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tv   Today  NBC  March 8, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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>odning. breaking o ornight, a commmmer trqrn derailed near san francisco, pluluinone car inin a eek. ppassssgers attempt to rescsc fell r fowowiders. >> we wererying to d he the ain s ngin >>t nineeople injure image prlem. donanarump f fing momotingng criticis criticism for doing is at rallies. >> raise your ight, everybody. do y swear that you're going to vote fodold t tt tomoow? raise e at hand. >> s ssasa's perfectly evinimagagy darti hisry. we'll talk to trump liveve as voters go to the poin four more ststes today. jury awardrderininndrews $55 llioin the trialnvolvivi a secretet recorded video o herer in herel hheurt findndt cee and sheee chmaller rmo >> just dropping in. a plane makes an unusual landing
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island, and a lucky father and ht he a pautto thk foviives od," ay$tuy,ar 8thth . >> annou: nbc news, this i i"todayth matt lauer and savannah guthrieiee from stioio rockefeller plaza. od morni,d,derery. welcome "to oa esda mornin look at that landing, i guess you'd call it. >> run it agn. >>id you know a plane uld come wh rautut >u haptn geing in ane wh a raraute, yoy t te thpt>>olutel ('ll haha mont t bit. we w wt o the e breaeaewout of calnia overnight. a commuter tinerled. the lead car fillelewith passgers endin o oits sisi in a cek. let't'go t tste patterson n the story. what canou tell us? good morning. passssss say the raiaiwas cocong d rig be the traiderail. 214 people,b,brded.
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injured and juststour seririsly. everyone is expeed to live, but it was a hwing ride. > reporter: the commur r n tiallyububrgthe dark m swaerts ofte of a ra-s-sllen creek. do you know ithis is a passengegetrain n a freht train. a psenger tin. >> reporter: ari say thea.a.e. train wasasravengro san se t stocon when the rstf five cars hit a tree, plplgingngnto the ter. >> i was in e first car that nt into the ve >> reporter: pnger describing a aarrowi sce. t feels alshifted e grity and weerall paino. reporter:ith one woman lyg in t t mananr ilar hananan o acks >> iwaunr the muds we were tryiyio diher ou while ththtrain was hanging. >> crews had to fight the creek's fast-moving curren and smash windows to pull ridersfr ptially srg
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to get to,gegegeacross treekekge evody off and inin aafe across the creeks toet erybody o and into a s s area.. >> reporter: passengers who weren't hurtuded for hours , in thedark, in cold, wng for b bses too ghem ho. >> wenew we were in a remoto area,,o we knew weom hikiki g tratr atefef it sn't worse. >> this morning, the train car isll partitily smerged the watatndo`rvrveoday, crewswsk t m surerer the track i safe. tt andsannah >teve, thanks very mu. > now to the presidel race. foururtatesll up for grabsp - today, incnghe babaleounds o michigan and misipi onnothh t repuan and democracsides. naldld trump finin himself cing yet another rsy. wewealo him l i mo. first,nbc national correspondent peter alalander is
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and hawaii getetheir t tn tonoze brheren ig. t stata ofn ei tt cld decide henene replitynononee. reporte marching intnt missisisi, d/dald trump again calling on hisupuprters to ed their allegiance to ( trump. >> raise your rht hand, everybody. do you swear thatt you're goioi to vote for donold trump tomorrow?? raise that hand. >> reporter: ruee' m m twe befo sdd ge shou we d pleded? reporter:ne prominent jewish leader comparihe loyay gesture from the trump audience t t tazi lute e$ a holocaustvivor b bsting it asas fensnse, obnious and dsgustinw. blook bloomberer is saying no to a 2016 run, saying he couldldt n. i believe couldri a aumber diverer states he wr,,
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electoral college votes necessarararo win the presiden. addi, there is a good cee my candida could lead to the election of donald trump or ted @cruz. at is not aisk cenn goodcocious. h delibations&wer s seriris, the "new york tes" reportrthisd waseady in tiono o non-idea n-idealogical, finally, a choice. mikebloomberg, president.t& >> reporter: trururund h opponents tryinggo getet the others tle fielel >&marar rio o jojn@ kasas i a vote or dd drp. >> vote f fasich or cruz in flora is a voteeoror donald trump. i'm t onl one that has any chance of beating trump in- florida. >> repter: ao new, this record phone mesgem mitt mney o obelf of >> i we wereo choosos donald
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th prospects for a safe and prprperous f furee wouldlde pdimimisheded >> reporter: rububs nrowing the g g withhh trump in his home ate of florida accordingngo a po. hehe i michigan, johoh kasas iss ining groundndn over the weekekd after last thursday's dolition derbyy debate. >> i'm going to be the republican nominene not donald ump. mittt romney's say he'dbe glad to help rubio, czz o o o kasi t beatrump. na truss s dominating, up 19 points over teduz, 20 overruo. johnhn kasic in fourthhh rightnow. up f 50%n ceceer, now 75%% republi of republicans and republican-leang voters,l they b bievevehaha trump w wl behe repubcan nominee. >> all right. peter alexander,rthank you. >> donald trump joins us o o the eeightnow.. `. trump, good morning to you. >ood mornrng. iiove thatnumber. >> i had a feeling. >> i will not sapaoi thehe believe me.
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atintruction.. gavity isomething p pe hannn a p pitit cacaaign, but it works. when we look at polling in michigan and inn florida thaha does see totbebe titening,o yoyo tnkt's direc r rulul that scathing takedown by mitttt romney and speeches by mitch mcconnell and p ryan pth aacks you'reacinin from uz, r rio and ououou ttthere? >> i'm'm one that caneat hillary clinton and i'll bring jobs bk to th untry. mimi romney i i a faiaid candate. ran o o othe worst esidential campaignsn i ithe ststy of o o cououry and now hehe wantso beevevt agn. itdiral. becausef th s t y y faced theull wthf all e entities,,o youorry th it willtop your momeum at the most crucial tim o this campgn?? >> i't know, matt. i mean, i some pollsls yesterery i micicnhere i'm 19 and 20 pointsup.
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i'i'ill leading in floririri againsns a faiaid senanar. yu know, rubio iss a a failed senator. oesn't tete he's got t worst voting cord, one of the worst in@n@e@f@ histor of f ffffd stat senate. heheoesss terrible job a has oblems, to p%p itmildly. and he can't win a awhere.t. i agree with tededruz on that. says thihi guy just doesn't winanywhere. at what point do you gwith somebody se? but he's doingpoorly inridada d if he ran for offffe inn oridid right now, he couldn' lecteded dodoater. he's done such a poor job. >> i'd liked to ask you about something you've been dngng recentlyttour rallll which having yourr sport r rse teir r r r ran and say, i i pled t votddal trump. as you know,w, stillmage of that at your rales hav gone ouou theinternrnnd people have been disturbed by the % image. in factct a holocaust survivor says it reminds him of the nazi salute.. i wonder how you feeeeee abo thahacois and w(ether it would
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it or ieopleel thatwa i ihit't' ridicucuusus weweeaving sucu aretime. sterday, had 2000 peo in missisi. hremeouss in mimiigan.. sometimes,s,e'e' do it f fun. theyl scream at me, do the swear in. dohe swear. thti're h hing such a gre time. massiviv crowds. i get byar the b b bst crcwdss andddde'rere having aood time. unun this phone ll, i didn' kn it was a problem. we wee know >> in lightht of that, does it ma you -- >> almos veryrydy in theoom raes their hd. we're ving a g gd me.iiever knew@ it was a oblem. >> i think it's in mbinatn, . trump, with thth rheteriri yove used d theheampaign trail over@rhe last several months, targeting groups like muslims and mexicans,,hat t tt eveves images o o nazi germany and thecapegoating of js - there back in n@n@ 1930s and '40s.% >> i think that's aig,, big rerc i mean nest,mama, we've en having such an amazing --
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e mae. yesterday in missisppi, t t days ago i iorlrnto, we had 25,000eopl fill uphe stadium. it w le.. wewee hav these edible ralllls. nsideringghe sject matatrrr `is not so gogo, because our untrtrs in trouble, big trouble, w ware havingg great time. partrtrt this is thth. you know, this w beerought up this morning, i'murprised hr r n >oeoetot? it'sffensi in' do anything wrongngith it but ty'reeaming a me to do it, we wan too doooit. 're a h hin fun. i never t tught it was fensive. soau youoww that it is offensive to some pele will you say, okay,etevevevevenoto thisisn thefuture? >> ceainly, i'llllk i io .. d like to findd out if thahaha@ true.. ion't want t t o oend anybody, but i can tell you that it's en a azinglyrereived. well receiviv. i will look int atatmatt. . >> ihink that's a faiai answsw. mr. trum thank you for your timehisp morning.
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thank you very much. >> thankyou.u. let's bring in chu todd, nbc's political director,, mderator of "meete thehe press." tell us what we' expng today. first, l l's'setne with ththleoes. >> here's e count now, and it'sottennarrow.-th wkendicicries by ted cr, nararwed theegaga puertotoico on sunday ge rubio aoohuhu of dlegates.s. michigan today and also mississippi. whntererun b b, naldldruruppulul thththououe mi@igansidentialrimama in the pa, hisis -t-t$t mememee, iti should play well@ there. thena democococ workinin mississipplabama and tennessee he won, bordering stat. thesese are sinine dig conteststsruz, m mbebe sich,, mamae it't!t! sn we s s - ovov t teeeeeehahaha itt ed b banti-trump forces acoalalcing. >> these state set the table foreek from today.
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thisiss whahahappensnsnfru wins floriririndndnda a ek om todadaheuiuis a a hugeegatelele, 300 legates, notot@ ehime fofofoz toch a a hean obablala this thing.g.g. of course, trump doe't' win,nly wsslri i this caca, as you can see, it't' a 200 d legate gap ife winin orida a a los ohio. buttt h h loses theha thissssyway, a kkbout rubioing ouou it't't'sane because of thth ea te.if r rioio d dpped out day, i haha itoaldltrtrtrtrcacae ers all this vote th's alreadtaken placth's'sone ruruo. noay t t t tit. b b b b ne, i i tru w wts et the magag1,237atesbefore coti, h hh h h win orida and d >>.. pp hesbobobo h50% of all remainingdegate.....%-ay bau rio a a ch get h se gng dha. . hank k k kerymumu.. >> t t t tttyw chk.
