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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 21, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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is. >> tonight at 9:00. break news in the east bay. bullet fly and cop hurt. we have the latest for you. >> fire rips through north bay apartment complex. residents jump from their window and fire officials say a good samaritan say at least 5 people. >> plus observe protect and defend the constitution of the united states. constitution of the united states. so help you god so help me god. congratulations mr. president. [applause]. >> complete coverage of president obama inauguration. plus the one thing the president wanted to see for the president wanted to see for the last time.
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>> breaking news oakland. officer is shot and search is going on right now for the suspect. live pictures from sky 7 hd. good evening. >> now this is happening not too far from the oakland coliseum. we give you perspective open the map. 1700 seminary avenue. few block from international boulevard and nimitz freeway. sky 7 hd is live over the scene right now. let's bring in allen wong who is with police in the neighborhood and joins us live by telephone. what can you tell because what is going on. >> right now police have several streets closed off and conducting a yard to yard search with canine for 3 suspects involved in the shooting of that officer. the mayor's office says the officer was shot in the arm during a stop in the 1700 block of seminary avenue. that's about a mile west of mills clem. earlier police were searching the rainbow recreation center
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not far from her but so far no arrest made. all went down around 6:30 this evening at harmon and seminary avenue. we haven't been told what sparked the incident and we don't know if the officer returned fire. there are several neighbors out here complaining because they aren't allowed into the perimeter. some of them have medical conditions but police say the officers conducting this yard to yard search after guns drawn and just captain take any chances. again, dan, police are searching this neighborhood for 3 suspects involved in a shooting that has one officer at the hospital tonight with a bullet in his arm. we are live in oakland, back to you. >> just to be clear here. from what you understand this started as a traffic stop of some kind is that what you gather. >>reporter: from what we understand, this the is a traffic stop. we are not quite sure how many officers were involved in this. but we only know at this time that one officer was shot so we should be getting more information. police chief is actually come
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out here. he is giving us more information in just a few minutes. we'll get back to you as soon as we get that new information. >> okay thanks very much. i appreciate it. allen reporting live from oakland tonight where an officer has been shot in the arm. and they are searching for suspects. >> mean time 4 teenagers shot in brentwood tonight. police say car pulled up to home on brent drive couple block from freedom high school and someone or some people began shooting. doesn't appear anyone was create cannily wounded. they were taken to the hospital for their injuries. >> then there's this. fire tore through north bay apartment this morning forcing terrified residents to jump from their window in order to escape the smoke and flames. fire officials say one neighbor saved the lives at least 5 people. now this happened off east cat avenue in rohnert park. 23-year-old trevor caught 2 children held out the second story window by their mother then he helped catch the mother after she jumped. then he brought a ladder to
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neighboring apartment so those residents could climb out of their window. one woman may have broken an ankle in the fall. one chilled was treated for smoke inhalation. more than a dozen people are out of a home tonight. now the fire apparently started in the carport cost 1 million dollars daniel and destroyed 7 cars but because of the work of 23-year-old young man, at least 5 people are safe tonight. >> moving on. move to the inauguration of president obam obama. dance and a kiss between the president and the first lady brought his second inauguration to a close this evening. >> ladies and gentlemen my better half, and my dance partner, michelle obama. [applause] ♪ i am so love with you ♪ . >>reporter: inauguration is about music, marches and of course speeches. >> we will respond to the threat of climate change.
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knowing that the failure to do so betray our children and future generation. our journey is not complete until the gay brother and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. progress doesn't compel to us settle century long debate about the role of government for all times. but it does require us to act in our time. >>reporter: some of the key themes from the president speech today on the capitol steps. now the day began with public ceremony on the steps of the capitol before a crowd that may have surpassed 1 million people. david muir watched date of history unfold. >> white house salute to the president. about to be sworn in before the nation. first at one point 7 mile trip to the capitol. ahead of the president on the west front of the capitol, former president. secretary of state. cheers of national maul for the clinton. mrs. clinton lacking better after the fall. before the father arrived, the president growing girls. sasha and malia 11 and 14 wearing j crew and
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growing up before a nation. then their mother. first lady michelle obama. >> mrs. michelle obama. >>reporter: to thunder applause ushering in new term and the new bangs first lady tweeting blessed to be joining so many of my fellow americans gather to watch the inauguration. ♪ and then the president. walkinging toward that arch way about to see the hundreds of thousands gather on the national mall. >> president of the united states. >>reporter: president he mentaling flashing his giant smile. but soon wiping away a tear during stirring performance by the brooklyn performance by the brooklyn tabernacle choir ♪ the truth is marching on. then all eye on the president and chief justice john roberts who flubbed the words 4 years ago triggering a second swearing in. this time the president hand on 2 bibles president lincoln and dr.
