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tv   Today  NBC  March 5, 2016 5:00am-7:00am MST

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gettingos. esential f-rrs ld trumpndry c pio tigenhe grip onn & eir party's nominations day, as voters in five stas head to e polls. ump's opponen vinghey y ll stopm, w t dededeaticde, hil clis lea o or bernie sasaer deste tanl thatties tag hecamp. i'm happy that everyrydy n pseeee cooperangnd ggio w lhe c trl. > n nt afeasouou on t grounds of o.o.simpson's rmer eatelodes into the headadnes. >> what has b smitted too our lab. thth a gng to sdy it. could i be the mde weapon ins oe mpsonn gdm orr just another sideshow me than 20 yea later?
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n%v study she zikairus may be e enore danrous tha iglylyght.chsoway t t vir is t h birth pcts all stagessff pregnancy. and unmasked? the artist known as banksy has spent h hareer anonymous spy-ting hkro therld. now pupar e-fititi toay havigur ohois.. as t t art been revealed? day, saturday, rch 5th, 16 >> announcer:t from nbc news istoivrodi 1acoefeflea.a. andelco "to o o is sy rning. i'm erica hillll >> glala to have you witus. i'm craig melvin alongsided chanel jos, dylan drer i re ass ll. >> it's neeo haveouou back i estud yoyo beeee o theoad t. >> gdo beback. aeallyal tersrs >>nall tss eweek, fishe iamilto coun southern ohoh,, ciciinti.
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ar on the political specum, lots of interesn thisace.( lo of i ierest in t racen bothsides.s.>>t'ogor us bacse o sry trnvoteiveta will have@ thay y. re a loo at w's voting onthis sarday. kansas residts wenlaucus on both des. republicans willaucus in m and kentucky, while d docrats will caucus in nebraska. and therere also onerima begeltoda>> ttnsian w boublicansndococ dhe polls. so mucht stake, as both donald trump and hillary cnton try to mainin those leads. >> we have you covered on both sides. we begin this morning withhnbc's jacob rascon, who's following the republicans, whereheiehahaow droeded down toou wi d benso suspendnd s mpgn. b,b, gmoin orte erica, good morning. dee desrate a extraordinary effor byyo many tototo trump's momentum,, he is the f forite to winin in every ste out with a pls somom ok at hishifting posit woerer who is the
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nald trump is playing by his own rules again. skippinghe conservative ac cocoence forinly ashereheesl showow ted c czatin up aft a stunningeek in erican politicic of viral civiar wititn the republican rt itsormer nominee, mitt romney, joining a chorus of establishment leaders conmning the fnt-rrndrefungo te for >>'m gngoryg with the nl pitical bounourha w don't n ninate donald trump. >>eporter: t lest complaint,t, trums repeated flip-flolo on immigration, suddenly arguiui that highly skilled, foreign workers shohod be able to say. i'm ging angi. weee h hylleopl this untry. eporter: tnreleing a statement,tching back. d on t rture -- if i say d it they're g eng to do it. >> reporter:rump now telling the "ll s seet journal" he
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officer to disobey thehe w. ten d a 1 statebeforehe b blionre b bes mokul c beunbeatab or a contesesd cvention could be allut evitable. once agai it's too voters ill flockin t tru rallies in record numbers, follo clclely b bscores of ototters. dll republins are camign campaigning in the decision-day states today. ptrump is leading in thosetates by d dble%digits, exceptor kansas a a he isis mominin on past day too florid a mustin state foror mar rubio, wre he an ted cz nnd g. a? j j r u thi rninppb,ksks trats now, where hillary ilinton is l lkiki to hold her considerae lead over bernie sanders in today's's races. nbc's kristen welr is in detroit, michigan. kristen, good morning to you. ter: craig, good morngto ser sdes hop to ga s menmto a telle the states
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comingeeksksre actually more favovgble to him. meanwhile, the clinton camign doplaying exctatns. team sanders says theyhink they have ad shot a winning kansas. they tnk thatebraska c cacacac s sveore of the whitit working-cls voters tha nd too favor sasaers. clinto isp loong strong in louisiana and that coulde part of her souththth firewall with a large african-american population meanwhile, clinton pressed ain oner e-mailsfter h former & staffer, bryan pagliano, struck immunity deal with the fbi old invtitoer rvaser ckhere'slintonon in an elusi ie with bcbcohn ood. >>hiis the sam securit view tt has bee goi onh sie last spring. i'm happy that everydy n has been cooperating and giving rmn, becnk il fly end thisnd ow thatnlnlapprriate steps rereaken. >> reporter: clinton a sanders
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flint, michigan,omorrow night. sanders' aides telle he going to go on the attttk over trade issues. that resonat here theheh titi's artlanan secretary c preewinerpopole lee o oattaca.. on fridada she calledd onn s sde d g front-rr d d trtrp to release c cdie @onomic pla.craig, erica, back to you. >> kririen welker for us thihi moin in detroit. thank yo >> hold foror js a fmer tenneses coressman andbc news pololical analyst. josh barros a sr editort usess insider"r"r" well asn c wsconttor. alwaood thaveve yououououoth thth this rninin >>d mornin >> g#od moin>>sss loot happening dadae throu atathe top otheehow the five states where v veru will be making their voice hrd today. trum won 7 7f f e 11 contestst . on supuesday but traditnallyyot d des - we when itomom to a caucucu versus prary. ther onlyne p pma dada is s a wdoe today f mco ru edcruz a kasich sowhe? >> i thinksoso kakaas is a state that should demographically favorable for eitherer marcoior f f ted cruz.
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- diffifilt too vote in dona trump is meeeliantn weeklyttachehevote, t's easierero get t emututn @ary.y. th saidid pollinghowsmp dnnsas wh'll b b watin isiss rump abl tinsass a way he cou in iowa, minnotaar laho and lookiki a a louisia,a,he on primary state,@ theolls have trump ahe anywhererom 1212 to 20 points. if hes up a really solod margin likee thatatt wiwi ntinue the margins he had on super tuesdayaynd i ie ntntshemmcroshep, w w theomatio with % the majory of delegas. ifif is narr, it t ll be e sign of trouble f f f trumum >> i'm wonderingf the other repuicans ake advtage of a ugh week for trumum the o oics parndhihi thought that romney gave cht d drati nenene give. pit was sththcong ll s s tt innokeo ststeut . >> cnt frororumpas not nearl as tough ass it's bn theast when people come % after hihi i thinkh is rit, the
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we i lolosiana,ut for the first time in this race, this last weeeei got t feeling that ere wasasasound with trump. whether itt manifests itself today is un but clrlyl as weeet torida a a ohio, rub and kasich c c winin th rctivat,,, homeat, thi i i i th trumpououinine trblbbay b g gning somom stm. t t data's g to be swn toate josh's point. >> i spent a lotfime talkiko tomp voters inn your home statat tennessee, this week, and ohioios well. and p pk up thehe "timim"his moin a a there's a person in louisisia thado echch eenntha iarll a snippet o irororoan dnn uiana. sh saiot srtof trumpmp shoing m dauterrr e streend myy grandcldrenn- tre is nothing a nobodyhas goi toissu me fromingfor trump.this is a w wan named loue butler he. hava you ever seen a canante withthth t t kind ofold over his pporters? >> n is is t weirdest campap i thin not ju of my lif
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pyoyo ow, ts te.iven upppn sayg dalalaltr damed himimsehhhis ba, donald tmp w too far thihi time. i thinin w learned@d t leleof. vivislyl there i thretically somethiond trump can do that would shake his votssway from but i'm not convinced that any of the thing that happened thiss wewe -- i an, soror o ople that werenclinedo@isten to ttomne when h soy o bewnppbndot fo t guyhehe weeady nottoioiooee f ump. >> and thi wom wl votedor mnmnmn te around s s she found his spe -- shehe was disgsgd and f fnd it disgraraful, t t way was comimi out. >> the key wilil wtherr not -- if you look at t totot outside of what has ( gotten,,he 60,7070 wherever it mighttav been, wve ate tha v coalce? mewi b fht fororweek. n yeri'veltt rforoo d afaer baba but'som back and the numbers have gonup,ut totoy we'll get more datand wewel see.
