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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 13, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> sky 7 hd over the scene of a big fire in fremont this afternoon. you are looking at what is left of the building. and damage is serious. good evening. firefighters are still mopping up this fire. it happened at cnh enter praise, machine shop on pwoing terrace. small side street near the mission boulevard exit off i 6 30 there on the map. firefighters aived the building engulfed and there were 60 employees inside. all we are glad to tell you were acuated successfully. no one was injured. as bad as it was. cnh proud component used in the semiconductor industry and
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today fire sent toxic fumes of smoke into the air. >> i think the reason we are seeing the heavy black smoke was all the combustible oil, flammable liquid and gases. >>reporter: here's what the side of the building looks like. it's completely exposed as you can see. gutted because the roof collapsed. company says it will try to resume operation just as soon as possible. >> get the people working again. but yes, it's devastating. you look at this and just amazing how fast it all went up. >> i'm devastated. i was just it's my job. i don't know what to say or what to do right now. real devastating. >>reporter: employee tried put out the fire with extinguisher. fire too big. you can see it was no. word yet as to how it started. >> extra security will be on site tomorrow at 2 cupertino schools after bomb threat forced them to close today. but this is a picture of the threat found scrawled on wall
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at lynn brook high school in san jose. claimed there was a bomb at mont strays high school and included a threat gains teacher. it was shut down. no bomb found but still frightening for students teachers and people nearby. >> pretty big deal even as a prank because there was a name involved in it. >> yelling fir in a crowded theater. like mass disruption. >>reporter: sheriff's deputy will be at both schools tomorrow understandably. authorities say also making sure that teacher named in the threat provides texted. >> san francisco police chief greg reacting to controversial facebook post by one of his officers. sergeant karl t up loaded this video of himself riding through the broadway tunnel on facebook claimed that he was with others in a lamborgini going 100 miles an hour and claimed they were drunk. well today the chief said he's outraged. >> obviously it's just beyond irresponsible and dumb. i was
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out of town yesterday so my first act to get back as two reassign the sergeant out of patrol. nobody with poor judgment should be around a younger officer. >>reporter: sergeant karl t who legally changed his name from tenenbaum is on desk duty pending an investigation into the incident. one of the bay area biggest political scandal of the year took major turn today. nadya former alameda county supervisor and wife of state treasurer bill dropped her request for a restraining order against her former boyfriend. dan was the only reporter at the hearing in pleasanton and he has the l exclusive. >> nadia didn't come to court this morning. she remains in a southern cavalry has been center now 107 days sober. nadia texted last month i am looking forward to this road on recovery and new way of life. >> her therapist and counselors have hope for her to come out of this process and move on
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with her life so from all indications things are going well with her. >>reporter: the attorney asked for the hearing to be delayed on the restraining order until she gets out of rehab in february. the scandal blew up 10 months ago after a violent confrontation between l the 2 at this newark motel. it left her with scrapes and deep bruises. but authorities declined to press charges. after publicly discussed drug use and sex tape they made, nadia resigned from the board of supervisors and entered rehab. today the june suggested dropping the issue of restraining order for now and rescheduling if necessary when nadia returns to the bay area. >> court would take the matter off calendar and reissue we'll do that. good enough. thank you.what do you think the odds are of you coming back. do you think this could die right her here. >> i think there's good chance this may die here. nadia will go through treatment. will
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reconsider her options and one of the options will be of course to continue to pursue this or another option to let matters lie the way they are move on with her life. >>reporter: her husband state treasurer bill filed for divorce july but it's told it's now√∑ hold. bill and nadia working well tochlingt he's paying for rehab and bringing their son to southern california regularly to visit nadia it's a much different story for steve chick. there's a warrant for his arrest after he missed court appearance. police say he tried to steal a sweatshirt from macy while high on meth in august. i texted chick before the hearing today asking if he would attend. he answered not feeling like going to jail and they would take me if i showed. i can't get past this. the connection we had was so strong. less night i slept open the streets again. i lost everything because of her and the life she forced me into. this hole i am in is so deep i can't get out of. in the past i found the strength
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independent know pull myself together and get my life back quickly. i can't find that strength in me. just not ther there. what is there in steady is a welcoming that my end will be soon. i can't live like this. i tried to call chick several times to see if he's okay but got the voice mail. i'm posting screen shots of those detectives on our web site. nadia is still facing drug and child endangerment charges in southern california but her lawyer says the case may dropped if she does well in rehab. for the i team, abc 7 news. >> now to breaking news in san francisco where crew just rescued a woman from the bay near pier 9 on the embarcadero. battalion chief told us the woman appears intoxicated and taken to the hospital. a number of emergency vehicle lined the street as you can sea here while the search for that woman under way. but again she's been rescued and taken to the hospital for treatment. >> vallejo named joseph crane as the new chief of police.
