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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  April 8, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> final hours for our government would have been forced to shut down. leaders in both parties reached an agreement. >> i'm pleased that senator reid and i and the white house have been able to come to an agreement that will in fact cut spending and keep our government open. >> president obama and congressional leaders hammer out a budget deal that avoid painful shut down of the federal government. they were
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close to reaching the midnight deadline. it would have been the first government shut down in 15 years. just within the last hour they have a plan to keep the government running through thursday an finalize the agreement next week. john reports. >> they waited literally until the 11th hour. >> tomorrow i'm pleased to announce washington monument as well as the entire federal government will be open for business. >>reporter: after they held one white house summit after another, dueling press conferences. >> republicans are responsible. >> we are not going to rollover. >> not on our watch. no way. no how. >> we just say no. >>reporter: in the end 2 seemingly uncompromising party found the middle ground and seal the deal. >> senator reid and the white house have been able to come to an agreement that will in fact cut spending and keep our government open. >> we didn't do it at this late hour for drama. we did it
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because it has been very hard to arrive at this point. >>reporter: shut down had already begun. the space museum tourist were ushered out until further notice. >> it is going to affect our trip. >>reporter: just in time for spring break vacationers would have been out of luck at national park. >> i will pl cray. >>reporter: yellow stone would have gone black. lady with the torch in new york the one who welcome the huddled matters yearning to breathe free she wouldn't welcome anybody for awhile. >> wanted to see the statue of liberty because in case the government shuts down. >>reporter: no paycheck for government workers. front-line troop and family that would have been fight now. get paid later. bills keep come in. >> phone bills. electric. everything. >>reporter: everything but the paycheck. 2 sign agree to pass stop gap measure funding government through thursday that gives them time to pass a budget for the rest of the year that would cut 39 billion dollars in spending and leave funding for planned parenthood untouched. this is abc news,
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washington. >> now even though political leaders reached this last minute deal just an hour ago the possibility of government shut down forced one federal agency to take action just in case. u.s. postal service cancelled all passport processing today. sign also indicated the passport office would be closed i hope definitely because of the possible government shut down. also cancelled tomorrow's national passport day. 7 bay area post office plan to offer special saturday hours specifically for passport applicant. >> we were scheduled to have passport application processing available in certain offices on saturday between ten and two. 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on april the 9th but as a result of getting a foy from the state department the we had to cance cancel. >> post office does plan to make up for tomorrow lost hours by offering to stay open for passport processing on another saturday some time in the future. uc berkeley police asking for help finding a plan who
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robbed and sexually assaulted a student on campus early this morning. it happened on the north side of campus near grove around 12:30 am. student says she was walking through campus when a man grabbed her from behind, sexually assaulted her and robbed her. police say there have been several similar attacks recently on campus. >> suspect description does match the general description of some other incident occur on campus recently however we are not ruled anything out. >> rapist described as white man in 20's with short brown hair. around 5 foot 7 inches tall. he was wearing blue denim over all and green sweatshirt. uc berkeley police want to hear from anyone in the area during the time of the assault. >> jurors wrapped up a full day of deliberation ins the bonds perjury twril no verdict. the jury is deciding on 3 counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice. federal pros cawtors say bonds lied to a grand jury about his use of steroids. jury did send 2 notes to the judge today
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asking for more information. heather is following the trial at federal court in san francisco. >> jury will begin monday morning hearing kathy hoskins testimony read back to them. this is bonds former personal shopper who saw bonds trainer anderson inject the slugger in the naval area before 2002 road trip. she testified bonds told her that's a little something something when i go on the road. can't deticket. can't catch it. hoskins was arguably the strongest witness of the trial. she cried nearly the entire time on the stand. saying she didn't want to be there testifying against bonds. but that her brother steve had thrown her under the bus. today the jury listened again to the secret ballpark audio recording steve made of anderson talking about injecting bonds. >> common factor between l the hoskins tape and the kathy hoskins testimony is evidence that barry bonds was getting injections from greg anderson. that certainly would support one count. if the jury is now
