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tv   News 5 at 5PM  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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you to all of the men and women he worked with at fi dept. in that same emaililmayor suthths wrote th he e e s thk chief rile... now the ci will ststt its search foror new fire chief... taking in n applications froacross the country.y. the interifire chief is lo time deputy chf ted collas again, neieier the c ey nonothe e e fire department is sayink why y 's retiring... we'vasked for comment from both and will let @ yoyoknows we find out more live in cos mg news 5. now tour election tch. it's the big sin raceor t wte hous----peesday! several states incncding lorara aarticicingngn primars causes tonight. the democraticicnd republican candidates spent their day campaigning---to tryryndnded t mpnationorreredent. the ontrunners at t is hour are donana trump on the g%p p side---and hillarylint for the demoats.
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outside one of the democrati caucus locations -- coronana high school in colorado spring zaza, the democric c ccusesese cololo hold more weighghghan the repuan ccus this&roun we've reporte tha cause crats willactually holola a a idenalal preference p pl tonight, whereas the e puicanwill not. that means we'll know tonight who colorado prefers between hillary clinn and bernie sanders, , t not among the five top rereblican candidates. there 2 2 caucus prencnc in el paso county... here's how iworks... if you go to a democratic part caucuslsyou'lle papa of a poll wherereveryone votes for thehe favoriri prerededeial candndatat ba tvote, delega arerchosen for theououo democratic cononntion and a straw poll will determine the preferredemocratic presesential candidate. republicans won't take that straw poll - -a decision the mamahis yeard one many say diminishes theelance of the repuicic caucuses. because of that democrats are expecting a much larger turnou
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indvdvce. thatemocratic presidenti preference poll l expected to be completesometime before e 00 tonight. as soon as we know the results, we'llet you know o osocial media and koaa.c, and full report tightn newsws at t%n. vecololm sprgs, zt news 5 ntinuing our election tch covoragegeow. we're joined by colorarq williams. th foreing here with us... le talk about votetetutuout... mr. williams what are you expecting night? and aftetonight's s
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cocot on news five for youou mplete electitn coge. 'll have livreports tonight on news 5 at 10 as the resul me in. avd if yououe intereedn attending a caucus---w-wveve pped out those locations for yoon koaa-dot-com. t's ta about our w wther w. he's a livivlook from our 5 studs ininolorado spring saw colder weather... and gusty ates!! lead forecasmikeiels is s tracking se coolol chaes i first alert 5 cuenenwiwm spepes acacss our area.. red ag w wning tomorrow w omom 11am -7pm for highghirebdanger disturbancncwillllasasto our north and help to g strong weststind to our arereagain tomorrow. gusts to 45 h will be ible. . partly cloudtonight with warmer thanormal tempertures. tomoow will feature a mihihi clclds and sun
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veng tonon. the zikaus has made itay to colorado. state alth officials say they've confirmed two cas of the zika virus across our r ate thth year. they say patients traveled countries affected d the rapidly spreading ipfectctn---and th have rerered. tononht's your r alaly familyly-annie snead is look into w more seare like-and how y protect yourself. xxxx it apple versus the f-i toda the f-b-i's dirior and apple's senior vice president testied at house jiciaia commiee the struggle beeen national sury and personal's tiriririme e dedal government hasone to court to try forcing the tech giant to unlock the iphone of of the
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the f-b-i's didictor knowledged that this fight is about more than just one phone... adadtting is would not be a one time r r rst. apple arguesesreating g e technologyt into t t thone weweens s e seri o oall current phones. xxxx w at 5. a k unit helped bri down one of the region's mosos waed criminals yesrday. it happened d the south pointe aptments on soututacademy. news 5 5 greg dingrando has morereon the arrest and how the k9 unit really helped. poci say it was stolen car that lededm tohe s spect.... is mincenterndez. he w s already known to be violent,t,nd to rufr police they y&memeely ca in k-9. police say they were watchin the suect for r hours.....waititg the perfect time to o t. when he e s alone....officer brian kelly and his k-9 "broc" momod in. kelly sa the susroze then looood around like he was going to rununun. but didn't. briaiakellcolora sings poce dept. sot: 1:41 ga him several k9 wnings.
