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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 3, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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i'm stuck. >> patience is running thin. a tough commute in and out of san francisco. >> people are not polite.
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>> it took 40 minutes to get from the financial district to here. >> its better story for people riding the bus. >> it's been a lot better. the lines weren't as long. but the picketers are still out there and everybody is wondering how much longer will the strike go on. i'm dan ashley. the talks resumed after a dinner break and that alone is is a considered a positive sign. as laura anthony explains, regardless of what happens tonight, it's unlikely bart will be running for n time for the 4th of july holiday. >> expected for anything to happen. there was zero communication for bart negotiators. bargaining teams for the two main unions went in just before 1:00. both both sides say the two mediators have asked them to keep their comments to
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the minimum and their talks stood in in a the negotiating room. >> jeff burger showed up with a sign and message for bart. a licensed commercial pilot, burger says he hasn't been fully employed in some time. >> bart employees get paid very well for what they do. i respect them, but there are people out there that are willing to do what they do without going on strike. >> bart workers say they are happy to have their jobs. they just want a fair deal from the transit system which was still offering 2% year. union want 4.5% over three years. >> we will be out here as long as we need to be. we are here for the long haul. >> they said once a settlement has been reached
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it will take half a day to get the system back up and running. >> make sure the trains are safe for our workers and riders, it's going to take about 12 hours. >> bart board of directors have scheduled a special meeting for tomorrow, on the agenda a couple of items that would allow the board to impose parts of the contract on the unions but it'sa fallback just because the district is required to give 24 hours' notice and we expect that meeting to be cancelled if the negotiations continue or if there is a settlement. >> dan: we are attending the negotiations in oakland tonight. if there are any new developments we will bring them to you immediately. our coverage continues right now on twitter. now, let's talk about the weather. quick check on the forecast. there are lightning strikes off the coast. meteorologist sandhya patel
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is tracking it for us. i've been watching live doppler and we have seen numerous lightning strikes developing off the coastline here. so far 174 lightning strikes. this is in the past couple of hours off the coast of california. obviously west of cloverdale but we are starting to see some development north of ukiah area and northwest of lake port. it's not out of the question to see isolated thunderstorms between tonight and tomorrow. of course the 4th of july our concern as the lightning moves northward it is expected to remain offshore. a warning has been issued for boaters but if it moves over toward land, it could spark some fires. we'll be watching it and i've been watching the heat wave. i'll be back with the forecast and the fireworks. >> dan: thank you very much. let's move on now. an east bay family and
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members of a tight committed community are trying to come to gripts with a freak accident in the sierra. a girl was killed when a tree fell on her. it took place in yosemite. nannette miranda has the story. >> you can see a larger building behind that building is where it occurred. >> investigators show us where it happened at the camp. the camp's executive director says a tree suddenly fell outside the dining hall. first responders quickly got to the scene because they thought the tree had fallen on top of the building where children were eating breakfast inside. the tree hit a group of five adult staff members, killing one, 21-year-old a u.c. santa cruz student this was her second year as a camp. she was an art teacher.
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>> it's really very hard. we were so close. we were like -- especially with all the stuff. she was teaching me. >> investigators believe the tree was weak from disease. children were not hurt. in fact they were taken away for other camp activities. it's not clear how many children are here but the sheriff's office as said that 300 kids attend with more than 100 staff members. >> when they arrive, there were no children injured at all. all of the children have been accounted for and the camp is providing their services for the children. >> the other people that were hurt and they are doing well. but the tragedy accident has people asking why a lifeas cut so short.
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>> it's a most terrible tragedy. why didn't the downed tree fall on saturday when nobody was here. >> they can pull out the children if they wanted to but the ecutive director says there is no need to. >> dan: a major decision tonight that could impact thousands of students. a college in san francisco has lost its accreditation. students protested outside the administration building after the college received the letter saying it has fallen 11-14 areas. they are eligibility. finances, ethics, leadership to name a few. the next step is appointment of a special trustee that will have final say on all matters. a spokesperson followed the student reaction. >> there will be gov fans
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committees will continue and they will be listened to as absolutely part of the process. there be one trustee instead of seven. >> it's about the fact that they failed. i think you are not giving credit to the staff. i think it's a wonderful set of people here. i think they are here to help me. >> to downsize the college, they diminish the mission statement. they have cut the money of our programs and courts have been cut dramatically. >> the college can appeal the decision. in the meantime, the administration says classes will continue next year. students continue to enroll and they will get college credit for those classes at least through july. we'll have to see what happens after then. now to egypt. country's president is now under house arrest after being overthrown.
