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tv   Today  NBC  March 2, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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exa extra >> narratonbc neis "todadaith kathie lee d k kb, live from studio 1a in rockeller plaza. hey!
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aonggma. booze day tuesdada nnowns spanky tuesday. it's the fir day of mathat's "back it ." bhi by prince royce,eaturing jenniferop!! and wee xcited, jennifer lopez will be here with us. >> if yove seeee"shahas of blue," "t's one of the hits on nbc ichas bfen r rewed. pngratulaons. e e ays a cowho is dirty, kind o bt how diy y n j.lover be. >> she loooo fwleso mehe's also o laseason of "ericl," and herveve pso hot vegas ridency. also extended by popular demand. nd she's aother of two. e'll sit dowththr two gmts. noone, b two.. >> the firstime wille sitting d/wn i ia long time. and thnewestoy band that % llllet the young girir hrts racing. vis
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nt, and they were ihoda pick a while baba. pthth wouoube sininng`whehe latestngle.. >> plusv our frid ryancott is in the kihen. he ging us a little sugar % la >ith willie. >> congratulatiwns o oe boy -. [ laughter ] >>hat kind of cookies are th? rown bter lted c chew and chocolate ip. pso goo wel make it st to step. crm a a sugar, all dhat, browntt. lylygood. >> hodid can have it,though? >> ye i canave i i >>okok,ood. okay, today ishe 1st of m mch an aays easas day for me to memb becausesenef my favorite people in t t ente rld s on@n@n@ day. pi wawa to say happy 90th bibihday to my son's godfather, stanley moore.e. can we see that picte of him? lookt hm. heheooked likehat the day i mete him 35 years ago.
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- he's su abeautiful, ethihihun being. tan. >> i've memehim veraratimes at your house fifit he's sopmuch fun, , sharp asasacac >> he stl playuash enenys a l ltle e ence in a awhile. that's howe ll. st i lov you. >> a a. sohiisisomhi wlo, too.o. eby-hen somody comess back a i reunitedith their faly.y>> if want to find true love, thiss it right her so a 7-yeajaold,lex, from virginia was reallllmig his dad.- he's beedeploy in e navy r 99 day so h momomanted just to chee m up ke look at whahapped. >> i don'tnow if you'rready to hear it. >> what? he's coming home? >> i don't know. atatatatu thinin >>o. >>hado yhinkhas s tell you? ion know. >>ou d't kno if y can think of one survrise thehehole worwhat wouou
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>> h h cominhome. >> what >> what desa >> oh, myosh.i've seen tur times andt still geo >>ike getting uer the cerss twinkie and bbbb isn'ttitit whatatind. >>y dadadaa a ief petty ofcer. panyou ow what lovep -much, , kid didi evenetalk he's just --e clung g r taker --lungor dea life.just pciou beautiful. >> so 'll puu in aood . if you happen e in -- >> that put in good mood.d.
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these ars of joy.. oy. so -- p wo beautiful. >> w w uini our makeup with j.lo cominon. >>o you remember i told yo at my arm was hurtg me because y te@ selfs. >> y yw whatt is i'm aele taker. i to knf anyolse is getting tennnn elbow from takingselfie and i'm t kidding. i won if your kidre tting iiake soany a day, i had to to the doctor and he saidny peated motion. he gs with the phone, i was likeoh, godthat kills( so i wondeififnyonenses geing tenn eow froki ies. just letknkw. >>etthereoe take your piure. hat's wh i'm gng to do. but i bebethung kids wilil have thumb pblemd elw prlems. nd sial l lems. ay, joye e rld.all ght. so oprahineydoing methg co.
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stuff from her clot on ebay. >> l l toooo-ike 250 its. o youananuy thi now, i hea a ror that she e wes sizeze0 shoe and i weaea -- >> that mad hodaha >> becauau i wear a 9 1/2. i sometetes wea a 10 tois b bck g gn si e6,6,t's alrey on ebafor $120 anlook at her se louie vuitton. >> oh, g tse. wh >>yes! youeed those, h >how ----ow com*o hestufuffed up? >> she wore themembably oncece >> howbout a slip.% a slsloprah. ba. >> and all the proceeds go t her adership acamy isouth afafca.