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the 56-year-old has been serving interim chief since july when the former chief retired. crane has 32 years of law enforcement experience and previously held top cop position in both novato and sausolito so certainly familiar with bay area law enforcement. appointment effective on saichlts u.s. bank brokerage firm say they are doing everything they can to prepare for a threatened cyberattack called project p.m. blitzkrieg. software security firm says it has evidence that a well planned attack by eastern european hacker could happen this spring if not some time sooner. it says they began planting malicious software last april. mcfee says 5 million dollars already stolen in what amounted to basically a test run of this operation blitzkrieg german for lightning war. bank of america risk management department says it's operating under the assumes an attack will take place and defend itself accordingly.
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>> big news out of washington. susan rice has pulled her name out of consideration to be the secretary of state. withdrawal remavs a major source of tension between the white house and congressional republicans. here's tm jake tapper. >> in a letter to the president today u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice wrote quote the posts of secretary of state should never be politica political. i'm sad we have reached this point even before you have decided whom to nominate. and she shared the news on nbc. >> i didn't want to see a confirmation process that was very prolonged. very politica political, very distracting. very disruptive because there are so many things we need to get done as a country. >>reporter: just weeks ago rice tough smart rising star in the obama administration was the president's top choice to serve as next secretary of state. but she grew a lightning storm of republican criticism for repeating talking points on the intelligence
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community that seemed to critic to down play the terrorist attack on the diplomatic compound in libya. >> what this began as was spontaneous. >> the concerns i have are greater today than they were before. we are not even close to guest the basic answers. >> it's clear the information that she gave the american people was in correct. >>reporter: the president in a statement today praised wloois will stat stay at her un post and express regret unfair misleading attack on her. we have learned that before her withdrawal president obama had concluded that senator john kerry would be a better choice to be the nation top diplomat w.kerry almost certain to be tapped sources say former senator chuck hagel nebraska republicans seems to have an edge to be the next defense secretary. in what is being perceived as expression of presidential support president obama has invited ambassador rice to meet with him here at the white house on friday. back to you. >> much more to come for you
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this thursday night starting with the cold. sandy is here with the weather. >> yes. cold enough we have frost advisory going up. show you where. how cold and when the rain will get into the forecast. weekend weather is coming up. >> all right thanks sandy. also tonight the one type of tobacco use that is on the rise among california teenagers and the biggest reason why. >> bay area start up that takes the concept of playing house to whole other level. build it yourself doll house that comes with circuit motor and next generation building blocks. >> also tonight. major retailer goes money can man who helped run the oakland a's now help inspire a winning
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>> still no deal on the fiscal cliff following an unscheduled meeting at the what it house this afternoon between president obama and house speaker boehner. the president wants a rate hike on the top 2% of income earners. boehner opposes that very had he mentally. deal must be reached by december 31 to the avoid going over that fiscal cliff. that's combination of tax increases and spending cuts that some fear could plunge the
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country into recession once again. >> walgreens drugstore chain has agreed to pay a huge fine to settle an environmental lawsuit filed in alameda county. prosecutors say they illegally dumped medical biohazard waste into regular trash bins. they also dumped patient records without shre shredding them all 34 wall green stores in alameda county were found to be in violation of this law. settlement covers more than half of the counties in california. >> we have some good news and some bad news about california students and tobacco use. good news is that cigarette smoking has declined. the bad? it's the use of spokeless tobacco jumped significantly. we have more now on the new report from california department of public health. >> tobacco use trends in california among the young are raising some red flags at the state department of public health. nearly 9 percent of store state wide illegally sold to minors last year up from 5.6
