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tv   News 5 at Noon  NBC  March 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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thohsand feet of any school, papa, dacentererr dr habilitation c cter. ere have been multiple meetings on this mter-- and moststave brououa papaed house... with pplplpleaeang for a aagainst the proposososan. "d"dwe want toe ci of virt o odoe e nt to be a cicicif viceyou're fcing althese touristso o k la nothey're gohome with a ckckthey d't need to c ce here to o o legal eationalalnabis and d home with public nsumn ti ese proposals me amid motorium on n ceg g&g&nene clubs until new gulations are tablhed. spspngs city couil i ialso discususng - -how plans t t address the federagovernment syrian refugeelan. the aft orornance opposes the fel l rerettment progr, cicing significant secucuty conrns out the government's ability to fully " "t"ncoming refugees
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imimdiately notifyhe city when th learn o o otential resettleme plans her.. and suppts tededed "sa" acwhich would require the b-i toue each h fugee a certification that they are t a serity threat. no word if there will a vote it... 'll stay on@top p the meetin.. and let t u know whahapp on aib and online at koaa dot coco inururtinuing coverage... day y the deadline f r springs councicioman "h"hen collins" to respond to allegations against her upheld by a hearing offi.. dudunu her formamamaaring la month. the allegations cecece arouna rerestate deal b bweenollins and ouas bruce" in 201 the city's indepepdent ethics commission alleges colnstoto ownership oprprerty fro bruc helhim avoid paying a city lien duriri closi. . the councililian ds the laiaiaoao @a scial meeting n nt t week... council will decide whether to drop the case...
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or csure colli for allegedhical breaches against the city. things have been pretty calm so far our tuesday... lele out wt's on the way... with chief morning metetrololost stepepn n wers... i ha our first alert 5 live radar`epepg an eye on the mountains. things hen quietetuch of tht moing. the wiwi fromothe north has not been favorable for any of the rain or ow showers i td you this morning c cld be on the way.y. e windill l t this afrnoon and blow from m st to west. th upspspeind will favor more of tht showererthis afternoon that will be raiai apon snow in t t higher elevations west of i-25 temperates a a wararng thrlugh e 40s and 50s, a we ararnot kely to warm a lot more this afternoon. ll talabout the showers is afternoon ananmore tomorrow
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a colora sgs man i i recoveringnger he was slasasd fafaith a bobocutter at the home depot on north academy. popoce sayay- it happened yeyeery after an argumen bebeeen two men escalad in the parking lolo that's when lice say the ect... "michael saylor"r"ut the victim's vace.e. according he p pic report.. e injuju is not life atening.ayr" was srrrrrrd shortl after. this morning... . e was another violenen abbing- inin corado s s sgs.. a man isow facing tempted rdererharg aftet polile sa he stabbed a w multipl time vestators say the suspect 6060year-old "roy chael llingsley" was a aesesd yesterday -- after police found e injured woman -- in the 21-hundred block of jejeing ive. she was transported to the hospital,.. . ananis expecd totourvive. 707070closos from glenwood
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down a a9 this morning g ganan won't op untnt 4 this afternoon.n. constructiti crews a still repairing mage from last month's rock slide... that left the inters virtlly impassable f f nearly week. today... drivers will havavtoakaka 6-mi detour... adding thr hououo ththtripip two emaciated great dadas are nonoin the ce pueananal serves. . a good samaritanound thewo dogs wandeririear the western bordrd of pueblo couy last week with no collaorororrochch to identify th. the adadadmale and fare severere malnourisd,d,nd veterinariansay they're on a long r r totoecovery..... ==== e e rst r%actiti is people juststutomicallylyand to start feedinthem. ititctually y n be detririntal to overload them with food, so you have to just kind slowly intruce them to a properiet t again. vets say the femala4has already gagaed 10 pounds in the stst week. they estate it will take at leastotohrhr monons fofo e dogs to fully recover. as great danes are not a common breed in pueblo, animal services
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and caidenfy t tir owner. . palmer hh h hooln colorado@ springs -- has opened a first-of-its-kind d d "g"gder-incluse" b bhroom for udents. baththom is opop to any udent at any time, but is especially meant for transgend students. the i ea is to provide a spapa where ststents who non't identifyfys traditional male or female can@utilize theheoom without beinjudged obullied. "while it lal frans ds in colorado public schoolo, totose whichcher bathrm cocoespoponds to their gendede idty, a lot stl faceharassme when ey u the bathroom, which is unfortunate." "they see now that they have a on to go where pplwon't t look at themwoimes and be like, hat gender is that on and do thth really belong herere"