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nell plae benonoceddororormemememe fststadnancncncreanan e'e'eeaiai to ree@ o o fbibi a h sbd's psidentia library, where preparaons are dedeayay tatae i i i i i there onc t momoinin goodmornrng.d. oooong toyou, manu. - ay's funerarill telememeblho wanttttt t t pay their @specooancyil ve thatpptytytyty@t sd ashe wlre in repose. >> rorr: fyyiciclle wbe ofrounun 1,0 gstsnn a adanae. emberstheeaean librbrzzaid m m meagann peosroved all t t details. theheevents that are g unfofofofofoe rsrs of the next threr our ay were all approved byrsrerere,, ininin wasas i iitit to whwhwh sheouou b b lai toorestst >epr:r:r:ng-t employe d f fenayayledd thehe mourn mrs. rerean's ssinin thehe te b t t tught of@ her
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>> they had such great respect rne anoth wereun with eher, laughnd pgigg and hd has. e ehadadad a a loooohahey veanothe leg. , gdddd .>> repororr: flala aty 1gogogomemeuiinrorob nawi remain at half-staff tsmomomomo ididtma pra nanagag'serererlrrmsiance to thththnationonon i had thehornityty too meeee .@eanana once vivi w ueadydy advanc in@n@age,e, bet could not have been more gracious and morech too mysysysysndnd michelle when w w fifst c ceoofjcece >> t white house h h net sasa whethehehresidentntbamab ll beeere a a nncec in t fir ladyy friday's nera ter of se t ts is a a bo filityypoqs staffed 24/7 wit guards but the lib ininwiawtfoeothth o
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ewewept is rompern&aboboboedededian safety after a bistrjkeke d dthth laar.r.r pepeststan deassssspurged by an estimated 10% in 2015. this isccordivk t a report by e govnorshgay afety association. researchs say severalacacbs --y beotamamam inclung more drivers on the roadway and the ususus c phoneneildrdring.g.g.parmrm weather and short erwintwitetete ----tersrsrsagae w wjneununualandnd rvevllcererebbh m mentp a sgle engine p pll fm n eee oveveheweekend o o lonon isl h he in w w rkrkrkrkrk@k a father and daughter werer on board the plane was thengine lostpower. ey deployed the plane's& paracheeanddano ljt@safefel l l @ iiqiq buililng ptheeaiaiaialddd awayy withnlyl% scrarahesf
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> ioll goooobye f pepeninininin lyly a a anced tiri tirerent frot# fououac tears inn a r r r r r pfu@of family,, friends and mames. heai after yet't'heherheeo callltreefef `` when look bk at m m n n n caca i'l'lnoww&w&whout do i k ke@veryththg i had to help my teams walk away withb wi thwere other players who were m tanted,ut t tre wa o o who c clclc@ oupare me. becae ofofthat,, i h no regrgrs. >> manmnng wonhe league mvp fifi all-tmme lder i psiararbdtoucns. sohe wningest startquququrback nfl history. matt i'll han astoror buckets. i wch efy. . i was crying. all those moments get me theyeydo. >> i know. >> ripkeke running around the stadmmt t endnd of his- w, itgsus ube.( and congratulations to him. >> so well deserved. we've got a lot of sere weather oalal about. some amazing deo. this fort collins, the hail
7:17 am
there is a near miss betwe a couplelef tractor trailers coming up. watc this. ses control and boom, that could have been a real mess. the good news is,p theai i done there.e. thenee mov ttete hehe b beein acvity today. heavy lightning. tornad activitydeveloping. a lot of ha, wind and rain and more going on this mning. hitc wichita falls, s anglo, we have thundstorm wates t ts afternoon. have an enhanced risk of severe weather tododrom houston, cpus christ s antoo. even if weon't get the tornadoes, weay see atraight line of thunderstorms developing. look at this. by 11:00 tonight, le rock to corpus chris could be very, very dangngous. avav in,amaginggin and haha, which continues on into tomorr. look at the rainfall amous. 're tking wawas o 7 to 10 incheh of in.
7:18 am
ratessf 3 i ihes o mor p p hour. three-dada totsf 1 1 incs ible. of co, t tttfl c cse sse flfldingn we're g ing to be watching this very, very closely. we're gng to get to your local
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30 seconds. >> that' >> that's yr latatt weather. ma? >> al, thank you so much. comg up, erinndrews awarded $55 million in that lawsuit over secretly recorded hotel video. how much of the money will she actually see? faout over maria sharapova's drug use and who is cutting ties with the tennis
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hope your having a good tuy y mog... we're comi up p ottom m mthho... i'cronin with a check k h hes radopringsgsyt pected tvoten thre canbiubs. day lle thfivof veprosed ordancethat d ther new c or rongly regate e l ofhem. l st on p ofhis st anwel t yoyoyo what ppens atodod's mng... on air and online koaa dot co for ththsecoco year in a ror... . democratatin the ste house have r%rected republican ld forts to expandngun rights in codo.. mond.. a house committee blocd bills that wou allll concealed handguns to becarried at t hools... -allow active lita to cococarrwioupepes6.. .a beal t t e'15-rnd mit ununagazes. l l l aedn 2020 llowing e au t tat ooting. the use mmittee jeed two more bills. e elelinatatg cocoead carry perms... d anr that would protect bubuness owns and employees against prosecution from using deadlyorce on a a intruder... chf f rning meteorologist --
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look at ououlol forecast... stephen... thni w wl be dryith h 10-0- mphind guststg & towa 20 h. tempmpatures w wl warm from the lowewe30s oundnd am toward the middlele0s a a10 am. clouds will increase, and some snow showers can beg developingn the hihier peaks, includinpmkes ae, bebeeen 10 am andoon. snowhohors will further develop in theheountntns with temtus in t t0s and throroh ththafternoon. eaeaeast of e e untains e more l lely to have a few rain showers around. . the closer to the mountains you are, the higher your os are of gedeing g little bit of isisre. . the e rtheheeast of e
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lililyou are of ,,,,,,,,,,,
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morning. it theth day of march, 2016. nus x x cououg to pa huhu concert out on our ala. you u w colday at the pepebobo. next monday,hey'll do their thing on our c ccertrt cannot it >ow for headnes. a commuter traintruck a aree @ th hasasallen ononhe tracks in san francisco. two o rs d dailed ananone ended d icrcrcr >> feelslsnreal, honestl because i -- everyrying wawa normal.. ank i didndn slele or anhingngn the train so i was are of everything. just shiftetethe gravity all a a an, and we wewellll cking. tatetet n)ne pasngs rere fouseriy. > anhel inhe prpridenal race.
7:31 am
two on the democrats. in michi in michigan,n,illary c cnton a donald trump a a leading in thth polls. >> dond ump is facinin ititm fofoaskinguppopoers to raise their h i iraie d pleded their allegia hi we talked tor. t tmpmpbout that earlier this morning. >> if it's offensive or if nything is ong witht,t, wodn't do it. when i say raise their h hds, erybody raes their hands. ey scrm m m w wwant to don' we'r'rhaving a lot of n. >>e promised he'd d oko it and ififeoplplare offended h hll consider not doing i t t fture. > and alsoo thihi morn sport reporter erin andrew eaki out aerer bngwawaed $5 milil lawsuit agt herer conviviedd stalkert and the hotelhere he is creditly r rordedevidedeof her. morgan radford das been covering this case om thetart odorningng >> good d rninin matt. e defense says there stillll unear whether or not t tre goininto app
7:32 am
in andre c qly as she listened to verdict. >55 milon, correct? - >> y y. pp reporter: one jurur said off - carahe thoug the75 million was too hight all the jurors thohththterved someing. nse am said they were surprised and disappoied. in their opinion, a@drdrdn't meet the legalequiments for serious mental i iury. >> her career skyrocketed. her income wenup. althnchmarks that would indicate whether somoone h a serious ment injury, from our perspectivivid not exist. >> reporter:r:ws' attorney speang out after the rulilg. >> erin >> erin andrews showed phomenalragen stding up to e e curity and priva. she e a true americ hero, and i thininwe all know it and l le her for it - >> reporter: lat, she tweeted she was s ateful thahashe cod hold accountab tho whose job
7:33 am
in steme to the national teesseean,n,hewners of the hotel saidwe arereremitted to poviding a safefand hospitata hospital hospitalablenvironmentor all ououguests and employees on the stand, drews got emotioiol a number ot mes s she retold her s sryr) >> i was jrereing th i naked alerhehenternet pand didi't knoat it t t @ rorte a jor s drews's'tion tmoas ecididg e .. e juju unamously dided that michael bartt, who took e secret video and spent0 momohsprison, must payr % d the hotel m m p p9% $26.75 milllln. foloowin following the rdt, andrews spoke t tthe@ jurors qly..andrews cried d d appearar to sign an autograpapfor one juror.@ >> do yothink celebrity play a role i ithis? >> iope not. i hope the j jlistened to the pooood wouldn't treatat brity differeny.
7:34 am
e e e full a aunt ofoney, especially since it s made cleaduring therial that barrett esest t ve mucucto contnt.. roroe hotel, if theyeyo chchse to go forward with the appeals pocesesesfsrews won't'tee a a moneneuntil the appeals procs is or. tt? >> morn,hank you very much. majororoonrs a a cutting tiesesh tennisupstar mia sharapa after she she a arutet e australi open thisisear.r. willit has t tststory. >> good rning,uys. good to see you. the 28ear-old tookulrespononbility fororheheled test. yiyiyihe dknow medicati she b f fngorars recent b bn adad ( the bannnn subanceist. >> i made a hugegeta. >> reporr: tnis s ar sharapova stutnihe sports world. > just faileded test,t,nd i i kekeull spononbilili for it. >> reporter: testing pitive for meldoniuiuiu drug used to treat heart trouble. sharapova admitting she's been taking it for yeyes.
7:35 am
ofte i had a deficiency i gnesium. epepter: this yearn january 1st, the woror -doping agency addedhe drug to e nnedededstanan liststciting evidence e 'ssed athleteintending to enhance performance. arova said sheidn't see the upupted lists, taking the blame for not t ewinan e-mail link not nk n nifyiyi her of th anges. i can'tlame anyone but myself. >> reporter: she's'sarnrd $2 million n n yeyr juststrom endorsements. >> it st b brealal lightight ananstable. repr: overnight, a spn for nike telling c cc, thcompany is sdened d rprised by theheews saying, ote, we decided to suspend our relationship with maria while the investigation continues. 'll monitor the situation. he inational teteis federatiti fededetiononays shahava wilil
7:36 am
of the iesesgaon. many are offinsuppt. tw he this gets eareup, ast seems be e hohoho m)mta.. now, s s ss ofofnjuries and stuc t t midid of f controversy, sharapava is trying to look ahead.d. >> i don't'tanto endndy career wand i rely hope e at i will be given another chance to plathis game. the medication sharapova was taking is not apoved by the thnational institutes of health t t dg ca demonstrat increase endurance and imimovededecery after exercisese at least six other athlete hav st pitive for same ug t ts yemeanwhile, overnighthttwo more sponsors he ananunced thth are suspending theirelelionships with mariaharava. tag heuer and nike. s been takg this drug for teyears. she had ananrregularkg, hihiororof diabetein her fami and needethe drug.didi know ititad been added to theist. >> iwas recently added. >vhihiyear. . >>ard to kw hohoit'll play t, b b isn it rereeshing t
7:37 am
and take full responsisililili sangit imy mistakend no e else? >> you heard i i from martina naatal atalovo&sasang this s an hone misiske. i hope sheoesn't suffefetoo badly for it t't'get a a eck of the atfrom al. >>nnouoeer: y'weher r brght yououihop. come tether over breakfast >> we t ha a chance to put weather away forood. biggrea h hh sure domimiting, t tretu flolo brgi up p rm air frothe e lf.. 65 in new yorkit nashville, 76. jajasososo8. the nene sever days, thursday,y,y, the g day, 76 in new york .d. 73cincna rooke, 78. as you head fuher sout man it w wms unicely. 87 in ororndo on thuhuday. auaurn, 79.