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percent the previous year. 18 to 24-year-old are now smoking more than any other age group in california. >> university and young adults get addicted to tobacco end up smoking their entire lives and then they and family suffer the health consequence. >>reporter: state projects it will spend 6 and a half billion dollars this year to deal with adult health care related to smoking. that is 400 dollars per taxpayer. it's unclear why youngester people are pick up the habit. but the study noted the previous lens of smoking was higher in schools with neighborhood with 5 or more stores selling tobacco. smokers product are becoming more and more popular with nearly 4 percent of high school students using them. >> smokeless tobacco products are not safer. the trends again are very concerning. >>reporter: we found that on this college campus students say they smoke because they are stressed. rising tuition cost. juggling classes and jobs are just too much. young smokers
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we spoke request started in high school. >> of school trying to find a college and worrying about money and then jobs. i have 3 jobs right now. so all of that was kind of like a lot of pressure on me. >>reporter: campaign for tobacco free kids has been critical of states like california for not spending enough of their 1998 multi-billion dollar settlement from tobacco company on smoking prevention. life long smoker keith kim who also started in high school agrees. >> ychbing they are using the funds effectively. >>reporter: state says for every dollar it spends on anti-smoking campaigns, the tobacco industry spends 8 to attract more smokers. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> okay. let's focus on the weather. talk about the cold. a little bit of rain. spencer is off. sendy is here changes yet again. >> absolutely dan. first we deal with the fraedzing cold conditions tonight going to be a second night with fringt by morning. then we intrue rain chances tomorrow. how does
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that sound? hopefully like it. all right if you don't we don't have much of a choice. thanks dan. live look from the high definition east bay hills camera lacking across the bay area and you will notice pretty clear skies. the clear skies will lead to chilly conditions already temperatures are dropping as you look at live doppler 7 hd it's quiet but we have our own doppler on mount saint helena and tracking rain as early as to. look at the numbers. they are falling. 36 degrees already in livermore. down to 38 in napa. 37 fair feel. 39 in half moon bay and santa rosa at 38 degrees. highlights here. frosty inland. light rain chance tomorrow. and bigger storms are due in here next week but those do not still don't look as serious as what we saw a few weeks ago. so tomorrow morning we do have a frost advisory. 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. covers east bay valley. holster valley and northern salinas valley.
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patchy frost and slippery sidewalk and frosty conditions on your windshield. give yourself extra time to get to where you need to go. tomorrow morning those clouds will fill in as a system approaches so we are expecting the temperatures down to freezing. livermore, morgan hill. 33 degrees in fairfield. tomorrow thing preventing from falling way too low is the cloud cover. 41 in oakland. 40 san mateo o. 38 degrees. palo alto san jose santa cruz. here's a look at the satellite radar. this is a system another cold one coming in bringing us chance of some light rain on friday and really as new new computer model go by rain chance slimmer and lighte lighter. friday series of storms out here next 7 days. don't panic just yet. not all will produce a lot of rain. here's the deal tomorrow morning. clouds at 5:00 a.m. chance of few showers at 8:00 a.m. and then the shower chance pretty much into the
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early afternoon it's a hit or miss kind of shower. light tenth inch or less at most for your friday. we'll see more rain chance heading into the weekend and looking very light right now. chilly tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the mid to upper 40's some of the coldest inland valley. low 50's right around the coast and bay lit rape is all we are expecting out of this system for your friday and around the monterey bay. upper 40's to the mid 50's watch out for the showers. make sure you bundle up head out the door. it's a cold start and a chilly afternoon. upper 40's to low 50's. light showers in the forecast for your weekend. it's off on thing. not a complete wash-out. more wet weather in the forecast next week and what looks like now with the latest computer model run bring in a break sort break on wednesday. >> fairly wet parent. >> unsettled as of right now. >> thanks very much. >> coming up. life in ukraine. up next. issue that held lawmakers packing some real
