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tv   Today  NBC  March 6, 2016 8:00am-9:00am MST

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latest local nenend weather good . >> good morning. donana trump and berni sande wningwost. disispotedor mcoco bioste tiedddor o-mann ra. >>arco rub h ay, very ba night and cal for him to dropoptf f e race. >> tin aimhe gop ont-runner. everybody loves me. people didn't eve kno the re ci. >> the rolr cster cpaign andhereret goes from here. >>uper soaker. pat leaea onene person isead at stst hmeme califora and the maive system set to race
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we will tell you wt to exct. b t morhe nsurstaeyto manni anno hisis re totorrow. off the super bowlin wit the denver brons. d par plulue from fallon to nd now a chillini bits rning inchicago. why they are fezing for a reason todid thi sunday, march 6th 2016 >> announcer: fro nbc ws, thiss "to le from studi 1a a in rockefeller plaza. >> welco to t tay o thiss susuay morning. i'i' eri ll. >> as wmeiod, dri isn ccarhe aual lar plunge for s sci olympics. we willo t tt live on television and it shoulbe intereing. - >> that are it will and a ltle
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the to sty,s the presidtial race andheuper stutz result. >> daldrump notching t mo big wins in kentucky and louisiana. ted cruz had strong sho takeansas and mamae. dold trump at 392 and3050 f uz cr.forr amocrere er w more stedookkkas nebraska. cln took louisiana despite hehe twowc sececd placefinishes, clinn g g theead with the delegate count andlmost halfwawao the number need to secure the nomination. >> we have coverage foror both racece w)wh ge gutierrere good morning. >> donald trump smed
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lling on mco rubio to drout. >> hinin to emergrgs the anti-truru, ted cru is soaring aftete superersaturday. >> we are seeing tt a aer the campai. ours ishe only campaign that repeatedly bten donondtrump.p. >> the senator pulling off victories in kansas and maine. do trumptilt front-runner in louiuiana and kentucky. >> i wan to congratule tedn maine and kansas.he s sd d wl therere because it clo to cana. try f o tgo p > dondrump is a phy, a frauau >> the firstst contest and tru ip t political a aionn conferenceeing a distant third in the straw poll.
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mcoubn ksas fofo ima he hopes teepelegat inueo rico'sri campaiererght.p>>iven t t make up othe electotol amount. >> he i feeling theeat in florida, the homeat uz is uppghe groundgaga, ying to squeezeut rubio and make it a two-man race and tmp calling on the senator to dropout. >> i would love to take on ted een one. thatouou be n. her sylvia o ciforrr nenejersrs. wan ted one on one, okay? >> here innrida more than a lf millionepublicaca have voted early or ternoon. entnteeace iteren
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-ohio withh arnold schwarzenegger. >>e gurere jajajanville.. pank yoyo > bererandersrsrspicks kakaas andneka. llllllllllntotot counted with uana ttidenederlelein m mgan w wanwillapattonit. gdg.natoto sananqs iski momeme s s hotottt ntonoro dedegagandas f a aelelntakin h uc the o to. dingngigffffffffeba nsnsnsniedersrin$% detr rdayay e will win@nn wpe $% large voter turou s%c%ctary clintonon att that dinner had reason to lebrate,
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in louisianana. i i a t r rle weedding. to o delegatat >> p%vctuauang t lead, each focusepn whas`ahead. @ i amh gratel tverye turnfdututoup us now eye onb wh m mhihinving dada lllnnot t tingg a athinin grante theee former presidede b bl clclclnn dauauterrlseaea will cn here.& he wants to prove he can be mpetite and focusededed on indepeence. t race for whi houou%%$ iso wiwi d d dts a a a a w pepeence a a m me trumpmp doesot>> bhhparingngo ff at a debebe w wre s s srs will likely take aimver the suprt of nasaclintoto wil pai hlfs eanaite withh thehe r rlilisticpolilies andnthere will be no
