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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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we're joined on set by sports director grant mee----anan you wet today's s ananuncement. clearlrlan emotialay for maing? it w a good kiki of emotion though........ peyt mning l the d till b written but what he d on the field is immeasurable and what he did f the broncos is valuable. as the sheriri rid offo the suet one last ti. peon manning gsn't sure wh s ne move wiwie. i don'n'knkn. i ven't ruleananhingngut. ha madno d disns. . i'm m vatatatagn n n r this, plalaa little gololprettytyoon n he has all t t time in the world now... as he headsdofinto nfl retirementnt. seaea... 4 th the bronc 2 super bowl titles and 5 mvps... . yon agine this is s s rd day. i ievere football. i love the g soou dod't'tave e e ononr if ll m ms . . solutete. absolute i wl. i know this is a toughghay f r hi havingngeen through it i know it's a hard day y r hibecause 18ears he ayed this game so great, and he played it a
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played it. d noonly thahe's a great teammate, , s teammates liked to playayith hihiand fohim.m. nning's cy will l f ft v ges... ararababhehereest quarterbacacof a a time - he and e game forever. it wasas trerereor an -q-qrtererckcko be abl tcpeyton manning prepare and work and play e gameme peyton mannini revolutionized e ga. we all used totw no-ddle s a fast-pacacet t tthe line of simma geoeoofbae.e.peytyt revutioninidiititit pepeon mning utililid d ery asset t at god gave him to be the st football player that he coululbebe and that, i think, to me is what sets him apart from anybody else because he got every ounce of ily that he has. that'shat t deim so greata and that's why he'll be e le to lq awawafrom the game ke 's'salking away todadawith somehingngthatatobody y sf h hne.
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on top of all the media er for manningshsss conference... there werereans... th came out to be e part of hiory.y. cocoinuing our team coverage... nfws 5 5 gredindo talked with some fans.....w.w owed u uto say yhanknkou t mb 18. 18 seaeons.... numr 18 it's ar e die ha fs....won't ev fort. rick martinez/bronons fan sot: 8 figure i wou comomdown show respepeor one of the eatest quarterbacks s to ever play the game.e. sotj 46:40 - 48 i'i'lucktoto ve witnessed t tgreat qb imy life time and witns s some super bowl wins. therers nothing better as s spspts fan. thas they showed that appreciation in a number of wa.. me c cered. .
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ooooeyeyn manning othe broht signs. sot:t
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let's talk weathehe windy y d dry raising that fir daer today. dere meorogist jessisian metete-in fomikeonht. windstay breezthis eveveng t finally taofofheing to esday morning. any clouds from todadissipate overninit for ly clear skies and lows in the 20's and 30's. tuesday wille a ndndoodathanano o co frontsing thtough h night. his will onlnl in the 40's anan50's. we'll l ve a good deal of cloud
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raraprings cititcocil l heheinpropals isisisis ternooooth wou e eban or rulate marijuananclubub amonthe "pposals a ordinance that creates a defininion for the clubs wititn cici ce. other proposals would establh liceing and zoning requiremenen. for ample, clubs would nd toto maintainr filters d could not be locat within one ththsand feet of a school, park, ycare center or drug ruhabilitation center.@. ththe isurrererely a moratorm
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colorado sprity council is discussing ideas, to address the ederal governmt's syrian refugees pla... news 5 5 aen is covering day's workession and joins live y onhtht whatgt being prorosese the drafafornance opposes the fededel reregee resettlement programamunless so contions are merst. the proposal was introdud by councilmanndyhpicoco he shohoa phphograra of gugugu and other weapons hiddeninin shipping cocoainers labed regee e rniture. sornance e t expressly stop refefees om comg he unless s rara officially "immediely" notify t city ofottial resettlement plans here. it alao voes support for feferal l afe" a a which i being g bated in congress. it would rui t f-b-b to sue eachefugeeee certificatth theare not a secucuty teat. nenttells thth kind of public declaraon make our community look inhospitabl "we've had here in the us in the
