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tv   News 5 at 5PM  NBC  March 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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and killed---a-a two others were dedewhilseinan tion notice inleler,r,arunheri reregener" ss this shakedoest ve anatingo doith shooting ielf,...but rather, currens in theftetmath of . he sayunrshe m m gorer had rors in rertrtafter the incidede, anhas enevnded,...d nterl investigatatn unrway. rgeant wells tonjequit as a result og dete this just in----n arrestn a "sexual assaulof a child ca". that dates bac-years. the el paso countyheriff's office saysi48 year old "jl rket" has beenrrested in texas--- an n po c#ty thfhfsasates cao 19-9-9 detectives believevehere could be addvictims a around el po o unty. from 16 to 1998. anyoneneho believes they were a ct is asked to come forward. xxx let's talk a"out ourureather now. he's a a alooo from our ne 5 studios inblo,.we are ei a ne warmup...a.a not as w wdy today. leadorecaster mike daniels joins us now in n n t alert
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current wind spepes e ch lighter thanesterday at this me. and the e nd will dedeig tonigh sateteite piures, highghghn clclds havmoved across our areaayt times. furthewest mhigh level moisturend thahais what will move our w tomorrow. soso more high level clouds at mese tonight partly cloudy skies with pleasant tem. morrowill feate rtly cloukies with wawaerir w informion n tonigh-- about the new und steelworker layoyos in pueblo. we firstd yoyoabout this sterday as aounced a y shutdown in part of ititplanan news's la howland is
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na? we found out t t fe of 70 eeis now up the r... evraz indenitely laid f e e s toward tf february, some say they only g g ononday's no! spoke with the president of pueblo's'sterkrks unioio.. and heries abouthe compans tion of "temporary." ss -- it coulke mths or p psibly ars toestotpose jobsbs rance pay isn'an option -- until the company cas it a "permanentntshutdown. he says hihihirk biggest colaint with yet another layo is the lack of communication.... they're not gettininouou information from the com or the union anthey're reading more in thnewspapeand seeing n tv than whathehe heing g om theheompapa or the union d ththa little frusvsatatn withtht fsfsfs a spokeswoman for e&raz z ld us inn ememled d atememt: " have madjuments to our crewing lelelet t e seamlese i ovethe pastp\ear
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demand d%d tthe wnrn in e l seor. in lininwiththurrent demand levelswe a t tporarily idli t seamls , which impacts approximately 70 ployees."("( the compan us-- they w wl consider re-openinintheh i d when marnditions improve. coming up tonit at six -- wel exexain w the ion ing helelthese e lwororrs find different jojo wi t comom. vepueblolenanaowland, nene fiv develong tonig. the 300-ac bru f)fe near avdales n n -pernt contaiaid. as we rsr toldou yestery---vestigators blame the wiwi for knocking down a power lind s arting the re. no s suctuarreened. fiwsavavgoneomomfor ththnight t d d contitie thr opatioomor morning. and quactiti from firefighters heleld cocon a small grass fireren colorado springs da it spa arounnini this morning near sand creek on the eastsi of the cityty nos reamaged. new atat.
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the broadmooand d e city of lora springs gained a werfrf ally. e ails and open spspe coalition isisivinconditnal l support foththan. ws 5 5ndy koen joi uve from the west side and the sit of the most contentiourcel in t ts deal- e strawberry fields o on ace. sosof e coitions t t trails andndn space coalitn ys thehene to pport this dealnclude a conrvbtion easement on a mamarity o othe operty ... and an agrntnto matain public access to the operty. ititn boaris takg a a agmatiapprchis de. . th point out t tt thcity cacat afrd to o intatahe p open sis.s in addition to the other preres offered by the dmoor, theord alsosoontribute tototo repair of erosion. the broaoor wants to have e cnic area anriding stables inthmeow .
