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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 22, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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( gunshot ) god's will. let's hope so. captioning sponsored by universal studios domestic television captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>>. >> dan: tonight at 9:00, manhunt in san jose. they record their tenth homicide of the year. also tonight a possible abduction attempt raises red flags over what the principal failed to do. plus, police and tasers. why one grouch officers does not want them. and a five-year-old boy reunited with the brother who could save his life. word of a
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>> dan: developing news in san jose tonight. these pictures taken earlier from sky7hd as police officers go door to door, yard to yard searching for a man who stabbed a woman to death. good evening, i'm dan ashley. the stabbing took place not far from mineta airport. it is not clear whether the victim and suspect knew one another. one witnessed saw the woman lying on the ground. >> you say, oh, and close the door, close the door. one guy kill somebody on the side. i started running. i look from the window and lady on is on the floor. >> dan: san jose police believe the suspect did not get far and
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may be hiding in a residential backyard between first and fourth streets north of heading street. they brought in police dogs and even a chp helicopter. the man is armed with a knife. police say he may have other weapons, as well. the search continues. a bay area youth baseball coach accused of molesting a young player and secretly videotaping another player is out on bail. joe kaufman posted bond was released from the county jail. he surrendered to authorities at 11:00 this morning. he has been charged with committing lewd actions on a child. molestation and invasion of privacy. the charges date back eight years and there may be more victims. >> concern and anger tonight for parents at an east bay elementary school where police say that a second greater was the victim of a possible abduction attempt. it happened in the bathroom at jefferson elementary school in san leandro. tonight the school is under scrutiny for how it informed
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parents and for failing to notify police. laura anthony. >> this is an important message from the principal. >> parents and family, say thomas jefferson school are concerned and confused about an incident earlier this week involving a second grade boy, something they learned about only last night from a recorded phone message. >> earlier this week there was an incident where a second grade student went to the restroom. upon existing the student was grabbed from behind and hand was placed over his mouth. the child was able to get loose. >> parent found the message on her cellphone this morning. >> there was some detail to it, but it didn't give enough information. so i'm very concerned parent. >> according to the call, it happened near the end of the school day tuesday when the second grader went to the restroom during a computer class. police only learned about the incident this morning and sent a
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detective to the school to investigate. >> we're not down playing the incident. we'll find out if it was an attempted abduction or if it was another student just playing around with a younger student. >> he says he has lived here for three weeks but has concerns about safety at thomas jefferson. >> i came to pick my daughter from up school for the first time. i walk all the way to the middle of the playground, no heads turned whatsoever. i just felt like it was too lax. >> and parents wanted more information to come to a meeting to the campus next friday but the superintendent has changed that meeting to monday night. in san leandro, laura anthony, "abc 7 news". >> dan: there are reports of a security breach at apple tonight. the company has temporarily shut down a password reset system after discovering a flaw to
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allow users to access apple accounts. using just an email address and the date of birth reset the password. apple customer that has wanted to purchase apps but can't remember their password are unable to do so. apple is trying to fix the problem. the oakland police department welcomed graduates of the academy into the ranks for the first time in four years. 166th academy class filed into oakland's scottish rites center. one father explained having his son graduate means more. >> i was overcome with emotion when the officers came in because i know the sacrifices that us as black people have made over the years. it is not at all a small thing when a black man pouts a badge
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and a gun. it's very much an honor. >> dan: even with these graduates, police chief says he needs 200 more officers to bring staffing level up to expectable levels. >> sky7hd was over fremont tonight where police tased a man on shopping center. officers say the man went into the cvs with a knife and ordered everyone out of the building and opened a bottle of liquor and dropped a knife when police arrived. on the subject of tasers the group representing african-american police officers in san francisco has come out against them. they are taking this stance just as the police commission gets ready to vote on this controversial question about the use of tasers. vic lee will l with the story. >> an overwhelming majority of the people that we deal with come from minority community.
