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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  September 2, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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♪ we begin with new information in a bay area murder spree. >> a mystery that includes bomb-making materials anfive deaths from hercules to richmond to vallejo. the suspect was found shot to death in richmd. he was shot to death by the chp tuesday night after a high-speed chase. the body of his girlfriend was found in his car. police were after him for the murder a hercules man. his son is still missing. the decomposing bodies of two other women why found at a vallejo home.
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terry mcsweeney with mor on this complicate story. >> the hope for the man missing since saturday is fading with every passing moment. our first look at one of the murder victims and learng new and disturbing information about the surviving suspect. and that would be 72-year-old charles rittenhouse, livesn vallejo at a home where the deceased suspect valdamro also lived on an off. vallejo lice tell us that during the search of rittenoust house's home where the bodies were found tuesday night, depleting uranium and if you have enoh it can be used to make dirty bombs which can contaminatwide areas with radiation. arraignment expected tomorrow. another man police want to find, the son of this man, 35-year-old frederick salas is the man missing. you're looking at a picture of 73-year-old rick salas. his body was found saturday at a
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home in hercules that valdamro also frequented and lived at from time totime. the son is still missing. >> they're continuing to follow leads as they develop speing with family membs and friends to possiy find out where he may be. but ther is continued growing concern that his life may be in danger. >> as for a motive, police think they may have one. valdamro's love affair with 46-year-old cindy tran might be the root of it all. he thought she was having an fair with one of the salas family members. that would explain his activities there. and a high-speed chase ended tuesday night, officers shooting him and killing him with the strangled body of cindy tran. she wanted to reunite with the father of her three children. valdamro did not let tat happen. the focus now turns to the sole surviving suspe who can possibly tell officers more
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about what the bomb-making activity was going on at that house and exactly what led to the killings of the t women in vallejo. they don't seem to ha the same kind of connection that valdamro as the other woman w was killed. live in hercules terry mcsweeney abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks very much. a six-year-old salinas boy is in serious condition after an accidental shooting. offirs responded to an apartment complex yeerday and found the boy suffering from a gunshot wound to the stomach. police say the child found the gun unrneath his parents' bed. his 12-year-old brother tried to take away the weapon but it went off hitting the young boy. the boys were the only ones home at the time of the shooting. the parents could face charges for imprer storage of a firearm. residents in the east bay felt a minor shake this morng. the 3.3 magnitude quake hit san pablo around 9:30 this morning. there are no reports of injuries
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and damage. bart trains did briefly shut do you know to check for damage but everything is back on schede. a pubc hearing is happening right w in san francisco on pg&e's controversial smart meters. an independent report on the meters was released in the last hour. the california public utilities commission hired an outside consultant to evaluate those meters after mounting complaints by consumers. many customers id their utility bills shot way up after smart meters were installed. the new report concluded the smart meters are working accurately but the report also identifies gaps in pg&e's customer service and handling of complaints. the investigators ve been testing the meters the past five months and now say most of the billing complats can be attributedo weather conditis which lead to higher engy usage and billing. many speaking at today's heari are also speaking out about potential dangerous health effects ofhe meters. pg&e disputed those claims.
