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tv   Mad Money  NBC  March 4, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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oh, oh, yes. tomorrowturning your spring cleaningivays into e era pockck money like opradidi yeah.
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tt a a better night'sslp. >nd g g a s sking h hobob withthrefifitetete woout. >> have an awesome thirsty thursday,verybody. >> tomorroisriy. m my mission isimple, to make you money! i'm h@re to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market mewhwhe and i promisepto h hp you find it. "madon" stst n hey, m crer.. welcome to "mad money," welce to craricaca otr peop w wt to mak friends, i'm just trying to make you some money so callat 1-800-74 q-800-743-cnbc or tweet me p@jimimerer in the f in the face of cruing declines, rallies, eveveplaiaiai jane gden variety days in is
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agaiait our`own n man n otio ofteteget t e bett of usushen everhing is ink well in the market and whethininregoing badly, they seem to grip us totalal.. when things are o good, we tend to take too much risk. when things are going terribly, we despair and leave the stock rketirely. a ct of lifefe er t t yea, evevstococ climb and climb, there he beenen real sonthat drove people out.t. ll s sse sl se! and d d wenento suries s at gave y y le ro return. then t ty tchethe big gains fr the sididines. totally understand the avononeoeoe have tstocksks m t in denial abiut them. e huge downturn in0-0101 and cut in h h h007-7-. there's debacles like thelh crash orebook o. insisir insidededeading cased obobous situations@where a stock yours went dodn and dowand clear somee epew s s shing and you didndn.i validate all the f flis right now, righthte.
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the only game in town. maybe oe day when t economy ge strtrg enough, test rago b bk to me norm levels a a ae caown stks lllls certificices of deposit or bonds, whatever might be attractive in wh we call the fixed income markets. until that does we need our moneto work f/r us.. 're ke the avis adad weave to work harder t tmake our money grow. at's whahahanight's special - show iabout,ow to make your ( ney wo hardein a - rereonsible way. we're usindifferent types of stocks to show h we can do that respoiblyndndarefullyly ke get r rh iaiafully. look, what suffuses thisw w w r ar p pdentntersonal investing. we call the c ows epodesesere.e. why? cacacaeach one iwrwrten and thought out asas different entity on its own. i recognize it becau it's somemeing we, meaning me and "mad m/mey" " e very proud
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this i ian episode about betetr investing r you. this sw is aboututanaging yourur own mone n ney or being a better client if you have a service brokkiki for you. ififou don't wanto manane your n mone over the yeyes i have en pfefefe happy you buy an indexund ororven a couple of them, one that representshe entire s&p00 and anoer total turn that has a smsmtering of alstocks. and d have changed ovetime about tutu funds. pt,o oftei fifi they're abouw raising monoy rather than doinwell for you. and so few of them have beaten the stock market and i arrived atathis juture where say "whathe point?" i ess throwing your hands up and buyi a fund of the ind variriy. at t t same timei know many of you tune in n cacae yoyowant to own individual ststss.00 i'm not gog to talk y#u t ofof . i wi makyou tterit it's something that you dededed
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companion n index fundas a y to grow weth becacse y y y y y y- thk can do better than an infund. i belililiin the m my yearwe hava been dointhisishow, ththsasas and i me t tusan of peoplhave cald memer told me or ilede e ey've e ne better than the market ung the showownd their own knowledge. they meld the twtw e risef twitter has s validated d is principle. we ararararg night is giving you directions how w you can pick y y2yown stococ and still t tata on toto rirrmally we say to do 's to beiver. stt toee many portfoos whwhpretetuceverything would e towother in unison andnually in a wayt could lye derailed in @ wntutu!! >> s sell l ll selll >, yoyoknowowhat i n'n'n' cover alalthe stocksksn n e wowod. somemei thk pelelenk trtrbui t, i can that's w [ i iften m`e shohohand tell ththstory. do i really want y to own only fi stotos?
