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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 25, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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urn around. (handcuffs clicking) danny, do something. danny! do something! (sighs) she broke the laws of her faith, so what does she do about it? yeah, you commit one sin, the next ones come a little easier. captioning sponsored by universal studios domestic television captioned by media access group at wgbh
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(wo howng) sz. >> tonight. thousands swarm the streets in san francisco before what some say is the biggest moment ever in the battle for marriage equality. >> plus local woman who could be a trump card for opponent of prop 8. >> ring side seat tomorrow at the supreme court. >> also tonight. taming the devil. chance to look in the new tunnel the devil slide ready for business in just a matter of hours. >> plus outrage over bay area bureaucrat y.getting 400,000 dollars a year for life. >> and the rescue of a one-year-old baby [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for
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>> this massive rally held tonight in san francisco castro district. as you look from sky 7 hd thousands turn out on the eve of supreme court hearing on same sex marriage. ge. question before the high court is whether voters can out law gay marriage as we can in california under proposition 8 or same sex marriage become a constitutional right. covering the question is mark matthews. >> 2 women from berkeley and 2 men from burbank are the couple bringing the case against prop 8 ban on same sex marriage. >> this case for us is about how we as americans want to be treated equally by our government. >>reporter: tomorrow one of the lawyers theodore olson has 20 minutes to argue the case
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against prop 8. he will likely face question from his the court on why the 2008 vote of the peopleñr in california shoud be overturned. the other will have 10 minutes opposition to the same sex marriage ban and supporters of prop 8 represented by charles cooper. one of the attorneys who argued the case in san francisco federal court. capper will have 30 minutes and will likely face questions on whether prop 8 supportuers have legal standing in this case since california attorney general won't defend the law. >> when we talk about fundamental rights as relates to the constitutional we are talking about those rights that we as a nation designated as being some of the most sacred of all the rights we can have. >>reporter: state attorney general adds that more than a dozen times the supreme court has described marriage as fundamental right. supporters of the marriage ban say california voters have already made the call.
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>> we should not allow the federal judiciary to destroy the vote of the people especially on something as old and good as marriage. >>reporter: many court observers say the justice to watch tomorrow the swing snrot 5-4 decision here. sacramento native has struck down anti-gay law in texas and colorado. he's also strong advocate of state rights. nand 2008 californians can vote for the ban. a lot of way the courts could go on this. could uphold proposition 8 or they could strike it down as unconstitutional. that could potentially impact every state in the country or more limited approach for example the 9 circuit rule that california voters did not have the right to take away a freedom that the california supreme court had already okayed. that could open up same sex marriages in california and the 8 other western states ruled by the 9th
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circuitú news. >> interesting note here. when supreme court justice john roberts hears arguments on gay marriage a familiar face with permanent stake in the decision watching from the audience. his lesbian cousin who lives from san francisco. experts say the jean pad personalize the issue for chief roberts and may affect his decision. she will be sitting in a section reserved for roberts guests. she's hopeful about the court decision. >> now carolyn will also be sitting in court tomorrow as the supreme court considers proposition 8 and defense of marriage act. carolyn live report begin tomorrow on abc 7 news. >> after 75 years of on-again off-again road closure on the peninsula ambitious new tunnel about to open to traffic. from sky 7 you are looking at triumph really of engineering, politic and money over nature. the new devil slide tunnel. it
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was officially unveiled today with fan fare and local dignitary on hand. david with more on the end of dangerous stretch of roadway. >> this was celebration and ribbon cutting ceremony cast of thousands and deck tides create. twin tom tunnel named for late congressman who got the initial federal funding channel traffic from san francisco to half moon bay and beyond. the new route will divert traffic away from a 1.2 million stretch from highway 1 known as devil slide, slide prone area. but decide wling to build the inland road wasn't easy. multiple community group oppose cal tran original plan. >> that was a freeway 300 feet in the air in someplace that is cuts in the mountain of 300 feet. so this was a really good compromise to make a safe reliable road that would connecticut the coast up and down santa cruz to san francisco. >>reporter: tunnel supporters gather for celebration for this
