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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 15, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. uc berkeley police are investigating five robberies in the last week on or near campus. the most recent yesterday morning. two students were robbed on derby street near willard park. abs news 7 has a look at the police response. >> i still try to always look behind me. >> reporter: some uc berkeley students are taking more precautions after reading tweets from uc police about robberies around campus this week. the latest happened saturday morning in willard park. students taking pictures of a
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meteor shower were robbed by two men in their 20s who stole their cameras, phones and cash. the victims weren't hurt. late thursday, two others weret on bancroft and telegraph avenues. december 10th a female student walking home on this street was robbed by two teens with guns who stole her wallet and phone. leann's thinking about her safety. >> everybody tells me to like, don't walk at night, there's been so many robberies. and it's pretty sketchy. >> reporter: uc police have stepped up patrols, becoming more visible. officers warn students not to be a target. >> just be aware of your surroundings. walk in well-lit areas. pay attention to what's going on around you. don't be so engrossed with your cell phone, i.e., texting, talking on your phone, looking at the internet. >> i want to be safe, right? this place is like -- this is all a campus. >> reporter: many students are taking advantage of nighttime walking escorts and shuttles.
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>> i sometimes call them if i'm coming from a friend's house and i don't want to walk home alone. >> reporter: so far, police report no arrests have been made in the robberies. tonight, foster city police are looking for two men, one of them armed, who robbed a man of his casino winnings. the victims spent last night gambling at the lucky chances casino, drove back to his hotel where he was approached in a parking lot by two men, one with a shotgun. the victim, a 68-year-old man visiting from oklahoma, handed over his wallet, phone, casino chips and cash. he believes the robbers followed him home from the casino. a teenaged shooting victim in san francisco has been identified tonight. police say 16-year-old clifton chapman was shot and killed in the city's silver terrace neighborhood. officers were called to reports of a shooting near southbound 280 around 11:00 last night. a second victim is hospitalized in serious condition. tonight, fire investigators
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in san francisco are trying to determine the cause of a fire that left as many as 30 homeless. flames road from an apartment building on powell near union streets at 9:30 this morning. firefighters knocked it down in 40 minutes but the fire left fire and water damage. >> we have at least 12 units with significant damage. so we're looking at at least 12 units displaced with potentially more. once the people who don't have as much damage go in and see the conditions, they may choose to not come bam home. >> the fire began on the top floor in the rear of the building. businesses on the bottom floor also suffered water damage. in redwood city a truck crashed into a storefront tonight, injuring two people. it happened just before 6:00 on el camino real. the business does classic car restoration. class fell on six classic cars, none significantly damaged. the people inside the truck were taken to the hospital.
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it's unclear what condition they're in. you can expect to see big waves during the next few days along the pacific shoreline. national weather service is warning about hazardous beach conditions between sonoma and monterey counties. waves 6 to 8 feet with breaks about 17 seconds apart. sneaker waves and rip tides could grab unsuspecting beachgoers. despite a cold few weeks we had a beautiful day today. another is ahead tomorrow. >> you're exactly right. in fact, today temperatures in the 60s. even 70s. live doppler 7 hd showing you high clouds that will keep us a little warmer overnight tonight. but let's go ahead and get to some of our highs for today. you'll notice it was 70 today in santa rosa. check out santa cruz. 70 degrees. 65 in oakland. and the week ahead, we'll pick san jose as our barometer. tomorrow 70. 69 for tuesday. and then we take a drastic drop
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down wednesday and thursday. back down in the 50s. so yes, you're exactly right. warm, cold, and then we'll start to warm things up again just in time for the first day of winter, which is next weekend. authorities want to talk to anyone who witnessed a fight between a husband and wife that sent the husband into the bay. sky 7 hd capture the aftermath of the accident on san mateo bridge. the couple got into a fight, crashed, got out, kept fighting. at some point the man either jumped or was pushed into the bay. he clutched a bridge support until the coast guard and firefighters rescued him. foster city police are considering domestic violence charges but need more information. more than 60 people find themselves in trouble with the law after being suspected of driving drunk on south bay roads. police arrested 33 people on friday and 32 more yesterday across santa clara county. the dui crackdown will continue through new year's day. san jose and sunnyvale police plan to put extra officers on
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patrol during the holidays. an oscar-winning actress from the bay area who starred in several hitchcock movies has passed away. joan fontaine died in her sleep in caramel. she won an oscar for "suspicion" and received a nomination for "rebecca." fontaine grew up in saratoga and went to los gatos high school. she was 96 years old. actor peter o'toole has also died. the charismatic actor was nominated eight times for an academy award but never won. he accepted an honorary oscar in 2003. o'toole was known for starring in "lawrence of arabia" but was also an accomplished stage actor. he died at a hospital following a long illness. peter o'toole was 81 years old. still ahead, we'll show you how pot is going mainstream in northern california. throwing out that old tech gear is really adding up. how much e-waste is growing around the world. what china is working on
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during the first visit to the moon since the '70s. you could win an extra $7,000 this holiday season just helping fight hunger in the bay area. clinic the "give where you live" but ton on our facebook page, we'll donate a dollar to food banks for you and you might win $7,000. we'll announce the winner on december 19th. go to the abc news 7 facebook page and spread the word so yo a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars.