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wouou be better if you had 10 socksksnd no than 1515 cause you can'keeprack of e howork i advise we he do many shows at homerk entls. you knowt means knkning whata the compmpy y es and you're looking for and alysts looking for how it'soingnd why it's s doing it. mework is time consung. thatat not the purpo of f f tonight's ow. whatat wt too this evening is give you some ideds to explain there classes of stock within thetock marth arenen just by s storo amffg night new kind of diversififititi tt ca guide you toward wt kinds oftou hayou u ntnt man mononhichy y a ou uldn't be ni inns go let'go over r ur minet. ififou're gog to manage your money you ubve t trecegnizi the value e humility. please repeat after me. sometimes i'm gog to be wrong! co on, say it! sometimes m going to be $ surprised anannot in a aositive way anansometimemy s s s picks
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disciplines. all people knowity dot t t n for everyone. staying g mble is important.t. because other than greed nonhing cos people more m/ney y an arrororoe. ififououwn stockyou have t accept the fact you will be wrong, perhaps even often. as t past few years ha taught y y, painfully, your` ththgs y never sawomomg, th you never imagined let alone thoughpossssle lkbohis w diveveificic divsifying g amonsectcts isgh anymore. u n ed to rk harder thanan sic versification as in indurial, utility, drug stock, financial or a te!e! my new divivsifition recogngz that to be a little -neneage, we are atne wh the world. stocks aund d e glgle trad togetherse d gd d d mes anahgs i i uuotococ cn ffererways. elececonic f, etfs link in
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a portfolio that iall kiof markets, even one_ thth impos and pipialls of policic andndeopolilical l events to our shores because these matter than ththththt to.. aghad to change. i nener usededo care about t machinions of f shington. theyeyarelimcted stocks. w we a sideshow. the grgrt ressioio we veadadlectctct that directly intervenededn the markets worldwide. it's not just our lilicians we cabobob xxxd d d d d d who wowodhahahlhle needkn whwh the e eopean centnt what ititasngo o , t thth's name w w nsnst? i didn't knothat uff. whwhwould have thought we would have to gage the strh ofofhe chinese e onomy on a wewewto wewm bas. even nomomimeseily. it's%bn all streth fororhree decade andnwho wowowohahehehohoht coawould d bacon t t agea or @ always be e hot war in t t
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agaiaqt these new intrusiois we didndn concern o osehen i started this show andhnight is h he e %this anged rlrlrl and new veveific owning thehehehe stotos. we will explore five difrent areayou covor maximum proteceion aaxaxax dede yoyoneed g gd ough i iw qtqt pcacabebe comomete thatll,r,rhtht i'veveeen the, too. f fctioioiocs ithe worlgoesonkersrsnd --flatn n c c as e smsmt t dge e nds s u uuu..ngngngng. ed a dividededk anan owth stock andomething speculativand something from a healthogy.veveblblfias sou pororotot thahacan market why i iilil whatatakak them all sososoial l l teteteyou howowo e e oceaeaea u can e eitn n th the best psibie names.
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that means keeping your portfolio o o rsified @nlnl 20% ofour holdldgsn n y onon sector.. hlder, , owoqoqoo, , geicala\azafe ststk.ick@withand i ll teach you how to pick e best inimofheheheru.. whwhwhwhwh t tk esn.n.n. >> c c,cr: tled y u're ng theheho >> great >> cr: i i ild like to t t t t u u u spirinyoung ins inudg g lf. m m m m r-olfinance#major ..a$a$lolo sta u uversity. want to gegegegegepipi. go 'nos. -irhtobschoolas covov florida stetend floroba a&m m m m lolo tallllsee! pppppppppptheir 2020202pakakrisk. pi say thec eone isis d d&dsk adv 00ysysyslife d d d d dananyned o scucu hig tototodlstos j j owowowowow
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my 20s when i spent ally nenebigigigigigigi tataahahse thahabe he in night, cled at the pclock,k,rinkstat , shshld have put the momo t oils. @in i iinoioioi >> c c,er:i.thth i ilele. i want to oau u ke thetock marart,t,t,i, erero s se out anan it somhere else or losi t'a a t qu.. my mothe when i e$ gmblili w@t@thehehelwlwid, llet't'takeke winnings off f f f e anany y`y`me sweaeara you ould take some of the wiwiinks off f f fable if f u hahaha big r goal in life i3 tolay y y ththe's s ny gls in n fe.. our gogogonanaiaiaiafe i i i i i playayith the house's money. taahoululour solu gogo. pat mim, if you can do it, it fantastic. diversification is the spice of lili higototo, spspioioioio s sckck
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test ofacacon toghghgheciaow ststrth amer!!! don't miss a s sond "m followowmcramer on twitterh-h-h-h-h-h- t t t t adadadad o o o oilil madmoneynbc.m.-@rivivus aalal3-3-3-. miss something, head to money" does n
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from phillips' >>toto tonight, will teach you a novel, aovel way to fill tse fivelots in your portfolio i always talk about, the five type of stocks that represe what i i callhe new diversification. t just by spectobut style d strategy.ififcucotly y y will ys he e meththg at holds your interest and keeping you the gameven n enent fefes soso cr criang -- baby crying -- you don't t nt to continue to plpl me positions canmuch highgh wn timemeare good. at's tost important catery?? stioioabout this. in aorld where we're even and central banks raise rates om world levels you c't get ough interest fr bonds a a depots to veveyou need enoughghck to lile on.n.
