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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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waidentifi a r-d martinth.... we've en ldhat he had been finthe foreclose of s home the past two yrs. k newschannel 13's emily allen rt the people of ey a lfo words... and a ying t unders at hne for the ones that can't be. ev al nate rrigan ly... t theytell yoorhe wasian good sts. s nice on ecau youon't kn seo titely, you se them in e dine you know what they do. you hear about them in the schools carriganas lping with a gh rk ti. the ll wod be h la. 0301 it's just tgic. it's tragic that this isthe world we le in. and you seit and you think it's somewhere else. but obvisly it'sot where elit's close to home martinirth spent s fighting foreclure. ...even posting this videobout his ongoin legal batt. en duties showed up at his me... wih ot cargan... and critically injured other
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martin it's numbing. i'm not cold. becae the whole thing is, my heart just sunk whend nothe over. but e pa is just begng. you cafeel it's so. one bailey resident coming of this eting tells me their dety is seing someone else now. he's with thright rsonightow. he's with god. he's a good man and he deserves to be up there. ey're praying r eir fallen deputy. one ats ghti fos ..and an ecommunitthat'shuing. in bailey, eardo nc13 corporal carrigan is on of 14 officers who haveeen of duty over t past thr months .. incles mesa
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derek geer... month... and ei whoas week. thmental evaltion for the accused pland parenthood robert dear isn't ready. dear appeared crtefly yesterday afteoon. a his next hearing to determine rd... di atey d saysot ofhease willav ds decisi once the resultar e w de announced that he waed to fire his public defenders and represent himself. dear mad outburst in cour sutg t media to fi himecau has secret and exclusiv files to share. he is facing counts includi rder, tempted murder a assault for the black friday shootings that killed tee people ... and injured others. a vere sto system thaleft several people de on thlf coast this week s taken more
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a ste of ergency has been declared in rginia .he at leastour people a dead d dozens more are beg treated for storm-relate injues rcasters say at a tornado rippedthrough one community .. downees, power lines and causing severe damage to homes. hundreds of people we left without power. the republican presidential candidat are geing for their na debate bore the super tuday primies next week .... but currt fronunner donald trump is fang a new chlee... after a foer presidenal ndid suggested that there may be something fish wi trumps tax returns... kennh moton explains... new for you is morning... nat trump entrance urs be severe weath ripped through viinia ovnight, dold trump s t ound ralin surs, tarunnin s. donald tru " want somebody that's pocal because i wanto t lots of great legislation that we all want passed" trp was a shofor a repuican town hall on fo news...hted by megyn kelly who d a very public feud with the gop frontrunner. the cand linup as they wor ake wn trp. sot marco rubio we n't allow the conservative mome
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ervatis 4 republicans promisedo release their tax returns this week? after mitt ey called on them to do so. the 2012 gop nominee even said he lieves the a 'bombshell' in trump's taxes. sot mitt romney phoner when pple dede that th n't want to veou their it's uslly because there's something they n't want you to see trp went on the attk. the biionaire tweeted "mitt romney,w tolly blew a ection tha should have enon and whe tax returns de him look like a foolis n playing ugh y" sotillary clinton 15:404 well hel ladies of alpha kappa alpha! fewer fireworks on the democratic side. hillary clinton made her case to the sisters of aka ahead of saturday's south carolina primary. bernie who stggling wh blk vo thmoved ser tuesdaatesg his rally in tulsa, oklaho as for trump's taxes,e says there's no bombshell oth th hys lot. the republicans will debaight on n in the super tuesday state of texas whe the gornorust rsed h senator ted cruz. kennh moton, abc news shington. changes are
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drivers ong i- 25 and cimarron street. cdot is about beginhe n e of the i- 25/cimarron inrchange projec krdo newschannel 's na molinis lire .with at mnsoryou. good morning dana. good mning na jon. work is already underway this morning. right now.... won this oject ben nine months ag cds ng the interstion what it looks li now, to a more traditional diamond shap intersection, ic oso prove e ghwa alignment and ramps. the cemes...called girderon theconsuction siegan arriving yesterda the will ho up the brge d.
