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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  February 20, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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skubdz. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. 4 suspect in custody after chase through 3 counties. you are not going to believe what they took. police say they hitched a welding trailer to the truck then took police from livermore through san jose and sunnyvale before finally ending in east palo alto. we captured exclusive video of the chase where at one point one of the men jumped out of the moving truck as you can see here off
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university avenue and then took off running into the ikea parking lot. carolyn tyler takes you through exactly what happened. >> we don't really get a chance to rest on a holiday because the crook don't take a day off either. >>reporter: suspected crook are 3 men and a woman ages 23 to 40. crowded in this white pickup truck. authorities say they stole a welder trailer from a crew repairing the wind mill at ultima pass and hitched it to their ride. livermore police pursue them the chp had a slow speed chase through 3 bay area counties. >> parties stayed in the further right lane between 60 and 65 miles per hour. due to the light traffic because of the holiday we let it go ahead so that we could make sure public was safe as well as our safety. >>reporter: pick up was on 6 80 through fremont. investigators say one of the suspect threw a gun out the window which was later recovered. then the driver took highway 101 north through
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san jose, sunnyvale and mountain view. at university avenue in east palo alto one man bailed out of the truck and tried to escape that the ikea parking garage. >> he was pretty much captured medley. >>reporter: everyone else gave up a short distance away. this mother and daughter saw the pursuit come to an end. >> as they came around here they stopped at this point and blocked them and that's when all the commotion started and they got them out of the car and it was just really crazy. >>reporter: suspect were handcuffed patted down and taken into custody. >> did find another gun that was in the truck and pound of marijuana and somep stuff indicating a sale was going on twoyshtion taken into custody are parolee. in east palo alt alto, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. 16-year-old boy was arrested tonight after man hunt in san jose. he is suspected of at least one armed robbery.
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officers spotted the teenager late this afternoon on the south west expressway near baskin avenue. setoff a massive search. police closed the nearby los gatos creek trail. yuck man arrested just after 6 tonight at gas station on west heading street. berkeley police now acknowledge they did not initially respond to reports of crime that turned into a murde murder. victim was beaten to death outside his home on shasta road saturday night. neighbors identify him as 67-year-old peter core chemical engineer. police confirmed they did not respond to his first reporting trespasser on the property because they had committed a good portion of the officer to security for anticipated occupy march. police say they did send an officer to the house medley after follow-up call came in about an attack there. they have a suspect in custody. petaluma was hit this weekend by a graffiti rampage. half dozen homes were vandalized along with school which police say was covered
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wall to wall with tag. as vick lee reports, the city is turning to secret weapon now to clean it all up. >> i have 98 percent of it out. >>reporter: petaluma police call ed the graffiti vigilant. he's a 74-year-old retired c p a whose volunteered his time cleaning up graffiti in the city for the past 14 years. he's the one police called this weekend to clean up graffiti at kennel worth junior high schoo school. >> one of the worst ones we have seen in a long time. where the whole area of ken worth middle school was graffiti between friday nature and saturday morning. >>reporter: most of the tag too graphic for us to show. they included racial and gay slur and sexually explicit scribblings. >> identified speed limit teachers. in the graffiti they spray painted so we think it's a student from the school. >>reporter: half dozen homes in the east part of the city were also hit this weekend. possibly by the same tagger.
