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tv   News 5 at 5PM  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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violence in r community.y. thiss whwhhe's hoping vors will fund a publjc sety tax ththall -- tmake ourururur et safer. district attney jeff chostner says his half-cent sales tax woulfund elusively 30-50 new poli officerosionsns but first, he's ngngo gain e support of city uncij. puttintheir prioriti into quqution - -he says thth "rather than pavinthe e reets, we need to make them safe"e"- firs chtneryou can't stop all acts of senselels crime, thas ueueue i think if u have more police on t street,t, thk the meage e lllle sent that you will bebebegh a you ll b bprprecutut and i ihink th wilildrive ime dodo thd-a plans to oicia presenthis tax initiative ty council -- - somememearly next t nth. cococihauntil e enenof august to decide whether or not
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comingp nighat - 'l froroe tyouilil prprididid------hipl alrey in the wor toake our uny sar. n pueblo, leleow, news fiviv t's talk about our w wther now. re a live-look froour ws 5 studios inolororo o o o rings-m-m-rty a warm and ndy ght out ere. lead fororaster mike daniels joinus now ifirst alalt 5--- are yoy tracking mimi? wind will get gusty again tonight when aold frononmoves the front t ll@lring much coer airirn tuesday. a red@flagagarning until 6 for high fire e nger. satellite pictures, the coco front t llrrive toninit with shifting to theorth brininng in the colded air. tonighskwiecome clea down. suvuy y morrow mning whta a few highn clouds moving inin during the afternoon.
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the eleleion watch. tomorrow is supepetuesday---and d candidatataln th parties are busy c cpaning day. democrat hillary clinton is lookikg atning every -stst--e-enere saerer home atofermomoand on the repcacaside, all eyre on texaxa.. the onlytate where t t cruz pp leads ininhe polls ovedonaldld trump. steve handelelan p pks up ouru electiti watchoverage f om texas nigh tecruz is campaigning at home ininexas, the only super tuday stathe f fed he can win. and st win cruz ws to take tetotorrow en catch fir@ s/ s ted crur / r presidentialaldidate11-:15 "a$aat pnt ill becom abunntly clear that t is is a twce at the houst rodeo tod.. the cowbwbs are divivid betweeee trump uos - - p supporter r29-:21 ou'r'ra trump ter ? - you bet - im i!" ...d cruz mos - uz suppopoer-:28 "he's s re of a constutional tyty, he'shiy yankee new yorkererer dodold trump was ivjrginia
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presidential cdidada :31-:33 "believe it orot we're going to unify this cotry" but he's ieg calleded r rist nats: protesrs s/ donald p p r esidential candate :38-:41 "alles matter whooo " clclki he e ulnot hearhe ququtuon, ,rumum sunday y fused condemn the kkk k rco rubio's added th to his trump attacks s/s/en. mamamaruruo / r presidential c cdidate5054 "h unelectable n. he refused to criticize the ku klux klala but trump got suppopo frfrfrx new yorker frankick frank vick, trump supporter :5:507 when wawasmall donald trump financed our baskekeal te, helped us s stay off stre, i know a little mor about doldldrumphes s a racicici democrat hilry clinton jumped on the repeplicanss/ hillary clintov@/ d esential candidate 1:12-1:2020 "what t c c c letetappeis the scapegoating, the aminhe fingng p pnting that is gogog on on the repubcan si" bernie sanders was in nnesa.....sides veveont a state heopes to o n while back in n xas ted gruz is fighting jt to win his homestate. dio outcuc: i'm eve handelsman, nbc news, houston,
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asase'veveeen foowing closely r you..... colorado is one of the 12 steses participating in super tuesdayay and ththere arardifferenens inin way reblicananand democrats caucus in our state.. morrow democrats wl take part i i"prefefencnc poll"-- sesectinintheir favoritep candidates. delegates will bebaward based on t results-- but the delegates wiwi not b bboununby the decion. onhe repeplican side--he g-o-p will not h hd a prefence poll presidential canddiateses rather they' s s sy select deletes s go througugtheh procesofecting a aominin. news 5's greg dingrao th a closer look@at preparations fo tomorrowow caucucu- totot atat xxxx wss your election leleer. we w wl epou updatededn tomorrowow rts both on- air ananonline at ko-dot-c-c right w. a court martial is underway foj an air f academy cad accused of sexual sat. cadet tnd class "z"zhery chubb" is c crged with on specificatitn ofofof ape' and two specifications of 'a'asiveveexl contact."
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incident t tt allegey happened in october of 20-14. the trial was set for last septembe--t a militaryryudge ntininit to toy.y. new at 5. pueb's marijuana growiwi business is helpg another stry grow w well. a county wide survey showswshat eblo rl esta industry hareportedly grown by about 40 percent marijuanaelatat buildidis and projects. d in u uncorpoted parts of the coun. thth number is nearly 6565 pepeent. in all... those new builngs and permits reportedly ct around 1 llion dollars. acacrding to a local reaor... this is ththfirst commercral re estate boom m pueblo's recent history. jessi mitchell is digging deer to t rs story,nd w whave a fulleport tonight t news 5 atat 10. xxxx nenetonight......f.r a d dade now enrollmentntas incrsed every year at the univererty of colorado, cololodo springs. programs and the campupuha expanded with the student body. today a 6 million dollar wellnene c cter addition"... creates new kind of student recreation center.r.