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mpleted. up until this point, a l o the workas en unrground work, dealing withlities, drainage emnkme work. t phase, the ojecwill have a bigger impact on drivs.... see some lane reduced speed limit. projec on it expecd 17u' hr omhe project reoromin newsst reporting live... in colora s,ana molina, krdo newschannel 13. i'll have a lo at your forecast.
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y: it'goin to be slightly cool thanks toa werontt wie throh prior to suise.ig wi warm into the s for st while it me a bit cldi in the rng, the ouill clea byhe afternoon.
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and retively quiet day. tended mpatures e pected waack friday and sardaywith highs inhe 50s 60anen 70s! sday will loudiewith our nextrm em expected arrive late monday. its the moay system that will bring ckhehance r showers, with thpotential for showers expeedo last into tuesday. this storm will be atheruick mover, eting the state by wednesday. -lib wrawi abby on t some alask sidents ar gey g to receive the resinte eagerly wag to receive their licenses...but it's not for driving. not r driving. ad wrap with abby on set me alaska for showers, with the ial for shs ct to lastintoueay. thtorm will be anock mor, exiting dn ad-l wrap wi
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some alaska residents are eagerly waiting to receive their licenses...but is not for driving. we'll tell you wh'sext for me business owners as they sign up for marijuana licenses for theifirst time.... plus. there e now blionre in chinan therin america, her ich city i attractingome the wealthie people in the
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--. thksor inn goning cora aoo at as you wake up this ing. potential bunesswner in alaska are ping to get their new mariju licenses today. until they get them... ey can't start growing their plants. buseveral ople have been busy preparing for their first day oflanting. onman in the all ci of houston bought a 32-hundred ot facility, a has be outfitng it for growin marian says pot changed his life... after he was agnosed with multiple sclerosis "for me personal it's the best thing at took down inflammation in my body ---- it definitely pulled me out of the gutter and tt's whi ho i am right now." he ao says it took him a year to prepare for hinew busiss... but says it may ke other few months fort to get off the grnd.. financial experts are nervous about some of the pres othe stock maet mning plus... e united sta may not be number o i one spicfinancial cagory... abc's reen ninan and kendis gibson explain who surpassed the u-s in
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money... good morng. topping "america's money"... an alarming sign about stocks. a new survey of customer satisfaction in the u-s ves high marks to rdstrom, cocoand amazon... despite it low prices walmart ranked second to last in the survey. america's least favorite retailer? that wld be abercrome d fitch. and finally, the u-s is no longer home to the mt llionaires in torld. that distinction, now goeso chin a new ays 90 new chinese billionaes mod cha into first place, 33 more tn the u-s. beijing is the city with the most billionaires. new york is second. and
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toda it's going to be slightly cooler thankto a ak fnt that will move rough prior to suise. highs will warm into the 40s r most. while it may be a bit clouer in the rning, the clouds will clear by the afterno. it will be a d d revely quiet y. extended: mperatures are expected t warm back up on friday and saturday, with highs in the 50s, s and even 70s! suny will beloudier with our next storm syem expected to arrive late monday. it ithe mondayystem thatill brin ck thehae r shs, wh the pontial for showers expected to last into tuesday. th srm will be another quick move exiting thstate by wednesday. ad-lib wrap with abby on set
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now,et's checon your commute. mike lew is over at krdo newsradio with ur times traffic. ad-lib traffic east sev ople are dead after a massive storm system swept across the east coast th week. dozens of
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thousas of peoplere without power. anas abc's keisibn explai .... the great lakes region is hoping fosome calme weather.fter a massive blizzard caud white out conditions on the road. 's new for you th morning. overnight, millions of americans hihard .. as a adly winterstorm continues s mah north. rrenti rains flooding the mid-atlantic to the north east -- the dopours... creating flash floods -- washing away cars -- and creating a for the dca. new york -- heavy overturn this tru on the geor shin bridge earlie this time lseshs the storm moving into loe? strong winds toppling trees into homes, cars and power linethe. over 160- thousand without power across seven states. it's the same sthat spawned terrifyi twistein virginia - a e of emergency in effect. dead toado shdded and tossed hos -- amonthe
