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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  March 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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thfure of marijuana clubin lorado springs... how city couil'saking actiti today... and what this means for locaca businesses... plus... a fit tstsinbathroom aplocal l hool... hoh administratoto are w wking totoccomodate gender inclususn...were b cle yeststststmorng with temperatur in the 2020and 30s. day y mes with more clouds andsome spotty showers. highs wi be inhe 40s and 50s.s. i will te out ose shers r you and whehe e moststikely y ming un weather & traffic on the 5's. gogo mornini, anksorng usthisayni.... it's mch 8th.hp m shleneckrell. anm ircron. firsrs this rning.. ening g day-- colorado springs cityouncil iexpected to vote onhe future of marijuananclubs.s. eeeea muchalke about t pic fofoweeks.s. news 5 5 ja seoins ve fm city hwioronn e proposal joan.. gpod morngn'. dayjlle the f veral proposed ordinances that
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clubs s strongly regulate all of them. this comes a aer city council met foseral ururyeday totocuheio. e opals isn n dinance ththre@u a finiti for theluitn e.e. r osals ululultalinsing d zoningrequirenen plpl c wld n in ofis d cod t be ledhion thsandt ofnyny padae ererug hahalitationonenter.the ve beeltlemeingsn n n mr-d avoua ed hous pple kior nsopos ban wtoa o virtue or dodoe wantntntbe a ci ovice "you' f all thtouristso br ws w th're g home with cketthey don't tmee buy legal reeati canbis and go hohoh a blic consumptionti."the oposalcomid
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ubl retions e ishe stayto ts std 'll yoknow what ens at tayayting. onir online at koaa dot com. poing ido spngoaa wi, ne. day. lora spngs city l is al dcussw it pls totoddederl rnnt'syriaregee pl. drorop l fuge resegramci @ gnifant curityrnrn out govent'sli to fly " refu. safedebucrto imdiy theheen eyearntent resettle p he... ansuortshe ferfe act whh woreire i- issssssach h fue ceicion ty arnot a rihr d the wililil aot t,s in alsocoeration toy aty ci. r e-po
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for the ris ueissi ateyouelfundt of the 14 milln doar exnsiod novaon pnned at the mison oneisisik raraed prithmiplton mess cr anexpahe numr of l ts theyo wa to te ome ntndge tcheheningm nextxt year. here aret other agenciesesn that want cesso is pation because thervehe so, hthem all campus sey'tto walk miles fm one campuso e is huge ass ci cou wl vo t o ardingommunityty velot ocan uronti.. toy he ddlfo ringcolwanen co respond t alletionait -- lda arinoffi..
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eate al bwe collins an"dasce 2 e city i iependent eic isegololok ownership of prerty from e h hp m yi ciiedulong.. the unomanen . a sal mting we... council ll decide whether toto op the cas.. mo l hea'sdisg3. enre cns a etcabrbrchesinst theci toni.. atat ovens h hltht seesiw tf didcona inin dodudz onrneds sfsbcacaost ixixg teralth resummt t stargaze startinat 5:30. stast moititame e e e htht that somomlocal tststs to waititit sesesel wewes foforvrve atatat v-a clin in coloradoprgs. tonight's summit is ee andnd en to the publbl. palmlmigh h in lorado sps s s opoped a oftstsin "gendedeinininive"oor r its udud. e e throroen to any
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students. e idea is to pvide a space erstudents who don't identify as tradional le or female cantize restroom without being judged or bullied. $phile it is legal for tns kids in corado publischools s to use whichevererathrm corresponds to theirender enti, lot stilface ssment wheth use t bathom, ich is unfortunate." "they see now th they have an opon to go where people won't look at them two times and be like, 'what genders that peon and do they reallbelong here?'" the bathroom has both urins and stalls and students from any geer c uset anyme. weather and trfic on the 5s. meteorogist stephebowers i here now with first alert 5. this mning is quiet to start. mperatures are noticbly colder than yesterday morning.
