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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 11, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> new video of this summer's asiana crash from a camera at sfo, you have not seen it before and a confirmation that a teenage survivor was run over by fire trucks not once, but twice and that is what killed her. that reported from the i-team
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confirm eed today. today's hearings did not produce what you call a smoking gun, but we did get had this video from a security camera. showing the plane as it cart wheeled across the run way at sfo july 6th and photos of the aftermath showing the burned jet liner that was carrying 291 passengers at the the time. three did not survive. we have two reports tonight. >> i know that several of you are viewing the proceedings from san francisco or maybe watching from your homes, we recognize that your lives were forever changed when the crash occurred. >> reporter: the flight 214 was too slow and too low when it hit the sea wall at sfo, as you can see in video, just released,
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boeing spun out of control. documents released today by investigators reveal that not one, but two fire riggs ran over 16-year-old passenger, that was covered with foam. the san matteo coroner concluded that she was alive before being hit. aviation experts and those involved in the emergency response testified at the day-long hearing. they said the radios on the trucks had problems communicating with other agencies during the crash response. >> and because of some recent rebanding of radios that was part of that process, we weren't ultimately able to have those elements communicate on the same radio frequency. >> the investigative report released today concluded that captain lee was very concerned about the landing. the airport's automatic landing aids, specifically the glide
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slope indicator, were out of service that day. lee told investigators that making a visual approach landing was "very stressful and difficulty," lee was training on the plane and this was the first time landing the big jet at sfo, still they had confidence in lee and the cockpit crew. >> did you feel any concern about the ability of any pilot to land in san francisco without a glide slope indication? >> translator: i do not have any concern. >> reporter: well now that the ntsb has completed the investigative hearing the board will analyze the findings and publish a final report. no word yet on how long that will take. abc 7 news. >> now, the ntsb has not yet concluded why asiana 214 crashed
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last summer, that could take several months. but we have a good idea how it happened. the image in blue shows what a normal approach at sfo would be. you have probably landed in that configuration before. this was the approach that the asiana made. coming too low, too slow. the tail breaks off after hitting the wall and slides down the runway and spinning before going airborne and coming to rest in the undeveloped portion of the airport between landing strips. we spoke with the daughter of a man who survived all of that. >> reporter: eunice traveled from las vegas to the bay area to get details about the crash that hurt his father. he hurt his back, and neck. >> it was like, oh, my god, how ise h sll alive? how did anyone make it out of that. >> reporter: this is an old
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picture of her father. that is her when she was little. she told us, despite his injuries, her father was trying to help others get off the plane. >> when we came home, he kept saying, i wish i could have helped more people. i think everyone -- everyone was trying to work together on the flight. >> reporter: there was only a few people watching the hearings at the crown plaza hotel. most were employees of the airline and some were volunteers from the red cross, there to help people like eunice if they needed any assistance. after listening to an entire day of testimony, eunice said she does not want to blame anyone for the crash, but would like the airline to be more understanding of what the families are going to. >> we do not have any contact and when we try to contact them, their response is more talk to our lawyers. we have not had that chance to really talk to them, and like i said, we are looking for more of a humane approach, i guess. >> reporter: she hopes what was
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discussed today will help prevent future accidents. abc 7 news. >> let's talk about the weather, we have just one more night of cold weather to get through. but we do have an unprecedented fifth straight "spare the air alert." the air quality not that great. >> life doppler 7 hd is tracking some definite changes in the air mass. clear skies right now, what i have been noticing right now, the temperatures are running higher than just 24 hours ago. north bay interior valley going under a freeze warning, beginning at 10:00 p.m. tonight, a short away from thursday. we are looking at 20s to low 30s. not as cold as this morning or previous mornings, but still the potential of pipes to burst, it's the smaller area under the freeze warning, not as widespread, frosty spots in the morning. so this morning you can take a look as to how low the
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temperatures went. mid 20s in the coldest locations, just below freezing, 31 in san jose, it was comfortable actually i oakland and san francisco, 30s and 40s. a view from the east bay hills cap camera. it is another spare the air tomorrow, poor air quality in the santa clara valley and no wood burning. >> all right, sandy, thank you very much. a bank robbery suspect is in the hospital right now after being shot from a sheriff's deputy. investigator says say he robbed the bank of the west branch at 9: 9:00 this morning. a officer started to chase him and he crashed into a pole near the northgate mall as you can see. >> he got out and ran, he was armed with a handgun and confronted the officers. he was shot.
