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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 3, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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we send r escoolce toisil likeo say there's always a t soere d promise to finit jt foyou ght heren ad mey." i'm m amer isee you mo > > thursday, march 3rd. coming u u on "early toda breaking o ornig arout elly b`b on u.s. sl after a year in outer space ndndndd thelilinsre toquar off in the fox. c roooobb shell. a y wiesesaugh i watcngaked videof erin andrs.
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> a d a wtoe@e@esesff peeffiferthehe donr abdor puppies."e"e"e today" startrtrt right now.w. oo beb h u. brking news. trtraut scs kelly isack erican heandenn houston at 2:3030 isnororornd geted byis & fami,inclcling hisiswin otheorme aronaut mark lly. a vgtr. when i lefttere i ibruary, dotvevevevenow what dts. ias 50 and now i'm 52. so ---ut it feels eat.. it's great to be back in xas, in u.s. -- on u'snlieveb f fling to be back eren planet @rt@i@i`rat country and back w wh m m mamily and friends. dss wasas m igi% eyey t tkedboututy yeyr in ace.e.e. it's not achievement,t's nana's achievement and our
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>> hpent 340 dayaboard the internional space ion. a record for a a a america astronaut. eactually grew two ihes height. > ablisteriupupay has republins regroupingng anenarsontopped sho ofi ending his campaign. thateas j f f republicans on tossage. dold trump wil fac o o whh fox ne's m mynynynlyly f f f t rstt te sie the august ba debatete which dald trump bote t secon fox hostete dete. andany are wonding ere's any way to stop a juggerut and mitt ro will hol preses conference. esses s he'llak on n e
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in spetioneplanol sla theun ay cande,hichrner a ri o twewealng him a fail candat mmy felon pulledevity from trtrump's s tuesdadas s sech with a littltll help from a two-dimensl chris chchstie. >> this has been anazing ninit.t% we aeaey won five statete and itooks like weeeld w x, or seven,r eight or n maybe a mailillion. i want to thankoverr orisblinking support. he's like myinie eept bigger. he's like my mega me you can gohoho. good boy. anwhe hla cli greetetea t amaradio citymisi
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>> pple in ery cnerofhe country came out to supporthe re we're buiuiing together. >> a new yorerrw cuomo couldn't hel t ot at the gopfrtrunner. >> we build a ll b wall, a tusanane wall, likeththchin the china wall. iu-'m goioio buiui a wall. >> andnd that mayot ng. port rerts gnal the e e mail contrs migprinto plife..--boapssport tt the fbi veigion is tryi to determine if a crime w - commted, with oneffffff 0%0% - yiyi thehe wng doin
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---conformation, but he yet to d. d bernisanders promising t t ght on. after o raing clili by ovor $10 mon in feua,ee hassb war chest to tak the tt m mor months. and part owner of oklahoma cityhuer d)dd yeyeerday in a fiery carrash this is one d aer being incteded for conspg to ss a a natural gas ic faced up to 10 yrs inn on and fine. th sai hee wravengng at a hi rat osp wl the speedimitit andhae dro ththug fieefein in an o orasand had pletytyf me toet back on the road
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atch a a video shows@ a grgrof about 10 diuid burglars u ung chaso pull the securityars r e buiing in total the thieveve mad o o witit morehan 50 weapons andndauaud extensisi dama to ththste. theyav made arreses but multiple spectsretill a prge. they're offffing $5,000 rar leading res. > esident oboba betttitgioames k a potential minee. e fbi h h srted ndng ndndhecks on kelly. th couou pose aifcult cion fora and head of theenatjudidiiary itte cotee, who hvowewenot take up anyf president ama's
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public defenderd sas medunyer position. and now to a n tst 75 mli lit bught by sportsster endws after stocker secret ted rr i a helm. there are new information that an execu was seen in pub y wctctg the ser video with friends w wle the commente on it. he wor tas. >> reporter: erin andrews arriving the i t trt h hse foay o stony. treeelaynd boshell. >>o youave ammt? r:neal an exetive witht e hel newh o tothe eri
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she resant andrews' nakak valid was plroro a cell phaitre sai theyer mingn h body in a s in atetent he s ss h h iends s arard d thaging the video. isked them to s but i wasn as ickly as hoped. i sincerypologize for m paipation in wha happened. exposure like this is wt andrews has emphasized all week internet. there witllwlws be a remier. >> rorr: her w wst nighthdre plinin b bk t life. d we'rere ready to celebrate