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a cold front is set to move through southern colorado this morning, so the day wi be cooler highwi be in the 40s a 50 the nd moma t gusty as thacold front moves through this morning. the wind will not be anying ose to what it was yesterday, and the little bit of wind we do have wilfade away between 10 am and noon. that cold front slides southward through colorado this mornin after the cold front clears colorado, an upper level low pressure circulation will pass of afternoon and torr. the sle windrod e rtrnrndge of this low essure will help to generate some raishowers east of the mountains ansnow swers in the mountains. th morning wl dry with that 10-15 mph wind gusting toward 20 mph. temperatures wl warm from the lower 30s around 7 award the middle 40s at 10 am. clouds will incrseand somesnow showers c begin developi on thehhighereaks, inuding pikes peak, between 10 am and noon. ow showers will rther develop in the mountains with temperatus in the 40s and
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mo likelto h he a few rara showers around. the closer to the mountains you e, theigher your os are of getting a li bit of moistu. the farther e`st of
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,,,,, day... 70 will l@losed d om glglwood springsdotso while crews work to o o ir d dage e om ston's'uassyvek the clclure will last from orningo in the afrnoo ap we've beerepoing... the qockslideleft thinterstate virtlly impassable for nearly a we.... p til l dot waable to en one lane each way... using pa cars to guide trafc. this i i0 closure isisne of the longest-ever for an inrstate in colorado. still ahead.d. dehs from drug oveveoses are increasing here intherer colorado...
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driving the high rate of herern
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family... oveveose deathsoss southern colorado... are haing at the "highest ratethat the federal governnt measus. that rate is 20 per 100-thnd people! news 5's andy koen r r rts. tes or yood.. yourin.. yourure. "they've b bn using the substance erobably dly, so their bodies have become accucucuededo the ug and when ththtotohe physical withdral is so sere, it's like you're gonna die. hero as heis in sta d gng fasteal rtof scololodo
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nat d:ttg uecoer d ta frothcodonsti ofeah show seven uthe colo counties haha seen overdose dths s a tha20 p 100-thousand people. "we ve i-25 real close, and we believe or at ast i belilie e that a lot o traffic, brging that mate northward from texas and new mico comes thugh here and its winds up here."uerfano countyuty coror merasn'en a dramat spike. but in a county thisize, it only take one or two deaths a woulduse rate hr. eroin erinexiv esndt alws the younger children to, since they don't he a lot of m mey, have cece to that." doctors with the recovery village at palmelake sayost addicts dostart w th heroin. instead, it's pain pills. thinhel , seemu morennoct. it's a aededation, and of course athat age, it doesn't take
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well, u know letettry me more."." laontourb crtion drug a areorking . king h hoin cheaananeasisi to g ma pnts he tell ie ddeers ging sas ares se a gindidus d't lk ad thoo theerids, sm cey try mesales, is t goa rt you, hand itut andf course everody like." hsaive s push sms tied to the legalization of marijuana. "that supply is being met by medicinal and recreational sales now, and in order to fill the gap, t t heroin is being pushed in." d in our snt e plordd to turn. "i think tt's one of the things tt's probablynot necessarily bebe neglected, but maybe not looked at as being as portt as some of the other services, that's just an opini
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dy koenews 5 the departmenthuman services has a crisis h hline to help people struggling with drug addition.` that number is 8 8-493-talk ... that's 8-4-4...4-3-3.8-2-5-5 wealso pted at information online at weher and affic on the 5s. meteorologist sthen bowers is he now with first ert 5. this morning is quiet to startrt mperatures are foticeably colder than yestday morning. thermometete arerehowing 20s a 30s thisor a ldros toove ugh southeorthis rning, sthe b b cooler. highs will be in the and 50s. the windnday becece a bibigusty as tt ld front moves through this mornini. the nd will not be anything ose to whait was y yterday, ananthe little bititf wind we do haha wililfadedeway between 10 am and noon. thth cololfront slid swa ugh rado ts morninafthld fro cars coloradoanerel pressure circulation@vill pass