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>> y g go o oint i l le n y ye li haven wor 0that i five years a somy wovehaha wet,. >> i l l lthe thin i have ke ththe e oes. >> h ha, lovthe ess. al love oss. >>'ve literay hahathese oes eight ars and iovthem. hey're myavites. >> a this isheressou wore in s.p>> my j. dress. i'wearg again. >> andt's titi. >>ome o amanda >> tim for "the e chelel." >> =ou'r'rquiuththsupersta evererody loves and they le your upd. >>t's a a last nishow made bachelor history, , ay thjh is s portrtt bebause this is why. there has alyseen an writitn rule that whwnwnhe girls start t say"iove yoyo % tohe babaeloj,y're not
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n expressir feelings.s. ben broke the evle ke looat his date withth lauren. > am m mplelely in love w wh you. >> i've e own i'm in lovwith yofoa whwhe, as welllle >> i lov >> i love you.>> love >> i love you,oo. >> t tt's cry. >> okay.. so super ce, but tre are other gis stililleft so then hehead to on a dada e nt day wh jojo,nowing he told ather g gl he loved her. soet's look at her datat i d dlo you, and t`at's weird that i iust said that because i've been so terrified about saying that. i don't want to think about what
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- jojo, i love e u, too. >> wha >> i d >> areou allowed to say that >> t t t>> todays e best day o omy life. i'i'so happy. i'm rely hap. >> i don't know w yoyocan be in love with two women, butui am. >> sti one to go? >> no, no,o. we nd to marinate th for a second. at just happened? >> i'm hapap that chris harrisis haison saie shou -- show applplimor liv in the e mont. bubuonof those girls is gog be devastated. p>> >irst time e e ben. rst timeve >> does he wananama to hate >>nd jojo the one witthe brothers.
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>> they willeat him up. >> did he sasait aga, is the a thd person? >> hehe is t third heheie send her hoho. e d dn'n' me it heheid notayloves her. so s gets in the car. t at i liked about her, e's s ke wait a minunu, i ve some questions. sht ba out of the ca and confronts him and sa did you know ts whole time? causus this ishe fantasy suitetepisode. so who knowswshahaened in e fafaasy ite. >> is that thehend-end? sheriet her way home. so we're dn to thewo g. yhink he'going t pipipi wewe,jj d d evenike hi ymyme. heyohe te lis r onestata wherhe as talks s ouher sa sheets m@ bmyse. he kied herererg g ng. isn't at what t did? lelee tete me you'rere paping that close atatntion. suddenly becalike
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u" ttwgirls. >> havyou ev b bn in lovev wth t peoplat the s same >> is itossible? >> i thihi there i ilust at the sa time, b d't think >> ie be in lu with o pepele. . >> lust iskay.y. >> oh, yeah. >> we ha to get hehe because this is g from troro to veves, by. she'lllwaybe a fly girl. nnifer lopezititdown witus ght after this. can a toothpas do everything well? is clean was like pow! it adddd this her level oflele to it. ititust kinda li.ip evythingnclean. 6xleleing my teeee arewingng thre so whe. hitetengngd i tualal reall like the 2 ste. step 1, cleans step 2, whitens. evy time i use this together, it felt like... ...leaving t t dentist office creshd. 6x caning, 6x whitening i would d itch to crest hdver at i w using b bore. a re enjabib. y ilpsfiber gogo gummies ergrgpport.
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and congtion. therasas allergy sprany th. when wbreathininllergens ourbodies rea by ovrongngixeyinflflmatoto s santhththuse our mpms. ergyntrorosutata onascoro and six x greaterhao e. completetellelelf or incomplete let your eyes vede. fle. 6>1 chang evevething. > if t
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this lovy wohere with us. jennifer lop. back in ary, we e ught up with her o o or opeping g t at planet hollywo whichas just #pexndededhrough december. >> of f urse i iwas. >> by popular demand. >> s also busy judging th and f s sson of memecan idol." >> and if thth's notnough, she's al o othe stars d executivproducers the new c drama "sof blue. whic justot pickep a - nd asas.pke a look. >> i need you totoeep e mmitment that you made to me last night. >> i'm not defending wozniak any morere a aed toeathth wire. i'll find out whever this jo is or was if wozniakecidid not to do i . don't worry. i'll take him m wn. >> she's gng to keozniak down. "shades blue"s on fire. thank y.
