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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  February 29, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PST

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it is here. the rain has arrived and the snow is come together sierra. >> and a high speed chase that goes all over the bay area. abc7 news starts now. a high speed police chase through five cities. you can see at least 12 cruisers chasing a car before 10:00 on westbound interstate 80 and university avenue in berkeley. >> the chase reached speeds of 100 miles an hour and continued on to 880 through oakland and san leandro. it ended at the dunbar ton bridge where officers arrested three people. >> it started before 10:00 tonight. police believe two men in the car were armed and robbed a shell station in martinez. when officers spotted them, they went after them. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. our other top story, the weather. >> a powerful storm is sweeping into the bay area. it is pouring in san rafael where you can see sheets of
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rain coming down. >> and you will need chains if you are headed to the sierra. the storm could drop as much as four feet of snow before it is all over. >> now certainly a welcome sight for the ski resorts. they have been operating on a meager three feet of snow during this very dry winter. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with doppler 7hd for us. >> carolyn and dan, let's show you doppler 7hd, it has become more active as the night pro tbressed. rainfall has been coming into the bay area, and as we go to the north bay that's where it has been raining. reports of rain to san rafael on twitter, and there is heavy rain beginning to move in between ukiah and cloverdale. we will take you down to the street level where mountain house road is getting pretty wet here. we do have some moderate to heavy rainfall there and check out what live doppler 7hd is picking up. this is an indication as to how cold the system is. we are seeing some very mixed precipitations. it is a mix of light rain and
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snow at this point, and we are seeing some of the snow here, the mountains surrounding the ukiah area. there is -- there is an advisory , and i am looking at some of the winds around the rest of the bay area, and we are seeing 40 to 50 mile an hour wind gusts in some areas already. the winter storm warning until 4:00 p.m. on thursday. two to four feet of snow in the sierra, above 5500 feet. could see blizzard-like conditions with the winds howling. a look at the forecast and time line as far as the storm in a few minutes. >> see you then. severe budget problems are forcing the police officer to -- the police department to change and -- change the programs. everything from neighborhood watch to traffic patrols are affected. johnal stone is live in walnut creek with more. >> tonight the city officials were hashing out the budget issues. walnut creek is looking at a short fall of $2.5 million.
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there is not enough money to fill police department positions and the over time is nearly shot so changes are coming. residents will get police service, but it will not be the same level they are used to. >> i don't think i will be better off anytime they cut back. we pay our taxes here. we always want the best we can possibly get when it comes to protection. >> for starters the traffic unit is being eliminated. meaning some motorcycle officers will be assigned regular patrol duty, and that could cause some traffic tie ups. also extra traffic enforcement around a schools and neighborhoods will be stopped. >> extra meaning the motorcycle officers will probably not have it during this short-term of this plan and will not have time to do that correct. >> and the community policing team will end its focus on schools and now concentrate on the downtown entertainment district where there have been problems with rowdiness. >> the public for the most part will not notice any change. we will have slightly less
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traffic enforcement. we will give slightly less specialized service to the schools, but we will still be available for any crime issue. >> neighborhood watch will be affected. no longer will they have a single point person in the department they can go directly to. she has been moved tofferent jo. now captains have to reach a lieuen it nent who may be busy on the road. >> there may not be as men meetings. we can't facilitate that as much as we would like to. >> it is a sign of the times at this point. what the problem is, you are robbing peter to pay paul. >> the city says the cutbacks will be temporary, at least until july when the fiscal year starts. they had a similar restructuring last year and there was no jump in crime. in fact, the crime rates have declined last year. live in walnut creek, john alston, abc news. >> thanks. mitt romney is back in the saddle tonight after winning
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key primaries in arizona and by a smaller margin, his home state, michigan. romney captured arizona by a 47-26% margin over rick santorum. in michigan he eked out a victory over his rival. >> in this room are the people who knocked on the doors and made the calls and went to the polls and it made a difference. we didn't win by a lot, but we won by enough, and that's all that counts. >> san for um are ens -- santorum ends with 76 delegates. there will be more after the newscast. >> stockton is considered a crucial step to becoming the largest in the nation to fall under chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. they are set to vote on a 60-day mediation process with creditors. it is the first step required