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7 on your side's michael finney will have more on abc 7 news at 5:00 and 6:0 >> economic news. it appes hewlett-packard won the bidding contest for three par. today rival cputer company dell walked away from the competitn. dell conceded short lit after palo alto-based h. p. boosted its latest offer to more than $2 billion. the merger is for an h. p. strategy to grow more profitable lines of business outside the personal cputer market (chanting) >> san francisco hotel workers demonstrat against the hyatt chain of hotels this morning. this was in san francisco. the hotel workers union sai hyatt is trying to force contract concessions onhem while the hospitality industry rebounds. the labor departme says the number of people filing first-time unemployment claims fell slightly last week but
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still remains well above the level that signalled a healthy economy. this i the second straight week that new jobless claims were lower. tomorrow the labor deparent will release its complete august employmentreport. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke testified that regulators must be ready to shut down the largest banking institutions if th threaten to bring down the nation's financial estimate. bernanke told the congressional commission investating the 2008 economic meltdown that bailing ou failing banks or investment firms is no longer a viable soluti. he says the meltdown was triggered in part by investment and banking schemes that are too complex for regulators to understand. >> our bank regulatory system was decide for a financial system a that's where it came from. all these non-bank acvities grew, we the country was not sufficiently proactive in establishing a regulatory framework toncompass all those aspects. >> the financial crisis
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commission is issuing its final report in december. >> the face-to-face peace talks in washington between palestinian leaders are going so well they're agreeing to a second round. form senator george mitchell says the next session will take place in the middle east in two weeks and then every two weeks thereafter. john hendron reports. today president obama tak his first shot at the prize that has eluded his predecessors, middle east peace. >> if we d not make the attempt, then failure is guaranteed. >> in the firsth[u tal since th gaza war of 2008 brought negotiations to a screeching halt, israeli pri minister and mahmoud ahmadijad meet face-to-face to talk peace. >> you each have taken a important step towas freeing your people from the shackles of a history we cannot change. >> the goal, a settlement that ends israel's 43 year occupation
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of the palestinian year territory within the year creating an independent palestinian state at peace with israel. >> together we can lead our people to a historic future that can put an end to claims and to conflict. >> vowed to resolve all outstanding conflicts, a goal that eluded presents for decades, most recently george w. bush. >> it was later on in the presidency. that's the distinction with president obama. >> the distinction that gives obama two more years possibly to meet his goal. >> historic obstacles remain, includg israeli settlements and violence in the west bank. >> developing news now. coast guard crews are convergi on an oil rig that exploded and
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caught fire today in the gulf of mexico and they say there's a mile long oil sheen spreading from the site. it's at louisiana west of th site where b.p.'s rig exploded in april. one person was hurt. moments ago louisians governor announced they just received word it is in fact an active platform but the company says it has been shut down. b.p.'s deep water horizon rig was in about 5,000 feet of water when it exploded and sa killing 11 workers and triggering a leak of about 2006 million gallons of oil. >> police officers in san carlos may be wearing different uniforms after today. >> plus from the campaign trails to the jury box, the trial that could put meg whitman's gubernatorial campaign on hold. >> and breang the glass
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in the santa cruz mountains all lanes on highway 17 near the summit reopened a short time ago after a beer truck acdent caused a huge mess. witnses say the tractor trailer hitn embankment after 6:00e(lx this morning. the southbound lanes were closed several hours as officials cleaned up the highway. there are roughl15 minute delays but no one was injured. >> the san carlos city couil will vote on a proposal to
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outsource the police department to the sheriff's office. the proposal guarantees that all hired by the sheriff's department with most officers having an equal rank at the county level. they woulreceive a 5 to 10% pay raise. if approved the proposal will head to the county board of supervisors. >> republican and gubernarial candidate meg whian will find out today if s has to take a months off the campaign trail. wittman who is to report to th courthouse for possible jury duty. she'll hear the case of a 44-year-old man accused of molestinthree boys including a nine-year-old he was trying to adopt. the trial is expected to take a month. >> a new analysis suggests that more young women are out-earning their male counterpart according to the research firm reach advisers, the salaries for women 22 and 30 are 8% higher than those of men in their peer
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group. young women in sacramento are doing even better. the survey says education is the key to women's success, especially among minorities. >> african american women and hispanic women are twice as likely than their male peers to graduate from college and that's what's driving suca big difference. >> women tha earn the most are single and childless. the reason highly educated women tend to marry and have children later inlife. >> lisa argen is in for mike this morning. >> 89 in san jose. fog lurking offshore. will it come in time to cool us off? i'll let now comin up. >> lisa, thanks. also coming up. >> a blessed harvest for us all. >> a century-old ceremony honors the vintner. >> plus vineless get a special visitor. i spend three hours on my howork --
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♪ a hurricane warning was issued this morning for part of the massachusts coast, including nantucket as hurricane earl bears down on the eastern seaboard. the category 4 storm is heade to the coast to north carolina with winds topping 140 mph.
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thousands have left. the people who stay may have to tough it out for three days without help. >> if drifts slightly to the left it will bring the hurricane across the outer banks and the sounds of north carolina. >> the national guard is deploying troops and president obama has declared a state of emergency. >> so earl picked up steam a little oveight and lost a little this morning. >> just a little. not a direct hit on north carolina but the rainman already moving to the outer banks. winds movi into north carolina. i'll talk about where else it's going to affect in a moment. outside this is why we had a spare the air day. look at that dirty air. what higher pressure does when it presses down on the atmospre. particulates get compressed and trapped at the surface. very little wind, very little mixing and that is why we are baking today with poor air quality in our east bay valleys and also in the south bay.
