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tv   Today  NBC  March 4, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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>> no by. >> it wasaini >> >> fr nbcew this is "t"tay"pod" withe legiffordd ananan hoda kotbromtudi rollfefear ngratulations, youade it.jennaus issn@or kathtf l l thie l l lien ->> this is g gdkend .>>hi issow we're going to kick off yrweeken you ae a a bunf t ts
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'll showou h h y y ytak ney offff ttstufun. > and soooo my p pple h hee ttleleleuble getting a good night of sleep. we'll get you the totos. >> and y y!rekikg for an ininrest w woopp in shapapapheighters h. . you me.. an't wait. me may noto even work t. >> a all of tho acvivies, c c c m andikikna in i i babaet@t a -- arere af thee activities cessy? >> havuestion f you. u' in traf somomne cuts uuf, y y'r alon e nokid, how my timim doo you totall pnd on the steereng w welnd
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yourdfffchohce, do f better wnoue done? don' youeel evev ere is s sence behindthis%% theyoldew yorkaginetiteels satisfying to s ou a csed bececse is sotabooo andt a grea quk,asywawa utre a som wordsds at,,ampl wla to m sheeas sitti on the m mmy ho go itanb , my ph upupphone h falnrom my ckoct io th toiletnd pi eesheeas likee mmymym sheopiedou a fewewtime%yes. it'he t, a that'
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gogoooll asaying >> tyay if yoyr hand in audt od aterernd you swear ou c kp i(pin long. remraby sittiti a little d, and he w havg a great ti heelled o thehe bomb w i iasaby sitng him.i didtveayitll ioud thihi of iss whehe i leave,f his parentsts come home, he ss it,nd tnks it's. he sawow crazy ien when he sa td d >> hry and could not help but ugh, we weike oh no. t ter rsoso ihk it is f t swears that it is pta b ithos pele.. like m m modoer,, somimes shu do itithrienf h atatre a l lldernd
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everod --e look at our mom anane'ikeh mom? it doeoe workoreople like us, toreabdi, f f realclclsy ladies- nd ka lee doesnse a lot,t, shehe ds is diffen differenen> d't know iffou weree tching thehe oscsrs, but t t wa pture of whpee ldberg, and theyught wassssahahwie reali rlizeze that lot o cebs very do look similar.
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lebrities, a aameehoswh shaleen woley andennirlalaen. pnext, lak bell andmanda peet. >> >> amanda et,yeye, they both have bangs. re is orlql bom and kit haton weus foror m becae knonohaha they look like becse w hav looked at themn mazines, w oogl thth . >> ode >e we goooooi t tmn th interment.>> jordapapas ameri fe
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ferra. >> isisishehe and amy amends isisher the le b by thehe y, tt is sosothth wh dooou getmistfo nceot miaken fulk hon's hogas ught,ook. saidou lk l t daug of thehe dghter of -- ere icos, hulk hogc >e y yver hrd tt befo? >> b s iseallyfun, i lier at,ut wt aboututut u?u? >> i i g g g kll off the . theye lik loveouest friend op and i jusus say- >> i wonde i tt's m thaha re iimilar wor-( ink
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ththe a day wn w w- is too late..& all right. w have qstion for you guys ouusbaba likee to dance?< >> yes. >> jlikeso de,e, too. sn't that a prerequitete >> > havav too h a mananhat can dance. >> or at wts to e.e. asasongshehe't dance y ird, i t guyt likes t tenhimselyay.onven mind if they're not od at it. re are qstio couplesd. >> couhat imstate her's d moves. >> hee crossss t. >> repetitive, a lotthis a lot of ts- >>he dances leheh overexcid school teacr. ,lototf -- > sanansnd goes te
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just - commentary >> i love@it. ow ds henry dayhe wa i is le a go. when ist fell@ him, we danceo little troy. bu he had d dce movovre he woululo like thth. on't know if he just wassike e was gambling a dog dice and i w w lik --- >>hat was onefhe first time you saw him. i wasike it's fun. he wld say tha'm a mom dancnr what are yououllaying aboutut me. ou arehe ncer. >> ieeee you turni don't ask them. >>ohoh se!! sk them. n't be nasty.