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about whetheheor not vevting, proper securury veveing, has been done to a number of these peoplelele "ameoint t citizin o o lodo sprgs with hao stand up agagastegislation that mak us lolo lika hateful l hurtful city and say enough is enough we'etter than thi council womagaeble coununlman murray and cocilman strand all voed position, cocilman knight expresseppor is propopofollows the passagagof a similar resololion by el papoounty y mmissisiersr november. no vote toni it wawajuststst sghghghoup\ofheheememrs llededpico to just drop the ornanc before tomorrow's meeting. dydyoen,n,ews 5. students and staff are safe aftetea lockdown aor elememfofo springsgs
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latetehiafternoon, p picic receivedeports of a man n a a gun on thehechool l mpus. the ck dowwent io effect around three.. d distct 20 fi parts rough h h l and tetetege about`e ation. scscsc is supposed to at 3- bubuuteneren't releaseseunughl3- 45,...aer& police concted a fulseaech the school. offifirs caughghupith e mama they were oking for. "and we alalew somethihkada was happening outside and it was sitting there for s slong d eryoas scared and one knew what ening, ju a really scarexperience." the investign is stiti ongog... no arrestsaven made. discy of a tanund inin the arkansas rivern canon city forced the ecuation of a neigigorhood. o boys found it while fishshg and brbrght it he,hat led d theirents calling 9-1- right away canon city pice, aexplosives unun from fort cararn d the pueblo
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evuated 19 homes whilehey tookokhe round ato destroy it news fivspe e)e) the bs o found ro---- w w hear t s s w they brght home-e-eaat 6:30. e nation asstiti of women inonstructn isis celebratg women this week, in a male domineded industry.. a handfullf women work for ringutilits at the "sa creek recying nter." we talked d bray naer, , , who runs the sca hou.. and sa s s's worked in constrtrtion h whoho life. ==== love being in the dirt. my passi is rock counting and prospecting on t s se. the p p place for me. i've got guys around and i'm used t tthe ysys napier wants young girls to know the uctiononndustry cacabe good fit fhem as well. right now only a aututine peent of constructn workers e men. xx veping tonight just ahead of saint patrick' y, thieves@save e parerely stololotart t gnt leleha in colorado spspngs.. and it's part of the "indepenennce e nter's" , st. icics day float" f f t ts
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our lsey k k kdy is ackinge ucky the lrechauau was stpott.. ey we bveve not e seven foot wooden leprechaun wawalaststpotted this morning.. here along north prospspt in cora sprinin.. but still nobody's been able to t it bacacto it's owners a a the inpenencceceer.. ucky" ppeared from a backyardboboeelockomrevernrnht saturury.. "that part is frustratininut also the frustting paris that someby would take somethininli him that really has no netaalueueo and they probably didn't reqeize truly what i iwas used for." rie bryan was stststg "luc the leprecun" ininer backy ead ss .. he's one of two gigit coioor deceenter'fl "the first leprechwas ally split into two pieces. i thinthat'u why they wewen't acallyble to salhat tp" ceade cky anhis paner r r h hfrfr spsjs rescue mission..
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patrick's day parade.. the indepence ceceer's mission tompower people wititdidibililies.. im b bng ie eelcharetititif what we are. atbecae u a disali d't mean you can't be independent, can't go t and d@ fun.". y's been spotted twiceince he disappearar over e weeken. "even this morning when i we tolooki uldn f an. i'vealkewith a lot of the sinesses i ithe area too to ve them keepepn out, and erare w sthey k riamas t e they could see e ything." brbrn difile pole port.. budoesn't plan on pressing charges.. "we uld ju like e b we'dike it back in the way at thetook i i in once pieie anhaed. . tpat wve o owith o rade marie says whoever has lucky is welcome to lve him o o the front steps tndepce nt s s sback ovence e was sn fn in theeantime..
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her orgazation can stillllalk saturury's parade. live in cos, kk, news5. reremberg nay ain--ahe 6:3:3 w the former first lady is being honod ss nion aphent ithe rara for pside cou llrtheaheaeathisweek 'lhave iall r yoyoin lection watccoverage. i'm memeorologist jessicvan metete i'll h he your extended first ert five forecast nextt six. skies will cleararongiht, buwewe ilave chans fomeh , a airlslslslsls frfrfr.. but nonodocts are ndndg
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ararprobobobobob winds stay bre wis stay brey this evening nally taper off heading in tuesday y rng. anclouds from todissipate ernit for stst clear skies a a lows s the 20's a a 30'0' esesy will be a lmererer andnd cool day t ts a aold frt ssing through tonight. highs will only ben the 40's and d 's. 'll have a goodeal oclou cover r thll cnce r stray shower, pecialal at higher elevations.