7:38 am
the'e'coco@oirinit.. evenith coololir, look at that, fargo, 65 on friday. 63, omaha. chico, 52 on friday. lookifgood. that whas$goininin around e country. here's what't'happening in your >> that't'your latest ather. sava?>> al, t t you. >>comingngp, police undefire fothisild d ase. wererefficers g g pursue a spececdriving with t hooooof e e r blocki his view?w? >>the woman behind the candidate. a look inside lania's life
7:39 am
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7:43 am
backck > back a7:ititite story of theheomom behd the ndndat >> tking abo meliamp o is hoping bxt rst dyf thunitedtatap.p.itn unusury at begawith big drei a sll ropean town. re's keir mmons. >> reporter: former model, perhaps amamica'a'next fst lady donald trump'slamorous eastern european wifif >> h hwoulbe the best president.t. >> reporter: grew up here ininin en commumust y yoslavia, stududying in this clalaroom wh a iend who irinow the school dean. she wawaa shy little girl, she says, calm and kind. she wafrielyo evevyone. lanid g ans. >> she dreamt about beinin model alalthe time
7:44 am
hehem work in fashion. this is melaa, a a 7, the catwalk. later, she was spotted ba phoger.- i saw r betiful nd the cheekboneses melania's first phpho shoot in is studio. hisifavote photo of her. she said what happened next. >> i moved to milan and paris to live tre.$% i had ccsful m meling career. >> reporter: she m med t tnew yorkmeeting nala trump at party. she likes s arkle, mryinin ump mo tha20 y y y herer senior.% later pearing on "bry apprenticecece >> like to addnother $20,000 to t t winningeam.m( >> repororor now a candidate's wiwi. >> she sd from theheeginning yoknow iyou n, you know w you're goingngo she e id dhat t om day one. melania, thank y y, honey. thank you. >> now on the world stage, melania s!had ncredibl
7:45 am
friends fromk home, admiring heprogogog frowoawayay n blicicshveal very gracefu nice.e. it's'sood. it looks like she's happy. >> keir simmons, nbc new lond. >asciciti. 've en a a of hehebut dodot really knoa lot t out pr.r. >> fun to go back the tow where shgr up. >> first non-amemecacabornrnirst lady -- >> probably not. >> going back toolonial times. i wl be dling my homework onhat in n ht sds. >> l lgoogog that. we'll be bac > ming up on pop startrtkim kaasasan a ain mim > ananthfan mama the vef a a art ththbaseball game, early y the season. fit, these messages. >> hey, it's c kent. one inventor is beamininralin. leonardo da vii. omas edis.
7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:49 am
sk a aroupupf young people when they thought ey shouldstt t ving fororetement. thene asked so older people when they actutuly did start`savi. thap ben when we shod stt saving and when we actually do is onof the reaso whtoo o ny of us aren't preped for rirement. just start as s rly y y y can. it's goioi to o yoff in theheuture. if we all l art saving a a tttt more today, we'lall be better prpraredomorrow.
7:50 am
we't't' wre bacact #: we have a aquicicthininng baseball fanann the headlili >> the pates took on the brav i ing training game over the weekd. the best be play of the game was off the field. soutfielderanny ortiz wa atthe plate, losttontrtr of the batat and f fw inte fans one heroi spr into action. an cningham was shieldini his sonon from the bat. cunninghgh deflected the bat. se itusveve ndon'shead. only c wititis shouldheheay. fe minor bruises. no prob father a sre fine. dad wrote this, wasasast eceeng my there wasn't a o timen t t thinkboutitit i j jt te theyeyere celebratinglandon's
7:51 am
wasisirst professiona bababall game and one hee@ wonon frget. we'll speak to t tm ve, see w they'y' doingng sinceir newfoundme.e last year, a a a yanke game, i used my s jackson from a shield to proct me f fm the foul baba >> thoseats a no joke. >> by theway, i wanano point out, you see himis device.. a l l ofeoplesasa, the@ kidid mightave been png videogame. heheook a picture of danny ortiz, the batter,nd was sending i t hism. >> does i m mter wha he wawa doing? >oo endingng >> pr kid. >> on, thaha u. p justtt ahead,/t chef lai lakshmi ope up about the battles doeo t sme of a f eshly und esentati fill you with h timismsm do y love your wireless keybybrd more thacertain family members?
7:52 am
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7:56 am
lmer high s hool in n lodo springs -- has openedea firsof-its-kd -- ender-ininusive"e"athroom m r r students. e throom is op to any student at any time, bututs especiallylyeant for tnsgender udents. ththid is torovidede spa wherstududtstsho don't identify atradioiol leler lean ulize theheestroom without being judged or bullied. hyle it legal fororransns kids icolodo p plic schools to usehihiever rhroom coespos to their gender identitya lolostill face harassment when they use the bathroom, which is unfortunate." hey see now th t t thave an option t 4go wre people wot look at them two t and be like, 'what geneer is thth rsononnd do o ey reallbelolo here?'" thbathroom has b bh urinals and utallslsnd students from any gender c c u u it at any time ief moinmeteorologist -- stepn n wers joins us w wiwi a look a aour calaforerest... ephen..... this morning will l dry with
7:57 am
towardrd0 mph. temperatates w wl wa frororo wer 3000around 7 am m ward the middle 40s at 10 am. clclds will increaseand sososnow showersrsan begin loping on thhigher peaks, inclcding pis peak, betwtwn 10 am and noon. ow showers wiwl further develop in the m/untaiai wit mpererures in the 40s and 50s through the ternoo areas eaca of the mountains arar more l lely toavava a w ra showers arou.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
> 's 8:00 on "today". coming up, m m fertrlili eakthrough.weweill intdu y y yo the first wom in t nationo receiviva uturus trarat.% >> irayethodou a a m the oororni to experien prprnanc >> could the revolututnary procedure hope totohoands ofomen w o were told they could nener have children? y yh,eah >>th dishi wpaa.p ef padmash out memily a a foooo wedding bebes wi be ringing. >> hello, lovebi >> we' >> we're getting ready to throw a big, fat " "day"y"eddi.. e lylyuestion, w w is gegting rried? help us select t t lucky c cple [oday,y,uesday, march 8th, 2016. ood to be e ive right about w good to be alive ririt about w
8:01 am
we're playing at cnee halb toni > hello oo oufamily in rt cali >> g gd moink from southththcarolina.. >> al roker,r,e e e tyou. >> allhe way from minnota a see matt and savannah. huh,ood to be ali good > go morningeverybod weweomck to "tay".". it's tsdayaymarch 8th, 26. election day in many states across the country. is this s rollllg spriri break crowd? feees lifeels like a spring break crowd to me. >> can w #spininround, being very a aai there are lot signs calaing g r al for president. [ applause ] >> run >> that's what's caldld d sure sign othe ocalalse. >> guys, we e enjoying our lastst ds withur buddy
8:02 am
fofoal g gde dog trainingn i w to let you know we are planning a big partytyhis thururayaylebrate. there is a way you canelp.p. wewel tellllouow in a a ttle t. 0 first,t,et's g ginside to o taon fororhe top stories thihihi morning. >> good morning. terrified train passengers found themselvesn thwar after a uter tinerailel% ernit northern n california. lea ne people were hu, four of thth serejusly, when a train hihia downreee45 miles east osanafrancisc( e lead c ped i io a creek,h,hilelenother cartopped at w's'sdge. officis s s eve heavy in causededandslide, pushing thth tree on to tracks. > the race for the white house, both parties have importrtpraries today michigig and mississippi. republicans s so h he contts in hawaid d aho. r new nb/surveymony pollhoond trump maining g ad natioioll with ted cz movingngnto second
8:03 am
formewororciay chaeaebloombererdecicid not launch a aindependt cacaaign, psayiyi he couldndn get enonoh electoral l vovos to win. donald tru is fending g his practice of hahang supporte at ralllls raise their right hand and pledgto voteteor him. criticinclududg a rmer head of the ajdefion league say the loyaltgegeure e seseles a nazi salute.@ eaeaear y, trump said he didn't realize it was offendinin ananne. . >> we'tl do o for f. they'll screre a ame the swear . t swear in. i mean, they're vivih a pgreat time. massive crcrcr. i get the e ggest crcrds and wewre hahang a good timeme until l ishone call, iididt knowowt was a prlem. >> tru tololmatt he'll into posslyndine practiceow that hknowsomeeople are ofnded. police in n uth carolina are defending ththr decision t ttt
8:04 am
lo at the vid ofhood of the slen susuwaup a blki h h view. ficials say n swiped merchandise om a video game store, then n"sauld a customom who confronted him. he is also accused off neayy running wn deputut because wasasriving with no rega fororafafy. > d lt to inju f soccer plar in israel. after he was hurt, look at this, in a rect ga,he traers loaded him on the stretcher. thththlk thulg@looks add everthen ip... e h hdle. illi him to ththgrndnda amamte c cri hisdyff his as. 4 >>h, man. >> that't'awesomom at leastis frids were ha >> g g it. i goit. >> like ththree stooges. >> thanks, tamroro >now to a revutiwnaryryry procedure that's offering a lot
8:05 am
- o can't have childre >> this morninin we're meeting the nation's first uterus trspla recipnt.. nbs j jethahahan i at t t cleveland clinic where thth transplant procedure took place.e. >> this was performed for the first time iited states.. 's an organ splant of the wofor women whohhad trouble gegeing prnantecause of a erinlad ise, dtors thth is a game chang. >> reporter: t t nation's first uterus t tnsplantnto a 26-yeaeaold texas woman who was told she'd never bear children. >> frothat moment on, i prayed that god wld a aow me ththpportunity y experienc pregnana >> reporter: n n nfor won identified oy indsey, a real chance follllinin grouou-brereing surgery atathe clevand clclic. a g mb oa deceased donor implante impland into ldsey pelvis, who waborn wititut one.