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a has been taken to a local hospital tore treatment. >> they believe he is the same man that was robbing banks for the past year. he is known as the cotton ball bandit, he is seen wearing a unique cap, with a white ball on the top, hence the name. authorities are continuing the investigation. sheriff's officials in sonoma county said that a review shows that a sheriff's deputy that shot and killed a 13-year-old boy did not break procedure. the officer mistook the toy rifle for a real one. protests are conditioning. the early findings are based on the investigation of the santa rosa police department, that is doing their own investigation to see if the officer should face charges. good samaritans have come to the rescue after $1,000 in gifts
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were stolen earlier in week, the toys were for needy children. this is a suspect attacking a car. another car was broken into and gifts for sick kids for children's hospital were stolen. they believe this is the guy. since the story aired, the people have come forward to make up the donations, in fact, they came up with so much, the money will go to other program s at te hospital. we will have the complete forecast in a few minutes as we continue, but first, we will follow-up on the underground fi fire that burned through an open street and the families that spent a cold night because of it. and a toys to s for tots drive, are not close to their goal and so maybe you will help.
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twice as many women as men say they have been turned down
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>> when breaking news happens. firefighters are battling a large fire. abc morning news is all over it. it's a huge fire, they think had
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been burning for hours. turn to abc 7 morning news, weekdays, 4:30 to 7:00. >> pg&e have removed the pipe that caused a burning pipe. it was a strange sight. flames were licking the asphalt, these photos were released showing the damaged pipe, it has been turned over to a third party for inspection. >> yesterday, i waited for an hour at the top of the hill. >> reporter: sandra was forced to evacuate her home or shelter in place when gas flames were spitting up from the street. this was the bizarre scene. rows of fire stretched across the road. pg&e said that the pipes are a combination of plastic and steal. crews worked for three hours to
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put out the fire. they are working today to restore full service to homes. >> i don't know if it's fully resolved. if it's fully resolved, but i think they are taking care of it. >> reporter: pg&e said they found the source of the leak at a bend, or what is commonly referred to as the elbow section of the line, removed the broken piece, sealed the section and turned it over to a third party for independent investigation. >> they are there this morning drilling, they were there half the night. what are they drilling for? >> reporter: this is not the first time the lines have been called in to question. the leaky pipe has been blamed for destroying a condominium in co co coopertino, i was told that the distribution pipes involved in yesterday's gas leak are different. >> the pipeline that was involved in the coopertino is
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called adalay piping, there was a recall on them many decades ago. we do have some of that pipe in our system, but we are monitoring that daily. >> reporter: carding to pg&e, none of the pipe in this system is from the discontinued batch. pg&e expects to have the investigation completed about a 30 days. >> contract talks resume tomorrow for b.a.r.t. and its two biggest unions. things are very tense still between both parties as they struggle to hammer out a final agreement. this deals with six weeks of family leave that the unions agreed to in the latest contract. the b.a.r.t. board accepted the contract minus the provision, which resulted in the union filing a lawsuit. so the fight continues. food and toys have been running low in shelters.