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they are arrested and seems to to at a majority rate. >> every time there is a high profile officer-involved shooting, taser rears its head again. the debate was triggered last year when an officer shot and killed a man with a box cutter after he assaulted a co-worker. the chief told the commission then, he believes tasers could save lives and he wanted to arm certain officers with tasers. >> i'm asking for intervention, officers, 74 of them right now. >> the chief was out of town today but public information officer said it would be a way to test the weapon. >> we are saving lives. it can be proven as a viable tool for all of our officers to use. >> police commission has held public hearings in response to the request. may vote on the controversial
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issue next month. so this letter from the officers for just is timely. a leading opponent with the coalition on homelessness. she is excited. >> they can be lethal but in california we have had 173 deaths and lots of lawsuits for excessive force. >> but the police officers association's position is contrary to the one officers for justice has taken. they say we support the chief's position on tasers. we believe they are an appropriate tool for law enforcement. tasers can save lives. >> i spoke to several members of the officers for justice privately and they tell me that this position was by no means unanimous. there are many members of that group that support tasers. as for mayor ed lee, he just returned from puarz and he
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hasn't seen the letter but they did text me saying that the mayor supports the assessment of the chief and men and women of the san francisco police department on this matter. >> dan: tonight redwood still police have ruled that a 14-year-old bicyclist caused her own death. she was cycling to woodside high school last november when she tried to make a turn at the same time as a truck. she hit the it can and was run over. police ruled that she should have yielded the right of way in this case. an attorney for the family says they reject that conclusion and have launched their own investigation. >> at san francisco international airport, a five-year-old boy was reunited with his older brother, a brother that could save his life. he was born in vietnam when adopted by a person a nevada family. he desperately needs a bone marrow transplant. it happens to be his brother who
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is a farmer in vietnam. he thanked his brother for selfless act of help. >> giving him the one chance for a normal life. can't thank him enough. but we're really lucky and grateful. >> a year and a half ago, five-year-old was diagnosed with applies particular anemia. his only hope is a bone marrow transplant. it's sets for children's hospital in oakland on april 18. >> you know donating marrow is rarely as intrusive as it used to be. most donations are what is called tbfc. if you would like to register as a potential donor we have a link on our website on see it on tv.
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perhaps any one of us could save someone's life. >> still to come, finding the right job. new service claims to streamline the process and companies looking to hire. a serial ipad thief. the robber who met his match at school. sandhya patel is here. >> it was so nice today. we'll see if we can rerun it again. >> dan: rare sight in monterey, sea lion was so afraid of she jumped into a kayak to avoid
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>> dan: late night on capitol hill. the senate is pose today pass the budget first time in four years. even after midnight they are at work. they are debating a number of amendments. once the budget is voted on fiscal debates won't resume this summer in arguments over raising the debt ceiling will begin. >> people on the east coast are seeing meteors. that large vibrant meteor shot through the sky about 5:00 our time. here is video.
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meteor over new york city that was posted on youtube. check it people who saw it the need your traveled from west to east and northeast sky. they have received hundreds of reports on it and more than 50 reports. pretty dramatic as you can see. >> there are sites to match people for dates so why not applicants with jobs is in the process is scientific with a mathematical algorithm the core. david louie explains how bright works. >> reporter: it's a universal complaint among job seekers. >> i put out five to six resumes a week. >> do you hear back from them? >> most of the time i do not. >> this era it makes a climate of frustration from for the applicant and too many for employers to review. >> they are check boxing the
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jobs and applying to thousands of jobs. >> steve believes he has the solution a site developed an algorithm that evaluates a resume and makes a score to identify candidates to interview. >> over two million resumes, 8.5 million job seekers and 57,000 man-hours of development and took a year and a half to get there. >> they say more people that use the service, more accurate it will be in terms of predicting success. >> there is no cost to job seekers. the employer pays. she is a graphic designer and using it for the first time. however, as an older worker she was taken aback when asked her graduation year. >> to discriminate upon your age. >> they say applicants say not to worry. >> it looks at the meat or core of the resume.
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you don't have to worry about that. >> san francisco based company, it does have strength and weaknesses. >> a tech position will score very well and find great candidates for great jobs. for other industries such as agriculture it won't perform, as well. >> by doing a better job, they may be taking the search out of job search. >> dan: we have a job to be done and weather for the weekend and we have the right applicant for that job, sandhya patel. >> dan, i've learned if you provide good weather you become popular around here. i thought i would do it all over this weekend. get outside and enjoy the weather. not too hot and not too cold. this is just giving you a glance at the futures. clear skies right now. no clouds, no rain and we're not
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expecting any anytime soon. live definition you can see back toward the bay bridge and sutro tower, gorgeous view. san francisco, 52 degrees. oakland is 56. half moon bay has dropped down to 48 degrees. we are looking down towards the embarcadero high definition roof camera, ferry building, beautiful. as i mentioned it's clear outside. 50 in napa and livermore 53 degrees. here are the highlights, clear and cool overnight tonight. sunny and mild over the weekend and rain chances have been pushed back. a look at the later computer model runs, so far that wind system looks iffy. high pressure looks in control with the ridge in place, a dry pattern into next week. it may be a while before we see some rain, at least of right now. it's not looking promising for wednesday. clear tonight. we may see a few high clouds from time to time for your saturday afternoon and into the
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evening hours. we'll call it filtered sunshine toward the latter part of the day. first thing tomorrow morning, if you your little ones have games, you want to make sure they have an extra layer on. it will be a cool start. 36 degrees in napa. 38 in santa rosa. 39 degrees in livermore, concord. 41 in vallejo. 43 in san mateo. clear skies, you get good cooling taking place and temperatures drop. it's not that windy and breezy over the higher terrain. 70 in the south bay tomorrow afternoon. 69 in sunnyvale. 73 degrees in gilroy. 66 in redwood city. mid to upper 50s near the coastline. half moon bay, 58 degrees. if you don't like it too mild, just head to daly city or sunset district, mid to upper 50s. downtown san francisco, low 60s. north bay communities, a little breezy at times.
