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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  March 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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students to take medical jua whilelat school.l. as we' rorted.. nonoolorado districts have created medicacamarijuana policies.. even though ack's law" passed st year.. our kelsey kennedys looking into what lawmakers are considering now.. kelsey? the representatiti that wre jack's law.. told me tohe's diappoint that dididictctstilaren'towi student need medalalbcannbbis to ta iatchool.l. e'consing nenenegislthatatouldldake diststststimement t t dical maana polili.... "t idea is,s,tead of opening g e doors to och, d dayiyi y y c c do th n, we'ring d ay you have e & dodo this. you haha to ke r rsoble acacmodadaons s r kidsith f serious s dical issues." presentati sininr's "jack's ll partw wou h ududtstsise jbsoors.. .. s elief om s sererseuyes.v.& ckn hasn ree sch@ much at all this aj.. ouan deny a child their education if they need the medicineyou can deny the chi dicacaca if ey n na&
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the colorado aiati@ school boards.. and strict9.. where e n goes t/tho, d dtrtrtrouou l l federal funding for alwing a scheleleneneneg to be takeon campus.... 'm'm ababa fac n n fear. if seone saythey're e raid ofethihi andt hasn't borne out t t true, then we nene t lolo and re toooo new jejeji becece the firsrs state to all students to take medical nnabhool.. theieilaw says "schools shall" develop a policy alling caregirs -not the school rse tadadadstermedical marija se schoo sstat new jersey are complying with their state ws. they're not afraididlosing federal fuin" onciciliy.. thehststmes faly movedere.. when jennie codn't get the rit ki or quantities of nnis inew jejeey.. "f"f tchool bobodsdsnd a a ofhe d dtricts to sayaoh w w gog totoe oural fug. they're lying to t tves and hiding beha a!e ana mistruth. e t2h they're not c minin aftfyby." "the federal governmenenenver r said anything abt cutting
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look/aththfafas, non d to fear.r. retative singer's s an f f jacks billt twtw. coulwithhohohotate fding for districts that don't come up with aay to allow student to take medical marijuana in school.. "if you're worried about federal interventiononony lllls s come from medical marijuana or rereeationarijuanaatatat $ lls, wilililt co to yool nej rs l s scifieses medicacoitnshat can be treatedd cannabis at schoho.. okokpeororoeoeew ey depenof etitellme.. eyeye e t awararaf a a duduioedebeb f f f as resultf th b anavli a ve lootside right now.. we gotre from th gustg wiwis to.. le c cck in n ththd focaster m m mmniels... what are you trkiki, , ke_e
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tethan yesrday at thisis ti. and thwind wl be light tonight. satellite pictures, highhin ouou have mod d ro areaododt times. furuher we m kgh level moisture and that is shatl ve o o watomorrrr. some m m mhigh levev clouds at tis. tonight paly cloudy skies s th plplsant temps. tomorrow will featurpartly cloudy skies with warmer air. new t/night: we are rembebing g a teible tragedy in southe colorara.... 25 years ago today! unitededlilht 585.....was onalroach intohe springs airport.. it t ashed into w wefefld community park.