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eayzttx to@ pull your hair out when youee t ltt`> ouorday, w%% behahe @pupuicans. >o4h andida get r or ghs d@dat a e w csisl bekey specsfrhecanbid itesonatat acrs tuntr spif w can-ericans.>> c's(s( directortor, good momni tyogo toee you. ood mornininin his s theirst`ince romney's passionate plea t t dump trump. how reall i i thehehossibili that theanti-trump forces are
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this is a two-man race? thewo tokt athaededed c has montum, splittinghe fourtates and tting donalddtrump. four stateshat will clo the contest meaning they couldn't participe. the one primary that cruz cauautp up and did verer well against trump a a louisiana touchek the state of happene es chan,ssppth are pshatru heavily vors if w see h suggle ere, i think it is time t cononct t dotsack t t thursda from romneyohat debebe to a coalescingng can tell you thisis one clear piece off evidencmc is if there is a a antitirump cande, is cruz. maorubi i d'thinksggbehim. a,edruz is
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th m m ntu hpenso mamaooub vifod? >>lorida is erything for him. he neededo winomomherere e ee ininhiss in between with the two supertuesdays. doesn't lookike h has ttopportunt al what has tooea ssisppnd ggan, put focus on botstates. whatatf rurio finishes fouh in both states a wee before tries to win t t prary. at cld zapomomtum for him. there a lot of pressure t at least show some life in michin orississippi if he has hope of catchihi trumpn florida. >> let's gooo the dememrats and picking up tuesday. these eses ty pic u laelygonous. i w wtoohoou the degate count so they canee here this stands. hillary clinton withlmost twice as many delegess
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is there even a path for sdede to victo at ispopot? ( touldldeanilra wld haapndndeouou vevevein more than arer a toi tha heo win morth 60 of al remaing cre nomination, but yterd is a prime example. he won tues she won one. sheonon aican-americans b such a large margin and won the state by a largege margin she doesn'tey the same mas that h los to t t path i b boming lele and ls viable by the day r hi >hank y very much. we will be w wching you on "meet the press." foer p psidedeiaia nomee mitt romney. >> wanto turn tooo thehe wild weatherrn northernr califo. it's t start o what will be a bi s sm rlcros the country.
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moment but we heore details. after a relativel d bruary, mch is turning out beryyetetet ohet as e seesf ms the pacicic cdsiveod &overghtalora ciminin at lea o lifefefefe ghindsp to 40 miles per hour blew acssssorth california, dumping heaeaan- that s s sdone off a ro da trs ,owerutag sosos theity of sacramamto. the sto dnching neighoods and submerging carsnd homes. >> it's anymore knee deep >> highway0 isoverflowing.g. the storm ced a r)v)veref e ovpass alwing aar wit two people anan tried to circomventt a blockade. >> water was knee deep and it took the dive team a whili to find it.
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15 5inutes didn't make it.the male dver wasble t etles dowgrndreted bri tohr fsnow to o mountains. dozens of flights to sacrameo weelnd cau rosstoda >>ago, wl be ta tha i t c te ofake chch horen thatn a me.t'skbo w o and whaean expect t acqossssss country >> anoer c cef rornds of thisiseaer out west. pch wl get eaeaer we hada the bulk o o heavy raiai yesterday where had eight inchesf rain and wind gusts of 88 miles perhour it was a w syste yteay an wileee weaer nit and torrow andther st onn tuesy.