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>> it t . [ laer ] itso fun. ysw w outhat. >> we do. by the way, ray ot, i haha him buy lo him. >> he's suchh a gre actor. >> h eyes.>> i iknow, he's so ininnse. everybody as me, and i'll li h h h ininnse. and he was here recece,b 's soo mucn to >> he's s funny guy. surpng becausee's so intense. he watalking about t show anan y ynde id heoved acti oose u.he said you have a gatibe. e said that toe.yeyei lovelayingens withu. weo ck andoror, have a tural actinghchemistry n't kn. r characters reay stork toereay well. nd w wt is cooabt your
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daht her life. but she artststong into e dark side.e. >> it's a slipivry slope. ev when u ha g gd teions yououou m me baba chois choices somotimes -- a a justify t t yeahnd justify . and then you're@ like,ll of suowowowid get ithth sititi. but i i ink what people know about harley adys at shs trying. yeah.. >>lwayaytryiyi tdo the right ind metitis weweust don' >>nd with erhing on yoyo plple, when u found t thispickedp for r second season, which was s s onotot celeate -- we youexuste i w w ke lh yay t ue. i wawas ryxcited. because we workekeso hd it. pweweeveledt r ke 2 1 ars. wd it -- we k kit cocobe shingcial. you owt ? anwh icomes toge thth happens -bu yesi'm
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you put rkn n d yore lilikay. loowhatappe.and one of rardays tt you not have anythin d d whatyoyodo? >> >> quha a whaha d/\ nog.i'kn, he fzy socksks wieaonhem.m.m bubuand e makp. and i i likik-- and e erybody s s s of me. >> i like the nonoakeup. tsee the n part. >> but tt's what i do. othing. my goal isikto be wihe kids me. you kw whan? all the menene and youougasidencyc cry. it's extend,s we.i went oe opening you we so much fud my mom had so mh fuv withthou. cannp sayay hi to lell ququk? >> hilulu! can we showowercing o te?yourom doenonot down. i wasittininnear justin eberer ani said, no, i wawa to sit t next to your mom.
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>> nowowou know where i get it om >> s(enows eve word to evesong. oryrygnd shws at. choreography as ll.but she's s/unny because calls me afterwards en she gegegememend go, jen, m kindf depressed. and m like whyhy she said becse i ian't nce the way i used to..itreakss m m heart bausese she's alwawa the lifif of the rt an sd no, yeancici ke crazy. you w gngng off. and shehe like,no i hado ho on to tht rling. >> aah.>>ut i kw wh shehens. whoud to do, you can't amo as u/geolde >> you havthe l on of idol. haha a f fl plate. >> andhe's goio beiths for onmore segment, ha woman.
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nge watch. do . >> the entire seaean on >> fs s vevbeetweeting questis, so jen@willck arouo answer and alsthe fifi gs o hoo beco ame nenest idol. >> we'll meet elvis durara's tistf the mthiger pth is. uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was juju talking abt yoyo ememgency roadside servi ananhow it available 2427 and then our cararverheated... whatatre the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you'reot going t believe thisut ium.... it's in a tr. i wish i w joking, mate, buit's literertuck in a ee. (car hnking)chnsaw? no, no, all we rllllneed is aow truckck day or night, geics emergency roadside serve is there y. u'eaeaburn! no o burns on myatch! tralka-s-stzer heartburn reefchews. theyorst a donasalky m...aming.
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wf h >pwe8have a special treat r you today bebebeber r odiendational da n and 'sroug ong some up and comimi music ( ar we ththk yoyowillll love >> they ars artistof the nth l mohos five and tavee a brand-d-w ep coming outery sopalled t los do yo o you what isiso grgrt about l abtos fivether t tn th tale? thth'r'rokaykinguyu.u.. a not even signed to a label t. thasasresh a athisisetetetet >e to your managein the stearlier. he was sinthat it happen at b b.. t timimthis show is o t air, let's get@y aecord d deal. >> dese the ki of music guyu p py. >kay. so we ha bch oemts.thsisiing part, the
2:31 am
spanisis>> we@do i )al >> dfererereflavors, diffe genres.. any p numbers? >> p pkaka [ laughter ] >> i want to ask y y guys. tutu around. theris j.l >>j.lo. >> jtded if youere a tt nvous.. now we e. >> theheseem totallyine a mimite ago. >> stick around and tch them perform. they're from a aver the world. comi together inll.put eir band togethe > did you mee > j.p. d met in cocor we wing to rival high sc t ididn h r unl b/n n i i s tooe usicchchl l ere he met two the guys. we tarted playing barsp in hollywood and gigs herend `therer and tolo him, w w should
2:32 am