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cooler than we'vbeen used to, mainly in the low to mid0's.s. we'll have an easterlyind giving us a strong up-flow that'll me more clouds and a chance for some mu-needed moisture as rain/snow develop rougut the y, hopefully helping out witith our recent fire danger concern any of that rain/snow clears out by thursday morning with sunshine retng for the rest of the week. temperatures rebound into the
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, ,, how the mjle high cici planso t t wn on meam--nene
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covering colotado tonini be ps foststf us tododod but it's a mess up in the gh cotry a ainter r oror ly i iacti traveve th i ii-70 west of denr. nesnsn-p-pked, i i ind slow goingng vava psed closososatat afternoon bebeuse there were so o ccidtsts traffibroughto a standsti c-dot did h t action laws into effe meaeaea drivers nd d owow
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the relatives of an inmate who okis own l)l)linside of t e supermax pri.o willlle e tta 5-thousand dollll payouo5o5o5 reretitis ofobert znznfifi a fel lalalaclaminhe wasfail b bthe e e enysysleor me th y nfinement which contributed to mtal illness. the lawsuit says corrections igngned signsf his deterioratg mentnteaeah before he e le i i -13. tpe e deral bureau of prisisis d t admit t as part the seselement. . thcityf deer is ckli hohohoss sam iicpace artiti tomrow ty officia will start ttake wn tar, , s orororer items that have beenutp and take them to a storage li. thowners w)w)whadaysysclaim them. e citytyaymama improvisedampsitave popppp owntown sid andnd public properties---and ey'rer becoming a hltand safety sk. th'rurging t`eomomoms s instead use shelters toughout the area. proposedulul i ibouoder coun0 could have smokers fing g g fines if they light upupn n
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comissioners areconsiderin a smokinn ininllllarks andopep spaceas welelasprohohititg anyone frfm eating marijuanan infusedducts.smokinnes range from 7 dollars up to 300 dependg on mber o ooffe. xx p 6 6 - so whwhwhwhwh for yton m`n?! gpt meech has that a a a tetete spopos and,@the dcovery of an old tank round--f-rces neighborho e ecuation.'l$ ar fthe e who
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our top tonight atix-30... footballansay fafafall t ta lege doday abrcos quququrback peyt manning ans tirementnt a very e etionon speh from mannininat dove valley toy,y,y,hanking players, frfrndand family manning goes out on top,...winning a second susurbl afafcoming to play wiwi the broncos, a second chance aer t t neck injujy that ended his cararr with the colts.s. gratatul is the wordrdt comese y mind wn thinking of the nver bncos i want t tththk pat bowl@en and his fafaly,to all of my nver teammates, thank youor what t yoone fofoth old quarterbk. and of cououe my gratitudeo thehconsveryere. manning always wore evmb 18red ter 18 n-l seasonon wel hve much more frfn today, comi up sport xxx new information tonight about what caused the evevuation of sevel homes in canon city overnight. we've learnenetwo people fishe
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home!!!! news five's lena howland jus spoke with tso w w wouou it, she joins us live in s so. they were flyfishing just west of canon city and noticethe ject underaterer curiosity lele to put out and bring it home the searar answers. johnit was jt ththcrazieststst ing g ve had in my entire li happen to me! jo h h h was ouflyfishingbout 4 4nutes s west o ocanon city on saturday. john: was lking in the r a m ffeetter i seenhat apapapad to o a ife,e, don't kno i ilooked like a handle some sortrtrt was about at w w w i iouldldt rerely see bececse of the distortiononf thter not knowinwh it was... he lefit. but a day y r.r. he took his ew everett back to find .... hn: it was crazy, i i s hitting with a shohol and it anything si dug it t of thee,nd i shoved it up on shore and took it home evererer i kind of figured i i was going to be so sort of litaryevici but as about pounds and itas really rusted and wha
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it had some dents in it ofourse -- shocking his rents... theyeyere e ststike why you tang t ts into the hou?????? ey called d 1-1 right t ay saying they'd rathere sasa th sorry. ndnd the damage thatthat thing could do, itgt just kind ofrazy and it's something that u don't mess with canon city p pice responded just after 10ast night... and lled in fort carson o-d and the pueblo bomb b uad for r helplp 19 homes hado o evacuted. i etty nvovo we rst cop to me sa you neededo get t ay from the tr fort carson says it was an old "tank rod" - -and d it wewe off --t could have caused "sigficaca damage" to thth neighborhood. john: i was like iticod d live, it couououe a dud, it could be a p picicround, it could deststy thtirey of cano..but i don't ow whyut mboy instin kickein a i ianand - -'cool i wanna brg it homemeit's so co' bubutonight
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evererne to not touch@or p py withthnything that lolks spicious. a ssonearned for ckckrth.... if i find anytytng tt looks s like a bomb, don'touch i c ru a l of people's evg for ust r inking it'coco, but it's never going to happen again! o-d was able to secure the devi aakakit off site to sty it around midnight lt nit. if you hapn to come acss anythi that looks suspiciousus foftftso youo lee italonanto a as call your r local authities firsrs veven puebeb, lena howland, ne f fe. developing tonight: we've learnethe names of twowoeneneh killedn last weefiery plane crh pmer lake. the el paso county sheriff's officeas identd the two men as 77-year oldldan murray... and year oljeff kaplitz. the e -plane went do last wednesy yp the southeaststnd ofofalmer lake.. off hihiway 105. fire fhters responded and say thoundoth the aircrara d surrounding brh, ofire.