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the muslim brotherhood political party and deputy chief have been arrested. constitution has been suspended and interim government is in place. president obama met with national security team has ordered a review aid to egypt. $1.6 billion given them every year in mostly military aide is second only to what we give israel. what happens in egypt could have significant ripple effects. >> egypt is an anchor for the region as a whole. >> dan: egypt sits on top of the suez canal is how the world's oil gets to global markets. it's absolutely vital. >> meantime, a contingent of the marines new fast reaction force for rescue missions has been moved to italy for possible action in egypt. egypt teetering on anarchy. the marine unit could be called on to help secure
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the u.s. embassy in cairo. >> reporter: as the seconds tick down toward the 5:00 p.m. deadline, the crowd at the square swelled to tens of thousands. as the hours passed with no word. >> we have no idea who is running the country right now. >> but many already believe it was over for morsi. fireworks exploded and army and military helicopters flew overhead to roars below, a sign that people felt the army was on their side. meanwhile, the military was deploying in the streets of the capital. the spokesman for the muslim brotherhood pleaded there is a full military coup underway right now in egypt. at 9:00 p.m., they announced to the nation, morsi is out. >> head of the military said he was respondg to the call of the people.
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suspending the constitution and naming the top constitutional judge to take over until a new presidential elections can be held. tahrir square the biorth place of revolution erupted again. since sunday, millions have poured into the streets in the massive protests demanding that morsi step down and calling for early elections. >> but while those in the square tell briatd, morsi supporters responded angrily. after working in the shadows, once outlawed muslim brotherhood isn't going down without a few. morsi rejected the constitution and accusing the army of stealing the
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revolution. whoever planned it wants to spill the blood of egyptian people. >> dan: well, it is but it's not all fun and games. marin county fair opens with some restrictions on what fairgoers can wear. plus, it was suddenly shut down leaving hundreds of animals without doctors. i'm michael finney. >> a man is so fed up with bart strike. you will hear from this
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>> dan: a new bill supporting transgender students has been sent to governor brown for his signature. it let's transgender students which restrooms they wish to use based on their gender identity. >> some say a dress code at marin county fair goes too far. new law crackdown on gang
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clothing. certain colored clothes are banned and certain gang identifiers. it opens the door to racial profiling critics say. the sheriff's department says it's constitutional. those found in violation of e law will not be allowed into the fair. it opened today and runs through july 7th. >> if you can't beat em, kayak. that is what two oakland residents. fed up with crammed ferries, they decided to get to work by paddling across the bay from jack london square. >> the ferry has taken couple hours and long lines. so, it's like why not. >> once they get to shore, they were able to walk to their jobs in the financial district. andy works for kayak
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company and he is able to borrow one when needed. get ready for a big fireworks show. you are looking at some of the mortars and shells that will launched at pier 39. it will be over in 23 minutes. kind of like a wedding, a lot of planning and over quickly. you can catch fireworks at the crane way pavilion and they should be starting about now. in sebastopol there is a annual wikanas fireworks and windsor, fireworks at kezar park at 9:30. we have a full list on our website at under "see it on tv". hope you'll join us in redwood city. i'll thereby at emceeing. it will be a lot of fun.
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>> weather will be fantastic for that and any fireworks display. >> cooling down a little bit. >> and by nighttime during the day we are still going to be sizzling. fireworks and live doppler 7-hd, own radar on mount st. helena, subtropical moisture moving in from the south. heating from the sun, development in northern california, sierra nevada and thunderstorms today. look what has been happening in the last couple of hours. numerous lightning strikes, 228 and most of those are offshore. few have shown up north of ukiah and around the clearlake area. you might be hearing thunder shortly. the stuff is all moving to the north and some of it might be spilling to the northeast a little bit. keep an eye on that. we do have isolated thunderstorm possibilities heading in tomorrow. highs for today, it was 107
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in antioch. 112 in ukiah, record tied. 111 in clearlake. 113 between clearlake and calistoga. 84 in oakland. down to san jose, 91. livermore was 102. here near the coast. fog around and sea breeze to keep you comfortable. upper 60s to the low 70s. excessive heat warning remains in effect for most of interior valleys, until thursday 7:00 p.m. san francisco coast and parts of the east bay, only locations out of that excessive heat warning. check this out. coit tower, 68 in oakland, san jose, 73 and half moon bay, 59 degrees. threw see the fire works going off from emeryville camera, this was all planned.