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he deced to make right chchce and surrend kelly the aest playay oectly.y.y. roc" w w w doing s se e e e training today..helped srere the suspect into giving up without reallylyo anathihi. f f the arrest.....police say it was a aig one. coming u uat six..... we'll have more on wt it mea to take down o of the area's's most wanted criminals....a ititll happen. grgr dingranan, ne 5. thust inin a las anim county sheriff's dedety died today -- in a crash in tridad. apped around 11:30 on stonewall avenue near prospect re e state patrol sbys 44-year-oldeputy travi ssell was drving his squad car and veereacroro stonewallllveve- and hit empmp parked caca the deputy's car continued down e roroand rolled ove wsell was weararg a seatlt-- but later dieieat mount sant rafael hopsital. heas on duty but not respondingo a a ll. the las anas cnty coror
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the deadne has passefor organizeze of t e cacaabis cup, submititheir finalpplication ring t t eveve tpuebeb county. following up,...organizers are trying to move the popular event ams c cnty to pueblo countnt an applicationonasasubmitted previously.... but pueblo couy officials say therwere some issues with the applatio organizers had untnt f)ve tototo submit anotheapplplation. ofofcials say they wililmake a final decision on approving the event by march 23. nene the sosohwest chief coissism stop to pulo. on t trsday -- they will host an infoatnal meeting for t ose @ inrested in ing a part of the project. they are looking to rally support... inviting the public to learn momo a aut ways to work k gether to bring a a ak to pueblo. as w@'veeportete throughgh "tiger" grants the southwe chief imimovement ojects have noacd totaof alm
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mil of ose provemtsincle rail madadin pblbl == wwant tg amak a the enre sthwest chi to pueblol lt's goingngo take more thn coue @ zezepeopit go the enre commu of f f log ther thursd meetiti is t r 3030at theueblty cnty he department. xx p neneat 5 ... a parking meter that pays you! the city of colorado springs a a the dodotown binessearerer workjng together to gi shoppers somomextra spending money if they findndne of th luy "f"fe" parking mets. news 5's andndkoen joins us promotion. if you find e ofhe free metete ... don't keep that location a cret. take a selele and share witit your friendsdsnd on ththcity's soalalia sis anyollend d
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tahrgh t dntown eaea.. through d colorado . parking enforcement angegetheh lscation every dad ... so you never know where it's going to be next. so, , 's a good idea to "like" e ty's facebook and f/ll them on twitr d instagm and yoyoyoght see whwhe othehe shoppersre uploaded ose lfie's fro the city's officicl page is t springs go on faceceok, twitter aninstagra ou a lot of people f f f yiyi for pking a little bit frustrating at times. , this is a way that you pull in, fifi a parng m m, you can not onon havtoay for i i but yoc@n stay a alongngs you ."( ll bmonthly drawinfor thesgiftcardrdfor thth st of the year. buyou haveveo share your selfie to papaicipate. if yidn't catch ose soso media sis, not t t trry. we'll li totthememt koaa.comm
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new at five. as expected, the denver broncos have taken theheirst step to try and ke free agen superbowl mvp,n miller aroununfor a ng time. th p a franchise tag on m,...meaning,..he is guaranteeded one year, 14-monodllr cocoract. the planby the team is, , entually sign hihito a long term deal, by thmiddle of julylywowoh an estimated 101010llion dodos. e usnonoirmed colad ane snd wi@l@l you know how to protett yourself---comi i itoght's your healthy family. and astronaut scott kelly isn his way back to earth. ar what he has to say abt his lastear r outer space. but fit here's mike in fir
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resusus from super tuesday what iall means going forw
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ad lib....,,,,,,,,,,,, ter a record 340 ds in outer space---nasa astrona scott kelly is retningngome e night. hehe been n t international space station for nearlylylyea with o oer crew mes. bybyhe timimthey ld on earth---theh'l'lhave circled the world ar 5 5hundred times---and seen nearly 11 thousa sunrises s d susuets. their total mileage-1414 million miles! kelly says he's ing to miss his mission in spspe---buduhe's'sxcxced to be united witithis family and iend 12:11:27 cmdr scott kelly/nasa astronau "there certainly a loss of
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ground who i care for and love and i wawa to spend timemeith." kellcouldn't leave sce thouanotner r und of incrediblehotos. he tweedse ptures today xxxx a look from m meras ross cocorado. ghs totoy wewe in the 50's. current tempmpatures all over southe cololado.... ne wththaker. a storpaes tour nortrt toto, ththtvl lp to bring stro west t nds. gusts to 45 mph will be popoible. hour b bhour, sun will mix w w high tn clds tomrow a&d it wille dry over the plain wi s seds s ll get strongege from late morning through sunsetet tomomoow. highs tomorr will reh the 50's, 60's and 70's. day y rest foror eprinin, high tomorrow . sun and mild thursday. dry and warm fday.y. the weekend wi be really nice
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day of t tke. a few shs possssle by tuebloh tomorrrr 74.4. touch h ololhursday. drdr idayhrghghhe weekeit wawa tps. a storm could producucshower nextxtuesday wh cocoer a a. canon city hh tomorrow2. sday through t wnd wille dry and warm. . tterchangegft tuesday wi cooler air and a few showers. woodldndark k gh tomorrow 5767& a little c cler thursday. continued mild friday rough the weekend th a skle possible friday. sn possible tudawith much oler air. ththzikaus now confirmrm i colorado. whwhexpepes sathe cod be more cas---c-cing up in tonight's ealt family.y.