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that's where we caught up with ed as he was cleaning up a fence in the neighborhood. >> i tell people if we don't take care of our own who is going to do it. >>reporter: police tell us that graffiti hasn't been much of a problem in past years. but for smith and other resident tell us they have noticed more tagging in recent months. >> the moment i see any graffiti come up, i take care of it. i keep a can of spray can different colors in the become of my car. >> neighbor morris believes stiffer fine would be a big deterrent. >> i think they are too lack on this. i think 5,000 dollar first offense. maybe they will stop doing it if they get caught. >>reporter: when the students return to school tm they won't see a trace of the graffiti. school district says cost of the damage was about 3000 dollars. vick lee abc 7 news. >> in the east bay police are searching for vandal who used a launching device of some kind to hurl large rock into a neighborhood in livermore. investigators rethere's
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surveillance video of car leaving the scene of one of the homes that was targeted. cars and mailbox and school were all damaged as well. at least 9 incidents were reported over the weekend. early saturday between 1 and 2:00 a.m. now good news is nobody was injure injured. one of the rock smashed through a window of house with such force it lodged in the wall next to a child's crib. >> glass all over my daughter's room. she's really young and her crib jaws had a blanket of glass in it and my wall was like all over the floor. >>reporter: few week ago livermore police officer was hit in the head bay group throwing rocks from an overpass as we reported to you. young victims who have been bullied most of their lives took a stand today. abc amy has their stories and the star they are calling on to spear head the fight back. >> there were times i tried to commit sue sichltd i took 18 ib pro fen and ended up getting
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sick but times i felt really alone and school wouldn't do anything. >>reporter: individually they all have heart breaking stories of being bullied and feeling alone. >> made me really just hate myself. and i was really, really angry for a long long time. >>reporter: but the teens have realize that as a group they have power. 14-year-old joan first got a sense of that power when he posted this video on you tube. ♪ more than 7 million people have now viewed it. these teenagers want to do something about bull will go. britney of new york impose a federal law that stop bullying. >> they need to be held accountable for like their actions. >>reporter: the tense want to hold a march here in san francisco in october. they want lady georgia good and
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president obama to attend. these teens and their family say it's not easy going out on this limb and talking about what has happened to this. they think doing so would save lives. >> it's a really good cause and something that like i have felt for a long time that i have not been able to speak up so it's probably, it's something good for other teens feeling that way. >>reporter: they are hoping that lady gaga will perform at the auditorium and 10,000 teenagers will come to hear her and then will march against bullying. in san francisco, in october. reporting in san francisco, amy, abc 7 news. a lot more to bring enthusiastic monday. it happened in seconds. wall of snow trapped and kills 3 people in washington state. one of the survivors is from northern california and you will hear from her next. plus the road kill project. and telephone call that now has cal-trans contemplating 1 million dollar plan.
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>> get ready for some of the warmest weather of this already warm winter. accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> thanks. how would you like to live next to this? coming up. eye sore, i team and the one man who may finally clean this up. news at 9:00
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>> i couldn't even, all i could do was help keep the snow off my face once i was buried. >> she survived because she had an air bag. she's the wife of professional skier from santa cruz and among a dozen or so skiers swept nearly 3000 feet down by all the snow. more tonight from clayton. >> terrifying force of nature. after lavrm like this one. surging down the mountain at speeds up to 120 miles per hou hour. carrying everything in its path. on sunday that power was on full display in the mountains of washington state. group of experienced skiers
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venture off the main slope to ski a steep canyon despite an avalanche warning. that's when one happened sweeping them up in seconds. rocketing them a quarter mile straight downhill. fellow skiers raced in to find the missing. >> waited for the snow to settle and medley went into their rescue mode using their avalanche beek con to locate their friends. >>reporter: 3 men in the group couldn't be revived and died. this footage shows what it is like to be caught up in one. snowboarder in new zealand riding one second and the next he's overcome. is camera capturing what he saw and heard inside as the light faded. luckily he survived. experienced ski patrol member chris describes the ride. >> like being stuck in a washing machine full of rocks. you get tumble around. can't see anything. >>reporter: one of the survivors of yesterday avalanche pro skier credit an emergency air bag like this one
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with saving her life. >> you don't know which way is up or down but the system keeps you up above so you have a very good chance of survival. >>reporter: while caught up in the avalanche the air bag keeps from you sinking. actually lifting you upwards towards the air. reducing your chance of suffocating. here's the idea. let's pretend this is the air bag. it's larger than the snow around it. so as the avalanche moves, the air bag moves its way to the top preventing the skier from being buried alive. you can see an air bag saving this snow boarder few week ago in colorado. even the best skiers caution that no technology is fail say. you know the risk and know your ability and these individuals were expert skiers. one of those things that nature is more powerful than we are. >>reporter: abc news, stevens pass, washington. interesting how the air bag really works. >> back here it took awhile but oak land finally putting up no smoking signs at the bus stop.
