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tv   Mad Money  NBC  March 1, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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some money.( pmy job i i't just tontertain & but tooach and teach y. ll me at 1-80043-cnbc. or tweete @jcram politics ihurting your stocks. that's rht. we pay less for ocks than we uld hee becae this angry presidential race make le feel more glum and less sure ofle fure n'takekit from me a day the averages got hit. [ sell, sell, sell ] with the s&p sinking 8.1%. down 123. you heard it from warren buffett and the o of generer eleric.c. warrenuffett says it is obscuring the greatness. its an eleion year and candidat can't stop speaking
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whh only they n lve. as a rult of the negative drum at many americans believev their children will not live as well as th do. that's dead wrwrg. thosborn t tay arehe ckiestroin hisry. ateast in terms of you weend readintime it goes % deepnto politics surising for me. agn, quong him about the currene businessnvnronme, at's uniquin this cye is thffifult relaip betwn b%si and goverent. the rst t havevever seen, end quote. wow. he goes on to write technologyprsductivi and globalization have been driving forces during my business career. busins if you don'tead theschanges you t fired. politics if you don't fight them y c c't get eleleed.
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quote. ththe e e roadadocococ perprpuatete cycyc o oow growth, popo jobation, populism, low productivity, poor policy and more slow groroh, end quote. wo quibblwi alation. it hurt a lot of working people in ts country. @i'm not going to quibble with thcatic nature of th ana makes less willinifto pay for the stocks s any siness, nohoatter hoh/good i is. lowers the price to earnings multiple. think abit. these aren't idle e arges. warren bfett says the leers n't lead and we are doing ly as nation. immelt has been in business al his life. he makeses p pnt of nonosingngng ououeither party sayayg.
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r stock.k. the toxic naturereititit whwhh indurieslet's takehe drug companies. i sebioths andajor pharmaceutics trading down. part othat comes frobelief the drug companies, e politicians portrayed them as bad actors in the system. they a a always a stepway from a bpbpna. it cerinly itruee have seen badors, notably martin skre who bragg about pce gouging. ez. e vast majority of drug g compmpies are good c cizs. m not pollelyanna. there are bad gugu but comomom. ngngngy beededy popopopoanweogzehereaso be asoncan drug@coanies e e erere e ucpaniesein the wod. inart d a histororof gonts suti invaonegardi them
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now they are demoned on a daily basis. take. hohozon phphals.s. thththave a a a enenassisiance prram they have talkedbobo. steers somtients tdrugs they thi are worth taking. day they have received a subpoena from the u.s. attorney in the southern district of new york. questions about the program. i wish horizon disclosos this earlier. perhaps ththe is legitimatat wroing. tototototogegepoint t isis i ve to wondererf there was otototwawatototodle it.emememeryoyo i i i irnrnnt takaka a cal, visible shot at industry. m mt't'sit t@nd t tk k drunithis cououru2cost p( pp needjdjgegea@od gh return sosoomni h h inntnte invennew w ugs.s. i think health care oo expensive.
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ticieis will demizl ofthememno whoout t frfrfrrerereood onooooat.ababt t t t t t ssssssssssss frfrtrucucre brerererererereevevyone who has gonanywhere any major city, the ros, bridges s d tuels s e meme. g infrfrtructututupendininin stst fringngngeaea it useseto b bfrfrfrand ceceer. ad uonreside eenr. mmitding the teigysteu.p""pit tititt b%fofo thi the most recent raraers make it c@earought thth vernnt job was t t te e e the e sinessssf america d push way y c cate go s sid bs. e ea that vernmentould t with business in meaningful wayayeems fanciful l ! me. you know anyone who talks with corporate executives f fm eith rty y ll be mmeredy so other ndide beingwneded by thtorporationsn
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how did this happen? en@vhehe iphe oil industry it'ssteaeilyl[reing d% fofo teuiuifufl wl le---'r' heh w.thehehihdusu ionrnrn ros.& - ta'siouo totody.. in order to rebuild the infrastrucre the presisinl of f the united stas cacaed on a $10 tax onvery b bl of oil, a hapa b bl compie t hk?k? with low prices r oil e average oil company isaking % even or losingon eryaymaonas maj. fl at y? totoaiseastoeather it. not ab to pay $10 a barrel to e gogornment and get what tt need s to ay in busine. i ununrsrsnd t t tax cartete lled for. i sasa it was wrong headad at lst then the e mpanies had profits let alone e ndfall @prprits.
