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tv   Today  NBC  March 4, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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we'll be bk with your local netrfic anr duri >> > good morning. sri vitriol and vulgarity. the republican race reaches new lowsuring last n nht's debate. >> he hit my han nody has ever hit my hds.i i ver d ht lo at osnd are ossmalhand >>thny way tecprprident? formerepublican nominee mitt mney is here this morning to talk aut that a his unedted ckn theentt-ru. ond aho, a frd. (urxelusi iervi the man who o me say wants t the savior f f the republicans. winter's lt gasp? mamsive storm stretching from north carolina toew england thth morning. inno alipp utfor io. bu wp is o o the wa
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andrews' civil trial. pdid she @ ove that she'seen dagetohee $75 mi >appeing theaz anher ing debafor whole food this time, for selling pre-elededngesn plastic containers. the outrage forcing the groc t apogize go ba to seinanans the naturarawa today, friday, march 4thth2016. >> announcer: from n news, this is "tay" with matatlauer anvavavauthr livom stud 1in rkeller plaza. . goodmornrng. welcome to o od" on friday morning. >> i i not sure get the whole foods controversy but get the ntroy he rubli rt >> o w wles, recused mylf. i bought the presliced cantalouou and watermelon.
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new lows in the e publican race.donald trump f fing fire from sselloloantete and h pay's @2012 nonineeeemitt romneyfy governororomomy isith us in our studio exclusisely. 'll talk to hiin moment. let's start wiwh nbal coesent pealan here's here toreak down last nit' goododmorninin( youere at thepeech yesterday as well. >> donald trump fended off his rivals and the moderators who challenged his ionsistent positions from theast.t( those were the serious moments but to put thiss mildly, this debate wasboutlly, surrea wiam caing, taunts, flying accusations, including one that we in heheedia jusus cacat fact checkckh >> reporteith the stakes ner higher. >>on't worry about ittle ma >> the blo ket gegeing loweweou're the ar. >> reporter: the show dodo a town, ming down to hand to hand combmt. >> look at those hands. pare they smallands? efto my hands,here all, so someg else must be small.
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i i arantee you. >> reporte donald trp ripping down his opponents t t size. >> thisittle guy l l lso much abououmy recd. >> reporter: the tycoon getting it from both ses.. pivoting to his likely opponent ! this ll. >> i i haven't started on hil t. >> nice tooe withyo meghan >>reat to havavou here. >> looking well. >> rorte and he moved to the middle. >> you have to he some flexibity, negotiation. mhag it a softeningng e position. >> but marco rubiond ted cruz nono softeni their attacks o e front-er's faile bubenessdedegs. like the now defunctrump university that'sandede truru a defendant in class-ac wsuiui >> if w nominate donald, wre going t spend the sprprg -- the fa ahe summer with thehe repuic nomeeee facingg `fraud trial.l.l. >> oh,top . >> with hillary clinton sayg
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foununtion$1,000 >> he' trytoto c into givinghehe theirr vote. >> the realll@rtt is senatotomarco rubio. pwho w electedetnflorida. >> rorter: with ojohn ka stickg to an uplifting message. why'te come togetr as a country, respect one another, love one anoth and lift this country. >> reporter:insieving he'll stay in e race through ohio. it'sch madss and we're adingp north too t place@-- totutu, ay. reporter: hours earlrlrl t partrtineeunleashed an unprececented attack on the 2016 2016 rite he's phoa aud. >> rorter:r: u uercutting the fronnner's key credentialal >> say it, wait, wait, isn't he a huge business spccess? esn't h no he what he'ss lkininabout? no hsn a no he doesn't reporr:ut ttop trump movevent may he b%en stopped inints tracks with trtrp's three
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back himiif he's the nononee. even as they contiti to challenge trp. d dal has tenuouo relaonshipitthe uth. >>hat is w wtou said in the -- >> nald, please, i know is hard not to teupt. >>t's not what you said in theop-ed. breath breathe,brthe. yiyi ted. >> whenn ty're de we yoga,an i a awer r eson. >> you c c eally hohe you don't see yoga on ts stag >>e's very flexible. you never know. >> itll comes dow to the next daydingot nex susur tueuda mch5t when lely leahether donana trump wl b b able too secure the n ninior if t ee t republican rac is reallllll h hdede towardrd ctested conventi. that is a scenaohat romney sme ph r wer urgi republicans to support rubio andasich and cruz elsewhwhe. it's also a suation whehe nothing would stop partyty leaders from adding romney's name to the
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gd pce to stard ti.pover to matt. thanks for the setup, peter. precte it. mitt romney is with us clusuuely. thanksksor joiningngus. >> good to be with you. >>epending w w you lte to this mog,gornor you are aitor whohoroveve tha blishmen o t r rubcan rts so afrai tt the cat control donald trump that th'll do anything to stopim or you'r'r a h ho whoho has finally t is race into perspective. r theeoeenkou'r a ro, thergskg aes. y did wai s slolo ll mebout thetiming. . >> well, i've wanted to be involved innthe campaign, if yououou willll as a bit of arefererewhenheeroulp b b bl to all tmndee if i cat kp op if you will, guided on the path to becoming our next president. theime came wn donald trump'ssoutrage hadched sh evel iimpl ho speaeaout. ime, yet to o eoint ererououourrand kids will say t you, pa, what did you do to stop donald trump? had to get out and speak.
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til hton thiscoy, aormed ninf a partrt i i a scathing takedeueu ptheeavorite too beecomom the xt nominee. tis i i't aypicic front-runner. this is auyuyhoho has sved monts inhis campaign tha woulha dererled y se do youou thi yourppeech will matter? ( >> i don't know iff it willfr not. but inow i couldn't st silent anymore youan't havavsoe wh popocies are so viewewy party bome nominee. someone demonstrated that he doesn't have the temperament or personal equalitiesoo becomom prpridenen >d hangero f coun dgeroro woamericouacked mconomic policy,, fororgn policy, his personali which you call hisis third grate antics, his busisess acumen. isn'e auge busininsss thnote'alng ou no, h n't. nono he doesn't. his bankruptcies have crushed all besse a the men and women whoorkkor them. he inherited his busins. didt create it. let me take you back four ars.
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d list t tthis >> d d dd trump has shown an extrrdinaryybilio understandndow our economy pworkrk toreatet jobs for thehe americanoplele i s mife inririte sector, n quiti as s thiuy but sssss ths. >> tt s four years ago, same romney. >> he's a sssl he's'sada lot of moneyutute hasn't beenfouccel d hsm a business geus. trump university, trump steaks, trump mortge, trump vitamin mpanan oneftotot faeeft@rfae. just becausee'ade l o ne o y don'tsu your l le by how moneyou make. because he'sadeea l l o&o money dodon'ean his ecocomic poliesre r f >> pe w aryre sayiyi helily weldhe endorseuent of donald trump fr years ago, even thohgh he was alread knee deep in the birther
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cendia comments.whgdegrees. >> ieekiis endorsent.t. now he's s sking mine. t h happedn the lt year. y,ad i hea him say the thinin i've h him sow wouldn he wmeis endorsement. whenen i calls grg w. bush a liar,hen he say pins ro and powlllleer, popular with his peoplele. en h mocksepor because of a disability, when he atdks wouen because of their lks metrua cycle. id youou beg him fofis endoemen>> i w wcong endorsement, hpy to have it. i was looking f as many endorsers a i c cld possiblbl have. when it como who wou orttor president,re are lot of folhat endord me i would notantoeesesen >ououdut,ayayg that if the other cdates can find common grod i i believe we
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poci coervatism. ginheur dat lect s, thi mea iwod voteorarar rubio in florida, for john sich in ohio aned cruz orrhichever f otherwoonnds haha t best chance o beating mr. trump in aen stat yoling nhinw ls than supupesonald trumpp movement that will leado eveland and ate conventi. there's no question. m going to do evething with t nmapolitical bounds makuree weon't nomimited trump. i thi he wouleerbl fi f office.. don'hinke hhe temperament to becec president. wantoee o ohe oth re becom nominee. afterarch 1 1h i thinkou'll see itarowow to one or t dentntd to suppo oneb the ading up tarchch 15th, yount mcondedzo ck off and let john kasich winn ohio? you want john sich and ted cruz to back offnd let marco ruo wiorida?
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@onven,owtheillion o o ovoters,ome ofhom have ce t te process in the p for tir te causfond p, how theyoing o feelo have put nald ith lea and wahelimentg o th pty pull the rug out from under him? >> f f f of all, a lot of petablen, gr that donald trump should not be president of the unitet states and don't wan seim be t rlin mineghtow it't' abo 65% of republicans who had like someone else. at's the way politicsrks. u bind pe you or fight fhend the person whooins i the process is tnenehe bou nee. >>ou didn't endororor anybody yestery. that's also aered a lot of ople it can't be aut anybody but umwhwhiddo% >> t are pple on the stage who a endde and e fries, a fo including donald trp. i want toee how they -- >> is he a friend of yos. >> wgealong. iioubt we'oi t tspend a lot of time together now. wewel s on march 15th,, i thi
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th poin i w uldn't be srped if i endorse one of those g >>otorsingomeo now, governrn,av yououef dr en just widenohou to dehrouou it on@ whihe rse? do y y wantto be considered as an alternative toave t if i gsown to a coted nventionn july? > no,, no theeo w c sav t pa uz,arco rubio or john kasich. 'reoing to get a sense th aew dof that rson m ll beuprting that`terson and doing everything can to ke seyec t nomifff part >> i'l'l be stuobn on@ this under anyny circumstances, rnor, ifum people in tablishnt wing theepublican party ce t you and say, mitt, you're the y canavehehe day. de any circumstances would you be aart of this presidenale a caate? >> the ate no circumsta i n fosee thatouossibly happen.
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>> no reasoblecenao i ulimaginin>> clolodoor, sher on . you will n r for president. >> am not runnior president and i won't run for pesent.t. the tetm establishne is real stak inamubcael conservivvalues, people r bld /notb, have watched going . what's happe with donald ump, is recognizing peoplare gr a they shoul be hehe channelled that anger in a way that will not helpkifaesthe aretherepubli w will lt peopleut of povert creatat good jobs for t t americanpele lestion, these id hee cled each her losers, lilis, sweaters, erhevee f`nf ea otr's appeararce,,he size of their eaea, the size of their hands. rddeten tnes. isrene personunning on the replican side in your ionnho hn@ the b bge adadt and the most presidential? >> well, it's veryleo toson who' bn t allest adult.