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the s that by ando otrs oned dead. across the region- morehan tornadoes e last d alone. first tearing across louisiana destroying this-v par sot - ashley east / tornado suivor jt god, let ube okay, let us get through this." and on the backde of this massive storm -- blizrd conditions ss the midwest. ann wo/ indiana state policeifou don't need to makehe trip - don'ke t trip toy." pts of linois and indi- nearly white-out nditio -- making travel extra-difficult nats: twen miles an hour, you can't go er that! kendis , abc news new york a colorado a colorado te battling deadly disease was ableo spend me wh a group healls hero only k-r-d-o was there to s the special soldiers afort carson went above and beyond to make thteen's wish
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good morng colorado. 's 6:--, ursday february 25th. i'm dana emens. and i'm jon karroll. we begin with new information justnto our newsroom... one man is dead after an officer involved shooting in we county early this morning. itappened
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poli were responding to a trespassing call at the time. our pane at fox-37 in deer report that two people were seen running from the scene. no offics were hurt. onuthern colorado teenager got e chance to meet some of his heroes... while battling a rare d potentially adly condition.. as krdo newschan13's greg miller showus... he ent the day with the soldiers at fort carson... who helpedim live his dream,, it's ary you'll only see here ... nats josh hethergt n is sri through the ranks. in aandsn tourf fort rson, saw equipment an met soldiers he's admired for years. 0:43 i'm really happy that ty let me ce out. 0: i don't think josh has had a smile off his face from the moment we got her that smilis one his mother debbie stuart doesn't take for granted. arm te clip 84 -ng enager is hard, t being a teener with ncer and you're not ite sure what' going come down the track.hanot ea. josh was diagnosed with aglea- blastoma multi fo brain tumor last summer, ter suffering severe heache..and eventually seizure. doc moved the tumor, but he ildergoes radiaiton d chemotherapy t: iusually ppens 35, 4 45-year-olds. not a good prognosis. usually in adultit's considered terminal. but with kids there's a whe host of different outcomesor him.
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covery sfar, optimism. mom: he wants to get up in the morning with this like this. sometng possible when your dreamf becoming an army soldier comes true. soldier: we jued all it,here's absoluorge ols standun fort ca fou out jos had a passion for tanks,y were only y to show him ar. sot: to show off what do, but show it off to a tremendous young n who's been through a lott was amazing for our soiers to . m: i could never do this, i could never givehis to, but other people me th possible. it'srazy to know there arether people out there wiing to do this f him. and it's obvious by this smile... josh sot: i am thankful you guys let me into this secret area..their efforts to make his dream come true ... were worth it. in fort carson, greg
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sh turns 1 in a few weeks. his parents tell us that his visit tohe mountain post was thbest present he could ever reiv a chilly start to the mning in the pike's peak region... here's a le
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stormtraer 13'sbby aconis re with a look atour weher on tat si s to by. her on 1s todat'g iglyerto a nt ll rougprior to sunrise. hhs will wm intoths r most. ile it me oudiern the rning, the wl clear by the afternoon itl be a dry and relatively quiet day. extended: teerates are pected to warm back up on friday and sard, highs t 50s, 60s d en 70s! sundall cloier th our next storm syst expected to aive late mond. its the mondayysm atilbr back tnc foshs,ith e tentr s exedo st to tueay this storm wl be anoer qckmover,ting e ate wednday. the colodo avalanche were back on home ice... and eager for a win... mover, exiting the state by
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e colodo avalche were ck on home ice...nd a win... the highlights of their nail- bing fish nst the n jose sharks are ahead .. and the denver nuets re hard at work against the los angeles clippers la nht... thhilights t cy of glesnext... antaki a live look outsid at.... we'lve a eporon