8:06 am
into theonorrgan. unlili othererrgs,s,he uterine ansplala trsplaly tempoporary. >>he pntan he ononto twesesy c-seiod d thuterus wl l emoved. >> as many50,000 u.s. wowen of cldbearing e cood benefit from the p pcedudu. 0 the clinicic trial oering w a a an alternative to adoptingr usina ate. >> what motivates women withth uterine infertility to pursue other ops is the eerienc of crying the pregncy.g g e baba grow and develop and of g g gngo be e r thbaby'y#birth. repterocecece was pipieered dede - thth bamong five bn the from n ne uterinintranlant. lilisey isis fir of ten in the u.u.u.hohoilget tht tansplant.. doctors there's a long road ea >>hat would d ke it piure e perft enng? theaby. >> reporter: the mother is drmingngf beg pregnant,
8:07 am
now, thankto this procedure, possility. p pprovided m m mthth g)gt that i will r r able to y. >> l ldsey is part of a clinicaltrand d e&elanclinics lookininfor reen to bebe rt of itit savannah, what's interesng about t is, is unlike mo o oan transpspnts, it's juju temporory. r the woman has onor two babi, then@^he uterus is removeuse the woman has to take very strongrugs while s has ititn hebody. cko >>anetthank you. this is amazing. for r re on at it could mean for women facing infertility issuesest't'brg ininr. nae azaz. good morning. >ood morning. >> y have e marl athe scncncthat a as ctors to pdo this. t it clearar is not for evererody.y. th is s storhose who - an, , you had h d, for exexple, a h htereomy because of a aancer diagnosis or something like that? >> r rht. potenenally for t tm? >> only women whwhhave"ute& factor infertility.
8:08 am
utututthey have a a mamad uterus, sendndndto abnormalities fr previous infections or adhesion or they've had their uterus removed. aondition t t say u urinene factor infererlity canffect 3% toto% ofomenorldwide. >> this is lonroadad yes. >>s we ijanenes piece. ones fsttoto finish, could be upwfifi years.-inial procedururstarts ininivf. u have t tve six to ght viable embryos, have a sblbl dono havavthe transplantnt e the t tnspl has to heal for one year before the embryos are transplanted. hopefully,y,heaby ne m#mths later. it's impmptant tinou the seaechererare stoppingng short of callihis a grard succesv. thth say the success i inot t pmeasas b b bcessarily having perforord ththtransplant. it will be auccece once the wowon gogo thrhrgh the processss.hethy withououcomplications
8:09 am
is born at the end of it wn y thth it waa success.s. by y e way,y,o janes point, they then remove the transplanted uterus. >> absolutely. r most women, they'l'lprobably have o o oo two pregnancies then remthe uterus because the fact t athe woman h to te the anti-rejecti medicinewhich, of course, longng rm can be associated with complicacad like infection or maligncy. >> fasasnatiti. dr. azar, thk you. why y ur friend who always popiures ofood hast ght. weweweexplai and feud between kim kardashian bette midler and what sparkedt t t t plus, a g, f f ftoday" wedding. we're letting you pick k e lucky couple.@hoho wl introduce you to the lists. firsrs these messages.( the roles you play in life are part owhat make you, you. d yore not going to let anynying keke you sidelined. that's why you drink ensurururu wi nutrious caloes,
8:10 am
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tell yffyoyove bsoac where fung infectiore cmon, or if you' prone to infefeionsnsnsve cuts s sores, ve had hitis b bhave beenntread d r heart failure, if you have persistent feve bruising, eedi, or palenes n't start ener if f u have an iti like flu. t painndamag.. can go side ide. ask how enbr can hppprelieve joint pain and hehe stop joint damage.. enbrel, the number one
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co on duck! (ppy barks) you can do iduck. hurry up dk! you can n ick.. iams. helps keep your g (ralthth every stage. so you canlways look forward to what'nextxt > it's 4 it's 8.:12,ood timemo stst trenenng. how nynynyple as this happened to? you get inn elor, you're in@ a hurrynd the door doesn't ose so y y hit the buttonon >> you do h h t button.n >> i can't find w ichh button. you push the button, like that onon there, and a lot of people say, it@ doesn't to ananhing.
8:13 am
the buttonsn't actually connected to anything. >> >'vlwaysysy s spectfd that. alal( lee febutttt, ye >> i think you have a wininor it tot work. >> it's n n a placo, ,t'ss a short. th thingng justtoe't work. >> tyidn'n' wtt tololo on@an tech insider checked with elevator companies. ye, they say, thth buttonsns nctionalnd do work. by t wa not t t button, what is the fst way to getheoor toose?% e?p>> if uforgethe bubuon, how pelse cou get the door t t ose? >> i don'tow wave your handn front of it and it'll clcle. if you gontoo a ety elelator, getetnside and thenn dod this, i i tends to close faster. . >> do it wn it' not about to e. >> do i i when c csonn i inot waing?
8:14 am
we've heard of thth bromance. jijiyndjiji and justin. ben and matt. cute. cacaca a wrangler will turn up th. theree are. >> t ty're goooo and theyylso are good for youja health. male friendships -- oven b science spspifically, resechers atuc bererle found close male b bding makesen re resilient toststss, increases levels of oxytocin in the brain. pat hormone h hps p pple bond duriri ssful tis. > completely agree. >> remember when we w wt fishing, you,u,e andillie a the g%gs wting, wha a ance >> str . . that was actlly dangerous. >> we onlyy caught beer. > r`r`r yourr handd if you ps of foo online. ally? you all do .( some people fi it annoying, but aordingo a n sty, it proves st lelet one nefit.
8:15 am
study in the jalalf csumer marketing. some parcipapas werer given red velvet caca. those who photographed the tre perceive it to tasas b rter than thoseho didno theehihiingg is, by photograph y yrou're interaingitit. >> buildldg a relationship. >> ye. that'sight. budingngp anticication f f youeeboutut to t.. >>arar >> do you t jnk it'ss t te? i ion't'tw.t. >> i'l'l do it when'm proud.d. >> i pososd a steakyesterday. iiasn'tureow to t tl the$% doneness and my meathermomomer broke. that's pcpcn. i p pt cons. >> steak to getfeedback?? >> yea bse@ i was - - - >>ou w we l l lng for information on how to telel if it sne? >> eat it. >t's a c cking community,ou@u know? >> now you'reeosg , okay? >> mmy. it'sike the bromanan. p>> like a foo bromomce.
8:16 am
ud waged on ttternd the lateteter w wseersonal i ims are about to hith auction block.k. carson? >> we'll art, yu twjtttt war betwtwn k k kardashian and bette midler. is nudud s sfie kim ed king she had not t t ar. bee midler sa if kimants usse pt of her w wve neve seen, she'll hav t t allow the cara. pno respoentilhis tweet overnight.rryj'm late to the party.y. i wawa busy casasng m m 0 million video gamam che and trtrsfring $5 million inlo our account. tte midler, i really didn't want to bring up how you sent mee a giftt a while b bk trying to be a fak friend then come at me. ppeopre joking kim iss letting kanae write her eets >> see to be gng well, that laonship
8:17 am
news about h estate, personal items belongingnana to the@ril beuctionedff in . lissa annouocing thehell sell more than 200 items, inclung jujus,s,s, bob macace costumes, artwksnd it'll goo t of an's's pfavovo charities,nes guide dodo for the blbld.. we'l have exclusive accccs to the auctio >> can you imagine what she'd have to sayay about this presidenti cacaaign? she wouldldave had a field day. finally, sarah uson playinarshaaclk.k. toy'pisode"ell sasahalks about meetititi ha. >> iwas like@ seeing someofo d ilodad a crush on my w w w life. sh walked inlo the restaurant and i started going,ah!! she looked@ arorod like thihiwas a tfying expience for hr.
8:18 am
>> m mtave e en fun. >> it wasee the mole k kt moving allllllverr her facacy . is that u? oh,ow it'sn yourr forehead. >> sarah admitted shead lot of teququa.a. our poprtrtguys. >> m me the mole, tt'ss a lot of tequila. >>hank you. >> al? >> i'm a goooo rgeoeo >> i i didn't get tt one. >> frankenstein. anyway -- sorry,y,or those of us of a aertain age, andguys. > we'reooking at akk o severe weather from corpu chririi u to s antotoo, austin and housto haha kely heavy rain. next three days, somereas d pic up toto5 inche of ra.. we are gng to be l lkingt dingpsible fro little rock all the wayow to the gulf.& we'v also got more raiaiin the pacific nonohwes go ws, california getng a brbr we still see h hvy rain up t
8:19 am
7 inches plus over thehet seveve >> tt' >>hat's your lateseses w wer. sasannah?>>alhankyou.>> now,w, a t tee for a little love. we'reoing to t tow a a bibi fat "today"ededed w wh our sister company universal. earrowed the lisis down to ree coues and we'll letou choose t winjnng ir hohohoho you to decide? hoda iss hereo help.
8:20 am
it all starts with a fif, of courseinycase, it was three first dates.all the viewers get to know our couples. it was awkward beingd the thirdrd whee but you bee the jue.e. iikikikveryththg aut her. he's one i i a a biion,n,nd he'she only one for me. >> she an infectis ergy and laug toto my breath away. >> reporter: i invite our weddg finaliststso the big apple for alone timeeithachh heheheand, um,e. >> hi. >> repororr:`::first, a rendezvous with john a a kaitlin. >> >> f fy is aig part of our lives. mom is 1 of 8my dad is my dad is 1 of 8. >>y dad i i 1 9 firstime to new yk city?? >>yeah. >> t an?? >> reportrr: p p e eouplpl
8:21 am
>> we're goingo try to reenent an iconic photot here's t pictur>>oh,, cu! >> rememr ?y a shoulbe here >> your hipip a ltle one more thing. if it blows f, don't sweat it. oe, two,three. go!! okay, are you dding? perfect. >> anoer victory. >> what do you lovov theos@ ouou kaitlin? >> h heart. shchangng evevybods' dayororor the be. >> you're a a a magicalal couple. was so@fun. goodolulu,llrght?t? >> i love you more than anything the universe. willou marry me? oh,y gosh. >> she's a prprk teachch and i work with special needs
8:22 am
ii really like how our abibitytytyo cacaorther pe broht us totothth. >> heyn >> dav and larara >> 8hi. reporter: they're fdies and bringnghe to one of ne york's s sesestsps, mnolia keryry she's the que of dederating. nice meefa you.u. >> ever touch a pasy bab foro? >> tually, no. >> reporter: afterlesson, we challenge t duoo design a keki to see how they collaboratnder esre. - >> go! >> doi letttt. >> flowers,pink,, righgh >> yeah. >> how d d you do it agagn? make a heart whileou do that. >> twoinutleft! >> ensese >> aight hee overdone itith h sprinkles. >> i like it. >> somomody is driving the busus and herer name is la.. >> she always does >> reportete lara and david designgn masterpiece. am i fdingyou?>>ne i le t do iss are my lov@ to hith everybody.