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focusing on that count they have heard evidence that could lead to a conviction. >> abc legal analyst johnson says it's clear the jury has rejected the defense argument that bonds must be acquitted because of a technicality. that is whatever he told the grand jury truth or lie had no impact on the grand jury process. >> the jury is creating for itself what the lawyers did not create which is essentially a list of bullet points that either support conviction or acquittal. they are putting the pieces of this puzzle together for themselves. they have to because the lawyers didn't. >> former trainer anderson has sevened more than a year for his combined refusal to testify against bonds. today he was released from prison for this latest incarceration of 3 week weeks. if san francisco, heather, abc 7 news. baseball story of very different sort. this was a special day in the bay area that many giants fans thought they would 97 see. for the first time ever the team raised the world series banner at
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today's home opener. don rorts from the ballpark. >> program for today's game. san francisco world series champions. >>reporter: who knows. those could be worth something some day. take a look around the ballpark today. the signs say it all. 2010 world champion. bee fitting the world champion there was a love fest at the ballpark. >> defending world champion san francisco him if giants. >>reporter: they made a grand entrance with fireworks running on to the field. brian wilson handed of the game winning ball that won the title. >> willie mays. >>reporter: doesn't get any better than this. unveiling the world championship flag. wilson takes it from willie mays. runs to center field for the flag hoisted above the ballpark. if home opener still not just excitement but new feel of confidence. >> elation. pride in the team and what it has done and what
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it can do again and tl certain him if humility. >>reporter: and enthusiasim of the fans for them it doesn't get any better. every seat taken is a sell out season. >> last season it was so special and so tense and so exciting that l you couldn't get up to go to the bathroom like at a hockey game. phenomenal. >>reporter: came from florida for opening day. >> i was born the same year they moved to san francisco 1958. i have literally waited my entire life for this. >>reporter: broadcaster relevant issued the day. far cry from the miserable day l in can stick park. >> we were both windy and big and rugly and how to get rid of it. >>reporter: well the giants d.they are now at&t park. day of emotion. drama and excitement. and opening day is any indication, we are in for one wild ride this season. at&t park 7 news. >> and the coveted world series
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trophy spent the entire pre-game celebration on display behind home plate for all the fans to enjoy. >> we welcome a giants fan and season ticket holder to go back to the first year in san francisco 1958 l please say hello to james salmon. >>reporter: an as symbol of the team bond with the fans giants closer brian wilson presented the ball that he threw out for the final out that clinched the world series championship. that ball will ultimately pwb be displayed at at&t park. jints pay tribute brian stoe at today home opener. photo of stoe and his 2 children was shown on the jumbotron nearly 300,000 dollars has been raised for the 42-year-old paramedic. he is still in a medically induced coma after satisfy annually beaten by 2 men at donor stadium after the season opener last week. today the mayor of los angeles and the police chief announce new security
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measures. >> if you are coming dodger stadium to cause trouble, i advise you to stay home. because you will be arrested. those off duty officers will be in uniform. will have not only the authority of arrest as los angeles police officers but the authority passed down to the dodgers to revoke your right to attend the game. >> giants will face off against the dodgers in san francisco on monday. that game will be dedicated to stoe. as for today's 12th inning win against the cardinals we have full highlights just ahead in sports. >> blast from the past. him if still to co-implosion of the former oak knoll naval hospital. what happens now to the major piece of property in the oakland hills. >> also. it's official reprieve for the cal baseball team. show you who earned the save. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast snevrment unusual
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weather phenomenon this weekend called warmth. stay opportunity for details in my accu-weather forecast. >> later. what could be the future of warfare. military makes dramatic test of long future of warfare. military makes dramatic test of long distance laser beam 
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>> pamly friends of beloved restaurant owner in oakland mourning his death tonight. he was shot and killed early this morning in what police think was botched robbery. vick lae has more on what happened and enormous loss to the community. >> there are times people would come in here and he would just feed them. he was just a kind
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kind person. >>reporter: roy was one of jesus best friend. he knew him for 30 years. >> mr. campos was walking to his business. just opened a side door into the restaurant. he was accosted by 2 suspect. looked like an attempt robbery that went bad. mr. campos was shot. >> he was rushed to the hospital where he died. family and friends gather outside his home. across the street from his restaurant. they tried to mick some sense of the tragedy. >> we lost a good man. he gave everything. >>reporter: about he was a community leader. former president of the fruitvale merchant association. businessman who owned 2 other restaurants in numerous other businesses. he was the man who rose from humble beginnings. fichlts member of the union.