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temperatures right now, 68 degrees. enjoy the show. 79 in fairfield. here is the view from sutro tower camera, sizzling inland for 4th of july. mild near the coast and much cooler weather is coming friday through the weekend. if you don't like the heat, it's on the way. as we head into the wee hours of the morning, there is a risk of isolated thunderstorm or two popping up as we head into thursday. very small chance of it will be around sacramento area. can't rule it out. check out the fireworks tomorrow night and it is looking fantastic. sea breeze and fog stays outside golden gate and temperatures dropping down to the mid-60s. i would make sure i have a lighted jacket and it's on cool side. mid 50s tomorrow morning. morning will be mild, 60,
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70 and afternoon it will start to cook. 92 sunnyville and 92 in redwood city. 70 in pacifica. san francisco, 77 degrees. ukiah, cloverdale, 94 santa rosa. 88 in union city. 103 in livermore. 104 in antioch. it is going to cool off, down to the low 90s by friday and rest of your holiday weekend is bearable. tomorrow will be the 7th day of this heat wave and it will be a welcome sight to see the fog and sea breeze return this weekend. >> dan: i like the word, bearable. let's look at a live picture. fireworks are underway. they started just a couple minutes, the crane way pavilion in richmond one of handful of displays going
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on tonight. always fun to watch. remembering a computer visionary who transformed the way we work and we communicate. that story. plus managing your e-mails, up next, cleaning up
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tech news, starting with a new development at san francisco based zynga. the founder stepped aside as they watch the stock fall 70% from the initial public offering.
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pincus was replaced. according to documents, his cash and stock could top $50 million over seven years. shares from zynga has surged 23%. yahoo continues the buying spree. they scooped up three more start-ups this week for a less than hundred million. it figures out which people user contacts the most. they create a list on relevance rather than alphabetical order. yahoo got quicky and interactive movie for social, two and monday, yahoo but another company that brings fantasy sports factories in one view. yahoo buying a lot of companies. they are shuttling down the
9:27 pm
search engine alta vista. they indexed huge amounts of web content. it was hugely popular before there was a google. >> you definitely know what this is? tonight the man that made mouse died. he developed in the 1960s and patented it in 1970. at the time it was a wooden shell covering two metal wheels and evolved from there. reaching a tips point in america's cup. a top official stern response to troubling allegations. and michael finney investigates the sudden closure of the oldest veterinary hospitals. and how a double homicide in the bay area may have been a case of mistaken identity.
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crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source.
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>> dan: good evening. there is new information about a double murder in an oakland restaurant. it may have been a case of mistaken identity. >> about two dozen residents and business owners were told the latest in homicide investigation that put an entire community on edge. >> after two employees were shot and killed in this stop may have been the victims of mistaken identity confirming with abc news that the crime was not premeditated. >> police technicians are processing evidence from the scene and they are interviewing witnesses. just before midnight on tuesday, two employees of
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this wing stop were shot and killed by a gunman who may have mistaken the employees for someone else. police say the two male customers ran and hid in the freezer of the restaurant. when the employees went to investigate, one or both opened fire that killed the two men both from richmond. no cash was stolen. at today's meeting. opd stressed value using cameras for protection but not everyone believes they are the solution. >> while surveillance cameras can help solve the crimes but they don't deter crime. >> crime in the grand lake area is down after a brief spike in early june. still they believe they should go further with security. >> security is something they need to look at but
9:33 pm
grand but the city as a whole. there is a lot of security out here but competent, armed security. >> shortly after the shooting. opd announced the arrest of one suspect. they have identified the second and believe it's a matter of time before they find him. >> dan: as part of new community policing plan, oakland police officers delivered free frozen treats to kids. it's the first they are holding. four more will take place wednesday each month add difficulty locations around the city. america's cup regatta director is responding to criticism that new safety rules are benefiting the home team. accusations have been flying over proposed changes to the catamarans out in the water. >> the team new zealand another team are protesting the changes that govern the