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a w ste e llllouou m me e e poff ur e anal.. st year... a news five inveigation -- cod loopopops ininhe system.... makingngsy for people e wiout disabibibies thahaha "fake e rvicicanimals." ws 5's mdie garretbrks downwnow this new law would rk.. nats chances are ve seen a dogoin a restaurarastororor a aplane that had a service dog vest on... but wasn't acting line. sot paul o'ben "pet togs s ten become a a distraion t onon to o e busisisshat they'rerer but so foregitime service dog ers,he pet d ds s ll sometimes lunge at them." service dog trainers say... this behavior makethings toughehefor peleleho t tlynped have service animals. t paul "aeoplwithikabililils e rerelyigg access thir legegate gs so`o`doeseuake e e whole vent keke step backrds." theranwith disabilities act usiness s skf
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whwxt'ained to do... but there's littleleonsequence when icos toud. sot x ul "there's a fededal l that vers it but it's hard to enfofoe, so ese e ate laws bebeme a a ale aututrititi actually enforcaccess issuuu." the law esn't establisany soso of state e andard for service ananals or cuification.... thi t ts,s, iue reay becomemewhenhos act u u but ves s lind businses s a urf tion when ey do detetetetethe e al d d. . . . t t t "then f f ey'r'rtakingngody'y'y'y' hahaicicicd pag g ac spopoor gorgegegeititsaysyse d d hers hopet will m me peoplehihi again befog g rvrvr animal. sot rd t puototevererpepes t t oueopl think twtwe." madd gararttepor... agagn, ts bi d dsn't cre rt ate certificatio system... but proves police wi4a4aourse ofofofion ifogog actg up i i ibusiss.
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stages... ananstilililedappral ibo ththstatuse and senate. as we are still babaing the glory peyeyn n nnins retirementress cononrence yeerday..... e e oncos are on the hunt to fill hisisob.... and sosjces tell our partners 9news in denver-- ththteam offefed brock osweiler a 3-year al valued at me than 45 llion ar but... the'appapantly o tms o al he theyes on brock. n-f-l sourreport.... the uston xans are tininto re himimimy y omomhe milhighcity. anwe are gettingd... th tronc h he lost t rst piece of tir rupererl l infefee... ast apapars s lijais ading totoksonlle... ant ececwill have more on that... on news 5 ----5 anan6.. coming up... the nanaon wililpaon fridada -- t/trembermer first lady nancyea.. as funer araangements are bejng finalized... and meteorolist stephen
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s a full look at o first at t t noon hoururmpereseses arararrminghuhrothd ile we will add few more gror wmth, we llnogrgr much warms afteteoon. a cold front moved through t morning. the nd heen shifting oundndit. the nonoh-to- south wind behind the cold front
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e shers i diucued thismorning. the wind coinues shifting d blows more east- to-west this afternoon, that upslope wiwi will favor r re showersrs most of @ e shows will be up in t t hillslwest of i-25 and can be snoon the higr peaks. stray rain shor can form alalg the i-i- corridor, thouoh ththe rain showers will l l scararthe low presssre passing to o%r uth stays ly to our south d will help to focus most of thmoisturever r rthern mexico and sououern new mexico. avother weak low pressure wave aloft will dft o or ththtop of up, , $ that mayayelp to sparkoff a few shers momo afternoooo at t middadaur, snow showers arbeginning delop outhern sares.s. those will becece more numous this aernoon, t most of moisture will st in the mounununs.s.s. teererures wm slly through the 40s and 50s, and strayay shn dedeloloalong i-i-i- fromhose thicking cloulu. morrowtill homshowers ound, anantemperaturesill rm slightly aninininhe 5 5. . thra clololololl clear
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tributes contitie pouring in for foer first ladadnancncreagan as oicials st e agan librarmove forrd with plans for her funeral later this week.while fridayay fununal wbe inte-only, members of the publicicho wish to pay their rereects to the formen first la will have the oortututy to do so on wednesday and thursday... as she ls inininose athe reagananibrary. moreroronbs natalie moles. firsrsladydyichelle oba wiwi be o of ou a a ousa v.i. guts in n atndan..taff ererat t reaean liliar mrsrsr reanad perlly approved