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>> slam on t es. >> we e uld be close t winter laststhurr. >> i like to say this will be the coldest until next wintero i certainly hope it's it's negative wind chill in caribou caribou. anan even the big cities on i5 aren the 20s. a very cold morning. andhe greatakes are ithe 20sndnd as far sth as lexixiton, kentucky, i@els ke the 20s.he this sto is going t move bry juslo enougho some of e col a for snow. we have a ltlehisorning, icago, south, we're not getting a lot of sw a tt cting out there. fort wayneneill get a aite bit ofsnow. so as far asw tals gogo this, areanorthern india
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ow. coaoang in areas off northw northwtern ohio.pand weould a littleit in virgiamaybe even enough too plow around areaeaik richmond richmond. that's n nionalwer% closerook atatour day ahea wewee had thuhuerstorms o oni i arkaas,hosese will pushshthro mimsisiippi andnd ab ther that col air in northe new englanan so, inin, not oy get ow inarchut that will be the case tot.>>heeaea fthank you u uy ff. > just eaea o othth l osesenn aa busy timemesqua. nd traffic stopic stop ,wh bf mau`isr r yourkin than wearing no makeup a aalal nege c
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dippeanc of malaysia flight 370 off thest o east afrina >>irplane debris tt i found fruru 2727 >>hat's blain on, an american traveller who h been ylolobo the plan he teted that there is a h possib the debris belongs to a boeing 7uto urged undue spepelation as tz coneeo spulate. > today is the t trday in o wrestler,khogan'ssay r for suiui for a sexape of him publishehe in 20.
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nd lkt tsolice das% cam video of ad felel innnnexiviviff with a shersdeputy.. ,ho hit theas o eut 500 feetndal stoppepe stoppe vicic a a thety ban hitting himimith a flashlight flhlig. facebonnnnterdrd that it w s 3 mlion aive advertisers which is a 50%0 jump over one-ar ri. there i still plentyf room top grow with of aricacaca smama 5 businessesestill o linene > spos authotyill@ clolo almost a third ofts loca executives hope theovov w allo the chainin to upgrara a weite andinstorexpericece t ahahd, a milli dollar ne offififime ia crumed up paper bag. keg' frostedmiheata ... 8 laye of ea..d e th's s set.
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if it's got to be cleat's got to be titi. > t hisng "y," je ros te a lthe ndre se. m m hotel fnt des wldet book a ro next doo u.
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heheheolfac withh t t bubuerbeater. and . bocolllle,. nddd it setti a big 10 recordrdittiti 1 three p pnters theyulled awayay with annn easy 97-66 routing. an malik ion make as beauti stete e ec ilur wnisis wind mill dun wrong. still, wisconsininea minsota 62-4-4 -49.e spursrs joioi golden snchin pla spots. and nba veteran and dk legend proved he's still got.
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azing as hisis grizzlies out classp the ngng > andnd gatndchildrer found these, senenendedeicic a very rarar ty cobbaseball cards between 1909 and 191111 and valued inhe 7-7-gure e. nd thehoho of t is 11-yeaold taylor pel? titir and not o oy that t enedtttiger's designed blue packolf course.nails itho inn e. bibi hugugrom tiger. crd gwild. n' beaatesciallyt ceug fro tiger wowos. nd tt t upcoming "baywatch"movie.@ and tina feyse rachel ow. who'the
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maybet's time for me to do my nthin wt's$ that?pfoights releasingir gag video after all t tpeculation theyerereakg morsrtfterfrontman performedd sol cars. >nd pie dillen cludelyrics,hohographs letts. will be on display at the univerer ofsa>>hey, listen, i don't know if the worlds r f bhf us. are you ready? >> come on m, rocng t hoffff . i was b bn readydy there't no bay without the hoho. "baywatc ready. >> david haslhoffs joining e cast of t new "baywatch". what autamel anderson?
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after 1 1 yes, ckeleleon'n' "hey ld" is set r sequ will be a two-part, two hour jule movie. andlleneneres gave u an exclusive look ater new trle inding do." rememb her withead memororor fr the "finding " series. it's been a while. > and last nighthachel ow go soolele o a things cheese. >> paeses. @uen >>ev. >> shev i goat >>
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plus... answerededuestions aft a dead plala crash in soututrn coloradodo. 'll l ouo thene.. we have the latest on the investigation. goododororng, ththks for joining


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