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has theasas tim i've ever da >> h h i i jojk, s hps it close, but sometimes he extends the arms littleleitgtindd oike flying.. right? aut do you everw dance -- sometimes wll slow dance t music t t house? dotou lovehen you putn a lile slsw coury it's lieventh grade slsw dancing. s yes. onef o o ns i i do that. i slow dn the h hse is the funne >> we to sununy family evening dance@ rties. wt doe mila lik to. >>
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>> oggled. it's goog. we're goi too ggleet rit now, i i i oggling. >> nonossoggle. >>oes anyone@ h hee pneithx google on i so canooooe oe. oggl all ghgh ishat ? do we havee to talk abo o o areoing tobreak? okay. somngnginteresting,g, u guys. >> i mean, theheelse ce %off. >> i england, whehet ti o the moh, some companansave desisnatedhose specific daysherere w wen havivi time o month can@ dayff and n t it a a sic they som womenave a re diffi ti, it' painfuhey'rere cranky, than takakheayof wealking a a thihi
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we thought its sillfo o o o thing, o you work the s gro o p pple over a aver ysyncncso goodbye, it b a ghostt ian'tomen and c u@orayne.f>>ne reann think my huhuand wishehe this existed i i that he h theay off. the dayay when theormone get going -- >> comom >> come here, i i wantt youo tell bhaeaetays exactly.y. this i i idavie, one of our reachers. madee fun of me earlier. >> glg. thank you,u,hank ahead. you can sayit >> congratulati >> t tt was n even- >> congrations,ou w w
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d oehisound famiaiaiao you? u climb into bed, b you just can't fall asle. mae your to-dlist iss racingg ourmind. >> or you'reossing and turnin nexee isep arenene week.
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sleep m%cine a ridian heth. >>owowan people areot heheheepep they nene >> m mt peeretingpthth sep. l w%wus s,ar eded all emands a eections that we hav onus upwards t of( op. >> > wnss h@ bebtbt w at canaaaa b yllyy wan ls than n.n.n.n. >> setimim theblemriutf y y y window. ther are street lights, oer thinin g g gndndnd t t tanan keep y y. hehehe study d d d ntly whehehehe loooodd 16,000 people f f eight ars. and people in communities of 0,0,eople o o mo,t was veryifficult for them to get th sleep they eded. theyet get l tn sixours
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'the sut jus bla out shades and a sound machine? >> yeah, a wtou're orng o your head. and for someo in a big city, anye ms a importantnts an alarm clock. we have two awesome produce he, who arexhaustedll of the time. we have rah,he h two little boys >> she hasusy gis, she works he a her husband works, what isourproblem? >> my mind is racin when iet home, i can get rest.p jtant peacefulsleep, and- he >> that is aeally common problem. most people say it is because of e distractio o the day are miing and intruve thoughts me in youmind. the bedroomas become acueor
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it'sike if y'r a smoker, you ske and eatsertr upeu itnd yan smoke. yo can g u annpensive oj d dororor to redegn omr simplngng lee ligigbulb to chahae the color he room yo c cck colors you ntntnt s sou cee- >>oesssha y y y y y y ymo ve t t .. > c c caveeeomomomc - ts ccr, to hahaha is n anyerererer- up? my friendsuggesteding ququ nyqur nedryl. >>
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>> i i goioi to gacko eep. >> we have jerr here,, he h issues tooecause your shihi changes. tell us. >> tell her. >> i try. i wor e ely morngsnd ovnight mememe so i w wt t t know howdo y adjuju y yr sepe s sulul acacrdingly when itt is constantly channg.>> that't' a a oblem. whatave to do is d tigue count meares unless you're going to get new job. anddhaha may not be rereisisisyoyore a keeper. soomething can doo called a cocoeeeenap. afr consecutive hoursf kefuln wafuess, you can get a double whammy if y take the cafe o the coffee, andndnd the a 20inute nap. ou comom outf the nap, you wiwi b more aler
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>> yeah, you have a si and youa double whammy when youe up, the cafe and the alertns. >> and people have spouse that's workiffe shifts, should you just sleep in another place if your spous is u inhe middlef the night? it's really oka if that' what you have to do. 60% of new homes have his and hers bedrooms. >>hat is sad. >> i like to sleep next to him, sorry. get ready to rummage through your closet.
