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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  June 13, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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the pg&e, they should know where to dig, right? >> new questions and concerns about pg&e tonight after a fire in san francisco. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. some want to know why it took the utility so long to cutoff the gas. the fire burned through a mixed use building on san bruno avenue. lisa amin gulezian is live
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with why they want answers from pg&e. >> the fire took place just across the street from here. the wooden boards are up covering the damage. some accuse pg&e of making matters worse by not shutting off the gas line fast enough. >> it is like burning really, really serious. >> the fire moved quickly across two buildings on san bruno avenue. it happened after a construction worker hired to renovate one of the buildings tried to hookup a gas line. >> the spark explodes. >> once crews arrived it took more than two hours to shut off the gas line. something many residents find troubling. >> our lives, the entire block could go off, right? i am a lot concerned. >> it will be an issue with
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pg&e. >> was two hours too long? >> every situation is different. insists everyone follow protocol, and the reason the shut off wasn't immediate was the fire was right on top of the main gas cutoff point. and a secondary shutoff was used. >> as soon as we got the call we sent out pg&e crews who assessed the situation and showed it was safest way to shut off gas to dig down into the streets and sweep it off there. >> now, a lot of people who were out here tonight compared this to the san bruno explosion of 2010. but in that situation the gas line was a lot larger. the one on tonight involved a one-inch line. both pg&e and the san francisco fire department are investigating. live in san francisco tonight, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> lisa, thank you. pg&e is dealing with another problem. downed power lines that closed down highway 4 eastbound for hours. it started when a car hit a
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utility pole and burst into flames causing eastbound highway 4 to close near hercules. you can see the flames and the smoke pouring off the vehicle. the driver escaped unharled and firefighters kept the flames from reaching the nearby brush and trees near the franklin canyon golf course if you know the area. the highway patrol hopes to reopen the eastbound lanes around midnight about an hour from now. pg&e expects to restore power to some homes between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. we are following developing news where police are looking for a killer. a 17-year-old was shot to death before 6:30 near mclaughlin avenue. he was apparently walking in front of an elementary school. no word on a suspect or motive for the shooting. the victim's identity has not been released. 24 is san jose's 19th murder of the year. a house fire caused a big scare for neighbors around city college. they saw smoke billowing from a house and this is the view
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from sky 7hd. it shows all of the firecrews at the scene here. they quickly put out flames. the city known for embracing its homeless may soon be a little less understanding. berkeley could put a measure on the ballot that makes it illegal to sit or lie on streets and sidewalks. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live to explain why it has come to this. >> heated debate still going on. both sides claim to be advocates for the homeless. in fact, those in favor of the sit lie ordinance says it would enable the city to better help them. >> is there anyway we could get you guys into shelters or anything like that? >> in the past two weeks this downtown berkeley encampment has grown from a group of about five homeless people to about 30. alberto says business at his store has dropped 15 to 20%.
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>> you can see that. >> in a packed meeting they were poised to put a measure on the november ballot that would enforce a sit-lie ordinance with citations. the opponents are rallying citizens and fight for their right to sit down. >> i have lived in berkeley for 41 years and i worked with the homeless for 41 years. i haven't seen any of those laws work the way they are supposed to work. >> the mayor and at least two councilmembers say the ballot measure will give the city some leverage in directing the homeless to a host of city funded programs that include chiropractic, dental and street to home services. >> they invite the person into the city attorney's office. they say let's make a deal. we agree with you. we will wave the citations if they go to services. >> some of the downtown ambassadors who are responsible for directing them to programs say many of these people realize it is
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beneficial after they get a california id card and receive monthly ssi checks as well as other sources of income. as it stands, three councilmembers are for it. three council members are against it, and three are undecided. we will let you know what happens when the council votes. alan wang reporting live in berkeley, abc7 news. >> thanks, alan. the san mateo county gang task force launched its summer crackdown. vic lee road along with a look at the operation that is keeping a lid on gang violence. >> members of the san mateo county gang task force fanned out in the peninsula. >> we'll take the front and these guys can take the back alley. >> they were checking on gang members on probation and parole. some had outstanding warrants. >> what is the warrant for? he failed to show up.? >> police checked this apartment for a juvenile who