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under law before they can seek bankruptcy protection, stockton has been called the most miserable city in america. it has the second highest foreclosure rate in the country bow hind las vegas. some business owners say maybe it is time to wipe the slate clean. >> i think it will validate the bottom and verify that the system here is broken. it is in definite need of repair. >> among its financial mistakes, the city of stockton required one month of service to be eligible for retiree health benefits for life. in this economy teachers have had to worry about their jobs. in san francisco school officials voted to shield some teachers from the threat of layoffs. alan wang is live with the story. alan? >> dan, traditionally the layoffs are based on seniority, but the board voted to give immunity on some teachers based on where they teachers and. >> we are left with no options but to pursue something like this. >> with 485 teaching jobs on
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the chopping block, math and science teachers will be spared, but the san francisco unified school board voted to give others immunity. >> i can keep the zone teacher and can be integral to keeping it integral to the community, to the relationships we have built with each other. >> teachers in the designated superintendent zone which includes 14 schools in the bay view and the mission district will also be saved. that's because these historically under performing schools are finally showing improvement. >> the specialty of our program demands that we have the criteria. >> but other schools like el dorado share the same demographics and the under performing test scores. they will lose teachers because they are located just outside of the superintendent zone. >> we will support all schools and not just in the zone.
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it is not eke wit believe a. >> development in the zone is less than when the opportunity is not available for others. >> when you choose social justice for some you choose social justice for none. >> so far during this recession, san francisco unified has not had to layoff any teachers. but by law the district has to notify them of any potential layoffs. the 485 layoff notices will go out before march 15th. reporting live in san francisco, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thanks, alan. the mount diablo school system will see budget problems. there will be preliminary layoffs for more than 89 teachers. and two firefighters are recovering from scwhrr injuries. it started around 3:00 this afternoon in a home on come dore dore -- comma dore drive. firefighters were ordered to back off and fight the fire when the roof of the house
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began collapsing. the red cross is helping four residents find new housing. san francisco police are looking for a man who set a fire in the main public library on larkin street. police released this surveillance video and it shows the man walking inside the storage room right before the fire started there on sunday. books and equipment were damaged. >> so when we something and people are burning boxes especially inside a library. if you can look at the potential it caused, had this fire been greater, there could have been lives lost or seriously injured. >> anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. mayor ed leigh says he is worried that the sheriff's upcoming trial on domestic violence charges is distracting him from his job. he isn't given the realignment of the jails the attention he promised. >> it certainly is a distraction for the running of
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the office. i had made my pitch to the sheriff to make an attempt to separate the two and his decision will go forward. >> he does not plan to talk to the sheriff about the possibility of resigning. he is also not suspending him. it is something he could do under the city charter. he pleaded not guilty to charges he grabbed and bruised his wife on new year's eve. wall street is base braising for a big day after the dow closed above 13,000 for the first time since may of 2008, right before the recession hit. it ended the day at 13,005. the nasdaq is hovering near 3,000, closing at 2986 and the s&p 500 ended the day at 1372. enthusiasm about the u.s. economic recovery is credited for today's gains. well, apple hit a new record high after this invitation went out to the media today. it shows a finger on a calendar icon displaying the
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day, march 7th. why? well, it is widely believed that apple will announce the next generation ipad on that day. it is the ipad 3. here is a question for you, should yoga be an olympic sport? there is a growing movement that says yes. but there are somish views that divide. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> reporter: carolyn, you know in the bay area there are hundreds of yoga studios where just the talk of something like this is sparking serious widespread debate with the -- within the yoga community. yoga has been around for centuries. it is a practice that strengthens mind, body and soul. and now the wife of the founder of bikram or hot yoga you has her sights on the olympics. she wants it to be an olympic sport by 2016. we spoke to her from new york today. >> everything we dream of, any