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he h taken personal, physical attrtrut tres fun of op o bis tghgyt thecampaign. some of t t candadas are sayi i have to return fire. laght, he kept pointin at marco o bio o d sayinih little ma l ltle rco. this is a nn ididtiicnd simply ong. i think john kasich is sang, i'm not going to d at bueczehafant toecom thenomie( you've got to procute thepposn welelal lififyououe. wouot for hillary clinn or sit out voti a opposed to votingor dd trum i w wn't ve f don trump. and i wouldn' ve fororilry clinn. v forur nominee.e. i expect tt nominee to be a real consvave, reareblic ovnoritt mney. ippciat you coming in this s morninin t yo matttt nicollllwalle here.
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dict for psident george w. sh you d't like do tmp, imime was catharticic toear that. doouhit wasassuasive sebody who dsport donald trump. >> peggy noona writes in a auti p iee " reournal" ts has happed.. e repuan pty i ibr, estahmspt with the seour party. she makes the brilliant point you can get a neww estaishmt. you cet aew base of theh rty. we're aa momen wre i think it's perilous to indicthe wi a the ce of ndreds of thohoan o republicananprimarigoers. it was a b bve speech to go outan makecike that after people have starard to by many republicans. st spepeing to t decided, t pe who h
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trumum w be cheereded by his words. donk hee thrououoo e peoeoe a insred and animated by trump. >> on thother r ha,'s's still a lotf vototg. we'llee how rublican primary voters u uimately comee down, thou there's norstion do tth frounner >> >>'sk about the debat r a mome what do you thh? does itov ed? do i e matatr@ anymore? >> i do thihi we neede when aozeakak referenc tthe size of any of their body parts,hey have to give a delegate@ to john s er"ature ofs makess hard to watch with your ki. ialdo sneho w watching with their12-year- daughter,, cring through the whole thing. the partyas to lks partyty weeshe elence to the office. >> it's t hat you're e ? drop a delegate invery @me. >> yeye a a theocratic dede develoentsto hillary clinn's e-mail cocororsy.y. fedal employeehod t u u aanage trivatete serv ioopepetingith`he fbiow that he hasmuty
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atate has turned over secy frolinton's logs. tosf a prite e-e-ilerver thihih serving as secrary of state has proroted an iesti i whe e oths in her administration mishandled classifiedinformation. ht. s lking o a secd ago, sning here in new yo,ust a little. passing roh? tt'ghitil a qui hihier. as we takee a look, lewis, deware. there's quite a bf snout isti f the most pa. slushy surfacece with b schoooo delays fromm t t washington, d.c. area up into@ the new yorkea. this w wl b b auiitr foror post rainight along t coast, snow, all the way up int and. tys ps u and ay, it willtensify. biggest thi wll s is mbe sosotrgerwi fact,al force winds out there from maine to the cali tlays..
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pretty quickly and we'll be leftt with much cooir h in th heast. other btory ts weend,d,e are looking at heavy rain, making iay i cafo or the nt s s s days. ne five days. seven inches of rain in northern-calirnia tnche d rough los angeles. pmuddw and debrisisw going to be abig,g, b b le we g to your local fecast coming uin the next 30 secos. my griisyes old.she'en eating dog chow from her very first d anshe can ill ase sqsqrrrrs. she can'cath, but sh castill che ... after 17 y y y i'm'mtill nfidenenin feeding h h doow becse i tig aly inies
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got a bigmuich we'll talk about in the ne half hour. >> iaw aixexek aw seven. >> i s a six a a raiai you a seven. >>let not t kel's job. we'll gegesenar rubio's take on last night's debate anmi romney's call to tionagt >>erer andws' 5 millio civil trial is heading to the jury. poibly as soonto 'rcothouse first, this s "day" on nbc. >> there are no ciciumstances i
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jus >> just ahead, one of the key plersn simimon trl. martha clark realshehe pain e stiti@i f fls oveve t not il vdi andndnd wha inks a a a ti rise. >>alal,@ lifeftererss. is thereht t@me t@ movov
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yocan d it, it t lpin ttheloun udential ingpyour challges i thwhen peoplbout care scared think t's s. i thinit's impeverne to owhat there is so much re to o ry suppo an stitias youeabobo. that these residenen still have l les and their lives stililmatter and that they are still living their lives.@ that they'reot locked away and thatathey y ill haveve lototto live for, you k kw, tha th have pepele tba
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thats what i disisor good friday mo good friday morning!t almost half-pt t hoho, m shel corell with thth tod sw update... new toy... rara springs policarar looking twtwsuspts who tackeded man -- dudung robbery..... it happened earlylthis morning nearar1st-a.don.n. police sayheictim m ing ononhe street whenwomamas ran up from behihi and assauld him... before stealing the victim'sp bag. the victim h only minor ininries. s spects arardescribed as hispic malesesn t t r tw with shortark irir. . . if you know anathing you're e d to calpolicece sti ihihihicks off toy.. to briululstrereth beeeeeed wine to grocery store elves. your choice colorado is behind .tanananosososvovoed say aowinininii sasapaf fhe alala grer will ultely
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ana generarllil dpdars in sales.p ballolrspols to o ft the on fstngtgeer and ne sas grocerytores could go to a statewide vote in november. and a memeininto stop gagagaga vivience i ipueblo i i ipppppp ghghgh e e bl is inintntntn a aend d gigigigiasasasututut to cucuthe ngononthty reenom t po lilieptnththe evlo boxing acamy)w, hebe yoy'd'de to.. uta( try lififministries urch. chief morning meteorologist -- stephen bowewe j us now with a ok at our locacforecast... sthen. wl rmm ans sh -ore degr or two - between 7 aanwi hh cl fteri e no hcowiths coradspris an alstarar po. than70s stay th usuuhis ternoon. pm, we llback in the s ans. keclou m b a stray shower tnorn el pa tyr nohernellecountytwn 8 pthen i'm shellene ckrell wi this
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7: nn thisda rninit'sheth of march, 2016. by the way, tenays from now, a oncertn rolerr h one of ge ndss in wo coay ispo hit the sta% mongaych 14th. - art makinggour plans to onn the plaza rightnow.w. svicennouen t ouri family, don't call us. we'll call s ghe phone sta rinng right nd now.w. >> exacy. >> inside studio1a,e's lot theto makakg headlines. miiore kiptld the st w wtestorm ofhe season. rain and lig snow @romthcaca ue rthehs in to get al's'sorect just ea
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detroit las nht f f t t rerereican presidential candidates. uz and rurioedp the efforts t t te down the rutrumum the big news, trump dending thtize of hishand he kept t tki a t t newsn e stat om. hands and -- >> see how beautifuly h are? thosere powerful hands. t g club 2 s proud to ho my hands up. the arliticians. pthey say thing and make things ow, you have to clearp th >> tsrn see suseesti hillary clinton was the real winner of thehdebate. e stt memes mockinger rivals.. including one asking, how many more of these do whaveve to sit through?h? >> sometng else tt ca hehebate. mittmney's s l lel trumpp as tor o a danger to the gop a t . mine was wit u u inur lastalal hour and askedimhy
7:32 am
involved in the race. >> i wanted tnvolven th@campaign i you will, as a t of a ree. whenreel s, b le t tall tm andf i i can keep people guiden e th t becoming o o next idenen theimeame when donald p's h reah a that i simpl had to ee >> romney said he'll do everytng i& norlolitical bounds to stop trump fm bei nonote > wve a lot to talk about % with our next gues senator marcoo rubio. good to see you, sir. >> g morning. >> youeally let d d l thaitalli h h a arst, calling himim a fraud, sayi dsn't rynomuchut foreign polic and s uncuriouxo lear someinggappened at the efthe deba. u rose youou h h andsa s, i he's t t mi lluppo m. howw do you square those thin? >> i get that. it thehe quandary we're .we rcansnseel t tt
7:33 am
that's heis i would look at that ass a refltion of howow bad s is, not as goodmp i at's what nt t d.d& i d want us tomee soehaeopl hebe kedhis question about a e time. if this s aone else, any other candidate tha ran for prt trasn e psition t trumpstoday, ion wouldoteing there' a r rnntheuestn i#i asked. there b significantt percentage of people i ourur party at wou ner vote he's vgar a,soas lici ideaea one heas outlinedre eithanrous or unious. we're in a bad spot >> wn pus ce o shove,ou you to thelo box vote donald trtrp.p. yeyeye i know. lo, nototing f hillary clinton. `i it.. looo understanou qution. n --s the touhh spot itt upo avoi i't wan us to h he a nominee t p pple hav to
7:34 am
yyytete onl w tvo that is@ unif a aund a campaign like mine, b bause ian bring the partyyogetherrnd grow it.. we're n ^ going to beble to doat u u d ddtrumum bed tssuestio in octobebe if t ts i# the mood in october, we'll los hilry n. th w he does prly ain e polling.g. >> mitomomndorse sttegy, not a canhidate yesterday. he said, donythinggotop trp. rubio in florida. si incrwh youhink hll be th wi. hat your strategy too right now? are youyi,,he best'lll be able tot do athis point i iet it t cononstedconvention, eanete i e? no. lo m s segy is vote for me in florida but vote for me everhere else, too. i wanteople to vote fore everywheelse.thsbo a cst elecon perse. nonone i aimimggoardthat.