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two t fournche of rain and o t t four fee of sw in t mountains. as srm sistemsonshore, we are@e lookingngt the@ possibilily notf theoutbrere, but down into texas l lge a a fshfloo.d focusus on theivers as thisransitions to her in andldldndpiteeore isfainndt ul t riv@rod
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th >> and i'm not not talking notototalng ott the la hopg ion heo go in ille moren that in a few mitete snd odod thanks. a repeptut t t#tmornininat superstarerbapeo anno hreti.. wasas five-timimim mvp andall of famer that is going to leave the game after 1 seons. weweave not indepenenntly confirmed t t t report and he is expeeded oakehat tomorrow at headquarters. he goes on toafter wning his second super bowl, he is thell time leader in touchdodos and yards. helayed 14 years for the colol
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>> i other nenene thereres a missg ssruiseshi passr. -year-old manellrbrd earday and argdd aa sou of klao.o. f fm t stateroom on the 10th dec 0 fee above the water. water. >> starfirls ishe itith a rddd .e has bn struggling w whhh domeet riosis. ousands ofomen suffer from the condidi evere year. >> a wild story out of flora. acuba diver who i luckyo be alive aftereing suc i rge a aleararow plan we he more.
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rues. ry t ttheers and the edo iestite iln july tohe stat nucar per planan >>urrentnd i g ke isis not right. gott sucked in. it go. >> he wawa@a stuck inn an intake pipe thaha d livers hundreds of thoundsflono ofat a minu in the plant.he estimeshe terrifying ride lasted up to fiveheouldhoppoopies,p deury machinery. a you cab think abobo is ththeh horror movies. it could kill me cla and i pledhe regutor out oy mou a die?
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h ywreryceawa ahesg. he? >heooter. ocke aesesvo property bord a cd s wivi h miculous voi it'sme got puld tghipe m okay>> conioniit hermes late iembero t t ck up tneo i kedp aaiai hloand i sd ialive. h hilededawsuit a ainst florida power andht claing gligence they havot resnded t t te b iit hmmeded tonef iesftbying pceipmentto mi. he dies thellations and
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rkin the areai sk . remeinloo loisfami news >animagag pi. that doesn hpeveryryy. meanwhile,he end of ann . off dntonab. is t last titi fans tonjdr >>hiis o oyor nlesion iow e t gtot. the sho a hugefoowin a n only one watching and tightshe lt ouee t chara tv,ow'say the ot be ge go.
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do,t's tto g tori's favorite aristocr arisats aristotoat the identtra with bri huhur, history, nnerit i@akin fin v tonigh wasas aunlikeit f ncith t r royals ourstadynd eve diy. i yec, t v rarn ar if how won 1mm a ree g gn obinedib csidering ialmo never ma it aca >>e in e. would b inedn . ow wroy were itititad roroncalryrynd aham we grt one-lilirs.
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beforeon thebnnameme we claringor a role. >> i a ell prerered for cold bath, warm drinks and most off all, the food. >> abo aaaonbbyas thtt faeififhehet't'( - orwnaibs.howo will l theheny h ever afters. ararhey r c good? 's execucuve prosasasa t tsesesehara w wlevevev beackkkkororsososon.n.n. wordrd tttie i i possssility. fififi w w h tooo s s s how it all endstoninit. thehowlreadydyired on ts side ii have seen sers for you. alal i have toay is bring your tiues. tha you. is thatou vote?
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t. veay i'm with this news5 now updada. a and-off with colorado springs po eedn inustotote news was t only statio there ephe suspect, yea old yareem barnes-ivy, surrendered after an hour lo stand f at a home on calamity jane lane - that's east of pers and stetson hills.offirsay barneseivy y s meanhad beenhreaning his feand a chililretotoett ofofhe he before pe arririri bututn th dhehehe setoome ..spki the bri stithurised a o ighbors. es-i-ys d menang, haasasand d d abuse. a a odbye celebration wawaheldd yestery zlr the pueblo levee mural projecec it h hds theuiness booof rld d d fothe e argestut mal" in t
8:27 am
but ase'veeported, t citis takinoff the top 12- feete of the levee in ororto ruild it a bng it up to fefe andadas. peopleleho came out.... say they're sad to st t let't'get overo for an
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t > t ges ,on't you? wait, what's that? gegehim out. as i was sayiyi, everyone loves me. me. i evenot this gohis piece of -- behind me now.w. in'n' that righ chris? >> yes, sir,hanknk, sir, ea@easse, r,ay ianhe turday n nhte"sewererg donald trump lastght andnd thaonnc wit chstie areat sda morng cwd he o rockeller plpl >>he'srom ita,a, ka >> from cha?a? >> i'll runover therend g herg. dylanndg b o j intttt frigi lakeinor s s#i olympi. >> sheexcited. >> she isery cited.