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6:--. ks joing us on go morning cora. here aoo at as you wake u mornin it down to e re at e pepsi center last nht.... where the avs were taking on the san jose ks. the final period of the game started with a one-o tie... b san jose's bnt burns got the puck behind the net and punched it in foa goal. the avs came storming back takeead later in the third... after gabriel landeskog fires ofcolorado's third goal of the night. but the sharks ret t of it ye..scorin theqlizer thustwo miteleft i gulation. the me went to a penalty shoout. and matt dhene scored the final goal tbring home the win the denver nuggets also ok to th court against the clippers last night in the city of aels. the nuggets were a going in the
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and kennh faed e ith dunk. danilo gallinari also landed a dunk a few minutes later... after a missedhree- pointer from gary hri the nuggets he onto th le, anendeght th 87 to vicry.. a g ition that s only been held eight times in the past three decades may be going rward in hawa today. the "quicksilvern memory of eddie aikau" big wave invitational is only held when thwaves are at least 30eet hi the last time it was held back in 2009. organizers issu green alert for intational today... which means at praratio for the competitn can go forward... if conditions peist today.
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y:gog bslht cotoweakront that will move through prior to
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will warm into the 40s for st. while it m be a bit cloudier in thmorning, the clouds wilclear the afton. itill be a dry and retively quiet day. extend teeratures are expected to warm back up on friday and saturday, with ghs in the 50s, 60s and even 70s! sunday wi be cloudier with our next storm system expected to aive late moay. its the monday system that will bring back the chance for showers, with e tentl for owers excted to last to tuesd. this sto will be anoth quick move exitingthe ste by weesday. ad-lib wrap with abby on set a colorado town is loing a colorado
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a colorado town ioking for answers afa ooting
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others yesterday. 'll hear more fro counit members who say the shooting has left a hole that will never b replac. and a new scam rging laslide victs inolor nghaenunead by authities.ea wh their kingrom homeowrs... and w you can protect yourself.
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6:--. thanks for joining us on od mning colorado. here's a look at as y wake up this morning. thisthe krdo wschannel 13 wer ock... 13 m of non-stews and weather... porclits lef night. in honor of a pk county deput who's wah came tan end yesterday. na carigan was shot and lled after an incident... in the small community ofaiy...which is 75-les north-we o lorado rings. the shooting begaafter deputiesrrived to evict martin wih from his me. he's bn fifoclfo year... png this ytube vio detailing hicrusade. when deputies arrived. he killing corpal critally injuring k martin. wirth so dd at the scene. members of the commity say they're in shock..
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not cold. because the whole thing , my heart just sunk when i heard that. pray ok. everne's the onwe lost that we ouldn't have lost the mmunity hosted a meeti to talk about the tragy last night. d erne top thr lits on fo nigh well. corpral 14 law officers who have been shot i colora in the past thr months. this includes denver polic fir rachael eid.. who was shot by a burglary suspt earlier thiseek... mesa county deputy derek geer.. whwas killed rlier this month... and officer garret swasey.. who was killed in the planned renthood shooting in colorado springs. ke'arr stewt and jennifer markskey were ashot and killedn that shootingn blfrid. a secu guard at ronado high school has been fired ... after he
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wasted rliethis month on veral ges, includin ing a runay an coributing to the linqy of a minor he was fired officially at a school board meeting last night. accoing tohe zette.accoing to court documents, hamiltonad a ven-month sexual relatiship wi a 16 arold befo his arrest. milton told investigors he didn'tnow the girls age until he was arrested... and thought she was 19 get ready to see somechanges on i-25 near the cimarr exit. cdot is about to begin the next phase of the i- 25/cimarron interchang project. do wschannel 13's dana molinis li there now...ith lo at what's ahead. go dana. good mning dana and j. wo is alread underway thi rning.