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the stuffff saiai aboutu trump in that speech by mitromney be used witome indndenennts and independentepublicans, i i- youunowwheheifference between the andhat i'msayi. >>ic to have y with us.haldldd and jbarrrro, prec your inght this morn >anti, picinos angedes are acococog niece p ptmvie today possly conctedj. simponiday, l.olice reveale at a knife had been found bubuededn simpson'sormeme erer and w w turnene unl recently. cocodt posy be t t m mder weapap? nbc's steve patdtrson ide o.'s f fmeomeith more on wh pe singbobq thatfe. st gmoinin >>epter:hey, craig, good mornin to you. so, the oer who o oy cece t ttfe did f seaef turning g g vetohela, adin lot o o p pple t k, . why?well, i spoke to s tornrn, wh s sd his cent triedo@ the ght thing. >> o. simpsons inside the ca >> r rter: it' ck, the
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sasa. > i itoe't fit, yo acquit. >> rr: the clrdy inopure. eewte- fx niseriri tting big rarara >> we need t bng in johnnie corane need to do it no >> & >> rorter: nowagai t stor ireifehelis. the latt chapter, tale of% aa k k found years ago on the land wherereims onclid. >> so,t has been submied to our b. they a going@otu >> rorter: law enfoement sos tbct debed a amall ututity-steknife,ommomoy usednonststction n n lalascing. the e, thesay, is n nsistuntithe wea used te pbrn a ldna b popoce a lookiki io it his is a double homicide - >> reporter: los aeles police say one o o t tirnow-retitid offirs got the kfe fro a construcon worker on sikpn's rmer property wle wororng 0off-duty at a a moviehoot across
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th offir'satey, tre copend says c cent did thiging. e didha i thirypeould veonenderhe circumstance iat you cal lapd and youlethehe make t t ll, and they made the caca. anhe c was,, this esn'taveeealo us usef. >>oriredetec toplangho wordn originurder case, doesn't it. >> why wouldeone sit on a knife, especially a cop who shomw better? >> rter: c c cr d dglas was f mpson' defef a- >> that's pur faas i'd rathe balki theea bnyst >>ter: and i a statement, doub frothe familyf ron goldman goman, sayingn rt, "the lif the kni as it lates to ron and nicole's rd iururyuliv%so,everav cd on, andvenene is linkrovewe thi knife andn t 1994 murders, they y uldd stil say that it wowod b impossible, neay impossssle,
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prettions under t fthth amenenent. yet, i isork tt stititi in do, invgato ingntoisisis p w tt d t som time .aig? >> steve pteteon for unn los. geles thihi morng. stev thahahayo >>ri mber i msnbc's chief gal corresponnt a a joins us th morninininih re.@ steve just p pnted , becauses o o dbl opardy, j. sisold n nhaed agwimu. ereerer chchchs, out couldmroml thisdiscovery, potelly? >>his is a fciciting doright elopmenen the o.j. simpson case. it is like that athin would happen tohi a you sas! its possible that i i this knife wse inhe und ub homice i aha ould toha for else or se of eak inhe,eyon wha is aea know >> geoe mama, this is t t officer who says tt healled the la that ight,, td t t@ the watchch commanafr. watch commamaer essentially
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and s himn mer thiicyort o teialaltr ll,s officiny mama miste a minimum, because you don't w any idence let alone a p penti murder weapon, jusus sitti t'shiis athth example where t comu i it, isapapapte pop, but ilso hasdupll the qiobobw how ng works and how the miak ma, if this isisha hapns in a case with high scrutiny, wt's happening theestf thetime yes, iff t tre was any mice or malfeasae, a dererea f obstrng stice, that cod potentially come downhe line, but i doubt it. i'll also say, look, in anyy murder investigio the things you want to look at aremoti physicvince a t sceof cri weapon it w w as ehano rdeaeaas f inhi ca. ba ontows unlikely thatthis is t actual murderweapon. % >> ari melber, we enjoy hav yu`bround so much, we'llriro youuack nexex h hrr t t t ttt highghrofi caselving hulkogog that's headadgoou ove aex pe hayou,g. >>-sng author pat
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conroy turne his troubled ildh intomotitialovels like "the prie of tides,""t great san enie"nd "the lords of line." all tee o those were turned into major movies. his lifif st like his bok centeredround surviving a brutal father who beat him, his moth andndixblings. en the 70-year-old annnnnced headancrtic cancer jusus three weeks ago, he wrote "i'vespen m whole wting life trng o i am, a ion't@ bien comeose.ntees iis n u to jury to de if popular sportscaster eriri a arews shoulul get $7$7milln after a slklk viotapaperak i hote rootet the te.nbgqn t fordas beer t tri for us moan, good morng. >> rortete good moing, cr we'rtandin outside of th courthouse here in nashvie. and aer yesterday's csing arguments, the ease is now with e jury, who couldave a verdicas early as monday.
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emotioiol c csing auments -- >> she'siving a nightmare. >> reporter: -- for sposcaster in andrews, itllll comesown to this. >> we won't begin delibatio until mondayyorning at 9:0000. >>eporter: s's suing for $75 million, a now the jury must consider seven days of testimony, 22 witnesses and9 pieces of evidencello dede ifanager aormer nerf thdeilt motot nae sho payay aws f hehe emoonal distre.his ll aaye ther the will alwayay b a reminde sise da >>eporte a aer she w secretly filmed eightears a ctalkerer melbaett.t. he e eracearrett the s se way they enabled barret >> cel's tryin to tie my clientss to the crimal, but theyeyad nothing to do with that guy. >> reporter: athe hrt othe sue, whether the hotel did enough to stop him. >> this co haveeenstopped. >> reporter: drews'awyers say the reservations confirmed andrews was taying there, even
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>> and s typed in "y, request to room next to erin drews." > reporr: thehe hotel sssy did not ge barre h room number a a was manipulated to giveimhe room nextdoor. criminals find wayso get around systems and explo systems,nd t tt's wha ened here. eporow is u to the jury offenen and fe mentoid andwshod be id>>s diffiltceor o deterne these k ages bausere's no formul f it. >> rter: fortial ges. >> just-t' ict, at their job. >>eporr: job toomep with a verdict -- >> tha should be quite significant. >> rorter: -- and possibly a number. now, craig, when this verdict come down, the juryill have to say, one,f erin andrews should be paid, a tw if so, how mu, and the, by whom backo you. >> mgan radfd for ushi rning in tennessee. morgan, t u. there is scary news this
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a newdy in the "new england jourl of dicine repor the dise mayctually be worse scientist imagined. accordgo that study, zik may cause more birth defec an microy and it believ lieved itt causes defects more than just in theeginnings first beev. we'll goohrough thisith the director o allergy and infectus diseas nextt hour. dyl dreyer's hehe. outtest they're deali with me wtuff>> yeahey d a b o dry spell,ut we'e'o g wea mgin a a riesf styou n tm developg over the pacafic. you can see the swir,he areas of sure.0 ththe wbe t t reaso w we'll seeeavy inspeciallyy from wasngtoto steough oregon and into nthern a a central california. we do have someavier poc of rainov east ofttle and stretchingnnt sanan cisco whe wulee up ihes o ,,ut 's nt in,seavy motain snoith 2 to 4 feett possible i thesierra..
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and high wind warnings. we cld seefustsp near 5 5 to 60 miles per hour. so, as wo tough the day today, we' sees round of raininove lin later on today through suny morning and tn we'll get a bakefore the second system sunday nhtht and moay moin th second o lksweaker, so th majity of the problems we'll see will beith the fir round o rain, but wcould end upup with 5 to 7nchesf rainfall. that could lead to some mudslides, and get, in the
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to 4 feet of snown the nd t and that'sour lates forecast. >> allririt, dylan, thankyou. the mogul andhe modelel tied the knotusus moments ago in lon. billionaire media magnet rupert murdh married jeri ha, the famous ex of mick jaggerer family andelebritiesegan arrivivi f that prite remo thimorning. thee cple officially married friday a spencer use, home off incessdiana'milyly mu i84its hou rrge. i r maia to jagge claredalid 59. f f aramithhe titi a nkouw nylyravelsheor y-ti h set controvers avevyee goes pcl shois ough b h allyunedhas a a ltl helromncnbs kel cobieaoins ln ply, good mog.>>orte grn a.a.