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the upslope wind around the nohern edge of ts low pressure will help to generate some rain shers east of the motains and snowhowe in the motains. thning wl be drah th0-15 m wind guin toward 20 mph. mperatur wl l rmm wes nd am tordhe mi 4 am.clouds will crease, and some snhowers c begin velopithe gher pks includg pikes akbetween ndoon. snow showers will rthe deveinhe mountaiit temperatatatatn s s&d s ththugh h e rnn.areast oe momotaar moike ferain ower. thos to e mountas yo r yo o o oare gegeinina lili bitf f moistu her eaf thth mountayoe, less ly a of gettinin
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,,,,, inhirning's th h... you most,u themn r and net w. you n fi tin opering room! rg asi diamondtoeat`t`opopith heart obms thiandback 360" oceded.. us treous ones to brbrk through blked ri connecng to the heart! dtors sapatientsith corona artery disse a p pidadesesor the procedu. t a dndoated crown that's moued on a wire, which we'rableo pass into the e cory aer t spinshvevy raply, ben and 120,000 rerelutionper nute." the diamond-coated crown ionly one and one quarter millimeters in size... and as it spins, it breaks up plaque on arteries inttiny particles. this procedure only takeketen mimites and is typicly done fore a s snt iimplanted.some patients can even leave the
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todiy there's another reason you should e pancakes fofo breaast... why thousasas will be r`shing
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consum watch... in thirnin in this momoing's consum wawah.. legal trouble for verizon wirele... as the company will pay near 1.4 million dollars to the f- c-c ... for eir apprriate e upooie! ! pecoisn adarng ch that trac wsis visid by cell l ones and then dedeversrsds t t tsitors wit verizon cell p pne service... for a period of time... verizon cuomers were not informed of the tracking or givean option to o w out.... so the compana was finede & now.... verin av receqve aicitityes" f fsters trthr da. ca as wenow th. y soon bing of the pt! luxuryakerer-ws
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you consid leaving dotion for children's miracle network hospitals or other local charities. since 2006.... ihop hahaid nearly 20 million dollarfor charities. this yr's goal is to raise three- and-a-half million dollars mo.
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meorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. this mornini is quiet to start. temperatures are noticeably colder than yesterday morning. thermometers are showing 20s and 30s thisorning. a cold front is set to move through southern colorado this rning, so the day will be cooler. snowhowers can begin developing on the higher peaks, including pikes peak, between 10 am and noon. snsnsnhors will furthehehe veloin the mountains with temperaturesn the 40s and 50s through the afternoon. arars east of the e untatas are more likelelto he a few rain showerararndndthe e oser to the mountains you are, the higher yourdds arof gettingpa little bit of moisture. e fafaher east of thth unins you arar the less likely you are of gegeinin
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rsupmornini... e jor wsxl of on co..((& arterbkby@on manannn... pll r up today... officially.. a uarterbackanw. thbies we' a a ering... who oi to fill his thnvncosre on huntfiislament d sos o pars ews enr-e am rebrocwe 3-ydeal vueueat mororthan 45 million dollars.s.butu.. e'pantly other al have eieyesn f-urs re... n xans areto h hy frfr tilhigh ty we'lntueo foll ts ely...ana ve apd a len th hangup cter