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haveveone e ong.g. int patrick's day oming, and thievevehave targeted a of f f thpapade. a leprecun s stue taken fr john street-last seen on north prospect. lucky is one of a a ir of leleechauns.. ed othindependece centntns oat for satu st. patrics y pade.. marie bryan toto me shwas storg thth bototin her bayard.. and nonocesatutuay morning.. that thehe@n f ft tall woodede toutpteprechaun was gone. she's s enthnt ever since.. businees iththarea are helplpg her search f f lucky.. ol l tips s sococl media. "even this morning when i nt to wlookcouldn't fd anananng. i've t tked with a a o o oe e eaooooo haxthem keep an eye e t,nd there are a few t at sd thth would checsecuity cameras to see if thecocod see anything she's working on a plan "b", the indepencence center can still walk in the rade if f ey d d't t luluy back before satu.
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happenin city unci they're hearing g oposals is ooootoat would either n or regulate maririana cls. amamg the salslsisn ordinance that creates a defininion for the clu within city code. her proposals would d tataish licensing d zoning& reirents. r ample,lubs would neeto maintain odor filtltand could not be locatat within on thlusandndeet of a school, park, dadaare cent orodrugug rerebilitation cr. there is c crently a moratorium on licensing anyew clubs. colorado springs city council is alsl d dssinplans let the federal governrnnt k kw how it feels.. concerning accepting syrian regeesthe community.y. e d2t ordinance opposeth fedel refugegereselement program cing significakt securi ncerns about the government't' ability to fully vet incoming refues. . it a a afederal reaucuats s s medidiely nofy t city when they learn of potent resettment plans here.. and soffs suort for thep deral "saf act"..... whicic ulrequire the f-b-i to issue "c"ctification"...
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this flows the passa of a similar resolutiti by el paso county commissi_ne in noveveer. xxx tomo ... fo me stat choose their presesentialinees - with michigan a a msissippi loomimimi theheigge pri the up saturda priry states delivered splil dececions both gop and mocratic race..but also helped boost e leads fofofrontrununrs llarclinton and dold trp. brbbn n r "moore" hahaour election watch. super r rey on screen in upper cornrn "courte of 00-:08 t sot hillary-y-ya know" bernie - " "cuse me! ter a hard-hittiebebe .. nat sot clintn e was ainst the auto ilou" bernie sandersusus hil clofistoing s record in michihin tomoow night sot sen.. bebebe sanders / d pridential candite :11-:15 "thenly problem withther asrtn isishat it i tegoririlly untrue." ----- dem delegategrapapc --------------- in/out- :16/1 clinn leles sander delegatas after spsptting wins overheeekend - with michig and miissisippi up next. ------------ graphic out ------------------------- per: grand rapids, mi :22-:26 clinton says she's hopopher ril wi getehehheif s spp winsns nominn.n. t hihihiy clintotod d prpridential c cdate :-:31 " work with him the way i @
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dropped out backn 2008." ---------gopopegates graphic ------------- in/o -- :32/:36 onhe republican side ... dodold trump has a hlthy - but not t t surmle l l l l. ------------ graphic out --------------------------- super: grosse point woods, mi :37-:41 john kakich says the fight isn't overntil the delegate count acacs 1,237. t gov. john kasich / r prpridtial candidate : :-:46 o say, well i ha more than u,u,hefore shoulget it? go out and earn it!" pepe conco, nc-: thth's ecthatrump hohos o ininallece from supporters as h%hheadin a critical week and a half. sot donald trump / r prpridenal c cdidite :53-:58 aiseour hand. i ear m gogog to vote for trump next wk." super: file over cruz video ---------- already oscscsc -------------:59-1:03 ghtiti off illnlos . tetecr bated for votes in mississisii ile marcocbis in survival mode - wititno vtuallylyo hopes of winningf ne can't win his home state oflorida. auo outcue: "brian mooar, nbc news, washington."."." polls show trump holding sizable lead in miigan. that wilovide the e rst big g testf how hean performrmn the midwest. mamaman our nation spendinintime this w wk to rememr one of our coy's moststcofifit ladies.. nay agan shdied yesterday m mngt
