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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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clr skienighghwi chihiy y y temperates. tomorrrr will m my y nny with graduly warteeratur. . might e eect--a-aa a a firefifitersave beeny y v-. we've haseveral brk ou crewororcacaonre keeng on twfifi-bot started days ago but freup again. ere were alao firein l l l a oe anananother area
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s one utof avondada ieastern pueblo washe l lgestw today. lasask ososto 1 1 a a a a aed it started early tmoing in a rararaea along t t huerfanan rivevebed. the erirf's s s ce says nonoo stctur t tt now. it's belived thave start by a downed power line the red conditions alsoled totoiririn colorad springs toy---th onetarted st before four i i"villa loma park",...near constitution andnd porsrsrst was qcy contaiaiaito jusususacre. and cocoititjt meaeasose cococoes are puttingngururbans intotola. . oukelsey kennedy is breaking down what ththdifferentwarngs mean.. d flag w wningngaralways issu by e natial weathehehervicic. and are put into effect t day day basis.. burnare longer@rer. t by loc fire
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vo code after all this unullwarm dry weathehe. re alao`seeing some coununes puburn rtrictions into effect.. elelrtounty upped theiei warning level to a sge t t.. that terernonogy is similar to a burnrnrnrn meang no burningngf any kiki.. no outdoor smoking.. and no using tools that spark flameshoututermi. now keep in strictioio.. "usingire w rks is always ilgal, but youououable tdodo things likikha cooki firir
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rocks s you h he a a rmit." burn bans and rererictns are more cmon durihe summe time... wewa seeing extreme enou cocoitions.. that aga e e et counun is under r burn b b.. flag warnings e always monitored day to day.. if ye not su whethert' sa[e or not to bn outside e cocoact local fir depament rember it's ner se on these red flag dayay. liven cos, kk news5. p fire ccerns for folks in rtl sosososoy earlrl this morning after f crash. e erifs officeays a small plane went down on the south side of palmer lake--near e train tracks off highgay 1 1 the crasasdid spspk a small l grfire--but fire crews on n scene quicy--ae e keep it to about a q%qrter oan a ae. one witness tells us they were drdring when they sathplan aring the grnd, then say it disappeared and they saw black smoke. e n-t-s-b now investigating the causes-we don't knowowet
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70 people arrtedlyosing ththbs... due to dnsizing... at thehevrazel m m min pueblo. e compy tellllusushey are infinily shutting downwnts seamless pipe unit at the mill. they say it's becausof a surge imported steeand d drilling. new at 6 evrvr t news5 the ompanwill consider reenenen xxxxx nenight at 6. a warning from the colorado attorney general's o o oe about tax fraud and scams... the f-b-i sa it's the number one sc in the country jght -- cririls posing as i i i agagtsither lling you or sending threatenininemails-uto t yoururerernal information. ws 5's andy en talkingngith tax p upupererwiwi ae andy. the most imptant thing to rember he is that the i-r-s will not contact yououy phone or email if you oge t. steaeayou'll get l lter inin ththmail. nglse is a scam esescialal itheyeyskorob epaid debit cardrh
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the internal reren servivi." itit a mesesge so o portt ... the i- r-s outts ownwn ube vivios tdrive home t he irs doenot ca you about tax bts yoow witut first mailing yoanffiano a aistsretendin s agagts . send threatening emails or make threatening phone e lls. lorado aorney general nthia a ffn toy sent a news relse s sing don't fall for r if somne d dands a preid debibird, justan. . 6the trying to get you social sececity number ath. ipiprmation thatathey could use to file frfrdule taxax return." accountas at stockman . kast.. ryan say the s smmers are becengreasingly sophisticate. some even poseses company c-e-o's to try and get payroll departments to gigi over w-2s. anfor me reaeathey'r targrging utrn colorado. "the a t t o othgu stding behind mymyoor d showinme guns and asking for money." lala monon acamm placed this
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lice to try y d scare a victctinto giving em i iormation. do o ll vicm . ll the a ahories a a the creded bureaus, because you u y to put a freeze on your crcrit. "it will be hard for you to open bank accounts and credar, but by the samtoken,t willl be h hd foother people to open bank accous, c cdit cards or takeut loans usisi you formation." the colorado attorney geral' fices also encouraging victims and targets to cononct them. . it a tip oinenat s sp frauc/lodoot com. ororall 0-222-4444. we've popo that inrmrmn fofoyou onne at koaaaaom 00 e process stil the works tong a he majua event to p pblo co deadline w yesesrday for organinirs of f e cannabup, , submit theieir final applation puecounun. wehecked -- d the countytyty saysyshey are still going