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toys for tots have dropped off substantially this season. the drop boxes are not reflecting the improvement in the economy. and the marine corp is seeing fewer donations. the marines needed 75,000 toys and this year, demand could top 100,000. volunteers hope the community will step up here, and had help make it a very merry christmas for the county's 35,000 needy children. >> this is what i have, and this barrel has been in here for over a month. and this is what i have. and this is the shortest choice, all my toys are just like that. all my boxes, are like this. >> now, if you would like to make a donation, you will find a link to do that on abc 7 every kmield should have a present over the holidays and on christmas morning. let's talk to sandy with the forecast. you have done it, you have made it through a brutal bitter cold
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spell. you could tell today it was considerably nicer. >> it was, you can feel the difference. >> still not warm, but better. >> we are heading in the right direction, you will be able to lose a few layers as we go through the weekend. it will not feel like late fall or winter. does that get your attention? it will be like spring as we go toward early next week as we have above average temperatures. let talk about the now. skies clear through tonight and tomorrow. temperatures everywhere with a few exceptions running ahead of where you were yesterday at this time. from our camera, i'm going to show you the view, you can see that the breeis bouncing the ca, and it's contributesing to holding the temperatures up slightly higher. 49 in san francisco, and 43 in oakland, san jose, a comfortable
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42. and from our emoryville camera, visibility fine. no fog. and we are not expecting any. 34 in napa, so we are not quite in the freezing zone, fairfield, 33 and 38 in livermore and we will have fewer y eer area s d to or below freezing tomorrow. freeze warnings for the north bay valley going in to tomorrow morning. record fifth spare the air has been issued for tomorrow and we are looking at milder weather as we hit the weekend and beyond the weekend. so tomorrow morn onning when you you get ready to leave home, make sure you still grab the scarfs and gloves, and you will still need coats or jackets. 29 in concord, some of our colder locations, freezing livermore, morgan hill, 35 in san jose, getting better, mid 30s in palo alto. and san francisco 42.
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now, as you look at the trend for livermore, you will see where we are going and that is in a good direction. your plants and pipes and pets will appreciate it. milder weather, temperatures level out for the weekend and low 40s for livermore tuesday and wednesday. a sign of things to come. here is what will bring the mild weather. high pressure, blocking ridge, storm track to the north. with this ridge in place, and building in, milder air will move in. we are already seeing it, but it will be quite clear to you that we are out of the cold snap soon enough. tomorrow afternoon, south bay, 60 in san jose, sunshine on the peninsula. and redwood city, 57 downtown san francisco, and north bay communities, low to upper 50s. occasional high clouds in the east bay upper 50s. oakland, san leandro, narrow band of highs. san ramon, a look at the
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accuweather seven-day forecast, no wood burning allowed tonight or tomorrow, spare the air alert up, a nice hot soup will keep you warm, or turning up the heat for one more night. temperatures do moderate, we will continue to see them rise. low to mid 60s going into monday and tuesday. and a slight dip in the numbers on wednesday. but really, when you look at the temperatures, dan, it's going to be feeling more like spring and closer to fall or winter, so we will switch to the extreme. >> nice, but spare the air tonight and tomorrow? >> tomorrow as well. wood burning banned tomorrow. >> no soup restrictions. >> that is like, you can get any kind of soup you like. >> what do you do want extra $7,000 this holiday season. that is how much you can win for helping abc 7 news fight hunger. when you click the give where you live button on your facebook
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page. we will donate a dollar to the bay area's shelters for you. you may win $7,000. imagine the good you can do with that. we will announce the winner on december 19th. here is what you do, go to the abc 7 news facebook page, and help us give where you live and spread the word, so your friends can help as well. we would love to get as many people involved as we can, it's not hard. people are talking about the give where you live on the facebook page, gene farly wrote this, sums it up, hits the nail on the head. we all need to help others and someone will win. that is true. a lot of people will win, if you donate, because we help the people in need. that sums it up. >> that is right and it's easy, like you said. we are helping feed those that really need it. helping the hungry and you have a chance to win. i mean, why not? it's a win/win in alls aspects.