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about his dream was to own a restaurant. >>reporter: merchant crowded into a nearby restaurant for a hazily called meeting with the mayor. reporters not allow entered but participant say it was an angry meeting. merchant were fed up with the crime here on international boulevard. chief abbas promised more help. >> we have had complaints from robbery to prostitution. we will manufacture those resources along those lines. >> haven't been addressed. it took finally an icon in our community who basically gave rise to the development of this pl district to get killed to finally rally us. >>reporter: merchant in the city are offering a 30,000 dollar reward. >> if we hope the community will give back by helping us feigned the people about who are responsible for his death. >>reporter: now witness say the killer drove off in a two,000 buick regal or pontiac gray color very clean with 20 inch rim tires. now again there is 30,000 dollar reward.
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10 from the city and 20 from the merchant but the reward merit says is sure to grow because it was so popular and so loved. vick lee, 7 news. >> l end came today for the former oak knoll naval hospita hospital. [ implosion] if demolition crew brought down this once state of the art facility implosion opens the way for mainly change in the oakland hills. but as lee ann reports, many of those today were sorry to see the building go. it was one of those you had to be there moments. captain joanne would not miss this. she worked at the oak knoll naval hospital on and off from 1972 to 1996 when it closed. >> my inside were shaking. it was like you know like watching
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something you love go away permanently. i still teary no now. meant so many things to see him people. >> lynn is a vietnam vet. his son was born here. >> he was born here in 1985 and cold as hell winter let me tell you november. it was even cold in the hospital. you needed to wear a jacket to stay there. >>reporter: the hospital opened in 1968. it served medical personnel throughout different conflicts. it was a huge training facility. when the base closed the empty building began to attract the homeless who started moving in. then in 2005 about development bought the property. the plan was to have 9 60 homes commercial space and several parks. but in 2008 sun cal main partner leem an brothers went bankrupt. sun cal still looking fora partner. in the mean time the demolition plans had to be carried out. they
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placed 800 pounds of dynamite on 5 levels. jim of die con explosive demolition gives us the play by play. >> now you heard the boom boom boom boom before the explosives. that is the prime cord lighting the fuse so to speak in the couple and had a 9 second delay. him if. >>reporter: steve started out as patient and later worked here. >> we build good organization here and trained a lot of good people. hate to see it go. a lot of good memory. >>reporter: in oakland 7 abc 7 news. >> what a job. sgrool play ball that's the word from the university of california today. campus officials announce extraordinary fundraising effort to safety men varsity baseball team from elimination. it was a team effort former players, parents and lump 98 came together to raise 9 million dollars to save the program. l thanks to the him if passion and commitment and
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generosity of our community l they provided the financial rae sources for us to have 7 to continue years of our pl cost in baseball covered. >>reporter: last fall school officials cut 4 sports programs including men baseball to bring the budget in line. school faced a 70 milliollar short fall in large part because of state funding cuts. cal baseball is currently ranked 13th in the nation. thank goodness the program is saved. >> absolutely. and we have some great baseball weather coming up start thanksgiving weekend. >> okay you were saying few sprinkle at the game today. giants game. but not enough to cause any issues there. >> no. nothing to interfere with the game or stop it at al all. lasted few minutes and went away and giants won. >> live view from the sutro camera. looking out over the city of san francisco. clear night. chilly one. it is going to get even chillier. one last look at live doppler 7
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hd. you can see bay area has ended. gone away. things coming down now and they will warm-up. are.