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ter sns nn sysian. yesterhe g emoonspch -- offingk te as ooba on ean... recordrdreg career. when lba on nfl er iilknowitit a dodo i ge ytng i d h hmymsk with a w ere werereer playe who mta buthereas oould outrepa md becae oft i o grs." e oncoalsonnncedt mainwille enrinein rif me titirs n... ening to- lodo ringci couil iexpe to vote e theuturofmarijiancls. is bn tkeaboutopic foeks. ws 5 ja wisensliroci halthe osal .... todallthe rsvof seral oinans that woeith banew cnabi
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thomft citcol fol hos stery to dcu the o. g e alis ordithrees a a defititi t clululuitn ci codod otheprs d tablish liceg zoning reirentsfor r ame, clubsouldd to ta os and t locn e-thnd feet ny schoo , daarnt or bilita cter. ere ven ip megsthatr-d st havout a cked uswiwi pe ki for and ththprosed bant to ba cityf virt or e nto be city ovice "u'ci all ese tourts to eala noe ing me wh a et d @ needo co hertouy lalrereeatial cnabis d ho with puic csumption."the pralcomemia raumlicensanw ubs tinew guone is stay ototohistor d we'll let u ow wt
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repoing cododo sps,oanna wine. ksnn.. deve tmorng.a ra spr man i recoveriftfte d e ce wa cu a hoep ortad ceayhaenedte afanumee lain pki t. athe she sp icha say tvi face. rdg totoheolic re..thjus t reatin"sr"teshy ere ananr olent ststbing attack colorado springsg.. this morning a aan is facici atmpted d rder chaesesfter police say he bed a agagn multiple times. veststators say the suspect 60- ye-old "roy michael billingsley" w arrested ypsterday after pole und the juwoman --n -hun blo ojein ive. shshwas trtrsported to the hospspal. but is expected to survive todada. codo sprgs police e lookong for the e spects thaha
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at a family during a r rberyry itned last night in e - - reblk ofoft aven ath"lato au orolicsay o men n lked into the storeh guns a a became plly agressyse e e e a family... inlcuding g small child. the suectstsired multiple shots at that t mily... but luckily y one was injured. thsuspects sto cash and persrsalelgings s s thctims. theyrecribed as a white anblack malen r iun. moror. sellllllll ascduled at explorer eltatan lorara sings. after the e w w w put on lock down yesesrdayay- following reports -- of a man with a gun on campus. stududts we held back whilil officersearahed d e ea.... we're told police eventually caught up th t e man thewere lookinfor.r. but -- no arrests have been . the e ckckwnas lifd shor afr. w w rmatatn mngng ththimimkill i ia sm plane
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the el pasascounty shsriff's officecece identied the two men as "dan n rray" ofolgmont, d "jeff plit froro lafayette. fireghrs@cound the b)bplane and sundg brush on f fe st w wnesday. the ntsb is l stat thcause t crash time now for weathernd trafficic onhe 5 5 meteorologist stephen bowers is hehe now with first al5. ning is iet t tart. mpes areoty colder tn yesterday morning. thermometers are swi0s and 30s this morng. a cold front is seseto move through uthernrnrnorado this ing, sthe day ll@b@b coolerer ghs s ll be in the 40s a e nd may becece bistst as that cold front movev touou is morning. . e windndilnonythg clto wt was yesterday, apd e litt bitf winddo havevel de aee10am a nn. at cd front idesouthwa rough h loradohis s rninintecold frontntlear coan upp lev l
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moow thupsle ndnde northe ee t ts w pressurereill helpo wateso raiower o untaind sn shors i thmotain ning wil at0- mph winguing toto0 teeruresilwarom the pwe30s arnd 7towardhe middle 40s0st 10 a clouds winseseand sn#e can beg develolong on the higher peaks, including pikekepeak, between 10 am and n snowowhowers wililfurther develop in the mountains with tempur ithth40s anan50s throh the afteteoon. areast of the mountains s e re lely to have a w rain owar. thclclerunins yo e,he higigr r ur oddare o& gegeing a little bit of moistsre. e farther eaea of e momotatas yoyoare, the l ls s likely you a a of getting anytng aall. this morng... two emaciated great danes are in e care of puebnimal l seices.` a good samou the gsgsdering nthe n bo o opuebloy y st ekekitnoollars or crocps to identify them. the adult male and female are vere malurished, and veteririananaay they're on a long rd to recovery... e first reaction is pepepe justupomaticicic want to start feeding them.