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>> get involved. we are proud to help in that effort. still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00, the batkid inspires a new 9:00, the batkid inspires a new challenge for the make-a-wish
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> it is make-a-wish week for the warriors at oracle arena, warriors forward harrison barnes and steph curry are hosting two young boys with medical conditions. barnes is hosting a 14-year-old, and as well as servings a game captain, he will get a tour of
9:26 pm
practice facilities, and a one on one match up against barnes in nba 22014. and curry will be giving one of his favorite suits and a video game challenge with his child as well. san francisco giants pitcher, matt cain offered to donate $50,000, if, make-a-wish could raise the same amount by 8:00 p.m. tonight, the challenge was inspired by 5-year-old miles scott, the leukemia patient known as batkid, here is the website right now. you can see, make-a-wish has raised just over $51,000. surpassing the goal matt cain matches that to $50,000. you will find a link at abc 7
9:27 pm so they met that goal, that does not he not mean the donations need to stop. trouble on the space station. it's not an emergency however, at least not yet says infonasa the man that ran in the tlflame to rescue the driver of the car. and bathroom escape, how a woman clawed herself out of a locked
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>> now, from abc 7 news, some developing news in space. it is not a life threatening emergency yet, but sure could
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turn in to one. nasa said there's a problem with a malfunctioning cooling system. the astronauts are safe, but as a precaution, they shut down the system as they figure out what to do next. we have very latest. >> reporter: tonight, nasa is considering an emergency space walk to fix a cooling system on the international space station that could be failing. severe temperature chaenges in heat structures are happening, the only way to fix it may be a space walk, like the one we saw in "gravity," to fix it. they have shut down three parts of the space station, the worst case scenario, nasa considers evacuating the station
9:32 pm
completely. right now, there's six crew members on board the station from the u.s., japan and russia. the most recent arrived in november and were scheduled to stay until march of next year. but tonight, engineers are working to make sure they don't have to come home early. abc news denver. >> today, thousands of people waited to view nelson mandela's body. world leaders and family and celebrities passed by the casket first, now the general public is taking its turn, standing in a line stretched for blocks. there's bono, police had to turn people away and ask them to come back tomorrow the lines got so long. a bit of controversy coming from yesterday's mandela memorial. sign language experts say the man you see here may be making a lot of hand gestures, but he was
9:33 pm
not providing any sign language interpretation. he was just moving his hands around. the head of the deaf federation of south africa said this man is an absolute fake. he was seen around the world on tv next to leaders including president obama, the south african government said it is investigating but you don't have to know too much about sign language to know that does not look quite right. well, some bay area people took center stage at the mandela memorial at the nation's capitol. the oakland pacific boy choir performed. they are the only boy choir west of the mississippi and this crowd loved it. ♪
9:34 pm
>> very good. this is just half the choi. keep in mind, why? the other half performed at san francisco city hall just this morning. so they thrill people on both coasts. pope francis is "time" magazine person of the year. he was selected as the person who had the greatest impact on the world this past year. the magazine said in a short period of time, the pope has been able to change the way people think about the church. the vatican said he is not happy -- nsa leaker edward snowden came in second is. men risked their lives to pull a woman out of a burning car after she ran in to two gas station fuel pumps. watch this video. the car was still out of control, even after hitting a
9:35 pm
trailer pulling out of the station. the woman has no idea what went wrong. she is in the hospital. and her three men are being called heroes. watch that again. remarkable. a woman in washington, d.c. will think twice of working late by herself ever again. the woman got locked inside the bathroom for eight hours last friday night. she stuffed more than 200 paper towels under the door hoping someone would see movement on cameras. they didn't. she began to try to pry open the door. >> i used the leg of the chair to wedge under the door handle and twist, you know, twist repeatedly, and that started loosening it. >> finally, after some effort, she made a hole big enough to slip her arm through and open the door from the other side.
9:36 pm
she said she kept thinking of the movie "shawshank redemption." a boy in colorado that got in big trouble for a little kiss is now allowed to return to school. the 6-year-old was suspended for kissing a classmate, a little girl, on her hand. officials at lincoln school called it sexual harassment. after the story made news nationwide and school officials met with the boys parents, the school has decided to down grade the incident to misconduct. the mother said it was a crush and the girl did not dplcomplai about it. >> coming up, women in the workplace, why twice as many women as men say they have been turned down for a job, because turned down for a job, because of their gender,
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hurry, this offer ends january 2nd. visit today >> amazon launched the grocery deliver service in select zip codes today, users have access to more than half a million products. everything from produce to electronics, it's called amazon fresh and costs $299 a year. the company said that orders placed by 10:00 a.m. will arrive by dinner time. google shopping express, envoy, and others offer grocery delivery here in the bay area. we have news tonight about women in the workplace, a new study shows that almost twice as many women as men say that they have been turned down for a job because of their gender.