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gi stts easy afr either the hotel or seven falls. a spokespersold odayay th are encourageby t t tosos suort and lookokorward to lking wiwi them moreren n n il. thth when the broadmr said look w wwillllllp it zededor park`4ell zones n changegyou knowowowwe will put on a d dd restriction, wl deed restriions can sometimes go o cot anbe fght, buthen they said ey'd put conservation easent on i i nservation easements a ught. at youe giviniis a great eny fothpublbl, a eat place for e puicicicn mimites from downtown, e eily ceceible by rking d sothing that many people in e publould enjoy community advoca richaha skn thinks theheizs aren't gettg a goodeaherere he saymuchf the land that would rein open n rough the conservatiti e eemt is in steep hillsides -- and
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the meadow is t e prprtiest part of the open space. he's putting f fward a plan n at would keep phe pperty public ... t t t l lelethe broadmr use forheir stablesand ic area. wel lelehim explain it more in our nextxteport 6 rererting live, andy k kn,ews 5. new tonight. a form t taseathth inmate e now bk in custodyn lora--cuof hding a homeless womostage in his meor mths d seally abusing he inveatory clde wilkerson kept the woman cined up wthhehef a nanana tetetehoholso lid in rur homebot 50ilesrogranannc. the te rteal authorites to what was goi on. wierson cocoicd killing his girlfriend i tes--but freed nearly 30-years ago. we a r rembebing a aerrible e tragagy in southern lorado.... 25 yearsrsrs today. united fght 5...was f falalppach the
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en iashed into widefieldldld communitytparkrk there were 25 passengege and crew members on ard the 7... ere werereo suivors. is day nener forget.... our though are with all the w w losloved moriwi allhe n built heir horwidefiled park. it w theherobabacause of theid.. a rudder maltion. xxxx o citol watch nighgh're llowing up for u on a news v ve instststion. ththths a w push at the e ate cacato.. to allow disabled d ents t t ke recommended medicicmarijua, w wle aschool. jack's law passed last yeye... but as we've reported, no coloratricts have e eaead dical marianahpolilies. our kelseynedy is looking to w wt lawmakers ar considering. the e wmakakhat auoreded ja's'saw tolme today.. he's disappopoted th schchl district haven't adopted polieshat alalalmedica mamajua inchool_ so he's trying againg.. planning to ode e w leleslatiothat wouldldequire scscols toe up with a
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en iheckck in n th jni mes d heson n ckson last montnt. jackson hadn't b bn n n chool almost allchool year.. jenn sayhes better at t @ ho.. and shesn't have to worry y about t en he'll need h)s cais medication.. . i alsl askedistric49 w w hav't comupa po t/tallow jajajan toake his medicatiti in scol..ey td me wlehey pointed d to more than 7 milon dollars of fed fununnghey'rere afraidf losingngf they a aow students to take a schedule one drug in school.. so representate singer plans try again.. with a bill t at couldithhd school's f fds that come from maririana taxes. "n"nodidhas er comtod sa represeseative singer we don't want your tax x llars ymore b%cae you'reret of a state sationed mon laundeng scheme. so if the concern is rigig on one s)deit has to beight on the other side too." the colodo assiation o o schoho boas tetes me stata federal laws they believe t law needs to chanan on a federal level bebere
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administed in colorado schools. new jersey was the firsttata totototo studes to take e medicacaabab in scscols.. ststtingt november.. tonighat six.. i'i'taking look why state law there is working. ro also in our capitowatctc bis movivi jororrd in the legislature that wouou not allow prisonnmates to use the "make my d d" law. layi it all t for you--current law allows ople to use deadldlforce atatome when th are threatenewith dy e bynlrude. it's been usletwe tes o o el flointes ohre ieir cells. there'en ccern the could be used an mate t attack a g. the e ll needs oneore vote i the e e e foret moto t natete on thelection wawah tonight. gop ontrunner dold tmp... tting harscriticism fr the party's prererential nominenene mi romney called trump a fraud,...adding,..."who is playing icublic fofo ckcks." stevhandelan picic up our coverage fromom detroit-where trp and e
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the ealatg fo bs/me repuicto beat down d dalal trump mitt romneis the heavit hitter so far tata/ mitt romney / / r rmer presidentl candide :09-9-1 donald trump is a phony,a d. thth2012 republican esiden nominelcomed the endorment of t then but savagetr today s mitt rne/ r ersidentl cacaate :23-3-2 e bullnge greed, the showg off ... wipe domestic polilies wld le trecessn. his foreign popocies would makamerica and e world less safe.@. wipe b you uay wait* wait, wait) t he huge businessssss success? doesne know what he tkingbo? he n't and noe doesn't. at a restaurant inetro... 5 days before the michigan prprar th trump f ahe i iate polls... a trump backer was turned off by mney s/ grace keros / owner ariran
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"dt be telelngnge or any othercitizen if y a demrep , i dont ce who you aronow we're gogog to think knd whahaweld do. donaldrumpn maine . slmemeroroey s, donaldldrump r r esidededal c cdidate:02-2:10 "mitis@s failed candidide, h h iled wipck mt t t and you seholol hes he was`beggggg for my endorntnt he would have d to his he w w begging me john kasich wawain mhigan tata: john kasich / presidti candidate1:13-1:16 0 itt is a good guy.y. he's v vy trouble about the e direction of the country roro skach mararub. tedruz should be the nomine...a.after cz wo teteon t tsday ... herails trp by just 27% in gatewhenhelins debate tonight in deoit, benen cars wilbeone. the republican fieldinking wis ained d frortrunner inse ends second pause o outcueuei'm stev haelsman, nbnewswsdetroioit. s-v is becoming a growing concern n colorado. how to protect youchilen& fromomirus-comg tonight's yr health fa &&&&d ck at home. how astronaut scott kelly aking in his first days baba on eth. bubufirshere mike in fir