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spawned an idea that these prices%wipout the independt oil companies d our own ergy im e republicmake me fe oo as eyststy y at e umumbo how terriblblbl thin are. even as s 9% unemployment is nothinto compln about. we are the strtrgestountry in the world when it cocos to growth. i will include china. it doesn't take a weather man to tell y wch whe ecoc nd i ithe people's republic i'm t trng to o st theritty the backdrop piticcreas makes people too uncertain to invest. ba tback w w veotre toxtmtmphere mas you want trisk nothing fofe you wil ything. belie e s ll b unfode nonoma peoha the4sying poofren but.
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en most d't have thxuryry i'urng not to hide from or c frorara opptunity& in the face of p p pical penviroent that does t%rrify people.. it may obscure opptunies b esn't eliminate them. ifou rd ththrestf g.e. i id avat the new w ronment wi p toyou nen5 hisuy optimismsms s d d ctp of whh reads in his @lett, fiction. here is thbottom line. thsum l of the pololical backop makes us want to pay less f theuture. -weprofits to the compapa who is see thrhr politicalmoing. i'not gra the politicianmade ifeel ke one. david ew yor david. >> caller: long me. ett. >>@lig
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m is ththsear or marititletr follow alo all thection owrs plucom. we have written and cut th sition back. felt we shod keep a liltle bit. neeso exposure or the charitab t tst. sun edonon- excu me, there - is a deal thth'sroemat with williliand et itotomethi'mhi i don't push any f/fsil l els hard these ds. think k ey are no longer as inveseable as they wer ananarie i inerkease >>alr: t tnknkfor taki my ll. >>urse>>lele do you ink poye umececologwhwhanas, stbu do >> that'['good question. nera is doinamazing thgs th s sial medidi starbus is doingll kinds of thinininith memea. i think peyes, ion't think
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e bababuey haven dealg wievererice etitioiofromomurgecompmpie i ha to teteoui thk if yoststk with gup you wi do fine its wellll- way totobeen wn.. lo at chipotlele how many people ga uon that at 425? thanks tlitil baornt tocks tn normally uld.taro the oe of oma. that causes you to miss an opportunity. on "mad ney" responsibilit thstock market is well off its lows.& tonight i'm tacklinghe techs to see where the averas are headed next. 5 5 w dn 53%.atped? llltyou at's behthe monumentalsz andndald if ititill rise again. war buffets big four. are they the right big four for you?
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second of "mad money." folllw @jirawitter. have a q qst eecbam#mee. se jim a ae-il t or g ge us a
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nothepstock ma nothe c ococmamaet h h h bode is over the papapa. 's time toet a reaeaonhere te erages cou be e aded nene. tot were going offhehe artstsith lp osoone s en dd ght t& lat e lianteniciananho runs the bsite. gegeher sessme of ths&p 500 d the nasdaq. while the market gotten less volatile crazy of te we ow things could go haywirerere any momont. rit? we know . in aenrot where emotions are e nnnng high the ehartrt could make a good touch ston fund mentals are allllver r place. lastime weheckededn was nuary 26. s&p 500 was higher. she t t tally wouldn'haveve staying power.
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lower.the s& ( su eugugthe u&p made a pk k on february 1. after t e next ten days trading it plunged down 11points and stilone more brutal s%llmlffff the e al low for thearket cameme on february 11 when the s&p 500 botted.d there was s eeeethat samamday tellllg people t twawah for tradeable low. havavtoind ouhoshe de thcall. look at the week chart of the s&p 500. on february 11, yocan sesewhen everythi turned around and thehe key bebehmststted roaring gher borode`n didn't know for sususupe m mket would tttt but e were signals s sgeststwe were closo to a p ssible low.
