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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  January 10, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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within the last few minutes espn began reporting that oakland raiders has fired head coach hugh jackson. >> jackson just finished his first year guiding the team to an 8-8 record one game short of a playoff appearance. the decision on the same day the raiders will announce reggie mckenzie as the new general manager. today's firing one day after jackson and mckenzie met to discuss the coach's future. the raiders have not returned calls. the team had scheduled a
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2 p.m. news conference to introduce the new gm. more on this story later today. >> good morning i'm eric tom cast in for cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze bringing jobs and workers to silicon valley the long awaited dream to extend bart into san jose is set to clear a hurdle. amy hollyfield is live at the fremont bart station. >> reporter: bart riders and transportation officials have big smiles today. there were times when it didn't look li this was going to happen. extending bart from fremont to san jose has been talked about for 60 years. the congressman says today saturday bart riders can celebrate. the federal government has announced it supports the plan. >> it is a major milestone. people should be proud for supporting this project. >> reporter: the federal
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transportation agency will recommend that congress send 900 million dollars to the project. all that is left is a period of review. >> it is a significant step. it is our final and last step. >> reporter: construction has already started local and state tax dollars are paying for this work at the fremont-milpitas border. federal money is essential to complete the plan. many consider this a no-brainer. >> i believe it is a great idea, less vehicles on the road. >> it should have been done a long time ago. it has been a long time coming. >> reporter: some question whether this is the best use of 900 million federal dollars. >> 900 million dollars in this day and age they don't have the money for. what is the matter with the way it is? >> make no mistake, it is a lot of money, but money
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invested by beam through our daily taxes -- by people through our daily taxes. >> reporter: he's been working on this since 1990. he says we can't afford not to do this i squaw a few comments questioning spending -- i saw a few comments questioning spending that much money on this line. you will have a while to discuss this the line isn't scheduled to open until 2016. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. analysts say governor brown's tax proposal would generate billions less than thought. the governor says his plan would raise nearly seven billion dollars per year the plan would boost the state's sales tax by half a cent and increase income tax on californians making $250,000 a year or more. the analyst office says the plan would only bring in five billion dollars for next year and 5 1/2 billion dollars in the following years.
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novato authorities investigating another suspicious fire, the 57th since saturday. this is video showing some of the previous fires the most recent in the rush creek preserve, two dozen fires there from sunday to monday morning the first fires broke out saturday night. all were grass fires. investigators say last night's blaze is suspicious, but different from the others. >> fire last evening in the ignacio area of town was a residential garbage can fire considered suspicious. we haven't been able to link it to any of the other arson fires over the last two days. >> experts from around the state have been called to help. residents are being urged to report suspicious behavior. police looking for a hit-and-run driver who knew he hit a person but drove off. police say a man crossing the street at 73rd and bancroft avenues was struck by a dark
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full sized van, just before midnight. witness told police the driver in his 30s or 40s, stopped, got out, looked at the victim then drove off many >> driver pulled over by this gas station behind me. got out of the vehicle and then looked at the pedestrian probably saw how bad he was injured then got back in the vehicle and took off immediately. >> the victim died at a hospital near his name has not been released. police only have a vague description of the suspect. they are hoping someone will come forward with more information. repair crews in san jose are about done fixing powerlines and pole knocked down in a late night accident. pg&e has restored power to all but one home. last night a teenager crashed into the power pole on camden avenue sheering it off
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knocking powerlines to the ground no one was hurt. the day school closed due to the power outage. police say alcohol does not appear to be a factor. police arrested three for trespassing at the san francisco zoo before noon sunday. the intruders told security they jumped a back gate it happened less than two weeks after a squirrel monkey was stolen. police didn't say whether this latest incident was related. banana sam was returned unharmed by a man who claimed he found the monkey on the street. a $5,000 reward in that case is being withheld until police complete their investigation. this afternoon, marin county prosecutors will begin trying to convince a judge there is enough evidence to send a 78-year-old accused serial killer to trial he's accused of killing four women. --
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>> reporter: at this afternoon's hearing we are expected to get new information about the prosecution's case against 78-year-old this is a case which could result in the death penalty. look at the defendant, 78-year-old, a photographer charged with killing four northern california women, two in the 70s, two in the 90s all victims with matching initials. investigators say evidence found in his reno home during a parole violation search had a list of 10 women, including the four known victims believed to be prostitutes. members of a group who want to make sure the dead women get justice. >> we feel it is a direct implication between criminalizing women and the
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message is to violent men that they are going to be able to get away with rape, violence and murder. and violence against sex workers and other women. we are here to monitor. >> reporter: prosecutors say they have dna evidence allegedly tying him to the murders. this case is drawing attention police agencies nationwide. a lot of them wondering about their cold cases if he played a role in them. vic lee is here we'll have more on the hearing this afternoon coming up at an 4, 5 and 6:00. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. still ahead, it wasn't your typical pastry. tsa defends its decision to confiscate a frosted cupcake. on capitol hill the government ruling concerning safety at air shows after this deadly crash in reno. voting underway now new hampshire's primary.