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back in 2007 the city council banned smoking within 20 feet of transit stop but the city never put up signs alerting riders of the new ordinary answer. they go up finally after group of teenagers told city officials of this the oversight. peninsula woman doing something about deer accidents along highway 280. almost once a month a driver there collides with a deer. as jonathan reports, the crashes are deadly for the animal obviously and costly for the drivers. >> if you are a wild animal this quiet meadow is as low as you goat paradise. the only problem is the neighborhood. fint metal box flying across the slab of concrete. to you and me it's transportation to. a deer it's a death trap. on this 20 mile stretch of highway 280 between san bruno and redwood city some 50 deer have been hit by cars over the courts of 4 years. catherine self-proclaimed animal lover saw some of the roadside
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carnage and decided something had to be done. >> felt lining i needed to be a advice for the animal. >>reporter: she thought any good citizen would do she picked up the phone and called cal-trans. what she got was far more than she ever expected few phone call later she was introduced to this man. professor schilling at uc davi davis. he runs the california road kill observation system. there are people who study road kill? >> well there are people who study road kill as part of understanding wild life and how wild life move in relation to roads. >>reporter: because of catherine phone call cal-trans offered schilling a 3 81,000 dollar grant to do a study. >> tranquillizer dart gun. >>reporter: shooting a flying ving fish game workers catch deer one at a time and attach high tech gps tracking collars. now he watches every move in real time. >> deer we put the collar on they are right next to the freeway. >>reporter: they are likely candidate to try to cross. >> exactly. >>reporter: the lines are digital hoof prints leading researchers toward an answer. >> this animal this yellow has
9:17 pm
been walking along the edge of the freeway. >>reporter: each deer lives in relatively small area home range of quarter square mile. in it the deer needs a place to sleep. place to eat. and good supply of clean water. >> kind of like your house. if your house had a freeway running through it. >> they have the bedroom on one side and the dining room on the other so they are crossing back and forth. >>reporter: but schilling learned that some deer are crossing the right way. >> the deer right here that has safely gone back and forth across 280 using the underpass near crystal springs road so it is safely moving across. not endangering drivers and wouldn't have known about that without that collar on the animal. >>reporter: now million dollar question. how do you get all the deer to did that. >> we have to give them path way. deer up here at the north end of the reservoir doesn't know to walk down to this nice underpass. >>reporter: by watching the deer move around on the computer screen schilling has figured out they will travel up to a mile outside their home range to find a safeway across.
9:18 pm
if they don't, they will make a run for it. possible solution? build fences along the road side 8 feet tall then dig culvert under the road about once every mile. million dollar answer but cal-trans says it's willing fichlt we can do something that will cut kun on the amount of wild life being killed by vehicular activity, we are happy to help that. >>reporter: as for catherine uc davis like her enthusiasim so much they made her the project coordinator. what do your friends say are you the deer lady. >> maybe behind my back, i don't know. >>reporter: abc 7 news san mateo county. >> weather confusing for the deer tree in bloom and nours and my allergy. spencer here with the forecast. >> even for those would forecast. who coffee imagined a winter like this which isn't winter like at all. >> not much of a winter. >> may not have any. as the winter winds down. live view from the high definition sutro camera lacking out over san francisco on this partly cloudy
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partly clear evening. pleasant relatively mild around the bay area and dry. let's look at the current temperature readings. mainly in the 50's and bay and inland locations. temperatures drop to the 40's. it's pretty mild overnight period. not cold at all. partly cloudy overnight with some patchy fog developing by morning. sunny mild tomorrow and warmer day lie ahead even warmer still on wednesday and thursday. satellite radar composite image shows a little bit of active weather to our north. moisture with high clouds still moving through the bay area sky but it is partly cloudy to mainly clear at the moment and about to get clearer as the strong ridge of high pressure builds in tomorrow and next day and the fix day to bring us even milder weather than we have had already. forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight. see the moisture and most of the clouds remaining to the north. some of the clouds developing offshore but by midday tomorrow we see sunny skies. warmer day ahead. especially inland where temperatures will sore into the