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couldn't yet confirm if all application marialhad been turned in. ganirs are tryininto movov thpopuevenenfrfr adams coty. an applilition wasasubmitttt previolyly. t pupupu county offials say there were s se isises witthe paperwk. ficials say they will make a fil decision about the eventnt by marchchch xxxx information ght: colorado springs is ranked as e of the "laees to live" in the u-s. "u-s ns and w/rld d port" out t day ranks colorado s sings as 5th... mar jojo sututrs spopo about that t tay-y-and says it shohk opheosououe papa o o city ion. the springbeat out famou metro areas like boston... seattle...andnd.c... t de came int number one. sususus says t t tjustonfirms p wh pple whlive herer rey know.. tholo rings a grt tlace toto two o nths in to 2016..... d the ininmark is e poppin lt
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live in studul tonight with a look at the e e ers.... and what it memes foe locala ececomy. almo the e eire pikes peak rerion is loloing g&od.... in coloradadspspsps s alale...there ha been 27 new rmhoat's 61 pcentnte e an t f two months of 2015. asasor existing homes fofo sa....they'r'rfl out hard find. . . nats - -aws at's t t snds of nstruction and a booming housing rket. - h hri low intere res andhe improving ecomy y e part of it....but realtors say the biggesreason....has nothinto do w wh ououarea at all. d moore/flying hse reality sot: 0:22 a loof thehe pressure is ming fm denver, castle rock area becse price gettg so out of hand. . sosothing the tucker family.... und out rst hand. hiedi tuer/just built new ho sot: 21: - 23 yoyocould immediatelylu cod get as much or mono for your dollar here wititsome epaless crowds, less affi and dhehethe f ew. and they certainly weren't
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alononwith their amazing view....ey h front rowseat....for neigororrival.sot:t: we cacautere e wititipen lala, nothing bujlt.thth in n st year r&usesave gone up, infnfnfnfe has gone up. ross tker/just blt new he t: 1 1 - 40 evererhere you look around re, , ere's non n stop buildg. i don't see slolo dow atleast from what i can see. as for existing homes... realtors s thehere selngor 1515o 2020housand dollars more than wh ty're listed for.... apd th're flng of e market..... sometimes in just days. david moorewflflng hse rtyty soso 1:0:0our veveory wadownbecae th d't stst on the marketoo long. ananat's a good thin... not just for realtors, andhose lookinto b o oseme.....b for rveryone. david momomoflflorse reaeaty in economy. then ecocomy has upward sh. at's good for everody. retors are exera excitit about thesnumbers becausjanuary and february are normally slow because its cold a nasty.... but not t is year. febebary,he numbers werer best they' been since
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itit to say if fhis trend will cononnue roughout t year....ut thingngnge e certainly off to a good ststt. foet aboututhe r re for presidt--one of thth yeargrg hottesraces is in dide. 's a aeated battle for mayor...with a field o &ue candidides. these e the caidates cucutly on the c cpaign trail. each has to be furryf feathery---and ty also h he to presenena business or organization each ve costs one dollar... ananall the mon rd goes right back to the teer county regional animamashelte momof the caidides---incng a 14- year-old wolf who liveat the colorado wolf and wildlife center. . == , yeah! he's a about kisse he's sll a out lov sosoi if yououll want a big, beautulululul bear like shka, woulu p pfeor that. it's'sun! ! u know, i4's a a about fun. it's just abt having a good time and supporting e animals. thepwolf anditdlififce ysyst t s beenen lot of fun partipatg the rara-- raingngwass for alal organiinvovoed yoyont 5 5o st ote. e wiwie eleil
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the next two years---and there will even be ainration f f the new furrrrrryor. a heal cor lal pets. congp s, we'll tell y what t humansocints evne to keep an eye e t for. toy---eteorologi carlee hoffman tells us what thth weekd look like on the slopes in youskreportrt i'm mike danie i'll he your extded rst t six. get cleaeabut t w
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thosememout.. adadib.. don't miss those stories--and all l the ds latest andndbreaking news only ononews fivet te w, let check bacacininith h mike.