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so the eventth`t goi to unfold over the courur of nene 3, 4 ys were e l approv byrs. reagan including w w was invited to wre s woulvlve la d d rest. loloti emploloes and f fends say at whi theheurn r passing, t ty're comforted by thththouout o her being reunited with her "ronnie" theyeyad such great respececfor one another anyokn werer fun with each r and laughed and giggled and held hands. they each had a look thathey gave one another. nana: nancy ououl l greatat reagan: 'm goioi to break a leg." nancy: "no, go luck." mrs. reagan also inir great persal loyalty frorothose who workrk fororer... t:xzhe was ly and the wawaalways gratude andnknk yoyi enenou know heclose andwowo directlwithther, she had a great nse o& humum. she s so kind the people she worked w wh. she wotreat t e belllllljust e sasa as she uld d eat the saudi prprce. flags at m n ngovernment buildings arou the nation remain at half-staff thi morning.preside e obama prsed nancreagan's p pnana charand significanan to the nanaon... potus: verbate 12:28:37 iad the opportunity to mt t s. reagan once 12:28:45 obviolyly she s already`vanced iage, but could t have bn more
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and michle when we first came to the office. natae morales porting.g. the whe use e s not t said
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joing the rslady at t ay's y yr r althth family. drugverdose deaths across uthern colorad.. are hahaening the "hight t rate" that t fededal government measures. that rate is 20 per 100-thousand pele! news 5's andy koeo reports. it takes _ver r ur body..... your mind ... your life. "they've been usinthe sububunce probablyaily, so theibodies have becoco accucuomed to the drug and whe ey s sp, thehysicala withdrawals so sere, is like you'r'rgonna die. hein addictis s the re in our s. ve become acacacom to whe ug a when they sto the ysicic w whdrawais so vere, it'syou're gon e. heroro addddtiti is onheise e in our s and 'srgwingteuralpas souern n lo ... coequenceadly. nat sound: shutting rgue cooleroor
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ofealtow s sthn coloradoounties s een overdose dths at a rate of morerehan per 100-0housusd ople. "we have i-25 5 5 close, and we believe or at least i i li at a lot of thatraffic, brinngnghat materialthwaward from tex andndew mexico comes throughere and its win u u here." huerfanonoounty deputy coroner dpve mowerassese a dramaticic ike.e. but in a cy this s se, it only take one or twoeatha year w uld push the rate higher. eroin is very inexpensive these days and that allows for the younger children to, since they don't have a a t of money, to have e e ss to that." doors with thehrecerer viviaga4 palmemelaleayayayt addidis dodot start with heroioi ststststs pain pills. think in the pililform, seems morennnnent. it's a medication, and of course at that age, it doesest tata much to push one
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trsomeore." regulas to curb presesipon dr ase a a workingng.... making heroioioieapar and eaer to get. but many patients here tell storieieie d d ddealers giving out mples at parties. "tse are gonna b bindividual ataton't look shadadthey loolikehetherids, they sm innocent, hey try so sampmps, i is not t&t&a hurt you, hand it outnd of course everybody likes ." he says that aggggsse sales pu seems tied to the legalizationonf maririana. "thasuly is bebeg by dicinal and recreationon sales no a aorder toilthe gap,he heroin hed ." and in our smaller unties, there are few plples r r dicts to turn. "ihink that's ononof t ings t tt's probablylylyt necessarily been neglected, but mamae not looked at as being as imimrtan as somomofofhe other services, th's j jt an opinion o omy part." departrtnt of human services has crisis hotline to he
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has a crisis hotne to he pele s sugglinwiththtu additi thth number is 84893-talk ... thth's-4-4...4-9......-5-5 information online at nike is cuttininties with russian tennis sr mari arapova.... folllling anancement thaha e e sted positive for a a banned substce e e eer t ts year at the australian open. arapapadmimied on ndayay. she has been taking a heart mecation... for the last decade... not too lolo after sriva's annoucement... nike spendedts relationship with t t former worlnuer o o and five-time major r chchpion. she e ys sheheasasot awara t t medicine was plad on the worldld anti-doping agenen's bannnd list ov januaua first is not yet t own if she will fafa a suspension
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anate to a story we t
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"luc theeprechau.. s be found andurneto the depepeence center.. the giant prechaun is part of the orgagagatiti's floatator satuad's st. patrirk'dadaparade.... hadadeen stolenenver the weekend.. we got word from the center thismorng thatatuc was found in dumpster along gorth prospect.. he has minor damage.. but will be usededn sard parade. anks for spendininpart of your tpanksksor sing pa of your ufrnoon wis.s. coinininindadas alal day y en youe nowatching t-v,
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