9:20 pm
mid upper 70's by midweek. overnight tonight we have some patches of fog in parts of the inland north bay east bay and perhaps even down into the south bay a bit. generally high pressure low pressure rather will be in the mid upper 40's. might even see some low 40's in parts of the north bay like santa rosa and napa but again not a cold night. chilly just mild overnight an milder tomorrow in the afternoon hours with sunny skies. high pressure reach into the low 70's warmest bay area location. clover dale, santa rosa, ukia ukiah, north bay concord and antioch in the east bay. upper 60's south bay. 68 the high san jose and a little farther south near monterey bay high also in the upper 60's to low 70's as you move in land 71 degrees lbt high gilroy and 70 in morgan hill. lack at the accu-weather 7 day forecast and this is so unfebruary like, next several days high pressure will climb that the mid to upper 70's by thursday and lacking at high in the inland
9:21 pm
location. 76 perhaps up to 78 degrees. temperatures drop-off a little bit on friday. then a sharper drop in temperatures over the weekend. cooler breezy and cloudy with high up to 60 degrees but still no rain in sight which is pretty amazing. approaching the end of february and we have had so little rain and just keep getting drair and dryer. >> i don't keep track like you do. but we have had only had 1 or 2 significant stoyvrments that's right. >> high winter season. remarkable. >> thanks very much. >> brought back to life after 30,000 years. ancient plant resurrect from beneath the ice. >> and growing a burger. would resurrect from beneath the ice. >> and growing a burger. would you eat meat grown in a la
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>> can i have kind of beef might be for dinner in the year
9:25 pm
ahead. dutch scientist succeeded in growing meat in a laboratory. researchers extract the stem cell from cow and grew them in containers to produce strips of muscle tissu tissue. ultimately they will be mixed with blood and artificial grown fat mixed together and turned into a burger that the scientist plan to ask a top chef to cook sort of taste test. scientist say lab grown beef has major ecological advantage over the real thing. they are hoping for the world first test tube hamburger later this year. scientist have been able to grow a plant from ancient fruit along buried in siberia here's the plant. the narrow leaf. >> it died 32,000 years ago. the fruit was stored if by a squirrel and then excavated by scientist few years ago but researchers were able to take cells from the plant and grow them in culture dishes. now this business i far the oldest plant ever grown from ancient tissue. previous record is
9:26 pm
date palm grown from seed about 2,000 years old that was recovered from a mountain in israel. >> well get ready for the academy awards. they are this sunday at last. february 26 over on abc 7. you can pre-dick the winner and latest buzz rate now at and you can down load our exclusive app for i-phone and i-pad. also all the information on oscar sunday. plus join the conversation on twitter by using this web site. >> when we come back tonight at financial:00. high stake nuclear stand off taking place in iranment driven up gas prices and could daily crippling blow to our economy. >> mexico worst prison riot in years except now officials say it was really mass murder. >> sailor jump into the sea trying to save themselves. the rescue from a burning boat. another half hour of news rescue from a burning boat. another half hour of news begins here in just a moment
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if you trade in an eligible vehicle, get an additional $1,000 trade-in allowance. offer ends february 29th. >> go once again here's a lack at the headlines we follow for you tonight. police chase caught exclusively by 7 news ended when the suspect tried to escape on foot in east palo alto. chase through 3 county began near livermore when the chp spot add pickup truck towing a welding trailer. suspect threw a gun out the window near fremont and caught all 4 eventually. >> skier was among a dozen skiers swallowed up by avalanche in washington state. 3 skiers died. she survived because she was wearing an avalanche rescue system that works like an air bag. >> southern california teenager whose anti-bullying video
9:31 pm
caught the attention of lady gaga in san francisco to kick off a national campaign on this issue. headlines. well it has been on the road this wean. you already know that gather prices are high. if not you are in for a shock when you go back to work tomorrow. average flies california now stands at 4.03 a gallon for regular. 4.0two in san jose. 4.07 in san francisco. mark tonight with the connection with the price of gas and the tension over iran nuclear program. >> iran fired up military exercise and announce cutting off oil shift. to england and france ahead of the european embargo from iran and sailing warship into the persian gulf and shadow war iran scientist being gunned down in tehran while race targeted in bombings explosive environment as policy experts worried about a spark.