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66 in petaluma. clearlake, upper 60s around santa rosa and sonoma. the napa, 70 degrees. east bay, sun, high clouds, just a beautiful day, 67. newark, san leandro, 68 in oakland. 70 degrees in concord. here is a look at accu-weather seven-day forecast, we're going bump up the numbers a few degrees on sunday. certainly more sun around. slight dip in the temperatures monday, a little cooler on tuesday. we're going to go with a slim chance of a few showers on wednesday, but it's better likelihood by the end of the workweek thursday into friday. even then, the system is not looking very impressive. >> dan: not much rain. >> i can't do anything about it. >> dan: just ahead, no carry-ons and no waiting. some say passengers are getting a raw deal in this. and exclusive look inside the new exploratorium. how they are making the exhibits
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more hands-on than ever before. big upsets in the ncaa tourname
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>> dan: now to a story that one veteran naturalist had never seen before. a sea otter trying to mate with a sea lion tried to escape getting refuge on kayak. look at that. kim powell told the paper that sea lion had bites around the nose and eye.
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otters are fierce. they are related to badgers. powell was leading a group of kayakers when the sea lion jumped off to join other sea loons, everyone was to be quite relieved. >> a high school principal went to extremes to catch a man suspected of stealing from students. he had been on alert and dean of students saw someone matching the description of the thief near the school's track. he questioned the man. then decided to call police. that is when this guy made a run for it, but the school principal patrick rough didn't let him get away. >> our principal took off after him and tackled him near the back fence. at that point, police showed up and at that time the took his name and took him away. >> dan: here is the guy. they arrested 27-year-old man. police say he had seven ipads
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and always wallet that belonged to a student on him. there has been a wave of ipad thefts at the school with dozens disappearing over the last few weeks. >> american airlines is testing a new boarding process. passengers with no carry-on bags would be able to board earlier right after first class and elite status passengers. the goal is to make the boarding process quicker but critics say the new process forces passengers to check their bags, something that costs them money at american airlines. this experiment is taking place at four airports. we'll see how it goes. >> a lot more to bring you. a quiet gesture. president obama's tour of the middle east and may be the most symbolic moment of the trip. the archbishop on gay marriage,
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what he fears will happen if justices rule in favor of same-sex couples. and nimble as a cat, technology that apple may be protecting your eye
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>> dan: after all the public events and speeches it was a quiet gesture in a jerusalem cemetery that may have defined his visit to middle east. president put a stone down from m king kick washington memorial on the grave of isak rabin saying it's harder to embark on peace.