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oa thihi you neo n a ock at least one with a big high yielding dividends. owning two or three high yiel b b bobre than n . it c be a good tng.. they're nonothe same. i wouldn't go ininn fiveigh dididend stocks becae then yoy/d be extreme vulnerable if thrermrmr ngm treasury bondnderked in a highway. you could get hu. we alws respect the high power holds on stocks and interest rates particularly ithey rise fastour diffident related stocks will get smashed no matter the industry might be. we see ts ti and again. a telephone utity like verizon n trade with a company like octor becae they have high dividends.
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periodf timetame ierest rates, they could all be at the exact same timand be concerned the favorable tax rates on dividends could go away and make them competitive tbonds d give these fix income equivale equivales a real w wcking as did in e spng of 2013. if you own one stock w wh a a rerere l lge yield and one or r two t o of the oth names in your rtfolio also happens to sport good dividends, t d ththg. i knowividpack mat hat pe cder . divinds ma youonenfo ak. r me, that the defition appe. mitted i hava etty deof sex al bu ing videnen back i stococs e of the most reliable way to ke moneyin and sile it allows your investment to compnd
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in other words, e y yoas asdendndpays divides s compoundingeturns provided prov y y k kreinveststg. ere's conceponabdind 2 3%,%, or 3 h h canhey add up? pepele think high elelis only abouousafety or generating income in quirement. janry, 46464%f the p 500 hasacome from th investg didis i'm lkinabou40%. corron. t tr capital appreciatiwall street gigieresh h r growinyourur money. don'n'i knt. i run charitable truststs s rt of a t dching tool and the oug g atialalay hrt me er te. rt t fund.
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vidend stockaren't merely a place toide e en this gege rouoh al rough although they rereesent safatyn difficult mes. they do o o o job on capital preservation investing in high yielrs is one of the smartest for ininsting money period and one he s he safest sie e vi stoce a cacaed thererwhen eryone elel is gettttg g nihilated. as the price f the yield inineaseseand bemes s o tractive forornvnvto to no. that cushion is what i calling accidental high yielder, ahy when ever you can find them and these st yield nor of 4% not because of dividend boost fast causing the y yldo skyrocket. timendin we e e stocks bottom at this 4% % l and seen it in financial crises a erging down turns and yes a delitatad a latily speaking because it still grows
3:20 am
onon the yield hits 4%, as long pashefeds a se, tse stocks s sm to have e iginene callaway of stoppinghe` downtu and often become fabulous bargains? the vidend hikis onef th pclearest signals a management can se... onthat can raise it has ab rele growtwtana mpany yocan be pretty darned sure won't c cting that dividend ananti soon.n. u cut it after you raise it, that's embarrassg and can cost a o his neckck dividend incre arereerus bubuness not easrepealed and tltls put througugugvivind increases for 13, 14, more consecutive years. that's stabibity a a why i always emphasize my love for what we call theidend ar rhzs to kratz. proctotoand joson n joson, ng raises. her th her thanigh yield d dividede usehow w analyze
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you u veveo think safety.hinds arattracti but a very high end can usustainanae ananhave to be cucu u u ll you will seeeme throw the red fl herer that takesway -- let's pututt this way. you ne aigorous safetyty - inspecon. if the dividend is sound maybe the e mpanancan raise`it, ,& too.. if it seems endangered, no. uh-huh.. ititin't worth it, people. you have to stayway. nser the cautiy tales e e ll bge arbrara funds moter r % % % gigantic compapaes with bonds on borrowed mey. when rates shuckek, i warn agagnst t em, don't take the it. bait. there was nothing about t@ese e high yielders, a huge red flag sending a gnal t t payout will