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but a wind shift is beginning to occur along the coast. not soon enough though to cool you off anywhere outside the bay, just the immediate beaches. 79 san francis, 82 oakland, 86 livermore and fairfield. so at this time yesrday, this is where we were in san fransco but we're 8 degrees warmer in oakland. 10 degrees warmer in san jose so this big dome of high pressure is not moving out of here yet but by later on today the winds kicking up out of the west and that will provide slightly cooler air today at the coast. anotr hot day inla and a cooling trend into part of the weekend but not all of the holiday weekend. i'll show you that on my seven-y outlook. so spare the air day today. i showed you why. look at the poor air quality in the east bay and santa clara valley for one more day. we talked about earl. still a lot of actity in the pacific where fiona will be brusng bermuda later on. gascon not affecting anyone but earl now just downgraded to a
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hurricane 3 but still very, very dangerous. it has a ve broad wind field, 60 to 90 mph wind field that will hit the outer banks of north carolinaith very, very strong winds. a stor surge over 3 feet. the good news is it's starting to make a tur it's going to be a quick-mover but by this time tomorrow it will be hitting cape cod, southern new england with some very strong winds as well. we'll have to watch that for you. still looking at high pressure. a strong area of high pressure. not ready to give up yet. and here's the fog just offshore. and it will begin to move in later on today. shallothough, only a couple hundred feet. 95 campbe, 90 sunnyvale. redwood city, comfortable 70s ins sunset district. 81 downtown so just about the same. 94 sonoma, 68 bodega bay. 90 union city and out over the hills we're topping out around
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the century mark once again. fog late today. just very subtle changes today. overl bigger changes sunday but monday temperatures bump up a little bit and still cooler into the middle of next week. >> lisa, thanks. >> more news as eric said. san frcisco muni operators are trying to block pla to restor service previously eliminated. the board voted to revoke half the cuts starting this weeken but the transport workers union claims mi did not properly meet with drivers about schedung changes, including some with late nit buses and trains. the union hassked the state board to impose an injunction that would stop muni from restoring service this weekend. >> a rabbi and a presbyterian minister came together to bless the first grapes plucked from the vines in the east bay wine region. the livermore vaey wine country is home to nearly 50 wineries. the ea's annual blessing of the gres took place this morning in livermore.
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>> for thousands of yea, wine has played a central role in how men and women have understood the abundance of god's blessings in their lives no matter how skillfully we may practice our craft, at some point we must put our faith in the source of the grapes, e source of the weather, the source of the earth. >> the cool summer weather has pushed back the start of the harvest by about two to three weeks. growers expect to pick up 16,000 tons@ áh of wine grapes over t next two months. >> all right. it's your last chance to
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today on oprah at 4:00, extreme makeover for men. at 5:00, "7 on your side" seas michael finney at that public meeting we told you abo where the safety and accuracy of smart meters is being debate he'll tell us how pg&e will proceed with smart mete from this point on. and do you think your kitchens is squeaky clean. you might be surprised how ma would fail a health inspection. those stories at 5:00. >> two popular shows end their run in the bay area this labor day weekend. >> arts and ents at the same time reporter don sanchez s what's hot. >> the 8th edition of the sausalito art festival is here. fine food and entertainment including jefferson starship. thre days in sausalito.
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>> cal shakes at the bold new production of macbeth at shakespeare theaters amphitheater ♪ >> theater works presents a saga of love under the tuscan sun. the lit in the piaz, the center for the performin arts. the wine festival is a mardi gras type celebration monday marin city's 13th annual blues and soul party features great music with performing stars of marin. they chang young people's lives. ♪ >> peter pan is flying away. last chance to see it at the big tent on embarcadero park across from the ferry building. ♪ >> a the last weekend for the unforgettable wicked, a spectacular show in the or
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orpheum theater. >> tuesday and wednesday the raz room, don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> lisa giving us a final check on the weather. >> looks lik we're going to squeeze out one really hot day although we have fog lurng offshore. just a couple hundred feet stacked up, not enough to cool us down. a late-day sea breeze in the city so we see maybe low 80s downtown but the range continues to go up inland near 100 degrees but tomorrow 5 to 7 degrees of cooling. that's the tre through the early part of the weekend and a little bump up in temperates for the holiy monday. >> low 80s downtown, just doesn't sound rht. >> i know.
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