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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  April 11, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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 >> dodger giants rivalry one of the most steroid rivalry in the history of the game. >> but when the last out is made that rivalry ends on the field. >>reporter: donors and giants face off for the first time since the attack on a fan. and the team join forces in front of the crowd at at&t park.
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>> good evening. >> the san francisco giants are playing the dodgers at home right now. and injured fan is on everyone's mind. the attack on brian stow last month has prompted tighter security at the giants ballpark tonight. allen joins us now from the stadium with more. allen? >>reporter: giants dodger rivalry usually brings out pretty rowdy crowd but tonight the crowd seems a little more tame than usual. everyone seemed to be conscientious of the beefed up security after giants fan stow severely beaten last week in la. security tells us more uniform police and security officers at is what being called high profile game. before the game both teams took the field to dedicate the game to brian stow and to address any tension that might be brewing among the fan fans. >> i don't think i need to tell you guys about the dodger giants rivalry. it's one of
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the most steroid rivalry in the history of the game. pl but in honoring that lively ri and honoring the stow family we ask that you respect that rivalry and you respect each other as fans. >> we need to be a little kinder to each other and remember this is just a game. i think they put it best it's so competitive on the field but when it is done they leaf it there. that's what fans need to do the same thing. >>reporter: about 100 friends and volunteer gather donation before the game for stow medical expenses. his brother john says he is still in a medically induced coma and condition not changed. we also found out that donor fans in la raised 61,000 dollars for brian today at dodger stadium. so far there have been no major disruption but police say most of the problems occur after the game. we have a full report for you tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. reporting live from
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at&t park in san francisco. back to you dan. >> all right allen thanks. >> we are getting word tonight of a critical arrest by the marin county sheriff. man wanted for the murder of 4 different people. the sheriff tonight arrested 77-year-old joseph in lake tahoe. 4 victims were killed in the late 70's early 90's. all the murder happened in marin count county. news conference is scheduled for tomorrow. >> police at uc berkeley investigating a pair of sex crimes tonight. woman reported being grabbed by a man who looked something like this. last thursday night near the valley life science building. hour and a half later a woman was robbed by a man who then forced hader to perform a sexual act in the grove area. because of the description are similar, campus police believe the same man may have been responsible for both attacks. >> there is a mainly difference of pep tonight on what pg&e should have to pay for missing a dead line in the san bruno pipeline investigation. utility has agreed to 3 million dollar
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fine but may never be able to meet demand for record dating back 50 years or more. penalty is now in the hands of an addative law judge. david lou has our story. >> at the start of the year pg&e was ordered to produce safety records for its gas pipe lane by march 15. however the search proves difficult. in a series of meetings pg&e said it told the staff at the p uc dead line couldn't be met. >> we thought it was clearly understood certainly by all of the staff people we were meeting with what we were going to be able to physically do and what we would physically do later. >>reporter: when pg&e failed to comply it faced a hefty fine. up known to at least 2 of the state commissioners, p uc staff had negotiated a 3 million dollar fine. plus another 3 million if it miss as second dead leap in august. commission must now decide whether to approve, amend or reject the salt lake cityment. watch dog group say pg&e should
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face a stiffer penalty if it fails to produce the records in august. >> if they fail to meet the deadline in the compliance plan should be increased more in the range of 30 million dollars not just another 3 million dollars. >>reporter: pg&e spokesman says it is continuing to search for the requested documents. >> this was a monumental effort we worked extremely hard to meet and in some cases there were pipeline records that still may be missing and that effort continues. >>reporter: executive director of the state p uc declined to address any misunderstanding between pg&e and his staff over the original of my 15 dead line. >> we need the people doing that record search is and doing the engineering analysis. >>reporter: pg&e top gas engineer updated commission on the ongoing safety program. as part of the effort 20 high risk leak were discovered and repaired. for now pg&e says it agrees with the stipulated fine of 3 million dollars now and
