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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 9, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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>> massive fire burning tonight at recycling facility in san francisco blanketing the area with thick smoychblingt it's happening ate colonel ji warehouse open tunnel road across highway 101 from candlestick park. good evenin evening. >> abc 7 news reporter is live in san francisco with the very latest for us. lillian? >>reporter: smoke continues to pour out of this warehouse. we have been told it is made up of 3 large buildings and they are all interconnected. the warehouse contains basic building material. they say this is where contractors come to dump items lick sheet rock. yard debris and lumber
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exploratorium fire department says the bulk of the fire has been knocked down but a rub acknowledge pail 100 yards wide and 8 pet tall continues to burn. that's what is getting firefighters a hard time. the pile is generating so much smoke it has been difficult for crew to get in there and tear the pile apart so further with their oxygen tank are having to be are take ited in every 20 minutes. >> normally the facilities don't have fire in there with lrj backhoe and front loaders that operate and move all the trash around but because of the smoke conditions than the building they can not get their equipment in there and personnel can not work in the building. what we are trying to do is get ventilation down to im paragraph the condition and help start tearing apart this rubbish pile. >> no word on how long that may take so in the mean the smoke will continue to be an issue. 10 engine and 3 ladder truck were september to the fire fortunately no one has been
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injured as for the cause investigators are looking into that. live in san francisco, lil i don't know kim abc 7 new news. >> thank you. smoke quite visible on highway 101. this twitter user shared had picture of the smoke from the balance con of her home near the cow palace get an idea of how thick it is. coverage continue on his twitter at this web site e.other top store. bitter cold and the freeze warning for much of the bay why are. live look from walnut creek. rate now it is in the low 30's. sandhya is here with live doppler 7hd. >> yes. live doppler 7hd tracking mostly clear sky rate now take a look at what the temperatures are look at this hour. as i show you the freeze warning fears it covers the entire bay area except san francisco until "newsnight"am tomorrow. than cease risk of heap 0thermia the straits and dealt and the darker shade of purple under hard freeze warning and you look from our roof cam are here are the temperatures already. well below freezing. santa rosa
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napa fairfield all upper 20's. livermore 33 degrees this morning we had a record leof 25 in san jose. we had teens up in the north bay and we are expecting another very cold night ahead i'll be back to let you know exactly where the low pressure end up and when live doppler 7hd might track some rain. >> all right see you shortly. cold being blamed for 7 deaths in the bay why are. most recent in hayward. 50-year-old homeless man found dead near city hall yesterday morning. wearing hooded sweatshirt short and shoes. on friday a man fond dead in dub listen and this weekend elderly man was found in his trillioner on the peninsula. 4 homeless men died last week in santa clara county. >> on this ice cold night some people can't be bundled up and warm indoors. plumber saw increase in pipe breaking when water inside pipe frees and expands causing the pipe to burst. some other people out on the cold dung jess cb
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fishermen tell that you say they wear as many layers as possible to keep warm out on the water. immanuel how chilly it is on a night leak this. >> pg&e says natural gas consumption broke record set back in 1998. though the utility reported no problems hand length the demand new facility in san ramone correctly dreb gas to 80's that are consuming more. of course more gas use means more money out of your pocket. prices are set to open market as demand rises so do the praises. >> effort to protect crops during the cold snap was mm. situation for pilot in the central valley. he lost control while anything his helicopter for a fifth straight night over this citrus grove. chopper hit a tremendous and the rotor sherd off part of the tail as pilot made emergency landing. he was not seriously hurt. mechanical problem blamed for the emergency possibly because of over use. helicopters are of used to protect crop from frost bite
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circumstance letting the air. you can stay open top of the cold weather with the weather app. get severe weather alert and track live doppler 7 hd and down load it for free in the app store or google play. >> rest against time tonight as the hours pass and temperatures dip for nevada family want out to my in the snow and not seen sense. yesterday afternoon 2 adults and 4 children left the small town of love lock northeast of reno for remote mountaineer by to my in the snow. group includes january's his girlfriend christine, their 2 children and 2 young relatives. chirp range in edge from 3 to continue years old. rescuers picked autopsy cell phone ping yesterday but nothing since. >> definitely is darn cold out here. putting everything the proverbial needle in the haystack. >> they are working with navy search rescue team as well as 2 planes from the air force civil air patrol.
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>> we have new details tonight about the hward after school aide charged with positive less ago student. 29-year-old miss cummings having 2 year long sexual relationship with a student beginning when he was 12. allen spoke with this about the case. >> 29-year-old cummings has been after school program assistant at the all sants catholic school in hayward since 2005. tonight she's in jail accused of molesting one of her own students. >> this is a good community so we are doing everything we can. keeping us wellen formed and i absolutely feel my which were are safe hear though. >> mr. police say the boy notice 14 says comes molesting him since 12 years old and some of the accidents took place on the school campus. but comes sister says my a confided if her listening before arrested. >> this boy has if rubbed up against her and she's like that is not okay.