9:32 pm
>> you might get a clash between u.s. and iran naval vessels in the persian gulf for example or another seizure of an amy ambassador the way writ issue was seed few months agatha could result if the loss of life. >>reporter: president of san francisco advisor to secretary of state clinton says the stake are so high no side can afford to pay the price of military option. >> i think most likely we end this with negotiated settlement but far from serb. >> israel said they have a narrow window of opportunity this spring to bomb iran northern most nuclear facility at. after april they believe it will be so forth fight israel won't be able to reach them. at stanford, iran expert says iran doesn't believe israel threat. >> calculation is that i'm not sure they are wrong is that israel won't attack unless it
9:33 pm
has the west backing. unless it has the united states backing. >> president obama sent his national security advisor to israel in ab attempt to dissuade by plan to bomb iran. the professor says just look at the map. there are more nuclear facilities than more than we know. >> in trying to take them out i think will have political cost, hum an cost that either israel nor the united states can or should. >>reporter: the professor believes nothing will key ter iran from the nuclear program and joe says bombing iran might actually speed up production of nuclear weapon. meanwhile israel has said it don't need the west permission to pursue a military option. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. more news over sea. short type ago the european union reached agreement on loaning greece 170 billion dollars in emergency loan money according
9:34 pm
to eu diplomat following 12 hour meeting. extra funds needed to prevent a default next month. >> plans and premeditated. officials in mexico say yesterday prison rye ought was a massacre an chance to escape. 44 inmate beaten or knifed to death. authorities say they were part of the same gang rye ought was also a chance for massive jail break by 30 messrs. of that rifle gang. officials say the well planned attack had help from guards and possibly other top prison officials as well. in fact the prison warden, 3 penitentiary officials and 18 guards have been suspended over this. authorities offering nearly 800,000 dollars for information leading to at the time recapture of these escapees. iran fuel ship in the persian gulf erupted in flames this morning all caught on tape bypassing television crew. 9 craw members rescued. they were forced to jump into the sea to survive. tv crew was filming a documentary in the area rushed in to help as you
9:35 pm
can see here and ended up taking all 9 sailor aboard their boat. to be was seriously injured. >> what was frozen is now a slushy mess on the dan ub river in europe. sudden thaw sending big chunk of ice down the water way damaging boats barges and floating restaurants in belgrade. >> coming up next on 7 news. i team fix up with report. >> looks like a sigh cob went through here and just piled everything up here. eye sore with 40 years of stuff piled up. tonight the one person who has taken responsibility for cleaning it all up. i team you fix it report. >> we are one of the last survivors of the great san francisco earthquake more than a century ago. stay with us. francisco earthquake more than a century ago. stay with us. more to
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>> armed guard kept close watch on protestors outside san quentin prison today. occupy demonstrators and prison rite supporter hold rally as part of national day of protest the. security tight and both exit on 5 80 were closed. speakers included activist is here. they were the 3 former uc berkeley students who were detained after hiking along the iran border. organizers of this event say they are pushing for the elimination of the death penalty and other prison reform. >> should life without the possibility of parole exist? i would say no because that says we don't believe that there's any chance that a person can change. >>reporter: sheriff's office says as many as 500 people protest during which san quentin was on lock down. >> we show you something that is quite amazing. man with a hoarding problem is creating havoc on quiet east san jose
9:40 pm
street an going on for decades. but they asked to us get involve as you see from the report by dan it really is a terrible situation. they have nobody else to kaichlt imagine living next door to a yard so covered in trash you can see it from a satellite. here it is on google map. here it is from the street. >> looks like a cyclone went through here and just piled everything up here. >>reporter: rudy lived 2 doors down for 47 years. >> couldn't even see the house. all that is there is debris. junk. solid. solid junk. >>reporter: neighbor tries to wedge his side of the fence against all that weight. >> he should be ashamed of himself. anybody that thrt that come out here and do something about this. >>reporter: we did some digging. found out this house unincorporated east san jose live to bakers on paper but
9:41 pm
state record show they both died in 2002. baker live here with their son richard. neighbors say richard slowly piled each truck amrins and bike here one at a time over 40 years. all too much for him. >> crazy. >>reporter: neighbors who didn't want to good on camera describe 58-year-old richard baker as eccentric and volatile. whether or not he still lives here is up for debasement he hasn't been sean for months and that's not that unusual. but they always worry that when he disappears he might be dead in the house. so we called the fire department about that. they brought the sheriff and everybody went in. not an easy taichblingt we had some deputy in the house. house also was full of debris. boxes piled up to the ceiling and stuff like that. that we kind of made a little bit difficult. >>reporter: wasn't the first time they had been there for welfare check and no sign of baker. but men of excitement on the street. >> kids call ate spooky house.