8:31 am
we'll g to dylann in a bit. >> it will be e ick.k. we want to get you caughgh upp on pthis sunday's hadli t's begin witi tics. te cz wakingg w n n montn the@epublican esidenaceesmomog. theenenenon turd's contestn mne andkansns..nald tmp picked vries entuckya.- marco rio finisd noet h thi inlloutasng osaturdayaydi trump toall on rubub to end his campaign. >> every tee ceu inhird or fourth, he says you got to be ableo n. and he has n been a toiw hit time atops s t. rus camignn q qckly rected that call from donald trump. >> on the democrctic si, bernie sanders topped hillary clinton, two statas to one, taking both kansas a a nebrasas, butp clintonon incased her lea in the delegate coun fueled by her masve winn ana. a massiveve eino f
8:32 am
rivers in this s ighborhood ass youuan see in the northern part ofofhe ste. dozens oflights were delayed in san francisco there. todaynd tomomoow. his morning,enew attention onnhe.j simpsps cacaca bh in th headnend on tetevi muchchf it fyhat rivetinggg series on . toniey playersm the "dateline." here's nbc's jos mankiewicz. >> los angeles, june 12t 1994,% two horfic murders, dedened by just thrhr words, the o.j. casas con orend legaama tha still faattoda >> wt@oinish ts day ive. >> reporte a new dratic series airing g fx he pe rsus.j.son" ining
8:33 am
trial, lead p psetor marcia clk. we're taking him to trial. >>re you watchinghe miniriri? i am.& i didn'id think i could bear it, just reliving of the nightmare. >> repep theheightmama b ban whenicole bro simpson and her friendhron goman were fofo mredn excsive l.a.eighrhoo erernicole's bes friend, rembebe gethe ibnews li, w w dyo meaea noledied?asasas devastatin p r rorter: then ameehe infamoususow spe bronco chase, which had marcia clark wching an et woo lik t b bst idiots ever. >> psibly med, usecaution.n. >> it was susul. it w -- could thi get any worse? repepter: it did. mpson was soooo arrested and charged.
8:34 am
ence him. reporte evidence rich i mpuos bloodnd dbubu theefef w wldunine e osecas@ysuting thavivie w in whenhehehe b a icpament. i had so man daysfgo bp t mffnd elelel ki, we're t. it's erthere is no way. >> reporter: eventually the so-called trial of the centutu became case me abo rac th idce def attneyohnn coch pached the jury. >> stop ts cover-up. ifou don't stop it, then who. >> reporter:r:he jury deliberated bely@ four hours. >> orenthalames simps____otot guil of the crimef mumuer. >> tha wasasjste.e. >> rorter: jh mawiczcz c neosle laov t pte practice afterhatri a starard winning. he latest book "bod defense" comess laterhiss spring. heararore from r, kris jeer, ca okaykaelinndthers tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central.
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gettin set te a par intoriak ig.. t souere, dylan eyer. good morning guys. th is the 1th polar plunge in chicago. d m mlionononfollars havee beaised forthe gre use, ec olym. i'm joinene by casey hogan, th president of special olymps - chicago. this has becece quiui the celebrity afafir.whatatanxphissar_r wewreoing t exp aot isar wewet a a aeceubr yea wi ove 50ngers expectcdo jn us. we have surpassss last year's nd-raing goal and we have the gre crew of chicago fire, chicago chiur ca chef gha eiott jog douever know, there mig be oth sprisis. >> we'rere looking a aideo of la gaga d it a coupl o o years go j nmyallonasone it. yo can see mecen the le than we're s sg today. are y sururisis by the weather? ts is unreal. if y're goingodo the plunge, today is the day. this is unbeevable weather.