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additional 3 million if it doesn't produce all the record by the end of august. it says it wants to move on. in san francisco, david lou abc 7 news. now to the barry bonds perjury trial. jury has been focusing on the testimony of bonds former personal shorp. jury wanted hoskins testimony reread to them. hoskins claims she witnessed bonds former trainer greg anderson give him injection in the stomach. prosecutors contend those injection were his human growth hormone. >> family friends and neighbors gather in oakland tonight where popular restaurant owner killed last week. men and whimper formed a ceremony indian dress to honors campos. police say he was shot during a botched robbery attempt while he opened the mexican restaurant. shop owners say they are concerned about the wave of violence in the area but tonight resident paem appeal to one another to not be afraid. >> we need to protect ourselve ourselves. we need to understand that today is today
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and tomorrow is in the programsed. >>reporter: the group then paused for a movement silence. police said no new development in the investigation into campos death. >> san francisco has something oakland wants. big name companies. oakland mayor is crossing the bridge to try to convince those businesses to reelectric. here's cecelia with jean kwan controversial pitch. >>reporter: thinks a tale of 2 city. ballots of the bay between san francisco and oakland that all comes down to one thing. location. location. location. >> it has this sort of cool culture up town with the art measure muir and great restaurants and the great difficulty versus ty of the city. >>reporter: oakland mayor kwan is talking about her city. not san francisco. and during a secret sales pitch last week those are just some of the sell points she made to san francisco big name tech company like open table and yellp. she wants to lure them to her turf and she is not the least bit
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ashamed about it. >> we have better weather. we are closer to downtown san francisco than most san francisco. >>reporter: gaming company could save 35 million dollars over 5 years by moving to oakland. did she mention the weather yet? >> plus when you add the fact that we are cooler and have better weather in the sense of the culture. >>reporter: on the other side of the bay mayor lee is hardly worried. >> that's a strong word. >>reporter: san francisco doing its best to make sure the company it has don't leave. it just passed a tax break to keep 20th intertoychbility i don't mind because it goes both ways f.there is something that interests us in oakland we might do the same. >>reporter: one other thing oakland has that san francisco doesn't. that is cheaper rent. commercial real estate here rents for 10 dollars less per square foot. but one of san francisco biggest selling points may be oakland notorious crime problem.
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>> i think if somebody has made a decision to move to oakland, they are sophisticated enough to know there are parts of oakland that are great just lake any big city and parts of any big city that are great to be in. >>reporter: in this tale of 2 city it turns out there may actually be a third. as to whether she also has her eyes on approaching silicon valley business the mayor said no comment. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> the politics of pot. coming up. medical marijuana and local labor leaders quantityed behind a campaign to bring good union jobs to san jose. >> health care overhaul now in the wind in washington. what it could mean to those who got free health care in oakland today. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast snevrment end of week warm-up. both in accu-weather forecast snevrment end of week warm-up. both in the forecast coming >> do you think you need the trash can over there. >> and too good to be true? david beckham got everyone wondering if this fancy foot
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>> collision at jfk airport tonight. air france world biggest commercial passenger jet bass to take off to paris when the wing clipped the tail a flight had just landed from boston and heading to the gate. no one was injured. both jets were towed back to a ramp for inspection. they were danieled but no word so far to what accident. >> word from tokyo tonight japan has raised the newshawk alert to level 7. that's the highest possible. equivalent of chernobyl type accident. day to high radiation levels. it comes as firefighters continue to battle a fire this damaged nuclear plant. japan was also hit by a pair of large after shock today. magnitude