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punches. what in the world were they doing. kayaker who got a very big surprise. oh, boy. stay with us. abc 7 news boy. stay with us. abc 7 news at 9:00f @
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>> do you think the fiscal cliff talks are tough in melee during a partlyabout thi y cloudyment defwhait ukraine. a real fillibuster as in broken nose. they couldn't agree about prime minister so they went to the barricades. when the dust settled the opposition lost. >> north cooep leader has been voted person of the year in "time"magazine annual reader poll. here's the cover. drawing of kim with headline reading lil kim. l time says kim received more than 5 and
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half million votes and completely unscientific poll. magazine says they were inflated by several on line campaign. the real person of the year keep in mind is made by the editor of time and will be revealed next week. >> unthe heading anything that isn't nailed down. florida woman came home tuesday nature to discover something stolen from her home. her driveway. 300 square feet of brick paver were carted away some time during the day. neighbor apparently spotted 2 men digging up the driveway but assumed it was all tied to other construction happening at the home. >> can you believe that? another video on youtube. group of kayaker got close to pod of migrating ork had a happened. >> m i god. about oh. they went under us. >> everybody good to the left. oh, >> how cool is that. the whale swam right under their kayaks.
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>> talk about close encounters. >> san francisco cab fate back. taxi drivers don't like the app the competitors are using so tonight the they are launching one of their own. that story next. >> plus the new era in television watching. takes effect today. i'll explain what is happening. >> on the brink. new clue that >> on the brink. new clue that syria president assad is out of
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>> good evening once again. we begin the half hour with syria. civil war there has been raging for months as you know. tonight syria ally ins russia are signaling that the end may near now for president assad. martha on the end game
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developing there nitd. >> could it all end soon here in damascas with startsing word from nato and now even president assad staunch ally russia that the brutal dictator days are numbered. that's because while assad is still in control in the capitol, rebel move closer. now just outside in the suburb. our bbc colleague jeremy boehner saw it firsthand. in a neighborhood where assad forces have tried to stop the rebel advance pounding the buildings and homes with airstrikes and artillery. battle is bloody. at the regime military hospital there are said to be 40 wounded treaty add day while the rebel like this fight whor lost both feet received treatment from a dentist. their hospital bombe bombed. >> rebel show they have the stomach for a fight. they have shown that they can endure pai pain. and they have the
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conviction that if they don't fight they will be killed. >>reporter: boehner met 200 of their recruit training at an army base they said they captured. >> what do you think will happen to assad. >> killed. must be killed. >>reporter: but who exactly are these rebel sns the fighter says his group is not affiliated with al qaeda. but we know other rebels are including a wing of al qaeda that has attacked u.s. soldiers in iraq. within the rebel rank there are dozens of competing groups with different sometimes murky goals. >> to the accident that external organizations are in there and in some extreme form the worry is both retribution afterward and potential of access to chemical weapon. >>reporter: threat to america and the world and threat to the people of syria longing to be free of violence. martha, abc
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news, washington. >> pentagon confirms that saw side car bomber killed an american soldier and 2 afghan civilian just outside the kandahar air base. 3 others wound entered that attack. taliban is taking credit for the attack that happened just hours after defense secretary by net a made a sprays visit to the compound. >> police are lacking for for man who disrupted services at free mont mosque. witness say he barged into the islamic center during prayer service yesterday afternoon and shouted that had he a gun and wanted to use it to kill the worshippers. members of the congregation confronted him. kicked him ou out. he left before police arrived. >> moving on. one of the greatest irritant of watching television has mercifully come to an end. starting today it is illegal for broadcasters and paid tv providers to air excessively loud commercials. sec says all ads must maintain the same average volume as the programs they accompany. palo
9:33 pm