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>> we'll be whevt calmer weather. mainly sunny skies and whole lot milder and l overnight tonight we see a little bit of a chill in some spots clover dale and inland east bay 35 and livermore see low of 39 at santa cruz and 38 at morgan hill. then low 40's right around the bay. and tomorrow sunny skies in the south bay. high will be in the mid 60's about 65 at campbell and los gatos. 64 san jose. on the peninsula low to mid 60's with high at 64. palo alto and mountain view mid upper 50's at the coast. pacifica and a half man bay. in and around san francisco high of 61 downtown 58 degrees in the sun set district. north bay high will be mainly in the mid 60's up to 67. santa rosa 66 calistoga 65 and novato nearest bay high low 60's. 63
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at oak land. 62 at union city and newark. inland east bay will be just a little bit milder. low to mid 60's up to 65 at concord 64 at danville and please anton and monterey bay look for high in the low 60's near watsonville santa cruz 59 at monterey and low mid 60's inland. here's the 7 day forecast mild weather all the way through 7 day period. one little wrinkle is the slight chance of showers in the north bay on monday but it is slate and by thursday friday of next week we look at high pressure in the 70's again. finally spring arrives and maybe actually stick around this time. >> so nice we had the brief burst of warmth about. >> we d.we even had some of the plants and shrubs in bloom and they had to retract when the cold spell came but they will open up again. >> hopefully next week. >> okay. >> just ahead. on line banking noovs the smart phone. 7 on your side michael finney shares you doing your banking on your
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computer may be a thing of the past because cell phones are an option. we size up the benefit of local banking and the risk including the security prae causes you need to take. >> like a growing number of people katie does almost all her banking on her smart phone. >> i don't need to find an atm or computer to know what is going on in my pwching account. >>reporter: consumer report money advisor says bank on a cell phone is like having an atm in your pocket. >> text banking done with the simple of phones. message to get the account balance. you get text message when the balance is low. or when withdrawal or deposits are posted. >>reporter: if you have a smart phone like her or
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computer you can transfer money and pay bills, too. >> there are also banking application designed specifically for your bank and model of phone. chase for example will let you take a picture of the check with your camera phone and deposit it. >>reporter: you need to make sure your banking on the go is secure. >> never do mobile bank on public wi-fi network. when on the bank web site look for the little lock symbol in the browser to know you are on a secure site. >>reporter: also a good idea to install security software. that way you can safely join katie and 39 million other americans who already do mobile banking. >> i know exactly what is in my k.when things have cleared. you know. when money is coming out. i feel in very on top of my finances. >>reporter: consumer report says there is another plus to banking on your cell phone. banks typically don't charge fees for this service. now for more information on secure mobile banking go to our web site. that's 7 on your side.
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>> and when we continues tonight, the seismic safety of our schools. i team in california watch investigate why thousands of them are not up to code. >> also new legislation in sacramento that could put curb on the red late camera state wide. >> and banning tanning. should children under the age of 18 be turned away from tanning bed. children under the age of 18 be turned away from tanning bed. another half hour of news7
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>> good evening once again. here's a look at some of the headlines we are following tonight. congress and president have reached a deal to avoid a government shut down. they came within just hours of that midnight deadlin deadline. house and senate approved a bridge plan to keep
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the government running through thursday. they will finalize the agreement next week that will cut 38 billion dollars in spending. >> uc berkeley police asking for help finding the man who robbed and sexually assault add student on campus early this morning. it happened on the north side of the campus near grove around 12:30 am. police say there have been several similar attacks recently. >> barry bonds jury finished first day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. jurors did ask to rehear secret audio recording of trainer greg anderson talking about injecting bonds. trial analyst say it may indicate the jury is leaning toward a guilty verdic verdict. >> thoughts of public school around the state not meeting mandated seismic standard that's the finding of our media partner california watch non-profit bipartisan project of the center for invest give reporting. they sifted through documents and found serious lapse that could put your children this danger during a major earthquake. dan reports.
