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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, > tonight, breaking news. i andrews awarded millioio after stalkereseetly taped e tster r a ho the jury t t tg only hos dece. going for a knkout. ump tries to make florida a man race while clinton hopes to makeichihin sanders'la sndndone of thbiggt reininin ldarares her l shak the ce. >noring nancycy rebgan. funenel arngemen annound for tht former firit lady as new tributesour in. > flash ood emerncy. deadly storms on the st coastorcing high w wer rcueu and shutting dowroads, and the nger isn . > > ililil eaea. the fit successful prpredurofofts kind in the u.sgiving new hope t twomen o nethght they coulget pregna. "nightly news" begins right t w. >> announc: from nbcbc news worldld
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yorkrkthisiss "nbc nighghy news" with lester h ht. go eveng.. s srt witla rdrom nashshlle where a has ded sportsca and network tv sr erin andrews $55 million in h h lawsuitit agaithe alke o cretdede in heroteleloom ananthe companiethat owthe hotel. afteteseveral days o&o stimony, which includedededrews heelf and her convicd talker, , , jury took only a matttt of urs before finding in andrews' vor, and a athere was througut the trial therwahi otion in the urtroom as the verdict was read nbnbs monoan radfordrd hs late details >> reporter:r:t ssor a tense day i c/crt for erin andrews, but & it only took seven hours foth. >> was theefendant miael david barrett at fault, yes. was thehdefendt windndr capital at fault? yeye yeses >> repeptete the jury awarded andrews $5$5
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michael barrt is responsibifor % of that aunthe managegent and hotel mpmpy y %. the decision was unimouou the judge thehe o oered the courtro camer tued off s s that drewcould speak e e ry. anewcwsued for $75 lliofor emotional distressfter aideo taken ofer undressing in he nashhotel om eight yearago went virara >> i think the t t t p that really hit home foe and hurtstse p thth worth of is enen girls, highschool, college, they t tet mow andndhey say i i want tl be erin andrewew excxct for t tt stalker p ththg, and i can't't control at. - >> rororr: she clmeththxhtel t& granted d alke michaebarrrrt's request t r rne to her thhotel's wywywy says barrett is a criminal who nipulated their rervation syem. . >> bks c cated bank roroererer are bas sponsible for banknkobbers? >> reporter: bartttt stified d v veo afteserving 20 nths in prison. he admitted he was wrong. >> felelbad for hehe i fe bad for erybody. knkn thehepl effe wilct a
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>> reporter: nower seven daysysf emotional t stimonon filly a cicion. >heheheheoint to ((soso distresesthat shgog toe the sthefe bushe n't pua netary figure on that's why thjury caca back withth sser figige. eporter: the defense said they surprised by tht ououome, but aon andrewft theouou in tears, thisisime tears oy saying on itteteshe s overwhelmed by all pport. >> morgan radford, thank yo >>e's developing tical newslso nighgh lateord th formeme new york m mor michael bloomberg has decid aiaiaimounting a indepepeenbid for & president. e man he wasopinin ll ilil d dal trumum i lookiki at a lile lessertain path to the nominaon tonight. crching e numbers aftetea seriesf ntests o or the weekendnrerereedrump is leading t t cruru toniniby fer than n 909090egates wle for democrata cral vote is just hrs away i imichigan, and it could have th biggest impapa on rnie sande. we have it all covered, starting with
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>> reporter: in the editorl announng he wouldn't run, michael mber wrote that h hwas worried d at a vote fohim woulul ultimatelylye a for donald trump aign he e ed didisive and mago ur states vote tomorrow, including mimisisi whehe we're at right nowownd where e nald truru is s pecto tata the age mentararnd he n n n e e vote he can get toid contesteconvnvtion. >> tou so much, evererody. >> repepter: donalal trumumon the offensive. >> this guy is such a a scoundl. >> r rorte as the rara for the p notion gets s fierce.. to's starting g lookore l)ke a two-man babale 0he and ted cruz split ns over r e weekend. >> i wouou love ta on ted one-ononne that would be so much fun becae ted can'n' win new york can't win new jersey. >> reporter: t t ensure at face-off, trumpmp is out with his first tv attack ad aimed to take out marar rio. >> a tk, no action. >> a vote for john kasich or vote foror 9ted cruz in florida is a te for donald
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hn kasich sugd ikg ancen their ho states. t trum up only 87 leletes to cruz. 536 are at stake in the coming week, but trump'sppath forwd inng onnex tuesesy, andhe er te all states of frida and ohio. if fe banks both, he gts t t spacee nenes to break awaya - but if he loses to rcrcrubio in f frida and john kasich in io, locking wnhe nomination g gs s ugh, and trump willlleed to winearly 70% of the remainindelegagas ave e f a conventi flflr fight. >> if we w w florida, it's oveve ife wiwiflorida dh ohio, it's reay ovov, ? epepr: t t i concord, north carolina -- 9>> should we do the pledge?? >> reporter: trump again calling on his supporters to rarae eir right hand. >> i swear i'm goi to vfor r nald trump next week. & >> repter:r: request first made in orlando on saturday, imagag of which went