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and leaders remember a ballots that lasted over years. cal tran appropriation of state park land. took a ballot measure, measure t to get cal-trans to agree to continua continual. measure won 74 percent of the vote. 4 39 million dollar project features identical 3 quarter mail long tunnel. one for northbound and one for south bound traffic. wires strung inside to provide a.m. fm radio signal and public safety communication. >> each one way tunnel is wide. we are standing in a shoulder right now. this is main road way. so in case of emergency, emergency vehicle can get by. >> safer more reliable highway 1 as local business owners anticipating upswing in visitors and customers. >> hopefully a bunch of people here new businesses are wonderful. we have brand new restaurants opening up. we have beautiful beaches. park recreation and everything here to do. >>reporter: cal-trans hasn't said precisely when they will open the tunnel other than
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later tonight or first thing in the morning. one thing we have learned is that the 2 tunnel will not have cell service. source tells us that the mobile carrier would not pay for it. near pacifica, david lou abc 7 news. >> 2 people died when the truck flipped upside down into irrigation ditch near discovery bay this morning. water quickly filled the truck and rescue workers had to pull the vehicle out of the ditch before they could even reach the 68-year-old man and 56-year-old woman inside. it is not clear what led to the crash but it has fatal consequence. >> 11 month old girl back home after being kidnapped in a neighborhood car theft. police say they found her crouched into her seat looking confused. >> she appeared like 11 month old would. she appeared distraught. kind of lost. she was happy to see us. >> it's hard to even immanuel how frantic the littlet( girl is mother was as car drove away with the baby inlike that. but
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thanks to very alert good samaritan, little gabriel is now safe and sound. more tonight from 7 news reporter sergio. >> infant gabriel is now safely in her mother custody. these are images from sky 7 hd she arrived at valley medical center. found safely thanks to maintenance worker julio who tells me he got a texted amber alert that reminded him of car earlier in the morning. >> it has been there for awhile. i saw it was a jeep. white. something click in my head. i check with amber alert and the plate match so right away i call police department. >>reporter: the police operator asked him to stand with the white jeep will he be difficult until officer arrived. in the jeep could he see the infant who seemed to be in good shape. when police arrived they quickly looked the baby over and sent her to the hospital just to be sure. that's when neighbors got a glimpse of the child. >> she looked happy. they kind of hugged her and nice way and they put her in the ambulance and they took her real slow so
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she doesn't get scared. >>reporter: this all started at 6:45 this morning. that's when the baby's mother grace loaded her in the jeep liberty. left the baby in the vehicle for just a moment to load something else and that's when an unknown woman got in the jeep and drove away. the baby is now safely back with her mother. >> i would say i was blessed to be there and to be part of something happy ending. and obviously somebody watching over us. >>reporter: the investigation continues as police towed away the white jeep clear where they deducted the driver side door to pull a print to track her down. police are hoping anyone in this neighborhood might have seen the woman who ditched that what it jeep liberty parking it right there with the baby still inside. hoping anyone who might have a description will call san jose police. in san jose, sergio, abc 7 news. >> the salary benefit package of high ranking alameda county official turning heads tonight. county administrators susan is
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getting more than 400,000 dollars in pay and benefits. as laura explains she gets that amount of money for the rest of her life. >> all the money is going up to the top. everybody at the bottom has to suffer. >>reporter: çó this man is referring to the salary reported future retirement benefits of alameda county administrators susan man. according to state records she makes a base salary of nearly 302,000 dollars. but with more than 121,000 in other compensation. including equity and longevity pay, performance bonus car allowance and annual salary now tops 4 23,000 dollars. >> that's a hell of a lot. 4 23,000 dollars? i work with children so they always pa take the money from the children. that bothers me. soyvl like yes when it comes to administration, they get too much. >>reporter: but it doesn't