alto congresswoman helped drive the effort. >> we all know what this is. we have all endured it. all heard the ads and so today is the beginning of a new era of quieter tv. >> legislation called the commercial advertisement loudness mitigation or calm for short mandated the change back 2010. >> on the subject of fighting back cabie could go doing it. upset about app that have private cars taking away their business so they launch aggressive new campaign of their own with an app that allows to you call a taxi to come pick you up. as jonathan bloom explains, while the other apps are butting head with the government regulator this one is working with them. >>reporter: as he drives the taxi through the bumpy streets of san francisco a little smart phone right below the meter starts to ring. phone is running brand new app called
9:34 pm
fly wheel. if you are a customer the app looks like this. map of all the participating cabs in the city. >> push one button. one that is nearest to you gets assigned to you and dispatched to you. >>reporter: technology around for 2 years. some cab company were using it before the app for call black town cars. back then it was called cab lus now with the ceremony drive off it's being reborn as fly wheel. complete with bold new advertising and promise to help cabie compete with the black cars and lift drivers with the pink mustache. >> they get from 20 to 30 percent more rides a day by having these mobile app able to access the vehicle real time. >>reporter: already in about a third of san francisco taxi. as to the other communication device. >> this is a radio. no advancement in 50 years on uhf and now we have the power of cell phone. >>reporter: cab company fly wheel can replace older dispatch systems or work alongside the 2 way radio to give the dispatchary bird eye view of where the drivers are
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by working with dispatcher instead of around them they get broad support from cab company. we while lift uber and side car battle frins state regularlytor play wheel had glowing endorsement with the city. >> the company worked with us and something we would recommend. >>reporter: mta says it plans to get all cab company using location tracking so fly wheel and other app like it can hail any cab in the city. this is abc 7 news. a little business news. bay area solar company shines on wall street after slashing its offering price in half solar city of san jose wept public with its stock today at 8 dollars a share and it gained almost 50%. solar city does not make solar panel. they install them and hope to ben from it plunging prices. >> shake newspaper the yahoo board room. co-founder in pay pal has been added to the board
9:36 pm
of director. ceo of intuit and weather channel are out. yahoo board now has 11 members all but one of them are new this year. speaking of new. sears reaching into the world of money ball to turn around the struggling business. retailer named paul pl deb to the bore. he's the number crunching whiz with harvard economic degree inspiration for the character played by actor jonah hill in money ball. >> in order to buy win you need to buy runs. >>reporter: he helped the oakland a's win consistently despite lowest payroll in baseball. he has most recently been an executive with the new york mets. we'll see what he can do at sears. while santa stuffs his sleigh full of is to for girls and boy as couple grads are stuffing boxes of new toy that is just for girls. but as january thon bloom explains, resume nature is different from
9:37 pm
any doll house you have ever seen. in case you are wondering that is a spinning electric fireplace. in imaginary ski cabin. >> then put stairs to gun to the loft. >>reporter: whole thing built with resume nature a building toy set especially for girls ages stoyx 10. >> today there aren't very many building toys for girls. all do is and princess so we wanted to do something about that. >>reporter: they started the toy company at stanford business accelerator after graduate with class male engineers. >> something needs to be done at earlier stage to get girls to understand that sigh ebbs and engineering are fun and they are an option for them. >>reporter: most doll house teach interior design resume nature teaches structural engineering. >> these are the building pieces for the furniture and include entered that is a little mini catalog of ideas that you can make with that. >>reporter: there's an
9:38 pm
electric motor for fans elevators even washing machine machines. shot shot this video of kids trying it out. and now fment orders are pouring in. >> it's just been beyond anything that we expected. >>reporter: they have already sold 2000 resume nature toy this is holiday season and latest batch of 1,000 the is well on waits to selling out. that means between now and christmas they will be working some very long hours. working together the two could label box and ship about 1 order a minute. >> not glamorous. that's what i have learned about entrepreneurship in the last year. it's about doing everything that has to happen. >>reporter: but seeing kids captivated makes it all worth it. >> parents are we have to go they are lick i'm not done nishtion mountain view, abc 7 news. powerful idea. are you still making your weekend plan plans? plans? well, well, well.