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i is try dayay friday..a b jennnn b haharss >>ovov to clean, but d d y y know- >> d d youaypouou le ean? i@eo clean thingn out. l o o c tse oothes,stoysys ectronininindndhingngou ve n nsed inn y couououe wowoh@lar 000. >> oururuest took her family from inebeboo ncia ( flusususoo you'r l vinoof?(( yef were $40,0000 i i . t tre w a moment you said this i t t tch.
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eded cararillsn my bebe iaide'e' $40,000000 i de, ourrar wastowe and i t tnenene arnd. >ou're g gngng t t t t t te here a too it.t.t.ttt ane have a aot ohing inn our h heses that we ce monon f ofof ririt? >> i box up -- >> kids clots.@ >> ian them up- sometime i ietetid of them and give thehe t gd wi. sometis say w wtf iave he ki? " > yeah,, but y y canem, u can s s tmmyou don have to do it online. get a box or a b brohreaea and y t te af youou clothand youut the rigig in the bag, youp them, and t tn they pay yo >> a they'll tell us, sosotimes som o h%x cloth have sta o mething.
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anherrththnd it'sssentl ed ysys s, t sell use toucan dottt a garage sa,, but apnpom wl give you these boxe you cut s sdhem to them. >> what typefoneyo you get somhing lik is? >> you can get from t $5$5 d forot havivg t t t t workrk it i sup convenient. >> clothe all have things weave not in ver. it t grere t tclcln out yo closet. ye c cer c salour jo
10:33 am
like a ahrology, banana repu republ.. sell them on ay. they have a , you take pictur and yoyan sell it in a f f seses. shoes are also eat. > dey sl well? >>yeah, jus pullldair thri shoes i got for $45. ss e bay the only place? >> you can sell poshk as we >> youould never think about applnces. >> yeah, give them away o toss them flp i i comny called, ty omee pick up yourur and sell itor you. th areustnn a few states right n n. n the eastern side, butn kitchen n d small apapiances
10:34 am
>> is it like a50/50 spl . >> yeah. >> i'm alway nererus a o phonesesndnd thin >> t ty sdou a box, tty send you a box wiwh a prepaid labejt has pacging materials and everythi u put you old phohohoho e- >> don't you getet worried about everythi onere. youust wipe it clean, put theeel onnd shipp it ouou computers andelectronics. >> ok love selll use books. you'r d de readingng them,, you need to c catee utter.r. go sell them. t theme i box and shihithem to amazon, theyyillell th and shipm out for you. >> what? >>s thth when you sayou buyuyuy
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see ighterkiki in just one weekek cdrly brighter fr garni skikicte. thtiveay to tter sn. if if you're aparene, y know is a hard work to raise good kids ^he pressure to be gt
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>> here are tips on how to raisis s sssssl kid. herere is dr. d dah gigioa >> i lovephis. i i"ve a a a 1/2-year-oldld arl three, a she is a lot of tivivities. en do you decide when@nhey'y' ready y w wts age apprriate? the besesesge i ihen sheay that lks fun, can i do & at? he tee or f fr w w she doesn't want to d itou c by you know, you said y y wanted to dot we're going to stick to it. >> wn they're little,,ou an
10:41 am
saidid you saidouou hit it, on day o, you can hittwo, and day three, you hitthree. if you jam s sething a kid, thth cou suddddly dislike it..% sometihey want to quit something. they likik it i the begegegng -- >> i was desperate to quit piano. >> if ty make commitme, you signp for s scer because your childas i wan to be onn soccer team, you make aommitment to that team, i'm a bierrf finishing out their commitment. they don't have to redo it or sign up foror the nexexseason, butut nish what you stard. >> i would s 10% o o t tim u h he a coachha i i - bullngr the reqment is so out o league witthealues- of your family a you s s we need to take a time-out and stop..