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these ratios show up everyere the w w from ees to flowers nail shes d in impot poinn ststk inin crts. cacat explain n . t there is no denyininit.roden looks at s she swings and runs them through the ratiti like 50%, 6 ratios like 50%, 61.8% o o100%. to spole or r riodof 0timeherere giviv stock or index might be eore e kely to change the trajector go h he anthere. thth's what t u araroking fofofo is a change ininrajectory. on februy y when the s&p pppomedededede was a nfluence of timencycles suggesting we were approhing a arucici low. that's's(s she told people t watch for a rebod. en yououook k k he big cle frfr mayay20hr augugu o o o15, so you go back here, it l ltefor 14 weees. the market ared higher. wereralso down for 14 weeee.
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frhe highs back in novovber.r. that's the most strararaforward example. it's nol jt ths&p 500 made a new low w d caca b bk. no. borode n belves this @eesen aivotal low that anges ththwhole feel of the rket. imagine? t's s keke zoomed out lookok this is the rsiohe mark on a weeklyhartr gives you a bett indicatn ofof e e nger term hehe. when the s&p&pottomed 18 days ago boroden otted a confluence ofeven differentntycles that came due f fruary through february 19. pthe index x angegeits trajectory big me.. that'shat happened. what does it mean? thehs&p 500 0 traday low at 1,810 on februy 11 is w w e critital level. 1810. someaid 1812. t it'sle 1810.the daili ch are far from perfrft.
3:19 am
madedeor a real sutantialle rally on our hands. rmemberlrnever afraid to call dodo. atateedsdso happen for t tib queen turn buh?h? lo all thehe s&p00 dly chart.d the s&s&cleared major hurdle. when it llied beyond shorterer term cycles m me a new high bubuthereris mimportant hurdle. u can see recent ris & lasted fm eit ten d ds. i'm sorry. 8 to1 tradadg days. that's off of a new low. why?as of last friday t e was s for ten trtring daysysince t bottomn fefeuara 11.1. so far this s y y similar to l te ototrs that petered t. if totay's downturn contins perhapspwe h he run out of steam alreadad if the s&p 500 chugs higr tomoow that means have had a a n sting 12 days.
3:20 am
he'saying, lookokwe are e looking at a more serious rally. one th c cld takus to new t highversus t pk in may. this is the most bullish i have ararher.r. that's my judgnt, not hers in short, ife cacarallily tomorrow and for a fewods beyond borore n think it is s&p a more positive backopop todod's decline continues we pcould sneak baba to the same ugug pattern you can see it. do up, down up. don't workgo bacacthere. - what aututer view ofofhe s&p. borode n vays when ro says when you look at the nas daily you see similar patterns in ter othe ming cycle pot low s cong sowhere between n bruary 11 d february 1 in fact,t,t, n ndaq 100 bottomeded ( r tohat, february 8.
3:21 am
upside jeers as thnasd00 sees reboundinom -- lo. does twist here. a r%verse head a a shoulrs ttttn. th's one of the st reliabl cht patterns out there.@ wanted ndaq because evererneneisiso focused on fg. 's not jim crar's fang.. these aren't stocks i'm saying go bub fang. put it togegher. ihgs areretartg to look up.. even i i ie s&p and naul baba in n e gear fururfrom the current ilings of resistan, watch weaknkss for a potential yingngppnity. whwt c cld invalidate at thesis? if the s preaks down below 1818. thththll betetare e th's the most -- if you want to know fror the fed point of view friday employment number, om a tech int of fw 1810. here's the bottom line. this is a difficult market to
3:22 am
key technil pot to the next. the e art as interpreted b bher suggests thihihiare lookokg g for r e e p u oh h d morere importantly the nasdaq 100 looking really good.% they nailelelee low la tim s s sds o o omo othe widididses% cg.g. uldn'that beomething we hold 10 a a go u le that.muchchore "mad" ahead. unlike gambling, investi doesn't haveveo be a roll of the dice. tonight wynnnvesoror tsee if % it's timimto@oash o oyour investment. rk day ichange ing the business of doing business. e coany is m ming lower and the stk is under p pssurur i haha the ceo fresh off the report. theee warren buffett hehe a m m er@clcls in invnvt t ing.g. i'm going over the highlightht