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violated probation. he wasn't here, but his friend startled officers by saying he had a knife. officers were not amused by the joke. they released him with an add add admonish sheen. on this night there was plenty of action. they checked the tattoo of suspected it gang members and lots of lectures to juveniles at risk. this one boldly flashed a gang sign for our camera. >> are you proud of that? who do you belong to? who are you with? >> reporter: there were suspicious cars with vehicle violations. this one turned out to be the big arrest of the night. >> what do you got? >> traffic stop, bunch of dope one other female. >> there was a treasure trove of drugs in the car. >> the crack was in baggies and ready to sell. there was meth, ecstasy,
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heroin, syringes and lots of cash. the tone of the stop changed when police discovered a switch blade and a hidden dagger on the female suspect. >> you have something right here. >> why don't you tell us what that is before you have a problem here. what do you have in your jacket? when is the last time you talked to your parents? >> police discovered a young run away in the car. >> she is 15 years old and she is missing out of three counties. so she is obviously loved. gite sheriff's gang task force -- >> the sheriff's gang task force consists of all of the departments on the peninsula from 100 to 120 officers and deputies have been trained. vic lee, abc7 news. >> 4400 nurses at 10 bay area sutter health hospitals are staging a strike tomorrow. it is the latest walkout with stalled contract talks. sutter nurses have been working without one for a year. the nurses nurse are fighting
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help for co pays and sutter says it can no longer afford to cover those costs. the hospital will use replacement nurses during the walkout. a multimillion-dollar legal battle is being waged over thmoas kinkade's estate. he died last month after over dosing on valium and alcohol. now his estranged wife and girlfriend are fighting over his last wishes and the legality of what appears to be a new will. here is leon melendez. >> reporter: amy pinto walsh lived with thmoas kinkade. her attorneys argue the well-known painter wanted her to have part of his estate. pinto walsh wants the matter argued in court, but kincaid's wife of 30 years wants the terms to be decided in secret binding arbitration. >> do you think the judge should make a decision? >> that's the fair thing to do. >> reporter: her lawyers introduced two handwritten notes that pinto walsh claims
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kincaid wrote granting her his mansion and $10 million to establish a museum of his paintings there. a copy of the notes was obtained by our media partner the san jose mercury news. the court must determine its authenticity and if kincaid wrote it, was he of sound mind and body. those outside the courthouse were intrigued by how it will all end. >> when you have squabbles between people about money after the guy is dead, it diminishes the good work he did. >> they are back to court on july 2nd for a hearing that will determine the authenticity of the notes. in san jose, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. up next, the u.s. open cell phone ban, the no tolerance rule some gof fans are calling ridiculous. >> and how "good morning
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america"'s robin roberts inspired people to join an effort that saves lives. >> that's all coming up and then on "nightline." coming up next on "nightline" calls to bring up the s.w.a.t team and hoaxers that can hack your x box and tell police they are you. inside the recent wave of emergency prank. and an undercover investigation. why spray tan
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open will face their own challenges on the course. no cell phones allowed. people are being told to leave them in their cars. john alston is live at the zone with the story. >> that's one of the several entrances here. security confiscated about 130 cell phones. spectators go the them back when they left. some spectators heading to the u.s. open with their cell phones got a bad reception. jay if you look on the back of your ticket you will see no
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cell phones. >> people picking up shuttle buses at candlestick park had to pass through security. those with cell phones had to take them back to their cars. >> it certainly seems harsh. i know a lot of fans are disappointed. a lot of people use their cell phone as a camera, and that's what i planned on doing today. the problem is when you see it over and over again. >> despite the security check point at the olympic club it was not hard to find people using their cell phones after the practice round. >> now that it is open i can turn it back on and listen to my messages. i am looking for a job so waiting for that call. >> phil mickelson withdrew from the memorial last month citing mental fatigue, but fans using cell phones were considered a problem. at the olympic club, spectators who show up with phones have to check them with security and then pick them up when they leave. >> i checked it in and brought it. they told me i had to leave it. i wasn't happy about that, and now i am. >> that's because nobody could reach him for awhile.