9:31 pm
>>reporter: in the small coastal town he tried to track down answers. >> i have never done investigation work. >>reporter: to find out whether his son's school would be safe in an earthquake. >> i knew something wasn't right. >>reporter: under a state law known as the field act all school construction project must be earthquake resistant. the act was put into place after the devastating 1933 long beach earthquake. 70 schools collapsed and 120 people died. yet burns and fellow resident jeff found structural work at the school had been done without the state approval. >> that's when the light bulb went on. we began to realize that there are potentially thousands and thousands of other projects. >>reporter: it turns out they are rate. year long california watch investigation findthousanl construction project completed state wide don't comply with the field alaska. california division of state architect or dsa the agency in charge of
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enforcing the law has never approved those projects as safe. california watch reporter johnson. >> there's upwards to 20,000 school projects that do not conform to l these pl field standard. >>reporter: not just small districts like this one. los angeles unified school district finished this new milt school just 6 years ago. yet state records indicate the huge window walls 3 stories high may not be properly anchored and pose a risk to students in a quake. when california watch reporter went to ask district officials for answers. >> step off the school property. officer pleases cort them off campus. >> not a perfect system on any part. >>reporter: officials condition seed thousands of school project lack state certification. spokesman l lamb row claims most are simply missing paperwork. >> at this point we don't believe that any of those projects pose a significant
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threat. >>reporter: but some experts like earthquake engineer consultant peter yarn aren't convinced. >> obviously the system is not doing what it should. >>reporter: in fact this report from 2006 said some school projects were being completed without adequate oversight. sometimes with dangerous construction flaws. >> washington what that tells me is we are building a school in california not properly designed and l checked in the field make sure properly built. that's a problem. >>reporter: back in 2002 the dsa prepared a list of schools the state itself called likely not to perform well in an earthquake. more than 7500 additional buildings state wide but nine years later california watch found most sit unrepaire unrepaired. former state architect says many of those schools need to be looked at right away. >> priority has to be answering the questions that you are answering in terms of are the schools truly safe.
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>>reporter: california watch brought its findings to state senator ellen. >> i think we should do whatever we can to make sure that these rules and laws are placed on the book are being enforced. >>reporter: she chairs the earthquake and disaster preparedness committee. >> we definitely need to ask some very tough questions to find out where the problems are. and do something about it. >>reporter: for the i team, abc 7 news. >> los angeles yawn fight school district maintains the middle school shown in that story was constructed to field standard and critical phase of the design were approved by the state architect office but an inspector who worked on the job says the contradict needs to tear open the wall to verify the proper fix were his made. that has yet to be done. read california watch report at california or on our web site. >> law makers in sacramento are considering a bill requiring city and counties to prove that red late camera are installed for safety purposes and not to generate revenue. city and private company that administer
9:35 pm
red light camera programs are expected to oppose the measure. intersection was those camera would have to be marked and measure would also set up tougher rules about notifying those caught on camera running red lights. also calls for city to test the camera to make sure they are accurate and keep track of whether they actually help prevent accidents. >> tanning bed seen resurgence in popularity. sarah palin put one in the governor mansion in alaska. and then there's reality star snookie jersey j shore fame every home should have one but they increase the risk of skin cancer especially for young people. britain just banned them for teenagers and as lindsay reports, california lawmakers may be set to follow that lead. >>reporter: the bright bold color of prom season are back. when tan skin is often the accessory of choice. but not if you are a teen in great britain. children now banned from using sun beds. that same effort is also under way here in the u.s. 12 states currently have bills pend that