8:23 am
lovehe wha betetr way than too i innhe "toda shsh? reporter: befeet gets tow ststst, hodaat. a manbe with a man whominds himffis momoernd i never met aonee who c ce @loses0 megannweaver, will you car mee-- ma me >> yes. >y mom passed away but alws made meitter person memen remind m m o o a a of thth. > heheo, birds. >epter:2nothing moror romantic than a a nework horse d buggy ridid for three. >> let rock and ll. yeah. >> byby >>isnef the nicest uber ridede >> r rorr: boreee getoo zy it's time for tinal lovers' challenge. >> hn, give`ee a song. i respond to every single ve
8:24 am
>> , m sh. at w esome.e. ( this is not a obebwastet. two-way street. . . sint with me. ntasy, bab iveeyy something 7 >> what should we s sg ther? ove and marriage l le and marriage nnid y fall in love? thehe fifst day i i saw hehe but - - and that sounds creepy i j jt knew s he was on hen did yououall in love? ppelelgs elgs and realilid iwa always himim csing it. thas . >>hat t . >> i i fel for all t tee coupups. the questionis, whoill you get to meet liven sday? >>yeah. >> all the couplele if we throw a w wding for the la coupup, areouoing to stand between thehem as they take their vows?? blblkfr. >> may y y can marry ..
8:25 am
>> i officiateading i minnesota. >> thereouou . >ananou doo it in other states? >> w w c c makak it hahaen. can go onlilindet you anything. >> we cait tohrow these people a beautiful wedngt theeinbow room a w nd yourelp plannin t t big dayay fit ta, picngour favorite uple. thihiis going to be hard. let's tough it again. kaititn and john f fm chicago, linois. couple two, m man and joh from plos s gelele thth's who youou went onhe hor ridede witht coupthe,lara andnd omew york city.. if you wananoast yourvote, tot todaweings. you hantil frjdada att 30 m. eastern time. ourr c eesilbe her live too fi ohoho will beetng marrrrd here on "tay". >> cool so eet. >> ve more than once?
8:26 am
>>8>illnd padm perpha ho e ur hang a gootuesy ing...wewee ngp on t bottom on tptptpur... i'm ira a onin with a chk your headlines... colorado springs city council is expected to vote on the e turere of c cnabis cls. today wille the first vote of sevevel prpred ordinances that would d thereran new cbs or strongly r rulate l of them. wel stay on toof this story and we'll let you owhat happens at todayay meeting... on air and onlinat koaa dot coco r ththsend year in a row... democrats in the state house ve rejecterepublic leaea efforts to expand gun rightsn colorado.. monday... . a hohocommmmtee blocked bis w all concece haguns tbebear at t hools... -allowctctlitary to concncl carry without permits..... -and repeal the ste's 1515 limit on g magazines. thth l lit was adopted in 2013 following the aurora theater shooting. . tpe hohoe cocoittetejectctctwo p more bills. one eliminating concncncd carry permits... anananother that wouldrotect businesswners and employees agaiait prosececion from u ung dead foror oan intrud.
8:27 am
stephen bowers joins us now th a look at our local forecast... stephen..... thth morning w wl w wh thth 10-15 mph wind d stin toward 20 h.h.h.h. teeratures will warmrom the lolor@30s around 7 am toward the middle 4 4 at 10 am. clouds willlcrease, and some ow showers can begeg develolong on the ghgh peaks, includudg pikes peak, betwee10 am andndoon. ow showersill fufuher develop t mount with temperatures in the 40and 505050 through h e a ternrnn. areaeaea of the mouotains arar moreikely to have e ferain shokers s ound. the clcler to the motains you are, t t higr r ur os are geing littleleit of moistutu. the e rther east of the motainyou are, the less ly you are of getting
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
30 now on@ a tuesday momoing. it'she 8thayfarch 20. you knoww whatap new york city, beautif temperatures, nice people in the crd. mron running for office. shs catatingg babies. . . >> ts baby isadable. this le baby is acutie-pie. >> really te >> we'll talalo padma lmimioutt her memoir. look at her. >> there arerelaws. know. he parents arelike, don't take r. i don'n'know how toand h h back. i knono receivi is eaea. >> y y can take the baby.
8:31 am
also coming up, we have acting royalty in e house. hen mirren i# he. heatesesesole i aility ller. - we'll to her in a minute. ls cometininin trifefefeof brs -- aabie@da----ill artt heby. at's a man, telling us abo his netflix show. first, al,ou've donett l this morning. check k the weath. . >e a@a "seinfeld, now kno howo takak thereservation, you n't k k k t reservation. right noworday, we've got enhancedd risk off strong storms in sounnntexasl development of lg storms. watching this. we'll keeee an eze on th. heavy r rn in thee pacacic northwt. east coasssf sunshine.. warmerer than usuauatemperer tomorrow,he mperatates, bam, record highs along t t easte seaboard. look for a risk of s song storms through the lowerulff coast. showers and snow into the pachwhwt. eaeq coaoa is going to behe place to be for tomorr. that's what's going on ad
8:32 am
>> that >> tt isour l lest daly? >> announc: g gduck wrangler is sponsored by iams. goodl ffe >> a rit, guys, it' hard to believe but it's been or year sce w wve rolled out thehehe redarpepe or our puppy with a purpose, anglerer this thursday, he'll be going to e n nt step o o his formal guide dog training..
8:33 am
we'v'vhad great moments lolo at some o wrangler's style. honor of his few dada, we're asking yououo useehehe #weovov wrananerer send us a picture of yourpepe r e ery one ared, w wll llt fd and is wl donate guiding eyesor the blind. inudingp to30,000 of your posts. aladyyn addition to $252000 that iams is aebdy donating to gu eyes.. i'ngo tet out me love wrangngr picture. thursday, w wll have our big party for our buddy angler ma? >> rson, thank y y very chn > we're here wit padma lakshm pepele know her onbravo'o' ef," but it'snly one chaha her life. she opens in her memoir called "love, l l lanwhat we ate."good too you here. good rninin it'ssreveing, honest- i read the wholele book -- ronant, mouth watering all at once.
8:34 am
it tooooov years to write.e. i didn'stararout wring a memo pmemoir it was a book abo heaeahy y eati w wh the idea of being very franknk and using t tailss of my own life to illustrate phosopes i had about od. itit turned into this. let's take theords of the title separaty ahd start with love. you write a lot aboutsalmlm rushdie and your relationship with him. he swept you ff y feet with his words and his tellect. e relationship soured pretty quickly. >> i wouldn'tayayretty quickly.i was with lm foright years. at the time, that's half m ult lifefe you know. it was a wonderful relationip. like any marriage, itad its ups a downs.s. i think also, we were dealing with anoer issue, which i i had pno ide about at the time, which wawa endometriosis. >> you write,e was everything i wasn't w a lot of what ianted to be. but you sumt up a the end by
8:35 am
spent with him, nor did i leave a moment too soon >> i do say that. i an at the , i really needed to takeare of my health. i couldn't take care o o my heheth and get welel and also tatataarar ofyymarr.. i didesttt the thihiandid th best he could. there e s a l l o l \e. t jt didn'tp wkt. youentih prprms fo lolperionouou fe, you kneehini w wro % -with$$ y fal f fnd out,s y mention, endodetrios. it iacted ur life enonmomoh! mouolyly m titi i i t)ll eeim wnosed,`j mymyed 25%l m m lifefe i'mtingng here, and iee los six aeaeaea of m m , sicacay, totohis ililess.s. i thinkmany, many weno rougug this endomeiosis is somhing t t
8:36 am
aaotf women hav das jhe to ohni witit. >> i constan paifor r ngtime. issybita. tart ade,hichis a tr me no one ntto tababab . ouidn'thinkld na bou d i 2009, which wnderl, butuwrothe prere wouldn't stoppi othct i ha't reveaed n oe f eechild. ud you didt k the parnit yrself. iveithwo s, iprablyn' the bes chce t wa tic i mt he ti id w tbe ia a ous laon slleall htingrom dirciroy suldn havbeen withnydy ten time i n nde f my, but w prteh two v t, veryy intting
8:37 am
i s o o oh th inlved. i' going t ownyhisty. at's what i ididi >> one of eehing i lene ve kwn you forong tim fr tsh i loo aoy dthink, how cldheb anything but inedibly coiden youri a lot i i this bk ab curity. >> ah>>ling fitn as a il in eitndia re ud ates, aevouar lman ou weren rllre yo fith h intellectua group. >> su alway w whuttlingan rt bweenwo cues t t tt'sru of man grtsn ts coununy. book ryut imanstkibo m mry i that land. dso, wou bwn i a ite cultur thaha adds a layer . especially when you'r in fnt of a camera, when you're a man- >right.
8:38 am
>> youou write so descriptively@ aboutife wre y y werer growing up. use w ttte youeelth at youou can almt smelel what'soingnarnd. a aolriri inediblyderiptelybo the ar sometesnnoutelling pnana storyndnd yousw into a recnd i think --think- think, man, that sous good yoyoreaking me hung. >> i've done my b. it's also aood meir. grew up love gg fis and otr otr wrsikikat. iand to wri a aoo aut my life and food isbout my plifene x's about climbing my mothth's kitcn to get t@e picklelear. or t ting toteal t candy whenen wn'poseoave it. ihi we all have these mories. >> the bookok again, is "love,e, ssnd what w w ate." i rea enjojod . >> thank yo dmo have you here >> i'm so excited to behere. >> it' a pleasu. she'lllle back in our nexex hourur
8:39 am
thehetwo-o-o- s sson finale o "tch" on@bravo.
8:40 am
8:41 am
mirren @ights u u sdio 1a1a1afifit,t,t,s is "tododon nbc. we're we' back at 8:4:. oscar, emmy andony wrrr helen mrennas gracedd the screen more tniviv decades.s. in "eye in the sky, she plays a litaryolonel inhargf drone opetiti ctu terrorists.. with liv at stake, she faces agonizizg desions. >> t suicide bombe and threeeeee high val individualsn the house. >> yououant themffffourlist, but t t rules y're operating unde is to pturur n n n a kill scenen.. w, i t tnk it d beisiso refer out.