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ononomrd w` killed. r rhoughts are with h l the fbes w w lost loved esp that y. moriri. . with all t victimsesewew bpbpt t thehe honor at defield para,...anpepepe id flowersrsremee ere todada arrest tonight in a 20 year ild assault c seseel paso o unty.p.p ear old jos s arrest itexas onhahaha stemmingngroroanident thtt datebao 1996. . yoararokokg a p ptos of rket t tay...ahe lookededike 20 years ago,..because investigators believe he may be linked to assaults in elasascoty acolodoprings from m m to 1919 if y y h h hininatatthat can helplplplptitors,. l e asasasastytyriri's office. informrmion atix -- we're covericrcrabou eelwlrker layoffs in pueblo.raraannonononononeneary shuhuhwn in partrtf s plpl np five's lelelas tracacng what happenenshe
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found oututhe futef 70 employoys is now u u u the ... . evraindefififilyaid off the workers the seamls pipe it at the e&d of februru noticece they're losingheir jobs emonionsunh a&qer e eloyees@sernoed on the third thsday of february -- andost, told not to return back to wowowowoweda e e bebener rearan dettha w w r r when thty did ts shutdown charlie fetty haith thmill fof years.... ininhat , hehe seen n nymporory shwns.i haveveo y, this time it does look a lite moreenseha ususno--presidentn eblo's steelworkers s unin-- he e s o%the company's defifiti of f "temporary." ititotksksksksitoioi tbe a fairly l lg tete thing thohoh
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and severapaisan s it a "pmanentntshutdo okeswomamar z told@us in an emaistatement: "we vepebde adjustststst o &a&aththseamle r the past yr in resp to pruction demand due to the downturn in thehehe se inine with current deevsl warar ily idhe sess ll, s apapoxel70 els." irmonseththththth curntnt rkrkg on fit t tstkento other ththplantn when there's a stdown like that, there are jobs available to thoho peoplplpl t affecd meme in nhe r%stththth ant, bub%weouou uut -- ththtra jobsbsimitetetnly ouou avavaabababinby seni.. and movivrvrvr -the n ididtdtd cf nity has left his workers disappoint. th're reading more ithth
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there's ttle fruonthththt ththcoany also told us----y will cononrepening thehe li ef and when market cocoitnsnsnsns in pueblo, lena howland neweweive.. i. ovrontig coveragez%the reflagaganger has passss--bu ficertrty still l existshrhrhrhrt sorn cocorado. a all grass fire sparked on the eastide of cad springs earlrlthis morninini crews s y it happened d ar s sd . crcrk-k-and eyeyererararar gege o o f frly y kly.t(e e s no d dage.e. we alshave n n iormaon o o e e e est grgrs s ststy.y. three-acacs s rerere s sth o oavonon i i "eaetebdo cocoty we're toldt's now 85ercent coned.d.$& fpretitors say yuyuerdas wiy conditions conlribuededo the rere ng---afaer a pine wawaokd downwnwews expepepeo have t f fe e mpletelyut soon--and seyill st on scsce ununun it's 100ercent contained.
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re now.. on teerororotolala s s betweee broadmoor anthth cido spr. . . the planned "conontial ort t dafrfrfrfr "trails& spapapaoalilion. ws 5$s a ay ko is@ve ghghnene t t te of thehe mostntntus piece of land injnlvlv -- thutrawbwbry fids open space. some of e conditions thehehe ls a a open acition yshey neededo o ppppt th deal i i ide a c cseseatat easement on a majori of the prprerty ... and angreeeent tma publblbls s p he py. nanasosoi+ininon tilil chardrmanakesein stwberry fiflds o/ mfs eh189 acacs near chehenne canyon have belongedththty since pioneer ys "inoa lot ofeopldon't know a ts it's aittl
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the lala s s swod givevep&optythe broadmoor in chgegegegeansortrt n%nr tht incline and baba aiai thehhotel wawas b bng guests here for picnics and horseback riding. mbn n&rrththbvicitl lososout6 hehere going to do a great job inowing e publbc to o o ssss of theheteepeparararthe prpr a a thehehehehehet are didiicul the rtrtrtr'r'closhehehe to that mabe a ae e be u edbyple with disilities is not going to be availae"& t the h h a powerl allyly trtrls and oe e cocoiosupport t ... sosmsmasome ioio@o met wawa t/tmakehsthat opop w wl al hac whtheyide rsrsid bicycles leyeeto havav access to that strawberry hills area." a arardmoor spokespersononaiai encncgegeby the support o tos.. anthininththtlans a momol blic pvate partnips. daviesaye dmoor r s s moy to fix thinghere that e e tytyan't qffffd.