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th sorning.. o iad grdanes are in ca@ef eblonirvic good s fou t t gs wanderi neasterer border of pueblo c c cy la we colla crochips to identiti them. the adult male and f fale arar severely mamnoururhed, a a vetetenanaans say they're on a long r rd to rececy... the first t actiti is people just automatically want to start feedinth ituauauarialtoverload them w w wfo, yoyoha to ind of slowly troduce them ta oper diet a. veay female e already gainin 10 pounds in the st ek. ey estatitl take aleast o to three moms foe doo lly rever. gre dan a not a commo brueblo, al rvic someo reczes e gs d caidhewner. in p pblo -- onetinga positive example fther
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in the community. 16-year-old "bradl teter" tueter has become aopposi force for gangs in pueblo -- helping c c ca feenent t ysysnd girls cb. teter spends eacday as a junior staff member at the sprague center-- menng -- and hanging out in the teen nter that he helped ma possible. i really want t/ g ge back here e m mas i, so iust okinind toettingnggo j osi of coe e ine e tnst metnto the t tn . now r on hito compete e r corado youth o thyeary e boys and g gls club. hwiwi -- heheould detet0- thousand d d drsn college scholarship money.... which hean add his ll ride scholalahihihi c-s-s pulo... at he won as the pueblo county yohe y yr. still ahead.d. a teen injvred in the kalamao shooting attac..
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rerevery..,. why somemere calling hererurn- irlc pl. a bizarrscenebon a texas hiy... affi a snd-stior ur
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, weome back... haa do paen a a recoverejg after the train n n were ridi on -- derailed and landed in a creek in northern california authities say a tr felon the tracks last night... knoc t t tin ohe rl l and inat rescue we able to youtt e ai.. that w partititi submergrg. offifials ve lowered t numbmb of people hurt.. nosayipeopleerinjure not 14. four peoe ered sious injuries.. totoy the 14-year-d-girl injured in t shooting rampage in kamazoo michigan...
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spit! kf" orinay pronounced deadaafter being shot the head ri last month's atta... t shsince de agrsive coveve. she nowffffeath be... and able to ta and wal the teen will w goo rehab whershe's expected to r 6-months... . abbibiwas one of two iured in the shng... x he wll. weapon malfuncti hellow wn a gman.n. at workplace in florida. policeayusct. 34- -o jam c ceau me work erwiim automatic pipiol... and told seval ployees "they better r"... before opening fire.. but thgun jammedtwice! anny employees were able t espe. e pepeonovas s expe to be oka poceay t t suspehot and d killed himself eoments later. toda texas womais behd bars...
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ur yeyeday... deputi in hoton say they were calald d aaccide a y rid thhe ked man on t t of the big g. authories aren sure why sh waon topf thsemi or whether she been ie the g ri araff accicint neaeay. but... for nearly twoomrs, thman was on oe k. firefightersried to lko r d co down. evtuallyuthoriri were able hdcher d take her into custody. a wiwi picchase isaught on a a ld police chase is caught onca ih cali... take ak... thishoplng susctrove awayrom lihihi t hood h carasp p ck windield. thasisiew fothe entire cse! the suspect was able to maniuv ou sp stkskv oid pte as t chase wentntough two sepate counties... finally it came to a aend and
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surprisingly... no o o was in e! mergcydiaught came in w w rk sety cerastureth moment thisingle engine plane fell from the sky. parachuting its wawato the ground right next to a b%jlding. a pilot and his daughter were onboard at t t pisays t engine died ft. he de pachu and de the emergencyding. surprisingly no one was injured! me feaer a traffic the 5s. meteorologisephebowers is he nowh first aler5. thisorning is quiet to start. temperatures are noticeay ldhan yedarnin ermetersre swing 20s and 30s this mnia ld fnt me tph sooladth rn sththy y b cooler. . ghs will be in thehe0s and 50s. the ndayecece bit y as that coro mov tgh this morngng the windill not benything ose to what it was yesterday,
5:47 am