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stop with her salary. according to the san francisco chronicle the 63-year-old administrator guaranteed basically the same amount of money. more than 400,000 dollars per year in retirement for life. >> that's astounding really. >>reporter: sue the chairman of the alameda county republican party. woman of 63 has a life expectancy of 22 years more. and when you calculate her pay package times 22 years, alameda county taxpayers are going to be paying her well over 9 million dollars in her retirement. >>reporter: none of the current county supervisors would comment for our story. neither about the woman who has work for the county for 38 years. but john coop the president of the howard jarvis taxpayer association had this to say. quote the object scen scenely high salary by the ceo of alameda county is the disconnect between the public leaders and ordinary citizens. the guarantee salary for life is particularly galling and
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will burdenal mead county taxpayers for decades. >> now recent study by the state found that alameda county public employee are average salary the second highest in the state. that said, most are in the like the county administrator. we are talking about an average salary of just over 69,000 dollars per year. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> more to get to this monday night. coming up exploratorium night club shooting. one victim may never walk again. now the owner of the club does what no one expected him to do. >> plus the state puts more money into rebate to help you buy green cars. i'm annette in sacramento but critic say the millions could be better spent elsewhere. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center. showers. light showers have entered the bay area. show where you in just a moment in my accu-weather forecast. >> caught on camera. terrifying moment photographer what's truly amazing aboutpher mercedes new mbrace2 system...
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are family of bay area marine killed in shooting at the marine base make plans to good to washington to 7 her remains. 19-year-old lance corporal sarah castro mat of oakley shot
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to death thursday by tactic instructor sergeant lopez of pacifica. he's also accused of killing a fellow marine from mississippi before ultimately shooting himself. shooting may have stemmed authorities say from romantic entanglement. >> family friends remembering sergeant first class james floyd grissom soldier from hayward died after shot in after establish days before he was scheduled to return home. >> knew him since he was a little kid and i really feel sorry for him and the family. that's why myg# flag is at half mast to honor him and all the service men over there. >> he graduate from mount eden high school and previously serve entered iraq. awarded bronze star for heroism in a combat zone. >> abc 7 news learned that the san francisco night club where 3 men were shot this weekend has closed its doors forever. shooting at club 330 rich into
9:19 pm
the far from at&t ballpark was the city worst night club violence in years. 7 news reporter vick lee has the stor story. >> shooting at 330 rich prompted mayor ed lee to send this warning to night club owners. >> entertainment industry is trying to have dialogue with me about more night entertainment. well if the tonight clubs don't picture up so that we prevent this type of thing then you are not going to have that kind of favorable response from the city. >> today the owners of this club said they had enough. >> they have surrendered their entertainment permit to us which means it will never be about there again. >> joslyn cape executive director the of the entertainment commission told abc 7 news she met with the owners of the club this mornin morning. they told her they are shutting down 330 rich this after gunfire erupted that the south beach night club early saturday morning. 3 patron
9:20 pm
were shot. one was sent to the hospital in critical condition. witnesses said the shooting apparently started inside the club after 2 men were arguing. dozens of shots were fired by one or more gunmen. shell casings were found not only inside the club but up the alley to parking lot on brannon street. police say this was the worst case of violence in entertainment venue since one man was killed and 4 others wound entered the suede night club somewhating near fisherman wharf three years ago. supervisor david choo district includes broadway has sponsored numerous bills to curb the club violence. >> we fot thought the numbers were going down but unfortunately over the past 6 or 12 months there have been some indication that is this is a problem not gone awaishtion after the suede night club shootings the supervisor gave the entertainment regulation the power to act quickly every time there is trouble. on saturday after the shooting the commission did just that. under the new powers they
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issued an emergency suspension which effectively closed the club for the rest of the weekend until they could investigate the incident. >> we can now as opposed to in 09 do something medley, bring people in and could something administratively without full blown hearing. >>reporter: club owners didn't respond to our messages. police made no arrest in this case. but they tell us there is plenty of security video which investigators are reviewing now. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> moving on to the forecast as you notice things changed from the weekend spencer is here a little cooler cloudy. >> cooler cloudy and moisture in the air although virtually no location are reporting rainfall except clover dale that reported 400. look at live doppler 7 hd and you can see a big mass of moisture just past over the east bay but at the moment no reports of any rain hitting the ground in these areas. however this little trail of moisture up in the north bay different story