9:41 pm
tonight, an experiment that shows the hidden bias when a man and woman interviews for the same position. >> reporter: he is the boss, she's bossy. the negative way women are perceived at the office in a new ad for pantene that is going viral. it hit a nerve. we set out to find the truth. listen to this women, how do you feel as her as a job candidate. >> i know the window's operating system like the back of my hand, no problem. >> now him. >> i know the window's operating system like the back of my hand, no problem. >> reporter: these are actors in a yale hiring experiment, the resumes identical and the interviews identical. >> i'm good at sizing people up quickly and delegating responsibility accordingly. >> reporter: the only difference is gender and when it comes to
9:42 pm
who got the job? >> i thought the man had better soft skills. the woman was arrogant and over selling. >> reporter: in thousands of interviews, they are rated less likeable and less likely to be hired. >> isn't it a catch-22, you have to be strong to get the job. if you are too strong, you do not get it. you have to behave in a dominant way to advance, but you are seen negatively. >> reporter: if you think it's just male bias, it's not. both men and women made the same call doing the hiring. >> there's a legal of arrogance that may be okay to be a manager but then there's a step above and there was slightly above that. >> reporter: when we revealed the study results. >> i was surprised by my reaction. >> what does that say about us? >> we have a long way to go. >> reporter: a science experiment with real life lessons of who gets the job. who gets passed over and why.
9:43 pm
abc news, connecticut. >> glass door released the results from its best places to work survey. here are the top five companies. all with more than 1,000 employees. number one, release today is boston consulting firm, bane and company. linkedin, and the workers say the company cares about the employees. and in fifth place, facebook, which was number one last year. the employees survey is confidential, and anonymous, as you noticed, 3 of the top 5 located here in the bay area. behind the scenes of a bay area holiday tradition. our own morning traffic reporter, who used to be a reporter, who used to be a dancer herself by the
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>> tonight is opening night for san francisco ballet's "the nutcracker." a favorite in the bay area every year. we have an exclusive behind the scenes look at what it takes to put on this time-honored tradition. ♪ >> reporter: by now, you recognize the music. "the dance of the sugarplum fairy." they are making final touches to the annual spectacle, "the nutcracker," as dancers perfect every pirouette and every lift, audiences will soon be able to marvel at the snowflakes and fmp
9:48 pm
-- and dancing flowers. the nutcracker is not only a staple of revenue for ballets around the world, it's usually the first production that dancers learn. >> this is how i began and how they are beginning. >> every dancer begins here at the bar. it takes a lot of practice to get to the stage. prepare for something like "the nut cracker," it takes up to 1 and a half months out of the year. she has been with the ballet, and dancing it ever since. >> ever time i do it, it's a new beginning. i say that because i find something new in the role. >> reporter: the idea of attending a performance may feel intimidating for some, but for the artistic director? >> i would say to people, who are not familiar with ballet, you do not have to understand
9:49 pm
what we call the technique. you know. it's a dance. everybody loves to dance. >> reporter: if you would like to come see the nutcracker, the performance answers run to the 29th. from the studios at the san francisco ballet, abc 7 news. [ applause ] >> and bravo, well, one lost check on the weather, let's go back to sandy. tracking an easing cold spell. >> that is right, we will get a chance to thaw out, the skies are clear and the air mass is changing towards warmer. highs for thursday the places we will see rain is eureka, 52 degrees and a mild 74 in tahoe, temperatures moderating tomorrow afternoon. we will see 60s showing up in san jose, and santa cruz, we had a few low 50s. the sun is out, temperatures will continue to rise this up coming weekend, low to mid 60s.
9:50 pm
if you -- your kids have games in the morning, i will not have to worry about bundling them up too much. if you are doing holiday shopping. you can look at the forecast and it will give you a reason to get out and early next week degree it will be down right balmy is what i call it. when you are 66 and down to 19 in the morning. that is above average for this time of year. >> not bad, a welcome change. thank you, sandy, very much. larry is from hawaii, so it's bone chilling. >> unbarable for him. >> it was 70 degrees and i was still wearing a sweater and everyone was calling me insane. what is wrong with you? and i'm like, i'm cold. >> that is why he complains so much about the cold. >> i'm guilty as charged. in sports the warriors, they are cold also, trying to get back on track against an old friend. monta is back in town. sports is next.