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dr. martin luther king jr. and this time it was the president who seemed to swallow a word. >> the office of the president of the united states and will. >>reporter: then the president address. shy of 19 minutes. when the theme of moving forward together. >> my fellow americans we are made for this moment and we will see that so long as we seize it together. together. together. >>reporter: first president ever to include gay in his inaugural while talking about the struggle for civil rights. >> for if we are truly created equal then surely the love we dmoyt one another must be equal as well. >>reporter: president insisting we address climate change and immigration arguing we should welcome striving immigrants. >> until bright young students and engineers are listed in our work force rather than expelled from our country there. were powerful performances. kelly clarkson stirring rendition of my country 'tis of thee. ♪ [ singing].
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>>reporter: beyonce returning 4 years later this time to sing the national anthem. ♪ the rockets♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof ♪ through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ . >>reporter: as the president made his exit up those steps, a pause. turning around to take in his final inaugural moment one more time. microphone picking up what he said. >> about first couple made their way back to the white house, they emerge from the motorcade as they did 4 years ago. crowds cheering return home. first family taking in a parade. first couple with the kiss. the president moving to
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the drum. girls dancing too. jose does that star spangled ♪ ♪. >>reporter: singer beyonce made a splash at the inauguration and social media as well. the word tweeted 3 32,000 times per minute during her performance, beyonce. 1.1 million tweet sent during today event. that many tweet caused problems for some users who reported allergy with mine as well. twitter had service problems this afternoon on the blog and engineers had fixed the problem. >> these are pictures of fire that burned for hours at biel air force base 50 miles north of sacramento as we move on. the fire broke out at engineering building. one person was rescued from the building and one firefighters was slightly injured. >> surfer sought refuge on rock near the cliff news san francisco. strong rip current caused the surfer to last his bearings off ocean beach.
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isn't that remarkable picture. coast guard first thought of lifting him out by helicopter but then decide on a different strategy. they waited for the right conditions then told the surfer to jump into the water and swim against the crashing waves to rescuers waiting nearby on surf boards. >> scott pulled out too far. as far out with my friend. he was more advanced surfer so he made it back to shovrment luckily called whoever was needed to call and they came and saved me. >>reporter: surfer taken to the hyde street pier where checked out by paramedic and as you can see he is just fine. >> all right. as you probably know. you must know by now. 49ers headed to the superbowl and comb jich harbaugh back at a head quarters with the big win. came back thanking fans for their support an fans thanking him and the team, too. we have more fan appreciation. >> the moment the 49ers falcons game was over coronado family hatched a plan for a road trip.
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>> we wanted to go last night oh, we'll wait for tomorrow. >>reporter: destination? official forty-niner store in palo alto. intention to join droves of other forty-niner faithful buying the favorite player jersey. this is a trip that started early today. >> we woke up at 8 in the morning. to come from sacramento. come to the forty-niner store. >>reporter: throughout the bay area 49ers red is the color of the day. even if you are too young to know why. >> like this. >>reporter: fans are savoring the long awaited trip to the superbowl. >> just win baby just win. bring another championship hom home. been a long time coming we need one more. >>reporter: last time the 49ers brought home a trophy was 18 years ago. comb harbaugh hopes to add another to the collection. he says this superbowl match up against his big brother john harbaugh coach of the rave saens blessing and a curse. >> that is myrother's team.