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mississippi, iho and haiind their 150 dedegates.s. ty tur, nbc news, ( mason,isssippi. >epororr: i'm kas hunt in mimiigan where tuesday's primary ght bernie sanders'ast chance totorovee can overtakeillary clclton. >> she h hupported virtually every one of these disastrous trade agreements. >> repororr: hwas onof offense onrade policybut in a fiery debade sunday night shturned theable i'l'ltellllou someing else that senator sasaers was agaiait. he was against t auto bailout. voted to save t e auto industry. he voted ainst y thnded up sihe aut ininstst! reptete sanders accusung c inton o o mischaractctizinhis recordrd the money that supported thousands of mimiigan jobs s of 2009 bill that also helped b`ilil big bank >> i voted f t t auto bailout. wh i did n@vote for ananke no apologies s thehe baililt ofofhe c cs
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>ote fofoththone cacaidate who stood up for the auto indtry. >> reporter: clintnt is already up p th a w dio , and dhe issue e pppp local stories in michigan where voters whore skeptical wall - streeton s big car compmps as part of the proroem there'so icke or a ag with them. 's --0it's an dustst that give fople jobs. >eporter: a new news/marist pollhows clton ahead he by 1717ointnt but both sideprivately belie it will be much closer. >> it's sential p use heheeeds to chge the narrative fa. he's running oututf time. . p >> reporr: a key 0 challenge for nders, nnininover my no v vers. >> when you're white, you don't know what it's like to be liling a ghetto. you n't t ow whaha itititike to b >> reportete an answer raising re questioio about ethehehe c broaoan s appeal. sanders isallylyly stents here e the universisi of michigan later tonight hoping ththilililow up moowow ife dodpdpdpdppupus outit c giveveim some hope for
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states in the dwest lili ohio and illino, , d if h h can'i'l bebe muore evidencece that clint dlete leaeaisll but insurmountnt. kasie, thank you > fural arrangemen were announced today y r former firsty ncrerean w`oie yeerday in california at the age of 94. tonight the tributes continue to pour in as pele remember her anthe e ve sry th led her from hollywood to the white house. nbc's drea mitchell hare r roright ththfl over e white h h e lored to half staff and other signs s respect for an historic first lady. >> i know homuch she meant, not justto president reagan, , t to the cououry as a whol >> r rorter: her rial next to her huand frid rgagaary ininalifornia, reuniting remamamale political l uple. >> donon think thaha they ever spent a day apart where they dnalal speak on . the one.
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togegeer i i"hellcatat ofofheheavy.y. >> you knew w tter. >> how cld i inow? >> repororor knowing moststollywood@d marriages did not end happily, she lefef acting to make him her life's work, playing more than a supporting role on the climbhdo the whitehouse, convertingngad prere over designer gowns duriri aeconon toood p pss r ti-dg campai. if s/meone offers u ugs, what will you do? >ust say no! >> reporter: her special toucucon everything, from a breakthrough s smit wi the evil ememre an hisisc meeting th mha gorbachevev anan v v clibu melting thth cold warar ice by playing a russisi fkk so at a state@ dinner. >> she set about to make sure that the imate was right for him tot doo b besss th gorbrbhev, a a a theydid. epr:r:s omptink h hband to ope compmise. >> we'd beng about s se qstion up the hillll somom piece of gislation, aa s s would say, m, i'd rather get
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than go or the cliff with my flala flflfl.@.@.@ >> repep ersh ahe 1919ssassinana attempmp. .& >> e ery timim he wenen out and talkeke to thousand of peop, my heart stotoed.. >>or a nduafafir i can't imagine li withoer. >> reporter: aftft he e wrote abt hi alzheieir's diagnosisi she e fied a new publican president, speakingngut for stem cell rearch. > it't'not taking a life, itit trying sa countless lives. - reporte remaining hihicare g during the gd-bye, and throhout it all shsh was his s ector. seing g l)ticil) pitfls before he ev s them, hping beme the eesest heheever wowod have been jthout her r his de. lest? >> andrea mitcll toni thanks.s. tom brokaw starded coveri theheeagans ck ironald reag's days s campaigng fo govern of calilirnia. he knencycreagan almost half a ofthecentury. tom, thas for beaeg here tell me the difference between the publ nancy reagan and the