8:36 am
you picic a gd year yourse o it. >> yes. ihihi al rer and i had a leleontrn yr w ng thisis > i igreat. we ryited t have you he o. soh mononasee r rsedddforcicics. luctoday. >> thank u. and issoodk to mylfo, becse y'reot jumpg thisarut you've done it ninin times. >8f last n ne years i've don it. you'rereoingngoav blast. . i'm lking fwa to it, kind . is goingo befun. i thinkhen everys h dheeath in chago is acly all right.. should top out inhe 5 5s. allart ofhis rm thats mongngcross the cotry. we'reeoing to s spring-like rmth through the@ northern , stretching intohe dwdwt. this is a a a going toove east as we get intntn theiddle of the week with temperatures t t tng ouououn the60s and 70s. ok at that, new yorkkcity, 70
8:37 am
tttt fur w shod tout t tid-7s. armir mi,, got >> an anguysys thelulue ppensss 100entral titi. wre noiooet t d d livee'll havee it alur bseckkater toy.y.ander a have - wre you gng t ar canou g g kind of warm suit or something? what is your strategy? >> they recommen not weaeang to many clotots, though i willl not b w a bikin by any means, but we have a t-shirt and shorts plango al and do. >oo luck. wewou'reoioi tock it opa. t news isn, not on istor ca
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dylan, thanks. >> realquick. up next,, ourundadatoeses a r reotar back in the saddle aft beingol ttt would neverappen agn, to a taste forreedom for a man w spent a decade on deathow f c c he ssee didn't it. rys thouse, it a b batat is alafter the messages. thella a hlprtation wittimimi? do 9ou lovyo wireless keyboard more than certain fami members? isisour success due to a filing system only younderstand? does printing from your tablet to your wiwiless pririer veveou a jolof confidencnc if so, you maye e arceric.e o knowat the r ofr heyo gng
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isr th e e the couple whset aside e whe day to sell their old ca d buy one... oops. oops. nana's got the ks l 9... but it'snly 2. guess you'll just have to see movie...
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> b bk wh aemararble wom o canch u lot about overng obstacs. amberleynyder devoted herlife tose add dede whiden tri to deilseans,he wt goininet it get in the way eporime she s a toddler, i i where berleynyras wted% be..& happies pceee rt isn mrse' ba. rorldhamp elge of , amamrley was livg her eam. en a a car accident changed ererhing ovrrecteddyk, and wjeed ace st ohe sf tad, whh is wt bke my back. >eporter: amberley was
8:42 am
doctors predied she would never walk, and certain never riri again. >> theeryiririray of thapap when my nurse asksk me what my goalsare, iell r, walk,ride, rodeo.o.o. ther is notnd ,@ there is nono on t is notmbthisst w doing. >> w wt was h reaction >> s tht ias cra. >> repter: one of the biggest hurdle fof amberley,t getting the ddle, i was sting th how was heralannitially afecide >eay bad.d. totitihe p whehe en i s was sng ied aaid herrmorushh you, cld f er ienoned to my thapt m bce i bebe o o sehan re.saddn and i go on the saddlendyalance better the. >> reporte f fronths aer her accident,, w inhe sale, on her horse.e. wh you first got back o thehe horse,s it what youou expeet? >> t first@ time g on the horse was the hardest d d of my fe.