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sport to get the highest is olympic. >> reporter: she is attending the national yoga championships, a fierce competition where yogis have to complete seven poses in three minutes. she envisions yoga in the olympics to follow a similar format and judging system. >> i am not trying to create techniques. i am doing the physical postures. >> reporter: the talk of competition and judging is angering many yoga followers. >> it will further enhance the misconception of yoga as something where you con tort your body and you win a gold medal. i just want to keep yoga separate from sports because it is not a sport. >> but a growing number of yogi believe in the olympic dream and they insist it is about bringing awareness to the practice. >> just because we are making it an olympic sport doesn't categorize it as something judgmental. it is a way for the world to
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become exposed to yoga. >> there is a lot of mind control and body control. >> she says she has already filed the paperwork with the olympic federation, and she is now waiting for a response. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thanks, lisa. yoga as an olympic competition might seem a bit unusual, but consider some other sports that made the olympics. well tug of war, the rope climb and the swimming obstacle race and live pigeon shooting. these have all since been dropped for various reasons. if you don't like the way you look when video chatting using the face time app on your i phone or ipad there is a procedure. it is called the face time face-lift. a plastic surgeon in virginia says he came up with the i surgery after his wife bought her i phone last year. he says hating the way you look while face timing is a very common complaint, and it
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is one that can be fixed with a simple nip and tuck. the next big craze is something called pintrest. facebook is still the gorilla. 405 minutes on the site in january. they are out pacing both my space and google plus. now more on the scuse rocketing rocketing -- now more on the sky rocketing pinterst. >> she was supposed to write a story about pinterest. she became addicted. i >>- q. i -- >> i have to admit i have been spending a lot of time. >> the site lets you take your favorite links from all over the internet and show them off together as colorful dprowps of pictures. >> so if i find a recipe i like on a blog i will pin it to my recipe pin board. and if i find a blouse i will put it on my fashion pin board.
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>> it is simple and fun to look at and now home to 10 million users. like mica has a pin board. >> new designers i like because i am into independent brands. >> everything is a picture your friends can browse and repin if they like it. >> it works well for those hyper connected and those who don't read anything. >> it is a visual nature of pintest that attracted folks at the san francisco ballet. they are using it to promote the ballet to a new audience. >> a new audience or younger audience or a lot of people who maybe have never been to a ballet performance. >> with "romeo and juliette" it is a renaissance. >> there are sword fighting which is an important component. >> and when you have sharp things you have jordan perkins lewis. >> but jordan is in the minority. he is more than 90% of pinterst users are food and
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fashion the biggest topics. >> weddings and babies are also big topics. even for those who don't have it. >> it just so happens jordan is getting married and showed it to his fee yawn sai. >> i said to check out the site and now she is obsessed. fish and game head daniel richards says there is, quote, 0 chance he will resign because of the picture showing him of the cougar he caught while hunting in idaho. it is legal there, but illegal in california. and many have asked richards to step down in. a letter he defended his record as a conservationist and said he did not do anything wrong. state hydrologists measured the snowpack in the sierra, and given the results it is a good thing the storms are in our forecast. the snowpacks are just 30% of where it should be this time of year. if the dry trend continues it
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will provide half of the water california needs, but the water resource analysts say 50% is not considered severely low. >> that is good news. we had a wet winter last year and very dry this year. we have some rain coming. >> finally. >> sandhya patel is here with a look at that right now. >> finally is the key word here. let's look at live doppler 7hd. we have some moisture and most has been concentrated in the north bay. santa rosa has picked up .20 of an inch of rain. as you look here there are yellows and oranges showing up around ukiah and cloverdale and heavier rain falling there now. still light returns from san francisco and down the peninsula. brian just tweeted light rain in redwood city. light showers in the east bay as well and down toward the santa cruz mountains. guess what is getting picked up by doppler? mixed precipitation in the