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knew. >> well, in public s was alys deferal to her husband obvisly. she was s s fifi lady, but she dn't ess h%r popoticaca inio actively. shstan waororofimim evererheapd d to be. behindhe scenes she e was gh regarded as a politil strategist, as someone - who would brinno disloyty to her husband in whatever faion. a lot of peoeoe hahaa theieijobs t t a ay fom them becau nancy felel they weren't sererng him well or that they h crcrsed her at s se pointntn she , ry od polititdviser for >> h h clean was the brbrbrom hollyly you we the durinhh . youno whahehe d, i d't know how you can be e president of thehe united states without having had some training as s or. they nevererompletely rejectededhe idea th& they cfrom hollllood. they caee fromomhe upper echelonsnsf 99hollllood, t kind of elegant ciety that existetetet t t jistewewt t d his fe gloa a d roroyn russell and those
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came from old llywood. always felt connected to it. when they went bacacto califoia, those e e their friends,`bnd it waan importata part t of t t t life e d thth never denied t tt. >> tomththksery ch. >>kay. > eyeyeed d in in california, , t t rts of t state have e en geg so much oft in recent da i imay y be doingore e rm than good, at ast immediately. e storms have been dely and destructive causing fsh flooding, e ecuionsns the much more re weaeaer to4co this wee national corrrdent miguel almagaer has oureport.. >> reporter:oday in uthern californini the deluflas flooding a a h hail. ttknockout punchch came early, , en pal ees catching f fe om lightning stririri >> we heard ke b th like a bomb. sounded kindndf lili a bomb. >orter: in nort california ntless rain pounded weak hillsides, a cliffhanger for an artment complex ready on the ee in pacifica.. it's set to be demolished if moth natureoesn't topple
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firstv >s isust hammererg the astline. you're losing th artments u urth here. >> reporter: the west coast batteredoror ree dada ba stor fuedn n`rt by el ni, anosic ver bringi m me than 9 inches ofof steady rain some regions. wind speeds hi88 miles per hour. thouounds losing wer.r. trees toling into o homes. freeways were shutut down dururg ruru hou near sacramento a woman killed in her car a rd rned into riviv. >> water was s s s eieit feet deeppy the ti we were able to into t t vehicle. >> reporter: rescu teams were eusy p overnight bringing thehe trap to safety. now thers even more rain a snow in the forecast. good ns for the ought. in theouains below avere snow pack is getting to four feet of fre p powd, but in many parts of califor it's too much o soon, , shorwindow tory o o b bore muchch
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hammered ain. tonit in comninieses like this one thou 99ththrhin has temporary stpe the threatf mud slidid is s r from over... these his are waterloggegeand the commities jujuow them are wchg them closely,y,oping that e hills don't shift or slidededer e next 2424o 48 hours. lester? >> miguel, thank you. still ahead tonighdh the new frononer in feilit a ground breaking splant and @ - first of itstsind d u.s.hat cod change everything fofo womemewhwhhave been ld ty llllever becomeothers. also, a surpri mission toy fr one of the biggest nas s tens. parse and i dn't get here al there were p pe who listenedtd ong the way. people w w gave me optionsnskept me on track. and thrhh h all, my retirirent never got le bind. sosooday, i'm m epared anytytng we may wt tomorrow to be. every someday needededplan.
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an amamangng breaktktough announced p totoy in men'n' althth the first woman in thehe u.s. to receive e uterine transnlant came forwardith her doctors atathe cleveland clinic t t talk abouo thehe relutionony procedure. as nbcbc janet shamlian reports, s e hopos to be a onee r women who have en td thth can't be biological moms. reporter: the texas man who ceived the nation's first u urine tranavlant sit's eneb dream to bear chilen >> it provided me with a gifti will never be`ebl re >> rorter:r experimental surgery ground breaking, wafor many as 50,000 u.s. women without the organ to co pregnant. >> thoseomenho are still of r rroductive agagthat havavgood eggs that can go on to haveealthy prprnancieie t t t are
5:48 pm
thprojojt. >> reporter: the 26-year-old woman n ientifiedededy sehas e adopteboysys at 16 she was toldhe would never carry her owbaby. >rom that moment onon i have prayed that god woulallow me the opportunititto experegnancy. >> reporter: the uterus from a deceased donor was imimante inindsey's pels duri a nine-hour procure and will be rereved a&ter sh beararchildren so can stop the an-rejection drugs. there's stili long ad to motherodod aheaea ndsey willave to takenti-rejection drugfor a year bbrerendergoing f heret thehclevelan clinin. rerectioiorisk is s gh, yet in sweden where it was oneered,in ansplas led - to t caesarean sectioiiirth of fivee babibi,@ including thi newbor nolindy's ch, the fifit of tenen americ women in the trial.l. >> healthyaby, that's right. that is whatatatgoing me ththhe