9:36 pm
go propose age restriction for using commercial tanning salon. in the golden state voting could begin as soon as monday to ban those under 18. texas already has a law that prohibits those under 16 and a half. >> i have a name for these tanning pwechltd i call them cancer could have financial. i think if they only knew the real risk because you see melanoma it kills our younger miami. >>reporter: according to the skin cancer foundation days indoor tang before age 35 raises the risk for melanoma deadliest form of skin cancer by 75 percent. if she had no idea she could be putting herself at risk when she started using tanning beds in the 9th grade. >> i was told that it was safe. >>reporter: she has been battling melanoma off and on for the last deck aichltd do you think that your daughter got cancer because of the ta tanning bed rather than natural sunshine. >> definitely the tanning beds. >>reporter: the world health organization recently added tanning beds to the group 1
9:37 pm
list of cancer causing substances. same group as cigarettes. while the fda is considering stricter regulation on tanning beds they are currently in the same medical category as band-aid. indoor tanning association maintenance the decision should be left up to a teen parent. release this statement. if such a law were to pass a 17-year-old could drive a car. get married. have children. two off to college. join the military. and not be allowed to suntan indoors. lindsay davis abc news, new york. >> just ahead. california high speed rail doesn't work out, perhaps the super bus will. we'll explain this future new way of
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 >> take a look at the boat. this is no ordinary engine fire. it was started by a laser beam fired from a mile away on board u.s. navy destroyer. navy is at the tim timing the 15 kilowatt laser off the central coast of california near st. nick last island. first time it has been used on a moving target at sea. military officials say they expect to put laser weaponry on ships by the next decade. >> pl alternative to high speed rail. it is called the super bus and top speed is 155 mivrments it runs on electric motor. super bus seats 23
9:41 pm
passengers who climb in and out through these doors. project being led by former dutch astronaut now an aerospace professor. createstors say it could be a cheaper way to reduce congestion than building rail lines. bus now on its way to dubai for demonstration there next month. pretty sleek looking. >> perhaps know better place than stanford university in the heart of silicon valley to inspire young entrepreneur. that's exactly is what happening this week. we report on unique boot camp and students taking part. >> these 3 stanford students have an idea for a start up. it is called one card and a way for people to securely con sol indicate their credit debit and store reward card. >> you have such a big wallet so imagine if you can carry all that on just your phone. so that's what we are aiming to doyshtion that's just one example of the business vision gathered in the room. conference is put on by the business association of stanford entrepreneur students
9:42 pm
and business today. l it attracts bright mind from across the country. the workshop are like a giant brain storming session for success. >> about what we are doing is trying to take our idea, our vision and trying to disrupt something out there that isn't working properly this. >>reporter: year stanford boot camp has presentation from some of the valley biggest success story such as google and twitter jim shared his experience at building a billion dollar company. barton encourages students to follow their passion and learn from their mistakes. >> catch phrase in the valley these days is fail fast. found out that didn't work. go try the next thing. >>reporter: students are not only learning from the key note speakers and each other they are walking away more motivated than ever. >> you can do it and youngest person was 19 so that is really inspiring so know we have a
9:43 pm