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6.3 couple of hours ago and bigger one earlier today that was measured at 6.6. now that one shook things off shelves at least 3 people were killed and nearly 1 million homes lost electricity. the first after shock also knocked out power in the cooling tower of the fukushima nuclear plant. before raising alert level the japanese government extended evacuation zone around the plenty to include 5 more citie cities. >> thousands of people waited in line over the weekend outside the oakland coliseum for free health care. couple dozen of them already lined up tonight waiting in the cold ahead of tomorrow final chance to see a dogtor and eye doctor or dentist. health care advocate say there is no better sign of the need for reform. story now from political reporter mark matthews. >>reporter: inside the hall of the oakland a stadium volunteers set up a dental clinic, eye clinic, and general medicine center. >> we were here last night at
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10:00 o'clock. >>reporter: so you waited all night. >> all night. yes. no sleep. >>reporter: lily came here from man teak a. 60 miles awa away. >> because i continue have insurance. i don't have health insurance. so i need to, you know, see the doctor and then the dentist, too. >>reporter: part-time hair stylist tells me it has been a year since she has seen a dentist or doctor. total of 3000 will be seen by volunteers here before the clinic wraps up and moves on tomorrow night. >> really highlights the need for universal health care. >>reporter: oakland congressman lee toured the temporary clinic today. saying republicans in the house of representatives should take a look at how many people are in need. but republic caps in the house say they want cuts to health care spending or refuse to raise the debt ceiling. causing the u.s. to default on its loans. >> there will not be an increase in the debt limit without something really, really big attached to it. >>reporter: hello. i'm congressman paul ryan from wisconsin. chair of the house
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budget committee laid out a plan to replace medicare with subsidy to the elderly so they could buy their own health insurance. >> pretty clear that representative ryan proposal is the first shot across the bow. >>reporter: of bruce cane says republicans know that ryan plan won't get passed but republicans stake out their position. >> of course the fear on the part of many democrats is that obama will mav much more toward ryan than ryan will mav towards 0bam eric's for lily, the debate is depressing. >> really sad we are having all this argument. that you will discussion l. they don't care about people really. so basically, i don't know, be more human. >>reporter: on wednesday the president will deliver a speech on his budget plan. tonight another line will form outside the a's stadium in oakland and hoping to see a doctor or dentist on the final day of the free clinic being told get in
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line by midnight. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. pl labor joining the push for medical marijuana in san jose. it's about money. politics and jobs. l we have more on what advocate call the campaign for sensible rules. >>reporter: these medical marijuana advocate line up today to tie the knot with a powerful labor union. marriage agreement is called the silicon valley cannabis coalition for sensibility and dignity. cannabis operators get union clout while the united food and commercial workers get yawn jobs in a budding industry. >> these are good middle class jobs. medical marijuana industry. we have more than 200 members that work in those jobs. we want to see that grow so they can kind of build their power and build their legitimacy. >>reporter: medical marijuana sales could hit 8.9 billion dollars in just 5 years. there are already union cannabis shops in oakland and other
9:17 pm
communities and operators say it is a natural partnership. >> kind of like a meeting of the mind in a had the of ways because reality is is that we want good regulation. >>reporter: san jose about to hammer out its own rules. city wants to pair down the more than 100 clubs it says are now operating illegally. mayor says the city will discuss a couple of different option to allocate permit. >> i would be happy to auction them off to the highest bird on ebay and sort of have a butte contest to see which looks the best. >>reporter: coalition has own ideas on how many collective should be allowed and who should operate them calling the idea of an auction of ridiculous. >> all it will do is invite the people with the most money drug deal investigators get permit. >>reporter: much anticipated city council meeting tomorrow afternoon will tackle a number of controversial regulations including whether to cap the number of collective at 10
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n.san jose, corina rusk abc 7 news. >> spencer back now with the full accu-weather forecast. >> started today kind of cool. clouds around. things start to warm-up in the afternoon but the big warm-up is coming at the end of the week. wait for that. i can't wait for that actually. live view right now from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville looking at at&t park where the giants are trailing the dodgers right now but believe me got them right where they want the them. go to the board to look at the current temperature readings. we have temperatures dropping down into the upper 40's now in the inland areas and near the coast as well. san francisco 49 degrees. 51 at oakland and low 50's at many other inland locations. these are the highlights it will be clear and cool overnight. mainly sunny tomorrow. chance of showers mainly in the north bay on wednesday. l satellite radar composite image shows frontal system that brought us early clouds today. system fell apart cloud disappear tomorrow high pressure build ins to bring us mostly sunny