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and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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>> take a moment to thank you for making abc 7 shir your holiday food drive such a great success yesterday. you donated more than 2000 dollars to bay area food bank yesterday. that translet's to food for 70,000 people. no small fete. now it's not over. shooir our drive continues through december 31. donate by calling this number on the screen. or you can give 10 dollars by texdy texting feed to this number. there are 7 ways to give and you can find them all open our web site. we would so appreciate that. you are getting involved to help feed so many in the bay area this time of year. >> after you finish doing that you are looking for something to do this weekend and there ace holiday theme to many
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events happening around the bay area the next few days. here's arts entertainment reporter don sanchez with what is hot. >>reporter: it ace bay area holiday classic. ballet annual christmas ballet treat for everyone on stage in the performing art center. crack pot crow one witty show with funny ladies. stage work here. this ace bay area theater sensation longest running phantom of the opera opens new show on stage in the razz ramp at the nicco. bell book candle is intriguing comedy classic about a witch and eligible bachelor. post street play house. a show tonight at knob hill center and sunday at the up town theater in napa with chris isaac. colorful fun and
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different take on nut cracker. this is a different take. who knew christmas could be a drag? the gelleden girl recreate the christmas episode in the victoria theater. this is 7 news. that is not all these hot. up next. did you see mick jager strutting last tonight at the benefit for victims of hurricane sandy. pretty impressive. is there a secret jeans. fountain
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>> rain once again but at least we have the cold. sandhya is here with the update on the
9:48 pm
accu-weather forecast. >> we have a quiet pattern. not quiet for very long. tomorrow morning do watch out for areas of frost. we have a frost advisory for the interior east bay valley. 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. also covering holster valley in the north salinas valley. patchy frost slippery sidewalk and frosty windshield. couple systems line up in the pacific so series of storms is what we call it but don't panic as you lack at the 7 day forecast just updated this. we look at late rain chance tomorrow. rain returns again on saturday. few showers sunday. it's unceltsed on monday but tuesday lacks lick it's wet and breezy short break wednesday then more rain in the forecast thursday in friday. none of the storms with the latest computer model look that impressive now. latest change. >> pester us a little bit. >> exactly. >> moving on mick jager sure proves that rock is forever proves that rock is forever young
9:49 pm
rolling stones just one of the bands at last night 12-12-12 concert to help victims of hurricane sandy live from madison square garden. he's 69 years old. hard to believe when he performs fast he's 30. abc news reporter and anchor bill weir spoke with mick how he keeps the moves going. >>reporter: you have heard of dog years. well this is what age 69 looks like in stone years. before you dismiss mick jager energy at last night sandy benefit 2 song fluke, know that in recent week he has been ripping up the stage like this for 2 and a half hours. how do you do it? i was soar the next day watching. p.people are willing
9:50 pm
to pay 5 or 6000 dollars for a seat. think what they would pay for mick jager elixer. fitness regimen. >> i'm not much of a fitness regimen. it's low key. i don't have one. >>reporter: average age older than the supreme court rehears 8 grueling week to play just 5 shows. work ethic that somehow survivid all the years and miles women and drugs. keith richards stillen jis drink or 3 but ron wood has been sober for years now and admits this tour is a real test of will power. >> if we white clarity and focus now. before it was eyes down and meet you at the end. oh, know-how are we going to get out of this. a little bit of that still goes on. >>reporter: so despite the struggle for so bright and band harmony they have discovered the real secret is simply doing what they love. retirement would be a death sentence. and there's know better fountain of youth than arena full of
9:51 pm