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>> cummings claims she was worried about what the did. >> asking me for my advice on what should she do in regard to this youngest man. you know. i don't want to get him in trouble. what should i do. can you give me advice. >> police say a prvl who mandated by the state filed the report. the school and the diocese of oakland at the cleaned on camera interview. police say they do not believe there are any other victims. cummings now facing 8 felony counts of child lo history station and being held on 800,000 dollars bond. in hayward, abc 7 news. >> rich mopped police able to talk down 15 yelled who barricaded himself inside a home with loaded uzi. this is the gun that was taken from the boy this afternoon. richmond police chief tweeted this picture earlier today. happened on 9 street this afternn ooar lucas avenue as you see open the map n.a different tweet chief chris credit the department special
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investigation detectives for diffusing the dangerous situation. >> new details involving the asian crash at sfo on the eve of federal safety hearings into that incident. national transportation safety board safety board investigators are expected to reveal tomorrow the pilot misunderstood how the plane automatic speed control feature function and chronicle reports 3 fire department commanders at the crash scene never took aircraft disaster training required for most fears respond rs. 3 teenager girls died in the july crash. >> the 4 u.s. presidentre in south africa right now for the memorial for former south african president mandela. already tuesday in johannesbur johannesburg. service is set to begin in less than 2 hours from now. president obama and first lady michelle left washington, d.c. area today. from andrews air force base with former president george w bush on board air force one. they landed in south africa less than 2 hours ago.
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president carter and clinton traveled separately. they are there now. mr. obama plans to deliver 20 minute speech on how mandela influence reached far beyond the border of south africa. ♪ service will be on wednesday here our time. pacific boy choir academy in oakland will join the mandela service in dc tomorrow morning. boys visited south africa in 2009 and were inviteded by the south african embassy to the u.s. to perform. group will sing a mexico of south african hymn and classic american gospel song. >> now of course we are planning live come of the mandela memorial to begin at 1 a.m. our time and carry the service until the presidt delivers his remark. 2 memorial planned locally. in san francisco mayor ed lee will host svbing memorial in the rotunda. wednesday at 8:00
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a.m. and in oakland celebration is planned for noon at this plaza also on wednesda wednesday. >> san francisco police are looking for a con man who poses as armani store man year to get monfrom victims. it happened last week on 19 avenue and gar gary. please say man calling himself rocco pulled up at suv and asked for directions. he then gave the person a fake armani kotas thank you and asked for money to buy an i-pad for his fund. the victim didn't fall for it but police say someone on bush street gave 200 dollars to the con man last month. >> up and moving around just days after open heart surgery. coming up next. after being in the middle oven insurance fight a little girl is fepally ka crawling down the road to recovery. state stepped in to help. story only on abc 7 new news. >> plus another health insurance problem this one affecting thousands of californians. why those people may start the new year without coverage. >> and stuffed toy security
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threat? why the tsa nearly called the police over what this cowboy police over what this cowboy was
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sdwroo. >> cute update on a little girl
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whose family to fight their insurance company to get her the life saving surgery that she needed. the open heart surgery at oakland children hospital was a success and she wentome today. now this is a story you will see only on abc 7 news. here's laura anthony how the also girl is doing. >> it's her first step since surgery. >> first steps she has taken since she had open heart surgery 6 days ago. >> it's okay. you are silly. >>reporter: 16 month old girl headed home from oakland children hospital after surgery her parents fought for her to have. one the insurance company initially refused to pay for. >> if you have fought something that you want for your daughter or son and it's the right thing, don't take no for an answer. >>reporter: she was born would heart defect that involved narrowing of her pulmonary artery. doctors at children wanted her to have surgery there. but the parent insurance company refused. her parents appealed to the state
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department of manage care that ruled in the schilling favor. >> glad to be going home. relieved. we can welcome the new year in differently. >>reporter: sposhtion man for western health advantage said the company couldn't comment saying the family didn't give them permission to speak about her class. dr. rhinehart says the surgeon who performed the 4 hour procedure. >> in the end it's life saving surgely because what happens is the process is if if you don't halt it at some upon the it keeps going and will lead to irregular heart beat. will lead to too much work load open the heart. >>reporter: now with her on the mend her parents are lacking forward to an especially joyful holiday season. >> him if in oakland abc 7 new news. >> california health insurance exchange has backlog now of 25,000 paper applications.