8:43 am
>>ecse in that moment, reized myhole lifas difft. r rorteater t tye berlrlrlitit bott r eht m ms didt enn t t ser horses, let alone r them. stub i was, li no, n doing it, t >> repr:oueeded your own me. >> mm-hmm. rorter: at one point, amberley begged her mother llhorsrs tina snyrre >> i id be,rors hannj bere,youai ft theal ey'r'rng w for>> reporter: taiaidof 18ths after h h accidentnt amberley s sde returned to regular compmtitio > veryyirstime went t for ra, youant t win. the competitive nate still there every single timim i gonn thth arena. >> when she's on a horse, she's like evevebody else. she get to leave the wheelchai behind a a the horse is her legs reporter: now, six yearsrs
8:44 am
hddle h h ouun mysel of what i have beforey wreck. even though i sapped a a can't kick, itill can run with% anyo out there. amrlrl rley's able sad hoe f fmer chaing a olt@ . wuts out o ak card r. rte a a a sies o strarandndnd rubber bands to h ld rteady and keep her legss placac >>hey a ad my fnd my irrups. >> reporter: h h horors he al adjused to this new normal. tyearned just colely i ie mlegs.. they don't even p attention t them anyme. >> reporter: as positive as she is, aerley doesn't s away from her d dly struggle. i donot thi'm ever going roll over w i get out of bed innini and go, man, m g'm get i that chair. youusavehihe yo look at. gls ave and.
8:45 am
more time inrder to accomplish th. >> r rorter: when you look at hertoday, what is first thought that comes tol your m md when youlook at your daughter? >> awe. and gratefulhe's here. >> to say amberley ander mthth ta are incredible wouou gross ders ehehregainede feeling i hererer . you reqlor about itt day.m. eaid'sviviedis om ridg. fm thetimuonf it>> ss i lplp%sh aotivna bushshs phenenaa pand caroline gottli, o ,nku, y f an incredlbtoty>>e're back afr atohnsns's, the prodts in n r r bath time roroine work together li a team. the waesesith e ampoos,the shampoosititite lotions. a cocoiniodeed ive your baby'skin barer whwle you stimule his nses.
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the rereou putn, the e re they get out. joson's . so mucm#re plants may have their limits. agination...doesn't with the r rhtourishment... ..ience... .one day... ve yeen arn?'t' blossom... ndrices s t t thin tt ke eastst fun a delio
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we' we' back with new developments in a controversial case o o of texas. dwayne brown w sentenced to death for a ce insisd he co w freed last yearfter new evidenceceasuncovered in retired detective's garage. ed him recy a someone sprisingly not bitter, but thkfulul say t t word freedom to aan who ht had i for more than a decade, andnd you m hr the % unexpeed..
8:49 am
things that i can actually get upnd goo i enenins aeehatt you c't >>epte in 20, dwayne brownnn was chahaedhurderr e s deathhaes kt decor pice theilni hne dur a robbery at ang store the stheaide o o hoton. the storrkrk areda jes was also kil >>ever@beenn s o thistlis m. never a sed of evid, no dna,o got resisi > repepter:r:rownas convicted and sentenced to ath.spendi 2ours a i i cell like this, 12 years prisos. whe you'ren dth row, didid u think that t t d d wouco whe y wld actlletet ou >> whe ye ihatplace, youon't- at least i wasn't thinking that far ahead. i was trying to take caref
8:50 am
d that'owive m l le evy da dayy da >> repep his sin grace, a sile piece of@par,r, subpoenaed phone records that proved he was atis rlfriend's'spartment during th crime, records that his appeant attorne saiwe ner turned or t his c crt apintete attorney during his orinal trtr it wouldldave conrmed his alibi. tu out t wereiscovere eight y yrsrslater, in thearagepof the igatiti offihe has since red. last june, theistsict attorney dismissed hiscase, sayayghe not have eugh evivie to nvictn a new tri a s m free. do you think you wer set up >> very muc very much so.. >heere seeking a convtionon anyco. ig pfileca. dutur wo,y wou ve gotway wit >>epr: news reached out theouon p hice@
8:51 am