9:34 pm
configuration of the yachts. specifically. winglets. they say it gives a definite advantage to team oracle. the director hit back accusations that he is setting the playing field should not be part of it. >> i'm hurt by their tactics. >> his sole motivation is increasing the stability and safety of the race boats. >> there be tips to the crews and to take that position. >> and yesterday, even as he bashed the rule changes, new zealand's ceo he believes he is an honest man. >>. >> what happens with his proposed changes will be in
9:35 pm
the hands of an international jury which meets on monday. if the jury rule against them, it will be up to the coastguard if it will let the race continue. >>ly do everything to help with the situation. it's a very serious matter. >> in the meantime, bottom the ceos of oracle team and new zealand team that the race boats are too expensive, too extreme and we'll never seen them in an america's cup. >> as powerful these boats and conditions of san francisco, going up the shoreline, i wouldn't miss this one. >> racing begins this sunday. >> san francisco 49er amad brooks will find out if he faces charges for assault. he is accused of hitting a team maker with a bottle and then punching him in the face after a night of drinking on june 8. >> it appears tonight that no charges will be filed
9:36 pm
against san francisco firefighter accused of being drunk on duty last weekend. michael quinn was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after his fire truck collided with a motorcycle on saturday. they say they were responding to an incident at the time. one of the oldest veterinary hospitals in oakland has suddenly shut its doors and left thousands of pets without doctors and worse, no medical records. no one could track down the owner until michael finney investigated. . >> happy, go lucky. kind of accident prone. >> the owner says fillmore has gotten into plenty of problems. >> broke one her teeth and had to have a root canal.
9:37 pm
she ate something she shouldn't have and stuck in the stomach. >> every time fillmore got hurt she would get patched up at lake veterinary hospital in oakland that is until now. it happened out of the blue, one day, animals were being treated and next day, the hospital was bolted shut, gone after 40 years in oakland. it came as a shock to folks in the street. it left hundreds of animals without their doctors. her dog found the place all boarded up and vital medical records locked up inside. >> it's really hard. there are so many things that have happened over the years. >> they desperately needed those medical records.
9:38 pm
>> so do hundreds of others lake hospital clients and many posted complaints on yelp. >> i thought they may be able to i'm sure i wasn't the only one. >> they contacted us and we tracked down the owner in livermore. she did not agree to an on-camera interview but spoke with us by phone. she did not tell us why the hospital closed but says she hopes to reopen it. she could not say when. she says she is trying to copy patient records but the process is slow. she said there are thousands of clients and some of the records are very long with multiple pages. copying each client's records is time-consuming and costly but i'm working to get them all completed. she also agreed to send records right away to those that contacted "7 on your side". sure enough within days, both deanna and casey
9:39 pm
received their file. we checked with the state veterinary board and found the hospital license expired in may and was not renewed. if you would like to get your pet's medical records, i posted the information you need to contact the owner. find it it on our website at >> just ahead, how some toads are winning the battle o
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it was created after the anthrax attack in 2011. call it the ultimate face-off. toads versus crocodiles. they are wiretapping out population of dwarf coch dials in northern australia. and cane toads are providing them with a deadly dinner. it's turning into a major conservation problem. one silver lining, it is possible that the crocodiles could adopt adapted their behavior by eating the back legs of toads to avoid being poisoned. champion eaters weighed in new york for the hotdog eating contest. and six time champion joey chestnut, record of 68 hotdogs. sonia thomas has eaten 45
9:44 pm
hotdogs and buns. >> i know if i do well, it doesn't matter. i need my rhythm. >> big event takes place in the morning on coney island. coming up next, a 4th of july event that is not hard to watch like hotdog eating, expect fireworks at the box office. office. comfort tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee.
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it's not all fun, barbecue and fireworks. independent day is biggest movie going weekend and there are two big offerings this weekend and something for everyone.