9:22 pm
there where clover dale has reported 4 hundredths of an inch and may a little bit more as we get into the overnight hours. most ought bay area dry right now. moisture is passing through and not leaving much behind. little trail of moisture rather skinny but has produced measurable rain. nonetheless. live view of coyote tower from high definition roof top camera. 7 under mainly cloudy skies. temperatures 50 degrees in san francisco. 54 across the bay oakland. 51 san jose. 55 at santa cruz and another live view of the bay bridge from our high definition south beach camera downtown san francisco further temperature readings 49 degrees at santa rosa and napa. 50 fairfield. frain at livermore. on we good to our forecast feature. we see cloudy interval throughout the week slight chance of rain on thursday and rain possible in fact greater chance on easter than on this thursday. satellite image as we animate it over the last 12 hours shows clouds passing through otherwise dry system ridge of
9:23 pm
high pressure. we have a trail of occasional clouds moving in our direction that will be the pattern throughout the week. thus the chance of some showers on thursday although that chance is slight. let's start forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight at which point we'll see increasing clouds and maybe spot or 2 of moisture here and there i should say. 3:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. before the start of rush hour. we may see a little bit of shower activity late shower activity passing over the peninsula. it will be isolated sweep through and expect most of the day tomorrow to be dry however chance of isolated showers in the higher terrain tomorrow afternoon mainly north basement generally bay area will be dry tomorrow. overnight tonight within ceasing clouds and maybe spotty shower or 2. low pressure mainly in the mid upper 40's and then tomorrow we'll see clouds in the morning. more sunshine in the afternoon. south bay high pressure mid 60's, 65 at san jose and santa clara on the peninsula low to
9:24 pm
mid 60's from redwood city to palo alto and mountain view. mid 50's on the coast. downtown san francisco high of 59 degrees tomorrow. up in the north dai bay expecting mid 60's if santa rosa, sonoma and napa on the east baylow mid 60's with high at 64 and oakland and san leandro. inland east bay milder mid to upper 60's there and hears the accu-weather 7 day forecast. interval of clouds and sun throughout the week. slight chance of showers on thursday. quick warm-up on friday. then slight chance of saturday and greater chance of showers on sunday which is easter sunday. mixed bag of weather coming our way unceltsed pattern as we like to say. maybe things will settle down next week >> all right thanks very much expense center coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. reunion of a woman and her stolen dog. around the clock search that had happ
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. >> if you take the golden gate bridge big changes come this week this morning a giant sign put up on the bridge to let drivers know the 6 dollar toll collected electronically beginning this wednesday. paying cash no longer an optio option. instead you can use fast track or set autopsy credit card account or trace the license plate and then send awe bill in the mail. also the speed limit through the toll plaza will be raised to 25 miles an hour now. >> starting tomorrow night. late night bart riders begin facing delay because of seismic safety work inside the transbay tube. earthquake strengthening project will take place over the next 14 months on tuesday, wednesday and thursday night. that begins again tomorrow. desperate search by san bruno woman for her stolen dog
9:29 pm
has ended happily tonight. tip led bart police to the dog and officers reunited land hand with the dog. she was riding bart with the dog last week when she fell asleep and somebody snatched the dog. she searched around the clock for the dog who is especially trained to help her deal with anxiety that she suffers with ever since surviving a plane crash. she told us about today's reunion. >> sobbing and happy and i have just been holding him ever since. here he is. he's home. miracle. >>reporter: police are questioning person at the house where the dog was found. they say they are still investigating how the dog got to decide whether anyone should be charged with the crime. >> coming up next. bay area girl helps catch a predator. that story is next. >> plus pay back. what a prison chief was doing that might have led to his murder. >> also hear how decision from supreme court may affect california affirmative action
9:30 pm
sz jeans.y here another half
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>> may not know it but a plug in electric car cheap tore buy in california than other states because california gives you a rebate. it's an incentive to help reduce emission and clean up the air. but critic question using tax dollars to subsidize those with can already afford green technolog technology. annette has the story tonight from sacramento. >> they are going like hot cake. >>reporter: state 43 million dollar rebate program for plug inhybrid and other zero emission vehicle nearly empty. so the california air resource board and the energy commission pumped 10 and half million dollars more into the account.