3:22 am
period of ti. one not worth risking. t t sk hdingngn n at t t capture a juicy dividendnd the way, we s t tt happen a couple years ago witradio shack and supermarkechains supevalue. ey had hugdivivendnd super value was abaf to bounce back but not until i it ititit videde despite prote stataon made before the cut to the managament, and i intervied em. gin i'm biased against too good to be true gh yielders, ( how do y make sure the dividend is cure? yoyolookt thearninininer share, eps. my rule of t tmb if a coany has eaeainin twici its divididd payout,xwe k kw an sustaia a divide, evev in lean times en yououhink the earnings arer going to slink. -- to shrk. in that case, yore home-e-ee.. look at the caca flow, dealing with com with companies witita t of
3:23 am
costs. think of places like verizon andat&t&tcococoication stocks don't comemeheaplyly jim, then'fohat eld.. wa a s sond. these amamzaon don't come ou the comomny's a aual shdo sw thcoany'y'wort and they can tell the health o a dividend. i a% asksk how can i recommend these stocks? aren't i bei reckless whenhe eaeaingsarely cor the e dididends? it's bowowbecae of thehbounty efefctivelcash flfw.w. if yououon't understand that. get back to even and how to fi t whatathe c cpany'sash flowow really is.s. maybe stk to earnings per shshe ififououon't uerstand it. the balance shhe debt due, mamae theye e o e.e. the mons comingue in thnear fure d thmpanan caraisititith thba or puic it may necessssate a dividend cut. last but not leaou need to knknow to cocoect@a dividend. i i nt y y to know all the jagr gone. "d monb -- jarg. "mamoney" we care a aut allllll dividedes the last must own d te
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at's allllou neeto kwk bottomominin if you wanto embrace the diversification on the ololfashioned ctor kind we still prprch. if yoy w wt to b bprepared foror evy market out t tre you must & own at l%lstneneigh yielding t buyuy touy a stock and that the. date. that's all y y need to know. bottom line, if f@u want to emememe t`t`diversifion on ehold-d-shioned sectorininweill preachch if youant to bprepared f f every market out thereou must own at leastst hh yielding stock. dividends protect your stock and terrific way to make monon what's n n to li rah in misisuri, ralph. calr: hellomr. cramer.( i ththk you so much r all you u do y yr your r aritable trust. >> youe very kind. a couple mill given n ay, ank you! caller:r: k kw that.
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p500. my question isiso you thinit mimit be aoon me to sellllt and get and get a ca posion n dividenes ororhat would you suggest? >> n i want him t tstst. what happens if the marketetakes off. on waletesibes if f get t and out when you're youngegeperson you may mise one ndow. stay the coursand d videndnd cocouer. if you want toprepepep for the market, make sure you own at least one high yielding stock and, of course, sticwithth cram!row upup i want to bebe teacher, a scieist, or m mbe a dancer. but learning is hard when you're hgry. that's why forears
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>>the the discipline o oa w diversified polio always protec your stococ you ne you never ve to ffer throughgh (e e ony of everythg gegeinin crhed when that basketets n er by a uck. [ baby crying ] >> nex a secular groroh stock. it hasothing t tdo w wh publicc versusarochial schools or r e esblblblclaus in their amandment you know i c cive
3:29 am
@has culagrow, unkeke% smokesta smsmestack ones that beat the economy with estimates and growing higher. - theyeyren'n'hostto thehe alth of theconomy keep on eanng e eduring a owdown. en you get your handndon a ststng secular grower, it can grgr quicklynd quily. think about ocike ple, google, facebook phow do you analyhehed $- julue them a&what's growing 00well. wh we bub%d%when we buy a stock w%'re specating ononheheuture earnings per share. first, basic algebra of all costof investing and the doarck oall l oc we neeeeto judge it t an apettoppba psico pepsico is worth 50s l ls than