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stetetn hills earlier da a look from cameras in our area. ghshshday in the 60'd 70. cuent temperates a@lver soutrn cololado.o. next weatheraker, , cold front moves across the area this eveng, a southerer flow rrowititteereslitttt coor tit less win winds taper downs eveneng. highs tomorrowoon e 50 and 60's&imostreas. 7 day forecaca for the sprinin, high tomorrow 62, y d warm frayay little c cler again n turday, windy anrealm m sund owerpossle latatmond intouesday with coer airir eblo high tomorrow 67, a very nice day f fday with partl clououkiki. cooloj satday then windydand warmer sday. a fefeshows possibib lat monday inttuesday with cooler air. canocity high morrow5. warmer friday. sardayayil dryryut cler. windy and al warm sunday. shs ib la mony into tueayh
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a real nice day iday. oleraturday beforehe air rms up again s snow showers poss monday in tuesdsd
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overall a a etryryeek in the tains but heading to the weekend that cou chahae slightlyven though there was not bundce of n%snow fall its sti goio be agrend to h h theslopes.. the lt 7 days keystone and cper mountains only hadadn inin of snow wle loland and breckenridge had 2 incheof fresh powder...lki ahead at landnd keystststhighghwill ithe e 's and 40's frid with a ighththte foforain swiwicingg now in the evening and gusty winds u u o o mph.. saturday mostly sunny skies with ghs s few degrees warmer but winds ill gusting up to 30ph.. on sundadamost s sny with th chance for a rain/snow mix in e ing..simil
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d d erountains withig ie e 's andnd0's on friday and a chan for snow in the eveninihen turdayay moly svz.... gusty wiv.. and d ghs a few d%d%s warmer thth sunday rmrmunny forthe e first ha of the dadawithth slight snow chances sunday nigit... remember you can aays get the latest ski condi`on oubsite at back to yo new tonight ueblo health officials arwarning pet owne of a a ngworm "outbak." lo animal serfrfesesays ey've experienced annfluluof infectct cats coming through. news fivs s howland is trtrki t t outea s joins us liv pueblo -- na? ? p ound o o -- is sious prlem has been going on for nthshs pueb aninil servicesefirir notid it last dedember.n.. tata a looooat this photo -- this is an exaxale owhat ringrm can ok like on cat health officials say thathis is not a wor instead, it's a fuus that can appe as a
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scaling -- commonly found around e face, ears or paws. it'slso somethin spread easy to humans or other ananals. vets at pueb anininiseseices tell me they saw "sesera do stray or abandoned caca ce roh -- already infectededith the ringworm. and ey sayayit's somethi pet owners nee be loin out for at home. ve y yr cat a quick ce or, do yououee any place on theiei fa, their ears, their no, on ununrside of theirirellyly somememetheir tail will havendlookokfofoarea of hair loss, nda crusty, y or mayayot be itch because of t tbreak, the shelter had to saccececeg rays and oer surrereeredeee catstsor six weeks -- beginning in d dbebe that was l lted mid-january anks to e shelter's ng otocals. ve also recoend to be dient out eaning dust, danderur from yourome toto evt t ngwormrmm getting in.
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just wd for us--but hey snow in some areas of tstate--we'll show you next at t six. ng in ace. how cocorara will be playing a
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we'll ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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major snowfall in our ea witth s srm--justot wind, b b not thee in the ghghountryry tracac laws in effect on0 wewe oer up nearararsco ananotr areas today because of e owfall. that mns all vehicles must have snow tireor chains. itade foslow goioi o interstatebucertainly odod newsor skikiesorts xxx huge mess in the denr area today afr a ter main bre led to reetlog. it happenen%this m mning near eaea trd and holly in n e mile high city. denver water crews say the a 12-inch pipepehat's been in place since the 50oke spew ter t r r caing sinkhohondloodg. eye woinin repeprs. e colorado riverersn'tettiti ough pteion-- acacininto new resesrc ththcoloradoivereresearch group says conservation programs along the 14-hundred mile stretch of ririr ar luabab but could have more impact if run fferently. current conservation efforts arenntntrated, ey'y'yseparateteinto sectcon
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pplissential watat to the entire southwest iluding our state, arizona, californ nevadadanew mexico and ut xxxxxx a former marshsh in southwestern colorado has pleaded guilty y cocoui. jojo coxoxorked inil small town of mancos. & e state trol says he w off-duty when he lolo control hih trururu crash into a guardrail last novemberer leleed guilty to duiuin that accident--and will either sesese 10 days inail or home e detention. he w wreviously coicted dui in009 while rkg as a police officer in n dianapolis.p corado state unirsitit- playing`a roro in learning h peopop age in space.. it's'sart of the reason astronaut scsct kespend the` pasa y yon the interfrtionon space station. heheust t rivebaba lastp night, w h tbrother mark kelly neveleft earthth now researchers-- includinina team from fort collins will btestinthe brothers, and tang blo sames, to see if time space has affected sct kekey's aginin.. how.