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at what it means in the communit bijl? this expon is s methg enenbied for on caus....anen gothe ppt ofdministration. theyad a studebody vo....asking for@an increase inintudent rec fees to pay for .. thudents saw a nd r better welness services..... and theyelped form t idedu turnrng the rec cent into a wellss center.r. it an exanple of innovation th growtwt some students say thisype of forwardrthking is part of the reason the chose to attete here. " " know it got a at of my nds atteion n see h much the u uversity is growing. will t t tgrowth ces opportunity......if you go ta larg school t at has allllhe presess in place, evything set.^.^.re'sot a lot of room for opportunity or growth." 0 the new center is ique bause it teservices typically spread across campuses and brgs them to onepenvititg brinng a health clinic....a.d meneal health counselingng
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students can ao sign up to meet with a nutrtronist, or ta stress mant seminars. p the goal here is about s s ent susueses udies owowuewith health and wellness impt 15 to 30% ofstududud negatively liveven colora springs, bill folsom, news 5. the flisti cqnrnrnhis s timemethe ar. avnie e d withhewning all parents v tbeware of--ominup in tonit's your palthfamily. anfebrry9th onlylyomes oundndnce everururrs. weweweinoduce yoyoto one of southern colorado's eaeay biesescomimi up.
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tutuday ing on news 5 today... we got y yovered as super esdadaget's underway.z.z we'lt you know what the candtes ha on their plat.. as well as details on the
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just in.n. a new york jud hasasuled that the justice partment cant rce apple to provide the f-b-i th access to a locked i-phone thth is related to a drug case in brooklyn,...but will be pp critical in the cace thahaap is involved in w wh e b-i over access to theheell phono dada of a terrorist. lasteek, a u u. magirate ordered apppp t t create softwararto help thth justice department hack inino ththphone of thehe san bernardino shootot. currently,pple has oosed requests to extract informatn from o or a dozen i- phones in fo new at 5. a memoal service is set r the park cououy puty---killed on the job st week. 35-yeae-olate carrigan" wititi
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in arvada on march 1 1h. as we've been repog-the 13-year veteran was shot and kihile trying to serve an evicicon n nice near bailey last ek two o her t@puties wererwounund t arrecovering. the jejeson counun sheri's office says)it will lend its resoces so park county deputies cananttend the sesesee. xxxx velolo tonig. four students are injured after a school shooting in sosohwesternhio. polici s shehooting ppenen0 earlier today in school's cafeteria. two studentsere shot---and t t were h5rt in some other y. the e udentsnjururs are e reporteded non life-threening. polili say a suspect iinin custsty---and the schoho dismsmsed students from classe early. new togh navyeaeahas s ceived t tion highehe military honor! esident t amawarded "senior ief eciawae e erator edwawa jr"---with e medal of hor tayay bys ried h h l le to save an american hosta in afgastan. he is the first living, active
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receive the honor in fouour dededes.s. presidt obama calls today's ceremony aararopportunyny fofo erans to glimpse a apecial breed@d@ wrioror-that so often sesees in the shshs. another enenenfighghghapapared and witi his bododed kep shielding the hostag he e nded pinned the fighter to the wall and held him until hihiteammates took tion. :12 2 it wasver almohost as soon as it gan. in jminutes by goingft those g%ards esavad the lilis everal teammates and thth hostata." hohoage who byers rereued d "dr. dilip p seph" colorado spris.( doctor joseph works for "morning star development," a non-n-ofof based in n e spng in ataeased today---dr. seph said he w w extremely y to hear byers received the medal of honor. says byers and hitere examples of courage, bravery and herorom---and he's g gteful r eir r dication in r@scuiui him. xx
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70's. rrent temperatures a a over southern colorado.... next weather maker, a cold front ll be south of her tomorrowrface e nds out th soututast t 10 toto5 mph. sunshihi will gigi wayayo a few gh thicl durininthe afternoon. ho by hour, , cool butot cold srt t torrow rning. teeratures will reacthe 50 most3areas duririhe afteteten hos. high temperatures will be cooler tomoow but ilildecece for the first day of marchch 40's and 50's in most eas. day forecast f f theprings, gh tomororw 53 windy yhwarm wednesday wh highghire daer. temperates will l out in the 60 thuhuday rougugthe weekd.d. pupulo high tomorrow wiy d charmeme wednesday. y skies thursd through the knd d th mild cici higtomorrow 56. y and warm with hiire dangng wednesday. y yies thursd through the ekend with mililmperates. wowoland park high tomorroro45. windy and rm wnesday. dry skies s ay through next t nday with warm than rm
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daylight saving timee linked to stroke. l let you kn what we've dper, comingnghin toninit's healthatch. . d e 206 seasasas kicked off for the royal gogoe train. the new rks s tryryndet y y
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break. all aboardrd! !! e -16 season at throya goe route e ilroad kicked off this afterno!