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federal officials don't expect to make changes to air safety rules despite the accident in reno 11 killed and 70 injured when the plane crashed at the reno national air show last september. the faa is reviewing
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regulations in response to the accident. a top official says he expects there will be changes that clarify faa's current safety regulations but doesn't expect any of them to be significant. nation's first primary is taking place now in new hampshire. republican candidates romney and huntsman are claiming small but important symbolic victories after the first votes. katie marzullo is here with the results from tiny dixville notch. >> reporter: nine registered voters in the town cast the first ballots romney and huntsman are tied with two votes a piece. polls predict romney will win by much more than that in part why others are attacking him. jon huntsman, newt gingrich, ron paul, rick santorum and rick perry share a common goal, stay in the race. romney heads into the contest up 24 points according to recent polls. in part why the others took every opportunity to knock him
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down after he said this yesterday. >> i like being able to fire people who provide services to me. >> reporter: he was talking about how americans should have the right to fire their insurance company if they don't like the service they are getting. >> governor romney enjoys firing people. i enjoy creating jobs. >> reporter: today come know rivals are admitting the remark was taken out of context. cokie roberts acknowledges the context but says it is fair game. >> i think it is a real thing. it plays directly into the v6ájlays directly into the have been trying to portray of mitt romney as a heartless, soulless wall street entrepreneur. >> reporter: huntsman is making his first big run hoping to knock santorum out of second place. if he does it is a sign of light for his campaign. but his standing would still be precarious. >> i don't think south carolina is the most natural hunting ground for john huntsman. but florida might be.
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>> reporter: any and every win helps, especially when it comes to cash. >> coming out of primaries and caucuses with some strong showing makes all the difference in the world when it comes to money. of course, the ability to go on into other primaries depends on money. >> reporter: newt gingrich said today he expects to finish in the top three or four. rick santorum says he will be pleased to end up in the middle of the pack. rick perry spending his day in south carolina which will hold its primary on january 21st. the department of agriculture will close 259 offices, facilities and labs across the country. part of a plan to cut 150 million dollars in government spending every year. agriculture secretary vilsack says many offices have a small staff and located within 20 miles of other usda offices. a vacaville woman is suing the maker of tropicana orange
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lieu -- juice it says pepco is misleading consumers promoting pure premium orange juice as 100% pure and natural when it is not. she claim the oj has add add romas and flavors to give it a longer shelf life. tropicana responded in a statement saying it remains committed to offering great tasting 100% orange juice with no added su preservatives. we are learning how much apple's tim cook was given to take over for steve jobs. a compensation package valued at nearly 380 million dollars. it is likely to be among the most luke can i have packages awarded to a chief -- lucrative package as warded to a chief executive in 2011, it includes a $900,000 salary and shares of the cupertino company. mike nicco ahead with the forecast.
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>> big shift in the forecast coming. but it is next week. until then, more about this hazy sunshine and cooler weather today plus, a tax proposal that doctors say could save hundreds of thousands of lives each year. hottest gadgets unveiled at the electronics show in las vegas, including the next generation of flat screens and designer headphones.