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alaska the fameiditarod dogsled race is under way. p 85 tms`sl l av rerehan 1,0 mimimi of wilrneseshe la week or so. the ce@eegan abo 0 milorth of anchoragag a a ahere aparar to benough & snow, like in th city itstsf ere ey had bring in n ow trainor t t remomoalrtrtn saturday. thteams s ch with h gs and ariver will competfor $70,0,0 in prize momoy. no shortrte of snow in ththfrenchch ps as the dukehend duchess cambridge took their children on a fafaly s s trip. william and kate leed a series of phphos o otheir r vacaon showing prince george, n 2 and 10-month-old prinss charlotot playininin the snow x
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the vationomesess some nspapers estion wheheer ince william is s&s& spenng enoh time% on his officl royal dutieses >>a surprpsing revevatiti f fm a tenn serstar mar arapovovnoadmi @sting positive for a band substan in n e australian in january.y. it's a heart dicationonbut t 's also linked increased rformance. shararova has taken for ten years. she claims s s didn't notice it w`s banned as of the first of the year becec she didn't open an e-mail link from doping officici but she ys she takesesul
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when wewew thot anfl surstasays fawe finally tonit, one of the nfl's all-ti gres has pled his final down. after much speculation quarterback peyton manng announced his retirement today. manning, who comes from football r.yalty, leleeshe game a chamon, ending his career on a supewl win. nbc's blake mccoha more. >> reporter: super bowl 50 now becomes a storybooenng to a storiecareer. >> there's sethingng
5:57 pm
d dai retire from pro football. >> reporter: peyton manning g s seen aot of good numbers,s,irst with the indianapolis colts and thth the denver broncos. named league mvp five p tis,ning h the most career wins ever by auarterck at 200,0,wowof them ser wls and he's ao the all-time leaear in touchdowns and passing yards but manng's legacy ione beyond statistics. >> peyton manning was al the first arterbacwho came out t the h he and almost turned football into improvisational theater. >> t tre are other players who are more talentnt, , t ththe was no oneneho c c c outprere me, a - 9becausof that t have regrets. >> reporte off tht field manning's wholesome image and sorn charm made a tutul pitch h man. in recenmonths manninsh back hardrdgainst two allegationthat threatenen to tarnis that image, a report suggestingnge used human growth hormone and d sexual assault claim fromis colle years. >> i did not do what habeen alled. >> rorter: as
5:58 pm
game f goo frequent foe tom brady says you changed the game forever andndaded everyone around you bebeer. it's'seen n honor. p manng es not yet know what the future holdld >> i revere footballll i love the game, so you u t haha to o nder if i'll mis it. absolutete absolutely ll. >> reporter: and football will miss p peyton m mningng >> omaha. >> r rorter: blake mccoy, nbc newew denver. >> that t ll do it for us on a mondnd night. i'lester ht. for all of us at nbc newsththyou/u/r r -watchi and good nghgh "18 is a good "18 is a good number"
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a a ok back at his cononinutions to t t broncos, , d wewel l l wh peytotosays he'e' ms most abouplg me. libs heo everyo a a thanks s r $& ining us f new5 at 6 6 i'lisa lyden. od eveni. roirk.k. he end of era fororot st the broncos buone the n-f-l's g gateses quarteac peyton m mning formally y announs his retireme... giving an "incredibly touchingspeech." "i rere footbaba. i love the game. so'ln'n'veve i'll miss it. ablulylyly ababab w wl. ouilen are smallllowowbut t as t ty y y , we're g/ing to h emenjojothe little things ilife because one day ey'll lookack anscover thososrere were2the big things." manning saying how much h appreciatetehis s tire cee stararng i itennessee anof course ending injnhe mile e gh
6:00 pm
we're joined on set by sports director grant mee----anan you wet today's s ananuncement. clearlrlan emotialay for maing? it w a good kiki of emotion though........ peyt mning l the d till b written but what he d on the field is immeasurable and what he did f the broncos is valuable. as the sheriri rid offo the suet one last ti. peon manning gsn't sure wh s ne move wiwie. i don'n'knkn. i ven't ruleananhingngut. ha madno d disns. . i'm m vatatatagn n n r this, plalaa little gololprettytyoon n he has all t t time in the world now... as he headsdofinto nfl retirementnt. seaea... 4 th the bronc 2 super bowl titles and 5 mvps... . yon agine this is s s rd day. i ievere football. i love the g soou dod't'tave e e ononr if ll m ms . . solutete. absolute i wl. i know this is a toughghay f r hi havingngeen through it i know it's a hard day y r hibecause 18ears he ayed this game so great, and he played it a


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