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hills around ukiah. 5* winter storm warning for the lake county area for above 2,000 feet. we are looking at snow possibly above 2,000 feet. you can see it getting closer to the clear lake area. obviously it will be watching that. if you do take a picture send it to you report. twat it to me >> tweet it to me. a lot of snow in the sierra nevada. chains on all routes leading into the south lake tahoe area. it is only going to get heavier toward morning. temperatures are in the 40s and the 50s. the winds are picking up, gusting to 36 miles an hour out of the south at sfo. 38 in napa and 30 in fairfield. same thing in concord and it is pretty light in san jose right now. the winds are picking up as the storm is approaching and it is going to be definitely on the dicey side at times for the morning commute. rain and wind increase overnight. showers tomorrow through
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thursday. our dry and mild pattern will return being on friday and continuing right through the weekend. here is the satellite and radar and here is the storm we are watching. it is definitely producing snow in the mountains mountains and in the sierra nevada which is why it is going until 4:00 p.m. stormy night ahead as a cold front comes through. here is the timing of it all. beginning tonight we have the rain already. and then as the front slides, 5:00 a.m. for the commute we are looking at moderate to heavy rain east bay and south bay and the santa cruz mountains. this is where you may encounter a rough ride in the morning. we will start to see scattered showers behind the front. could even see some snow mixing in with the rain on top of mount hamilton and above 4,000 basically. so the snow level will be near 4,000 feet. 5:00 a.m. another impulse comes through. we will go with scattered showers. and the showers continue through thursday night.
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tomorrow you will see some sunny breaks, but you are also going to run into showers as it switches to a more showery nature. up to an inch and a half in the mountains and close to 2 inch possibly in isolated locations. an inch in the santa cruz mountains. you can see less for the rest of the bay area. this will end up being a wet morning commute particularly in the east bay, the south bay and the santa cruz mountains. be careful out there during the commute. it will be windy in spots. temperatures in the 40s first thing in the morning. you will need the um brels as you head out. we will see sunny breaks and temperatures range frght mid40s around clear lake to around the mid50s in places like san jose and for the monterey bay, midto upper 50s with a few showers for your wednesday afternoon. accu-weather of the seven-day forecast, rain is turning to showery wednesday afternoon and into thursday. we dry out on friday and it is a weekend warm up with 60s
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to low 70s showing up by suay. breezy and cooler monday and tuesday. dan and carolyn, once again, cob mountain which is about 4700 foot elevation and mixed precipitation on live doppler 7hd right now. and that is not out of the question. tomorrow morning if you happen to see some of the snow, take a picture. send it to me. send it to us. we would love to see the photos. of course i'm on twitter and facebook. >> thank you very much. coming up next, a new paper airplane distance record. >> it is pretty wild. and this is accomplished by a guy who usually throws footballs. footballs. stay with us [ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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erkle will strut their stuff.
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she will join gladys knight and grand slam tennis champion. and from the where are they now category ja lie l white, best known for erkle on "family matters." he will dance. the new season begins and premieres on march 19th. >> should be quite a cast. former cal quarterback has a record setting arm when it comes to throwing paper airplanes. he set a world record when he threw this paper plane 226 feet, 10 inches and it smashes the previous record. he played for cal in 2005 and 2006 and now looking forward to defending his world paper airplane title. >> the guy in the blue shirt there is cheering with him and it is the guy who makes it. he has a couple of books out. he folded the airplane and passed it. >> a perfect throw. >> it is good to see that joe still has his arm strength
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after all these years. the warriors came back from the allstar break. the sharks came back from the road and on a night when only one goal was scored, he allowed none.
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the sharks return home after a two-week road trip hosting philly, but without their head coach. todd mcclel lend is not on the bench after getting hit in the head with a stick in minnesota on sunday. it was an accident but he suffered concussion symptoms. die hard shark fan neil young, that's his happy face watching them work the bench. two minutes in and a snap shot. 1-0 sharks and the only goal of the night. he was under siege on and off the ice for his play. a couple of huge saves in the closing seconds. they do a little tango. and it is 1-0 still in the third. it went through a defender's legs and he was denied. he got the stick out there t


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