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@ the zika virus now confirmed in colorado experts satherercould be more cases---coming up in t t your hethy
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& colorado... know wt a eat state this is... and new tonight-thers proof that cololis one of the best places to retire! a new surv from bank-rate- dot-com shows colorado is the third d sttatetet%the couny for rerent. the report looked at several factors---including cost of living, healt-t-re, weather and crimim wyinras as t t best state to retire, followed by south dakota.
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i'm rtininbaby, i'm broken down i need youlovivi, loving i need it now it tur out our l lal law enforcement likes to dance! thth is nen video from the el papaounty sherififs office---andndt's trending on@ faceok r)ght now. they say they filmed t ts ip a little over a weekgo--- before their office held e 13th annuwards banquet to honor lalaenforcemenen o o area.a.a. and befofo theig e ent, thth decided havme a a lmlm music vid to "sugar" by marooo 5. isissn the fire they'vst airalalaleoeoo r facebookokagag just a aee agogo--ththth stp of some ofheir inxxxx yore off to great plac day ouday! that's our lena howlreading to fir gra stutunts at vineland elementary school today.
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hannious' hanae-f-e-ou ' classes in district 70. they're celeatatg "read a#ross erica" week and invited us ito helelspread the power of reaeang. it's also in honor of dr seuss's birthday- morrrr. p live lk from pueo ri now.w. mike h h one last check of t t
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alt 5., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, d ininonight yhealthy y family.... two coloradans are cfirmed to have contractezika vus while traveling out of t cou. the stathealth department says avrecovered. bubuaren't sayqng where ey cameown wiwiwihe virus.s zika is spreading rapidly in centntl and south america.
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colo in the future.. "i mean we'fe such a global society no we're traving everywhere. that idefinitely whyhey're saying we can e pectct re c ces." e e e vus is most cy y trtritted a aes speciese mouito, which d/es not l le inih colorado it can/)be sexually transmitted.. coming u utonight at -- our kelsey kendy explains th sytoms o oka.. and what y y can do to protectctyoyoself for more health orie just heato "your healthy mimimi." tonit q s. are just about 90 minutes away untnt the caucuses s gin in colorado. we'lshow y h voterin southern colororo are gettin rey totoelp ck their party's nominee. d there are grg concer about`the mber o ovehicles being lived in opublic streets and parks coloro springs. we're aski questions about etetetit's legalmike? partly cloudy skies tonight with lo ithe 20's and 30's.
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late m mng throughunset, sts to 45 mph. hihis in the 50' 60's and 's. little cooler thsday with dry skies. thanks for watching news fe at fi. 'll see you ba right here
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break ging news tonig. super t4esday, 12 states up for grgr grabs, a dmatic night in t
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"nbc nightly news" begririt now. > decision 2020, super tuesday. thih is "nbc nighnews" wh lester ht. >>ananvery good evening are from o electctn head quauaers this super pesday, a night that cld be the t tping pnt in both h e publican and t t democratat racac for the presesenal minationon 12 statas as we know it are in play tonight, anlls ve closed in georgia, vermont and virginia. over to theords,s, withhhhe willhow you how we rare chacrizi those races. stararngn n republican side, the e ate ofgeora, nbc new ojecec that donald trumppins e state of geor in virginia on the repubububn side, thissace is too clolo the caca baseed on the early exit polls trump and rubio are vying for first plac rmon on theepca race, race too e to call for the gop i i vermont. on the democtic side, in t t


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