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they have until december 23rd just two week process those application or those people may uncovered come january 1st. spokesperson for the exchange says even within ceased staff they may not be able to get to all of them in time. insurance company have to bill customers and 7 payment for the coverage to kick in. >> airport security screener in missouri seized miniature toy gun because it looked too real. gun in the cowboy sock monkey holster when the tsa officer threatened to call police washington state woman who owns the toy says she was shocked and embarrassed but had no choice but to give up the republic hi ka pistol. tsa issued a statement today that reads in part out of abundance of caution realistic replica of firearm are prohibit entered carry on about. >> that's abundance of caution. >> extra generous this holiday season with additional 7000 dollar cash. that's how you
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could win just for helping abc 7 news fight hunger in the bay area. give where you leif on our fees book page the food bank for you and you mit win 7000 dollars. immanuel the good that could do. announce the wish on our fate book hage. if where you live and spread the word so your friends can help too. trying to help as many people as we possibly can if with your help. >> it's from us ty out there once again tonight. >> third night of really bitter cold. sandhya is here with the forecast. how long will it last. >> yes. one more day and then we start to see a little bit of a let up of this breeze but still cold wednesday morning. live doppler 7hd looking at cher skies writ now. here's the view from the emeryville camera. visibility good but we are looking at poor air quality for the north bay. spare the air in effect writ now and also tomorrow again moderate air
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quality the rest of the bay ar no wood burning. you have to figure out a which to stay warm. perhaps flannel sheets extra blanket on the bed. spectacular have you of the financial district in san francisco. it's from degrees. check out oakland. already 34. 2 degrees shy of freezing. redwood city fallen below. that san jose 35. 32 in los gatos right now from our roof cam are no fog to speak of. santa rosa napa down to 25 already. really cold in novato fairfield 29. livermore 33 degrees. when you compare to what is happening around the country this really seems mild our current temperatures fargo is 4 below right now. 3 in minneapolis chicago they are looking at wind chill advisory there with whipped chill value 30 degree. really the wind and the cold take a toll on the people there. from east bay hills camera you can clearly
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see back towards sutro tower and here's a look at the forecast. freezing cold into the morning. spare the air again tomorrow with milder low and high coming up l and it will get better. tomorrow morning you have to deal with ice conditions 20 in nap a.21 in santa rose. could be black ice on the roadway watch out 3 30. oakland san mateo palo alto 25 degrees in lever more bound el up. scarves gloves need them all you lack at the temperature trend for livermore there is hope. we start to see the numbers come up by friday. upper 30's showing up and go mid upper 30's for the weekend and things better. one cold night ahead as we have this cold air mass with us then this pushes out. high pressure keep us dry. no rain in sight until december 20. look at the lendar year san francisco on track to the driest january through december on record. we have only seen just over 5 and
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a half inches since the beginning of this year. current record is 9 inches in 19 17. watching this carefully for you. high tomorrow on the chilly side across the entire bay area. mostly sunny we look low mid 50's. accu-weather 7 day forecast we get a chance to thaw out by the time we head into the latter part of the work week mid 50's to low 60's showing up and weekend is dry and mild. >> wait until the 20th that's crazy. >> that's extended model. i know. quite a stretch. >> so we have seen very dry december and keep in mind that janet has poured and dumped in the sierra. >> mike is here >> larry is off and in sports it's all about honors. >> big day for 2 former bear head coach player did it cam. long overdue hop we explain long overdue hop we explain next in sports. pats
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soon, californians from to salinas
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. >> well rare for pro athlete to end up on team in his hometown but he can return home that's what curry did tonight at warriors face the bobcat in charlotte. home come. his dad worked open the broadcast unfortunately curry and entire team slow start one of 12 from beyond the ark. in the first half warriors never had the lead in the game. defense didn't make it easier. l denied by henderson out of nowhere. sky walking. also put in 24 points off the glass and one here. kimball walker led with 31 points. way downtown charlotte. were yours made a comeback. down 4. seth blow it in. season high 43
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points. the lowest scoring team in the nba lit up golden state defense with 140 points. after disappointing road trip 115, 111 that's time. >> florida retired manager were in the expansion era committee. 3 state world series here and back in 1988 and 89 and managing the card nationalities in 2006 and 2011. one of only 2 manager to win a world series in both league. 2700 games and 3 seasons. third highest in baseball history manager 4 times july 27. >> my parents always tell but dream the big dream and if you are a baseball if a natural thick then play in the pig league. maybe part of championship that was a dream and never, ever was hall of
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fame part of that dream. >> it's a stirn. respect. humility. honored i say thank you. >>reporter: monday nailt football. 7 degrees in chicago but it didn't stop hall of fam fameer dicks take long overdue. bears didn't want to lose on his night. josh mccould you have but he's okay fired him up. 17 seconds in the night and great throw off balance. look at jeffrey better catch. the 27-36 3 48 yards and career high 4 td passes. go to the fourth quarter former raider bush screen pass 17 yards to the south. spare code on 8 of the nine possessions 45-28 the time. bears toyed with the north lead the game behind filly. 7 sports report brought to you by river roj ka see and great honor. great honor. >>reporter:
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freeze warnings in effect for the entire bay area except san francisco right now. increased risk of hypothermia. warning remains up until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. here's the wake up weather. temperatures plunge. clear calm low 20's to upper 30's and not really moderating much by 8:00 a.m. mike tracking the cold 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> okay sandhya thanks very much. >> and join us for the abc 7 morning news tomorrow for live coverage of the ntsb hearing on the deadly asian crash at sfo. >> crucial information comes out. hearing begins at 6:00 a.m. our time. that's our report for now thanks for watching we appreciate your time. >> abc 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile did he advises with our 7 news app. with our 7 news app. >> good night.


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