pipes. you can feel the burin a wholenew way. it was created by a man out in portnd whe obvioly smoki up is tally gal. he tells theenter for puic inity 10% theros go ck tthbernie camign. i'm nosure how lal it is t steal someone's campaign log becausit's not affted with
2:53 am
of pipes. bernie sanders, get your $300 from the kid. >>urbernie sanders is just fine with the support. he believes in the contbutionfrom the little folks. >>urn one for beie. >> burn one for bernie. he hasis slogan. stonarecpanyom >> the you go. anywre you can me monefor mpai, i'm se rnie would beine whth. so, you know tinder, iou swe to theght, then you've hasuccess, you like that person. so they did a survey of the professionthat mosgarn swipes to the right. can you guess what they are for men? >>o. >> pilot. >> pilot. >> yotice that somebody's a pilot, y're re liky to swe rit. other men ones founder entrepreneur, fireghter, doctor and tv personality. >> oh. this is why you love theinder. >> seriously, number four. e tier. thtinder.
2:54 am
interior designer. okay. >> and founder erfounder/entrepreneur as well. >> but not tv personality. >> not tv personal why tt? >> they're a dime a dozen. >> they're a de a dozen. >> you won go near them. >> they're dateable material. >> oh, man, not even for the night. anyway -- >> i like you always give me your tinder update. i reallyoy that. i feel know the tinder now. how about mong on to caring is sharing. apparent se panda bears didn'tet tha >> oh, tt's cute. >> having little bamboo root snack. the little guy tryinto get in the snack but the big guy sticking hisoot up. trying to block him. from getng in. givee some. i want some. >> what goes up. >> no, no, no. gointo smack himway. theryou go. not at all. not sharing. this great dane has a way with cameras. so he's just known for his peonality.
2:55 am
mas whenhey' takg pictes om. >> aolutely. >>r tinder. >> that will be best in show xt year. >> tde now as a new mom, her biesallenge is providinher twin daughte th the rigrition. wh i've learne that your baby needs the big the nutrients. e first twyou've probably heard o folic id and calcium with vitamin. ey'rtal to you and your baby's health. a lesser known nutt is dha. it's an omega-3 fatty acid that's important for your baby's brain, heart and eye development. studies show tt dha an important building blo of infant nutrition. it may help promote a healthy pregncy and lp prevent latetm rth. you can get it by eating fish, but a safer and easier way is to include foods or supplementfortified with a getarian soue of dha. including certain brands of eggs, milkprenatal vitamins, soymilk and yogurt. your baby gets dha through brea mk,
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than ninety rct of iant formulas. you caneel good knowing you're givinyour baby what s ally nee.
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trld news now,orms, rnadfrom gulf coast to virginia and the snowsto that canceled hundre of flights in the midwest. the human toll and today ean-up. speaking out. apple ceo tim cook revea his sif thetory as the justice department oers his cpanyunrost locd iphone. it'snews exclusive. and n this half hour, astraut scott kly's record-setting year in spacelmost ov. >> what he loves about the space station. whate misses about eth and the food. he cannot wait to ea and later, adele treated like a queen at itais version of the grammy awards.
2:58 am
"the skinny" on thishursy, febrry 2h. >>ouncer: from abc news, th is orew >>dio problems as fa w. >> ndio probleordele. she was stunning i was so glad to see her back on the horse again. >> she looked stunning, she sounded great. it was a good thing. we'lgetoha ocosea tt bit later. walooking for my thunder buy la night. the was t ofer through new york city and all up andohe eascoast. thn two-thirds oe naon facing mar clean-up day aftethose damaging storms. ar a footf heanow pod the greatercago area, ing ny 200 flhts to be canceled. and withemperatures dropping overnight, this morning's commute likely to be danrous. hat sa system also produced thunderstorms and
2:59 am
covege >> reporter: the deadly winter storm system moves north, inging waves of ra and terrifying twisters. this one captured in north carolina. this time-lapseho the srm moving into charlotte. stng winds toppling trees into hos, cars and power lines ther in virginia, a state of emergency in effect. one suspected tornado shredded homes. >> we did not know it was a rnado but we ew sometng was going on that wasn't good. >> reporter: this is the same stem that spawd more than tornoes in the last 24ours >> god, let u b ok. let get through this. >> reporter: first tearing across louisiana, destroying this rv pa. inensacola, flora, an ef-3 tornado packing 155-mile-p-hr winds destroyed and apartmt buildings. as tnt se of this st continu trigng tordo warngs and watches, thebackside is eati bliard nditns. >> wre aing people w don needo make t tp, d't ma t tp da >>epter: in rtof
3:00 am
e nearlyhiou cindown fr an pls n ear itr homeowners can shelt. >> i'm trying to get some of it noand some of it later. >> repter:ven with school canceled, some kids couldn't get the y off. >> i'mike, yeah, no scho.i'm o grandma e. now i'm out here helpi shoveling snow spenthe last rs in houston, texas. this is different. >> reporter: megan hughe abc news, washington. incredible imes. checki today's forect, that wier storm sysm dumped snow on the eastern great lakes and ohio valleys. heavra in w england, t south ieout aftethe tornado outbak. ld in the west >> 30s in minneapolis and detroit. 40s kansas city and atlanta. 60in sea and dallas and 80s in los angeles and phoenix. > a w isis video threatens the lives of facebook founder mark zkerberg and jackorsey, the head of twitter. the 25-minute video is t


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