7:35 am
the degaga masses, if things contue the way thearenono d they mno but t tcontinue t wheheare, i ill f anynnhealdltt to get to 1,237 delegas. atoesn't mean a bked nvnvtiwi. you c haveeo tha g samown e stretcherehas a l nunu of delegates and b bngs everyoogetherrfho agrees this is an unusual race.. there's aiety in the takendvange t to t o t amb, wre he's portraying himself as something he's not. he's injecd a l o olg lgnevulgarnesso the caepaign that we've never s sn before. >> in the date last night, there was lototf tal aboutut te size of hds and what that correlates . i know donald trumps no stran insult, but a l, in fa,, senator rubio, you are the one who introduced this particular insnsns int ourur potica diourse. e you sorry you went er >> , ease, donald tru has spent a year doing this on
7:36 am
in fact,here is not a speech or debate that donald trump does thateoesn'tersoyl nd`rry off smebobo s somethi t t t t t a guguguguho neeee to be stood uptoto by the way, i i response t an attack against me. i didn't do it last nighgh didn't do itpeatedly penene time bebeuse theguis ahetorica bully. he mocks tdibled, m meses fun of minorities and won, makes fun o journalistst his other ndidat ev lasnit, he wased abor policy. s response w a personal attack against me.. this is going to be the nominee of the republican party d the pridenof t unistates? meaneeasas dos tu the m mtortata election in generationnto a ciusnd a freak show. i wanthatt to end, and il continue to worofor thaha t t d.@ enatrrubi can hear in your ice,at nit, early morning, thank you for your time. appreciatetitit tu. >> all the guymust be tiru
7:37 am
let's get a check o othe weatherrom al >>,announcer: today's weather brought to you by edward jone wheree aentition and soundd ae is a bigig deal. p>> we're lki fofngngin our republic sit r t tperature situati that may spell the d of the winter storm. chilly over he northeast a a great kes. dada tperatus will bebe to degrees below averagerom jacksoille up to chica and out to new york and into newew england. satuay, the warm air is cong.. on more day o cr t t normal temperarares in the northeast. 5 to 15 above average spills the east. by ndayayvelala is upo o 45. ind memphps, 69. monday, new yorcity, . 67 in uisville asas go the, we'll be lking attr
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andd mid-atltic >> tt's >>hat's yourr latestweather. matt? ,hank you verymuch. closingrgumentsetting unay torningn th $75 llion lawsuit broht by spor reporter erin andws overerhe leaked@ video secretly recordedt n nhvil hohol. an radfdfd has bee coveringg the trialor. gogo rning. >> good morning, matt the jury cldet thise a early as toda at whichpoint, ey have t decide whetr, in fa,,f s sreshelame for the secrey recorded
7:39 am
andrdrs has sufred and, three, whetherrjt was worth a p penti55llion.>>ortrr: day, thett chance forororn ews' legeal te to cviviehe jury that her staer video left her emionanay damage > en arewswsas sufd and ntinues tot suffer serious mental injury and horribl mental anguish and otiona distrere. . . >> repepter:he d d dse aueue ifift is t se,,,,tasn't rtrt career. ououououee witheha her carr is not -- no thring?>> s.s.s. >ororr: palme teifieddyde so t e defefee @ououryryriririthth andr has so dag ththatathththtwork. >> how does she rate, as far as 4 arus`sivinporters@ worken r career amonw thebest yes. >> if@ n t best? >> yes. >> that truep b t cident in 2009? yes.
7:40 am
fefee sayss t t t hototot shoulul t tpapa >> emotional strs without phical i iuryantttatetete a clm. epepally t t f dkedj s'stalalrl mic brrertras s. dn't$e hh andrews' rook mberer >> i would not give informion out. eptrr: drs' lawaw sayheotel gave out took nuer,inarbf sht to. sothin andwsayss wil nene geter. >> i kno i'motne. tnk about it erydada>> thehey is gen glines sguin owowo aesotl dmage buttsn't mea they >>hank upexgh-p ia mart cpesut atheo.on y d dadr,'s blamg hseor t % roiaoutce. andntrsy
7:41 am
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7:45 am
i d dn't thi w w going , to bonhu. didtnkld b the living of f e nightmare.>>ara clark. > think she's a genius and ve alway bee a fan of. ii watchit and i reafayy od. >> do you have enough evidence to cvict j. mpmp f see. rteacac i 1994, wheh ee mrs occurred,lark had no idea what she wasng in. ginnnnnef t dectives f fst mentioied the ime suspect. >> he kwho i o. simpn. who i thatat >>ou'ree not football fan? >> wn' a b bootbalaln. kno he`is no >> i i ieo.n r. >> reporr: cla been assigngn t t casehehe simpson led pice on the infamous owowede.shays sheuickly s ssed prosececing him would n be ea awhe pey theided
7:46 am
this is notot good. andd i i i gavee me a full onw o what wwe up ains >>sctiakakak m dn i i i@ he. >> reporter: simpsonas arrested and chaed dor double murder. >> how do ylead forous one i plead0%ot guil. >> reporter: kris nnnile owowmpson's best friend, suspected siuison was guilty, peallyer nolee t t t h a shoing secret weeks befofe the murders. >> things are rllyadween j. and a h g , a a he's going toet awaw with it. >>eporter: at trial, cla yshe ououout calalalner to teteify becauau her story w hesay. st pcurs felelhead a slam dunk casese sesen blood a dnaevce >> theod dw you re,, 4 maed with the ite number 112, mahes
7:47 am
>eporter: t t case was alsls &-ababt race sos attorney,,ohy cochrana woulu be able to undermine the state's evidence pwithth simple but memorable line. if it doesn't fit,ou mus acquit >> repter: thenn a a a eightht longngonths- >> we the jury n the a ave entitledctioion n t defefeant not gltlt of the crimim of murder. p>> do you blame yoursf foror this? always do. i do. it was physilapainful. it w w w n justice. >> reporter: nbc news,os angeles. on n casion, we've allalked out goiackfdfdreliving moments we coved dg se. juju imagine w wt it'sike to go bacac a a look at it whennou were so intimatelel ivedd in . >> and how everyone's life change after t trial. she, by the way,egan working in privatepracacce. she laud a caree as a a writit and has new book,
7:48 am
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7:56 am
,,,, glal you'r'rwi glad you'r'rwiths! cing up on the top of the hour now, i'm shellene cockrell with this today show update... fefefhters are h%ading back out this morning to babale a 300 acre brush fire burning in pueblo county. right now the aze e ar avondale is 85-percent contaiaid. ews say they're making significant progress... asas we've been reporting... structures are threatated. inveveigats say the fifi spard d wednesday when wind knocked d wn a per line. the colorado springs fire depapament getting ready to sagobye to itstchi today. chfechriley's career has spanand 35 years... he's bn with the springs dement achie for three years, before th -he was with thpueblo@a fire department fosen years. springns mayor john suthers won't discushe reason n y riley is retiring -- because it's a personnel matter. chief riley will receive an 80 thousand dollar sevence package. in honor of the resiliency andnd strength of the pikes peak region after two deadly shooting
7:57 am
last year... from here on out... today wi oicially be kno as "march four and conquer day". el paso county commissioners announced the proclamation yeerday at a meeting... chief morning meteorologist -- stephebowers joins us now with a look at our local forecast... stephen... we wl warm fro30s and 40s to 60-ish - give or take a degree or two - between 7 am and 10 am with high clds filtering the sun. the noon hour comemewith lower s s ound corado springs and almost 70 0 ound pueblo. those 60s s 70s ll statawith this afternoon. by 5 pm, we will be backckn the 50s an60s. thicker clouds may bring a stray ower to northern el paso county or nonohern tellerecounty
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
's p >it 8:00 on mingp, finng lovafte loss. facebook exec sheryl sandberg's rumored romance months after t t deh of her husband sarks a debate online. so b ven? get y eth. car winner, mom and entrepreneur gwynethaltrow jos us livivfor the first time in aut aece to talk fa, fafa a facing t e future. anlendin la ounmu loly celedtea brandmw w bum with a live perfmance of one of her assics today.
8:01 am
don le i lot ood rn >> lououiana lov "today". >> all t way from mississipp cebrating our eighye versary. >>ayods mymyirththy. #60inthecity. >> celebrating m m11thirthday. love you,`dad.d. >>elebrarang oururweet 16 in pnew yorkity. >e're b >> we're bk no 8:8: o oa frididididning. 's the 4th day of mah, 2016. we've got so sw falling in new york cy and many parts of e e stoa. a little wind. noo d.i o y, end py on. >> that's right. just aad mem
8:02 am
ten do w w sasa let's get outuu our cameras a aake a p ptu ththuest on e s s s y, loret lynere we'll gedeououpictur. we have news about wrangler. a aear has gone by sisie we rolled out the carpet for wrangler, puppy with purprse. k froay wrangler wl be leaving us too to hisext step in higuide dog training.. that's nexexfr. wrangler will spd six months with a formal l ide trainer and ortl after that hopeful g placed w@th a aerson he wiwl gogo on to he. >>rale please wrwrwr >e'trying to h h snowfle on his nose. >> it's l for a great t use. thth helel. >> yesesit does. >> natal has aheck of th p stories. we'e' going to miss wrangngr. the publican presidential cacaaign heads io a crucia stretch afa pre ti debate that turned into a brawl.
8:03 am
"today" intew answerer questions about t tering raimself. haie jackson i#)inetroit for us. good morning. >> reporter: g/gmorning, talie. is showdown own n ovg g justow w wit t republica party is. donald trump pushed on his past positions ashe f fntrunner, faced ala,the fire. even after 11 gop debates, this moment, unprentete >> a he referred tmy hands. ifhere small, something else muste small -- i guarantee you, the's no pro.. i arare you. >eportete donald u below beltltnd under fire om all sis. ( brerehe. breathe. >> when they're done wityoga, can i answer a question? >> y cant. >> he's very f fxiblblso you never kn. >> reporter: trump targeted even befofo he totohehstage by former republican n nee mitt romneyey
8:04 am
>> reporter: romnenetelling matt -- >> i'm going to dovevething within the normal polititil bounds to make sure we don't mina dd ump.p. thhee teibly u.fitit fofice.i donon think he has the temperament t be present. >> rorlrr: and r romney this mornin insisisng to matt that wououn't considerring iifhe race camam down too contestedd convention, but not completely closinghe door. >> there are no circumstances i n foresee e ere that would possibib happen. >> rororr: the stototrump movement extending to the detestage. marco rubiand tetecruzaking m. >e's tryi to con people into giving thth their vot justike he conond these e ople into ginem their mon. >> let me ask the e ters at hme.. is this the debate youout playing out in the general elececon? reporteohn sich lookiki to stay above the fray. >> let's stop fighting. reporterf eveveafter all the fighting - - >> don't worryrybout litite marco. >> gentlemene gentlemen. >> reportjr: a the eandidite answering t t sasahen asked, would d u support the nominene
8:05 am
rereblican n ninee for esident. yes, because i gave my word at i wld. i il support donald if the blicanominee. >> the ansns, , s,`, 7ill. repepter:r:ubio is telling savannah this morning that his willess t support trump if he is theominee rlects just how bad hbelievesesillary pclinton would be es prpridenen romn says he may endorse rubio or cruz z kasish but hinted i i obably won't come until aftet the march q5th primiry. >> hallie jackson in d%droro thank you. it appearshe obama famil be@ leaving washihin right after they leaea the white house.e.e. redede said o thudayy that they'y' probly s sy in d.c. foror@ couple of years hi youngng dauger, sasha, c finish h hh s sooe. she'14-year-old frfrhm. g sister malia shoululbe off c clegen the prprident's trm end the obamas also own a house i chicago. medical examinereveale - th morning t tt bby riina brown died as resuluh ofoher face@b@bng immersed in
8:06 am
inxixition. the dog of singersrs whihiey houston and b bbyrown was found unresponsive innn a batht inin atlanta area home lt year and she died in hospice care in julu. a medical examin says marijuana ancohol were involved in herath, along wi medications used forizizion or t ttreat anxiety. totowould haveveeen her r rd birthday.y > a shoplifter took hit while making his gaway. police are still loooongor thth man who, caught on camera nning from a s sth carola walaart. ok as heeooks overis shoulder --- then m! rightohat passing suv outside. heheot r r r back up andndepon g. popoce say he had taken about $40 worth of m%mt without payi it thth had to hurt, th blow. guys? wowegin >> normally you'd feelelelorry for sobody. th circutsdcesesesnge gs >>et'sakoo n nnd
8:07 am
photos, of febook coco sheryl ndrg t tt t paraing a scussion abo los a h dating. >> totoy's erica hill iss here with tht`tstory. >> goo mororng to you. sheryl ndrg's moving cebooo postwhich we remembebe afr thsusuen death o o her husban last year, showed an ouwuring of suppt. as she apppprs to bebe movovg on, new misssse agememeages are p pringng in. reporter: the n n york ptt claims she's datinin bby ntick. spat h sparkeded reactionn onlnne. while someuestion the timing, e ajororor have fn pppptive. > goooo f f her. ng to find happiness again. personall think it rher soonut theagai dferere ople see things ffffentl all of us walkk own path, travel o own journey, leave the judgingthe courtrt systems and buty pagean.
