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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  December 1, 2010 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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>> oakland's police chief anthony bass is in washington d.c. right now lobbying for money to put more poli in schools. >> his go is to get federal dollars to make kids safer and build policies relationships with police. terry mcsweeney joins us from oakland. terry, he's asking for a big chunk of money to get to younger kids. >> he is. he knows who to ask. he's meeting with feinstein barbara lee and others. he's looking for money to place six officers at each of the four middlechool campuses. that's a lot of officers.
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each in a different part of town, none a stranger to violence. bass says it to make schools safer but steer kids from crime and gangs and build positive relationshipbetween police and the city's young people at these designated community schools. >> for us police officers in a positive light. that's the one tang your mother or aunt or uncle to jail but that's not it, it's to succeed. >> it's' a resource ceer for the entire neighborhood. >> i think it is a good idea for the kids 'cause there' a lot of problems out here. >> no? >> tell me what. >> i don't know. the don't ke the cops. >> and right there is the problem chief bass wanted to addresses, representatives between young people and police. spend some of their time working with kids one-on-one patrols the
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neighborhoods and working with school district, lice to make sure the neighborhoods are safe so students are not intimidated going school or leaving school. oakland police say the officers who would hired by the $6 million if it happens would be from the officers laid off last summer. live in oakland, terr mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. notices will begin going out soon telling 1550,000 californians their unemployment is running out. it leaves recipients frustrated and scared. theresa garcia live in campbell. >> good morning, eric. you know, you reall feel for these unemployed people because any one of us can get in that position at some point or another. and after all the taxes you pay, you really hope that the government is there to help you out. now, the unemployed we spoke with this morning say they're really frustrated these jobless benefits are coming to an end.
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>> i think it's pretty rough for a lot of people who might be homeless, chrisastime coming up and them not knowing what to do. i thin they should help out. do something. >> unless congress changes its mind about extending jobless benefits, unemployment, those benefits extended up to 99 weeks will end this month. the labor departmt estimates that about 2 million people nationwide will bcut off by christmas reaching up to 6 million losing benefits in 201 the extension bill uld have cost $12 billion and while republicans say they're open to extending benefits, they're the ones that argue for fiscal responsibility saying that other cuts were needed to make up for the increased spending. local development officers say they're preparing to see a greater influx of unemployed coming i for job search assistance. >> those are things out of our control asar as with what
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passed through congress o not and what extensions are availabl all we can do is help the customer. it's a hard time but i feel very optimistic things are turning around right now and i see the changes with my peers and colleagues interviewing lot more and getting more positions and offers. >> some unemployed say they see a glimmer of hope as that woman did wi more jobs but without the benefit checks to get by in the meantime, social securi services say they're preparing for an onflood of peop needing help, for example, with food splice at food banks. the national average weekly unemployment paycheck is about $300 a week. while that may not seem a lot to some, for many it means they're getting by. there's a chance that congress to change its mind but at this point this is where it stands. live in campbell, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks very much.
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the presidenal with an updated version of his federal dget reduction plan. cutting $4 trillion from the nearly $14 trilln debt over the next ten years. >> i think the american people want us to do something real. i think they want us to make the tough decisions and none are easy. the problems a real, the solutions are all painful. >> some of t recommendations include $200 billion military and domestic cuts by 2015. reforming the tax code by loweringates and gradually raising the full retirement age to 69. also reding social security benefits for wealthier recipients. the top democratic and republican have voiced their support for the plan. it is not likely the congress will act on the recommentions anytime soon. >> back here in the bay area,
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police are asking for more information on a crash that put a high school girl in a coma. carolyn hanson is a star water polo player in mountain view. she was what started as a minor accident saturday night on highway 280. the wreck knocked her blue mini cooper sideways in the middle of the freeway then she was broadsided by a lexus that officers say was going to fast. >> she had her seat belt on and after th original collision she took her seat belt off and the collision secured and haher seat belt on. >> the passenger in the lexus was also hurt. a 72-year-old woman. everybody el was okay. investigators say they don't know why the original crash happened. the highwa patrol is asking for any witnesse to come forward. >> an incentive to cut power use. it will give $25 debit cards for
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lowering natural gas. it's to avoid increasing pressure in the pipeline that exploded in san bruno in september that killed eight and destrod 37 homes. two women have pleaded not guilty as victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion to claim disaster said. the two entered pleas yesterday to charges including fraud and perjury. prosecutors say they went to a disaster assistance center five days after september 9th explosion and they supposedly gave false addresses to get aid for blast victims. five other people have been charged with posing at blast victims to get aid. >> freed iran hiker sarah shourd is hoping her music will help win the frdom of her two companions. ♪ >> she launched the song titled
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peace of time today on free the iran hikers channel. its release coincides with the start of month 17 in captivity for shane bauer and josh pattal she wrote the song during her 410 days in prison. she was released in september on humanitarianground. if you'd like to hear the entire song, we have a link on >> oland has announced a new 39,000 seat stadium for the oakland a's ballpark. it would be near jack london square in oakland. what should be study as part of an environmental impact report. the project will include a stadium, 18,000 square feet of retail space and 700 condos. oakland's planning commission president is taking part in a private effort to keep the a's from leaving oakland. the team owner says he wants to move to san jose.