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toatnst t behind th, nk. andentists s there% rey the m.frondono yorka. gaza, i been stolen auctio ceredp f being contrsial. stsu, nksy's mealiv >> welcomeo smland. jo >> reporr: at diallandiseary t h onheso-cd haie place o rting fun offu ttors,he w has be lefefuessingut al pernineett ar clecty celebtieses and ld tesor milliof doars.sold! r: a aamed rob bas, the bbc said in20. no i rorgunngh sd e aily mail,""wo years te an theory bank is whoang of pele. using ahnique strait o
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>> it's a he geograpapcal ar repr: -- arocf ient t tedorack the code wh a t thnue cd geraic ofiling.>> it' ud a nberf lice anciesn tnid ates,lung the los angeles police ment, the w yo pol deptment used >> repr: insteadadf cme sces,hey mapapd basy art l and brisl,omparingth dat t homnd ngou of ten soalle banks spects. the relt? thee fanots and spike or spatial loon in geek sp which led thehe to one proment ndididob gunngham. >> the stialvie of th aror supportsoryhat is thesuspt, that he banksy >> reportet: mykterysolved? n't ban on it. so, if it is rin guingham, well, who'? and we don he an awer f at ye ct even t t udy'authors areroctghis pe.
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ftut terereing. l rit, ll than. eps u gueg still. >> i le the mystery. >> , then that's good. see, we'e' kt the mysry alive aittle bit. >> yaise a goo point. >> i wondeow he gets paidid because it's sellingor millio of dollars, but if we don't know w wou are, how do you gethe money? maybet's not about the money. >> it's abo the art. >> the message. >> yes. still t come, we'll catch yo up on t week big stories, including this inedib caught-on- momenthe cldls outf a vaoo thed nehe kids ok >eaea wtyo g
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olouncer du have >> son't g o oph >> the g herer d n t tph i d. an'toror hertalklko u,. w n to thi attoay ihow uphihi en ahe wit an'tantott b mironouncingth o you ts rd? w warar bk ts satury rnin mararth,, wh a ok a four of"house of rds." the new season droppedesteay onnetflix.x. comingngp in "trending," we'll tell you why bibie-w-tching it pth weeke could actually be 0 quite b bor your health. >> uh-oh. >> quite bad. outside studio , we've got some folks, got a nice, little cr out ther so happy to havehem start their day w wh us. weweeeeng t get outsisi abit. 's a ally oneut ere, p>>t isitchchch, b goioioasch i ld. . >> 70st week. >> beath >>ha crazy. > let's get yaugh up on
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saturday moing.g. voters seading tthe/pls today in kansas,maine, kentucky, nebraskaand louisiana. donald trump i i poid to pick upupore key states day. hillary inton i i expd to maintain her lead in today's contests over bernie saers. the srts w wld is mourning the loss today of one of the industry's mosos colorful commentatoto. bud collili died at hisom friday. collinin who helped populariziz tennis,rted brocastinin the or in 1968. i bes known foris entaryin wed rest a awimbledo" so kor!i shn forward awell bubuollins was 86. > loved "brefast at wilen. and checkckut death valley like you've likely never snt before,,overed in go. this is what's known ass a rarar perbrb. yellow wild fwers coveringne the hoest, driestt places in
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>> a perbom>> let s s wh "thedownadad shnell hashe we'siggehelilis. >> fro drararaidee rereblicic p t ttt key's ng-aited ret home after a w w w spspe, a thth stoes tcaught o teteion.h( donald trump feeli super onn supe tsday. it looks like we could w sisi or sevev or eig or nine. >> reporter: from t northeast to the deep south,ominance fr donald ump, racking up seven wins. hillaryrclinton riding high well. >> what t super tuesday! >>orte whlintononhe likelyemocticomomee this - fallininti i iea t publ pty apart.. thththast r rublicanresidentl nomineneagagag war on trump. in uer 20 mites, romy anded his party's f fnt-runr dishonekangerous a a dumb. >> here's what i know -- donald trps a phony, a fraud, his isis areres worthless as a deee fm trump unersity. >> repepte whi at the
5:33 am
low thehebelt. >> loooo a those nds. ar theyma hands he r rred tox myhands, if they'r'r all,omomhingls st b b sml. gntee u,u, the's no prlem. guantetete >> rter:he discovery of popoibleebris from malaysisi airlines flight ti up newuestns.. >> the piece was found o o a sand bank off the coast of mozambique by tourist blain allen gigion. ^his could possiblye from malaysia370.0. weon't knowyet. >> reporte anoererililfafad voya fnetheeworls lalaest ruis ships. o oeseas cut srt its week-l tr, royal caribbean says, becausee o o a vere forecast stm.>> very sappointed.i wanted t cry. reas? rertrt indicate dozens of passengers and crew a aick with symptoms of norovirus. e sweete for nasa onaut s stt klyfter arly a year in bit. >>t was just beforor:3.m. lo t tehe t soy
5:34 am
andddcan scotted i kazakhan. cott klylykn motr eart aer40 d space. >> reportfr:r: scaca moment f f a child and famamy inhinana >his is unbelievle. - a toddler -- look at this vide -- tumblbl from the back of his grandfather's v on a busy highway in cha. a good arltan rcued that le bobo rnitedim with fami >> and ias rlrlfor. rsaryoodland sng down during the hda classic. >>wodnd's'see standed on e watetes eeear the edge of the fairway. he dididt wanttoo get his outfit dirty,o o took off his socks and shoes and some white pants. >>ndomenfececous laughter from the milwaukee brews. >> his names ett illips. atat him oheef hi. p f f f thewauk brewer eeam reeds de shing w he joun'n' ld itogetherheea some corny jokes. >> whatidhehe duck sayay to the bartender?
5:35 am
>> put itn mybill. very od. like tt e. >> he's taking in tow muchair! oh, myy d. makese so happy just t watch. you know, sometimeselaught's infectctus. >> it is yes, iis. >>ecially when you're not supposedo laugh.h. 's wnnt'tter >>ea & ifcucucol. odlala's pant ve eally exnse. ght? you actuall -- s that t fit time that'sver happen >> didt he take hisis shoes off, to >> shoes, socksnd h h w wte pants. l l'shankful he stopp there. >> and with thth! >> expsi pantnts.>> picnoththir0t' gqutiono >>@thehehe dp question it'greatececse is things evebody wants to know.. d wre you wearing them >>elps with h follow-through, perhaps. >> ah,, sure. allllright,ylal drey's ba. anotr chk otheorecast hehe. whatre w w lookingat? >> thatarmmuphat's movivg in..& we've justot to get tough cooler weekend in the nortrtast, but then we've got a bigig ridge in the j ststam. th's going to allow
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degrees aboveveverage through the northehn plains. today kansas city a aut 6 6% grees, chicaca 42,,leland 3939 thathaapns @ gintotoay mpmpesnn omaha abouwdegrgrs. that's 23 deg abobo average. close t 6 6 i i minneapolis. in the northeast, we'll be inn the upper 40s. raleh a a 60degrees, which is right arod averag but monday, a of thatar air ar tooveewa inanolis5 gr tturgh raleigh 66, york clo tot . enenenee t wupgoing. an in thasas by we getweesda it should be close to0 dgrees. totoy, though, t t area off high essure kee things highnd dry, lots o nshine. that firit srm sysm makeses pitssay into the pacific nortest. heavy rain, mountain snow, win s up near 50 miles per hour, and wll alsopee a few scswtered laffect snow
5:37 am
eat lakes. >> a >> and tssourrr latest focast. >> all right, dylan, than. jus ahead, btt b ever? you w#w't believe what oeo do rard oy >>also, whoouou gonall?l? ostbtsrs! good. >>thtnku. aaastk t t new "ghobubuers"s" momo your bodwas made for bettererhings than rheumaid ahrit.. bebere you a y rheumamalogist move to a biologic, ask if xeljanz is rit for u. ljanz is a small pill for adults withderate to vere raa fowhomettratat did t wo well. xeljanz z n redu joiot in a sin i& as little as two wes, and hehe stop fuher
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xeljanz can lower yourability to fight infection incling tuberculosis. serious,ometimes fatal inctions, lymphoma, another ncerhaapd. n'starxeljan youe infionon ar the smach oress, lod ceouangh l aolesterove haha happepe your d d4dr should perfm blood test fore you start anwhile taking xeljanz, and monitor ceceain liver tests. ll your doctor if yowere in a region ere fungalalinfections are common, and i& youave hadatb, hetititib or c, or are prone t tinfections. xeljanz can reducethtomsf raev wutethotrexate.