8:08 am
>>hereres no time frame of when it' rightr wrong or whehe meoneebhould start dating. >eporter: sandber has bee open aut her grief,haring hearart pt one mthdter he huandgsdeatht i tnk wnhragege rs, she wrote, it esents a choice. you can e in to the void, the ( emptins that fills yr art, orou can try to inin meeting. when i can, i wanto choose life and meaning. the words triggeredn outpouring of support. sandbe spoke with savannana about the response. i think lssnd tryg t@ il andresiencecet'ss a gegeart of the humanan ( condndioio children and have worked so hard t rebuild our lives and findappine andnd joy a a gratitudud again. i think support o o stranrs and our friends made a hugeh difference. >> repororr:r:uppopo that is essentialltvery steteof the grieving process. >> as c cche as it is, l le ds
8:09 am
meanss finding another lifelong partner.r. so being suppveveeing curious,rying to get to knono what i that relatiohip thththe attttct to4 b@ just be curiousnd pporti. >> we did reach out tocebobo. undersrsrsabab, the company declined to comment.erall, thereas a aot of support and a lot of people onlili saying howondedeul i i is. you know at? at the end oe day, it's not r business. >> tha right. whatever does, i hope ople'searts are w wh her. family went through somumu you wanteopl to find cocoortn whatever way is best t for th. >>agre >> era,nknkyou. m u next py l apparently ientifically desigigd totoet worororothe process of gives bibih. seriy. notice anynying unusual abt these oranges?s? why they're landing whole foodsds in a little bit of tro todada >> w whave a rararar visit to studio 1a fromh g gneth paltrow.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
kk .9% ofms fromll surfaces. that includess counters, toils. tahreesecond boeing says theight literally makes the microexplod ioo oblivion. your heart just exexexed,,att, didn't it? pp yoy wanttt t ts i i yourr house,e,, right? >> this is just a prprotyp t now. whyy not bathe the w wle plane in it? >> exactly. >> sesend,hey say it' new technogy. we've been usingit have, fofo yearsnsn >n myyyy drereing . >> looktt at. >> i have to w wr goggles when i go jt's lee"lawaw and order" scene up there. >> i thi this is seriously, e plathg, fantastic. thing elsep now, the whole foods backlashh w mentionen earlier.r. last yeye, t f company was
8:15 am
watert6 a pop. thissn't aboutprice, it's astic. awitter user posd this pho, showing prepeeledranges bebeg sd in p pstic containers. crcricic say it prproteses lazhhssss andlas whole ods' eco-frnd o@tefinitely o mistake. we hear youou and wiwl leave them ininhe natural ckaging, thehe pepe. that item wawaelling f#f $66 a pounun >> wow. >> thoho are expevsiveve orges. think o e team of pple that peeled allse tout out there. >> a a we tt lazy, 7 can't l an oranan? >> don't theyo t with melon all ththth it't' big and you canan carry this is momo portable. >> i'm not going to@udge people pfor lazineses in the kitctcn. notoingthe. >> it's an orge >> i don't love p pling oranges. $ men in bor, ou may be able
8:16 am
yoyocan thank spspify chch. theusic streaming service releieeded birththg plala lili. it's's one of the tracks. having m baby >> no, thahas a goodd o dgh. nderprre"" by queennd david bowie. >> that's` good one. >> spotify said this s a scientificically dignene . ey compilet wit an ob-gyn. >> pearl m. "just brthe." >> rics,tay with me, let's's juju breathe. > myoctor askede when had a scheduled c-s-stion,ha music i waed.h iandspringststn. >> dorah id, if y y don't turn thatoff, i'llil you. >> they asked what musicic i nted a couldn't think of anything. pit wasoo much pressure att the moment. > what song? clasascal? >> first songh they' ever hear. >> t's a lott of pressur to get the song right. know.
8:17 am
jenner and her surising pick r @ident.t. jennifer l lez addresseser feud wiwh anoth popop va carsonon >> rst, caitlyl jenner declarg her pk for president. i ke ted cruz. 's conservive and a gat nstitialisand is ann- artilate man. shelsoaid h hsnene of the worst when it@omes to trs sueses shshs offerer to be a a ambassadoretween h and the anscommmmity.% >> jennifer lez and her alged feud`it mariah carere yearsgo, maraah was asked about j.l and said,quote, i don't knono her. of course, everybody knows jenny fromomheblock. theadies wentead to head with competing showsjnas vegas. pwend willilissked j.lo about it. >> havav you ever put on rubber nono and pair of s sglasses ad hat and gone to c cck o
8:18 am
shows. i s s everydy. i didn't s e mariah b bausese she hadn't stataedyeyeye > whwhwhwh >> i i sawawaw britney. >> i'm playing. that whatararararaid a aut jennifif one time. i'm not tinggo sayanything. . >> she'sforgetful, iguess. we've met m mytimes. >> j.loay b towing aittltl her wawa depends how you read into tat. she plans on seeing -- shehe going to o ee mariah show when r schedele clclrsrs thouou j.l.o is busy finay, jim llon. we're s eingg showsike "full house updated. it was parar o othe tgif lineup back in the day. "family matters." so jimmy was insnsred t do
8:19 am
ththay is done wor ordsds gone crazy, butles arar w wtiti y y kw wre to go my fallon, "the tonight show" and you >> so good. >>ove it. >> i i would watat that sitcom. >> that is yr p stt. carson,nk you. mr. rokeke0 'dike us to dothat. at befun. were all right, we arar lngng athe threat of some severe weath startingngngng earlyt teek... pso, sunday, a few storms develop through tasn intoo oklahoma, but nn i i really gege poppipi withrms from minta to texas, some severe. isolatatdd tornadoeses cannono be led out. andk what h hpensn esda aide swawawa stretchinin fromt.ou all the way down to cors risti. severe storms very likely,
8:20 am
this wililbe`ehe of highest risk.,,,,, >> thahas >> tt's yououatest th's youatt weather. ma? >> alnk y yy much. is there anything that car-wiwier g gneth paltrow m n't do? herareerhhpanaed movies, music and recently business ith helilistyle e and. yneth gwynet nace tooee you. gooddtdt s s you. >> i loobackckav't beere inn year >>s ue >>id i grund say somethingtupid to y thehe lasas titi you wer here mosos lily
8:21 am
been goin lifefe t with 1 yrs ll, i don't w to b be@ you ts earlyn t t t moinin but yeah, i've beenoingng a lo i moved from l ldon to liforniandtarted a business and - - >>owyouuikebusiness?? you ow, ok,tws o o thing to act and have criti andll that uff. it's another thing to pour your 0 heart and soul in a business. it's not natural for aot of pepele. did u find it ceasily to you? >> you know,, it's been vy steepearnin curve. iieallyove doing it. i'm very e ergized b b itit is ver chalnging. 's veryexciting. >> areou vy hands-on? >> oh, cocoletely. itit my 24 fococ right now. so, the priorities have shifted? in other words,hatau up thisce ,, and actingdbnd music@ arereown hre?? >> for t t te being. i mean,e took some investmtmt laststyearar so ason asse e d othehe peoe's money, irealized i'd reaeayettete focus onn t ts complete. so, i'llletet acting probab,,ut probably not right w. >> andou're evevving. you have theifestyle an yohave now skin care. >> we do.