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>> the state's high speed rail authority is set to vote tomorrow on spending more than $4 billion to build the project's first phase between two tiny central california towns. officials have recommended the first tracks being built between board done south of madei and cork land. dennis card dough sa says the plan is a gross misuse of taxpayer money. the $43 billion project is supposed to evenally connect san francisco and anaheim with plans to start the project in the bay area we set back by peninsula opponents to threatened to delay the project in court. >> still ahead, a global commemoration to mark world aids day. >> and later a new effort to keep internet marketers from tracking where you i spend ree hours on my homework -- or at let that's what my mom thinks. with high speed internet from at&t,
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come on... isn't time an auto insurer gave it to you straight?
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th's why you should talk to state farm. but not yet. first, talk to any one of the 40 million driver who already have state farm. 40 milli. yeah, that's more than gco and progressive combined. by a lot. 40 million drivers. mo savings. and discounts up to 40%. where else you gonna get discounts like that? call an agent at-800-state-farm or go online. >> around the globe activts and people with the disease are marking world aids day. this anniversary the move is mixed. a drop in new cases but explosio in child infections in asia. >> the resounding message on this 7th annual world aids day say there's muching to thankful for. >> a hope in continuing the work that is making such a big
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difference around the world. >> in sidney australia, front man bono took that hope one step further. >> we will definitely by 2015 see the first hiv-free generation in 30 years. we will do that. >> according to the u.n., new hiv infections have declined by 20% worldwi over the past decade. children in 11 asian countries have incrsed by 46% by 2001 and 2009. >> all of us. >> public health officials continue to push screening as the most effeive way to comba the spread of the virus. south africa is one of the countries hit hardest by the disease. george w. bush who is celebrated around the world for making the
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fight a priority, wrote in "the washington post" today a thousand expressing issues come with each day but there are only a few you want to talk about in retirement with your children. the continuing fight against global aids is something for which america will be remembered. >> fewer tn half of all americans, 45%, have had an aids test even after guidelines were expanded to include routine screening. abc news,ew york. >> former california first lady virginia knight has died. in 1954 she married governor knight i the first gubernatorial wedding. this is a picture of the governor carrying her across the threshold. she turned the mansion into a museum. virginia knight died monday in her hancock park home after a lengthy [ male aouncer ] whether you're new to california or you've been grooving here for someime now, you ow that value comes in many forms. for some is a classic car,
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♪ the cold it gets, the better a warm fire sounds but no wood burning fire tonight. it's the first cold weather spare the air day of the season. with 1.4 million fire pits, fireplaces a wood stoves in the bay area, it beces a health hazard. over the thanksgiving holiday, 30 air monitoring stations around the bay area recorded huge spikes in particulate matter. cold nights allow massive amounts of matter to blanket the
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bay area. the bay area air quality management district says that makes a spare the air day necessy. >> when we have a winter spare the air day aler we do not aallow woo burni stoves or fire pits. >> smoke can irritate airways. violating the ban will get you a warning the rst time. the secondime it's a $400 fine. >> when if comes to air quality, our beautiful bay area kind of a mediocre ar. heat waves created enough smoke to get the region nine smoggy days 2010 compared with eig lef that's better than l.a. that had 103 days and 83 days in the san joaquin basin. when the ozone increases like this, air officials call spare