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yot' tithe big centbeams...lled giers on the coucti te. theswill ld up th brge deck.... which is what we drive on, once the work is completed. up until this in a lot of the work has been undergund work, dealg with utiliti, draina, embankment work. but in this next ase, the project will have a bigger impact on drivers. we're gog to stareing somera in the coming month to mtraffic arnd...w going to see more the speed limit d to 55 mph. that speed limit change i excted to effect nex month. the oject is on scdule and o buet. it's expted to be ne in 20- 17. reporting live... in colorado rings,an
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he's a le look at... ad-lib toss abby... weather on 1s today: it's going to olhanks to a we front that will move through prior to suise. hig ll warm into the 40s for most. while it may be a bit cloudier in the morning, the clouds wl r by t afternoon. it will dry and relative iet exnded: temperates ared t wa back on frid and saturday, with highs in the 50s, 60s and even s! sundawillbe cloudier with oune srm system expected to arrive late monday. it is the monday system that will bring back the chae er with e poial for ows pect to laay. sto will athck mor, exiting the state by weesday.
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now, let's yr over at krdo yo timesaver traffi ad-lib traffic
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ws for iverheading to the western slope. the rstate is expected to re-opethis afternoon, according the post indenden c-dot says if the area is deteinede, ea and und afwill open at the same time. delays of at least an hour are expected in the area. the ghwa closed down february 15th after a ssive rockslide. it was standg ronly at meeting about a potel land dealetthe broar and colorado spri.. w rted, the deal would give the ci 360 acres from the broadmoor. but the city would givehe broadmoor a popular recreaon area called rawberry
6:51 am
most othe peop who spoke tonight are against th deal. mare worried the broadmoor will restrict access to strawberry fields. the city is responsible to the pc to figure out whate wanto do with our land before ing to a private entity the city said st night that the swap would actually give the city more the city moraco the popular maniu incline anthe barr til. the city of colorado springs is issuing a warning about a phone scam rgeting people dealing wi landslide dama... a tart 13 ert for u this morni.. according to investigators... a caller claing be from the goment is contacting homeowners offering secure grant lo the city ss no o from their fices is behind the calls... and that they will only reach t to homeowners who expressed intere in the grant prram. the homeowners will not be asd toay anything ople i pulo couy are lit er the possibilitof the coty stin35-
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cannabis cup. e chamber president ys any time a large event comes to pueblo... 's goodor the onom but shiff kirk taylor saysbeuse of a delahe completion of the event applatio permit... he's concerned about keeping e event safe. ""i lookt whether or not can keep this community safe during a festival ke this when i don't have cooperatn from the peitee ani don't have the level of cooperation that i ed from the other enties." high times has not submitted a full application. coing to pueblo cnt code, an plication st ubtted 75 days befe an event. pot tourists in colorado are getting more an they bargained for... with many of them ending up in the hospital. acinto a new report... more tourists e enng up in emergency rooms for rijuana- related lems tha op livinin thstate. doctfound that the number of out-of state visitors heading tone hospital near d-a nearly doled the year recreational t became legal. that rate di't cnge siificantly for colorado residents. the doctors
6:53 am
to be more ucation about pot aimed at urists a seve storm stem that ft ree people dead on thgulf coast rlier this week has taken more live. a state of emergency has been dlared in rginia ... where at least four people are dead andozens more are bng treated for storm-related juries. forcasters say that a tornado ripped through one community .. downing s, wer lines and causing seve damage to me hundre of ople we left without wer. atst four adoes swp roh pas orthcarolinas .... forng sints stay under-cover yesterday evenin e orms also brought softball sized hail... tore the roofs off of home.. and knked down trees. this is the system that ripp its way through the coast this week. leing at least three otheead in misssippi d uisiana. no one was rt ... aer a coast guard ship flipped while trying to reue a fishing boat off the coast of new york. the fishing