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and also personally i played for the ravens, great respect for their organization. >>reporter: harbaugh brotherly rivalry already making this a historic superbowl match up. praises for the cheapest seat in new orleans already sky rocketing to more than 3000 dollars a piece. for those with will stay a little closer to home, the superbowl house party planning is already in progress. >> we are still making plans. toddler and babies. >>reporter: this is abc 7 news. >> pwoyt is fun stuff isn't it. forty-niner fans extend far and wide. deb sent this picture to our facebook page of xwis station on entered korea celebrating yesterday win. we are sending several abc 7 news crew to new orleans to comfort 49ers in superbowl xlvii. sports director larry biel and sports anchor mike head up the tee. live report from new orleans begins superbowl week. so hope you will join us for that. >> well as we move on. more to
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bring you tonight honoring martin luther king jr. coming up. marching bands. jazz pwachbilityd and local leaders. we take you to the oldest continuous tribute to dr. king in the east bay. >> plus only on abc 7 news tonight. violence in the workplace. man charged with murder of 3 co-workers blames it all on his childhood in china. >> spencer is here with the weather. >> here in the accu-weather forecast center. mild weather. showering weather and cold weather all in one week. all coming up in my accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> thanks. also ahead tonight. the new hall that is about to jawpz the music scene in san jthere's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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>> people boarding the freedom train in san jose today. special cal train to honor bianca. parents say it's a chance for younger generations to understand what dr. king was all about. >> martin luther king jr. did a lot for our people. very important for me to bring my grandchildren and my mom came from louisiana so this is very special for us to be here today. i wanted my grandkids to have opportunity to see what this is all about. what he did for our people. >>reporter: every year the train was sold out today.
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>> city of el cerrito held the 24th annual martin luther king jr. celebration. and legacy of dr. king message was bolstered by the inauguration of president obama. nick smith has that story. >> in el cerrito the parade about more than music for martin luther king jr. for the winn family always lesson in diversity. >> we are a community of multiple people. multiple races. mument multiple histories. all to be equally respected and honored. >> often associated with the slain civil rights leader. this celebration west contra costa county is believed to be the oldest continuous mlk event in the east bay. >> today is dr. martin luther king jr. birthday. [applause]. >>reporter: more than 200 people filled el cerrito high school auditorium to hear voices raise entered song. ♪ god bless america ♪ .
9:19 pm
>>reporter: and honor the words of the civil rights pioneer who believed better day were his ahead. >> i have a dream. >>reporter: visible on some faces. pride and sacrifice made for freedom. les williams one of the airmen who fought in world war ii is one of the living heroes this group thanked today. >> some youth are asking themselves why do we keep celebrating the past when we still have a lot of social problems and injustice. >>reporter: there are at least 2 images of dr. king. some see him as symbol of black achievement fought for in the 50's and 60's but young people often see him as just that. symbol. parents came today event are hoping to change that. it was impossible to miss the passion connection of dr. king and inauguration of president obama to second term. >> i think it's a fluid continuation for us as people. i'm just exited to sell fwlait with our children. >>reporter: this is only the second time inauguration has fallen on king day. it happened with the nation first
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black president. bit of history one generation hopes is not lost on the next. in el cerrito nick smith abc 7 news. >> what a beautiful also girl there. >> wonderful everyone who celebrated out doors today with parades and the like. weather cooperated. not too cold and sparkle. spencer is here with the forecast. >> it was a lovely day absolutely. probably will be again to. even though clouds will increase tomorrow but mild but 10 we have changes coming midweek. live view from the high definition east bay hills camera. west ward back across the bay under essentially clear skies we have few thin hay cloud right now. and you can see evidence of that on live doppler 7 hd. jaws great thin cloud layer so it does appear mainly clear outside right now. cloud are not very thick. temperature readings are these. 37 degrees at fairfield. chilly spot. 51 in oakland. 53 in san francisco. those are 2 our mildest location and all other locations have temperature in the 40's right now. so the forecast feature are these clouds increase late
9:21 pm