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and then we have another frontal system on wednesday. that has more clouds and more moisture that brings us a chance of rain on wednesday. now that chance is mainly from the north bay but there is the possibility that a shower or 2 can pop up just about anywhere. so start our forecast animation at 5:00 o'clock wednesday morning at which point we already see a couple wet spots beginning of the morning commute and front sweeps in we see some more light rain l widely scattered hyped the frontal system. then by mid afternoon the front will be out of the bay area drying off so this is rain event on wednesday that will not last very long an not expected to produce a lot of rainfall. okay. tonight. we will feel a little bit of a chill during the overnight hours. low pressure in the early morning hours drop down to 38 at santa rosa. 39 at napa. low 40's in most other inland locations and rate around the bay we see mid upper 40's so cool night and chilly one in some spots but not very cold night. then tomorrow pleasant mild day. certainly inland areas in the south bay we see high pressure in the mid 60's up to 64 san jose campbell. 65 at los gato
9:20 pm
gatos. on the peninsula look for high in the low 60's. 63 at redwood city. menlo park 63 and palo alto loss at ocean -- at os. half moon bay breezy and in and around san francisco high at 58. sunset district 60 degrees downtown san francisco. north bay it will be a little bit milder than here in the city. look for high in the mid 60's for the most part. 66 degrees in santa rosa. 65 in napa. 64 in sonoma. of course cooler on the coast. 56 at bodega bay. 57 stinson beach. nearest bay high in the low 60's. 63 at union city castro valley an oakland and inland east bay a little bit mirld up into the mid 60's there. 65 at fitzberg. 64 livermore near monterey bay high 60's at monterey. 64 santa cruz inland and morgan hill. here's alaska weather 7 day forecast clouds on wednesday. chance of showers mainly in the north bay. dry and mailed on thursday. chance slight chance
9:21 pm
of showers on friday not very great chance but warm-up into the low to mid 70's inland. right around 70 around the bay and 60 on the coast so we have a very mild spring like weaned coming our way. >> thanks spencer. >> come up. robs women of their eye sight disorder and new hope on every supermarket shelf. >> plus in the name of healthy food. one school isn't just banning pea nuts and candy. they say no home made lunches. >> hay profile republican they say no home made lunches. >> hay profile republican tossing
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>> leading caution of vision loss in americans 65 and older is macular degeneration. younger women can cut the risk of disease in half by eating more food you probably already have in your home. here's
9:24 pm
lindsay davis. >>reporter: she's following her doctor orders. essentially take 2 cup of the leafy vegetable and call me in the morning. white is in the early stages of macular degeneration. >> he said right now pretty early an it's okay. >>reporter: with able related macular degeneration a.m. d many maintain peripheral vision but the central vision deteriorates. would it go from this to this. some notice it while looking at straight lines. say the bathroom tile. macular degeneration will make the tile look like this. wavey and blurred. vitamin d already known to have many health benefits and now the new study finds it lowers the risk of macular degeneration in women between 40 and 75 years old. how exciting is the news of the study. >> wonderful. by adding vitamin rich nude your die concrete decrease the odds of delevoping macular degeneration
9:25 pm
by 50%. >>reporter: biggest reduction is found when consuming 720 international unit of d perfect day instead of the recommended dose of 6 had you. we get lots of d from the sun but doctors say it's the food that will help you up the d intake. especially milk, cereal, oatmeal in particular and fish. get to receive 20 international units with just a 3 and a half ounce piece of tuna. d is also known as the sunshine vitamin. pl capable of keeping people out of the dark. this is abc news new york. >> since first lady michelle obama began her campaign against childhood obesity there has been a lot of attention to provide healthy food choices for children. but some think that one chicago school may have gone too far. it has banned kids from bringing their lunch from his home. principal of little village academy on chicago west side was appalled by the soda and chips. she
9:26 pm
figured sin the kids were not getting healthy food at home they shall get it at school. students must eat only the food serve entered the cafeteria. if they bring bag lunches they are confiscated and returned at the end of the school day. only kids with food allergy and doctor excuses may bring the food that mom pack. properly test from dog and owner at san francisco city hall today. they are upset about plans by the golden gate national regulation area to severely restrict where dogs can run off leash. carolyn reports. >>reporter: san francisco is the city with more canine than kids. approximately 110,000 dogs. for decades they have run free on field, ocean beach and the fort part of the 75,000 acres golden gate national recreation area over seas. about 1% allows off leash dog. now they want to reduce that phase. >> prime recreation area within the park and all users want to