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mann marmissions---athose tronauauauill bepending anan extended time peri in spe. x coming up at 630 - a brand new ri witut tulo in a rkies if... s oved o o o ant hahadaeir reacon coming upn sports d stinowinds,sdry grasses evhere lead to a aumber of wildfires day. thlatest on today's flag
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inne a6:. wer alt.t. roroindsigh re danger------e haseveral grass fires sparar ononof the largest fires was i i in e etern pueblo county--outh of a andale.e. re crews s s it burnrn about acres,nd i i't thrhrten any struruures. they bieve it s sparkeby a power nehat s bln down 's 6t coaid d rources wililil morr. thisisisss f fe onhe e et si oforadngs now unr ntntl. sparked just t fore four in la loma nstitution pows. wewee ju confirmededhe fire burnededne acre. no hes we damaged...but a shed a a fenceurd. wildfifi mitigation ialists say all ofofhik)should serveves a a minder teveryone to be careful! "it doesnt matter if it's a red fl wning day or not a red@ flag warnini day. you start a fe e ether its cidentally or intentntnally, d itamages someone's property,pu can cited for that." there were alstwo all fires s
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d we learned that controll bu g out of ntrol ara junta,...another wasas trash fire. both are now contaed fire concerns for folks in northern e epaso county early this morning after a fiery plane crcrh. the sheriff'f'fice says smsml e d dn ononhe soututdedef palmer lakea the train tracksksff h hhway05 the crh did spark a small grass firebut fire crewswsn scsce quickly--able keep it to about auart of an acre. t. shane mitchell pasascounty sherifs office as you can e, there a2a quite a few residents upn e hill, literally just hundreds of yar fr t t trash sight itself.( so, p#p#ntntllll t ts could have was. one wiess tetes us they were iving when they sathplane nearg the ground, then say it dippeared and they saw black smoke. the n-n-s-b is n investititing the use--we don't know yet about anyone on boar in your electionatch: dr. ben carson is ending hisis campapgn to be t republican esidential nominee. . bubibi iss for thehe remaining g p ndidates... can they catch d dald trum.. stevhahaelsman hasur covege. ====
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mao o bio / r presidential candida :00-:03 i voted for myself - what an honor can marco ruruo stop dond umum? he finally w stata, eses last vight,t,ndnd eaeay-voteteteday eks s bebere the flididpry that is mu-win for him. sen. marco o o / r r prprpren candite :-:"i"is state e e it's my hoho and were nnwin n ida we feel great about it" but trump ... who celeleatev super tuesday victories at his place inlorida.. has a g lele in state po over ryn s/ donald trump / presidenti candida24-:26 "he is a lhtweight, asas'v saidany times bere" bebe caon a aittetoday he sees n/ path fwardrdororisampaig n d crcr stop trtrp? c did hihoho s sxas, last rubibito drop out. s/ senen ted cruz / presidential cdidate :41-:47 ead heaeaour campmpgn bts trump reunlyly yay" but t is disped.. epcan elite -..w new ap ser runnini acan ervavavet ususdo
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wegoininto stop m the is still time tdo it,has happen right nnd voters have to be educatat" " t the stst-t-vmp effort uld d ckfire@e angenghe many voters who ba trump. s/ micicelelele, repububcan 1:08-1:17 what i isays t trank andile republicans is look we know better than youn we thi(we have a b bter solution as to who should the nominee :34 hillary inton n ok states to the nomination sen. d presidenal cdidate3-26 hahameans we'rprobably gonna win in a l ldslili!!! ya" bernie sandersrsrs good night, winninstates, but he neeee 59% ofofhe delegates from here on to win. inrt ends two send pauau audio outc: : m steve handelan, nbc news, hohoton, texas s the disarray on e republican side w wl be on disptomomoow when012 2 minemimi romneyeye pected to speak out against trump news five gave you the earliest resultlton super tuesday--and you can counon us tolways veou t latest news in e @ race fororresedent--herend at aa-dot- m. at t t u.s.s supreme court...