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about xeljan when you en yould mou wh....youould stay. .in d day... ...youeed e por ... w afaf expma new theraf expressmax. e power to f fl better. thers e voice ofa darereviin all ous that urges u... ... to shake things up y shouldamaged hr since at voice? new doegenerative nourhment. ...witrereregecompx in a formu that nonoisss regenat
5:40 am
> we ar > wow.w. ce>> decisiojocomes on the heelelel linkedin's falling stk prices.. thth're repepted to ve 9,00 fullte emee so it works out to a littl over $1,500 stochhare for employ>>t's rllycool. >> tt' ni h< > i call out m faer.ilaoa he w wkebo ts nkad for long time no o e ew whahahaeasasalking about. > linkadin >> it's a great place too work, aprently.
5:41 am
y, w was yesteay - onin) sup-chas ststyhe lonli help y satu momoing.acacrd t t t dating site zeus,,ad grammar could b gettinggn the way y yr dang life. ze sayseay 50% of the siles they pos said grammar wasdealreaker. wever- ts ss importantnt- itiesween@n er..60% o thewould letf g g tay prsngnge --- well, now.w. >65% of womend. wever,72% of singnes agreed that blatant spelling eor we a turn-off. . >> i believe that. >> i c see that. >> 60%f gu. >> it is a little nonong, ough. u justave to tak the tim ack and . becavenithtt. tocorrrrt wan everyryin you ke plura to bepossessive, which annoys t t cra out of me. >> i'll forgive y for autocorrect, butf w sitting down at dinnerr- >> what i tak from those nuers is, if you're a guy,f you're hot enough,,@sn'ttttt wyau u@und tttttt ootion. y mummmmmm p ^ndre nurlyorejujuin yai, me
5:42 am
if your weekend pla ininude ouse ocards"s"s" bin watching, new study says maybe you should jtatch apisode or two at a te i iteadadffllof theheheon. y?arerst theororern cafofo ite f f search eduduon found 18 to o-year-oldsdsho watch more th thrhrrs of tv a day and did less than 2 1/2 hours o physical a aivity a week had the wowo cognitive funio even forerehe hitidide ae.ans isuchh ouer thqh researerstially realized. >> too mu. >> i can seeeethatatat >> i can,n, too. >> i like to spread it t, anyway, though. >> yeah, b it's not jt "house offcards,"@ it' all s. >>no bngnghiyt. >> i t i was midofth n aou'r sll up whyhym iwang butf youu bnge-watch t t "today" ow, it'soooo for you. > confirmrm byepututle ysicic, yeah.
5:43 am
ce harry for seone se? eie h t tt in "p ar" >>e e e e doneses t, t osts, outfits,s,s, th go it's's'sn 322incehe opigin "ghostbusters"s"atated theiei way through the strtrts offffnew@ ty. anddnowowowre getting a a a ak a thee highly anticipatedall-star, all-l-male reboot, thanks to this newly released trailer. >> l's's'sgo. >> let go. >> did you wan - >>rry,'ll l t you. >extime.e.e >omeone is creatg a devic that amplifies paranorl acti, and weight b b the only ones w w can stop. ltzm, come on>>at ismuch,ght? isthth the hat$ >> starrin kristen wiig, kate minnon, leslie jonesnd melisss mccccthy. it comesesut t ly. if therailer is any cationon w know t movie sh dododelettttheob fi lrfaacked up more tha 11 million ew >>w. >> peo aeadyor it. nex up, what do ed shehean d p pnce harry have aing in mmon?ifououe m robb, rently, a lot.
5:44 am
dsds promonger filii "whiskcyananfoxtrot." innn cas missed itthi ek s revead to jimmy 0 fafafafall fallon tt she ook prie fofoed eeran, eve ng foror m/ut e erass thing is --it was the ralhnhnss himselffh cctct he ispe toer and was kininf offend. >> not harry. >> i thie felt like, kind of pr kikiki oa ajgeal. >> i don't think they loooo- ike. @hey do plalale guyn eearry er?p feret stakenen onaanother.r. >> what kind ofhouse-rmin rtrt w wrere're j j jininin f brushing up with prince harry? >>oooooo int. >>!er been the. finally, it's notararaao lovegan freeman'sp lic et muchveryinggsdd betterern or narra it cuntars, moes,tv but you uay neverave heard h h hlike this. pthe folks at "vanityfair" had morgan do a dmamac readi of
5:45 am
ust s s theebeb lics haveveeverndmd s s gd. t you rain on para a all theluou getin using my u think youkeke myheart? oh, girj,or goodns sake, you think i cinggnaaan. well, i ain't. [ laughter ] icve should do aittle llabo, as t ty say. 0 >> so go. . . ffasatching an tervrvrv h h a couple years ago and hee sasasaheheosnninhih hee te i iplealkk u to him onn thth s see a han him t llphone. theyfyant him too the voice mail. . >> i h h t spysysf from 0doin that one time. he was soooit nice andndhd oughgh he mighte up to it, but iad to be li, fan gi, pullllllk. i gueue et'sd tha 't,,,, t wotintel fmelelpert. > xtz. uh-oh. >> >> thousan of high schoers
5:46 am
right? my question -- >> the expert ove@re. i i liketete>>ouguak t t you can help p event blindness in undernonoished children all over the world.when`nouetour nsnsatavalgrns, you helplpive life-changing vitans to kids across the globe. vivimins here. change lives evewher walgreens. at the cornrn of happand healthyn quilted northern wor so well people can forget their bathroom experience. st le they forgoconductor randy, who sell a rgetetnog.
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,,,,,, vo: you get used vo: you get used to pet odors inour car. you think it smells fine, but your passengers smell this... elimine odors you've gone noseblind for uto 3 tebre car vcl fe psengwoelood h soou and your paengers can breathe happy. atohnson's, the products in our bath time routine wo together like a team. a combmbation designed to lp impro ur baby'skar
5:48 am
pb&j. it's st pb&j. less you me itightent becomes a ndwichasighty as it is humble. easier to make than a mistake. as simple as a sunny day, but just as perfect. whouaka pbwith's, that's the difference between ordinaryveryday and exquisitely delicious in an everay sort of way. cause with a name ke smucker's, it hato be good. >> right about now students across the country are sitti downo take the designed s.a.t.or tirsttime the exam now features an optional essay,o penty for guessing and four muleice optio inste of ve. >> that's crazy. >> i could have gone to harvard. right? i wod he done so much better. an in honor of the students taking the test today, we thought we'd do the sam
5:49 am
we t tught of this all on our n. >> yes. >> so, our proctor,heinelle -- >> y can't evenn contr -- >> ready? yes. >> i don know if one person can ve a calculator. >> you told us to bring a calculator. >> ok, that's fine. >> by the way, don't they u cacaulators on the >>re you p pting on your asses? i'm professor jonas. i don't know who i am. . jones >> i can't read with them. aartily filled pool contains 600 gallons of water. hose i tned on and water flows intheoot aef 8 gallons per mimite. how many gallons of water will be in thehe pool after 70 minutes? >> okay. what are our choices? >> you just have to know. >> no, it's multiple choice. >> everythingxct this one. >> 568. >> okay. >> 568. that ghgh >> no. you're almost out o o time. >> i forget thequestion. >> righthtere behind you. oh.