9:27 pm
have access to it. we are trying to create a balance there. >> if we had seen a lieutenant of dog issues or people fighting or things like that i could understand but that's not the case. >>reporter: dog owner came to city hall today. they say when the city turned the land over to the ggnra in the 1970's, recreational use included dogs. >> they need to run and they they'd to socialize. otherwise they will all he said up back at the pound again. with behavior problems. >>reporter: supervisor scott weiner says the ggnra should delay taking any action until a thorough study is conducted on potential impact on the city park. >> we have a lot of dog in the city and if you dramatically reduce the amount of space whether dogs can go you are going to see crowning in our neighborhood parks. >> weiner held a resolution he's sponsoring that opposes the preferred dog management plan. but l the hang glider
9:28 pm
says something needs to be don done. >> i have been bitten by a dog while launching my hang glider. dog was actually latched on to my leg. >>reporter: they are giving the tub the end of may to comment. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> when we continues tonight. rising gas prices and san francisco may have set ard row. >> they are killing killing me. killing me. yes. probably be driving probably driving a little bit less. taking the bus a little bit more. i'm rich. prisons are much higher. >> so we are spoiled here in the united states. >> yes. >> i'm in sacramento some state lawmakers feel vulnerable these days and want to start carrying guns. for now the assembly speaker says no. >> plus real people in search of real jobs. wee! we show you the unusual step they have taken to try to find work. the
9:29 pm
first authorized biography of steve jobs and who the tech genius trust to write it. steve jobs and who the tech genius trust to write it. another
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a. >> good evening once again. state lawmakers who had been given permission to bring their 51's to work at the capitol faced new rules today. sparking tee bait over how best to protect our politicians. here's our correspondent. >> today marked first day when california assembly members came to work but had to check the guns at the door. under a 2010 law sergeant of arms gave 4 unnamed lawmakers permission to carry a concealed weapon and
9:32 pm
will rae view the policyism i feel in. >> sergeant authorized under state law to grant the permission we ought to have more mind involved in the ultimate policy. >>reporter: unclear why the 4 lawmakers wanted to pack heat while in sacramento. they were only allowed to carry their 51 from the garage to the offices. not the floor. but the shooting of congresswoman giffords in arizona brought attention to the vulnerability of politicians. >> what you are really asking is should lawmakers be deniedñi the 6th amendment and i would say that they shouldn't. i think any infringement of the second amendment is a mistake and i hope they reconsider that. >> visitors go through screening and metal detector before going through the state capitol this month the sergeant at arms began carrying 40 caliber semi-automatic weapons to enhance safety given the rising levels of rhetoric on taxes and other controversial proposals. armed chp officers
9:33 pm
also guarding the building. >> i don't believe that i would ever, ever need a weapon. >>reporter: state senator yee received a few death threat but think the building security is adequate and sergeant at arms is available for events outside the capitol. >> we have got to trust those individual who have been detailed to support us, help u us, protect us. >>reporter: pro pestal to add lawmakers to the list of people allowed to carry guns making its way through policy committee. assembly speaker also lack ing into reinstalling the panic button in lawmaker offices which alert the sergeant of arms of trouble. in sacramento, abc 7 news. long time mythical consultant in california has died. 57-year-old was found dead in conned machine um in venice. he helped elect senator feinstein among others. the coroner is investigating the official say there is no sign of foul play. in other political news
9:34 pm
former olympic track star karl lewis planning to run again. this time for the new jersey state senate. 4 time gold medalist at the 1984 games in lots ang has become known as civic activist. >> america best days are still ahead. that's why today i am announcing my exploratory committee for the presidency of the united states. >> massachusetts governor mit romney took a step toward run for thwhe husband today. exploratory committee men he can raise money without declaring canada today situation. romney has been plot ago come back since losing republican nomination to mccain three years ago. >> it is now official. according to the a lund berg survey of fuel prices san francisco highest gas prices in the nation. san francisco tops out average of 4 dollars plus 13 cents a gallon. national afternoon is 3.70. 76 cents that is. we are paying a lot more for gas than we have in