8:22 am
were y ythe? >> i wasn' ther i wasas homen mas.s. >> so wasasi. nny. ou watah a let now,w, a a yoy l the skin care ce? >>o. du l at the redt andk at ass a acts thththh,heul someththg aboutse wnklesor tyeeconcle no evybody loo prere good, leles facac @ @. w a p ptt gooded cacaet. >o you finin peopl coming up you on the street and asking vice, ng, now t tt you've in the business, how do i look? > think at, wre very muchike a trustedfriend, so people, as an extension of e brd, comeo me and aske for tipip o travel ts or health or wellness, bebety. soso it'ssar ofhat i now. waseading sososoing, i think it was "glamour" gazine -- don't hold me to that -- and you kd of fought back againstst some criticismn picing. it seemseecided that since this s important to you, you'u' not going to letple y things that d agree with. >> well, i think people who are
8:23 am
open toriticism a learning more -- but people who are going to critici should have all of th empiriral ininrmatioio t s we'reo expensive whenen actually havee a rge across all price poin, you know. >> likik theheay you put . havempirical informatiti. know what you're talng about --- exactly. > ishat you'v really saying.. i saw some picturessot lg ago, super wl. >> uh huh. >> and obviously, cocoplas the halftime t. >> yes >> and thehe w areat pture of, think was applet the game. rs of all,l,efore i get too the pictcte, what is it likeo ke your kids t t the serowl d have themookp andee dad otagege at timeme incrible. 's also a lite weird that your f fst f ftball gamee is that, youow? so, how do yo also counteract that and you know,nstill that life is#not tha allll the ti? but t w so proud of him, d itasucorges rforornceryupliftanhehe werethried. th wer veryprprd. theture tt i saw --i saw one where ihink apple wasp holdidi bonce's daughter's%
8:24 am
- >> uh huh. %% >> there's another picturere off you apape. and canan i j jtt say, i mean, it't' amazinin mean she loooo j likee her mm. >> w.w. >> i'murehe looks a little like her da chs, aswell, but she lks just like you. >> she's -- welf, she's a wle he lele shs amazigirl sh reallyis i thinkhe other t tng i i ally ledbout s singhe pictures f fm the superowl isit says thahaha despite allhat's -enentten andndaiddboutut the reretionshshoming apart, you two still really support each other. >> yes. we're a family y y know? though e're not in a a rorontic relationshipipe're uemily, a a w l le totototo things to reinforce tt we're a family for thehe children,or ea ototr, and hehe lik my other.he's'seally -- i'm v%vyylose to himi >> when the tal started about the uncoling,id y/u/u/uee it coululyou not r rddhe articles? cod you not read s siul media? >> i don't tend to read a lot offf at sortff thihg.anan i mean,n, viously, i knew it was gogng on --
8:25 am
>> -- because it was kin of a big -- i unwittingly created a whole sort of hooooa with choice of words. it wasn't myy words, actually i was sortf followowg a th. but y know, it was a a very intenseimim for ur famimi, and ththe asmotions were very high andeepp and a over t t place, so i just triri to kp nono all that mataers? >> that's s l that mattersrs >> coldplay coming tohe showx fre i i a coupl of weeks. know people. >> great, thank you. >> iight beebl tget you in, just letting you ow. 's sood to ve you back. >> nice to be here. >> don't make it so longex . >> thank you soomuch. i wowot. let's g g to sasannan. a right, fro gwyneth to a a livivi legend, loretta lynn is here do you k kw h excxc evevybodyppis? lke, everyone's'sot tir cameras upv they want seseies! t's go getet one.
8:26 am
we lu, loretta! you, loretta. good fdadagood friday morning! at almost half-past the ho, i'm shshlene cockre wh this today show upda... new today... corado s sings police e looking for two suspects w w w attqcked a man -- - ringng roroery... itappened early this morning near 21s1sand-sheldon. policeayayhe victim was s lking on the street t en two les ran up from behind andassasated him.n. befofo saling the victim g. the vict had only minor r injuries. both suspepeardescribed d hispanic males in eir twenties with shortark hair... if you knonoanything you're asked cpolice. a statididitittive kicksksff day.. . to bring fulstreth band ne t tgrococstore elvese your choiccoloras behind .. and ose invo sayllowing the sale of e alcohol in grocery stores will ultimamama help phe ecomony saying itill add jobs and generate millions of dollars in sales ballotropols t tlift thean on full strengtheer and wi^e
8:27 am
a atawide vote in november. ana a etinto sp gang violence in pueblo is happening tonight.the public is vited to attend and gigi ideasasbobo h to curb the gang situationn thcityty representatititifrom the pueueo police departmenand d e pueb boxing a@ademyill be there. if youou le to attend... stas atat.. at t victory life ministes church. ief morning meteorologist -- stephen boborsoins us nowith a lo at our locaforecast... stephen... will rm from m s and 40s s 60-i - g ge or t he a deee orwo bween 7 am and 10 am with high ouds filtering the sun. ththnoononour comes with lower 60s s ound colorado springs and almlml 7around pueblo.l. th60s an70s will statawiwi this afternrnn. by 5 p w wll be back@k in the 50s and 60s. thicker c,ay briri a strar shower to rthern el paso county or northe t tler county betweepmpmnd 8 pm this evening.
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8:29 am
8:30 am
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it's now,w,friday,arch 4th, 20.. weave areatat cwd on the plaza. it's oartyyy crowdwd b bause it d dinitely gting a littlee snowy,slipry. litttf b of something for everybodod by the way, inde, ms. loret lynn we arereso so exci@ed to & herherer e a lege. she'sn icon.
8:31 am
and,boy, does shehe still h he it. we'v bn hring her rehearse this mornin erybodydytso goo aven but nonody wants to die >>hehe singsgst bettererhan us. anememr of "day" shares her luck a an internshshsh she'llllininrview o "queen suga plus, we'll c cch up wit ld mal winninggymnmnts, marereyou tttt catteonand nasa uk. > rsolrweher. a a lot weather,eavy rain from ctral californi to the pacific est. ndy i plains. nsnsne through the lf lel%s outut sunday, sunday! eastn o thirds-thirds of the try, looking od. nsne returns to thee southeast.
8:32 am
california into the inner mountainin on,cascades, rockies. a lotot wet wea hea snow in n e cascad. they mayee 2 t 4eet befor it's aer. at w w > >> i have f fendsds here frothee ha aletiti traing society. they all look like they're in great shape. erouou . st be ing. these n folks orre whwhismmy and leo? >>y son andaughter in minnesota.
8:33 am
r a seco. >> i iknowow soy, guys. i leyou! >> pretty good. at's what's going les bacainside. this mornini onp f f the job today,e're up tamron's internship f f our s scial series. mronon it't' a good one. >> i iis,ysys good rning, everybody. got a chancnc to internor one of the most r rpected directors in the industry. nute shshs working on a new project thth she wrotot directeddnd prpruced. iiot ance to be herer protege for the day. >>=rortete i'm in the heart of new orleans and i i hereo inrn for director ava duvevnay.y. shs shoinin her serie "qen sugar." what betttr way t t butter up the boss tha bng a little sugar? s made big sh on the
8:34 am
she's taken home a stack of awar and took ho the award& for elma." she's payingt forward, worojng bng frere voicess too hollywywd. now, she teaeang up with the ultimate power player, for a r a tv seseeses i met up with ava's producerer paul,,or a a l l of thth la >>re doi a@a big sne today. >> oy.% fewhod extras. >> am i in crge of the extrtr? ready. >> thihiisour mauppp bag. > who n nds to be d up? doououourust me? not try not too make your`ryebrs look like bert and ernie. i have to get going after one . >> hello.
8:35 am
>> i'mour inimrn. iirought the boss gifts. >> shenowsow tet in good. givee give me some love here. >> werer y y ever an inrn? >> i w wn' bause iade my owow fifis. i wentthe independent rout diffict for women to direct. difficult for pple of color to rectctput itttother, a blala wowon, and t are af us e. >> when did you know tha this was you calling? >> i just always,, alalys always loved film. memeplere mus ople. me peoplpl a i spoposs pepele i've alwlw been -- you're erything. you'u' mus -- >o. i fwwou on itter.r. but i le twitterike a n, yman --- fi le i lovee a man. you know w wt meaea i really,, really, it't' like m m heart'ssdesire. >> what d d youou do for i me as an intnrn? i need you to o exto me, by my side..
8:36 am
on this side and say, tamron, you have to bethere. >> tnk g my dad a sese in n army. r rorter: a put me toork, delivevengngrops to the extras thestanan. 8z get a shsht. you get a shirt. tamron! >> i he. i'm re.. >> od, good. very goooo i ed t ts woman t t have a whihe shirt insteadad of a blueue one. >> okay. >> let's c cnge oututhe hat for aa gladiator's ha thank you, tataln. >> myoss calalddemron. >> anan anody?y? >> what's up, by? > jusxee - aon- she's >> s's calling forrye but me.. prprably aise choice. >> repeptet: m mbebe needed pointersro an insider.
8:37 am
i am ava's jntern technicallll'm kind of likeyour b >oh,,,okayay >> are you intimidated? >> no, nott al - >> reporter: while i may notot have made an impssion to him, another visitor to tthe setade her mark. . >>ad a a sprise vit fro youru@u@ te iknowow kw shwas congng>> id.did, yes. shs theryododtherehe. r!porr:r:,,e and t t crew > ckground, a@on! >> >> go, go! and cut anan cut. ododjob. you know what the mic potion was? >>you. >> youou action. >> oh, ease. yes. >> thank you. it was sohelicice that they feltexcid. >> tha you.
8:38 am
ot s i that it isn a a % femaleirri team. it's's unicic rare,e,e in the indudury. ueensuga is a a.a. ineynasty setnn n leans, and it is ju the scene w wwere shooting involved a basketball pr ana hihi wife confrononng him on thth cot. i'll leave i ata that. let me t tl you, it'll b b a hitthis fal is falln owow the oah n nfrey internship@onsist of me eating. . . >> hanng out witit@t and oprah. t tron, t u. > ts weend, eri i i up for thf jo pshshshpends the dayay at. crew wi t t creative dictor. up next, gymnaics golden girls. we look t tahead to rio with mary
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
first, thiis "today"n nbc. we'r 're e ck a a8:41. we have olympicicicroyalty. the of fou amememennomen to win t all-around. >> mary louuou retton, carly patterso patterson a aastia lili. ba. >>oodg. before weee t t t about what happen ts weekend, w wwere talkg a a savannah's ot d the facac she aittltl klutzy. you said youare. howwan a gymnast be utzy?? >> i don't know.. my hususnd a says, i don't % know howou did what y y didi you'u' alwaysfalling. >> youlways stick t landink. >> get a t. that' right. >>ot stititi landing. athat wenttwr t at&t american cup this weekend.
8:42 am
>> this is one of theenost exciting competitions of the ar, eecially being in the itit states. it probably the e ggest besisissurationa ampipishs. this year,tomorrow,, dos, who won thelympic mes frr agag i mpeting. thisaseen her comeback. she comted st year a the world championships a won a lver in the l-american, bebend the great sime bilis. andechchs, anp and cong vorite, as we >> all of y wonhis cup bebe g gng oto thepics. we all know what happened there. can we see top-level tant, mary louo all touesee wowod sendheir best to t t americ cup, e elly inn olympic yeye. for us,p we w t ameriba cup- an olympic year and wenennn to winhe l-arnd. >> good prep. >>o presre. >> but let's talk about the pressure on the u.s. tete. obously, ty're heavivi favorere going i io this olympipi.