tomorrow and tomorrow night showers arrive overnight, tomorrow night into early wednesday morning then we see much cooler weather by week end. daytime high only in the 50's as we go into weekend. for tonight low pressure will drop down below freezing in several inland location. 27 the low santa rosa 31, napa concord 30 at livermore and fairfield so we have some sub freezing temperature readings right around the bay mainly mid upper 30's near 40ñi degrees. satellite image shows lots of clouds and moisture offshore. moving in our direction right now obviously those high thin clouds moving over us at this moment and we may get a little bit of shower activity out of the this approaching system mainly in the north bay on wednesday. start our forecast animation 4:00 o'clock wednesday morning. notice how the showers developed mainly in the north bay if you draw a line right through san francisco dry south and east of san francisco on wednesday but bit wet up in the north bay. this isn't going to be a major rainstorm but it will be wet nonetheless. on we go to high
9:22 pm
pressure for tomorrow. day begins as moneyly sunny day with thin high cloud. increase in clouds later in the day. it will be cloudy in the north bay than anywhere else and thus cooler there and in the inland east bay. high pressure right around the bay into the south bay mainly in the mid upper 60's. we'll see low to mid 60's in the inland east bay and inland north bay and looking south ward down to monteray bay mildest weather of all we see high near at or above 70 degrees in most locations. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. chance of showers. painly north basement on wednesday. drying out by thursday but temperatures going to drop-off sought mild weather we are having right now will pretty much thin on wednesday and through the weekend daytime high in the 50's. especially saturday sunday monday only 54, 56 degrees in pretty cool for daytime only but it is winter. expect temperature readings like that from time to time. >> not extreme by any means. >> not at a all. >> as we continue. update
9:23 pm
breaking news at the top. that's the police officer in oakland shot tonight and search for those responsible. also here as we continue. the bay area tech wizard caught riding the new york subway at the timing the next big thing. stay with us. 7 news
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>> sky 7 hd tonight. live over breaking news in oakland. officer shot. apparently in the arm after what began as a traffic stop. now we understand he was shot while inside his vehicle and undercover cop. he was following up on shooting that happened yesterday. one suspect is now in custody. search is still ongoing for 2 other suspects but again, undercover police officer shot on the streets of oakland tonight as he was in his car following up on shooting. we don't think his injuries are
9:27 pm
life threat being. he was shot in the arm but we are getting more information all the time on this. >> let's move on and update that as need be. across the bay now san francisco jazz scene is really thriving. so much so that the city now has the only jazz music hall on the west coast. ♪ the jazz center opened this morning to great fan fare. don't confuse this with the jazz club. this is a music hall with a 700 seat auditorium. quite impressive. 64 million dollar center is located near the symphony and the opera. >> we have of course new orleans being the birth place of jazz and new york being the mecca of jazz but really san francisco, this building where we are standing now is really become in a lot of way as ground zero for this new era of respect for our national art form. >>reporter: center has an all glass exterior to invite passerby to peek inside as jazz musician practice their craft. >> well none other than google
9:28 pm
co-founder spotted riding the new york subway this weekend. he was wearing the new google glasses. there he is presumably to test them out. glasses will search the internet for map or forecast and it appears then right in front of your eyes. man who took this picture said he talked with him calling him the most powerful man in the world. nice guy. >> as we continue here tonight. building a heart. still to many could. stem cell science. watching a man own heart tissue beat outside the body. what it means for all of us. plus the wife of man who hid out for more than two days to survive the hostage crisis in algeria speaks in and out exclusive interview with abc news. >> and insanity defense is not unique but this is sure different. man charmed with the murder of 3 co-workers pwlaiments on his childhood in pwlaiments on his childhood in china. get well, well, well.
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>> good evening again. we begin this half hour with new video out of algeria showing hostages huddled together held cabtive by -- captive held by al qaeda more americans than we previously knew have been killed. for now from chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> 4 days of terror. seen from inside recorded by one of the hostages and broadcast today by algier state tv based on official accounts at least 38 of the men were either executed or killed in the bloody rescue attempt. among the dead 3 americans. gordon lee rowan of oregon and frederick and victor lovely from texas. >> we asked him are you safe?