9:42 pm
little by little people throw stuff. >>reporter: how did it get like this. neighbors say it got much worse after baker parents died. it went from untiedy to out of control. they say time the county took notice. >> but we worked our way through a maze of agencies and not one is taking responsibility. we got referred again and again to santa clara county code enforcement and that is another dead end. >> we are looking to try to change somebody behavior and at this time what i can tell you we don't have the tools to change people's behavior for certain people like mr. baker. >>reporter: code inspectors visited the property 20 times in the past 5 years. and took baker to court. but even 100 dollar a day fine grew to 6600 dollars and went to collection, baker ignored county officials. that's it. code enforcement manager land says unless a property owner is willing to change, his office can't force them to. and esthetic is not a safety issue.
9:43 pm
>> it's very touchy subject. it's property rights. personal lifestyle issues that's why i said earlier that we are talking the kint has minimum standards not to say we don't care but we are not trying to tell people how to live their lives. >>reporter: so we decided to try one last avenue. taking the neighbor complaint to county supervisor george. >> buck stops with me dan. i can't blame anybody else. blame me. buck stops here with me. i'm the last one on the list. you can't go any further past me. >>reporter: county staff will try to address the mental health issues that led to the mess if he can find richard baker. after questions from the team last week the supervisor contacted the fire marshal who has declared the property unsafe. the case is now with the koinlt county council. next step, finally, a clean up. how long will the cleanup take. >> i don't know. sooner the
9:44 pm
better. i can't direct the staff any time period but next couple months i would say we should have some action. >>reporter: there you have it. supervisor said he will have the home cleaned up within two months and you know we'll be watching. tax records show that someone probably richard baker has been paying the property taxes on the home but stopped in 2009. add 0that the unpaid fines and now you have the county's attention. for the i team, dan, abc 7 news. >> immanuel. as we continue defining moment in american history. >> god speed john glen. >>reporter: as the news at 9 continues 50 year anniversary of astronaut john glen orbiting the
9:45 pm
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sweetheart. we need to talk.
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. >> one of the last known survivors of the 19 06 great earthquake and fire died over the weekend today. she was remembered if san francisco. friends of rose gathered at johns grill this afternoon to celebrate her life. this is video of her three years ago at the same restaurant during a ceremony for the anniversary of the quake. rose nephew says she was an easy going person. >> as far as the quake itself it really didn't rock or roll or anything but she says they were scared to watch the fire. >>reporter: rose was only three years old when the quake hit. she was 109 years old when she died over the weekend. well exactly 50 years ago today john glen became the first american to orbit the earth. now 90 years of age glen marked anniversary at ohio state university chatting by video link with the current astronauts aboard the international space station. here's john. >>reporter: 50 years ago this morning a man in a silver suit
9:49 pm
put america confidence back on track. >> god speed john glen. >>reporter: when what did he on february 20th, 1962 triple circumstance um navigation of the globe what the nation needed and just at the moment he did it. because the soviet union had already put 2 men up there who circled the earth 18 times between them. almost mocking us and how they celebrated back when we measured everything in terms of whether we were beating the communist. but now glen was up there. watching sunrise after sunset as he circle 17,000 miles an hour. >> i feel in fine. capsule turning around. oh, that view is tremendous. >>reporter: heart beat audible and calm. >> there we goyshtion it was that day that we realize down here that we just might catch up after all. because he helped us believe in tomorrow. having just been there himself. john donovan, abc news
9:50 pm
washington. >> amazing time. back and update the forecast. experience is back. >> you probably couldn't tell by the sunny sky this is afternoon but it was a drizzle morning in some parts of the bay area. this is photo of drizzle morning conditions at clear lake submitted by jay z and cleared from the time lapse view from the high definition camera in san francisco. tonight we have partly cloudy skies. tomorrow mainly sunny skies across the entire state mild weather state wide and here in the bay area as well. high pressure tomorrow mainly in the upper 60's to low 70's low 70's inland north bay and east bay up to city down in morgan hill and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. by thursday we see high pressure inland and mid to upper 70's. approaching 80 degrees. cool down rather sharply over the weekend. cool breezy few more clouds around but still no rain in sight even with the cool down. so will feet winter like but not wet. >> won't in fact be winter.