chance in the world and willing to support us and willing to listen to our idea. >>reporter: you might see this is a 4 day incubator for innovation. if one car doesn't take off another idea will. at stanford, abc 7 news. just ahead. california entrepreneur who is inspiring thousands of people including many celebrities to go bare foot for a cause. >> and rare ultrasound of baby walrus. pvl birth one hardly >> and rare ultrasound of baby walrus. pvl birth one hardly ever seen in
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>> california east entrepreneur built a multi-million dollar business getting people the buy his shoes. designs among the trendiest foot wear on the sidewalk right now. but he's trying to change the world now by giving those shoes away and getting celebrity to go bare foot. george has more. >> i never would have imagined that i would become a shoe sales man so that could i give away shoes. that idea seems ludicrous. it may be crazy but the 34-year-old founder of tom shoes calls himself both ceo and csg. that's chief shoe givrment he wants to make sure every child that needs a pair of shoes gets one. he calls the business model 1 to unwith. >> i want to help the kid get
9:47 pm
shoes. didn't want to make it hard to keep track of. i said sell a pair and give a paivrment he meant it. tom stand for better tomorrow has given away over 1 million pairs of shoes in the u.s. and 24 other country to keep kid warm and protected. the employees take part in a dozen shoe drop. personally pairing shoe was children. >> when you put the shoe on a chilled if the it's a really intimate personal experience. you are sharing with that chil child. you see the joy on the kids faces. really touched me. >> that child will never care about the numbers of shoes we have given await a minute all they care about is they are getting a brand new pair of shoes in a loving way. that is such an awesome experience. >>reporter: catching on too. this past tuesday tom launched annual day without shoe campaign encouraging others to experience what so many poor kids deal with every day. hundreds of thousands took him up on it. including heather
9:48 pm
gram and jonas brothers. all kicking off their shoes and going bare foot. they took the cause to the streets and on line. posting pictures and video on the internet. >> it really is a day of awareness andtiveism. you are doing something. when you give people the opportunity to did that the it transforms their experience. pa they are part of a movement. >>reporter: movement that began with one man's brain storm. >> i had an idea. and it was a small idea when we started. anyone can mick a difference and they don't have to have it be some huge global xaichbility you can start small that's just as important. >>reporter: whev a link for you on the one for one shoe campaign on our web site. if click on see it on tv. >> we gate unique glance at baby walrus at 6 flag discovery kingdom in vallejo before born. this is latest ultrasound technology showing the walrus in the mother woom and color
9:49 pm
version here really details the baby feature. 16 yearly mother set to give birth month. this in itself is very rawr event. only 11 walrus calfs born in north american zoo. main land china newest site of one of the happiest places on earth. disney broke ground for kingdom in shanghai. construction is expected to take about 5 years. disney fourth theme park outside the u.s. disney of course is abc 7 parent company. one more check on our happy forecast with spencer christian who promises us true spring weather on the way. >> it is a happy forecast. we look at leif doppler 7 hd showing no precipitation here in the bay area. pl bout of wild whacky weather is over but inning time lapse view of clouds building up over the bay today. this is from the sutro
9:50 pm
camera lacking towards the north northeast this afternoon. some of the clouds con moisture spring els at the jints game at the park tonight but not enough to interfere with the game. high pressure tomorrow will be mainly in the mid 60's. going to be a pleasantly mild day. mailed weather starting tomorrow for the next 6 or 7 days and then here we good. jints game tomorrow evening at 6:05. game time at at&t park taking on the cardinals again. clear at 6:05:00 p.m. and coo cool. temperature at the start of the game 55 agrees and dropping to around 50 or so. so cool baseball weather but baseball guess on. here's the 7 day forecast. 7 days of mild weather. ending up with high pressure next thursday and friday climbing into the 70's again which we have not seen in quite some time. i'm sure we'll embrace it pardon mely. >> yes indeed. thank you expenseer. >> collin is back from the ballpark now. what a day that was. >> talk about a roller coaster.