9:33 pm
do you feel safe? if you don't feel safe you don't have to go. i feel in safe nothing happened there in so long. >> wife of one of the 7 american to survive steven told us her husband hid at the plant for 2 and a half days often just feet away from the terrorists. >> there were a couple of times when he said he truly did think he was going to die. >>reporter: rogue al qaeda leader behind the attack said in a video made public today that more such attacks should be expected. now he is target no. 1 in a rapidly expanding u.s. french military open rigs near his base where the first american transport plane landed today. brian ross abc news new york. >> back here police san rafael looking for help identifying armed robbery suspect who took a shot at employees of cell phone and check cashing store. watch what we want to show you. video of the scene saturday night when man entered the store on midway road. point add gun and demanded money. but the robber tried go around
9:34 pm
the counter employee jumped behind a pwool it proof door this robber fired a shot no. 1 was injured. he then ran out and empty handed. >> black ice snuck up on some motorist in the east bay this morning. chp had to close part of tree boulevard in walnut creek after several spin outs. you can see one of those spin outs resulted in something even more serious. this suv flipped over on its side. frightening for the driver it must have been. chp closed 3 eastbound lanes on tree boulevard near cherry lane until the accidents could be cleared. but it is reminder when it's cold like this, black ice is a real danger. >> the trial has finally started in one of the worst workplace killings in silicon valley. 3 executives of start up company were shot and killed 4 years ago and now an attorney for the murder suspect has unique defense for his client. story tonight from 7 news reporter vick lee. >> potential beautiful oriental
9:35 pm
vais from inception had a crack. >> that's what lawyer tony sarah calls his client. triple murder suspect woo. he says the 52-year-old engineer experienced a psychotic breakdown. when he shot and killed 3 executives. his head was filled with flash back he says from the brutal abuse he and his parents suffered during the cultural revolution in china. >> they were considered traitors. they were villified and spit on and forced in the hard labor and never had enough food. >> murder happened november 14th. 2008. side port office in santa clara. woo had been fired that morning. he was supposed to come back the next week. see if he could work instead as a consultant. but police say woo returned that same evening. fatally shooting the 3. while they were in a meeting. sarah sets woo really intended to shoot himself. in front of his bosses. >> then they charged him that is to disarm him and his mind
9:36 pm
goes pwlavrjt he doesn't remember pulling the trigger. >>reporter: prosecutors say it was pure and simple revenge. that woo planned the murders. they say woo even bought 100 bullet for his pistol hours before he gunned down his victims. sarah says his client its mentally ill. that he has recurrent images of the horror he suffered at the hands of the red guard when he was 5 to 15. >> the other children all were abused him and bullied him. they dragged him to a pond and they attempted to drown him. >>reporter: legal analyst dean johnson says sarah does have unique defense but it is going to be a hard cell. in circumstances like this where somebody has a motive to commit a killing, and then later after the fact they claim insanity juries are very, very suspicious. >> now the da office declined request for interview but prosecutors said in court that
9:37 pm
woo threatened one of the victims. one would actually fired him saying you will pay for this. no longer exist and bought by intel two years ago. court resumes tomorrow. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> well just ahead here tonight. made in america story. bay area man who couldn't find a job. so he went to work and made his vision come true. great story. stay with us
9:38 pm
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>> man who graduate from college just as recession started and he couldn't find a job like other people so he launched his own very small company that is now slowlyt( filling a demand. wayne has the story. >> there's another one.
9:41 pm
momentum weaving through the urban maze. where could steven kill possibly be going on a skate board. >> commute. 40. >> here. small workshop in san francisco industrial district. 4 wall and dream. >> main made out of wall future and cherry. >>reporter: sunglasses hand made wooden sun glass sold direct on line through web site that steven built himself. >> you know that internet site makes you look pretty big. >> oh, yes. definitely. we are way smaller than we look on the internet. >>reporter: we? captain eye wear is him and occasional part-time employee. philosophy student named max with limited concept of mass production. how many of these glasses do you make a day? >> well so far maybe an average of 7. >>reporter: these sunglasses aren't just an example of product made in america but also an attitude. steven graduated from college in the fall of 2008. he had a degree
9:42 pm
in marketing. just one problem. america was entering the great recession. no one would hire him. >> i got sick of waiting. i got sick of waiting for other people to decide like whether was going to happen for me. >>reporter: steven finally figured if no one would hire him to market an item he would have to invent one and hire himself but for a guy with rude men try wood working skill that took awhile. i didn't know that you couldn't do it to i kept doing it. >>reporter: see the box in the corner of the room? discard. he took the plunge and bought a laser cutter that was 8,000 dollars. but now the basic frame come out like pieces in a jig saw puzzle 4 at a time. the then hours of grinding shaping sanding. plus the search for new material. steven plans to make more glasses out of this 2000-year-old piece of redwood from old railroad bridge.