invited my cousin. >> keepp it i the family. >> exactly. >> and they're alws so positive. positivity is what it is a a. and ur message was keeping bullying outututthe e gh schoo d itas pheir- ood. i remb iked one ou so >> yplayinititite on the tvhs anwewee been making ie are radio all over the pce.especicily iaet.r . >> can wt r anywher los five wl bebeerrminin their nenene and we'll l bk with jenr
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we don we don't understan anything. >> w%w%w wbed j.jlj jj tinilueu@uei. >so get rth pt ck>>y gogo foror eoe nt ask qio >> okay. >> we havavavoioioi o o h vegas r rencycycy do. you're onnnhads, evevythihihihihieennn r rewewewew nonono letetngngouui we're in@n@isisomfy. >> l l lat we didirey?y? t t t tni.. laughd [ lahter ] >> ih s sry and weird?%
2:36 am
shou,i u and do this? >> what's happin< i don't know. u'u'ereee`en s ,,doou hynd t?t?whatat tesadad? p> howo ay s s sd kni'm m kekekekoko e s(%%gegegerere wkiut andnd try to e rig ansometimes i dond sometimes i i n't.and dobe >>hihihihihihihihihihihi >>s th >> is thatat - - - - - k k shape. >ow mucucucei h h h you lost n i d dost lik seven pounds. it mad a big difference. > doesshisjsjart up ain? 22ndd$ > ,ig break. hehehenoererereseses flip,,flipipfl,. - w w w w wnning ?sk tst rhtht here i don't wan t get up and down
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watch tv. p>> so yt see the ash?h? we do dub s sshesll t t me. ieally likeoing me anth r r meeason n at o e g g g t t t tttttiononecausese h my h a b b and -- >> wshows y u bingen?>> i binge on homelai binge on blackist,e of t tones >ot n nhingou can wch with the ki. >> no,o, no. that after they' asleep. kay. here imatt ask----robably ttttauerer if.lo coululhave anye est wiwi h at t r las vegashowowowo would d d d who w you wan t wk o pste with you? >>nd do soso? >>eah. >> prpbablyru marar >> oh, yes. i love bruno. ve td him m r yei'i'like we have too something ther. so maybe one day i iwillllappen. >> and fm ann, iyou didn't have t career you haveat ou thi yoy would have been? >> i thi stilj somomhing
2:38 am
ybe me typypyp artrtt. ( i can't paint, but in mind ke i would be a painter.& [ laughtmt >> that'problem.( >> andhat't'y i diat i did. and d atat what i do what i i . it might workrkut for you u mig he a career someday. re in bed wh j.lo >> and ray. >>ay [ laughter ] ] >> >ll rht. coming up,ust lili h ckie, ryan scotw shows us home b bed goodies om scratch plpl us a song totoettut t getet 0 tfouou chaha frolofive, after this. i'een on my fall l y.i'm shed! yea me too exse throu! ride the gel wavomfort with d d dchchls massaging gel insosos. theyeye proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long.
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bayepin.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> narra% >> narrator:r:r:ncert series proudldlpresby citit we've been ha a aat time with los fi, arti o the month. >> and because we can't wait panother minutetehere t ty are with their brand new sgle.
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thiss s . all day all night fireworks in my mind ii wto go know you poquitmas
2:43 am
poququmas i don't even knoer name ust wan t tee that e changing the game all day allight fiwowos in my mdd need a little more time 7 aa littleee rce tighth want to get to know you poquito mas - babyet me love you poitoo [ x
2:44 am
5english glh %% i wt to getet tw you quito mas !7 soso baby let me love u poquito mas >> >>eah! woo! >> great j reay good. >> i lelatat th was really good.
2:45 am
>ll theheirls are wondeng if all the boyoyare all taken. >e don't kiss and tell, b, you know, we're -- i ike that ailable. [ laughter ] >> all right, guys. st with us comi up it looks l le we'll make terfect cooooe.
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> er >there nothingetanan smell of ces bakakg in th, so w whaveveust e g toatisfyour otot% ur "toda food tm i taking you back to basicic with a simp ripe that ces out dedeciouveryryine time.. and he to shows is ourur friend chef ryan sco. >> hlo. >>hen am m goioi to get a song? i've beeeeon e eears.
2:50 am
>> nprsusu. >> i'm back in two weeks. let's ce u with ang.u'u'u'otonnao it. >i will. >> o o>> she mig. >>hiis my mos recipe and adapted itnd made reall fufu not thaty mom'cookieiee not t n. my phone igog off. no oil but in these ibaking sodod brownn sar and wtesusur. egeg, salt, flr, lite bibi of nicas s mykickck>>e shnd cholahi and butt ig weight. >reata f the waistline. you'll think this is weird. own butter. evereard of f at?thtp is s s r nutty and ( dedecious. ken you hav it with pasta andage in the winter time. my trick to maki b bwn butter, micrcrave tht butter with the lid on. yore lookingt m m really weird. >> no, i don'tven get wt' goon >> che out the butteaftete it's mememd.