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he arrived in jordan this morning. the president was greeted by jordan's king abdullah at the royal palace. they got down to business. during a news conference, he said he is worried about syria's future once president assad leaves office. >> i'm very concerned becoming an enclave for extremists because they thrive in chaos. >> dan: during his visit to israel he helped broker a phone call between benjamin netanyahu and his turkish counterpart to restore diplomatic relations. netanyahu apologized for the deaths of nine turkish activists and naval raid on gaza bound flotilla. he helped arrange that call before leaving israel. palestinians are clearly frustrated. they say president obama's message of hope is empty, just
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words. the story now from our reporter. >> president obama's last trip took him to bethlehem. highlight of this trip that has strengthened bonds with israelis but frustrated palestinians. they vented their anger with protests fueled in part by obama not condemning israeli settlements to build houses on land long held by palestinians. for families like these. today their house is an island. this is how over the past 30 years a nearby israeli settlement has grown, swallowing up almost half their land. rest cut off my a security fence. it's like we're in a prison, he says. we have cameras, gates and fences and walls. >> why do you stay? >> this is my homeland. this is my house, he says. the israelis are stealing the
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land day and night reaching parts of of their land requires a special permit. >> just explaining this whole hillside below the settlement is their land and full of olive trees and in order to pick the olives they need permission from the israeli military to get through the gates and cross this road. >> israelis see it differently arguing that jews were here on the land thousands of years ago. >> do you understand why this family is angry that much of their land was taken? >> no. >> the beauty of the green hills is obvious but solution far from it. >> dan: back here line is already forming outside the u.s. supreme court ahead of hearing on same-sex marriage. they are camping out hoping to watch the proceedings. when they pick up the debate over same-sex marriage a big
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part of it will be centered on children. what intestine for children has been a central theme for leading opponent of gay marriage. mark matthews met today with the archbishop of san francisco. >> he says gay marriage is not intended what nature intended. >> only a man and woman can unite their bodies that can it can produce new life. >> it's common sense that a man and woman would provide a better environment than two mothers or two fathers. >> i'm not saying it should be illegal for that, but we should not change the definition of marriage in such a way that we enshrine in the law that a child does not deserve a mother or father. >> they announced their support for same-sex marriage saying that there is no evidence that sexual orientation of the parents has an impact on the
9:37 pm
child. rebecca is executive director of san francisco's center. >> they say significant charges in school and prejudice from the world having two same-sex parents, they turn out equally happy and equally successful in school and in life. >> reporter: the archbishop disdis agrees if the high court does legalize it his fear it will end the institution of marriage. >> what i feel would happen is that people just not be interested in marrying anymore. marriage will become irrelevant. >> he added the church will suffer. >> what we are teaching is bigotry and discrimination, we're not going to be allowed to do that. >> the archbishop believes that if church teachings are believed to be backward it will impact schools and hospitals and social service agencies. >> you know how people will be treated and how racial bigots
9:38 pm
are treated in the country today. >> some people are calling him a bigot because of his stand on this issue. being a visual opponent to same-sex marriage is increasingly more difficult, particularly in san francisco, but he does not believe the polls that show a majority of americans now favor legalizing same-sex marriage. >> dan: carolyn tyler is travel to washington, d.c. >> she will be sitting in court when the highest court will consider with whether california decision. live reports begin on tuesday. >> just ahead tonight, the debut of the all new blackberry. does it have enough to grab the does it have enough to grab the at there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪
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>> dan: breaking news tonight. an officer involved shooting in castro valley. here is a live picture from the scene. a man with a rifle was involved with a dispute. he threatened to shoot sheriff's deputies when they came to the scene. he was hiding in the bushes popping up to aim at the deputies apparently. he was shot and taken to the hospital with possibly life-threatening injuries. we will keep you updated here on our website and at and also over on channel 7. >> moving on to tech news, remember blackberry, the must have cellphone list. new smart phone, the buzz about it is pretty good. jonathan bloom explains, compared to samsung's galaxy or iphone 5, blackberry may face an
9:43 pm
uphill bottle. >> beneath his coat. director is hiding something that is not so stylish. >> i have a blackberry. it's a little bit embarrassing. >> in the final months of his contract, they are trading up to the newest zones from apple to samsung. >> smart phone that started it all, accounts for just 2% of the market. blackberry ceo is determined to change that. >> we're used to competition. we have to get better. what we did, we have a new platform. >> it's now in the u.s. z-10 looks like a touch screen competitors and getting good reviews. >> i actually like it. i think the aspects of the phone it feels really comfortable and nice job with the camera. >> jessica was enthusiastic about the new touch key kee
9:44 pm
board and slick camera and new blackberry apps. >> this latest has all the trappings of modern smart phone but is it enough to save the company? >> i think right now they are trying to prove they are not dead. >> are they? >> they are not dead yet. >> you see blackberry has no shortage of former users. >> my old blackberry wouldn't work in my own house. >> what would it take to win you you back? >> i don't know if that is possible. >> it's unlikely users will come back. >> i don't think they will get anybody who already likes their iphone or android to switch over. >> but it might be a hit with current users and the start of a slow turnaround for the company. it's a turnaround that some users won't stick around to see. >> what would blackberry have to do to keep you? >> it would have to merge with apple.