9:34 pm
enabling more resident to take advantage of getting up to 2500 dollars back. combined with federal rebate program of up to 7500 dollars consumer can save as much as 10 grand off the sticker price. plus they qualify for the car pool lane with special permit. >> this is prius came in last year. >>reporter: state says california is still having trouble meeting clean air standards. >> the only way that we can keep our air clean and fight smog and fight climate change te of these zero emission vehicle. >> another boone doo doing el. >>reporter: taxpayer watch dog group head says the state needs to pay for more pressing things average residents who can't afford a green car for themselves shouldn't have to subject situation diz one for those who can probably afford one on their own. >> really need money in this state. we need money to fix roads. need money for higher education. money for student
9:35 pm
loans. need money for just about everything there is. >> robert feldman says only nissan and says rebates good way to get car buyers to try new technology when clean air goal are so ambitious. >> just long way to go and it's the best way to get there and it just takes a little bit of extra effort in the beginning of anything that is worthwhile. >>reporter: governor brown signed executive order year ago setting the goal of 1 million and a half zero emission vehicle on california road like 2025. state on the verge of hitting 20,000. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> city of stockton fight to go become the largest u.s. city to enter bankruptcy. in federal court in sacramento city officials are arguing that they have no alternative. they base the budget on anticipated developer fees and increasing tax revenue but all of that vanished when the mortgage bubble burst. city creditors counter more could have been done to cut employee pension.
9:36 pm
civil bankruptcy trial expected to last 4 days. >> while the supreme court takes on the historic same sex marriage battle beginning tomorrow the court also decided today to review another case that may affect california proposition 209, anti-affirmative action law. lee ann has that story. >> in 1996 california voters approved proposition 209 which banned affirmative action meaning race couldn't be taken into effect in public education, employment and contracting. 10 years later michigan voters did the same. but two years ago the sixth circuit court of appeals declared the ban unconstitutional now the supreme court has been asked to weigh in which is why the civil rights leaders gather at uc berkeley to say any decision will affect what happens here in california. >> we are saying rate now that if it's unconstitutional to violent black latino people
9:37 pm
civil rights in michigan which the sixth circuit has said then why being done right now in california? >>reporter: in the if is year after prop 209 passed, uc bolt law school reported that of the 2 71 students admitted, only one was african american. graduate from callus example of how things quickly changed. >> face a situation i was only in my class shortly after ban for education program that's unacceptable. >>reporter: ward is considered to be the man behind prop 209. and michigan anti-affirmative action law. >> there is nothing more fundamental in my view than the right to equal treatment by government of every citizen in this country. >>reporter: ross teaches law at uc berkeley. >> 2 law very similar to each other and given the similarities would i say that whatever the court says about prop 2 would have the same impact on prop 209. >>reporter: supreme court will review michigan
9:38 pm
anti-affirmative action law in the fall. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. now to the alert teenager. 15-year-old in san leandro was followed home by someone she thought was creepy. she told her family. they confronted him. alton with the son did not explain his behavior. family called the cops. found watson couple blocks away. record check revealed he's convicted sex offender who was on parole for committing sexual saw. watson was arrested. police say the teenager may have avoided getting assaulted. >> there are new questions tonight about the colorado prison chief gunned down in his doorway. some say his death was pay back for trying to break autopsy white supremacist gang in the prison system called 2 11 that takes the name from california penal code for robbery. here's dan harris. ♪ ♪. >> today at memorial service for colorado prison chief tom
9:39 pm