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ing caed t most significanabortion case since thrly 90's. it is the first big case to o nsiderer sivce t t death o o jujuantonin scalia. thcase surrods rionsns tas thahauld drdrtiy cucuthe mbmb oaboron clclcls s the state... . =u== sot amgstrtr miller / ceo - - whole won's healal :4:4:54 this law is crl and it is harsh - and it dnoing to advance medical hethxhor women. the court heard innse argugunts today for d against t a texas w that would require abotions cnicscso oeoe t same xxx new informioiotonight on a counity y rvey i ipueblo. ththresults s in rankinghe issues that peopleand the government to focus on. not surprising, participants put police and dublic sasa at th p of the lisisis givivg that catagory a a aoioi-5 out`tf a possible 4. as we've told you,aw enforcemenleadads hope to pupu a a w public safety tax on n mbmb's ballolo other top categories for investme were road repairs and economicicevelopment. thlocal chbersrsf commerce
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working with theheounty to use this sy in p poritizing future projesn new ination tonit: lorado springss ranknk a ononof the "b"bt t ac to ve" in theheu-s. a bv news and wowod repopw" outoday ranks colorado sin as 5th... yohnuthe spo about atoday---and sayit shs people the p pitive path our city is on. the springs beat out fams metro o eaealike boston... e.and d.d... bubudenvererame in at numb e. suths sapspis just crms at pple e live herer already know... that cololadadspngs is a greaeaplace to live.@. soar r0-16 hroven totoe enmolyucl fohoing mamaet i ithe pikes regn. lorado sprprgs h seen a 61- percrct increase in n&ilding permrms... compared to the firso mohs of 2015. in febebaralone, the were 160-new buding permits issusu... the "most o montn" since 06. low inst reses dhe impring ecomare pa of it.... but reretors say the bigge
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the denver market ing pere. its sothing e tueramleard t shehewere able toet re ho, morspace, a much better viewewor a aot less y. ey aret e eithth. t: 22:32 - 39 9 could d e at there wasasrowth happing exploded for existing homes....realtors sasasmsm are selling fofo15 to 20 thousand dollars more tha xxxx per e world ofjis keeps evolving. how you soononighte ablele to cusze your own--ahe a a 30. rst, let's check bacacin witit mimi in the wewehenter. i'm mike daniels. i'll have your extended d rsrs
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ewewhohohograupepepe stetson hilleaeiier day. lo from camein ourre 's. cucut tempmpatures allllver southern colorado. next weath mak, a a ldront moves acroro the area isvening, a southey flow morrow witittemperatures a little coooor than today with less w w w wis tatadown this evening. highs tomorrow in the 50's and 60'sn n st areas.
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a little cooler again saturday, windy and`real warm sunday. owers possible@ee e nday to t tsdith coolol air. pueblo h hh tomoow 67, very ceceayayriday withartly clouou s. . . cooleratdaen windy a rmer sun d showers ssib late monday into o esday with cool ahr. n high tomorr 65.warmerefriday. sasarday will be dry but cooler.windndand real wararsunday. showers possible latmoay inuesday with coer a. woodland park, hhhtomorrow 54. a realalice y friday. oler sury fore t air warmupgain sunday. snowhowers possiblblmonday
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possibib monday into t tsday wi muccooler air.. a special afafrnoon fofome totodada-to celebrate doctor seuss'birthd. i gogato reasomemef seus clasascs to o e kids at columbian elemtaryrychool in pulo as partf rere a aoss
6:41 pm
ma other members of the news five crew alisiting lol schools to s sre and encouragege ve`ef reading.g. ininwatch enters another day..... e this ithe e d ofhe road?? at this poin.. will he make up his mind by the march 8th deadli?? m me on
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atathis point... how can peyt mananng not know what he's going to do ne se?? he won the big game... he wked off a wier when he ally didn't do much... s ke an eaeaecon ririt? llllllbebfjt..acg tototon nning' c/nd pe hasmade up s mimi yet abououreitring oaying another season. dung a radad interview in denver... truth.... his mi. isoes against the repo from the denver post that said mannininis leaning towards rerement a the decision could comememesoon as s is wk. nning will be 40 this month and hahato pass a team psical
6:45 pm