9:45 pm
>> dan: here is pretty clever idea. continue you hate it when you drop your iphone and it breaks. apple has filed a patent to protect accidents like that. it actually detects the fall motion and shifts the phone's weight so it falls on the side that would caused least damage. it's unclear whether it make it into the new iphones. a lot more to bring you tonight. exploratorium has been a hands-on experience. now, they are taking that to a whole new level. >> we touch our hands together and makes a musical note. >> dan: coming up next, i'm going to give i an insider look going to give i an insider look how they are [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay
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>> dan: san francisco's new exploratorium opens april 17th. we have exclusive access to historic hands on south africans museum exhibits that have delighted people over the years. tonight we get behind the scenes look how they are taking hands on to a whole new level. >> new exploratorium is at pier 15 on the waterfront. building has been completely renovated and within three weeks of opening the scramble is on. >> a lot of that work is being done in the machine shop. one big change for the new exploratorium, in the past the focus was on exhibits made by the staff, that is what these guys are doing. in the new building there is an entire gallery dedicated to visitors to give them the chance
9:50 pm
to go in and make things for themselves. >> this the future home what is called the tinkering studio. they tried it out in the old building but the cozy space and several huge events where people reconnect with how things work. no right or wrong, tools and supplies and imagination. it was a huge hit. >> you learn and think differently when you are constructing things. >> karen is director of the studio. she and her staff is assembling a wild collection of interesting gadgets. this table is full of parts that you would find inside of things. >> inside of toys and inside of alarms. this one is a doorbell from my house. >> tinkerer ryan showed me some of the crazy things that will be on inspiration. >> this is machine, basically a motor and battery and piece of glue. when you turn it on it vibrates
9:51 pm
around and markers draw a pattern. >> centerpiece is a giant clock. it's covered with tiny tinkerers working away to get visitors into the maker mood. if you need more inspiration, check out this electrified bench that uses a computer and body to make music. >> we put our hands on the arm rest and all we do is touch our hands together and it makes a musical note. the electricity is flowing through our bodies right now. >> our hands are completing the circuit. >> whyed is to get people to experiment. >> where people could even kiss and make the connection. we don't have to do that on tv. >> holding hands, that is fine.
9:52 pm
>> it was a lot of fun and they have terrific new exhibits and old favorites will be back. new exploratorium opens on april 17th and i'll continue to have a lot of reporting right to the opening and beyond. one last time weather forecast, meteorologist sandhya patel. >> you'll want to take people outside. you can see here, preview skies are clear and if you are traveling around the state, it is looking beautiful. morning fog in los angeles, 73. 65 in san diego. tahoe, 54. 53 in eureka. sunny and mild in inland areas, low 70s and really quite comfortable around the bay. 68 in oakland, fremont 62, 58 in half moon bay. 69 degrees in santa rosa. slightly warmer for sunday.
9:53 pm
temperatures will remain mild and a little cooler on tuesday. just look at the later computer model runs, chances of showers really, not looking very impressive. light, slight on wednesday but better on thursday and friday. >> dan: we are running out of time. >> we are going into april. >> dan: in the meantime, we are in march which means madness and larry beil is here. >> and tons o games. if you are a college hoops fan, this is your time of the year. upsets galore. a school takes down mighty
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>> dan: coming up at 11:00, the very latest on the breaking news we reported here at 9:00. police are searching for a killer. we'll have a live report from the scene. a group of tourists get more than they expected during an underwater shark encounter.
9:57 pm
frightening moments with a great white. that is coming up over on channel 7. larry is here with all the sports. giant killers are out. >> it's unbelievable watching the games today. i don't believe what has happened. this one in particular is amazing. part of the charm of the ncaa tournament some little school, i couldn't find it on the map. slaying a giant florida gulf coast. knocking off georgetown. florida gulf coast, it's only been in existence and eddie murray, eagles in charge. florida gulf coast. they are located in fort myers and chase fields with authority! florida gulf coast with a upset of two seed georgetown.
9:58 pm
78-68 and bob thomasen trying to take down miami. shane larkin drives and scores. miami up 21 at the break. big game from duran scott. miami moving on 78-49. they'll meet illinois next. >> major upset, fourth seed kansas state against la salle. rodney lays it in for the wildcats. up by one with 30 seconds left. and jordan right on the rebound. makes both freethrows. and angel rodriguez and la seawall with the upset. 63-61. >> and ole mis and knocks off wisconsin. he could fall out of bed and knock down jumpers. to henderson here, a lot of
9:59 pm
people had the badgers as final four sleepers but they are out cold for good. ole miss moves on. >> ucla crushed by minnesota and 11th seed, and five of the nine 3's. minnesota up by 11. any glimmer of hope ended by joel throwing it down. minnesota wins big, 83 to 63. tomorrow night cal will look to move on to the sweet 16 first time since 1997. they will have to beat syracuse. they destroyed montana last night 81-34. most lopsided in tournament history for a team seeded third or lower. the bears, they love the respect and recognition that will come with a win overseer cues. >> tomorrow will be a great opportunity to make a name for ourselves and put it o


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