8:42 am
justebating with me? > referup. 0 >> mm-h-h. > am telling you.u. >> helen rren, good rnin g gd rning. >> you don't likeing g yoyoyolf? oh, ,,no, no so, camouflage is n theost attive outfit, b bhehehe mfortableeo wr that's n pfafaastic.% >ou play a colonel. i finddt interesng because this is about dro rfare.e absolutely. >>t's aboutut critica decision that you have to make as a colonel and whether t t oror strik wldlde catiti.. ere'e' grara area,a overr thi momoe. >> as there is inwar.r. >>biit t tre a aayss in wawa no mattete what weapons are used, there is alws gray areas. right from when ty were chargigi intoillages with saberses
8:43 am
clear, ,hese are the goodguys, these are the bad gsand, you know, we just do what the job is, sort o&/thininin alwlw f f o m kal amamguit ahat'seryy much whatatsm is about. youu know, it's intertinghat suddenly in the last wee ev, theholessue of rlly what dronearfare is has sudnly come to th -- i c cing into thee ralization. >> it sti b bs all the varying ps vivi as i i sa, you play alonene this role was originanay written for an. >> it was. it s. you knkn, i have such lovend specttttho womenent into theilary in the '60s, and the crededle couragag it was d dficun those days. buy did do that,,, e th, i get tolay tholenow. >> didou d athing jferertly? mean, did t tt change the part? theeactt that you arere won. or did yout say, i'm going to p,ay it as itten, and t
8:44 am
>>asolutete, iyeddd ass written. but i think t t ft that i'm brings into reef,, inn a morere cononntrarara wayor the auauenen, thisartitilar kind ofmomol,l, you know, cision, which is around a ild, basically. iihink havavg woman -- d i think it rllyy concentrathein ie seecisisns h he t be maden war.r. ey h he to be made.. maybyb we're gngngo be facing a female president in this cry whwhwh wlave to makeho similardecions. >> intntesting f you u ways have a lot qy. icentnx rea a articlclclc whic you s -- talking outv styty --n a perfect world, iould wear an 1h & centurcoste aheme, g skiss and hugeigs and everythi. i think is marvels. butt really? at abouo swewets >> well we have the sweatpants f se. lking apubl, y yknow.
8:45 am
lof privava inur moder era, with the internet and all those kinds of you ever think,gogowhatat would it hbeen lik if sosoedia was wn i w w ming up? >> i'm relved t trewasn't, rallybutv maybe that' partp of my the reality is, the young people now, t tt is tir world.. that is their d, i ithee way iwas m world to, you knowow switc a lign a a the electricity,nd t light camaa on. my grandp__' wowod, it was not their rld.d. theyt havav a lightitct too t t cetely fororr grgrted.d. the facthat thenkin water wouldom outut of the ta which it doesn'n in flili and that's e o o oereatt disgracesf our morn e, bute akee ththgs granted in the way that young peopledo. that is their wod.
8:46 am
nd their way oralati it intoheoror lway ietestinguens to ponder. thisovie ponde deep `quesesons,s,s well. dame h rren,hank y for beinine. "eyen the sky yts" opensnn fray
8:47 am
8:48 am
dramatic t w e're back ata8:8: w wh will artt. he's known f great roles in soso of teleon's most popular mees incncding"30 ro" and "arrested development." akes a dramatic turn in his w netixseri, "f"fked." a look. >> what can do f help >> she's looki forlas in ma vista. >> de, that's no good. >> otherideflincoln. u'll never see he >> i alrerdy fee like i'm losingher. >>lenty of time to los r. first, ,ou h h to >>will, goodo eyou.
8:49 am
>> i i temptg too put a ntnt a genre. is it a comedy is it a dk cocodyl a dramyd w i know .. you don'tlike. >> i d d'tike the term. >> how doou dedebe t t show? >> 3030inute n nflixho that's it? >> t tt'sit. yo know, w wdon't make a decision in life, or we'e' not given t choice, to -- like day is goingo be aomedy or today is going tbe adrama. evy days erything a a on. i like howl[ouou described ituuuuourtiti ptnerer almo vieie this asn independt film playedutver eightepodes. tt's ght. rkppell anan iapoachedt fr mom e. weneww h h h peopl would c csumeit, onn lix, potentially watcng m me thnepisode at a ti]end wouldn't wait seven days with cff haars.s. >> you doasicly everythinin % on the show. is thatiberating or can it
8:50 am
thth it' all on you? >> it's both.. startssut a liberating, and th its up being veryry frigening. so you kinin of - - i iunspphehe gamu it feels gre to bee to ke control andee out a vision, but then, of course, if it doesn'twork, you kn, if it ils, thenn it' mark's fat, myrtner. oulwsme somyd at the d. >>su>>h=id offf a self-help guru thehe whole venice, calilirnia ing. what else d w need t k abouou him? >> he'ss a b fis ia smsm pnd.. he c cated this persona o mself. show i aboboreatgg yrauthenencity. whwhwh the face we put out to theworld, andhat's the face weook a i ithe mirror, an how g gat is the divide betweenen thosetwo? >>els learnomomhing about him in the firir isode. he has a drinking issue. yeah.
8:51 am
dramatically thanthah,e's% acly killedomeonein an accident. mm-h. >> tetse back , are we pu dramahere, o can there be some way to m md lapse in n e story line? i t tnke wando- the show toove aave a cedic@c element, in thatt the characters interara with eh oer in a co way, but there is aeaeaea sty there. you know, much the same way we do in our realives,e try too use t comeded@o obscure the ama. thatoweppach it. >> you seem to havin a lot of funhese days. >>yeah. >> you're getting to d an awful t of@ferent ththgs.. myds, the bettertscscol but ifhey werereome watching now, one wouou probably be going, that voi sounds vy familiar. >> >yeah >e's a lego fafa >> yeah. . you played batman. baanxhe lego we'r mininin the lege batm movie, whichchs comingpp out next year which i i really fun.n. then tquel, as we, to the "lego" movie. >> people say you strikik while
8:52 am
ance to dodo is therereucket list ite]? >> i'monsideri a latee run ---for the whitehouse. >> reallyly yeye. >> y y might wantt t t hurry.y. >> likeeed , i was born in cada. > neeee t t jumin. no more sitting on the bench. ll nett, good to see u.u. you, too. >> the full seasoso of "flaked" will be availnnetflix startingch th.
8:53 am
8:54 am
th istoday" o o nbc.> . we're baba... it's a great t te@ to inddut is celebrating a birtrtay. a aayss good titi. wawa to celebrate theemkable fos f fm all acrossshe couny. as wetart it ms.uth wewewean iseman from indiana. 100 years ol ys she's a peepoperson and alys has amile o her sweet fa. happen by100th to edwararmarcos new york. reachingnghe ranks of master sesgeantnturing w w w war ii we salute you service. thk youuo brbrkensns b bonrouge, losiana. 100 y%yrs o today. afte heeteted as full-tim tehing, he wkeds a substitutentil 94 yea d. god blfss. jes jessie gre from columbus, oh, enjoying playingingo
8:55 am
rose ata arksfazza says t t secret to loevit longity,saghetti. anane does his ownwnom @repairs. cannou comom over? i ve sky doororor if y y knoww somebody who i i celebratatg ailesto birthday nninersasa o o 75 5 y y yr re, tl ubout them. go t todadacom/celebrate. don't forget to send a p p p , as well. >> substitite teacher. want to go t wawa we'l go to war. didouee that? oogl it. rious. >> i have a lot of thihihi goog after toda >> i kn.
8:56 am
>> ty daly j jns us and padma lm higsc lmer higigschool in cocorado springs -- has e ed d first-of-i-kinin-- "gender-inclus bhroom for students. the bathroom is open to any student atny time, but is especially m ant f f transgender studentsts the idea is to prode a space ents who don't identnfyfytrtritional or female can`ntilili the restroom without being judged or bullieie hilelet is legal for tns kids in colorado public scol to usehichever bathroom corresponds to their gender identy, t still face hassme whetheyse the bathroom, which unfortunate."." hey see nothth t ty ha an tion to go where peoeoe won't lookt them two timim and be like, 'wgender is that
8:57 am
here?'" the throom has bh als s and st adentom any geer can uset atny time. & ief morning meteologist -- stephen bowers joinsfus now with a lolo at our local l recast... stephen... this morning will be dry with that 10-15 m m wind guguing toward 2mph. temperatures will warm from e middle 40s at t am.m. clouds will ininease, and some sn shors can begin dedeloping on n e higherereaks, includg pikes peak, between 10 am and noon. snow showewe will,further delop in t mountntns w w w tempmpatures in the 40s and 50s through the afternoon. s east of the mountas are re likely to have a few rain showm around. the closos to the mountains you u are, theigher r ur odds are ofof getting a lile b of moisture. the farther east of e mountains s u are,e,he l
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
take tinfe is re, and eroines o o a darkk clmedy called"w(isk tangogo xtt.t. then thehe bomhehe@ s byni s s s maria arapovat shsckck the tennis wod. andnd padma lakshmi dishes on life loss and love, coming up next a a qncer: fm nbcws, thiss "day's ta" w)whroker, natalie ras, wil geistndamronll,iverom studioanockefell plaza. w wcomeo "today". it's tuesday momoing, m mch 8th, 2016. i've got to say, it' sprg like outsidid tiful. gettttg intthee60sodayay in new yoyo city >>70stomorrow. >> 7 a aording to my thing here. 73 the nexex y, yeahah is thi rigig here. natalie is o assignment. mron, i like t jam. ing back. >> williee totot me to wakeup, which m n n sleeping. we'ven u u for hours nokout this@sill get yougoing. >> a a rean for i have no colat.
9:01 am
>> is one of theongs wnf i'm m the gym, thehe fewimes i gogo or if nemd to,opou kn, ge ltle enengy,ti g you going. >> missy is b bkn the scenen >> she is. >> good h h h her back. p>> fuf p pn to follow on twitter is m msy eliotot she sendsut great clips of dancers, just kling it. pecicily now we'rere comomg io dfin asonraduatio you'r likely t t invited d a party. on missy elliott's twitter account andndnd get o oood move that you canust t. >> m mtteopleren't rlly -- t it in the mirro firs >>et s sond opinioio. >> nerurttnydydyo try. remememr w smith?thth#i whehe y live. if you want to be a little greaterhahahahere -- >> relylyl works out. >> forse of you w w wantt t t t learn, goo missy elliott's.s. theou go >>reat sw.padma i herere tyne dalys here
9:02 am
porter erin andrere $55 mimiiin. theh jury foundnd a nude vididfiedwsn08he tion marriottt vananrbrbtt did cauau her emotnal dist, as shecl a a bo t ser whoho too it and the hotel are to blame.$% the man who f fmed the videos spononble for 51% othth mone orr o or $28 million. th hotel gup thahaowns the franchiseust payay for the rest, about million. erin@n reasing a a s stement psayi she was honored by t support fro victims around t world. their outreach h hpede stand up and hold accountab t whe job it is t rotect ev's pvacy andsecucuty. ne of e hotot said t ty rereommitted to proviving fese plspitableonment for guests a employees.
9:03 am
>> this guy, he dsn have a money. in fa, he's reportedlyyaid itt was parttf f e r hee did , t try to sell. savannah is a andd t it works through t legal system. itit a voice f fnye w felt ctitited a a aknown. my h hrh was bronhen erin idhe'det tweetsrom young colleg girls saying i wtp to be le rinndws except for at o o her pa. it's's devastuting. to h he your parents ere, you're crcrng,, and eonas seen it andndeopleaveone , over and per. ( whwhher shef getetey or nono shekekekot thehe victotisaying, i willl n n all someone to mak me a victim. >> p. >> s powerful ther >> yououow, none f usan unrsnd or appciate wt i bee t havavbeen >> so d. > hop she canove forward. > a ather story we're talking abavt,nd whether onot maria sharapova c m forward.