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nancy rean is ing rembed for r r lolo and suprt for h huanan the late president ronald r rn. as an actresesin t 40's and 50's s met reagan in hollywood. theyerererrrrr52-yrs-- shwas by his side during has caer on the silver screen, the governor's mansion, the white house d ththugut his battle withthlzheimers. / jajas baker / formrm reagan white house chief of staff :49 - :56 "she was absolutely indispensable to ronalalres' success and i don't think ere would have been a ronald reagan & asase knew him without nancy rean." she is also rembered for her "just say " anti drug caaign dung her te as firststy.y. d d ter as pone e e advocate for e eryonon stem ce research and the figig against alzhzhrs. story bar private funeral services wil held f fday morning. s reag will be burmrd xttoer husbandhdt the lililiy in mi vley. a new hack attac--targeting onon c ctain app deves. wel tell you what to watat out for--ahead a6:. rs let's check back in with jejeica in the weather center. i'meteorologist jessica van
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alert fiorecasnene ax 6:30. winds stay breezy isisisninini bubuwewere sll looking aad winds stay bre winds stay breis e ening t t nalllltaper off heading inin tuesday morning. y clclds from today \issipate overnight t r mostly cle skies and lows inth20's ands.s. tuesday will be a caer day a a cooler day thanks to a col front passing throh totoghgh hihis will only be in n e 4040 an50's we'll have a good deal of oud
6:38 pm
stray shower, espepeal at highererlevation( wednesy's highs will stille cooler t tn wewee e en used to, mainly in thloto midid0' 'l'lhave aeaealy w wd giving us a strong up-flow. that'll an more clouds and a chance for some much-needed moisture as rainnow dedelop throrohout the dhopefully helpg out wi oururecent fire dangereroncerns. any o o hat rain/snow c rsrsut byhursday mornininwith sunshineneeturning fof the rt of the week. mperatures rebound into the 6060 for the weeke. legacy written... peyton mananng calls it a
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at some now formereammates e saying about maning coming up nex
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i lo the shiff riris off inin the sunsetor the last t me., yton manningas all class todadaase has been his e eire 18 ar cr inhe nfln r four yearsn denver he re---injigorated the franchise anit was n n easy to see him y good byeyeyeay. among s s milylynd frien... manning cashed i ihihichips. alkld lenh h h&h&h& basically evetyhing erbout 151minutur and he hehe b!ck tearat e ery turn. 5 mvps... 2 super bowl titles and numerous nfl passssg cords but the e thing he'lmiss theost are the relationships. frodays ilmiss picngng the game b bls witmy equipipnt guys... talking footballh h e broadcast crers before the game and then afterwards ill mimimi recpapapthme with my dad.
6:45 pm
as we e both on our team buss... i'll misisthat handshake with h m brbry and d i'll miss tht ane ride aer a big gin with teammaytes s n the aisleslaugugngngng celebrati during the ole e ight. among the hundreds of a in atteteance today a aprs confnfence. we a lot omannins fo teammates... younunand old. they all saiaithat mannini had a huge impacacon tir careers... on and off the fie and there s noway they wouldlns th momeme to sesepeyton say goodbye,he is a great teammateve said all along that this is the best ive been ... thisisuper bowl fiftteam and peyton w on n e bebebeeammates of t bt rteam ive been on.... as i iortant for m mto see pepeon off... he's the hes hadad h he impmct on m mcareer a and me pers i had to be here, it was a no brainer. manning held his decisn to retirereo keep the team inhe otlight
6:46 pm
sosoow tt he's walking away... everyone will wonder what pepeon mnini is gogog g do & next in his post fooal carere.... willllt bebeootball?? general manager... coacac? pizza salesman. mannnng said he's just gonna go play some e lf. amonhis rmereammates t tt walked away earlier... they a conondent thamaing will make a seemss transition to popt fofoballife. he said will rerex a a but with all t tse super competitive athletes... you never know what they will do next. oh hes gonna rel andnde was relaxed after the e per bowl... . and im monnanae honest... thru t t super b bl hehfas asksk calm as i've ever sese himas a pler hadad a signnnnicant peacacabout himand hes held that heheld that and d entied ... ent nting thernd as lm as i've seehim letting ts ing play o and hes doing theight way. . @ alalhis rmer family ininown to
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,, a loof t tvelersxpececto ke off during ringng break--we'll tell u how many have planene and mama of f havavcr cards with the new chip techology--but