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>> covering santa rosa, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, as we approach the one-year anniversary of the deadly school shooting in newtown, connecticut, a family makes an emotional tribute to the daughter they lost. and here at home, a record fifth consecutive spare the air day issued for the bay area. that means no wood burning, right? or does it why some people are exem approximat exempt from the ban. not you, buster. >> i'm outraged who are these people? and how did i get on the list. the warriors are out of sync, but a chance to get back on track. p former warrior, monta ellis. he is 4-0 against the warriors
9:55 pm
since he was traded away to milwaukee. ten in the first half. nice take, going to basket here. dirk nowitzki, 7 feet tall and a touch like velvet. mavs up 18 in the first half. and warriors cut the deficit to 11. 55-44. steph, cannot leave him alone like that. rattles in and out, and warriors 15 turnovers though. shane larkin, to jay crowder for the easy jam. steph, pure for three. and right now, 92-89 mavs with 5:00 left in the fourth. now, this next story comes under the category of, it's stuff you have to report, et even know yo know it's not going to happen.ok there's several stories linking jim harbaugh to the university of texas. it's easy to see why harbaugh would be attracted to texas. he built stanford from cellar
9:56 pm
dweller to national power and took the 49ers to the super bowl rapidly. if you look back in history, there's never been a successful head coach that chose to go back to college. saban and carroll were failures in the nfl, and went back to college. and now carroll is back in the nfl. for now, harbaugh is saying exactly what he always says. >> i don't ever talk about any jobs other than the one i have. >> i have the same policy, dan, by the way. don't believe any of the rumors. the niners will see the tampa bay buccaneers and old buddy, deshawn goldson. a strange move, he showed up at the niners practice facility, and harbaugh said he had no problem seeing goldson visit. >> i have never seen that
9:57 pm
before, players stop by like. that it was cool, it was natural. people were glad to see him and he was glad to see guys. had a chance to see him and give him a hug and talk for a little bit. >> former 49er, alex smith made his return to the bay area this sunday. when he leads the chiefs against the 4-9 raiders in the black hole. raiders, talk about desperate for a win, they dropped 5 of the last 6 and are a descending scale, you can see a 4-12 finish coming here. the final three games are against fellow, afc west opponents. a win over kc would help build momentum for next year. >> good for our confidence. like we said, they are a playoff team. and past couple weeks have been tough for us. they have been frustrating to do get a win at home, against a top team, we will definitely help for the rest of the season. >> now, this is a disasterous year for the redskins and head
9:58 pm
coach shanahan decided to bench the star quarterback, robert griffin, iii for the final three games. shanahan said that the move is to merely protect rg-3, who has not been playing well and getting sacked a lot and missed all of last season following knee surgery. >> what is in the best interest of robert? what is the best thing going forward for him? to have those next three games? the experience of going through those reps? or having him healthy in the off-season? >> i expressed my desire to play. of course, i want to be out there and finish the season with my guys. see it through. and at the end of the day, coach's decision is what we go with and that's what it has always been. >> complete mess with the redskins. in the wake of the buster posey broken ankle a couple of years ago, an increasing concern about concussions. major league baseball is actually planning on eliminating or doing the best they can to eliminate home-plate collisions.
9:59 pm
they are trying to prevent plays like that, where a runner comes barrelling into the catcher and catchers would be prevented from blocking the plate and violators would face discipline from the league. the giants have been insisting on the rule change since 2011, when posey had his ankle broken on a play at the plate. two local teams were in the pop warner super bowl. they both lost in orlan do. junior peewee division lost. andrew washington here, 34-0 was the final. and the east bay warriors were also eliminated with the wranglers, both teams, it was a short run. but they get to go to disney world when you participate. so -- >> thank you, larry. i had the same, very strict, do not talk about other job opportunities. now the fact that i have no other job opportunities has no other job opportunities has no bearin we was camping.
10:00 pm
we was eating. and it was mountain lion jumped down and eat my leg. i think a mountain lion jumped down and eat someone's grammar. right? the auto-tune remix is better. go to related videos. uh-huh. [auto-tuned singing]


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