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there are cell phones available for things like emergencies, and there are public phones near the clubhouse and entrances. at the olympic club, john alston, abc news. >> thanks very much. the east bay animal rescue and refuge center is trying to find a home for a lamb used in a prank that backfired on a group of high school students. seniors at heritage high chained it to a pole as part of a graduation stunt, but it included spray painting graffiti on school property and 50 students were suspended. some could not take exams or graduate with their class as a result. 4thof july fireworks are returning to redwood city. the city never canceled its festival and parade, but the fireworks show had been the victim of budget cuts since 2009. this year they are being paid for with a combination of public funds and private donations. >> it is hard to believe 4thof july is a few weeks away. how about that weather forecast. >> sandhya patel is here with more on what should be another warm upcoming for us. >> that's right, carolyn and
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dan. that warm up coming by the time we head into the weekend. by now the temperatures are trending lower. here is a look at live doppler 7hd, and you can see we have some fog near the coastline. the temperatures are still on the warm side, but not as warm as where we were yesterday. it was 93 degrees in antioch and 91 in livermore and santa rosa and oakland, 77, san francisco 71. half moon bay, 60 degrees. down toward san jose it was 85 degrees. temperatures in most areas were down from 2 to about 10 dries. 10 degrees. look at why. you look at ocean beach. the fog wag around, and was -- the fog was around and it was rushing in. definitely wind was playing a factor as the sea breeze kicked up. the temperatures began going down. the numbers right now are in the 50s and 60s. antioch though is still at 73 degrees. here is a look at the
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highlights. areas of low fog. cooler wednesday and thursday, and it is going to turn warm to hot again as we hit the weekend which of course includes father's day. here is a look at pacific satellite picture, and here is what is setting the changes into motion. it is this cold front that is coming in. it has brought in a stronger sea breeze. once again the wind blows from an area of high pressure to low pressure, and as the wind starts to kick up, you will notice a lot more fog heading into tomorrow morning. not just over the coast, but over the bay as well. the cooling trend continues for wednesday afternoon. as you head moo thursday watch what happens to the fog. it starts to clear away and you will see braze econ decisions tomorrow afternoon and thursday afternoon. and then temperatures bottom out on thursday, and then they are starting to head back up as you make your weekend plans. fog once again and low cloudiness. it is pretty widespread along the coast and in over the bay and even the inland valleys will start off with the fog. low 50s to low 60s. if you are going to the practice rounds for the u.s. open tomorrow, make sure you
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have a sweater or jacket. we are expecting temperatures to run in the low to upper 50s with the fog around. westerly winds 5 to 15 miles an hour. getting closer to the first round. the weather will get nicer as we head into the weekend. if you like the warmth and you don't want it to be too windy. tomorrow afternoon fog lingering near the coast. 58 in half moon bay. 66 in san francisco. mid80s for santa rosa, thap paw, vallejo. 72 in oakland and 73 for fremont. mid80s for antioch and livermore and heading down toward the san jose area, 78 degrees. around the monterey bay, temperatures ranging from 60 in monterey to 82 degrees in morgan hill. here is a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is cooler the next two days. temperatures start to rise on friday. it is warm to hot for the weekend. mid-nineties inland. father's day plans looking great as the weather is just going to cooperate. then a little cooler on monday and tuesday.
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our very own mike niko was on prime time. he did a fabulous job along with the rest of the morning team. he will be back tomorrow morning carolyn and dan at 4:30. >> they are sleeping fast. >> we are hoping they are sleeping. >> he will be back in with any weather updates. terrific. coming up, star watching in loss altos. >> the actor playing a young steve jobs shows up on the set.
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americans shot up to be bone marrow donors shot up. that followed the announcement from robin roberts that she was diagnosed with mds. in roberts' case her sister is nearly an identical match, but nearly 60% of patients don't have a matching link in their families. go to our website and click on see it on tv. a loss altos neighborhood has been turned into a hollywood set for the filming of a steve jobs biopic. ashton kutcher can be seen getting into this car as
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neighbors try to catch a glimpse of him. film crews are transforming the garage where apple was founded back in time to the mean 70s. the film is titles "jobs," and it is expected to continue shooting in the bay area for a few more days before moving to los angeles. the movie is expected to be released this fall. >> looks like from the early days of steve jobs' career. interesting. sphie let's talk about sports. nba finals. >> larry beil is here. >> a come back story. the heat versus thunder, plus madison bumgardner, and his big moment came at the plate. big moment came at the plate. sports is next. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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with story lines. two of the biggest stars in-law bron versus durant -- in lebron versus durant.
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a little light reading before the game. i think therefore m why. therefore m am. the steel and takes it away and slam. miami is up 13 only to see old kc take control away. westbrook slicing and dicing. the game tied at 73. to the fourth quarter and lebron turns it over here. kevin durant with authority. he had 36. kc out scored miami 31-21 in the fourth. westbrook had 27. the thunder take game one. 105-94. after winning the memorial two weeks ago is tiger woods really back to being the best golfer in the world? a victory at the u.s. open this week had olympic would convince everybody. woods played a practice round with his former stan ready to teammate kc martin. the tigers won 14 majors lifetime. many believe passing jack nicklaus' record of 18 that was once thought to be
12:29 am
automatic may never happen now. even with all of the personal and injury issues in recent years woods is still only 36 years old. >> jack did it at 46. i have 10 of the watson did it at 49. we can play for a very longtime. that's the great thing about staying in shape and lifting weights and being fit. >> espn has live coverage of rounds one and two from olympic, thursday and friday at 9:00 a.m. and then 2:00 p.m. giants and astros and mcilroy and he is working on his throwing motion, and for good reason. he threw out the first pitch at tonight's giants' game. a little high. not bad. bumgardner throws a little harder, struck out the side in the first. in the third hear it comes. there it goes. his first major league homerun and tied it at one and gets the silent treatment when he gets to the dug out. nobody is paying attention and then they come around and hug him.


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