3:30 am
not. apple is n n woror t tt@t@r r r 7-7-split, is it? let's go or what atoto price rerely means. hehe's simime gebra. the are price p for tio, the p equals p eqls the e times what's own as the mululple or m. e times m equals p! we're likiki algebra and trying to solve f w wt we'r'r'ring pay for the earningngstre. what's'uhe m m mple wegogo pay?e price earnrngs multiis the ke tel us what investors are willininto fororover for a compans fufure earnings. e st imporornt dme thth p pces ltlt the e tataininedie that has s the effect t he size ofof the valuation speciasauce -- -- the company's gwth rate h is why i'm constany talkinabout growth of salelele and earnings and pay multiple ount for tith ster growth becau thahames the earnings will t larger and rger in years i had. often you hear a gueststay this
3:31 am
themeans i i ieaper thanos than m mt ststksksn the s&s&0, or g fasteorore spspial anan averageckecec of a catalyst tototour pean the. we use this pe ratio whehewe think of a stock being a barin in "mad d ney." as a gener rule of thumb whehe it comes to ghctcte s cular ower that dodone t onomy to gettron the stock@k can trade up to a muiple almost twice as ghghs thlolo growth rate andeaover years earnrngs growth fo it's toopecutiveveor the money y nagersrsho determinenehe ice sicay. a companys growinininrnings y at 20% clip, you k kw at, these ys wld pay as gh as s 40 tes e enings. that's right. typically a growth stockon trade do to less thahaone time its grth unlesesthere's
3:32 am
fuamentals wdon't know about or w't find out about unl later. maybe we a an a nasty market soured on grgrth or secular market possibly cocod happpn e of interest raras thth masethe multiple on all growth stococ shrinas larger earninin come less trtiveeliv incasedieop om c tasies. by the same rate lower rate growthwe may more for that m. in 2016, when n much supply hit e e mark iterm new off fert f fertilization n d condaries papaicularly oseconones and cloudcks, the secondaries wererety the rs were overwhelmeme what hpened isishe cloud, internet and biotech stocks almost all f ftered. evenenorenrtant en you're in a high growth stock you need d be pepeallylyensitive to ththestimites s d earnrngs a growing andhethth
3:33 am
papa. they can soar nignd inheapaps ng as analysts keep raisisi earnings per timates d have to do it quick. a stock lime f febebk can doublel the over t t course of a few m mths, saw thalowe anlower thanhere it started cacacathe earninin estimates increbsed even faster than t shshe price did@goighehe is kinof momentum allows t stock to resisisthe downward gravitatiol pull of an ugly economy. be very very careful. yoyore plpying with rnrngs momentum and dherefore playing with fire. for trulhigh octe growth ks o o there, if thehe i ia ti it goes dn or loo like it'seceleratat i to tete it s hat'athe pbo of this, likerivivi a fast car right into a a taining wall. the momeneneneneneththe compies stumbles the stock could fall faster r an ever
3:34 am
more than 100 in a day. in july of 2012, it rererted a didippoi disanting quter at suggested the company might be more vulnerable economi ss thaanyhyhouout. thought it wawagreat t ctor growerero matterhat.t. it c take years paying grgrually lessnd less for slow earnings growth until allthe moy maanagerert shakenut entireleland ththth price sinks lel whe value worried invests becomeme interested a a botm fish.. that's been what the long ride has en for oldine @ pharmaceuticals s ke merck. just sel justell sese sell sese. - needed fast ower, preferably a secular growth ock that has many i haof i for years to come. . when you're payini for gwth woh ita company ststl acceleti and deceleratinin quickly,y,umit!