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doesn't have the resources to carof it." " but t orman thinks there's anothehehey. heants t t cto sell l e nd t tthpshich usesax dolla forors and op s dopmeme. the e ty could tn n andnthth&& hohoial uspepeit. tht moneneisherendndhe moneyshououusededor open space stewardship that's what we wrote inheheheheheiviv ( e e rks sosohahat t uld d d hihideal citit council until april. they axpxpted to g uor deed p p pfr t t t tadmgout h/h/h/h)n u u uhund. lay alsl gives theublic momo of an chance to weigh in. andmdmoe news 5. e e en trackinis prpred land sw forou s was i iroroced. you can all of f r compte coveragagrighno koaa-dot- com. ds at memorial hpital---got a s s iasit@t@dad!d!d!to h hp brbrhrhr their spiri. was s sles s l ar a h-rlrl glgbetrotter "zeu pp
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fay basketetll triris - - pod for photos ays i jusrt initiatiti t )ye callehehehe grt assiststs 're juut smiles on tse kids faces who may not have hadadof newewin recent h h.... dldlso p p pof the initiative we visit schools and talk to kiki aututututbuyiyi allylylyl l l she felt awful yesterday and w ed all day andnd nitely lifted hespirs -- thspspananshshloveve sketll so it t rked out perererer the globetrotters will be at t brdmoor worl e.e.........w-w-w-& xxxx r r p parkrkrksheriff--- discipliniember ofis staff p pakak three os putiti beiei bind --a(a(d at;30.anananan rarfor idt, e smsmlestuplican n elelel ye\eepg totoebatat toninit--comcoverage i i yo electctctwatctc i'm mike dananls.. i' h eendedefifiert fi fort t xtt
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he colorado spririjire c c i istepepng down find out how the depart
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ristopopr ley...asads into retirement., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a look from cameras in our areaea.. highs today in the 50's and 60's. current temperatures all over southern colado.... ne weather maker, a cold front arrives s tomoow afternoonwiththrenortast windndbududu no moisture. hoho b bho, clol)wl momo rough fr time to t te tomorrow, , th good m ng temperatures will l warmer than today before the cold front arrives. high temperatures tomorr in the 50's, 60's and 70's. 7 day foreca for the springs, high tomorro65. a little cooler saturday with breezy pm wind. gusty wind sunday with high re danger. a storm system arrives monday
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ch c cler mond. puebebebigh tomorrow w3n3n a little cooler saturday with brzy wind in t t aftftnondy suay a wararwithth high. few lighghshowers possible mondnywiththththh of 60. coooer still tuesday with mostly cloudy skies. canon cityigh torrow 71. cooler and breezy saturd. sunday will be win and wm. a a w showers ssible monday. woodlandndarhighowroro57. eezy and dry sday.y. windy y d rmrmundada snow showers possible monday
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wha former t t t death r r inte was jusarrested in statat----xtxt6:00 and we hr from theark cotyty
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in the wake of a shooting that leftne deputy dead--two others injured park county--two department employeesave been puni park couy sherif fred wer says he had to suspend longime underseriff monte more and a seeant quit as a result ofeing doted. wegener says this had nothing to do with the shooting itself, but rather occurances in the aftermath. he says the undersheriff had errors in reporting after the incident, but that there is an intern investigationnderway. as we've reported-- corporal nate carrigan was kill in late fruary at a rural home in bailey. he and two other deputies were serving an eviction notice whe thhomeowner opened fire on them.
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a funeral for carrigan will be held later this month in arvada. a former texas death row inmate is now back in custody in colorado--accused of holding a homele woman hostage in hi me for months and sexually abusing her. investigators say claude wilkerson kept the woman chained up with the help of a runaway teen... who also appently lived in t homemeutside grand junction. the teeneportedly alererd d authorites to what was going on. wilkerson was convicted of killing hisigirlfriend in texas--butreed nearly 30-years ago due to a technicality. xxxx a bill imoving forward ithe state gislature that would not alloprison inmes to use the "make my day" law. it aows people to use adly force atome when they are threaten with deadly force by intruders. the law has been used at least twice to clear inmat@sho killed fellow inmates who were the cls.. but there's been concern the law could besed by an inmate to attack a guard. if the bill passes one more housvo iwill move to the senate. ere's been anoer ddly
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the summit county coroner says 26-year-old christopher dutko was killed tueay at breckenridge. the resort says dutko was on an intermededte when n shsh into another skier, lost control and hit a tree he was n n wearingng helt. dutko lived and ed i brkenridge. xxx an effort underway to rece the mber of bi killed by windurbinein colorado the colorado nionarenewable @ ergy labn en is rking with aadar developer to test technology tt will shut down a turbine if a bird is detected nrby. as part of the test golden eagles have been equippmed with g-p-s devices track their movement around wind farms. the city o odenver is tryingng something new to make public restrooms available to more ople. they're launching a mobile restroom pilotam. they say is a result of more th a year of public inpuand study to meet the need for bathrooms central denver. the first restom will at claron and colfax. it will be open from noon to midnight, leaving the neighborhood each night. the city will be studying it's effecteness.