clement wrenching words from his wife. >> tom and i were watching tv and our door bell rang. my life is forever changed. >>reporter: prime suspect a recent parolee who was killed in a shoot out with police in texas two days later. late today investigators said ballistic test show the gun he used in texas was the same one used to kill tom clement. >> this is an exact match. it has been confirmed. >>reporter: law enforcement sources say they suspect evil also killed a pizza delivery man to use the uniform as disguise ease approached clement home. evil was a member of the white supremacist prison gang called the 2 11 crew. we learned that in the months before he died tom clement thought the gang was too strong and to break it up he ordered members sent to different institutions. investigators are now interviewing inmates to see if the gang ordered a hit on
9:40 pm
clement. in recent years experts say ultraviolet white supremacist prison gang like the 2 11 crew and much larger aaron brotherhood the subject of this national geographic investigation have expanded criminal enterprises outside the prison walls. selling dru drugs and running guns all directed from behind bars. >> they have all kind of code so they might send out a letter that looks like benign letter but directs a hit or some other criminal activity. >>reporter: still experts say it's extremely rare for prison gang to kill top officials. because to do so means all out war. tonight war may well be what the 2 11 crew has on its hands. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> it is tuesday in asia and stock market there is down. much like stock on wall street drop over news about the bailout deal in cypress. investors worried that the deal could set precedent for other
9:41 pm
euro zone nation. cypress agreed to tax big depositors to raise much-needed cash. all of the 0country bank will remain closed until thursday. florida governor is temporarily shutting down the lieutenant governor office to save some money. second in command resigned as part of an investigation into a gambling ring even though she has not been accused of any wrongdoing. even so remaining employee in her office are off the job until new lieutenant governor is appointed. >> community pressure may have paid off just ahead here what san francisco hotel will now do with cherished painting. >> warning for medical experts. what many new mothers are dog too soon. the stories dog t[ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started
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>> new mother giving the baby solid food far too soon. cdc says 40 percent of those survey give the baby solid food before 4 months old. 9 percent started as early as 4 weeks. many mom say they thought the baby was old enough or seemed hungry or doctor told them it was okay. but in fact a baby needs to be 6 months old for solid food when they have enough stomach bacteria developed in order to digest it properly and safely. 6 months at least. >> well last summer bill gates and his foundation held competition as we reported at the time to rei hope haven't the toilet. now he's hoping to do the same thing for con d.he's awarding 100,000 dollar grant to anybody who can develop next generation condom. goal to promote safe sex all of the world including third world country where sexually transmitted diseases are most prevalent. foundation hopes the new condom will also help
9:46 pm
with the hiv problem all around the world. >> expensive painting that san francisco hotel wanted to put up for sale is inform longer on the auction pwlochblingt pied piper there had been hanging behind a palace hotel bar since reopened after the 19 06 earthquake. news the hotel was settle huge painting caused an uproar so today the hotel back tracked. 3 million dollar painting will remain at the hotel but first it will be restored. >> currentlyen trout new york city where it gets a facelift and it should probably take between 4 to 6 weeks. >> mayor edley lee told us he personally called the palace hotel management to ask the painting stay in san francisco where it is. he calls it part of the city hair tan. >> coming up here next at 9:00. no fear. how basketball team from tiny school beat the big guys and shocked the ncaa guys and shocked the ncaa tournament. march
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>> photographer in costa rica almost became lunch for crocodile. he was paying too much attention getting the perfect picture he doesn't seem to spot another crocodile creeping up on him. watch. >> antonio. antonio. [ screa screaming]. >> can you immanuel. you heard his friend shouting at him get out of the way. just after that moment as the group reach the top of the bank another crocodile climbed up on the side and the group jumped away once again. >> close. one last check on the weather. just proves my old saying spencer, let sleeping kroc lie one of the rules i live by. >> never hang out near hungry crocodile.