6:54 am
aground rly as coast gua ews arri to help ... thr ip fli over. guard members had to be scued. everyone in the fishing boat also expected to be okay. e republican esidential candidat are preppi for another debate one before the super tuesday primaries xt week. donald tmp is going io the debate with a lot of momentum after a reti eas win inhe nevada caucuses. he's also taing about for in a running mate sot trum "i somedy that's pocal because i wa to get ts ofre legislation th we all want passed that's just sittihe r years and yes. e're probably goi choose somedy that's somewhat politil. senator marco rubio took a distant send behi trump i nevada. trump got more votes than rubio senated cruz combined. moat ndate picked ubig ead of this saturday'sprimy in sou senate majorityeader harry re says the rest of the party ould suppt inton
6:55 am
sanders is fang an uphill fit in the south calina primar. and is spending a bit of timen missouri and oklahoma ... supetuesday stat that may offer friendlier terrain. driverheaded up in the high cotry shld use i- 70 this afternoon... the details ahead at 7-24. now, here's abc's amy roch with a lk at what's ahead on good mning amera. here's what's coming up goodorning america... it time to see how you wake up colorado... angie sent u is picture frden of the gods... and we want to seeow you kep colorado... send your pictures to wa
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twthem to us or post them to our facebook page at krdo channel 13 be sure to use the hashtag
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goodorningamerica. statof ergency 53 tores touchn om texato vni atea eig dead ashe tbreak rs art home winds hi83 miles an hour and a coast guard ship overturns tryi trescue a fishingoat. and a bzzard slams the mwe overnit. last chae, marco rubio a ted uz fighting stop dona trp's momentum ahead of tonighs bidete >> if the dolds the generaelection, who the ck owwhate' apresiden >> as mittomnegoes after trump hinting bombshell may be coming about the g frontrunner's xes. abc newslusive, david mu one-on-one with tim cook, apple ceanswerestions r the time about why he won't the fbi bak into the san ardino shoot
6:58 am
phone. this case is about the future. >> h message for victims' families and this morng, new reports isis supporters may be threatening facebook's mark zuberg. and char the elephants caught on camera heading ight f a u.s. senator. what happens next, aepic close call. and od morning, amera. etty scary ment for senator jeff fla you kept the ephan calm. >> t slowe elepht can outrun thfastest man. thkfully ty can't outrun the safari jeeps. >> welme back. great trip. a lot of news to to including th rescue unfoldg right now. live looat rockaway beh. a fishing boat gotn trouble and a coast guard went in to it. see w rocky the seas are and the asard ip actuay
6:59 am
rescue is gog on right now. we'll stay on top of in this morning. >> take a look now at waverly, virginia, where a state emergency was declared. 53 rted rnadoes just e last 48 hours stretching from tex up to virginia at deaths and morthan 70,000 peopleithout powers morning. we hfull team coverage tracki it all and we begin with abc's g bitez in lancter, pnsylvania. go morning tyou, gio. >> reporter: amy, good morning to y. thra is still coming down and there is just so much debris all over the place. this house and barn just te destroyed. and we're seeing damage like this all across the east. ovnight, a tornado emergency. twisters touchg downlong the east coastate ergency ised in virginfter a torno ntearinghrgh t rming town of waverl >>vething on main reet is down, damaged, some houses. one house was caught on fire.
7:00 am
killed including a toddler. the search conties this morning for vms. inth carolina, ts twister caug on camera. iwaprty, pretty ifying. >> felt like who house was shakin >> repr: sen houses ripped aparand dozens more suffering major damage. >> it's amazing that no one is hurt with l the damage we had. reporte in the midwest whitut conditions eating havoc fodrivers. in illinois, highways litred with carin nofter neay ot o wesnow fell. erght torrential rains slamngheorthst, blinding nditions forci drivers to pull off roads. winds packing such aowl punch, this semi tractorrailer getting knocketo its side on the heaviltravel geoe waington bri power lines down ignitin acro newsey and in philadelphia, nddropping eeon carhouses. e storm forcing nearly 3,000 flight ccellations, 1,200


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