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mingp at30 alanche king movesn net - whats next f the avs - th's later in orts and xt in urction watch--h donald trump is firing back against mitt romney---as rrent cadiates
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our top tonight at six-30, we're learning more about a new round of steelworker layoffs in pueblo. fir told you about this yesterery as evraznnounced
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news 5's lena howland is trking what happened. lena, wh did youind out? we found out the future of 70 employees is now up in the air.... evraz indefinite laid off the workers toward the end of february, some say they only got one day's noti! i spoke with theresident of pueblo's steelwoers union... and he worries about the mpany's definition of "temporary." he says -- it could take months or possibly years to restore those jobs. severance y isn't an option -- until the company calls it a "permane" shutdownwn he says his workers' biggest compinwith yet another layoff is the lack of communication... they're nogettttg enough infoatiofromhe cpa or thion th're rereing mo in thnewsped ei it on tv thawhat they're hearing from theompany or the union and there's a little frustration with that fsg a spokeswoman for evraz told us an emailed statement: "we have madadjustments tour crewg levels at the seamless mill over the past year in response to production demand due tohe downturn in the oil ct. in line wi current demand levels, are temporarily idling the seamless mill, which impas approximaty 70 employees."
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new information tonight:he red flag danger has passed--but fire danger certainly still exists throughout southern colorado. a small grass fire sparked on the east side of colorado springearly this morning, fi crews say it hapned ne sand eek---and they werable to get it out fairly quickly. there was no damage. we also have new iortion on the largest grass fire to break out yesterday. three-hundred acres of bru burned south of avda in eastern pueblo county. we're toldtoday it's 85 percent contained. firew investigators say yesterday's windy conditions contribued to the fire sparki---after a power line was knockedown. crews ended operations for tonight--but will be back at 7tomorrow morning in our ctinuing coveragea poweul ally throwing support hind the proposed land swap between the broadmoor and the city of colorado springs. the trails and open space coalition is givg conditional support for the plan, but they they do want to see a conservation easement on a majority of property iolved. and an agreement to maintain puic access. a spokesperson tells us today they are encourageby
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supporand lookorward to talking with them more in detail. commity advocate richard skormathinks theitizens aren't getting a good deal here. hes much othe landhat woulremapero nstion easen ihide-- a ceiltoplwith disabilies we'll coinueo track this yo inur citololatch tonig-- there's a nepu by lawmakers... to allow disabled students tke medical
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jack's law was pasd last year... but, no colorado districtsave created medical marijuana policies. the lawmaker bind it says he is trying agn to introduce legislation to require schools to come up with a policy. jennie storms anher n jackson are one of the families afcted, he iin d-49, but stays home often to take his medication. d-49 says they are wried about losing federal funding if they allow students to take a federally illegal drug in school. "nobody has ever come to me and said representative singer we don't want your tax dollars anymore because you're part of a laundering scheme. so if the conceris rht on one sideit has to be right on the other side too." the coloradossociationf scho boards says they believe laws need to change on a federal level before mical marijuana can be allowedn schos. on the election wah tonight. the field gop candites will debate tonight in detroit.
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from thearty's last presidential nominee, mitt roey. steve handelsman with our coverage tonight. ======== in the ealatg effort by some republics to beat downonald trump mitt romney is the heaviest hitter so far tape/ mitt romney / r former presidential candidat :09-:11 donald trump is a phony, a fraud. the 2012 republican presidential nominee welcomed the endorseme of trump then but savaged trp toy s mitt romney / r former presidential candidat :2:42 the bullying, the greed, the showing f ... wipe his domestic policies would lead to recession. his foreign policies would make america and the rld less safe. wipe but you say wait, wait, wait, isn't he a huge business ccess? doesn't he know what he's talking about? noe isn't and no he doesn't. at a restaurant in detroit... 5 days before the michigan primary. with trump far ahead in state lls.