9:35 pm
quite awhile. more tonight from jim avila. >>reporter: the regular unleaded pump in suburban loss aichblingt i just put in 13 dollars. it got me about 3 gallons. >>reporter: in greenwich, connecticut. >> look at this regular. 4.11. it alters everything. >>reporter: and chicago. >> it seems like an absolute rip off. >>reporter: body blow to the personal budget of american drivers. one economist says for every dollar gas goes up we spend 5 percent less on other things. laura a single mother in chicago has seen her gas cost jump 20 dollars a week and she's already cutting back. >> definitely stressful to have to have it cut into my budget and worry about what i'm going to be able to do from week to week. >>reporter: americans are already driving less. one survey says the amount of gasoline sold dropped 5 week straight but laura and so many others just captain stop driving. so instead she started buying grocery in bulk. cut her daughter dance class
9:36 pm
to once a wichblingt i have to make the sacrifices. has to be in my bump it. >>reporter: she's not alone. in numbers released today the government says drivers in new england the midwest and west coast have all been hit hardes hardest. highest price in the country? bakersfield, california. 4.89 a gallon. not too far away from the dreaded 5 dollar mark. driven by tension oil producing country like libya price point economist say will not only hurt personal budget but recovery. >> won't take too much more of an increase in oil price and consumption. there is nothing harder for the economy than increase in oil prices. acts as tax. >> jim report snooing we turn now to driving to parking in san francisco. starting today you will be able to park longer in san francisco marina district as part of pilot program called sf park. draivrs can see the meter for
9:37 pm
hours without rivb ago 55 dollar parking ticket. municipal transportation agency will roll out suspended hours in several other neighbor in the next couple weeks. you may end up paying for more to park. 6 dollars an hour as much as 18 dollars an hour to special events. price drop. >> with unemployment still running high, some here in the bay area are advertising for need for jobs on billboards located at bart station or anthony has the story from dublin. >> face on the billboard not actors or model. real people. >> these are real people like myself lacking for employment. >> howard is the photographer and communication specialist who came up with the idea. >> we should do a billboard. we should physically put ourselves out there looking for jobs to stand above the others. >> well first i was a little mortified but the more i thought about it is this is an example of why we would make such good job candidate. we look at a box and decide how to
9:38 pm
break that box down and look outside the box and do things that separate us. >>reporter: the signs appear at 4 bart station. list the group web site we all need job which profile the candidates. >> recovery is going too slochlt i think3w folks do need to be patient and put themselves out there. >>reporter: these people are all part of a larger group called sing. career transition support group sponsored by danville saint is door catholic church. >> we find people still coming in from all over the bay area come that the group and all of a sudden they are with people going through the same burden. carrying the same burden they are carrying and find there is tremendous support. >>reporter: one of the job seekers has fund a job. several others landed interview after potential employers spotted them here. >> these people hope their billboard with put a real face on the problem of unemployment in the bay area. brings awareness to people that every day there are people common people that surround you.
9:39 pm
they are at stores. at gym. they are at church. they are having a hard time. >> beyond that all these people want is to get off the wall of the bart station. on to a train headed for work. in dublin, abc 7 news. and abc 7 find a link to the we all need job web site under see it on tv. today federal appeals court ruled the former harvard classmate can't undo the settlement they agreed to. federal appeals court in san francisco ruled that tyler and cameron were savvy enough to understand that settlement back in 2008. that deal called for 20 million dollar cash payment to the brothers as well as partial ownership stake in facebook. twins claim he stole their idea to launch facebook and myself led about facebook value when they agreed to settle a lawsuit over the claim. story was told by
9:40 pm
hollywood last year in the movie the social network. and steve jobs first authorized photography coming out next year. title? i steve the book of jobs. according to the book publisher famous biographer isaacson hack working on the book since 200 who is this man jobs look behind the curtainth former top executive at cnn and "time"magazine written best seller about franklin and einstein. and as we continue tonight off the california coast. navy fire as laser gun ignite ago ship on fire on purpose. is this the future of naval warfare? >> plus the honor and heroic on the front-line of afghanistan.