5:50 am
>> 70 minutete >> get your pencil and per. >> 1,160? >> yes! wow! > let me see your math -- tt was fantasti >> i didn'tse a calcator. >>llght, letove o and thenan explain h you did it. ququtionwo is multiple choi pl along at home, if you'd like to, saysrofessor jone choose the answer thattnt efively improves the quality of writi in this sentence, okay? given these solutio as wel as the many health benefits of the food, t advtagef greek yogurt outdo the potential drawbacks of its production. the key word is "outdo." >> "c." >> outperform. >> you're supposed to put it on the board. >>ast timeereruppod to yell it out. >> i say "d." >> the answer is "d"! >> yes! >> we're out of time. >> i like outperform. >> this is a fun game. we should play more of that. good luck, kiki, with the eier s.t. >> stillo come, the bes w w for you to d d your taxes thi year. rst, thit,is "tototo onn nbc. >> actually, erica, you were
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
simple maththblem. ll >> tomn today to, armi, net providing even more evidence that zika is linked to birth defects. > plus, hulk hogan preparing for his day in court in his $100 million lawit over a i think we should've taken a left at the river. rzannow where tarzan go! tarzan does not kn where tarzan go. hey, euse me, do you know where the waterfl is? terfall? nomearzan, king of ngle. why don't you want to o st ask somebody? if you're a couple, u fight over dirtion it's what you do. if you want to sav fifteen percent t moror on car insnsance,, u swswch to gegeo. oh ohhhhh it's what you u .
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,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, goo d morng.g. gettinggcloser. donald tru hillary c cnton hohong to maintatnheirir leads as voters i i five stas head to eollsda trtrp' oontsongw h do? andill hillarylint sy on top, d dpite that-mail scl? wewee live. >>o.j. frenzy. nife@e fndno.j. mpso erase thas hawo desac into the headlines. could this be n evidee inn a stl unsolved murder?- >>hiintern. p>> do yo o ve any experience? >> in my own >> do yoha any desn expericet l? >> . yldn'bably -- >> probayyoun'ttak it, okay. >> erica spending the day with
6:01 am
to g r r fhe holyeate asonwel i she upor the job todada rday, march 54h, 2016. oh, no >> i'm cebrarang my 60th birt withy yay!>> tennesseeo the "t" show, whwh!>> weup marylan on the "tshow whoo! it's m bthday wnd and ceb iw yo ty! >> gooooaty t u.welcback t "today." nice crowo outsidedio1a rnin were g gng to getside in just a bitt to eeze with them.[ ught ] nlyntil da and then it will be 70. >> yike w jongrsf there a j. crew. >> wasas enjg it. >> yeah. ik it veryouou >> ofours youdid.d. you take erythingery seriously. p>> this is all j crewnow? rettyhvein wea
6:02 am
that. bu yes, justn honor of our ec mayb to oegh e have aotet tohis moing. we want to jp polibattttsrewi today.y. primary, caucuses a aoss five stat goantete af@ ng tlo dn dd trp. an we havel ov o t demo cdidass. begin with nbc'acob rascon in landhos covg the republicans fof us this morning. jacob, gd moing. >> rorr: gd moing. itits decisisn day y aaith-calevermpmpp movementnt pked u momen tsweek, tning into virtual ciwar, b hitort rick wall wll of candidat pledged tpo nonee, en itas tru- trtrp, for hpart, is loving th everybo again him scenario, braggingbo i on the trail. hvor, this validadas his position as the ultimate outsider. the stage this week, we tcd the rublin field
6:03 am
shouting that reminded some o niororgh.gornor kasich seeee to be the only a inhe room, tefusinio . sshe o ohoaye tentl tow trump's mmentum because he is closer with him inhe polls inn his ( home state of ohio. bu trump is favorite t tininveve stateutith a llll moststy dblbl digits, including here in orida.0 of cour, benen carson has read dropped out. trump counting on t fact t t he ahead bouigigs rco rubio's he ste, that he can force rubio to drop out as well. erica? >> jacob rascon for us this morning. jaja tyo meanile, be sand wiwi t toain mentum today as democratsotenhree stes. nbc's( kristenlklk's in detroimichig, this morng wi momo.kristen, good monning to you. reptecr good rninin to u. that's right,enator sanders oking for a comebebk today. his aides tl me the states that vote today and in the coming weeks a actuallor farable to anwhile, the con cign
6:04 am
am sanders says he isooking strong inkansas. they alsoo think nebska could be a close that iananea,, bothtess thumber o o it woing-asss verer@rho t td/t fafar senator sanders. clinton looks stron in louisiana, though. again, thahacould be part of her ut fillithhh l afrin-icanpopula anwhe,ntti sed a ain on her e-mails after her former staffer, bryan gliaia, struck immunity deal withe fbi andolinve h sveasas nerhack. rehat clinton told@ our cnbc's jnarwood in a a exclusive intervrvw. ta a lten. >> wou you ccede that you and the peopl who worke for you at the state d dartment werer sloppy in the way you handled -- >> no. >> --top-seet fofoatn?>>no, bseet'se c about thishe wt@ silene o ohose that was rked classivied, either sent or received.%- reporte thi mng
6:05 am
new a h he i the s mich,outi cltotos economicplan. sh rold out part of i i on idhich fcali back break for cpanini thth tsourceobss se. sersanderwhwhe, has be ccizing secretary clinto on tradeissu th anssue ttt resates in the artland. all of this a previ of what can exptt tooeeomorrow night whenenhe two face off in a baten inmich craig, era,ack to you. >> kristen welker@ fofshimog. kristen, thank you. thereres aot offal this rning about whether a knife und on o.j. mps foiapepeeay dedes ago could b b concteded tohehe mururrs of nicice brown sondonldma nbc' steve patterson is in los gele this morning with more. steve, goomomoing.>>epr: goomog, ra. lo, ihink we'd be fooling ourselves if we didn't first talk about the fact tha the reason why this storys secause'seady bk in ltur a l lplpl aakin uo this, thanks nt t that fx miniseries that isoing s/s well.
6:06 am
firstearning abobo this se andd theh it'sig o o cue, theenifess cfified by t lapd. i want to tell this storyry because it is s s bizarr itits sever yea ago, but aftej. mut o este,appantly, therere swo done on h yd ther which, ain,fter he's moveououan fhe knife burd inhe the cruion workers se the knif knows the story and wants to take it t t t t thorities, so hedoes. o a surityt gua ac t stkin a vie. according to policehat securi guard is aormerr lapd officer. so, ther,oro hisattoey, theni a he ds the right thing, he lls0in t t the lapd.. accordingo his attorneyhehe tell him, look, the cas is ed, and s s he hol on to efe some 15ye until he decides thaha h wants memento. and tooo that, he wants to get the case number engraved on the knife.