9:51 pm
>> good tip. >> time lapse view this afternoon from our east bay hills camera. clouds just streaming over the bay. it was mainly cloudy day. cooler than average and this evening we developed a little bit of moisture in the atmosphere. live doppler 7 hd large batch of moisture passed over the central valley. no rainfall recorded. stream of moisture from the north bay that did produce some measurable rainfall in the clover dale area. this is just about out of the bay area right now but up in the north bay we had 4 hundredths of an inch in clover dale early in the evening. see that also trickle of moisture now moving into napa county and east out of the bay area. tomorrow partly sunny sky with high pressure mainly in the mid 60's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. interval of cloud sun throughout the week. slate chance of showers on thursday better chance of showers on sunday easter sunday and unsettled week of weather. >> indeed. i'll keep that in moon and crocodile story. very helpful thanks very much. >> now to answer to real mystery. like this. ncaa
9:52 pm
basketball tournament and little college basketball team that is shocking the nation. abc news reporter daryn caught up with the coach who turned an off beat collection really of players into the stars of march madness. >> this is a moment florida gulf coast university made history. written off by the odd maker, the first no. 15 seed to win 2 games in the tournament. shoe string budget that has the school paying for its nike shoe and uniform. star who had no scholarship offers before walking on to the team. head coach who is married to a former model. harlem globe trotters blush. room celebration that instance will i go viral. >> very loose here. don't take ourselves too seriously. lake to have a lot of if you please and play our style. >>reporter: but tonight the school is focused on serious business. cashing in. line
9:53 pm
the school book store never seen to pick up team merchandise. >> ridiculous how many people are going to the book store and buying stuff. >>reporter: as for the future, florida gulf coast seems to have a lot to offer. pristine dorm room. on the water? its own beach. >> we have sailboating. paddle board snag not surprisingly the students know how to party after big win. focus already on university of florida school plays friday. this is abc 7 news new york. >> this is why they call it march madness. >> dunk city. is that larry is off and you have pro bowl. >> warriors play off ramp ification which means curry ification which means curry trying to play d
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. violent attack on southern california beach. pit bull goes after a sale. celebrity who stepped in and stopped it. >> remarkable treatment for embarrassing condition. those stories and more coming up over on channel 7. but shoe is here with all the sports. good stuff tonight. >> that's right a lot of basketball. warriors on the on the standings. hostóoming 8 seed lakers and changing of the guard in the west. curry started tonight despite a bum rate ankle. translated to the court early on. if sight of the injured ankle. pop the 3 from the corner. curry running the floor. thompson for 3. part of a run. warriors led at the end of one quarter. just before the half curry inbound to andrew. tap it in. warriors by 23 at the break. late third quarter. on a show. the jam. warriors up 18 at
9:58 pm
the end of 3. leading 107-100 with about 18 seconds left. we have complete highlights coming up at 11:00. >> all right maim heat looking for the 27th straight victory in orlando without duane wade late third quarter heat up 2 leonbr hoop foul makes 43 throw to 5 point miami lead. miami pulls away in the fourth. up for james. going to throw this one down. 24 points 11 assist 9 board one shy of triple double. miami win 27th straight. 108-94 the final. >> all right cal facing south florida in the women tournament with winner advancing to the sweet 16. this was over time affair. cal hoping to march into the next round. the spin. jumper and the foul. 17 first half points. cal led 37-32 at the break. cal blew a second half lead. up 3 with seconds remaining and fouls her shooting a 3. sank 3 43 throw
9:59 pm
game into over time tied at 70. cal got the job done in overtime. cal advances to the sweet 16 with 82-78 victory. >> stanford women top seed in the spokane region 8 seed in michigan tomorrow night in maple hoping to advance for the 20th time in school history. stanford a little rusty in the win over tuesday a.gale tied at the half but if she soobing over -- took over. leading cardinal to the straight win and tougher test for them. >> big. athletic again well coached. physical. just they seem to play hard and play well with each other. good challenge for us. defensive role and stuff like that but we are just excited to have an opportunity to play another da day. >>reporter: all right. shark without defense man murray tonight against the duck. trayed


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