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>> yeah, right, baby! >> to bring back the comic voice sounds of steve correl as the devoted dad gru. double the family life with a little excitement as he recrude to help -- recruited. and edwardo and evil el macho! >> i have you now! >> despicable features more of the minions from the first film. it's rated pg. >> then you are dd kimosave. >> the second has johnny depp updating the lone
9:49 pm
ranger hammer place john reed who turns into a masked vigilante. had he went through cowboy boot camp to get ready for the massive amount of sun and for the long, long horse ride. >> you get on a horse, i'm having a lot of fun. oh, my legs are sore. you are back, this is great. >> there were epsom baths. >> and johnny depp as tonto, it's rated as pk-13. >> also new today and limited release, hit the road with kevin hart and see what a documentary, kevin hart, let me explain. >> dan: well, it is cooling off a little bit. meteorologist sandhya patel is back with the blockbuster forecast. >> i hope it is. live doppler 7 hd, we are
9:50 pm
track something thunderstorms. our radar watching numerous lightning strikes develop to our north and northwest. so far, 257 lightning strikes just happening in the last couple of hours. as i pull out here, i do want to show you the loop. it's moving in from the south and moving northward. some of it is moving into the northeast location. isolated thunderstorms are possible between tonight and tomorrow. game forecast as the a's take on the cubs, 78 at 105. and uv index are s running high. sun and high clouds for your 4th of july temperatures will be steamy. inland, triple-digits and 70s and cool it for friday. by the time holiday weekend we're back town where we should be for this time of year. mid-80s to upper 60s and
9:51 pm
think everybody will be ready. thanks, very much. mike shumann is here. lots to talk about the wimbledon. >> they are wrapping up. we'll have your winners and giants no-hitter in cincinnati
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coming up at 11:00, a raging apartment fire in the south bay. very latest on the people inside when the flames broke out. we're watching for new developments in the bart takes, plus how the strike is going to change the way people celebrate the 4th of july. those stories and lot more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7. and shu is here with sports. the giants. >> giants made sure it didn't happen again in cincinnati. after the no-hitter last night. zito on the hill.
9:55 pm
he realizes maybe he doesn't have a chance. buster drops the ball and awkwardly chases him down. then we go to the 5th, he crushes this one and finds upper deck. giants lead 2-1. then the bottom of the fifth, george hangs one all the way up and that is out of here. we go extras. lopez, watch this -- comeback for brandon in the tenth but couldn't snag a win. two outs for shinsutu and that end it 3-2 reds and giants 1-8 on the current road trip. they have lost 9 of the last 13. >> and a's fighting against
9:56 pm
the cubs. here is a single and 1-0 chicago lead. their inning, high and deep to right. josh reddick timing it to the wall. does he of it. missed it by an inch. 2-0. a's get on the board. brandon moss. feast or famine, he cuts the deficit to 1 and we have more highlights coming up at 11:00. >> san jose 1-0 in 14th minute. alan had two goals and doubleheader off the post. here a pass and quake defends it and here 3-2 the final. >> quarter finals in wimbledon and andy murray
9:57 pm
advanced to the finals. murray his own worst enemy at times, double faults wasn't even close. second set, set point, using slice backhand, andy unable to find rhythm him. down two sets. he puts the easy overhead to get the fourth. then two sets apiece and fans are loving it. here a backhand is long and murray survives a sigh of relief but he will be tested in the semis. he will face poland's player. it will be a test for murray. he take take this guy lightly. oh he is the first polish man to reach a semi my final in straight sets. and showed a little soccer tradition.
9:58 pm
>> djokovic kept his streak alive in the quarter finals. novak looking for a title and he is favorite. wait this event is going, novak wins in straight sets. he will face juan depedro. they check out had forehand winner on match point. big five of the tour de france, and a crash took out about 20 riders and another near the finish line took out nearly a dozen. darren became the yellow jersey. >> boston celtics have new head coach as brad stephens today. he last six years.
9:59 pm
>> finally 49er quarterback and star of abc scandal, got married last week in idaho. 36-year-old actress and athlete were married on june 24th. so, congratulations to both, as i mentioned earlier, some heartbreak on both sides. >> it's ashame there is not more traffic. [ laughter ] >> despite big names getting knocked out at wimbledon. >> it's tough on grass courts. novak and murray would be a great final. >> that is exciting. >> thank you very much. that is this edition here. for all of us here, i'm dan ashley. our reporting continues on our reporting continues on twitter and
10:00 pm
dennis: frank, i'd like to thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. frank: whatever. i hope they have some cool, exotic creatures for us to fiddle around with and play with. mac: dennis, we're going to an animal rights event. there's gonna be all sorts of exotic creatures there. - you think so? - sweet dee: oh. they better have some cool stuff at this thing. i mean, the money i laid out for this charity--


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