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he colorado springs fifi chief is stepping down find out how the department ans to say goodbyeo chief chchstopher
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as he heads s to retirement.,,,,,,,,,,,, nasa astronaut sel i filly back he in houstst with his famil--after enenng a record 3 dayathe international ace statn! and d 's also reunit with hi swming pool---thate sayse cred so much during his absesee from earth!!! he errived bk ho ear this
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mily and close@friends... . kelly thanked his ved d foreir suororduis long journey. s/astronaut t key/backfrom a year in spe1:10-1:19 $is just an n b%lievevle fefeing to be back h he plplpl earth backckn n great@countr andnd back with alof my faly and f f also i` the crowd... his idencatwin b bther... ientists will mparthe two r studies onhe impacofof staying in space for slong.. d here somethi inresting---lly rertedly grew 2 2 2hes while the space statn... than to ththlow gravitxxxxxx a me lapserom of t mornunrise a ok fm camerain our area.... highs today in the 50'and d d 6060. currert temperatures a ove sorn coloro... ne weather m mer, a ld fro arriearly tomorrow ternoowith breezy noheasas windndbut no moiste.ho by y , clou will through time e imim
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tempatures will be warmer an today before the cold front arveve high temperatures s morrow in the 50, 's and 7s. 7 y focastor springs, high tomorrow 65. . a little coole satuayh zyzym wind. gusty windday wi high fire dangng. . a a m systememrririr monday thth chance of mhc needed moisture. much cooler monday and tuesday. pueblo higtomorr 737 a little cooler r turday wh brbrzy w wd in the eftereron. windy sundby and warm th a high of f . a w shows le mondaym th higof0. ertillsd with most cloudy skies. canon city hh torrow 71. cool and bezy turday sundayayill beindy and warm. a fefeshowers popoible monony. woodlala park hi tomrow w . brzy and d d saturday. ndy
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snow#showers possible moay afternn n intouesday with much cooler air. a special visit for some kidat meal hospital today. how e haem glolotrototrs managed to putmiles onheirr faces---coming up in tonight healal watch.
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a spspial vivit fosome k ks at memoal hpitatatoday. hohothe harlem g gbetrotters maged to put smileon their fas---comip p on's p alth w and d e you latega
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trending gn line.. look at this 11 year old.. teeing it up at tir woodnew golf couin tex... and tayl croer. gets a he in one!!!!e was s lected t thelpn e e cosesehehe makes thehe sh thcrwent nutut.. titiwohielgaheheger r big .. overye h h he inne!! xxxx a big s rise for one flori family. they camamhomemend fnd a ninin foot, 300 pound alligawor in theieibabayard swiwiing g ol! the "lears" say the algator @ lkededver om aeaeby li---b-bted thh a en do---andade s way y@to the pool! a trapper came over and manad to get the gator o of the ol safely. 's been a w w s s nce e e oncos super bowl 50 win---but we'r'r'rill seng lots of pride across colorado! and now the the postal service is markingnghe big win with "collectible envelop!"
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post offic are getting readyto r rease these pososarked envepes. ey fea a high ququity image e broncoslayers---the ons logo---and the supur wl 50 scsce! w wre t ld fans n purchase t t e eelopop a the post office in just two days!!!
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,,,,,,,,,,,, i'm annie snead. in tonight's health watch -- a spspial vifor someids at memoriri hospital toda was s slelel arnd rlrlrllolootter "s mcclurkin" showed these kididsomemeool tricms -- anansed fo otos,... he says it's part of a a a inittivehis year called "the grt assist"... we're just trying to put sles on these kids faces whmay not have hadadhe best of news in recent htory.. and also part of t t itiative we visit schools and talk to kids about anti-bullying was really y ol
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in bed all lay a a it tely lifted her spspits -- something special and e los sketlllll@ irkututfefely ehglobrotters have%bn aroundor 90 years.. and next wk they'll be the broadmr world arena --s s rt of theirirourvrv and in tonight's yr healaly family.... it r-s seavi thatooks like coldldt first -- but it can actually cse bronchiolitis a a pneumonia in children.. right now ---abo half f e kids at memorial centrahave some type of broniolitior pneumonia.. rpkidsdsndererwo -- cpioioios causes their tiny airways to swell... . symptomsmsay s srt off mild ---- li a any n ne e d h -- but t ter a couple of daysys- it gets worse thth the third or fourthay you might tc things like them having trole eg, breathing
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retractions where th pull on theisksk around ribs or neck and that telel us thth they' g their r r les help them brth a ahose a a d d thihis s you want to watch for to knono whwh it'me to gogoto t t dodoor or the hospital. doors can provide support li oxyg, suction,,.. apd fluids.. to pvent s h yourids wash their hands frequently -- and d n't le em s things likeheups.. for more health stories... just heaeato "yourealthy milylyom thanks for watching news five at five. we'll u backightere after n-b-c nightly news, nene. . and yoyr localalews is always on
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, breaking news nit. clash of the titans. mittneyunlehingng a b bsteringttacac o i dono ump, calling him a phony, a fraud, warninrepublicans to stop him trump fifes back and the gop p braces for all-out war. caught oncacara, a school police officer smacking and kickg a-year-old, a imin stion. surprise noununmeme from soccer susurstar brandidichasin afr her icicic victory celebration. why sheaiddshe's :donating h brain to science.e.e. e price you pay for health carea nene patientsre ney, o o o avage $100. we'lowou. d ststy ti. dodog the reading and d mey good. lilienerlovingry


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