have will de awabetwee10 am and noon. tholfronidou throradodohis morn ter the e ldnt clears colorado, an upper level low prsure c w wl pass soututofs is anondtomorr. upnd around th northerndge of this low esre will lp tne n shs st o mountatas and snow shohors in the mountains. this morning will be dry with that 1 115 m wind gusting towawa 20 mph. tempererures will warm from the lower 30s around 7 am toto thehe le 4t m. oul ease, some swers bdeve on e e gherea, including pikes peak, , twtwn 10 am andoon. snow showers will furt develop p theainsith tempates ithe s s 50s through thafternoon. areas east of the mountatas are more liky toave a few rain showers arouou. the er to the mountayou are, theheigher your os are oftt bitf
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today. voters in fofwfwore atat wil st theotot in nhnh2016 pruridrimary electio ha whosthe replican caucus and idaho wl st the republican primary v ve. in mgaananmiisppi. rlica demra willlh take to o e voting booths. according to the latest poll tmps leg reican race e both ates anhilly ton the democrat race in those stes as s ll. we've learned the funerafor form fst lady nancy reagan wi be heldhis frfray. mrs. reagan will j j urd next t t r husband at thehealreagan p p pdentiabr& mi vley, cnininith firiry wiie re for public visisation tomorr a thursday. however. frfr's fununal will be closed ddd to the public. spsreportetierinndre -- ard 55-miion dolls in her lawsuit against convicted alker ana shvjvje hoteyestday the ce ton
5:50 am
to fd both theasle maio at vavaerbilt -- and "m"mhaavid rrett" guilty^ they found b brettesponsnsns for 51-p-pcece of the ble and thteanfor 49erce. the lalat nter aunde deos oandrews secrlylyakak of herer in her room -- at thehe hoin 28. still aheaea.. it's'sne of the world's eatest still's one of thworls grgrte myers..... antwte ste stil seseching r aners. we're rememeerininthth anniversararof missingngalaysian
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,,,,,, ,,,,,,, welcome back... it's a somber anniversary toy...arlaian airlines flight 370 mysteriously dippead.crews e l sechinin ecec of e ight. thnvtorsieie -- may have erashed in the indian ocea the plane ed crs during a flight from malaysia to china, and vanished with 239 people on no victimsave ever bn foun e cononedebris the anwashedp uniois lyetodaislso a dedelinefo reretives of the vtims to file coon- or t airline. bere we get you a last check of wer this morning... e how this paiaiof wbn paa cu.. they're nonoyour ordinary ars... they are being hailed as a
5:54 am
eimes pay ibute to their birth country! thle c we-ugpapapan anang nanaanop.. anfele cub was given t t na gee-ugh you-ay you-ay ... which means canadian joy! ththnaanrime mster says paas r therowi bondenirost cotry and d ina. me now for wea and traffic the 5s. meteorologist ststhen bowers is hebebeow w wh h t alert 5.
5:55 am
thermo s s snd 30th m mnmnm. coldro is set to move ththugsout corado this morning, se dby will b olotot ghs llin the a s. the wind may become a bit gusty as that cold front moves through thisorning. . thehwind will t benything e to whait was y yterday, thlii@ of wind w%wdo haveveill fade away betwn 10 am and noon. atold front ides southwardd& thugcolorado this mo r the cold fnt car co, uer lel low prsure circaon will pass south of us this afternoon and tomorrow. the upslope wind arod d e hedgof thi suill lp t tgenerasoaishowea oe tains ansnow showers in the mountains. this morningill dry with that 10-15 mph wind d sting g toward0 mph. tempmpatates wililwarm from the lower 30arnd 7towa the middle 4 at 10 a clds wl eaand me snowho c begin developing on the highereaks, including pikepeak, twn 10 am srsl he lo theountainsnsith temperaturur in the 40s an50s through the afternoon. areas east othmountatas are moretoave few rainshows around. the oso e mounins you are,he higher yourddare of
5:56 am
moture. the farther east othe motains u are, t less keou of in anhing ata plus... major pa way
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us... major repair workrin t d ea one of co's biggest roadwa. what drivers n nd to know before hittttg the interstate this mornin. we are a bitoolean yesterday morning with temperaturur in the 20s and d0 day comes with more cloudsnd sometty shs. ghs wille 0s and s. i ij timimouoss yoshshou wre they are st likely coming u athetrfic t's. od morning, thanks f f j jning us on this tuesday march 8th... i'm shellene cockrell.vand d m a cronin. first a a6:00... hapnpng toy-- co ring council is expectedto vote on theheuture of marijujua clubsb this h been a much tked about toc for weeks. ws joase j us live from city hall withore on the oss. joanan. goodningng. day lle thfirst vote of severaraproposedinances at wouler b newewnana club sgulate a of them. this comes after city counci


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