9:41 pm
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l. >> u.s. navy has new high tech weapon in the arsenal. testing a ship laser ray gun that can set fire to enemy vessels including this small boat used by pirates, terrorist and smuggler. now this is navy video the first sea test conducted recently off the southern california coast. laser could eventually also be used to shoot down enemy croan, cruise missile and even ballistic missiles. take a look. this is what the ray gun looks like. navy says several years from actual deployment.
9:44 pm
>> today general david petraeus made 20 soldiers some of the most debling rated americans ever from a single battle. happened during a recent battle in afghanistan that killed 6 soldiers including jameson lynn from please anton. here's mike. >> parachuting behind german lines at narm andy. ballots of the bulge. 101 airborne mess decorate the division of the u.s. army. now heroic on freezing mountain top in remote for sakeen reaches of afghanistan. puss troops came to a taliban hide out. hornet nest to take the battle to the them. only to be surprised by just how many of the enemy they had come across. so often in war the heroic of war remain far from sight but not this time. not this battle. we were there to witness it firsthand. pichlt sergeant
9:45 pm
matthew took a bullet to the chest and kept fighting. >> got shot. >>reporter: saved only by his body armor. today mendez was awarded bronze star for his bravery. sergeant jeremy size more shot, too. amazingly the bullet he told us deflected off a bottle in his pocket. >> my bottle stoyptd. >>reporter: today sites more received the bronze star as well. his commanding general understood what moved these men to heroic. >> just kicks in. it is their fierce determination not to let down their buddies. >>reporter: honored at solemn memorial sick buddies who didn't make it and another 6 wounded. for private first class brian smith the youngest in this close knit the loss ran deep as he knelt and wept to remember the sergeant he looked up to. each soldier from this mighty crew honored today would
9:46 pm
gladly trade every medal in the world for the lives of their fallen comrades. mike abc new news, camp joyce afghanistan. >>
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. >> spring snow melt put a large
9:49 pm
section of north dakota under siege tonight. the red river in fargo has crested at nearly 39 feet. that's the fourth highest level on record. 60 millions of county road were closed today forcing drivers and horses as you can see to find ways to get around the flooding. several roads never flooded before are now under water. melting snow has triggered flooding like this throughout the midwest. but the water now seems to be receding in several areas. >> let's go back now to update the forecast with spencer christian. >> all right dan things certainly more pleasant and calmer in the bay area. time lapse view this afternoon from the high definition mountain tam camera out over the bay. clouds early in the day but they scattered and disappeared later in the afternoon gave way to mainly sunny skies but things are very turbulent in the south east u.s. right now. line of powerful thunderstorms continue to rip through the region. tornado watches over wide area early in the evening. they are expire now giving way to severe thunderstorms watches in the atlanta area so the
9:50 pm
storms continue to rumble in the south east but back here in the bay area things calm and tomorrow night the giants have second shot at dodgers at at&t park. mean time 7:15 cool and breezy at that time. temperature around 54 degrees at the start of the game dropping to 52 as the game winds down. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we can expect sunny skies and mild conditions tomorrow. slight chance of some light rain mainly in the north bay on wednesday and dry on thursday and as we get to the weekend we look forward to really mild weather with high pressure climbing into the mid 70's inland and over the wean it's very, very pleasant. >> love. that spencer let's check out the latest viral video every ought weekend. pepsi released showing david video every ought weekend. pepsi released showing david beckham here it is. >> oh, no way. [ laughing] this is not happening. this is
9:51 pm
not happening. yes. oh, >> beckham was supposedly on the beach shooting a diet pepsi commercial and just did this during a little break. at least one million people watch the clip over the weekend and now a lot of buzz over whether it is real or fake. on facebook jacob says here's how this works. ball and kick are real but you paint in the trash can later at the exact point where the ball first land. now check it out here's the video again. looks real. really not buying it. larry here now with a preview of sports. >> if you lack closely at the garbage pale. it looked like it moved when the ball went in. but there's no way he did that. there's no way. are we in agreement. >> i don't think so but also before that point there's the guy off camera and he's really not a very good actor. he's basically reading line. david
9:52 pm