9:51 pm
>> scorcher. >> say it for reasons f.pomp and circumstance of home opener is over. banner flying high and on the field drama high once again. yes the torture does continue but the panda once again. yes the torture does continue but the panda providing some
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. growing pains for popular urban farmer. why a bay area city wants substantial amount of cash because of her back yard
9:54 pm
crop. >> and sfo to par is in 2 minutes. take you around the world with berkeley photographer viral video. all coming up in an hour on 7 news over on channel 7. rate now though collin is in for larry knight tonight with sports and boy whether a giants home opener it was. >> i have a theory about this. price for picture obviously through the roof for home opener. players thought let's give them a little extra baseball today. >> give them a show. >> make that ticket worth more for their money you got it y.would we think this season would be any different. torture continues in 2011. the giants home opener had a little of everything. raising of the world series champion. l way the game 18 ed high drama and relief. picture perfect day at at&t. yes. the champ they are back and playing like it early. first at bat in san francisco. miguel deep to left and gone. solo homer ties the game at
9:55 pm
one. later in the third. sanchez rate field line just fair. that double with sanche sanchez. in the sec. pat the bat adding to the lead. blast to straight away center. burl leaving the yard third homer of the year. 3-1. nice tiedy whip. no. wilson on to close-out a 3-2 game. bases loaded. drives in a couple runs. cardinal on top 4-3. fear not pablo sandoval different player this year 2 out in the bottom the 9th. tie the game. rowan at the plate and fittingen. started nichbt inning rally. sell out crowd of 42,000 home happy off the wall. 5-4 joints. reaction from the hero. felt good at the plate. so i didn't care what pitch it was. just try to get something over the plate and hit hard. that simple. >> kind of put the personal stuff aside. just happy the
9:56 pm
seam won. ballots hard and come out on top in the end. >>reporter: now the pre-game ceremony was something else. after each player touched the championship banner wilson took over. ban interhand up the ladder in center. through the crowd then the ceremony raising 2010 champion. >> it was an honor to be a part of this and be the guy that pits up on. really cool special moment for the city. >>reporter: great day in san francisco. a's and minnesota home opener. anderson dealing for oak land. freezes the nasty fly in the third. 4th inning. michael. take a seat. 5 k for anderson. enter 8 with 1 nothing lead. 2 out in the 8. rip a sink toll right. danny will score. game tied. next bat. former mvp mauhar single sharply to left. matt scores turn out to be the game winner 2-1 twins. a's fall to
9:57 pm
2 and 5. formula tonight is simple as it gets for the shar shark. deep phoenix. 2 point points. they secure the west second seat for the play off. didn't happen. shark fans. surfacing in the desert. get it. i know you do. second period game tied at one. l snevrment whitney for the one timer. moments later phoenix 2 on 1. aircraft passes to him and wins. 3-1. this gives 1,000 career points. sharks rally falls short. fall 4-3 and do not get that second seat as of yet. message for my wif wife. just try to keep me from watching the masters this wean. just try. i dare her. tiger woods is she's not watching tonight. tiger woods on the attack in augusta. field has taken notice of that. a lot of movement at the top of the leader bore. i hope she's not watching. round of the day came from jason day from the
9:58 pm
nichbility swinging out of his shoe within a foot to set up birdie. yes he likes this. 8 underscore. minus 8 for the tournament. 2 shot back and this guy rory bringing it again today. beautiful chip on 2. that sets up a birdie. minus 10 after 3 69. now to tiring. 7 under. only final 11 hole that's hot. far 4 14. second shot within a foot. tapping birdie. 6 under. 66 7 under. d with tied with troy in third 3 back of mack el roy. mickelson even par 72. 8 back of the irish man. cal bears baseball lives on. welcome news for story program that dates back 118 years. former reinstatement happen once supporters raise original goal of 10 million dollars. total above 9 million today. now the program can get back to
9:59 pm
preparing for 2012 and beyond. >> we have to hit recruiting trail and get the players, necessary to compete in the new pack 12 and that's going to be a task in itself. rather have that hard job than the job of not being here next year. >> great news for cal baseball. unfortunately after receiving great news not a great outcome in in tucson. fall to arizona. 5-4. win at usc. complete game. 4 hitters. a gem from him. >> terrific the program is back. >> it is. that was welcome news. >> about good one spencer. he should she should be asleep. >> newer big trouble. that does it for this edition of 7 news at 9:00 on tv 20. for spencer and collin who is in trouble i'm carolyn. good spencer and collin who is in trouble i'm carolyn. good night for now.


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