6:07 am
you ould probably takakthe knife in, because it could be evidence. and so, that'sshere we're at now.w. they're lki intohe k kfe ndss i i i fonsnsal. butust i tngo people tohis case, theyy say thathisnife is very small. it's maybe fe inches. it's maybe used for landndnding, yb usese for cstionn that it is n consistent with the murde weapon used in 94 yet, investigato connue to lookntth. thror hasas sttet-ut it@ uld takeleore they - get any results. back to you. >> steve patterson for us this momoing. st thtnks. . e srtling news this mornrng regarng zik ar,ew stutu agrgring lin betwe t t virus and multiple birth defefes, pworse than w originay thought, providingngven more evidid hoh zaayayee liggo brain defects in unbo babies.. anthozau is t t director o oth national initut of allerer and
6:08 am
doctororornef f f hing 'v'venre whese strong indicors early onn that ka cou be c csing miocepha. bu n t new sty,here dn linh bere. tis n n stududu s smsohowwww a lililiween zika sal dienbifect he f clde affec hohoirtu@ every sts pegnc toyoulhat @ real `adlinii his@ morning? well, h hdlinin is s s e definitiveay yhowhae is a causetive retionip-( w kre's temporqleoeohica relationip between wom who are infected with zikik and thesese coital abnorlityiesabnormitit partarly n specifically crhaly. o cttues y look-infected w who are pregnant and zionfecten w pregegnt and look at the outcome. the stsdy that came out yesterda t"newland urofmedici" shows that there's aningly high percenta of wen whore
6:09 am
hahabnorlities i i tfetu ebernhat stuas 29% those tt were actua grossly ididtifile, andre y en me subtle defects. so, this is thepery first strong study. the's been a lot of rcanal evidenct rong linhis s t doeses definitive prove it. this issne of a numr of studies that now ge very@ strongef thth. >>r. fauci, wre a w regards t tosbl vaccatiozika? >> yeah, vaccines usually take a consable period of time,ut we'r'r on a ver fast track, and weopopo g intoan t tals just for safety o o vaccine candidide s s s time at the e of the summer, beginnini o o fafa 's called pse o trial.l.l. uirst he to show it' safe and t t t it induces the k kd of response that you would predict woulu,be protective. itwsbeafby t
6:10 am
into a larger trial trying to4 determe if itiactually works. whher ororot itoes a how long it will tak tove iss alwaomethi ttt you can defitive predict, but we're on qte aast track, a least getting i into humums i anearlaly the end oth er >> ahony fauci withh the nih. dr. fauci, thks, as wa. goo to be with you. heinelle is flowing anher health storyryhe doorsing t lrnorout aeadly ct ah, mysteouou reak may be the causef 18 deaths in wisconn. th morning investigators are searching for answer eelibethhas intea 44eoplen astour montnt. itt causes aare blolo disease. people over the age of 6 are atgreatest sk official wh the for seseontr n n kw urf f e inctioio > aewpproach is turning cocoentional wisdom on i head and cld be the answer t
6:11 am
chilen aisea allergies w a eenally f p ptsrom t age 4 mohs until agege often became rgy-y-eefor years partseen td to keep hihi-risk kidss awayro uts. lerg reactio coulde severe, even deadly rearchers alsoo finddhis teni m work o otherfo le eggs, yogurt, sesame and white sh. ntinger jeek died. r husband a ausical par, rory, bloloed f aftern sayi "hn has ceased and all her tears are dry."( nslolo his eal posts thrououou her battle with rvical cancncnc joey feek was 40 years ond av aaughternd two stepdaughters. turning now to an amazing, quveveigscol ball game.. take ok. this i i in miekota. ma senenr higrarain in a ste tournament game,, knocks wn a three-ter to go toovtime stild a&uer two overtime wase hurls thebuzzer-beater,
6:12 am
laststecon sho t tut the game ay after an incredibif fouou ertis. that isamehey wi nerfrg. > nall w i a wardrobe lfction a full-blolo emergencnc here's wt happpped. aispapaher in greenville, south carorona, got ara call fthisisr-ol aply the litl cocodn't finish getting d dssed anan needed assistance. a police officer raced to the rescue, helping the toder with her panan a shoe n tel you t two a ft iends and t offer n'tven thaad about the not-sorgen911 callll i'ure they had to tell hehe from now on, or& somethhat is a b bger al, iascu. alllll >> shllel tha you. > dyls out on plaz she' got a cck your weather. hey, dylan. >> hey, good moing, gu.. we'vototot oththys o thepla.a. w o a you tng toda >> 10. 10 years old. you're sure? well, we haveomeoeoeonhe plazaho's'soture hoh oldld he's ing. originally 43, but c cngedit it's now your 44th birthd. >> am, yes, totoy. >> all right,oext yr ?
6:13 am
>> you got that >> ye% >> hapap biryllnd. s tak aeath on theast, whe we wang pade o storms mamang their way on shore. we are goingngo seeeavy rain today from seattle t s frcisco. ve gusty w wds as ll advisor aigwi w wnihauld gus bout 5 6 mes per hour. we also have winter storm warnings in the siea mountain rangeecauau ofs ssyt'oov ro the day toy.heyain also aut to 4 feet of snow psible innhe sierra. now, we are going t/ get are sunday morning, t tn aer orm stem i in sunday nit. as for ,ut 7 inchesescould eate some
6:14 am
and agn, ahat' y lat forecast.. guys? >> a right, la t you. > stiome when ces totaxe shouldlou hire an accoun orhould you d them (v(zy me's nk and i make dog chow denver, colorado. one of my ndest rifkh the wt he i knkn right there she was gonna be a great d. khloe's a big g fluence onhehefamily she ved l ncn fr thestar she's hilittle proroctor i trusdog chow t tkeep khloe healththbebeei see e high quaty ingrientthat go i i e dardthe llowretotonotch. i i ust dog chow eugh to feed it tmy dogvery single day. thanks forngnghiad iught ittmimit be te to talk abououa financl straragy. you mean pay him back?
6:15 am
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bener thshe. th, i can do.` fi uin the fir ai heovov e is out... the flame is out, tomorrowowy attitude...yo mher. antonio. antonio que? the stove. it's wor campbellll microwaable`s`s made foreal, r rl life. rl, doyou ha frnds comingver? yeah, so it stinks in here. you've got toash this whole room are yoyokidding?ash it? let'wash iwi febreze for all the thingsgsou t wash, use......fze fabr fresr oa hey mr webber ininins het smells nice hereanuge febrez ...t.tcontuous emimi orfo.. ...u 4 4 o fress pluggae breze and bric refresher... .[hale + exhe mnemic]... , , retobre e pp bac
6:17 am
momo and wit jbo sixixs to unthe daded tax deadli, you might be wondering,has theest way `to get those taxes done? shouldou spend theo hire an countant? shouldou use a a aonli rvrve?e/or should yusto the yourself? nbc business corspondent olivia sterns is going toalk us through i here.. soso agagn, just over a month away.thiss o o size its all. >no. . >> b y y'veot some goo advicehere. how d d wee decide whether we ould hire a tax professional? >> fir off all, cra and erica, n n shame iotdoin yoself. goodo >> t tod i h compx. it tes the average american 13 urs. >> w. to do theirir tatas. so, no shame, n n n , if yowant tose a acounnt.a cououou anans inhihi y y shshld definity consider hiring a pro. if you've had a big le chanan. at's th? well hyou had a baby? uad d maie d u g vorcrc d inriri d yo loseouse? did yoallylyet your mother-in-la move in? all of thehing are big lif
6:18 am
qual aif dection.>>f you doir an accounnt atheveracost sdhaunyo it's toost a couple hundre ck 73 is the o oicial avage. ouon wt to sprinfoth there a plentyf ear software@ options -- so taxtu blococ tax deluxexe those w wl r r you anywhere from $1$1 to $100 w don't wt to shell out t t cash f an accountantlt but you also don't wanto n the ris of going to prpron soou wanto do it urse>> youe a reall soul other reaso to csider ng a p - iyou'relfyed,wn si. if youreanndet9999 come, he u bought or soldd a hous do you have a investment prprties? ll of these thingngre retty goodsoo c csu a pressial becauca you figuree o some srategigio actuallyavou me y. >>henul ionsirsing some softwure?? >> youou s sulddonsidesing pso sofare if you don't want to splge for tcctt or
6:19 am
oneeob together r both have w-22s? you have no dependents? do you not pla on itemizing your ductions?al tho tsakak yr xes a who lot asr u'candndate. >>owanou proctctoursrsf om frauauhether it's, ow, one of the stware packages, wheer it's doingng self whreome ngsou can do to make sure notetng fleeced? >>st a a remo the eaier you filer taxes, t sasar you're goio be. at ishe numumr one thing you can do. , please u#u g wos.s. u dd sedow m ople stise "pizza" -- or 34. >> or 23.3 and t t oi i reallll want tostss, scams a2aeall sping. th ir jg, is nev going to call you on the pne and ask you for your credit card. thqx j jt doesn't ha. if you get a phone call frohe s,hobe extrelyly waryry ifhe i wan to conctu, there i i a problele they're going to do ity snail first.@n so,please,on't sd the any
6:20 am
>> tax time almost upon ul information thdnk yo vy much o o oa sterns. >> s sll ahead here the $100 lln lawsuitver sex tee thngulk hohon n against the website @gawker.