8:43 am
>> no one. right? t's trtr, mary lolo i thihie're o ownn competitionignow. i thi we have so much pth. the last 10, 1 1 1 1 yeaea h h b so many girls,s, so muchalenttcomingth togeth. i tnk we're goio a lot gold medals c cin ini rio. olympic am. >> it'd be reallhardrd. we're five months aw. won't knono the@ t until the trials in juju. fifice fi,, gololol in ndon. who shoul woong at definitely se les.e' tee woror all-aroun..tle ltsacssback to back. nobody has ever done that. gabby douglas. allyisman, makg a come at the world championonips, as . well. i mean, the list iss endless.s. thi the hardestar is mamang the u.s. team. . >>astia liukin cupup comimgg up, as ..
8:44 am
we're looking forward to the olym grea c cchchch wyo la >> t tnk yoyo >> s s y y y n rionext. .& >> ye..... >>again, yououan catch the at& ameran c cting tomomw a a a 00 easte heree o o nbc. > just ahead, atreat.t. a liveeerfoance from the
8:45 am
8:46 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. >> annou >> announcer: ti cce es onn "today" is ply presented t t you by citi >> we're bk at 8:4 we hav in thetudio a true ameron. lorettayn is the dispuped een o o country music. we'ree honored she hehehe celebratatg the relea of her & new alm, "full rclele good rnin >> thank yo, honene >>here is defitely an energrg in t t t sdio b bau you are here. do you findou have thisffecec on pele? >>'vee t t o eve cha whwh i walk?
8:47 am
this is the first sdio album in about acade. >> yes. >> haveezez bn writiongs alltt time? >> i'vep beeeeorking sohaha - me and m bandorkp all the time. son ofgun, d dn't think about recorng. >> now, i h%hrd -- >> y ow, iotot 90 someongs cu >> i was abouto ask. you rececded90. >> allre 1p1p>> yhittled it down to 14. >> yeah. we gotot lot more >> was i hard to choose which 14 would make thecut? i let thehe do it asn't around when theyut pthememn tere. youourote a lot of the songs, didn't't'tu? >ure d.d.-->> the song we'e' about that hehe, you wrote,idn't u? >urur di we c w wt tear it.x u he duets. u have willie nelson on this re. .& >> ah. >ou like c claborating lik that? yeah, i do. i like it. llie,ou oht to hav s sn .
8:48 am
i love toing. so do my theygv been r rse calng me mama. >> theyake cef you? theydo. here. >> t tnk you. >> appreciate i verydydy wants too to heaven but nobody wts to d d onc oe upon a time thehe liv a man andnd his neas hezeki he w wked with god both day and night but t didn't wanna die@ @ e cried, oh lordrd p p let me live
8:49 am
god sled downn o heze and gave him fifte y to go p rybo wanp to go to nod wants to die ianna goo hven b b i't wna die o i i iong for t d d whehe i'll have new birth sll i love the living here earth everybody wants to go to heaven but nobodyts to die , when jesusus livededere on this earte knew h father's pan e knew that he must give h life to s se the soul off men@n wn judas had betrayed hi
8:50 am
hwas brave untiliseath bueidn'tie ebo wan to go t he but nobody die lord, ) wanan go toeaven but don't wanna die o i l lgfor the day when i'll have new birth sll i love the living heree ononarth e erybody wants t go t heaven but noboby wants to die e&erybody wan to go to heen b b n/nodyants to die everybo wants to ut i don'tt to t die e e 4 eveveboantstsoo t heavenenut nlbody wanav to die edy wts tooo heavav nobody wants to die [ applau [ applause ] miss loretta lynn, bringing g
8:51 am
i forgotha one verse.t%% >obododld m msed.. by the wayay - >> i didn't@he% e just went aven was fantasc. thank you for comingn. >> tnk you so much. >>full circle" is outtday. susu a pleasure. pthank you. >hank you. >coming unext, how was s u ip? we'lcheck in with the people we sent fr the plaza last weekekd totoalifornia.
8:52 am
8:53 am
everybody wants t t eve veboboboantso go t- heheen noby y nts >> we'lllle siniing that all day. >> we loveha song. >> we are so hay y ghnow. >> i know. >> pple everywhere. >> one week ago, you guys obablyemember, we had sent five ck ople,ith one friend each on a arip. > that's right. we plucked theheoff the plaza and`sent them to los angeles for thleap d weeke. this morning, we got to lot althe fun they hadadadthththn. >> r rororr: t t mison, escape the east coast winter for a ontaneous weend in l l geles. ere it'summer all year long. the ckckwinners -- >> we're going to l.a.! >>est frfrndennifer and rebecc& i can't wait! >> rorter: collegeoommates liz in search the perfe m and amanda on a mission to surprise their daugh hollywood leah and jefefey c cebrang theieisilver anniversary. yone wasxcited tgeout of t t cold have fun in the
8:54 am
>> see you later, new yorkqk >> reporr: once they arriv they ditched their coats and boarded e bus totoermosa beach r r bike ridth a aiew. few qck pics withne very famous b@a@a house fm the popular 0show"berly hills 90210." >> that was the best ke ride since i was 12. >> it wo relaxinin andnd pretty. > and liz conquered her taco challenge beforeeadidi too nnerer at phillipp the original. doesn't get any bette than atat >>y tried n eats. >> the texturere is very big. >> and surprised jeffrey and lele for their anniversary. . thqhq y y, guys! you're the best. >> this group otrangers - beca instantfriendnd a perfect weekend capepeh enouou sun to get them ththugh e rest o owinter. >> theyll had a great te.e. we wantotohanaiscover os
8:55 am
>> l lked like fun. ewre b bk wh more of "tay" o o a fridayy morng. h he zachalevy and i hadad a gig i i"aladdin" 4 last night. we'll talk about that. >> rumor has . we look forwawaeeing it. back with more on "todadan a friday moing.
8:56 am
and weatatr.,,,,,, gl y'r' wi glad yououe wis!s!omomg upup on the top othe hour now, i'm shelleneococell with thi today show update... efighters are headininback out thornini tbattle a 3 acre brush fire e rning in pueblo cnty. ght now the ble near ondale is 85-percent containe crs say they're mang significici%progress... as we've e en reporting... no structures are threatened. investigigorsay y e fire
8:57 am
thcololodo sprgs fire department g gting rdy to say`goodbye e its chi tod. chchf ris riley's careeras spanned 35 years... @ hehe been with thepringsdepament a achief -- f#thrhr year bef that -- he wastheblo fireepartment t t seveveyeyes. springs mayor j suthe won't discus t t rson why riley is retiring -- - cause it's a persrsnel matter. .chief riliy will receive an 8080 ousand dolr severance packag ininononf the resiliency andrength of thkes ak region afterwodly shooting attacks rocked the community st yr... from hehe ononutut. today willfficially be known asasmarch fofo and cononerer day"y" el paso county c cmissioners ananunced e proclamatiti yesterday at a mting.. chchf teorort stn bors j js w with a look at our local focast.. stephen... we will warm fro30s and 40s to 60-ish ge orake a degree or two - beteten 7 am and 10 am with high clclds filtering the n. the noon houmes s th low 60s0aroundndolorado springs and st 70 pueblo.
8:58 am
us this afternoon. by 5 pm, we will be e ck in the 50s and 60s.
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9:00 am
ower to northehe el pasocoun or@norn t tler coun 5 nd eveninin,,,,,,,,,,,,, thi ts morni on "today's ta." jeerarner revealr hidd talenand you'll see i i ririthere. heraziest ments of thee month c cgh on vidhen we go spanning theworld. >> and zacharyevii strolls er fm b badwdy t tel us about hihi new > all that andnd more ming up now. >> annnnncerfrom c news, this is "today's s ke" wh a a rokealieras, willie geist and tamn hall, live fro stududa in rockefefeer plaza. >> welcome to "day"n a `fridid rninin as dylan d dr calalit, a wintnt x. >>ot eugh to prty.
9:01 am
tot does it tch? ouin'n never had a frien like me >> i want too r ro my tap routine. >> yououot to tap?p? >> natalie can tap. >> yeah,, ght. was a 17-secondd roine. along with aholeleenenmb. >>hahas a a long me. >>t t sot o es. >> w y yr heartrt racing? >> t wle da i iaslike, why i agree w)wh this? >> you were on stage fhe live show? >>yes. and al w w there, up with the genee. he h to r r nes. >> w, nalie. >> al, of urue, was mr.r.r. perfect. >> was there a l audience pwatchingngit? >> we wewebrdwayay rl. >> i've always wted to knowow caca the people@ on the tage see the dience, orr do you see light? >> i saw my family. i wasooking atthem sming. factct i aed my kids.