3:35 am
bobooms s d most pple's patience c c't hold ououat lolo. >>amed in h >> caller: hi,i*im, how wre you? >> what's up? >> caller:y quesononi am a new coeggraduate. i graduated frfr college for a year now and been in thehe wo i have invested ininin401( and ouide e okerage a#count and wawoering how shouou partition my iestment in each account and what my instments rtitioningnghould be in bonds in thehe0s, congratulations on graduating. enou're in that t e, here's what you do, you have to pay wn yoyr loans inin h high interest rate. you needo be in growth growt growth. you have youwhole life i hadad you.. if it doesn't work out you can alalys makake monoy back with @yo payayeck.the diline of a new diversifieiertfolio trumps wherever the m m mt coulbe
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ni 2tonigh i'm focusing on differentptypepeofcks. owing how put t tether a rtfolio thth's'sivered by strategy. a toolbox isetetng that can workn anenery market no matter howowough. so far ialked about divivinds and d owth at else is eential la portf??hoabt something to kp yo intereed. ininy viewou want town someth someg hehetical and spspe. and it cane the dirtiest wd the business ce here at cramera, wherepart o o
3:40 am
non#only wthwning these these risky stocks ie single digits it's a necessiti as long yollow mypyulesisy. you u ed it a tonic against boredom with a huge amount of sidef gs break yououway. high risishigh rewewd stocks are thralling and undele mymyiqiq town someththththat tradesn the lower digits alough many adadatighe ls. you alalys here it the heighgh of irrrrponsily. i say a portfoliliwithout a long ot a a specelatiti is s e that won't cacaure your fcy and have you boredith your money d anxious to surrender to people who onlnlcare about taking your fe a if u're just focused enonoh to do what's right wite rest of yoyo stoto. speculation is g/wd ou do iti
3:41 am
unheard of in ststks of well ked anananll-known companieses often deemed saf did you know at one poininin the 1989s, solidtockcklike home dedet d comcast, parents o o this comomny were considered t t be ultra ris stocks anana teleleon without rabbit ears seemed like sheer idiocy somemef mymytocks came froro speculation.n.n. you n see some of them. i i tail them in "realoney" the equivalentntf new sears who me o omy hedge fund deces ago, ,ne i retired from. anong, swimmg in those wawars c c lto truly gutuwreneng losses. undedetand i at glossing ovov the risks.. how do you know the winners and se.
3:42 am
ft for dead ananundiscoverer ks o ocompanies. and those impossle to ve in the e avavy seched o housold nas simplyecause many of theig boys wowot touch any stk thth tradas de$5.. you're benefitting from classic mispspcing created b pessimistic c rry wart money mamagers. ththlarger institutions don't wao own these stocks. t ty're too dangero and ququtioned by ththr clclnts s whthey own this s nk and veseed foolishly whilelehere sasar stocks ana a ey look oken, spnt at bubu bucks and te-aib a a$3both panned out and were issuedy mutual funds out there because of the ramificatio osingng pdigit t ocks that go`oa few wi as many do. you don't have any l lkingngver your shoululr to keep you om buying the scks.
3:43 am
when a stock goes s der two - bucks, like sprint, 's importan mrtant. bond buyers consedse rthy and we worried what the bhoers wawould d kle @doo o`e coon. that's w wt x ppened. for ri-aid, remodelestoreses were doi better than older ones and wsaw how well r.a.d. was you d in mchandisese througugperiod caof a auccesssul spec. u can buy thutococ at terrific @ @c@s since so many of the big boysnearhem un climb at higher levelsn i dodododoke it at 4 but wake me 8? dedes li als like thidodot coco nd all the time-e- most of f em a tiny stocks most people have never heard o o o and d t yi to catch h tutuaround, tryize tlook for r sectcts that capre the imagination of the crowd. next hot fad.(
3:44 am
we can look at fads, too, then look at t e walltreet shion sow tagain earaings that we saw with lite compaps that make cell phoho compmpentsn 2009 and 201 ththsky work sututntntnd cypress s to name some o ththbiggest oneme saw d sasa it wh oil companies sitting on huge gas ge gasasososngs and d d e thth bids frobig pharma companies or approvals sf new drugs. these specululioio oeno however haha t f life cle of a y fly.y. the trtrk isiwirst alwlws remember to lock in your profits whenenou he thememem@m don't get burned ghen interest -- wheinterest wanes. cut some of it dn. second, second, your losses, those you have to cut before they b come too larg w wn spececou thought sn't panning out, just leave it. when y s sculala you're not tryingngo nd a s sck you can y and forer....yu want s sething goingighe
3:45 am
ananring theheegister,oe't mattf c b bla dot do thawiwi stocks with bad or deteriorating fuentals, that's stud specul weaid weike timemex an biotech forltrades when we did them on speculation fridays. when lightningtruck,k,e said, take all the gains please. eyencrated never lked back. you said jim, you said you loved it. loved it for trades. you need diversification that will potentially allow you to o rack up huge gains. lots of fantastic stocks started at speculations and just because 's bucks doesn't mean it's a monty, it uld a triple waitg happe ba after the break. laundryrcan wreak havoc on our clothes, ruini them foreve sweaters stretch into muumuus. and pilled cardigansbecomes.