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days a weefromouou "santa fe depot" in cacacaci. as we first toldou---the tourist hospot had a record breaking 20-15---with 115-thousand guests! and now--- the railroad is ring sean paes fhehe firstimer! keoncoup g maoneadaand celebrat their a aiversaryry today onhe train! ! chris and anne whwlen n oy gor is suppose to be rere p ptty, t tt's whwt i'm'm excited about,o wh we see along the route and stuff." with her!" we'll have more information abt what's new this year a the "r"r!l gorge r rlroad" o website... koaa dom. - ththe are e me n leaeaday bicross southe colodo. one colora springs couple welcomed new sono their lyoday. brook and nick arthe proud parentntof little istitiabriel." doctors s y the healy b b was born earar this moing mom and dad said thewererexpecting him la week... ====
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thwas gogog toe a leap yearand d d dn't t ink ananthda kept pasaininand d honest tht goioiis weeken wouou be indud on tuesday and we didnt' think e purtunities, ia far- fetched option christstn's s rents say they will celerbrate his birthdaz at the end ofebruary. feryh only comes around d every ur yrso $&$& that mns he will officially turn 1- arld on br 29th, 20- 2020 trending online ght now. leonondo daprio's osld hahasenetwititit recordnd his ststctct win generated than n n thsand tweets pemite l lt nit. that madadit the "most-teted" nute of f oscars telecastever.. besting the previous record, ned by that ellen degeneres celebrity selfie. . the seco most buzzed-about moment when nspotlight" scored theinor best movie. warm and windy for#your monday gh mike has oneast k kf thehe itioio, mip fir
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,,,,,,,,,,,,, m ane snead. in toninin's healtltwatch. toronto entrepreneurs are tali theheld dangerous mosqui problele..with a new iention. rgan`nyatt, a bibichemist, and jackson wyatt ha come up witit a a a ostable mosqui t tp that alrlrdy rng up internatiol sasas. d thr idea comes along just asashe world is oking for ys to stop the spread of the zizi virus. the userernlnlneto a a water and the trtr mimicthe brding grounds of theheesky insect. nsw, the companys looking for clients glob. yligig sing me changes could rathe ririf stroke for some.
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ininrmatn to find d e rate of strokeround ylylht saving time. they cpared the amount of roke hospitations duri thek follolong daylight ving to rate of strokes s ther two wks befor p or two weeks a q t t tvent. preliminary findings show there wawaan 8 percentncreasas durihe first two days after the time transit the highest risk was a ang peop wcancer a a those over thege of 65. . and in t tig's your healy y famimi.... e flu vaccine orking beer t ts season -than in ars papa. . . e cdsasa thiseason -- gs ly 60 percent t fective. meaninif you getet flu shoho -- youuce the risk of havang o see the doctorecausef thflu by about 6rcent. ev with lochs of contg g rus -- drdiedhiar om the flu e e warnrng sigis to watchch for -- to help d derne if your child's'slu isibegigiinto ta a d ddly turn difficululbreathg is a auge e
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your chihi chest should moveve smoothly wlelenhaling d exhalingng bl fingernail beds are a sign theye nonogetting enough oxygen. a stiff ck -could be memengis - -a complicati of the flu. yououchild fes better a a then feels sick agai-- thata could an trouble. & that's bause a aecondary infection mit have set in.n. another portanrng sisi -- if your just isn' acting like themselves- s say take thserisly.y. r more hstoriq.. st head d "your healthy" herege seval ses we're working on for news 5 at six. re just one day awayrom per tuesday and d e colololo caucuses---and bh demoats and republicans are scramblili to get everything ready. we're breaking dowcolorado's rolelen pickininndididesn thththce for predede. and sincleap day only comes around oncevevy four yearar---- ostst arere ofring.great deals! e taki closelook night's er w wch. ke wiy this eveveng with ndnd caing doarly tue am.
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tuesdawille cooler with highs in the 4d 50's'sost areas. nny skies will give wa a few ghhin clouds during the afternoon. thanks for wching news fe at five. we'll see u ba right her after n-b-nighy nene, xt. . anyour localews is always on
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, >>to tonight, the klan corovey exploding
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condemn the kk fofoer l lder. what h hs ying n ate found him saying yea agogogo plusustens over tru's rally,`,nd tonight meepubcan leaders alarmed a scrambling to sto hihi scol shooting emery. alalout chaos as liceay a 14-yeyr-ololddenly opened firirin the cafeteria. > taking the stand. emomoonalalrin n dnewewlls e ry about her l l are as a staer seetly tapededer and posoedideoeoor the world to see. cring sleep. wake-u-u-ull tonightht - for llions strugglio lose weight`tnd trying toto get more rest. > and hoywood p rocks ntroversy ` takes ntnt stata at the e cars. "nhtly newew begins rit now. annouer: from nbc ws world headadarters in new york, this is "n"n nightly news" with lester holt.t. od eveningng from our e ectn headquarters on the eve of supup tuesday, one of the biggest


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