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ecking on walllltreet today---a mixey onall street as the price of cruide oil jumps. the dow gained 67 points, the sdaq lt nearly nine and d e ananp up slighghy, less s an two pointn. . ape@mamauspsare being targeted in what is believed to o be the firststalwa attack aimed spspificallyt apple's operatsystst. users arbeintarged with "ransomware" - a malicious code thth steals files and enypts them, then asks you u payayoney to get your files back. apple has tan steps - including updating itsntivirus
6:51 pm
the compananhas ublicly commented on the incident yet. a new susuey finds oy y percent of businesseseare currently able tacpt chipm enled credit and debititar. that's accordidi t ta susuey by thstraw-hecker group. s survey included 9292ayaynt rvice prsrids that service mo ehan 3.9 million business... at's abobo 50 percent of the u-s -a-a-atingngarkeke retailils, cdit card companan a mercherer suppos to o opt t e nene chnology by last octer first or face pepeies. ring break is quicklkl approachinr many stunts and d milies... ny of which will take to the skies to reach their inations. the t,s-a says it's prepar effectivelreenenhe more an 65 milln travelers over the spri break travel seasonon beginning this month. the t-s-a normal scrcrns nearly two million p psengers daday. if you're not enroroed in t-s-a prchchk, ty recommend arriving at u-s airports up to three hours prior to internationanaflights and up t two urs bebe domtic igs.s.
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seattle e st november... and nothe online sales gia plans to open a secoco one. amon says ititill be located ininan diego... at`t`t`testfield mal xxxx a beer-themed spa in o ogogois soaking atiti4a tion'sirstbe salled "hop in thth... . . and it's locatededn erer ororor. customers are e le tfully immerse themselves in n hop-infused d a treatments, ininudg body wraps, facial scrubs a what hop inhe s call"micicbrew soa" it involves ting cally ewed dedehutebeerrendnding it into a solid, grinding it up and using it apartrtf a a a h
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students at t local high school--- rkininto be all inclususe. we'll tell y y w they took the initiativeveo create a 'gender neneral' bathroom at schchl and how it's bej recved.
6:56 pm
use s yrococting in parts colodo wewee fiing out whthe e ngerous drug is becomimi so pupuanwhwh can be dodo`oo fight it. thks f f jning unenene 6.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
nbte: this couou c ce e life. i'somebodoo desese st m m meam.
6:59 pm
dalysteek, "t vce" rernrn...ah ...celrang these arerere days these a es we wononegrete hese are the d d will ver foet asas 10 has best talent 've se yet. every one of tsertists have the potential to be a superstar. respt. these a a the days s -whoo! lauaus s da: after thfiweek of blind audions... eateststomentofofof s sw's story! is where r aches' teamstand. -i pick christsta. -whoho da: chririina retutued song,g,nding fiveniquartists. we'r'rgonna have fun. oh, my god! feel amazizi aboy am i'i'very amped u u ananholly america will b on my team's s sthisear.r. yes! dalyadad picked up fiveveclectic singers. -get over hehe!!-thank y y so muchch adam: : goally, al great sge with all theheotentialalin the world. i'm ve excited your voice is crazy. daly: pharrell added six unique vocalists. thank yosouch, pharrellll
7:00 pm
and like every season, i'm lookokg for different. th was awesomeme so, come on. dass. thahk you. laughs ] -marar coratulations, mana thank you,u,rotheran. daly: and ake scored fourrtts. blake: i'm having tough time getting ople on my team. but givi up hope yet.. dada: night, season 10 cononnu. no, i can't finmy way home daly: for the artists, it's the chance of lifetimim when people r ircrcs, it's a verer very beeeetching thehe sincit began. so if byba mirirlr they do rn around, then it's lithis dream is vali g me in chasfor your love daly: and they will hold nothing backckckturn a chair. 2ut i iouldn't t ange aah!h!ah daly: because e r coaches will hold nothing backck. at is !@ t artists thewant. i'm talking to n n about that buttotopush. u were phpnol. i worked with justin when he was your age. -oh, thehehet was. -and britney, too. i worked with h th of them befofo he er m m the on "e mimiey club." please pick me. [ chkles [ cheers a a appppppuse ] e'd d at cfromom


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