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how can you te >>how can you tetetehe diererce between a story and a total head fake. atat story evence the market spped b bng in free fall. it started trend ing highea few weeks ago. we have been looking athe rise
3:26 am
ststks that you love to see if it hasashat it t tes t trise he graveve tonight ve ather one for you.u. shphe was so spectctularor s s long, wynn resorts. th have major expo sure to cao, thehinese laugh. us to o fuego until they were cracking down on corruption. u can see that in wy. it roared from less than $20 i rcof 2009 upo $242 aits ppak. hallelulu >> aost t o arago. nact from l le july 20202 througugmarcrcof 2014 wynn g gy @ you a 170% gain. since thensadly, it's been all downhill. [ house of pain ] >> oncncmaca-turned down wynn's stock got ten to the
3:27 am
plummeting by a staggering 53% in 2015 tolo last t ar. juju $69.&>> the wasn't the e d. 16 was brutal.l. ththstock hittg gpgpi i i lowswsf just under $50. down roughly 80% from its 2014 highs. wy a aears to ha wynnnnppears to haveotteits groooo bacac% the stock shwt up to 82 and change as of today. up 65% from e january ws. thth beg it question. is this tutu around fore or r was ititn over sold boce? . to understand whwhe wys nono you have to understand how the companangot s srt y y need to know th0( storof the r re anfall and poteteial rise again of wynn resorts. thisistoto road higher for
3:28 am
first mover expore. first canonopeped inin004 an spent the next decade grgring likekerazy.. th is the only place in china ere gambling the legal. this is an incrediplay, a mecca on t t i ireasing pepety of the rise of the e midddd classssss wibry sorts owns one of six x gambling licens in the entirety of macau making it lele competitive than l l vegas where ththstrip is end tend d sinos. for yeararyou couldn't go wrwrg by invesesing g macau. when las vasasrting back from great receceion thth pvided anototr boost. is ia sty of great management. steve wynnnns a a gend in the sino businins. long time,ne of my ils f f being a tough american bsinessman.
3:29 am
can't saveveou when the business is o oiterated by forces beyd control including wynn's. which h ings me to the fall l nn rorts. it pead in 2 24 4 theim macaguaying g venues beg to decele. gaming numbers were up0% but - for 2014 just 24%. 24% grow sounds terrific. here's way the stock works. it's all about making relelent judgmes ana slsl down from 40% growth to 24% grgrth i idown right ugly. [ oi >> what went wrong? at the same time the chine economy was slowg the communist t rty \ cicitotorack don corruptionona major way. before the crack down n ina's polical elite ked to g g freekets to macapaid for heir rich buddies. at was t t corruptpt
3:30 am
rtrtrtw this we saw a massssss decline e vipipueststacross cau. wynn got hititarar asas014 contind the news from mac, au got worse. soening the chin softening whchina housusg market and t sto market itse. wynn stock spepehe r rt t theyear gettingammered.d. 2015 tururd out to be even roe. chinese stock market was going li this ananitnfct. year ago the new york times port g g gg revevees f % ary ofofasar. that's'sust rie. in m mchchacasasown the turn outo be pshent.thmpany delilid d y y y ck top and bottom line m itas a rghnccaca listeto
3:31 am
sdaed the dividenendown to 5cents a w w a b btal momont. for r e st o o201616ynn n t edededfdtetelips higigrer.r.r. thatat h h theheheck e e e t t year down 53%. ititite sese t t c c cbusisisss s s consistent double digit growth s s skaka, , , ououe e stock crcrhehe compmpy y y rtrt o o o febrbrry 1 1 1ey m uaryry1p1p1p maned delilir a m nste272727t t earnings beat off a basis, one beseseseses y e e t tkeououoeoeoeoeoe ofofacau oxhe coerenenl.l.lilllbe openi wynn will be opening the second
3:32 am
wynn bebtsste t tests peperforo bst! wnebof tht wo.@ at do we do w? do wish had recoened wynn to you 30 points ago, o o se es shat me youimsed thmissourii think n#we are final seeg turn arnd io after o s pof heous numbers.@ the buness betg/in foroara. but wynn is back to the point 'sow at t timek nexyeae's earnings estimat. e multiple could be loweif wy c @ull off a turnd and dedever hihher than expepeed earnings. the stock rallied in two weeks. ou buy here you are chasinging.