9:43 pm
bottom line steven kill is so dedicated to his young business that he spends a lot of nights upstairs in small apartment with only an hot plate and alley for a view but he never whines. >> i have seen people in start up or whatever who want to still have their weekend and still work lake a 9:00 to 5:00 and i'm just kind of looked at it like it's a luxury to get to work for yourself. >>reporter: so sometimes made in america means making yourself in america. lots of work. lots of worry and character building reality. college graduate couldn't get a job. >> the irony is could you get a marketing job somewhere else. >> i think so. i don't know. >>reporter: would you want to. >> no. no way. >>reporter: not at all. because steven kill still need to get the next shipment off the skate board in the post office. from san francisco, wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> away he goes. from business innovation to medical science.
9:44 pm
cutting edge science turns a piece of skin into a beating heart. come up next. breakthrough changing immediate as we night. you get the story as the news continuesíáf-
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oechl. >> what if you could stock pile a set of spare parts for your body. an extra part lung or eye grown in a lab from a piece of your own skin? here's bill weir from "nightline"with the nobel prize winning science that could one day save lives. >>reporter: meet sophie. watching the 3-year-old motor around her minnesota home would you never know she was born with half of a functioning heart. how old was she with the first surgery. >> 4 days.
9:48 pm
>>reporter: so her heart was the size of grape. >> walnut. >>reporter: after 3 open heart surgery she's doing well. but odds are that sophie will still need a heart transplant to survive into adulthood. like coulter. born with same condition. he's had 2 transplants and now on the third heart at age 10. hang around with kids like this and you can't help but marvel at the medical tall thaent can hold off genetic death sentence. but hang around with the medical talent at the mayo clinic and you witness more frustration than pride. because despite their skills they know there aren't enough little hearts to go around. there has to be a better way. and dr. tim nelson thinks he knows what it is. >> we are here to talk today about stem cell and regeneration medicine. >>reporter: regenerative medicine. the belief that one day doctors will fix our deceased or broken bodies with
9:49 pm
healthy spare parts grown in a laboratory. >> okay you will feel a pressure here. >>reporter: he's asked for a chunk of my flesh to prove it. >> put it in that jar. >>reporter: a little blob of arm goes into pink liquid then tow the lab where they turn my skin cell that the kind of stem cell that form me as 3 week old embryo. the kind of stem cell that can then be coaxed into becoming brain. or lung or eye or any other part of my body. >> we can see various things on the bottom of the blade. >>reporter: mold or something. >> these are human cell that are growing in there. forming different types of tissue. we are guiding this tissue into specifically the heart tissue. >>reporter: it's pulsing. beast. >> you are actually looking at somebody's heart muscle right now. >>reporter: wow! that didn't come from a heart. it came from skin. like mine. about you dr. nelson decided the demo would be cooler if i became the first person to come to mayo and see his own heart beating outside his body. so i
9:50 pm
promised to return in a few months. to see what has become of my arm hunk dr. nelson saddles me up to the microscope. >> you can adjust the eyes to site. >>reporter: this is my heart tissue beating outside my body. >> oh, yes. the the little bill is pumping slow. >>reporter: thinks pretty calm cell right now. you can see why this kind of medical science just won the nobel prize. why a company like cellular dynamic in made son, wisconsin is agreeing billions of cells a day so drug company can test new medicine on the living tissue of specific patients instead of mice. and without any of the controversy that comes with harvesting stem cells from unborn children. wow! oh, man. now that is cool. dr. nelson gets most excited when he shows me a tiny
9:51 pm
piece of my heart tissue that looks exactly like a heart. pumping 3 dimensional glimpse into a future. when this kind of cell could theoretically get in jebingted into a heart attack victim or deceased child and lit receipt mend broken hearts. this is a functioning tissue. that is the hope. but while the cells could grow heart or lung or brain they could grow tumor and used before the science is ready for the first clinical trial on humans. i know you have to be cautious about prediction but in sophie life time could this save her, build her a healthy heart. >> that's exactly what we are working towards as a program. >>reporter: blind boggling obviously. >> back one last check spencer is keeping an eye on the weather for us. >> that's remarkable. settle for a little hair. take a look at live doppler 7 hd. cloud cover over the bay area tonight. although it appears ton mainly clear out there. tomorrow state wide mainly