il a aud rordidi of a% june 20ress cfefeere ee chiaiai taswawa iroroy iestigad woulnonocommon ce. et attoey'sic cl t comment. >> we shouldndne in a justici semhere tes ehtht yearofkumbe o lawys, probl over aillili dollarin probono fees and penses and those types of thgs to exonenetene man. can't be what the system is all abt. t th witk hehe >> reporter: browowsaughter kiara was 2 years o when her ther went away.y. whatas iteen like having dad backck it has been amazing. he's'sstrict. te's notstrict. he's like a cl dad. >> reporter: whats he strict out? ys? one thi tt strikes me aboutp you, you're noty. u smil
8:52 am
how are you not mad athe d?d? don h forit, dodotenswe ist egself0i'moing tngskee do>> tas law, people wrony convicted, they're tied to$80,0,0 a yearar brown's legal t tm p pitiod thth state to approve@ roughly y y about $973,000 steasnt apr too red. >> that's remarbleltory. >e's a remarkle gugu uould b spred happypy he i about@ life > a g gat sty. craig,anksks >> up ne, an amazi dilay in sneneftft iseainlited bacacon rchas. 'sin ime earnininit t t t yon n ththititdoub cash c s yoearnrnasback tw n u y y again as you pay. it casck then cash ck again. anthat's a cash back win-win. e citi doublblcash card. the on card that lets u ubrncash back twice on everchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you y. with t waytoton,
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when youco mak you wish... ...yououou gtata ..n b%alday... ...y.yeed the power of.... w thererlu essx. the poweto feebe lookt th sweetacac so sweet. tktke gog need b nanainin oey, fky, happy. toastststdel. der a dececion. e decisisi tde s smomoy. d to sa newi wis motole inrancto gei. ere's nome in savg money.
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t this morning o sda w
8:56 am
e mood spring. good mororng, harry smith. good morn ing tiny spring i a coup weeks ay, but iaw ow cres inentralar and rended me of somethtngshotweweot tee a couef s oo great ssona migrionhatpepe rightn thmidd oe counun inteta . if y'r on it,ou race roh pces lik carn,, nebrka. but thisime ofr it isis h@ not to notic the birds here ye thore birdsn sk ththnd ads o sno ratid, inwn fest. lk aut a aoaee acac. 20illili or s bdsoulde offended to hear nebraa referred to ass a flyover state. thth birds and theirir ancestors have sntvery spring h f
8:57 am
ththe are sd hil@cranan, mike forsberg fofoberg, a phog, author andd conrvationist has been hing the cranes s more 20 years. >> it wld be like mimiing christma christmas. >> repter: thihihs good. this is really good.reve s anctimes, mike s ss the gracel elega bis dance setimesecause they're nervous,omomimes becaus t tre in love. andd sometimes because they just like to dance. t the best time@ to watch t tm is atirstliit the ldenn wte you c barelel see the birds, and you sure can h t fm. thee c cnes spend the ni thbank andhe sandbarssf the plpt river and a dayak come t birds lr a a eruildinin to a dramatic
8:58 am
liof which yave never heard. cr lovs come fro a oveve e countrndll over the wo visis auaubon' rosos sanctu nnhohwa can't t t see the birds up clos you' all pumped up. >> i am. iian't h it. epter: we ud say you know it'sing whenhe swallo returno capistran now, you knowo i's sprinin wwn the crasuru to carney. so mike forsberg the photographer, he sente this e, which we'll put u scre,, thatt was taken just last ek. goodness. as started aly. if you're in e midd of th cuntry, get t tthe plat rndnd beawed. >> thank you, y. >>nk har. i i i + thesshi rning. chuck willaveehoreen peratdada rests h hs spea wh mromn don'tor tooheckut o
8:59 am
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dyladreyheol plun whoo! this is s@haa t republica found the antitimp? crcr himse auper saty an dnatrumum wh wo louisia and kentucky, seems to agree. >> in teded one-on-one, okay. >> cruzins kans and maine wiwiwiwiwithe dada on delegates. > ld no thee idate togo head-tad with hillary ccnton. ile, whater hapned toco ruruo?@? thth t tirdsdsd urn a roghght. also,ernie@ sande scores % in kansasnd nebraska, bubu hillaa clint tss louiana and the most delegatat for y. >> you just want topull your ir out when see that insultltestthat ges on among


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