9:04 am
sh opeydmdmtehat s ilededrug test before the stralian onnackkn januarar now,heays thatheted posititi foror meldonm.meldldium. t's a dru apparently u u totoreat hrt ouble. it's not appvedy the a, a suppment osorts. ititasn't always been banned, but jthis past jry was pl o oelist. here's w wt he had t t >> i made a hug ake.i did failtest,, and i t te fu responsiby forit. i can't blame aonoor i but myself.#pno matter who i'mhorki wi ion't want to endnd my areer this wa_, a ieally heha i will be given anotherer chanc lay ts game. >> sharapova said s'deen taking it for ten yeaea and she was getngick lot, getting
9:05 am
she saiai she d dn't look at the updated bannedsts kinghe bme forot viewing e-mlink thatoes outt t al the players. e's been the highest p pd femaen ate for moreran a decade,arning around 3 miliion. i'm curious about the reaction om som of herrsrs - ke nike. peopavaven pising her, sayingn athlwho stepped up, she could havsaid, i have aa sff tt's suosed too p attentn tohis. p > tend to belelve what she says. >> nike suspeedts retionship withher. >nd others. >> i think thehe sususnsionshe y term re. they hav'tnded the lationonon... t tnkhellet her gw rough is. alloes theay ty belve it will, i t tnk they' come back#t her. >> cououn't theyy, like al said, is our belief thaha she's tell thehetruth,h,nd w stand wither on this, unless evidence entsotherwise? >> good question,f other
9:06 am
pof t men with thth sro -- have the e eorormentnt deals been suspended? they l lt theheut -- >> steroidid wasas illel. is sstanceas uil four mo a >ike justtart ng it. she'seen takg it. > don't undedetand. >> ihihi t fayhudl th buys her a lot. >> instead ofhrough a . okespersonon hay hey,ers t t dede,, om. she's also suppedo repse ss for the summer olym. >hiss myname, but i thththtff y yeste whenh@ saw this peytoto manning story. p>>ay.. i don't know y. >> good looking guy. >> okay. peyv manning offia announce h retirement yesterday. d been reporddyyes the day befo. made it officialighting backckeaea aew conferenc in denverer >> i l love t game.
9:07 am
lllliss it.t otete. solute, wi when i lookack on my nfl career, i'l know witut a doubt that i g everything i had to hmyeams walaway th witherwewe oer premo ed,,, b thererere no ho couou outrepare..beuse th,, i havav grets. i've fougha goo fight. i fifishedy ftball race. after 18 yeyes,t's time. god bless all of yoyo@ gogobss ftball.l. [ applauau ] bless fofoball... peytlayed 18 easons andldsore nfl recoror thane can ben to lay out ithis en won leaeae ivetimes. whene won t super bowl and te t trhy, you had the feeling thatf we going to go out,t, if tre was a qution,out too out the waye dn >> has a oth quarterbac won e superowowith two differentt ams? i should kno the answ..
9:08 am
>> i sure faceokokom/"today'take." >> ggle. >> that w such a beautifif eechch shod some of . td about calling h brother, you knowfter t t game, and their@ relationship with their ther, obouslsl bebeved quarterbacac as well. it's so sweet and so vulnerle. >> that'ha t tnknk pye miss.p theeittle ings. shaking tom ady'hand,, calling en the w dne withhatt dooup wh resesf it? > h%hsyounvn a aas this oleether j jrneyan tete>> w wve sports thehe here >> wdo. > a dad saves his son from a a t. tes ge spr traiaing. aa takes ac.
9:09 am
out a a arm at the last second too protect his son landon from the ba he defleles it. it gs jus orr his son's ad. i mean this h gone ra we have seannd landodo on a fafafameigno odrnrn guyu.>> y, ys. . >> my go, so an,s pped - hadad t h hpenno fast. - i an yrnstinc we unbelievabab.. whent roh your mind, or d yothink whennn saw t bat? >> r. i dn't havav a lotf f me t ink. iust -- once i realized it was headin for my n, i j jt did anytng i could tolock i i and flect itititit >> >ndon,, we're so glad ye okay, h h h toknow, wt were doinin angry birds on the phone,dd , i wasnot. i s -- too picture of one of the baseball players. >coco. i was gngo send it to m then b bame flyg..
9:10 am
sothing, but i didn'toooo up @ in timeme my dad d t ts to blockck .@ s cool. . r dadads a a superhero. a,hatididou wife s s whenenheawhe pictcte? >> s sad aardim with it. she got a little nausus. u ,nkk d, youly know erythi turned outut -- no ohe was siouslyininre >> landon, i knoww yere there toelebebteour 9th rthday. hear yotot a fite plplerer lanta bravesir basan eddin? isishatou fa >> yes, sisi >> guewh? frerdieefreeman he a little set specialal @ you. he's'sographed aravesjejeey.. its the wayoou. d y ink? >>e's s cute. >> that'setter than a bat,t,
9:11 am
> rige. >> the y havav u veveououou jersed you ve a d`dho i@ bona fide superrr hehe. >e has a "snd the sh this sas your fst bas game. wh doou thin >> my first basebl ge was amazing. would s so p>> seaea andlandon,ou so >> thanks, guys. lad verybody is okay. >> hpybirthday, bud. >> thank youvery much. >> thank you. >> he loves freddie freeman. i h m#m in the bagrgrgr. can we seeeeeem? pird s t t t you. >> hi,mom. >>hi >> and sis. hello. - beautul family. >> goodlooking. thankn so much, g gs. >> sote. his little face,ike whatat this jersey.
9:12 am
ilstormoutside e fortkoll coins. looks like. on the rororothestwo smi mimitrtrtor@railil just ssed eachother. that couldldave been horrible. the tanker trucktarts to lose corolll fininly gets it ritt man, r r day. weweavav more rough weather toy. lo at is, we haveorna wawahesnfect we seveehundndstorm wawahes and wararngs fm wichiha fallahomom ty all t t way to ctral s. we'l be watching ts very closelyytoday.% we have an area onhnhnhdd se th from mpstinn antonini owe, corovovchristi, ,houston. totoadoes tornadoes, . apsokingt sal linin developi, espiall late this afternoon into this evenin on of the mt dgerous time hehe in, strongng straight windshich can do as m dadage as tornads. shin through throu
9:13 am
we're@ talng awhererom 7 to inches of in. mereas over the nexthree ys in e gion, upp t5 inches of rain. that' >> that' your latestweat >> tha al pe mni w,f co, th@nl quarterback toin super bowls w wh d dferent teams. % >> comingup, c c you imagine whah it'd be like toav tina
9:14 am
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9:16 am
mm mmyoplaitt ers a lighter,r,luwayeveryone to eny grgrkgugu. ait eek 100 0hips! tina yy one of ee fuie most powerful voices ininll o o riri frosatuay night live" wrir to b na fide m m m star. >> in hiskey tango foro"" tinas presented with a life changing opportunity. weat down witit tinand kim barker, t t real-life war rrpondent whoho inspired tina's character. >> the netetrk is s setched thin.
9:17 am
we need peoplele anyny peopop, to fill the void in afghanistan. yoyi f fks here are all t t unmarried, childless perernnel in t tss bure.(crying for thos for those behind t tentnd thecenes, there oppornititi to be onn mera. kim, will you joining in? t t tral o the crying? >> tina fey andim er,, good to see you gu>> g gd morn >> howre you?>> wee s s tt scenenna,, basasallym,tv reporternr what was this l leehehe read this book? >> yeah. wasdescribed as kind of a tina fey chac >> the "new rk timem"eview of the book k scriitita titi feybookok ire the book, or
9:18 am
kim arintalist and you u reyou re woror ithtuo and t ty ceento the offic d id,ho doesn't havekids? nonono sicall was trying to diffentia myself from the o ierporterststst ulul - h ty wantete t nd dore wenenovseas igurhe f ft i didt have kids and wn'n' marared meant @wasexpendable, a thefore,, bodi wouou s iomet pps. >>ood ing. >> i w w jokg ound ait aen o h h h. tessotoe for author you want y yrook me inlo a movie, drop tina's name ithe re a a shehel buyttnd beb in it is obvio fictctnalized accountut toes it g a greatet appreciation of whaha journalists go through? >> ye. >> when there i rm's way? >> i didn'n' belieie thetuff thth y guys do. to go wh th manes, follow th arod and try toet the story, but also n b b in tirr way. p>> ght.
9:19 am
ah, p p sayo@ cld you do you dhat in real life? i said,, i'm cowardlyly>> shootingg i in a d dert with cameras,ou'reine.e. >>ouet a break,ice dinner. as aheree rvrvrv, y'll reporthth wa aieie buthere i t of hmor. wa it that wou when you re there? t' dark, c cicicic wayaynd i to e world in tt lens. r rdurnnut when wasas youn a a wantet peopl to actuanan to readut thee war.aot of things you saw theas ausd and thenlnl $% yyo captu itasarkk huhur. >> til you're p/rtrayayg a a re pern in e moe. u know was that weirdyou? >>new it wasn't a bibiick, - i didn't heooanieie day
9:20 am
>> was shadowingng for months >> i slept i ki bedith her fofo a a year.. sheeidn't knkn.. i ot in ter e e s leep and out fo s woke up. hardwork. >> impressive. >> we wanted to get the culture and mitytuff ght, as best we could. mnl regegts kim isss --ow tall are you? 5'5'"? 5'10"? >'10" iishh i ildldaveen taller tall in the vie. >> sooo you sou'l b ck o osnl"hrououou the campaign?> i have a g, no. re? >y gutas watchingonald trump's fac wat h durininin that endorseme ande was, like, i tata. youu n ta. i don't thinke'llee h h again. >> one andone for you a sah li >> all right.