2:51 am
o minutes and ir i at way you're not o the stove p becauau you can geteturntnttter.. 's perfectnd it's done... does tha maksee? >> yes.>>o wh wdo, we -- by ththway, i'm totally rea for this segment by thway. >> i dhihi -- there it is.s. okay. anywaet's prete >> let's p p pnd thimixexe th is eat. see the emumuicicion. [ lahter ] >> c c i p,pg it in for you? >> yeah >> where's the plug?? >> don't know. >> i is too fadownwnwn u need@dn extension cord. hello! 0 >> don't wor about it. >> y y seeow amazing t t t looks?< d d en y y take the`brown tper.. >> prpit i >> so sad. nd d me wine. #p>> so sad. >> so >> so when itt lolks nicicnd ulsified, see how it's all@ creamy? yeah. >> then you adddddnene egg at a time. ananthen you f fd them in.
2:52 am
lookli tha and you add e e can we get somaudice paicicicion? >> aah >>g gogd. p>> so i adadd baking s sa and saltltnd thehei add d d flfler -- r, nd looks like thth you're askg , why did you not add the chocolate chips and ews. go ahahahah hod >> wait, what?t? whidou not a them already? >> becausepeou wanan tm to be nice and c cnky. >> said that. >>8> know >> thisegment is horrible. here we e . >> so you dump all that in. folit.. >> you fold it. i've alreadsprayethis.oo it's s#s intereinin you h he yourand i i y yrpo. >> was iuppose to - >> no, you're supposedo put i i thecooper here. so y have to work it, make sure you mix i grt thing abthis
2:53 am
refrigigatat theheough. ss nototox an b dough.. stead u takegoike e this >> is thatathe o othg you anged fro youom's re? >> i dpheheroro butter and put e cashews innt and i putut the salt initnd renened it. >> o >> so what you do, now, can n u try ononor no? yes. >> a a i k kw you' not eating -- p>> i notatininsweets right now, but forou -- i'm g gna m me anxceptionon >> te a litt bthey amazing. itit a littlecrchchch ohe tsidendhat's y get aithwo ss. t broroter,r, get the e inesesand lted cashews. >> so good. >> if you're only going toave one sweet in your life tay, th is the one e havav 's d dicious.
2:54 am
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venuss befo foro hoda gives it away, we want to show yothis fun clip from last night's tonight show. >> deann mar was on buthen jimmmmfallon irod him, he wasssin
2:58 am
i n't want tooohihiw g no more teriri i d't wantto d d thisi showw noww i'mma out there and s s thevelvet c cir and a himim outt wifend k ks andnd prend as if i c ce i don't care o o careses no oneares [ laughter >> love buhe's r@wnono does. >>anou bievee were in bed in bed witit lo?? >> we h j.lohere! >>yeye@ wdid. but nowt' tim giveee it away. >> ts is amang, the numbe tt ofof entriri we're getting. >>herpze is unbelievab the philips smokeless grill and slowooker us,, it's
2:59 am
for $479,, thehe plips smomoless grili, letss you gririely side all year roundith minimal smomo and lattering.g. and right next to it plpn. it's o it's a oneneot wonr. just program the timer and i it sts c cking wheyou'r' a ay andncome home to a beautiful homeooked meal. both are greaizes.. 'll fifi oututho t winnersrs arar looo at these trie almost 11,000. >> bececset's spanky tuesdsd. >>eople likik spanky tuesday. >> yes,s jeph fionalin from fr bensalem,@pvania. >> and i havevdarle or blbldada. a a letee >ings` --- vincent alka czar from santee, california. ve gnnetef banahah from massachusetts. >>nd irol langford from louisville,e,entucky. >> thosereawesome. congratulations! make sure ynter agaor nextxt week's s ize.
3:00 am
tomorrowro"fuller house,e, ve cererer >> love him. >>lulu actct stephen baldwin. jill's gototunff toet you organized ususus in timeor spring. >> andlliana lux for ss. ande'll p py ew with kids. but for now, it's spanky tuesday. >> no! i haha this! ,, nyon is simple -to keou money i'm hehe toxoxvevethe playing eld for all inors. ere's alalyl a bulrkrm someere d prome help moneyarow.% i'm c cr. welcome to crame. other people wananto make up frieies. i'm just trying to save you


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