9:51 pm
>> that's rate. >> larry is here with all the sports. bay bridge up and running both direction good night for a warrior game. >> certainly good. anybody that wants to come back natural city after the game. warrior tangle with griffin and high flying clippers have no fear ep i is here. big nature for the warriors and big man. sports
9:52 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. california is now buying condom for kids as young as 12. ogram s furious. >> plus just enough this season to last. very different. the stories and more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> i was watching this trying to get down the hill. any more snow there. all right. lets
9:55 pm
start with basketball. warriors trade for chris paul few months ago. clippers got him. combo of paul and griffin they have turned the clips in one of the best in the west. i told you pre-game that ep i would play even with griffin would you believe me. starting in place with this. spinning away and throwing down with two hands. griffin he can dunk also. east like a foot over the rim. more from ep i. sweet dish from curry. career night and david lee aggressive. in the lane. warriors up 9 in the second quarter then chris catches fire. knocks down a 3 and then another 3. and then another 3. >> really? >> well actually that's griffin 360 and dunking. ellis head to head with paul here. pretty jumper. 28 points. warriors up 5. fourth quarter. randy.
9:56 pm
jordan yes. that tied it at 83. david lee right place right time he has 24. right now clips leading 97-95 upped 3 minutes to good. time for the latest edition of the jeremy linn show. not the center of attention in new york tonight because anthony came back from injury returning to the knicks line up. knicks were hosting the new jersey nets. so can they play together. that's what even is asking. the jumper. 11 points in the game. knicks up by 10 early. the steal. fast break. 3 on 1. williams back off to jeremy take it himself floater. 21 points, 9 assist. davis barren davis sighting. scored 3 points in ten minutes. hurt a lot. second half linn. with authority. all the knicks highlights but it was daryn williams who stole the show. hit eric's 3. and finished with 38 points just full of fire. the nets stop linn sanity 100-92. 10 years ago
9:57 pm
this would have been stop the press kind of news fwhu 2012 it's more of curiosity at this point. a signed ramirez former donor and red sox slugger. this deal has been rumored out there for awhile. not much interest for manny service in the rest of the mainly league baseball since the low cost low risk give him a minor league contract for 500,000 dollars. he will start the season by sitting out on a 50 game suspension after testing positive for a second time. manny 5 55 career homer. known to be a problem in the clubhouse at times but he says he has a new attitude. we shall see. >> one of the big story lines for the giants this spring. push to sign mat cain to long-term extension. he's entering the final year of his deal. cain loves pitching alongside tim and the rest of the giants staff. >> i don't think there's anything more fun than having a good rotation and good rivalry
9:58 pm
in that rotation. whether me and balm garner and z or bogey all of us do. that we all do it together. we kind of feed off each other. some guy hot and i want to be that guy that gets hot with them. get to run off a beautiful of win in a month or something. we love being able to pitch together and have the comrade. >> new rejaime in charm of the raiders didn't think stanford route was elite corner back worth 10 million dollars a year. now they have to face it twice a year. route agreed to terms with the chiefs. 3 year deal worth almost 20 million dollars for rut who had several teams wooing him. route allowed 8 touch down pass this is past season tied for second worse in the league and actually led the raiders in penalty. in honor of president's day new york islan islanders they brought out the president. for a little race today. roosevelt this was a violent president's race with teddy knocked down over the
9:59 pm
board by george washington top. open the first president you get out of here. the man who once said walk softly carry a big stick. lack at teddy from the top row. wwe jumping back on to the ice. down goes washington. down goes jefferson. down goes lincoln. oh, my. they all topple to the ice and in the end george crawls, this is more like a hockey fight. >> may not chop down a cherry tree. >> screws for historical accuracy. i don't know if they escaped but roosevelt was more port lyman. >> yes he was rather large. >> not 100 percent accurate. >> couldn't skate on thin ice. >> not at that weight. >> that's from us. have a good night see you again


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