3:33 am
eneneseses macac. i ththk k nn s s s i i iadad hihi l ler.. you have to be smart about this hy i iugugst w w wngng r the ne big markewide acacacacacnot a a a no but a markekekedede g g t t ty y nnwewenenewiwiwiememd yoyoyo's'snwise e e etetgainin stete nn.... i bet he show e why going forward. reme b b b b int before y y pull the trigger.r. e casi hthmoack.anheto p@ a g pbe. [ buy, buy, buy ] >> jacob in north cana - jajaja ler:oooooo, ji >>-y-y.y.y& al tfwrringnis ue $$h- swv" titleyou'reeren@ whwh's gng on? aller: i calling disney. the house of mousesed ticket prices. wherdo you think the stock i headed?
3:34 am
announcements similato that which shows yoyoyoat this eness doting on@espn is a pmisisie. it sends y y offffhe scent. i ke thehetock of disneyegor the long term. lelele blike warren buffett for a send. he's long termer.. i'i'urging t long term vieie p.t. in california. p.t. le hey, jihoabouac natiol park bog-yah to you. >> ectlylyhat i was thinking. at's happening? caller: first, want to ank you anyourwesoso staff alyodoorfureyoe thbeststn tv. t y! th meaetet, /hf. list. lithanyou. >>aller: m mquestion abobo rnival cruise lines.( zika has been in and out of the newsvarying degrs. we have volatility. oil picking up. for me it's play o othe baby boomeretiremt.t.t. whather d loerer ke ol? i he ing to do a ststy.
3:35 am
ouncedo t ae to driown carnrnal lno don greaquarte mimi t bot wanto pupu i illin d'te surprisetogo thing it on ththsh. n for the wynn. is ionlyoi higher. wawa for a better entry point. we missed e bottom. i apogize. i shld have pullededhe trigger. i belie in steve wynn. it was such tougugwindow. mu m mad money" ahd. fr p pro to staffi, uld e earnings after the close mean theres more work to do? and things areut throaonhe campaigj trail. one of america's most legendary investors is s saking out. find out what he sai tonight's special edition of the lightning round. chece#thisut, o. what's thaha broheim? i switededgeico and got more.
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as we saw whenal% as we saw w en sales forcele reported the cloud companies cann rally andndhey y"n big with song mbers which brin me to work day, t cloud based prover osoftware for macal gegentntd
3:39 am
ans what ty neneneo aumate many back oice functions allowi them to save money by layg off workers ohhehestrelining hr to me it more vuable fothe terprpse. work p p strong numbers. thatn't event them from getting clobbered ashey gottenen oh l be-delaware spite rebounding stock down 24% year to dat work day reported afr the close today reportg loss of centerhare whi ty pected a aive ce ls. up3% year to date. the guidaneeee ligig. les talk to the cofounder of work day to learn more about the prospects. welcomback t"m money." >ood to be with you, m. ou he bill y y havavbillin u revenue.ese are better t ese are beer than people thought would happen. his becae of large new
3:40 am
that how you did)it?? >> we d a great fourth quauaer acrosssshe brd. it was song with large companans, strong in europe. it was song thhe new financial prosucts. we sold 40 new aitional nancial stoms. it waseally a strong quarter across the boardrdrd from a competitiveerspective we saw the hheststin res we have seen for eight quarters. >> for itance you mentntde industry leaders continue to sele workday. bank of amerera. inconceivable they dn't have humamacapital magementntn the.e. that t tbe shi took frosomebodylse. i n'n'n'lieve e ey were dodog it bhand.. >> t tt s a a placent. believe that w w ocle. every large customer that we w w is rlacing it either an p oregon racklele legacy s stware. now we are replaci some of thecloud applicatatns, too. >> they were saying, lisisnl they have not rely lost a lolo
3:41 am