9:52 pm
sunny skies. mild up in the north half of the state. warm down south high 80 degrees in los angeles. 75 san diego here in the bay area start the day with mainly sunny skies. thin layer of high clouds. get thicker in the north bay during the day. mainly sunny in the south and east. high pressure in the mid 60's tomorrow and down near monterey bay we see high at or above if i degrees in here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. chance of some showers on wednesday mainly in the north bay. then dry thursday through the remainder of the forecast period but much cooler over the weekend. high pressure only in the 50's. >> excellent. >> with or without hair. >> you would think they would have that worked out by now. >> you wochtion so. >> thanks very much. larry is here. >> just thinking. if we could get the cells going. we might be able to broader cast forever. >> oh, goodie. >> aren't you excited about that? [ laughing] oh, no. not those
9:53 pm
3. jim harbaugh calls facing brothers in the superbowl a blessing and curse. which brother is the best coach? and what do you think about all the hype? the hype? look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
9:54 pm
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real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> coming up tonight on 7 fuss at 11:00 o'clock. president obama most prominent policy vow during inauguration today. to battle climate change. his ideas and how they could impact the way that you live. >> and pieces of world history lacking for a home in a peninsula city. why no one can agree on where to put the berlin wall. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 but now larry her with all the sports. there's this game we are talking about. this is a big deal. >> it is a big deal. talk about it every day for the next two weeks. jack and jackie harbaugh parents watched the play offs from the couch in wisconsin. in two week they will be in new orleans rooting probably for both of their sons when jim leads the 49ers against john's ravens in superbowl xlvii. you think
9:57 pm
about all the things we could talk about. rise of kaepernick and decision to start him over smith and retirement of ray lewis as soon as the season is over. so many story lines going in but the brother angle is what makes this game unique. now today jim said there's really no question about which one of them is the better coac coach. it's big brother. >> probably half the coaching experience he does. half the amount of win. half the amount of my off appearance all those things so but again it's not about us. keep coming back to that but very proud of my brother. i love him and that's the blessing part that is happening to him. >>reporter: john is 50 years old. a year older than jim. john was not a georgian athlete as jim so started coaching before jim did. but this is the first superbowl as coach for either one of them. john head coach of the ravens for 5 years. lost in the patriots in
9:58 pm
the afc title game a year ago. got over the hump. beat new england yesterday and john look what jim accomplished with pride and admiration. >> jim has done great job with the team proud of him and what he accomplished as a coach. but more so as a man. as family man. father. as a husband. as a brother and son and stuff but football team reflects personality. tough. hard nose. element of big play this year they are big time big play threat all those things we have to get prepared for a really great football team and we'll go to work on that this week. >>reporter: now when it comes to the superbowl abc 7 news has you covered. mike and i will be heading up the coverage from new orleans. i'll be stationed on bourbon street pretty much the whole time that's what i have been told. our live reports from the big easy begin superbowl that was really my idea actually. clippers are one of the best teams in the nba but the warriors kind of have their number. 3 wins in 4 games against the lob city
9:59 pm
gang. matinee on martin luther king jr. day at oracle. kids out. first quarter. the staechlt mistake. griffith throwing it down with authority the. 26 points threaten board. look at jefferson. playing defense here. getting out to block the shot to crew ford then running. to the rack. warriors led 53-52 at the break. third quarter. curry. to thompson. i jab therefore i am. curry on fire. late hitting 4 consecutive 3, 16 points in the fourth period alone. game high 28 points. strutting. warriors ice it late in regulation. david blocked by griffin but stays with it. lee played on bad ankle. still 12 points. warriors take the season series from the clippers. in first place. elsewhere in the nba. gay and grizzly taking on the pacers. late fourth


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