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new study leaves a sweet taste in the mouths of supporters of a soda tax. doctors say a one cent tax on sweetened beverages will prevent 26,000 deaths over 10 years. they believe the tax would deter enough from drinking sodas that 100,000 cases of heart disease would be prevented. the study estimates 17 billion dollars in health care-related savings. the average american drinks 70,000 calories of sweetened beverages a year. something like 20 pounds, just cut off the soda, wow, something to think about mike. >> ouch! >> not something for you to think about, i mean all of us. let me be clear. >> you know i do want to lose 20 pounds.
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i knee is not what you meant. >> -- i knee is not what you meant. >> you want to lose 20 pounds, hand me your wallet. >> this whole show is going downhill. put that there. all right, let's talk about what is going on outside. oh my goodness i guess we are all sleep deprived having fun hopefully you are too. look at the beautiful weather, gorgeous shot of the clouds roaming across the sky thicker north mainly mid and high level clouds live doppler is showing nothing in the way of rain in our neighborhoods, sprinkles around california in the northern sections of our state those aren't reaching the ground most of the weather up in montana and idaho. again, we missed out, not that we expected much. here's a look at our temperatures, cooler 48 oakland, everybody else in the low to mid 50s, 57 fairfield. i can't believe i said that to you eric, i'm so sorry. mid to upper 50s around the
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monterey bay and inland. let's talk about our highlights. partly sunny and cooler today, sprinkles possible in the north bay for the most part dry. clearing quickly and cool tonight dry and mild through at least monday the key is next tuesday and wednesday. the pattern may make that big change and we may get waves of storms to come through and bring wet weather then. until that happens, it is fewer degrees cooler in san francisco, five in concord, redwood city, santa rosa, oakland and san jose six degrees cooler, upper 50s to near 60, low to mid 60s santa rosa, cloverdale and ukiah. more sun around monterey bay still with the breeze coming ashore, we'll have 56 monterey and upper -- five toes to low 60s for everybody else. 52 in eureka, cloud cover, scattered snow showers possible mainly dry tahoe dry 49 low to mid 60s through the
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central valley, big sur low 70s los angeles and palm springs. tonight in the low to upper 30s north bay east bay valleys upper 30s low 40s most of the bay area to the coast may have mid 40s around oakland and san francisco. two storms one moving well to the east the other moving well to our west. we are getting some of those high clouds coming in. as far as any precipitation, it is going to stay to our north and west with over the ocean look for that clearing sky later on during the evening hours and will open us up to the offshore wind chasing clouds away that's why warmer tomorrow in the low to mid 60s let's make a run at record highs over the next several days. tuesday, wednesday days, -- wednesday, i'm hoping the pattern does chain the last models have said we will get rain possibly through next weekend. >> just for the record, you're
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fine. -- >> push him off his wallet. more news now. today the transportation security administration is using the blog stpaoer to defend its decision to -- blog sphere to defend its decision to seize a cup take from a passenger in a jar filled with icing untsa rules considered a gel agents are warned to be on the look out for gel-based explosive. the agency said the amount of iceing exceeded the amount of gel allowed in carry-on bag. the cupcake owner calls that terrible logic. thousands are crowding into the international consumer electronics show. among the highlights the world's thinnest, largest, lightest, l.e.d.-tv for $5,000 it can be yours soon if you are not looking for a tv maybe audio. beautiful headphones coming out these from -- designed by
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the french designer so impressive. also they have touch screen controls how cool is that.2  up to raise the volume, forward to move the song forward on your ipod or itch phone. >> you wear them and start speaking with a -- french accent. you can teach yourself how to play guitar. at least 50 new ultra book computers are expected all thin, light and ultra him.
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today at 4:00, michael finney puts pedometers to the test. at 5, a bay area metal recycler put on notice by the government for the way it is polluting the bay. from all of us here at abc7 news thanks for joining us. >> keep track of the latest breaking news at twitter and talk about it at have a great day.
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