en i seeeeank amemeca it makes me thinknkwho are yo going to want to win? state, one of the largest universities in thcountry, earlier i was hearing people y,istev, thehehaverown, a small scho. to get ohio ststis a big shoolol yomust havfered th somethg they didn't have. >> i thi we have e e eed a a q phphe and the honeymoon for sap and/or racele is o or. you u n mamaet and sesl th you liver clouproducuc b we are all judetting customers in production and having theusmers get value out of t t software.e. e ohio s ste u uversy an arizononstate university bodh did their homework a came to the colusion tha day coulmeet theireedsnd get em el to production which sothboth of orargege competitors struggleith. >> for broro t tre was no unified view of the campus resoces and they had mananl
3:42 am
is that the case for the ohio state universi andndrizoza tate?e? >> t tt's ththcase for almost all the compies weintn. eyeyavsome legacy softre in place. better r we bring aetter t of aumation tools and iortantnq@ bud anyticicinto the core oduct. ey also get tttt business p injns and analysis o of e systems well. l atat low cost gog fofoard. >> yououentied to o that company a company buysnother company or a business you work for acquired it is good for u. i kn one wasvago. is that anpportutyorou? a mereer, !cquisition is an lpportunity for us. bobo hp and ebay s s both hp and ebay spl.t
3:43 am
any time t tre es a change -- >> paypal is a fast growing company. >> yes. > want to askskou about bank america when you get the fininciaj cuomers it means it doesn't stst at hr.. are u le tintegrate e e thingsgsou d#dout of bank of america the wau haha in morgan stanl. >> ware able to art t t wiwi hr a payrollll expand er time inin cas bananof ameriri, , theyenve in deer at this point,t, think ty are ppy.y i havavealked th the ceo w isis fantastic ceo. and their chf administrative officer. if we a good job for them we haveve chance to earn more busiss dowowthe roro at comokrom our focus oncustomer sucucuc.. we get kpers live.we get them e, io pruction. they like what@thesee fr us. they have the opportunity to buy more products down the road. >> okay. i wawa to k about guidance someeoeoe say thererwere
3:44 am
thth. ghat i e en ed fromarc benioio is you he a core business, subscripiponusinesesthat makak it so shouldn't necsaly think th's light g gdae. the guce point m e guidance point mig be e obscure in thihise versus thth street s sing g e. you may not be that much of a off that. >> if yoyolookokt e full year 2017 guidanc took guidance @up a aoss ththboarfrom a aev v perspectcte. the numbers which is the numbererwhicicis a dedevative of the base b biness is all over the map. - ouldldave done a bter job guiding wall street as to the sealle ti the bn. weweut somethingn the report to give pepepe more unrstandndg ofof
3:45 am
it was a strong guide for the ar. that's what we are focused on. >> that's important. > we took blings guidancep whwhh is t t pmary metetc. > good. i didn'tant people fooled by at. uerstanding iit is s od $ guidcece - one st q qstion. people look at the loss and say, wait a send. whyhdo yououike work day. i'looking g you for on oh ti cash flow a free ca flow which is bigg than whah i was looking for. correcececew? it's a once in a d it's a oe in decade nd grgb.we arereg custs in m m m prpritable wayay ifur hcm bususess was std alone i is at a 1 operating margin. y not go aft the finananals marketace and go after it with the same energy we h he with hr.
3:46 am
development initiatitis at thehe sa timim this leads t tprofitable compmpy andnwere confident it comemet is margin we p pnned for whwhwhe stard it. >> i want totoononatulate e you. od to see yoyoir.. thankououjim. @>> sometimes these are harto understand. we care about re new growth and the revenue growth. e about big customer rininin and they got that,t,oo. i like this rk dayuarternd what the projection is for the year. "mad mey" is back after r e eak.w,'matking them. life isunictable one ing i nene to be ictae e to o f f f free. cse i hahased d`ad a aouldererfo20 y yrs.. ed regulujly removesu0 to 100% of es keeping u protectedd evy wewe, every month, every year you ready ma? always lifes unpredictable, so embrace it!