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s/ grace keros / owner american coney island restaurant :52-:5 "dont be telling me or any other citizen if you are dem or rep , i dont care who you are on how we're going to think and what we shouldo. donald tru in maine . slammed romney s/ donald trump / r presential candidate 12-1:10 "mitt is a failed candidate, he failed wipe i backed mitt romney anyou see how yal is he was begging for my endorseme he would have dropped to his knee he was begging me john kasich was inichigan tape: hn kich r / presential candidate 1:13-1:16 "mitt is a good guy. he's very trble about the directioof the country" romney said kasich orarcoubio... or ted cz should be the minee ...and after cruz won xas on tuesday ... he trails trp by just 27% in delegates when t republicans debate tonight in detrt, ben carson will be gone. the republican field shrinking with big guns trned on the frontrunner audio outc: i'm steve handsman, nbnews, detroit. donald trump ... to try to end the fort to deny hithe nomination. is reportedly hinting again that he could leave the party and take millions of voters with him. xxx the new rk state supreme court
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whether to hear a lawst that claims senator ted cruz not eligible to be president of the united states. thcase was filed by two men who are trying to have cruz remofrom the new york state republican primary ballot--- they claim he's not a natural bo citizen. cruz apparently born in nada to an american citizenother. his faer was a native of cuba. a jue heard from a sides day and ll rule soon about whether to dismiss the suit or let itove forward. xxxx ws fe yourource as we prepare to elect a new psi this yr. keep it re and at koaa- been aboua moh nce the e oncome world champions--defng the panthers in per bowl 5 and colorado is still plenty excited. and now the postal service is marking the big win with "collectible envelop!" post offices are getting rea to release these postmarked envelopes.
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age of bronc players---the broncos logo---and the super bowl0 score! we're told fans can purchase the envelopes at t post offi in just twos!!! kids at memorial hospi.--got a special visit toy.... to help brighten their spits. it was smiles all around as harl globetrotter eus mcmourkin" showed the kids me fancy basketballrick-- and posed for photos,... he says it's just part of an initiative this year called "the great sist"... we're just trying to put smis on these kids faces who may not have had the best of news in recent htory.. also part of the initiative we visit schools and talk to kids about anti-bullying rely cool she felt awful yesterday and was in bed all day and it definitely lifted her spirits -- something special and she loves basketll so it worked out perfectly the globetrotters wille at the broadmoor worl ara...ext week. xx
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nenetional ulot nus reas tod--whatt all saysbout theco, ead 6:3firs let check back wh miken the weather center. i'm mike daniels. i'll havyourxtended fit
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a time lapse from of this mornings sunrise. a look from cameras in our area.... hightodain thehe0's and 60's. current temperatures all over southern colorado.... next weather maker, a cold front arris early tomorrow afternoon th breezy rtheast winds but no moisture. hour by ho, clouds will move through from time to time moow, with good mixing teatur wilbearth today before the cold front arrives. high temperatures tomorrow in the 50's, 60's and 70'
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a little cler saturday with breezy pm wind. gusty wind sunday with high fire danger a orm system arrives monday with a chance of much needed moisture. much cooler monday and tuesday. pueblo high morrow 73. a little cler saturday with eezy wind in the afternoon. windy sunday and warm with a high of 74 few light showers possib monday pm with a high of 60. er iltueswiosclcl sks. can city high rrow 71. coer and breezy saturday. sunday will be windy and warm. a few showers possible monday. woodland park high tomorrow 57. breezy and dry saturday.
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and warmer sunday. snow showers possible monday afternoon into tuesday with much cooler
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tureall of fame advice another future hall of famer... and how that advice may impact manning's decisi going
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peyton manning watch continues as we coundown until marchth deadline. a lot of players have stuggled with the thoughts of retirement and wh to ride off into the sunset... kobe bryant isn't one those peop... he was vy comfortable wihe decision to walk away om the nba after is sson. bryant played his last pro game in denver lastight and was asked if he had any advice f manning... as the bncos quarterback mulls over his decision. and i feel very comftable with it a i feel very at peace with it but if i was kind oteeter tottering at all i'deep playing id' keep it to mysf cause that means i not ready let goetnd you gotta go vpth w wts in your h man - its a very personal decison and its a very emptional decison soou got make tt from within d you can't cheat the game, man... you can't do that and so i dont have that desire to come back
6:44 pm
reports from denver today say that mning doesn't have to take the physical for the broncos... stead just be available r it. and the broncos havent said they ll cut manning on march 8th if decides hcan'retire. stayuned. danillo gallinari is done for the year. the nuggets forwd has two torn liments in his left ankle and the team is shutting him dow for least one month. he is expectedo be out indefinitely but could come back sooner by the end of the season. he injured it against the mavericks la friday. hope springs eternal over the r foe academy as the falcons are underway forpring practice. all things considered th falcons don't have a ton of holes fill on either side of the ball. but after quarterback nate rone blew out his knee last season... homu can he do in prtice whe recovering from his injury? he has a ltle bit, obviously no contact. some of the indivi drills he's been able to participate.