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alerts. >> the wind for the maverick surf is ope they wil look for the best waves between today and february 28th. all the surfs have 24 hou to get to the bay. this has new organizers and fans are not allowed to stand on the beach or the bluffs. that was approved after spectators were injured by strong breakers at the last mavericks. you remember that big wave knocking people over. >> they were too close. scary. look outside here. it looks a little hazy. >> it does. >> definity murky. a couple different shots to show you just how hazy it is outsid we saw behind you guys and now looking from ballmer peak. you can barely see san francisco off in the distance. hard to see now that the pollution is building up in the lower levels of the atmosphere. the reason why the spare the air
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day was issued. here's how it looks at the coast from mount tamalpais. it's even spilling out into the coast while the poorest air quality will be found in the north bay, we're all under a spare spares alert. let's talk about temperatures. cooler tha average. 46 san rafael, 48ç livermore. low to mid-50s in the rest our neighborhoods. around the monterey bay, and inland temperares in the mid to uer 50s and slitly cooler 52 in salinas. our highlights if you will -- i don't know if the spare the air day is the highlight but th's our first one. high clouds, hazy sunshine that rules our sky. light rain possible the nort bay tomorrow. the rest of us get ours friday and saturday. as far as the poor air quality, you see the north bay county the rest of us are going to do okay with moderate amounts but we can't burn either because we'll ad to that. the highs today compared to average, napa, 2 degre cooler, oakland 4, concord 6. same with redwood city.
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you see the sunset at 4:51. let's talk about temperatures in the south bay. campbe and san jose 60. upper 50s for everybody else. along the coast mid-50s for you. may squeak out a 57 in south san francisco. mid 50s throughout the north bay. ukiah may see rain. the rest of us remain dry. the east bay valleys, the air hayesiest or the haze will be the thickest and hardest to see. can't burn until midnight. haven't had update issues. they usual put one up about noon. i'll let y know if it's been extended because the same conditions are hanging around. upper 30s napa, morgan hill. the rest of us the 40s. not as frosty as this morning. still watching three areas of high pressure really stone wall this cold front and the jet
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stream more to the north. the system is stalling and that's why we've had to push the rain chances back. of the three models they use, none of them agree. here we are through friday. by friday evening we start to see the front come down and into saturday morning looks like our best push of rain for the entire bay area. another modesays it could stick around until suay and another one saying it will be through here. tricky situation. tomorrow wilbe dry except for a stray shower. look for rain for th rest of us friday and saturday. right now i'm going to call sunday and monday dry. temperatures well below arage each and eve day. >> don't you love it when all those models agree, just line up like that. (laughter) >> mike, thank you. >> federal regulators are proposing the creation of a do not track list for internet marketers that will allow market he is from tracking your ben browsing habs to send you targeted ads.
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after the government's existing do not call list. recommendations outlined in a new privacy report released today by the federal trade commission. and monday sales have topped 1 billion dollars for the first time ever. revenue ro the monday after thanksgiving. that's typically the busiest day of the year. they will release fina sales figures on thursday. >> you may be the lucky 2200 people in the bay area owed a significant chunk of change by the irs. specifically the agency owes 2280 bay area taxpayers almost $700,000. that's an average of more than $1250 per person in the bay area. the money is in the form of undelivered refund checks sent to homes where the taxpayers no longer lived. the irs says peop who think they are owed money should go to their websi, and click
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on where's my refund? >> we all wanna know. we have more ahead. the stockings by the chimney wiwi
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>> today on oprah at 4:00, find out the things you do in private are normal. on abc 7 news at 5:00, lpga players qualifying retirent thanks to a california woman who
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underwent a sex change. those stories at 5:00. >> so the whi house is all dressed up and ready for the holidays. >> michelle obama shows the theme to emphasize the simple things that bring joy. >> many were made from=c
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