10:42 am
i feel like our famil is and`i d'tove that. you haveo l lk at plala timim as importantnttime. youave to notot thinkhat arerere ptheyeyot dng anbnb what are they not doing,g,ut what do they o o to do on their own timele b also- >> also, isn't it imporornt f families to sit aroundnd hanan out gether. >> yeah, notot onl on the way om one aivity to the other. >> we adults say we need to k. we havouou kididike th ridids exhauau ng i so tiaa m%mtatalts ok. >> a a don't b b afrai of their do time >> lot oidss wanto learn, theiarents want them to learn anher nguage, a aou w w wr what agege do you introduce another langua. i mean, a a early as youca they shohoth kids ar naturur
10:43 am
and bring i4)ininin there is limitations, but they ta on yeah, don't go to japanesee as at m mthsd. a two, wtt ared activities, at t tee what are good, what a e to srt hemm and alal offhe w w through, what are good activities tgt enro them in. >> arown up a mee clas fine any time. if youay go do this, ink mauahing their personality t whatathey do, see if theyy like , way moreun t tn being good at@ . sign theheup for somomhing if % wou want them do it enn if the w%r%rnlyy average. >> and they can bnut i y put tm sometding in it t soon.twond the,e,an t ty separare om youokay?@ if you say ace,e, i'm going to
10:44 am
that's grere that she is so confident, some k ks aren't. we don't wt creat aious wewe want the too feel confident. it's more aut funtttt a young a than wha they enjoy, too. >nndnd is there somhing to learnrom it. >> get o of the couch, swim suit season is coming that's aight re. >> i'm going to ueezezmysese into a whahaha suit firhter workout is
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"s"s ws s ss." are are you s s s andir of your same olexercise routine? our weend warrior's firefighterrworkout w wl g g you right into ape.
10:50 am
you name y yrself that?? and at hisisym you an dohehe firefighghrs rkououou an also instructoraul lor. >> the >> t workout was c cated b a real real firefighter i is a circui high intensitytycls. >> ay, sohere are a a few ways o this. we d da lot cardio a a ngth buildidgnhe cass. >> there are two waya toove this this dummy. uu get dow a a you driveve with
10:51 am
ha. theres a ercise where you % just kick your legs out -- do you wanto try it? two. two. super strong. >> you're not -- >> da could do it >> y y y havave toit thebell,, we have a le. there is aot offj wa to the d/ways to it, you
10:52 am
i jus>> i just toay that i' bn on a ( >> y y y cmbo o toto so i3 i iardio artf th aot ofoves c`f . th i an arm rner. pauls agymnast, right?t? so w wk unds. so everyryingg we d d -- > goi to y
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10:55 am
i'm jugglilg a a i don't't likeit pkaytt is time for okaya or not okay. some celrities he bn
10:56 am
we were were asked is it okay or not okay@o cop kardashian pho soots. he ishat w w w had sa >> i suppose it's the highest rm o flatatry, but personally alys i alwa pfe origalaly. >> i aay orjnalut youu c never havavtooan redos of redos s kimouounghampagne on to her can'n' h can'taveooananof thokoko extt wewke'll havav llyfield and isha yeyeye. and we'll be stirringg things
10:57 am
and a performance@e@e byy anger smsmh.
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heersrsrspplause] >>nnouncer: today o ramp ray... >> rachaeae >> anununr:r.r.tristork ecodininininin your ug >> r rchael: t ttttxusted . >> announcer: trendndtreats coululbe@he key to healthier 20 and "once upon a time's" ginnifer goodwin and save room for enilada. >> rachael: tell me that isn't' gorgeous. >> anuncer:r:r:w, are youeadydy fof#rachael! >> rachaeae all righty, guys da wre going too b getng full eckup.p. i'm joinedy one o our favorite hosts from "the doctcts,"r. travav stork is in thth house. [chers and alalae] >> racacacyou owowownenene of@ff my


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