9:21 am
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e's starring i "the carmichael ," returningng for its secdeason thissundndnd >> jerrrr, your name ispelled ouhonetica forus yeah..otherwe, it would bejared. wouldt mind it but my mom wowod be going crazy. >> we don't want to aer yr mom. >> ah. >>peaking o i you- oh, i i thoughtt tbs going t go straighte jab. iihoug a aoing to g eaking of yom, i w out night. no, . >> no ther >> o,y sh- e ceready. >> agsive. >> youon't kno the halal off it. >> lax, everybody. >> your familil ise "cararl show >e argueuebout evytngngo 's nikik secre t, but is is t second season.. thseseon,'ll runun out of materialnd it'll bellamilil secrets. 'll b allhjngngn'tt
9:25 am
ghtnow, weo@a abtttt of things. noopic is o o limi. put that i io e show incorpated yououowow at. >>he s sww has a little throwbon olo sitcoco but ckles theoderntotocs anyyitcomsouou lod? >> i watcheded "all in th fami" an these thin. ike t t treat the audienc like they'adul. yeah, ye when we go to the store, i find my bo ofoney bches of o os and m checking to e if i p pkaged it.. ereal l he world right the. if the last 3 leleers re p22, that's me! d now in delicious chocolate. $,it'sot ack fix.. 'sy dedesion tooma beay last roc tinol startedvisibly reducing my finliand wrinkl i ione week. and the longer i i e itit the b%tt works. nol corrionomoc
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toda marks two yearsinin malaysialinelight -370 vanishededhily from malaysia tchina. an intnationon team vestigatg the disappearae dayai i stilleviewing y informn. they believehe boeing 77 wasas fln thousands of miles off courefore@ cshingnto the ocean. malaysia's prime ministeraid he's committedo solhehe agonizingstery. fr pro wrestlerulk hogan expected bacac on n e stand todaynivil tal of his wsuiui he's sng f f$100 million. the cocococoissue, dhe website have tht tot a s tape of h hogan a a his en-bestfriend's ?? hogannd his a ahohoties said thehebsisipinved his but the t the websiteaid hogog had
9:31 am
gooqueezererere c cli thr nonoorornicc appleseue totoottiti aminatatn. nonesses have en linked to theproblems go goqueezeouchs labeled as ganic a a notinvolved. fo more inin, go to the recall infoation we haha pted at thihihi went from bad to rsrs for a s scer pr in israel trainene l the midder on t to th stretcher. within seconds of liftingim off t ound the gp ces off thehe rear hahale, spillinin hihi on totohe ground. aeammate decid to give him a lift and carriedim off inis arms. goodfrndnd et check onur st alsl standby. tamron, w w watating a area of reallyeverether developing in cenenen and northetexaxa on io oklahoma. weweechint at csely. momo rain movnto thee pacific northwest. gets a breakakown in the sout hart of california with ndy conditioio.
9:32 am
morrow, recordrhighs, risk of seve weaeaer fm thth,,, hat'ss >> that's y y latest weather. ta??%?% >> al, thank you verermuchch > momol, tv host, author and mom,adma lakshmi liviv a l in t f otght. fulll of@ fashshn,amil a delicious od. now, s wtten allbout it revealew memoir called "love,ossnd what wee.
9:33 am
gogogoo eyou. >> niceeo seeyou, too. ( weretalkg, your daughter is aiteender t weathe >> she's betetr w,w, but she spent a las weekavg a you're@glg t bkrd juging h,f urse i i rerereree tooan woingg mo. u're doing y thi andnd cari f f you daughter. >> i ihink w all try toance everytytngng a a sometimes it wowks and sometetes it do at i'm gngng through isso different tha what mt mothers oorkre going throuou now. >> tt's aotf y book - - iple f fd onroroe e d e o thin t tss mems latabl i i iwa. fro talking autinseseritytyo tatainwnwnbout thetrgle to me a mom. how difififlt was it you@u opp p this way? it was really difficult. her taving daughter, it was probly t hst thing i everr too do. wikeaviviv a a baby, except s s toooo les time too co t. took mever fou yrs too itehisbook. i't bieve're hding
9:34 am
it was hard, but i wanted to do it. evenn it was g gng to be a hey eaeang bok, wand to use the detatas of myp life a a irate plosophieie i iav ababood andmoerhoho.ihinkelleed toave a op isssion as women,s immigrants, as women ofcolo asmothers, aboutur bodieses aboutttworkrkbout the fact at, you owowow sometimim itakes er tobecome w you're ing to be. >> it' true. u menonededr daughterer in the b@okok y tab at poinin wanting to change your name to something that undsdsoror amamican. he,,ou have na.p>> i cringe e w. rt othe ie witit myself inting the book is i nted to o 2tthththth a really ll my story i a filtered
9:35 am
changigi your name is as old a a imgrantstsprom ellis la. a lotf peoeodon't. i thihihihiust wan to fitin, like most t age girls. . >>peakinggf teenage girls, one y,our daughter will be a ateteager and may seeee c cy of thbook. >> she seen the arounun thehouse. >> she'llleble to read it and undedetand it. >> yes. >> and hear a ourtruggle e r,r, about t t pnini ququtuons sroununng who her father did you think about tha w wn you were writing itit@ d y y vlize h hh reang itone y?y? >> you know, i'muree s w re i aol soone t wan her tooeaitlot f f th sues. ththe's b b b b sl m writtenenabwut a a thessueue y y ntd ready, that a a aon as she'sld enoooe hersel she wl find those inin 's m mobob as h motr to te her wherehe ce fm a who she is,egardldlsf a book or articles in eeewspaper. e knows who herer fathehe is.
9:36 am
u knowi don't -- i think eryhild at some pnt alizes tt th parents are v you, hopeehatt c c use my lifee too helppuidede mymy daughter to makak strong decisionssfrom a p pce of powow and owning h b byrwning her decisiononon >> that't' t t message beyond her, whws the mostttortant rson in y life t tans and other youngomen me the seriti thatt we a a buthi when you're on television, there's'spo way you & d have thesi issues. you're exexexng at. y kw we hahair ma, ptt clots. peopel wit thatat looooe t w w g. >> it's all snd mirrrrs.s. i'm reay ala whe iwawawap in n e mning and i'm transfmednto tsrl,, mewhqx. ( >>exactly. you know, f/r me, i really wao havavavnnpen conversation.
9:37 am
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d d d dus gummies too!. > >> i aeartwawawavivivivi ely s,",emmymyad wininrnn t te daly plp the frf with ado % >he tehehehehckckckupu eieseshi ihh ungngn mamama w w w o new yorker who okes on a peanut and die and pnonononoisses me untililhe emell o@y decomposi body seeps rough h e@wallll >> i'd m m you. >> get in t e slolane, ladies. >> savee us t fi. her the finger.
9:43 am
ant toify,y,y,y, sallybthing for thehe yoyoyerer shshwawa ow yterday anan w s a a p rtion o& herer$ scenes w wh tht you man.n. gve`me tyne daly and sly elddnd i amin. ha you worked together before? g time ago, t b bttt reynolol d dnene t i piter ter, tpenini %%prodtion was a a aonngndndexperice. what do@beboutut it? i hble.pit waw a comeedidister. nobob_nenet ty we in nobo can me a pp li wead tobororigththt& unsity o&ofla.enen,nd iwawa --- we al --t was me and sallystrickland w wre last nightfor tpremee.. ththhree of ued off t stor r,ouowowo5 years. it's really, you know -- so'vememmhehe field, a a erereririrrcuiui enffererereain, i i i t,t,t,xixixixiuififf circle. telllsbobothis.
9:44 am
gerara n. >> did d sy ? >> that's what ourote ysysysss i i iowow pp p knono i howri w w wes f alwa forme iikeororng with@oung film make. makers thetuff was good. thetuff was g. then sasasa thenhrhr o oth bestokesn thethinin can'ttttttwrwrg. done. done deal. is irue'veot ta[enen a breaea froro wrkrk. it s sd onot -- a i'mm scared to reaea it n - 1968? >>lieyey ayayayay i'm done it. >> no, it's alle. wt work aid actoto b bnt wn i g g m m equiui card when i was 00 tt, a a i've en lucky. when i wasn't working steadily as an tor, wasasng somebody's and somebody's wife. i was gree
9:45 am
have i h`h no no break. >>uging itt all. >> no time forbrk. >> this movie is s mh f and people will lov it "hello my name is doris" is in theaters thisfriday. good tohe you ue. >>hankhkhkhknr asking me. paul zerdin is b b bing his skil to the orang room.. i'riboshenen was sititbloooo ototininy y ng, was serious. fortunatel my doctor had a me plan. treatment with xarelto . hey guys! hey, finally, somemedy i ca. lookokp to... ...besididrnrf.. xaxalto s preno o eatt anhelp rthuisk of dvt a a pblblblot xarelto s also pron to reded ththrisk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a het valve proble fofopeople with afib currtly well managed on warfarin there's limited information ow xarelto and warfrfrn cpare in reducing the riskf stroke. yoow, d wawa!ain, and dietary rictions.... don't get merted on di hto. we srtedxare. niceass.
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las lt year paul zerdidi gathered frids and crossed the atlantic to compete on "ameriri's s lent he won the judges and the audience to win season n. >> he's here with his frifnd sam. >> gd rng. >> morning. >> hllo, youguys >> hey, sam. >> great to be here. >> thank u. what the big news >> what the big news? >> i that weigigdg ree-year deal with planene hollyoooddn las vegas. >> what are we going to do? you knowhat w do. >> what is it? >> begins with v. >>, ye we're gng to do vasectomies. >> no, no, no. too much. >> i know people. >> >oo early. >> we signed a deal with planet hollywood and we're headning there. you can come and see the show from the 30thf apr onwards. >> yes, absolutely. >> does sam like to hang out in vegas? is h a vegas guy? >> yeah. oh, yeah. i shouldn't dnk though. >> what happens? >> i soak it up.
9:51 am
>>what? >> damp. >> would y u s sak ore clearly? >> soy. it's early. what do you want from me? >> i >> i lovehen tamron talks to me. have you been drking? >> a lot. >> that's why you're talking to a puppet. >> it's hard. you're also looking away. >> i did a hidden camera show to see if we could get people out and about, going aut their daily duties, see if they'd talk to arestaurant. i went in withameras and ordered a dinner for two and the waiter was havin a conversation with a puppet. don' feel one. >> do you prefer an american audience or the audience in the uk? what's the dierence? >> do you want that one? >> yeah. slp. >> oh, wowo >> i'd say the arican audiences a just up foror it from the beginning.
9:52 am
longti, you have to work harder to win them over. you still have to pve yourself herere as well. don' g@t complacent. the aricans have been fantastic. particularly on the journey of agt. >> how have your lives changed in. >> a lot of flying. ve been livg in london, obviously,nd coming back and forth, touring all over the states in th las few monthshs mean, it's just an amazing platform. it's opened a lot of doors. you know, so many peopleee that show. >> i'm goingn the next one. going to audition, season 11 >>hat are yououoing to do? >> ventloquism. >> watch. >> you've been practicing? >> yes. hello,ow a a yo what do you think?k? not a moveme. it'samazg. i've naile it. >> al was telling me b bore we started, apparently, hesed to do ventriloquism a long time ago. >> won a contest. >> now is your time. >> good tsee you.
9:53 am
h paull andnd s nextmont tickcksvailablenow.
9:54 am
9:55 am
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,>> whe >re are y y going aftft rkrkn that? >> go homom andang o with my chilen. >> >uessssho we are on, kids >> wasting your time. >> gho? >>lyfiel >> we lovesall nd maria will be here, this great counury singege from texas. >> g blessthemem
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
comg uer yr "oday" with kathy l gifford andoda kotb live a. a. >> this is gat song by the way by chris harmony. called "work from me" work work work i love when you hav to know one word >> we could have written it. >> we probably couldn't ha. if youike a legend, we have one here with us today. sally field is joining us. she's this movie called "hello, my name is doris" where she pys a woman who i mature in age whoas the hots for him. . magic moments you will see. >> shirts being taken off. >> some of it isn her head and


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