9:02 am
little hind. >> did he ake he subway ho? >> hope the metar worked. no s sging. just sin. ingncin pco on. thctually late dancec that w a t.. ave tonk theas o "aladdin." >> when i i cing up >> we'irt march 2th. >> what was 's ro? he was a ge show st with h the g%nie durin thik song, er have a arien lik me." it wasfantastic. a gre ninit. i canay enougugbo thehe opleend ndndhe sce who helped u g ready for rhe ro >>t leastp that wawawa famam pfriendly. what happeneddn theepublin deba
9:03 am
u never g surprised butut i wentntoh. the publan debe dnded intodd childldh ments. umpp saiddespitehatio su earlier tsss , talking about the sizef trump's han- anld thi peoplesaid,fouave small hands--rump id, i h he grhands. ruruid, y know w wt they say about guy cab small hand h's'shat t sd lt ninit. heity hands. body has eveve hit mynds. lookokt those hands,s, a they small hands? and he referred t/t m m hahas, if ey'rsmall, sething else mumu smsmuanteeeeyou, tre's no probm. ranteeyou. sot even high sl level hererere >> ift weren'to serious, you could say,y, oh, myygosh. but, i mean, these are the le,heheas men stanng, e carar i out,o wowen on e gopsi, runnig for resid
9:04 am
ee former nominee, and spoke this morning. i feel like we'rene debate away romhwopee cushis b bng t on seaea. >> t t mightappev xt ysh. >> ionststb how thehe an this cocoue. youuet your kids watch the debates, yoy ow y wanthem to uerstand t t -- what goes into the procece of electing a prest. ey't w wch thisat beea it endsp in round ofbullyi, chlikeavior --th name a a averythinin -youueach you kids n to do. i i aoo resd iands more peopl going t t te^e i mf,, listen the rubcan party, they' bron rds. wee been outut on the ampaig ail. peop have been, youou ow, leavinon , s spendinarrands go te. you look at thedebate,ut a
9:05 am
turning out to cauc a t - maeses b of thisist% >no what' interestingng we had gph up a couple daago,o,re i 2008,, the ge rnt obamarougugn teemratic side, the fp has happened this . ldtonsnd tonon of people a coming out, ptly bec of rump, or laely,y, i'd gu ptrump andruere ving a heat disgscussio about t t premco ningce sz ierrued him. let me point out -- >> that is not w wt youaid in the op-ed. >> donald, i know is hardot to interrupt b tryry >> it's not w wt y id >>breathe,e,e,eathe. >> youan brthe. i kw is hard% wnhey'onitit yoga, n i answe a queson?h >> you cannot. ii r rllyope thate don't see yoga onstage. >e's verleee you neverrrkn >> m mers of fox, they
9:06 am
substantive cases and pting p a@asking quesons. it alwlws seemed toiego to thwse moments. moments. rubio cli trump c mama erou the lasqution of the evenin c cdidate wer asasd if they'd suppopo dd trumum as thehe nominee. >> i'll suppopo the repeplican nominee. >> mr. trump, yes ono? >>'ll suprt d dald to the puqcqcnomimi esecause i i gavav myord@ i woul what i iave endeavored to do ery day yth senates do what i said i'd do. >d be thf nominee,-somemes he mak i iar bubu yoyo know, i@ill spo whoever is the rublican nominee for presidt. >> answer i yes,willll >>s, yououilsuppe` minenef f e pay? ye >> theheop ofrump id, if'mnohe minee, it' notoing toha. or watching att he and people acrcrs theuntry, you listen to the campaign and
9:07 am
ruinhis countntf he's made esididt. >> therld. >hen the y,l supuprt eguy. >> i twe last nht andnd said, this is wple he polilics. ionon thrhr the w"hate" around. buhe yell the american peoplehiserson is dangerous for the countr but thennn lat sa yeah, i going to ,, you havav to ask yourlf, which isore impot? yo party andn unofficial prisepor p pledg orour country, or are you playiyi ? this i i applicable n n just to the republi party. this can be applied to the democrat sisi.. maybe not this cycle. est match wt we'e'eein . t, vertheless,,st ty or country? whatreou doingna hehe that's t t question. mimi romney is ready to awer it i iome pa. yeerda mr. romy gave a speech in which he laid out a scat indndtmenf donald trump. this rning, rney and m m sa dow in theetutuond
9:08 am
four yearago, when he wawa the pp candidide. a listen. >> you sd he' dgerous f theecotr dangeus for rkingamericic utaked h ois econonoc pocies, forergn pocy, pepeonality, wch you c eled his third gradeancs. his bess ayusay, it,'t h a huge business success that k whattphe's talking a about the? no,isn't. no, he oesn't. his bankruptcie haverush small businessese andndhe mennd women who w fth. he@ ierited h business. he didn't create it. let me takak you back four years. listeno th >> donald trump hasas s s s an extraordinary abityo understand how our enomy work t create jobs for thehe american ople.. p spent my lif in therivate ctor, notuite a successfull his y,ut s scessful noneeleses > that s four yearsago, same two guys. donald trump andndititro. p>> he's a successful y. mada a of
9:09 am
business geus. umpununerty, tmphp stakakak trtnp mortgage, trump v mi company. -eer ther, failurere afrrrr faure. just bause he'sad a lot o money,one, you don't msure you life by how much mon you make, but it doesn't mean his economolicies aight f america. >> b b theeoplpl ary at you thth g,gornor a ying, wait a mite,e wiingly w the endorsement ofond trump f years ago, even t tughh he was knkf deep in the b b ber movement andndadadother mments. why g g 180 dreesesn g g now?w? p>> i was seeking his endorsement. nowwe'sskimimi. atatffefen at o endse- uldn't endse forpresident. secondlyly a l haspe in n th last .. kly, had i heardim say the a oourks endorsement. >> i me,hii agagn, why people don lik politics. fes cal, to flihat way. enly thing in governo
9:10 am
canccepepn enenemt, %it sethinglse too endor somedy to be president of the united states ump was a ssman at this point. noweeano leaddhe untry. - mney thinks 's his obligation to prenen it >> leg poin t theng t t m bro up, a ahat time, donaldrump ullbirtrtr. anhadlaimed that h sent op off to haii.they found all thihiinedible stuf he'ssevev public.l see.e. imean, vers areaking out. ultimately, thas mocry. it's true. can we talk aut something happy? >>p>> thatitssst h hpypy but -- >> ll, something our viewers have ctributed to. >> right. peop he spoken. >> ah. >> ltweek, nat and i shot youu pre our vererfi concert. you went to o see.
9:11 am
>> mine waso doubt. tha gfu t t t mo a everythihi. > willieie >> i can't mberi said i'm f fm n rseyfy so probably bjoeee jovi >> we asked you tos your wiest looks from you first concnct. the people have spokenf you guysys delilered thank you so much forending these. eseer thehree finalists. our produce went o or everything because what you n't know abo self, willie, natalidylan, we don't like to . ery is a winnererochlt thth. ers pickeke the chlenging. o is this? >> boy grge. >> willie< >> i c c e. >> boy george. >> 14 ars olwhen she w wto the conct. six can of colored irspy for billy idol i '83. >>ikhe glassese jaden me sure tk like
9:12 am
ile posing she met the jackson f fe in 1973. >> h cool. >> no one had the r s s stuff likekeur nnerer drumroll,, isew kididthe block perr mama!n, mindy baker. shshs a single mom. 7-year-oldaughter reagan guess what? miy, ware flyg yound reagan to new y yk city next week to get a heaea ma alal fnrsh ourent jcpenney. hair make. guesss i with usw?% how areyou? mng he mindy, we told you you were finanist. we dn' tell you you were thehe winner. howo you feel? >> i c't bve it. all oveve thatidiculs picte.>> it wawaome.@ uerdttou'r'roing tototoo thcoert. are yndnd yraurrerey? we're ady!
9:13 am
attire dhat youore back in the >> she sai it'he most rididius,wf's seeeef me. ust as a a e bonu i i i walk theetet will isy man and ks on b flav. >> i like them have some moversor us? >> don'tave e w k mo hanging tough .. lder. >> mindy,onatulionsns ie will w oises d get y the airport. congrara dylalaometng g goi on >>e haha tolarngng in chicago. pdateo the forerest, i ththght it wa goio be 40 whenenen s sd on. now, it'll be .
9:14 am
it's gng tbe a >> whihi >> whileoingngweatatr,r,r, zachary vi tooy chr, which prablyoo thi i- th d. i fhorrirle. this notx manan ldld dodo >as stand. >omingg u uxte e ve zacharar le. 'llll tell us what' iee works with him after this.
9:15 am
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9:18 am
voicin a a ani character inn "tangled" atarrrrg i tv s le "chuck."." no he'ppppitit laura benanti and jane k kkowski i i "she lovesme," opening mch 17th. good morning. p>> good morning. >> i i t tnk that't' coved it. i can g >>ooo excici.e on dw haveveou done badwawa re? myyecond sow.. i did ahow years ago, "first date," and it s a great show i arn add lot andnded a lot and grea lot.t. the roundaut is sellcelebrateing thr 50th annnnersqry. th@y wand to b backk some@ ofofhe mor favorite, loved shshs.s.e is "she lovesme." they red itthe ely '90 it's lra nti,ane krski,i,avin creel, and o chororgrapher chorergrapapr,usic dictct, it's an all-stst list and i'm
9:19 am
ll hanout. >> the sto linin is one we all ow. it's'such a great story ne. kind of e basisisisind"y"y"y gogo ma >> there w w apl, hun play,ritten in e '300s. t was this guy and girl,,nd many other people work in a ppopopand d 're cocstantly at odds. but t ty'rere secretl each othes penals and fngng in loiththr, "y'v'vot many things tributeheirir success to this source material andt was d dightfu ow, charmingng throwback. ififove"the s sp aroundhe er" you'v gmailil ything whh`hatt c cssic crm 's uur aey l \ \y. laura s laura singsike anngel, a true meo soprano. >> j ispo-st and we love her a a perfme
9:20 am
ofcacara.@ >>no a o first "date" as it weree l the t ee w years >> remember at >> al was ouck. jane and i i i i she wawaso lely. 've kindf maintaed a iendnd thrhrgh the yrs. she the ly person in st i knew a litt bit. r dressi roomsmsre across from each otheand d ve a blast. she'a lovely person.n. l>> we loveer. >> so talented, so fuy. igad d chaeaean everyby else. >> you have a hat trick show w us.can seu it? >> yeaeah. >> i iananto see this.s.>> w w w i cano is ot,t, don'n'know. thiss in t t show. pballyy kick my ft on my hat.--noing to it, guy >>hat was incredible. >> wow. >> ian eveve forget it. 's all fe.% w nody is going to see t show. gosh dang g ! g gsee the show. ( ee the show. >> s sm 54 nning unl ju 10t i tpink.k.
9:21 am
>> march 17th through june. coming up, jennifer garner's seet talent reve i ipo fix.x. >> jenr garner. great rececery. cut! this is way too much.p i justt to talk to womenabout my dision n useoike. i' had four kids. lawho o es littlen they? uh-u-uh-hu you see? swititing to p lps make le easierer rollhat in
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neutroge makeup rever do. rases % of yr most stubbn makeup th oneel. ne any me prooth tharogena. hey, this club ialways empty. we have to get some ja. i o get it goingng maybe you can coco down xt time. it is friday, everyone. y club or not, mcup full. rneth over with p fix jenner g gner plays the saxophone.weidt eith. miracles from aven actss showcased her skls in e cutest w possie duri shooooth "va fair. i p >>saxophphp, s sly the s xophone, a lost her. how do you le a sae? my mom and iarveve
9:24 am
[ "mary had aittle lamb" ] >ha >> what s -- namat tune? move over, l la simpn, y veompetitiononyou catch the video ve you accidtally y ed awrong number?? yeye i have. can happen aonon udg hilary swa. the "million-dollar ba" ess posted a hiliousp p pt 4 on her instagram shong aconversation mhe hadith a ranger. she asked ststiais thiu? it's hilary swank. hopet'you. aftetethe e cit`rereieie onmber, ey addddcan pleaseck mi'll do h the oscar winning captionisis captured it uess tre a fan." te u next ti, wel reply. dolos have more fun?