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alkatzer heartrnreefchews. eny the relief. all all nit i' been preaching and teaching, tryi to show you how to build portfolio stks that can work in virtually any and every type of markefrom the nasty pket to bears andunning witthe bulls, you will always own
3:49 am
diversification. i y it will alwaysave issue wiwi the portfolio given e relentless mess in europe andind ongoing slowdo in china and getting crushed repeatedly and frequently, i think we got to do a little refining of the coept. what youeally need is a stock in a se geography. at a te the unitedtates is growing more slowly than the restf the world you need something international and not something that does a lot of business overseas, i'm talking about stocba another untry. when the when the rest of the wld appears appears to be fafaing apart and the united states looks pretty good-bye comparison, you need mething that gives domestic curity. what di mean by the concept of domestic security? anything all theay. u can own a company like at&t or vereron or con ed or duke
3:50 am
chain like popeye's or dollar store, d store, dollar genera dolr trade. how about reilers. macy's isn't overseas. home depot pulled back, it's here or reality trust, tanker factory outlet or atf. in tesf international turmoil this slot should be filled wh something all domestic atim of domestic turmoil where the rest of the world is in much better shape where we were in the financial crisis you want town a foreign compan sometimes ititeans foreign company d domeic security depending on the out log. i think you want to go domestic, at least for the foreseeable future.
3:51 am
break. one e y a rider made decision. the decisio de a savavavnene,ecideddtsave nebywihi rcycle insuto gei.. the's sinininmoy. ri on,e oud. ico toycle
3:52 am
ale pms onlyne coe a s a plus 12r stth of i'm . ev f a bette. cam n. ounk gna k k r pressu on the fld? defy expectations an day th always inni. de with exfo.abs x itwe. writththrule waysys at: eakft. di. di. . magedi. divorce. dishes. no (ser dhe t sleengshes. . . shes. death. disheheise. dis shesdishesdisheses. every y sh, ery timeonininh hathe poweweball toake on anythin - it's time you start
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makeeilt yr r [blows whist]moreno > > alalnight i'veeetalklkg out the new versicatioio a way y diverfy by stragy to survive in any marke last but least, , , i ecio in any rsifie portfolio. i n't want it be e %. itiwiw't'tork, way too mh. thinink 10% is the upper limit and co and nsidir gold@as an innce policy. wthililininpocy should be 20% ofnown y y invested. why do i le gold? goldends tgo uwhen evything go dodo. your protection n ainst economic popotical chaos anuncertainty. it can cause t p pce of ld 0to risi- befo you curse me e e bee goasone ing e st up of ars, y wouldn't own a home without heowners insurance e car withomw car
3:55 am
perfrfmingssetetear after year rackinup g consistently after every asset class dddpointed y. it was a win i iortion a long me and now i icooled. owning gold is not about the up side. it can b bconsidererle. pit's'sbout minizininyourisk about t e e side. ny givenoment t t will b a whole host of factors, sectors s om internation aminirals. but none act#like an insurance policy. how should y y own gold? theasiand risky way ththugh etf, spider ld shares % and most people knknn as gld and ns n tall itself and ds a terrif job of trtrking knit. i have faith in it. you cocod potentiay callr broker anduy b blion, the phal barololopposed the buion bars i like in my up. that only makes sense for inveveves thatave a placacto
3:56 am
an at me. pand d can outperform the commodity a period of titiit won'trara ick-step commodidy. the ct the fat'hard tgeout of the nd cheap and aren't a a lot of new mines. that makes the gold mining business powerless. gold minors can screw things up countle different ways, ey have debts and mining miakes i knowell.. theh hshow at mines and expected s srtp delays and everhing seems to go wrong ev if the ocks get hammed. i finallllllve up on t entir oup and decided to s sckith the gld or physical commodity. ttom le, iyou want exposure to goldldnd n n only want it, need it, it's yr portfolio insurancli and everybody should have some, yoyo
3:57 am
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commod accommodat theav .
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try in just you.u. m cramyou te! > > it's id mart8 ngrly to was aoud and raucous mor ci showdown. >>e rerreo myy hands as al i smal i guaranteeouhehe prlem. >> you went tanhattan and s s i'm lyiyi to lhe america opop >> no, yououee the lying guyp here this litite g gd so mh about my record. >> he we go. hee has lied - >>eopl say everywhere go, you seem toe the a alt on the stage.e" >ewsclolores into the instigation o o hillary clinton's emails andhe former aid grteddnini.ty


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