6:45 pm
pushing forward and i like some of the progress wee been able to make thusar. spring game scduled for apl 9th the avalanche aren't cometely done with semyon varlamov in goal but head coach patrick roy is going with calvin pickard for the next7 mes. lry was pulled against minnesota in the first period... the second time in fivgames that's hpened and so wah promoted picrd to e number one spot for the remainder the ason. pickard isxced for the s but has to change his mindset going in. i've played a decent amount now and i have the preparation thats needed for theame but i dont over think things i just go out and and do mthing and let it take care of itself... have the confidence of your aching staeammates thats everything and and wn called uon i feel confident inthere and and it goes a long way for sure.
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okg r eir fit n since outdoor mes. the d wings. highlights tonight at 10 why some consumers say they aren't happy with a change at starbucks.. that's next 6:30. d new option to get support from apple--how you can get your
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c bel ney h:no d mt ins onal stets thergyector coins toecover. closing towowicup the anuprl7 an nasdaqned st. e was sl jin emplnt lt aos the countr e bor orts apicatns for unemoymeens b sithousa. omists s despiteheump, the unployme numbers remn low enough to suggest that layoffs are rare and t job market is healthy. unemployment is atn ght-year low of 4-point-9 pcent the low number is also the result of thousands of peoe leaving the workrce...who are not counted. the labor department i scheduled to release it's bruary monthly figures tomorrow. topping your consumer watch: starbucks getting some negative
6:50 pm
loyalty rewards program. the new program rewards people based on the numr of dollarspent, rather th the numberf ts. the company's "buzz" score... an iex ud tocre opreliopfr 60. down t t49--cording hebrand in presentis fr starbucks cote xxx shpingtarg cou b drasticay t e ye fno et exe sayhe gng toa re digigal focucoany overhe next ye. thcompany is hopinto offer consumers a more seamless way to shsh online and pick up in thestore. they plan to make some stores double as order fulfillment centers to ship orders out fast. target is also revamping customer service, how merchandise is highlighted and otherhanges grocery section engizer halachedhat calls the world's first double-a and triple-a rechargeabl batteries--made from recycled products. energizer says they're made with 4-percent recycles batteries.... including those from hybrid
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me f penzesays btellvimeon stg powhilcihe impa on the planet. x am wts i voice-coro ais "ale" in more people's homes ve nd t linth n ceatt e o t"sh la hoeyuck d rsop pinthouysmsvietr audio. mewhilhezo"tapis imdogr ando" rsion ofhe eo,ut dsn ne to be plu in.ala is cpeting wh other voiccontrolled services, including apple's siri and microsoft's cortan if you have a queson for apple... the tech giant is now providing stomer service support on tw apple launched the account thi moing... dedicated to fling custor service issues. it's also offering up tipsnd tricks...
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we'll rig partly cloudy toght with low temperates in the 20's and 30's. friday will be breezy and warmer
6:55 pm
sunshine. highs inhe 50's, 60's and 70's. dry and a little cooler saturday aurora theater shooter james holmes--assaulted in jail in canon city last fall---tonight on news five at ten, we're hearing from the prisons direcr about how an internal mistake d to
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and in the wake of three deputies being shot-personnel changes within t park county sheriff's office. we're hearinmore abo why two deputies were punished after the incident in bail last month-. anks for joining us for news 5 at 6. we'll see you back here at ten. hello and thanks for joniings
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ever since waking up, i hear this voice. here, i want you to have this. i put where liveat the bottom. rhon: you can me with me, you know. i got my people, and you got yours. he'll be deabefore i en hit the... gaines: first, we get rid of the evidence. jamie is divine, dave. as his closest disciple, i'm sure you know that. we're goin ck to slough. i don't knowho we are any mor jamie: jamie: thanks a bunch, bruce willis. where are you now, eh, when we need you most? p.t's armageddon. the actual apocalypse. and where am i? deep under the suburbs of suburbia, watching it on telly. newsreader: one minute now. one minute.
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jamie: i can't believe we're acacally going to live. and it's all thanks to the crazy lady. but is she rlly our saviour? or is she the sper and we're r flies? (shrieking dr samuel: dr samuel: everything is inand,d i mean everything. water, medicine, food. yourourite, tuna chunks. welcome to your new home. above and beyond the ll of dutyty dr samuel. right. yes. ecial delivery from america... sorry. are we interrupting? no. show me. (echoing) funny looking thing, isn't he?


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