beckham dinl tale enhanced. all quiet in the stands at at&t park tonight. good news. game another story. on a night juan got the world series ring. giants handed out some more # ♪
9:53 pm
let's see you fly now! [ laughs ] look, more frequent flyer red tape. not on my watch. let that family fly! [ tires screech ] i just wanted to use miles to take my family on vacation, but -- let me guess -- restrictions through the roof. that's right. not anymore. rapid rewards has your back. [ male announcer ] join rapid rewards and enjoy unlimited reward seats, no blackout dates, and no red tape. ♪
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>> coming at 11:00. late word from marin county where man in his 70's is charged in 4 unsolved murder spanning last 30 years. and best time to go before a judge, best time of day to go before a judge ahead in one hour on channel 7 abc 7 news. larry here now with sports. >> all right giants dodgers
9:55 pm
obviously hot topic in town. giants opening the series with la. going to great length to make sure there would be no violence in the stands. starting the night by presenting dodger juan with his championship ring. this was an emotional moment for the man who hit 24 home runs last year for the world champion giant and mobbed by former team mates finally shed ago terrace he was acknowledged by the fans. both giants and donors met on the field for a moment of reflection for brian stow giant fan badly beaten on opening day in los angeles. now to baseball. strike out victim in the second. blown away by madison. finished 1 for 4. giants just can't touch clayton. runners at the corne corner. swing and myself. leaves him stranded. first pitch. high deep and goodbye over the love bug out there. 2 nothing donor leads. blows it open. i got it i ain't got it. 2 run score. kemp nailed at
9:56 pm
third on the play but the daniel was done. dodger break the game open. just homered in the 9th but the giants trailing 6-1. on to the a's who love the young pitcher and lock up the ace with long-term extension. 5 years 30 million dollars total. 23-year-old righty won 18 games last season and made the all star team for the a's. in chicago tonight. dallas looking for first win of the year. 1st inning. pierre staring at the fast ball. had he other problems in the game. 6 innings. struck out mistake right there. brent lily parks it in the fifth. solo stroke to left center. first run 1 nothing white sox. in the 9th same score barton. deep to left. pierre back on the track. bead. he drops it. pennington racing in from sec. he scores and we are tied at 1 thanks to the error. top 10 here it comes. there it goes.
9:57 pm
suzuki. the best. first of the year. chicago brilliant performance with no hitter that the sixth. a's pull it out 2-1 in 10 the. to the ice now. sharks open the play offs thursday night at home against the la kings. san jose locked up 2 seed in the west. kings finish 7. sharks made it to the western conference final last year and hoping this series will be the start of a long play off surge. love to play into june. anaheim also made the play offs marking first time all 3 california teams in the nhl made the post season. >> just shows hockey big in california a.lot of players come out and play. destination place to play. yes something special having 3 teams from california all in. obviously we play the kings. very safe. >> warriors have two games left in the regular season. ellis will not play in either.
9:58 pm
suffered concussion last night. driving down the lane crashed into cousin. hit the head when lands on the court. monty already had a bad ankle coming in sew didn't travel with the warriors to tonight's game in denver. will sit out the season finale wednesday as wel well. so minus monty the warriors visiting the nugget. williams got to start in the place. nice move. cross of. to the rack. 17 for reggie. a lot of bird man sightings in the game. 2 hand. anderson pick and roll an stretching the wings out. martin at the other end. with authority. tied at 50. finishing i guess with audacity. third quarter nugget open it up. goal tend not called. head the other way. wow! like a blur. and jr smith had 22 just throwing it up here and cleaning up nicely was the bird man. into 9 nuing net double figure. scored 80 in the second half and blow out golden state 134-111 one game
9:59 pm
left for the warrior. as expected yaw con star moore first pick in the women draft today. the champion led the huskies to 90 straight win at one point play for the minnesota link. stan stored had 2 players in the top 10 in the draft. peterson taken by the shock with seventh over all pick. peterson leading rebound they are year. indiana fever shows poland with pac-10 player of the year first time stanford has had 2 players picked in the top 10 in the l draft. >> final giants fall 6-1 against the dodgers. >> okay thank you larry. >> that does it for this edition of 7 news at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. for all of us here, thanks for watching. see you again at 11:00 o'clock over here, thanks for watching. see you again at 11:00 o'clock over on abc 


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