6:21 am
6:22 am
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m wh m it newow upda. one person idead this rning a nig c in lorado sings d on sth acamy near milton proby parkway st before 10.police s a soud drer crseme causing a four car crash ono was killed... and three others werer hospitalized. officere sayayhey thk t e
6:26 am
in co springs, poce and el paso county sheheff's office respondndo a shooting gcampd juefe midnight. while eyeyere ...... victim showed up alocal wal-mart with suspicoius injuriri atedn sc for supeiciajuri tt ed out relat to the @ shooting. . no suspectcthaveveee identified... and the sheriff's office w wl be handling the investigatiti. . airce amy cet acacsese suasaulha beenout guililthcourmartl hearing wrwrd upesterday... and cadet 2nd clacs zazaery y ubb was "auitted" on all charges. ththaccusations ststmed from an incidenthat allegegey ppened in octob o o14. let's t er to or
6:27 am
6:28 am
6:29 am
6:30 am
>> we >> we are back on a saturdayy is marchch 5 5th, 2016. out her with aovely crowd. it ishillllr tnthgh >> iisbris i ld! t w w pkeke up >>isis y. >o yoyo kw what doing in ago, s sakin of brisk? the polar plunge. that's crazy! >> 28-degree jchills. imagine ts b in - no,@ water. >>s for a goodcause, thoughgh dis. special olympipi. and al roror's doing it, so howcan i no @h?? t ood e,nd the is hot chocolayour future. >> i hopso. > sll tome ontoy," i aphe 'llee what happeddhenheined for the d at j. ew. ea ididot go well because youameeback. >> well, that's one way to look
6:31 am
>> she came bac dressed t t nine n. cr. > @hethers a weekend ip or ak away!h the mi, we have g gat spring k oions that won drainin your bank count. and latete b the star at your next party with thisss beautiful cak thais surpring easyy ke nd we'rere a readyor it use ialso,nur it's alsalled brbrast. > binhisffur, ththh aor now(derray thaesusowt far the pss can go intoo a celebrity's bedroom. nbc chief legal corredent i melber i back this hour with more on t tthismorning. good mornrng. >>ood morning. lk han ga ttinin ttin priva ain fedom he pr 's aattle rtf o wrtltltl inin this corner,, wrestlernd reality tv star hulk hogan. in that corner, the blog gaer, the king of the snanay headline. hogan says am going to slam other gian hogan vers wkwk."
6:32 am
of him hin sex w w heatherer klemm,ho was married tois@s former b fr, radio shock jock bheovesponge. gawker says they had the right to run the story.y. >> this sto is obviously not pen to papers.p mostries onnbties onawkeon't meethda t ts a gd sto a aut 4 major public figure. >> reporter: hoganants $100 milln f etion stss, pracyiolaons publis privafact ked about howhe video impacted him in 2012. ( >> ts is the w wst tng that's ever happenen to me. it's really turned m wld si wn. >> hhon's pricy righth were invaded. 's wroroor a mediapany to takak ftage that was seetlyilmedn a priva bedrdrm, shong aerso without their clothesn and - engagege in adult activity and to let t world wch th.. >>his a coner rorteaw foundk dentonues thee rlly
6:33 am
use t t courts to intntidide repopoers. >> thiis wre celebritieie desirefo control their ige to manage their buness,he bubune ofheir comes @nto c cflict with ourbusiness, ich is to put out t teal story. >> reporter: d dton argue hogan made his s s life p p f his publbl rsona. gawker say tsair g f f f e press to cover. >>he fst amemement iss ver clearn maer. we haveightsot justbs membmbs of the p pss and mbersrs of the free pres b b we're also people expressing ourselve on a story that'sin the news. >> repter: hogan'ssttney sagreeee >> gawker wou like the world think that the firtament dtroyll other ri, b b tha n h wo >> rorr:`:`:`:orcsho saygawker bg isn newsws dentonayay it all depenen on your finition. >> ielieve tha gos i the d o, the fift of journasm.
6:34 am
a jury will decide if gawker osd that line fromre spspch i itingrivacycy@y o whetrhe f f f f and doe protectsed o ror abouubli gus. dso hos troubub have contueue since heeiled this sui. thth "nationalenquiver" repted a secectranscripip fromthe case showing him making raciall ndry zremarks and that wwe fired him after that. hogan apoled, sasgg the sxcusor ungng fenseelalauage gu ari melber. i, thanku. >> allrit,ylas a fin chkth forerestst itt just got coaoan plast 30 seconls. it t d. >> subantially cld. >> theind has pi@keddp re, and'sake a look at thehe warm-up we'reoing to see, though, eececllynto theext several days. this area ofig presseeill pump in some southwestwinds. look at wednesday in nework city, 7 degreeem ralaigh suld 76 b wednesday.p. ckoughgh shvi 6n mond t mi70s tsd a weve u int ohi lking apeture themid-60s.% todaouou, in , we e seng se-fefe sno show
6:35 am
then tomorro we'll get areak in the morning out on the west coast butore heavy rain andnd mountatatanow wil ndnd thahasouou lat ca aghgh tyou. let's's head overo shehele% now in theraee room w wh todass"plaza fans of the day. w whave kitit and cindy fro maland. good mornini to you gu! >> good morning.g. >> and happy birththyo you. >> thank you soomuch. >> i love the facacac that y y took ouou thette t tut 6 candnds,
6:36 am
you don't he t t count them. so,ou jt decided to come by forr birthday?y >s, s.s. 's o mucket st. in n ket li, pwoue insiui >> i'm s exte >> i the warmrm. hahay birtay >> t tnk you! till c ce on "da 'll eee icics u u jorth jobhehe i iernsnst pcrew, butststst -- the cicioubve cash ard coco ery handwith casb ck twe on purchases o&c&cwhen you buy,and again as you p. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back d\j v v6 the citie e ar e e ly cthth l ls u ea ch bawin ypuhahawith 1enuy a as yoy. twowowowoto earn, it makak a lf other card seem oed. (avo) myamis pamelani've en mg dochowor 36 years s w. m9 dog g glflfend is 17 years old. she's beenindog g rom first day and she can stl chasesquirrels.
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if you h hsymp of aheart atta or stkeke easelcsehi ki c cntix.usution when dni. orra machi. most commomosi-affefis . life as a non-okers a whole lot of fun. ask your doctor if chantnt is right for you. > thi>>his mning it's tinin day i our sers "u for the job toy. an this time, it' ica's tur intern. yep. that's rht. i was very eited about it. so, i internene at. cr,,nd it was p ptty uch everything i i d hoped for.r. i showedpager anddy to learn with absutelyo perience@ewhatatever, anthey t me right to o .
6:39 am
colors, unexpected pairings, and lalarsf blin a modern loo me fousyhe compans p pde a cative reor,na lyon w on th d b is al my ss >> do yo sketch? in m` own way. du ve desig ce l?>>no.. >> yeahoyoyroy woulul't -- >>oun' mak it, okay. weweweweow thatte got t tt o w ofofhehewawa his is your luc day. >> it' my lucky y, and i i've got soue potential. helping me find that potential, the head of wowon's design, ack. evev inlerns havee spsp. itofal. nono i'm ry int at . ewew s ismy... an ice toy.y.ica.a.- >>i to mt yo shehe in charge. >> i have lots of tiny sequins to fold. so, what i'll usuallyo is put my tweezers rigig in tiddle to hold the line a a then'l'l
6:40 am
>> would you be doing this for an entire dress? >> yes. we need aoupleore supplies, sopo'm going to o nd y to the garment strict. >> and flowewe. st one. ba fi trfrf w w tw more seasonsns tacklele >>prg'17, are somef mage tte puhe t we werinivedby. this vintage bagag and just like the hot ongesithhe oves. th w w sort of make a smaller color palette. colors, buto names.s.s. that's my b. for inspiration, i explored . crew's color liliy,y, home to more thann 6,300 swatches, organize by season... >> okay, so, howid you do? >> so, neon creamsicle f fhiss on >> i love that one. neoncreamsicle, okok. >> what about r rh clay? >> ooh. >> i l)je tha oae. that's nice. gorges gouveia. >> ie g ggeouseia. >>ib kelly.
6:41 am
--retty goo a this. >> backtsomsack's officic it s time for hololay 20.6 p>> >, we alwayss do these sweaters. we nee you to hp us do a lalaut. $ okay. with some quick c cting and sting, the mockckp was ready. >> so, n that you know we have a sweater, usually we'll do a mahing hat or a matchg scarf to g withit. i likhat you'r thig out @he box. >>ut would jenna ree? >> howid i igo? oh wa d drawwt? i.>>ay yld havot ntnsp o yourn. s. if yan to ce back u ow. we'r takg intns mmer. >>e cul wyou offer, beuse'otsll on peanitth jna sna seieroofofy dream re did comf ue. >>t was esome. it looked like it was! in all hosty, erydyas
6:42 am
's the mosate enenronmen a everods al eouge tocontbu. jejea's oice i reallpe anpletopby and y ow, thaifferentde for things. >> i feel l le for dign it has be open so that people's ideas arewelcome. >> yeah, andndhehehave tse giant board all or and i und se, like stop touching ings!and iept apomin like somsac i'm sorr an , no, that's w ou tturend h hh thingskk together thoueleleing very bold likwork - >t't'heheyt you ty." t'wheneny sa have aob as a jost. but it was very fun. andd tre is gouveiaia or poppy the spring styleguide,well, well -- >> is eca hill. >> yououould have a job at crayola coming up with . >> iwould. and you haven in th didn'tou do a crayola story couple years ago? maybe we talald a aut it >> i don'tt remember. >> think you did. think you did. >> u nex -- >> thank u.