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>>ak> ting akt adlis. w evidence thi morning on thehealth pksfco. ews dingd a lotf cfee cld reduce the ri ofple sclerosis. researchers ihe u.s. andnd sweden say s or r reups day was linked to 30ow risk of the disease. caffnene supesess e chemicics ith byy that causes flammamaon.. a a new rearcrc ssting yogurt mct wom from gh blood pressure. bosto universy study found wome who ate five or me rvings of yogurtt weekk had 2020 lower rk ofeving
9:31 am
national dairy cocil. >> "star ws: the force awakens" comes out on home veo xtmonth. on demanddn april 1. u-ra disks and vdds l@o s s a ] ]... it'tllu ahi tt scec lookt hoh milas. a aen gesture has a l of people a ceininin h h hrerere a a all bonus,s,s,ororororor mimiioioio e companyny takenenit f fk prpr.. e g ge a ayyld boost moraleee and k talalted employeye from rhaps looking elsewhe. let's get aheck of th weathe from dylan, who is in for al. . >> goooo rning,g, natatata we are inchinglosero the weekend. we are seeing a big rainstorm make its way to the rthwhwt. we could see 2o 4 feet ow inhe m mntain nges. tempatures in the 40s. we graally get back to the 50s and 60sy sunday. record hhshs through the
9:32 am
this will ve et by the middle of next week. heavy rain, l ls >> that' thahas your latest foreca. willie? >> ts a t. guy wks into a bar, and if it's jon tapper, you should be afraid. he's theostndcuve oducer ott!f "bar rescue" on spike. he visits failingars a tries to transfsfmhem as only on taer ca
9:33 am
>> oh! what t t temperature i the, ron? 60. >> 60 degrees. th suld be 40 degrees. allhat foods garbage. all of thiss [ bleep ] garbage! in aaron, whave to throew away erything in the kitche >> i'm self-conscious aut our food at thisstable. full disclosure,, i am a huge of the ow. i igne my chiren to see this ow. people who see that are going to think, you scream a a peoplend all that. there's mor tos sh. youo i and bre themown at t. talk aut the project you take on. th aren' always easyjobs. >> thehe aren't. i nev thoug this l lel of failure even existete honestst, until iid "baba reue." they're hundreds of thoands o dollar in the ho, hses a a marriages are on the li. i'veealt with two twin brothers who hadn't talked to each other in ni yearsnd worked in thth same bar, next to each other.
9:34 am
end of the day,'m fixing people a lot more than bars. no question. you called it shakespearexkespeareshakespearean. >> i hav >> i have to push them and they start to transform, redeem themselves and, hopefuy, a happy ending. >> one of the things i know tus on -- notice on t show is people open a bar for the wrong reasons. it'll fun. buddiesill come in, and free food for everybody. that's not why yoy get into the business, right? >> don't open a bar because you like bars. open it because you like business. you drink and hang out in your bar, friends come in, you're neveroi to make money. do that inour basement. >> lose less money tt way. absolute. >> what's theigigststroblem yoyo find when y y wk to the bars? what in common? >> obviously, thehell lososgg nen. herixg the owner's
9:35 am
it ces dow to this bars aren't as profitable as people think. they make 12% of revenueu 12 centnt o tery dollar. you overurquhe 12% disaprocurepepes and now you're losini moneyf canouanage the st? have you gone intnt a b bnd foeod it's beyondhelp, bd repair, or do you alwayshink there is something youan do? >> one titi. i can fix any bar. i can,, willie. yove seene do it. iii c really helel fixi a lot o ople a a aetour careersn path. ( onong i c c't fix is tegrity. time, i had an owneriolet with the employees. . . >> i walked out because we won't perprpuate ah. he thaningrity, i ie the allenge to fix anything. >> lot o people think, you do these, walk away and god kws what happens to the bar afterwarar. but there is a bse. bar rescue you have like an 80% success te, sothing likethat.
9:36 am
u know why i think that is? i don't care about the camerara it real too me.. i'mmere to helpse people. thth're countinggn me, weeks from osing, hoho, familie are on the lili.ake iti very seriously. >> i te bourbon seriously. >> i hed. >> show me how too do it old fashioned here >> one othereatest clasc cocktatas. ourherrrrnorldugar. mudd a up, inse the flors. next, dp of bitt >> all ght. stpt bere. >wo ops.s. it a muddle againju t blen it togeer >> ay >> let's a the ice. youike theig blockice? >> ink it's great.ieleltwer . it's not w weredededdownwn o cour. >> if i was working tarar --
9:37 am
it's you o o drink.p itith ththbourbon. >> tell hen. i'll keep going. >> bet you will.&i ou for t t t botttt.@ it'll m me itquququququbeberee@ garnish it, g ge itt smsmsmsmhh fuitful.>> garnish it toast at 100th epitoday todaysodef "b sc." rescue." >> g gat show. h thethth e e edede@o spise. dnd%d% aree in eh kcncnneneeete up y yr weeee with amazgggg desserer tisisp topping i'm snacking . also this delicious cake. we'll seeee y y how t m me it tfr th. (toilet flush) ifizououeed an opipid to r chronic papa, u mabe so copad it fes ke everyone n go ..epepyou. opionducededonstion,n,
9:38 am
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citititie cacacaard.d. onond d at letetyou u cashpbpbk twtwe on everyrchasese
9:42 am
wiwi twoayaytoarn,n, a l l of otltr rd sene-sided. ,,,,,, >> o >n today od, a dessert toppg t tt' make you crumble. is s good >> you haven't stotied etingg it e. i know. >> kelseyssng to show us twoesserts usingernamomo pen ume. good morning.g.>> goodmorning,g guys.. wf'll make anatmeme cake witit the crumble onn top. whah'sreat is it c be eaten i owow toppedn fruit, beies,ceream orven kes. >> you canerve that for breakfastoo,ecau is ettyhealy. it' rll go he arere tgredients. >> h this like flour,r, sugar, oats, plplauce,
9:43 am
mama it a,ready inou pany, which isgreat. >> okay. >>'s tacace the crumble.wawa totirrhileet t tin?>> sure. >> whave softened@butter, , threre tatapopos, wch isn't >> who caca, it's not bad. we e ve tsts brorosugar, pepens ififou w wdo ap the frs mething for something el/ youulthis canane a blank canva for whatever es. % >sesese the has. >> crumble. 8 perfect. >ft reallyet into itit you'll seeou get these chunks.>> ahispoou w wtw t eeze batch of is, keet on hanan- >reeze itit toe aookifr? %ray? >> a aolutelel >> bakak 20 minut a350and u'll gethis - listeno at.
9:44 am
>> reall go. >> gla r.r>>hecake the cake,e're gng to butter ann 8yy >ome , dy omeal gave that job to you for a reasas,natata i'm clean ove re. weldd the rest othe wet ininsn sleuce replacioioi >> als addingavor. allylymoist. egeg o at a ti, make se 're e rporated. thenentltltl nilla. asar asngdits for the cake,eallll simp. >> everyrydy hasthe ingrgrgrnts onhand. w whave rolle ats, flr. dry ingreents the ca.. baking s sa andlt. once@eoumix it gether, you t th. put n treit in theh >> wre getng low onti. crele onn t o that? rht o o t of thee cake.@ it+s going t t loo lethisis real licici>> serve with thecrrigh
9:45 am
it's decious la givit a try. nee way to use t crumble. th isoneam. ave af c c wpped& (ceol inther ingreded i'l$dddddd cream f ngngess. thisiss a ao goioos stabiler s#y canaks in va >> lemon andnd vanill tn- >>ix that u u s s amazazg. >> lsls, t tnke our e. canls f mor r ripes on - -ifou click the desrts tab. wt toecognizeur food club meer. karrie llanan sharar her ripe for carrot cake ughnut l ber isp hereith enenrtainingngomentsts w wn we sp t t worn spspts. >> unbelievable. >> you're ununlievab.i ought actitia wasn't for me. until i realized how much our gestive systems
9:46 am
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the t bleachers are set, popcor is popped. it's all f f our goodenden berman.. berman. hft on the rad 710. >>ou were a guesthe o day. >> i was. >> how cool is that? >> you werer great. >> thank yo >> f fary featured the super bowl and the stata of spng training. what were t t topport orieie let's gooppanning thtworod. lievable! . e's t question,anging oo ththflr r,#defse, ther@rgudribbles by. in lgm, t t czech cyclist %wiwig, e winninin exceptherereas one lap to go. heisd secondnd
9:51 am
watcgoalie. getsancycynd dededed, i'll kiki the ball to mylf. >>! >> not a good idea. st. persburg swim me, a pelican goese hopping. 's a swimminin obstacle urur. pbreaea into the ra. our f of the h. rereer thth?. arizon stat that's really michael pheldoes itwo? well he's michaelphelps. of course it works. >> yes!s! month. here's howowou make he dayto 500 exciting. it inspan [ speaking spanish ]. >> is th >that betttt? >> love it. that? >> the winner, yeah. >> hamliwon,y the way.
9:52 am
$25,000 for `tudent. >>et in! >yeah! >> a a he get to the mascsc. that's'she best pa. w a aut robotitng a golf shot att thehe phoenix open? does that ? >> hole in one. >> whatat are youcrazy? come on! >> a arobot. >> cldavee that. >> here's my fari.e kimun videoame at freeg. wh i it lik plala golf with, quote, the gloious lr poforth koko course. whwh aboutheext hole? every hole. e grious leader g g g aole in one. > ennyny b. nely done, sirn p>>ever thoug that kim jong-un would make anning. >> nev saw tt coming. len,n,hank you, my friend.
9:53 am
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th istoday" on nb > we weot s se excg ne. evary wl beith u mond. co-hosting. howbout that? >> nice. >> etiquette questions for him, send them to u #asktve y.wewe lob t a a m steveve nday. >> wow, . he's going t haveo get throughll o os rst. erica ishe. she has a look at what' cing on thisweekd' "t"tay". >>t's m mn t tern. saw tamr, dylann andnd sheinelle's. . ew. .nae a sndndot off titind m m ere. s w whje t hea women's designd and i i t t@
9:56 am
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>> no by. >> it wasaini >> >> fr nbcew this is "t"tay"pod" withe legiffordd ananan hoda kotbromtudi rollfefear ngratulations, youade it.jennaus issn@or kathtf l l thie l l lien ->> this is g gdkend .>>hi issow we're going to kick off yrweeken you ae a a bunf t ts


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