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itits timeme ititme. forhe lightning r/r on amer's mad mey. are you u ady, ske aryoyoread s sdada forhe lnioundn crer's "d " rba ininin york. baara. >alr:i,i cocod d d od advice t
3:49 am
pr t. theyavme goods which is moon canadianing. greg in south h rolina, greg. >> clerf boo-yah, jiji >>oo-yah. calle hefefsy. > think it waa gogo quarter. i don't unrsrsnd while @eople 't cheery. i was agaiait them efor 20 points. david in oklahoma.a& david. >> the carlisle group. >> carlie grp.p. i don't$like it as much as blackstone whi idoing it. come on. ac ibetter.& tim in illins. m. what d dyou think about usg g corp pass. hoabout home depot down two cks. thqh the conclusion ofhe lightning g und. >> announcer: the lightning rounis sponsor by td ameritrade... and created eeee with motnsse. the world's rst tiperspirant activateby movement,
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>>you u veget you never get tired of warren buffett's annualle reports beuse ellslsou mething. st say everything is great, highlightingpgusinesses that are dog well. terrific picicres of smiming d emplplees. warrrr buffett's are fililwith meven if the f fksy method of delivery seems strangf for a hard headed businessman. he gives awaa tototo informrmrmrmfor free and i think thatat the c ce becaususants (( you totoearnrnbout busineses if i were tehing a ce in siness the bkshire hathaway` annual rept ulthe syllabus. it is s clinic no one wants to part with. you can learn more than youoveve a ririt to they cou charge a fortune. fist things fit i haeeee remmending the stock.
3:53 am
the e ock ofhe greest ininstor of our time runs against the cramerica grain. he ru fafafaus biness from geo to the raioad enengy valuadded d emicals and tal fabricatinging otions and a hostf otottoo numerous to me. there's s complete ere's a comp acqcqsion we'ltalk kboututexyear at this t he owns sharesesgrt companieand d me l er ones too. with the c ct basis that'sdie for. ibm,ls fargo he backed up all fouru% managements with the statement pthatathese four vesementnt produce e llenbusiness and a rus o arnt d shareholdererefriendly. if are looking for criricism of ibm a american ex press don't matttt. rren buffett is fineneith them. he's on board.
3:54 am
unormer, bank ofof america. he has auge ste in it.hihifour lgestquququ investstnt i iyoyobackut the instrument hi says. one heheaid d evals highly. gotot terrific deal when he saved bank oamerica with a gigaic invtment during the grt egare. perhrhs management gave him thatbrbrbrbecause it's's disaintiti stock. a housu of f in. take aways, , rst, the oracle ofof omaha ird thing th onon lotf mi the elections create ed a negagaving drum beat thahahast a pal on americans' vivi of the ture. hfeel s songly ab i el songlglbbout thatfter g th lter.r.second -- undmr performler in 2014. with more capital and ghr focus it turned around. while warren buffett not 20101 will be a downwneafor the railadt made me feelhe otr raililhave rm run make t tm momo investable. ey can do o themsels.
3:55 am
pacific. they are all still having room for improvememt and they c$ tbn ovov thd you fefe gre about aerospace. rren buffettexcited. - it helps you underand why honeywell was team up with unit technhnogies. because th wantoo acquisitions. when theyebreaeainto two serate companini the engineered portion o othe business wiwl have $6 billionle inerospa o oers thatov tailililith rt ile he dagrees w wh th yl opportrni his % brazilian panerseek going after les productive e eerprises@ making them bett i feel go about kraft near of inve anananyear of investableleake away at mororcoulyou ss a for?
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,,,,,,, 1.3 billion? 1.3 billion? wow. i lili tsay y ere is waysys bull rket souewhehe.
3:59 am
i'm jim m er.. seyomomomomo.,,,,,,,,,,, it's super i is super tuesday,arch
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da toda, voterer in2 ste go tohe polll but can anyonstna trump or hillaryrylintnt fromunningawayayay w whe tion > and the light wasasit up during a processionor fallen police offifir. > and andrews on the tronovt sckellypack and more on a byy super tuesday. "early today" startsht now. good mornrn iar own. sur tpesdays here but will b donand trtrp' graest dayet? a romarco rubio pacac is slamming trump whilerump blbled t misst on a badar


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