6:43 am
and somsack and katie and amy and everybody at j. crew. sprg break tri that
6:44 am
6:45 am
firs thiis " "day" o o nbc.- >> now i w,,,,,,,,,ac acatio all i eveante ninini i i i ay's's el," sprin bak at reuts n te at lo b g dl all ov the untry. sa sgnuolos editot a la at foursquaua, t tpp fordiering ples.$ ye here mojngit greaitit and vation d t kick o o yprg brk. alreadyyt time huhu i t t tti spng i s sr sso s ma de.@ it'srereimo tral caus yin a s, parcula in pces tternown srndndwiti destitatio. l s womps ts the fonto v oason tildse,aiin
6:46 am
sdsrc f emginginnso hbhothat are on n se.en bab to tryyca a st tlp whi isfoua tlhererenetommeio ro ie w w savnap tn chge bed onr cation. andast, consider r ter trtrs. 36 hours is sometimes short enough that if you pick a city close by, pick areatlunch, jnner o breakst and you'll have auick springbreak. . youou some awesome trips for under 200 ck too, correct? >> yes, i did. >> wherere we first? >> so, the first is miami, of course. >> i love miami. >>prgtims perfect in ami. it always hea up. the roommate walrf towers has a great deal, $189night. you'll be very close to oce driv y'reeoong for a g tracon ar the perrt musat chce. @e ououquare tipsidar aays, adu fre the sond sda of moh. you'rengor the most
6:47 am
mojito, f fd it at hav57. gngag l meco >>s otmexi collegeprinin eaala,o, iwen meme,s aesnatin safa is beaif tel, $195 a ght. encredible roofto rrace, 37 impeccae rooms. you'll beeight in the la fayatte neighborhood. th is a state of mexico k kwn fofo mariac, for tequila, so amazing cultural attractns there as well a a rising food scene a a film festival that takes place inarly march. >> what about a weekend for t t whole mily, a weekend a family n enjoy? especiay i you're interested in the oors, chattanooga,tennessee, in eaerntennessee. you n sta at the chattadoogan. rates are19 a night. you cano rock climbing. there is a bergegeing t th scen so lots of stylisng peop. delicious fds likgrits,
6:48 am
yoyocan do hiking and rock cimbing.. ok at the increble scenery. and this sringtime they have fun activitiesor the kids, likeooking csses and easy ro imbing >> what if yo wantore c cd@ weather? whatou're notver@ t cold justyet? >> people love to ski, and telle,e,colorado, is an unscovered ski town, easily accessible from 11 destinaons in the united states. yocan stay at themouninsi inn, where rates are 8 per pers per night if yoyo stay for three nights, and that iludes yoyo lif ticke on a mououain where a quarter of the slopes ar kid-d-iendly. this is a great choice, particarly for the entire family. and fterou ski, there a re than 50 restaurants to chsesefrom, including the thai restaura restauranthat hasp a four-star rating on foursquare. >> thank y very much.
6:49 am
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` >> this morning in "today od," we are wrwrping up our week of baking bass wh a believ cake tha i'n `wao try, and it't' lot easier to than you may think. shauna sever is the a ahor of "real sweet," wre going to bakehile erybody eoy t caca. thth'relrea dig in
6:52 am
dggal. >>us sure sameit iorta toes whatwe'r min hersh,momoin goog. t,et'so t grs,ecau y actual comniwoip s. thblk-and-ite ncke thseayhorse recipe it's e-bo cho cak theayversatile, and toy we'e' d somhing ecial with it.t what we' doing that' intetesting is usi pureapap surp for surp for syrup for thesweetener. >> grgrt. >> the rt is stuff we have around the hoe, coa, swtener. dump i these ingredieies. baking soda, baking powd, a little salt >> there we go. thiisis dump-a-stir operion. now the wets. th is m syru so, insad of rfined whihi sugar, okay. . >> we're using sup i everhi toda . >> l this. i io greekyogurt, t large eggs. act makes everything ftter. >> oil.->> a atl light,olorless`s oil) lik canola is really ce >> okay. then half a c of water in there as well.
6:53 am
to complete theatter is the wet io the dry, wsk unt smoo@hndicandick,nd then you gethis stuff he. yoon e a meroris aly hand. . >>tic. now, y're using an ice cre sc tt'sre t tckortey. you'repcakes muffin inhiscase w takg g r batt andakakg iike ncakes. >>soe g i on a grdlat a a y pngmsms of oionolre? >> nonstickkspra >> j tspra >> s. be generors wh youronon spra andh thihinto about seveinchle. ur mines one , two on the wanhe flipper? >> i want to behe \pe >> go for it. >> a a a say aays use the ( fish spatuta.a. >> the fish spatula is -- >> easy to say. yes. l lnn the edges and go for the flip there. 's a greatat tool for bakingor really dicate thtngs le this, okay? i don't think it'sdy. m waiting foe bbles, right?t? >> you've gotoett l rit,so, theheou'r going tooooucakes- >> i on? yes,t .
6:54 am
>> s stuck inok, owe're#ingo le. we he o first fre asasrp ee. aitelelelellele ru aittleva exac>>on tas theap syrup l, fll tn er >> now,hiis intereing,hedarkerou use, toreou're going t taste it but tt's the thing, youan tse sweetenerst likeyou wo ute suga timesy' mor fvo th ot. >>hyit? bte for yr oppodong t ne eugseseap syr be agectar too swethin? ye i ink we'llvowarorosseday ofea hetlid ho ano y do a itic thaveltlttive memes,ou kno wt i mean? >> yes. >> it'sot about heaood@ or healthoooo dsertss much as it is about using gre alalativswtersrs they evywhere. use yourillingsg and stack up and then yououave thiovely thing. i le the way it looks. doesn't it?
6:55 am
wowod imagi t iten bett >>oodor breaas u can beatis. yeah e? >t't'' g ->> bausechchlly, i i akght?t? so t'pbreaasbv it tass delicicis! >> you can use the batter -- >> it is so good. >> use thehe same batte for set kes,pcakes. in thi se is a ltl dierent but still sysy >> 's to eaast. shauna sever, great thave you with this rnin >> thank you. >> for this --, i'm tongng-tied, it's s goodfor this recipe and more, l lon to that's it for u on a saturday moinin tomorrow on "today," the
6:56 am
i'm with thiss5 n upte p one person is dead this morning aftete night cra in coloradoprgs. it happeped on souou academy near mn proby rkway z st fore 10. lice eay a sououbound driver ossed the median causing a ur car c csh one e s killed... anthree others were hospitalal. officece sayhey thk the driv who caused ththaccident was spdi. so icocoraraprings, police and the el paso county sheriff's ficeesesndeda shooti on gold mp road just before e miig. th we the... ctimhowed t locaca l-ma witsuicoi inri e ct w tat oscen fosuperficiainjuries that turned out totot relat tthe shooting. no suscts ha bn identied.... and the erf's ce will hanghe itition. an air force academy cadet, , accused of s sual sasat has be found "not guilty." thcourt martial hearing wrped up yesterday...
6:57 am
class zachery chubb s "acqtted" on a charges. the accusations stemmed from an inindent t tt alllgedly happened in octoberf 2014. t's s t w w to for an
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
comi up onews five today weeken four carrash leas on ped ansevemore wh police samahave cd d ashs j jt wageouo1o1toso tt we ceaea waitititfor hos... why pvlo p pice y it took them so long to respond to two car r h. and a shooting in southwest anana ooting in sohwest colorado springs ornig. . police caught with one of the victims....b it wasn't a hospital.....iat a wamart morning w to ve todayayeekend. it's satury -- march 5th i'm gregingrando -- and i'm jessica van meter- thanks for joioioi us. ss to wx @ another well aboveverage day


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