administer asian. >> why are you still together. i said because people like us. of course we love playing music together but you have to have both as part of the equation sorry, for those inclined to order saturday pay per view finale with bruce and lady gaga thinking this could be the last time keep in mind the tourist called 50 and counting. bill weir abc news new york. >> well lights hope they keep good. they were good. all the bands were. >> amazing seeing people in their 20's still licking band, guys who are almost 70. >> be their grandfather. >> exactly is that larry up next in. sports while the dodgers and angel try to out spend each other in l.a. giants stick to the plan. were. back a popular playeroo
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>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00 bart has your back. armed escort who will be offering you protection this holiday season. >> and new cyberthreat. warning out tonight about hac
9:55 pm
hacker trying to get into the bank account. those stories and more for you on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. sports director is here. baseball trades notch recession in baseball tell you that. the giants stick to the plan. fan favorite returning to san francisco torrez comes back to the giants. 1 year contract worth two million dollars. giants not going crazy with the payroll. torrez key member of the 2010 world series title team traded to the mets for current center fielder angel. switch hitting torrez could start in left field. he could give guys a day of rest when they need it. torrez 230 with 3 homer for the mets. manager bruce said simply it's great to have him back. angel owner artie i have the fiscal cliff right here baby. angel just outfielder hamilton for 5 years and 125 million dollars. 31-year-old sliring hit 43 hom homer, 128 rin last year but he
9:56 pm
has all sorts of problems off the field or has in the past including substance abuse but hamilton if healthy and on track joins albert and mike in what is a power packed angel line up. not to mention payroll. here's task for the 49ers sunday night in new england. got stop highest scoring offense in the nfl tricks points per game led by tom brady on patriots team that has if won 7 straight. strength versus strength patriots offense against the niners defense which has given up fewest points in the league. allow 14 per contest. 42-14 and pwaed says the patriots have to play even better to beat the niners on sunday. >> no real weaknesses open the defense. they do everything well and you have to do everything well too and you have, that's what happens when you play a team that is capable as they are. they have had a great season h.a great season last year. and defense is
9:57 pm
human reason why. >>reporter: thursday night football. bengals eagles lack out. rough year for phillies. brown talented sales. fumble a lot. wallace executes and scores. 5 turn over in this game by philadelphia. and they lose to the bengals 34 to 13. on track for the wild card. afc. raiders play the final home game of the season on sunday. host the kansas city chiefs. rod streeter making more and more play for the silver and black. surprised by this? streeter himself. >> steps up in the pocket. deep in the middle and got it. to rod streeter. >> in the last couple games has made some big plays for us. >>reporter: rod streeter has emerged. unlikely rising star with 4 catches for 100 yards against denver and 3 reception for 96 against cleveland undrafted rookie is palmer favorite deep threat. >> it's a crazy feeling. i
9:58 pm
thought football was over for me and i was looking at getting a job and you come here and then the pwooem game in your hand. it's a lot of pressure then again it's not. what you prepare for. >>reporter: only 6 months ago streeter was preparing for life after football. lack luster senior season produced only 19 receptions. >> were you at temple last yea year. >> 80. if [ laughing]. >>reporter: fortunately for streeter the football god were his smiling down on him. on a whim he was able to spark interest from the raiders. >> i gave ate shop. might as well work out. i like to work out and they had a good pro day and things turned around from there i gave it a shot. >> good story. high school basketball. san jose on national tv tonight playing prime time game on espn against texas taechlt led by gordon one of the best players in the
9:59 pm
country. and this is paragrap paragraph. one handed. high school kid. 6 if the 8. 14 points. traficant which is a pair of starts. over time. 15 seconds left. harrison again driving to at the time hoop. had he 26. 54-53 travis. 1 second left. down 3. here's gordon for the tie. deep 3. oh, in and out. travis in overtime 56-53. nba mike and lakers facing old team the knicks in new york. lakers reeling right now. carmello anthony to the hoop strong. finished with 30 points wlevt an ankle injury. at the buzze buzzer. 70-49 knicks. they are having fun. look at the shot from kobe. high degree of difficulty. had 31. knicks though perfect 9 and o at home. that's tyson and he's tall. new york wins 116-107. lakers now lost 4 straight. they are


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