that... then he e s to decide to retirir by march 8th or his 19 milon salary kickin on the 9th. so what does thihihianor brockck osweiler in thehee agent mamaet??? ll sincecehehero didt put e anche taon b fothomg seaeonon e a lgeance@thahe hits the nd sees outher l of ts is depdentn what yton does for next season.. with washington placing the franchistaon quarterback kikiousins and the eagles gning m bradford.... thmarket is pe for iler... ososiler reptedly wants mewhe around 15 to 16 ion a ye.... nonod onal betrockck and the e co oughts on be bryt ha warm withicomimi re but n n nerhatete youl fo pe eititve o oob toniwie the la night you'llllll t t blackckamba atata pepsi ceceer.. s final gameinin the ggets in his atar r his 14 4 mes dver...&
6:46 pm
playfs. ining 51ac 2tititif at fs final ipnverintoa a o sing seak. headadoutooher tonig for soso 5--a a&ys bastbalal action. doherty takes on rock canyon in the e eet xteeeetonight.... ththonly remainini 5--a bo team lt in s sthern n lora. winner advanceceto t t elite 88 ter coliseumum iday fu higightir wam p totoioh, a10 o owswsp fivi 0 tpis iehrsrsring training w whout troy tulowitzki in a rockies uniform. andnlslses@fnc cluj1coeoentstsboht!bkies..... the x@x@lliss r su n.loloasemy upt t tff bdadadcmseasto blue ys btly w as gr de tlude the playoffs and the rockies didn't.. but beg thfirst spng ititit t t t t t jersey is a ttle weieiei tp a d d de e e e b b bhehea lololoime. oiususus very y y y y t fafaararnd h h hfofofory long g me
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m sosot't't't t t it t pped t t twintnt before e came to spring trainingone ru that periririadjuststnt b b i i i lilileleififrereot seeininhim.m.m. rockies e still unclear as to wh theare going to do with the shortstop position t ts season. wherthf s4ocrketndedp toy--xtxat so, dhnumbergrinin@n@n we'ltell you how many vertisernow using
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those p a a. modest gains on wall street today. led by gains by ener companans.the dow climd 34, the and p p p p pd thnasdsd add 14. toing your cononmer tch: cocorado basas spopoa thorit has d for chchter r baruptcy proteteion. the englood sed company has 463 stores,...anwee learnethey plan to seel about 140 of them. orts autriri will remain open and run o onormrm schchuleses dung the chapter 11 proces the company has apparely received interest from thihi partieo would want to invest
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at&t plans to art selling you bl over the ternrn. this fall the companwill srt sellg cable-lili bundleseof channelsough a new directv apap servicicis c cled "directv nowj and is simimitoer videstreamg services. . no dlsn pricing yet, but at&t says it'lbe cheapererhan n cudirectv v nds. cebook says s ow haseeee miion businesses w are active advertisers on the social network. thatat a 5 5peent mp ione yeye. faceboays modvertirs are e all busisisses and 70 percent of t tm are outside of e u-s. s1millioiosmall sseses hahahe own pesn facebooko.. making me than 43 billion conntions. th all themoavavlable thesesdays, hoaboutuone that looks just like u? it couou bcoming soon. emojo*specialists s om apple a a ogle have suitted a prosalalo i-code recommenng e ebe e et- able. icode is essentihe governing body oemojis. the proposed changes would allll
6:52 pm
to reflect their own appearance. . chick-fil-wants you put wn your cellphone d eny te- meal. aut 2-hundred of f 's restaurantnt.... chk-fil-a is@ challengincustomers s putdown their deviceseswhile eating anyone who meets the challenge...
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clclnighwith lows in the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, clear tonight with lows in the 20's and 3s. thursday will be mostly sunny and t asindy his in the 50's and 60's most areas..
6:56 pm
the`caucus process---cane mplicated ananoften questionon by votothow effectivit really is. tonight on news ve et t n-n-we'rfinding out hohoho likeke it f pririries to retutu to colodo---and what the benets could be. also--whether it's your marijuana or somebody else's---more cases of petet being poisoned aoppipi up. we'll tell you the warning sig to w wch out for. thks for joingngs for news 5 at 6.
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-(gunshoho firing) -(pele screaming) aan: he's goa`gun!nqn 2: officer down! officer down! i i peat, ofcer down! -(screaming inue-(cameras s as) -(people clamoringngng-(cers sut ,, telnging)g) (bell ringing) inth dectivdiamammy m..
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(exh)) we y and my m friends? we were.( she bragged about you cocotantly, hoproushe was of you. (sobbing) momoe to s s that. they don't, believe me. e ant it.. jusvin, , the seone thattcan come a stay withou? i knknhat ur dhaha't bn arou myrandma lives at rye brooay, i#ll... i'll calher. (tniffles)s) i i ow. naudible) agn. you' wated i i twdozen times. at this popot, don't enknowhat we'rlookinfofo


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