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you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. forget about who made the best apple pie. the sonoma county fairgrounds hosted a competition for marijuana growers. the santa rosa press democrat reports the emerald cups featured organic pot grown outdoors in humboldt and
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mendocino counties. judges included buyers from medical marijuana clubs. the event has been around about a decade. though underground until this year. a recent poll survey showed 55% of california voters favor legalizing pot for adults. a global report says we'll be drowning in a tidal wave of electronic waste in a few years. the world produced nearly 54 million tons of e-waste last year. that's the weight of eight bricks for each of the earth's 7 billion people. a forecast by united nations organizations predicted by 2017, the amount of e-waste will groban one-third to 72 million tons. e-waste consists of used computers, cell phones, tvs, refrigerators. the good news, the recycling of e-waste is also on the rise. up next, how scientists believe whales negatively react to underwater show nausea and how the navy plans to respond. take that winter coat off but don't put it away. lee glasser has the forecast for the week.
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it's hard to win football games when you turn it over seven times. that's exactly what the raiders did today. on the flip side, ball protection by the niners. vernon davis and company willing i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh.
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covering los altos, and all the bay area. the navy plans to increase testing of the effects of sonar on whales and dolphins. studies have shown the whales get stressed and confused by underwater noise and it affects the way they dive, communicate, and feed. some whales try to escape the sonar. scientists believe it could be causing mass strandings and deaths. right now the navy is working with whale researchers in southern california to figure
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out the effects of sonar on large groups of whales. research so far has just studied small pods. china's jade rabbit spacecraft has been on the moon for more than 24 hours now. these are images of the vehicle's rover separating from its flying apparatus. the rover will set up a telescope to study the earth's plas mowsphere and will probe for natural resources. nasa is not happy with the landing. scientists believe it may have stirred up dust. nasa is studying the moon's surface. land preservationists want to see a former dairy farm near santa cruise declared a national monument. coast dairies includes 7,000 acres of sloping hills north of santa cruise. the santa cruise sentinel reports conservationists believe getting it named a national monument will bring in money to preserve the land. the farm has been closed for decades but that's expected to change when the federal government takes over in a few months. it is time to get a check on weather which warmed up today. >> right there in santa cruz, 70
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degrees with the high today. tomorrow getting up close to 73 degrees. a nice warmup in store for the bay area. don't get used to it though. things start to cool down rapidly as we head into midweek. doppler 7 hd right now, high clouds that continue to move from southern california right up in our direction. and these clouds will help insulate us a little bit more this evening. don't look for as chilly or as cold a temperature spread tonight as we had the past several nights. here's a live shot of the transamerica pyramid in san francisco. san francisco right now 53. we have 33 in redwood city. los gatos 44. from our mt. tam cam, looking over the bay and the city, santa rosa 53. already in the 30s for petaluma and napa 37. we have 44 right now in livermore. here's a look at our forecast. highlights, tomorrow is another spare the air day. it is also going to be the
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warmest day of our upcoming work week. we will start to turn cool as we head into midweek. speaking of the spare of air tomorrow, look how unhealthy the air is really getting. north bay, coast, central bay, as well as inland, east bay, santa clara valley in the poor levels there. and by the way, this is the ninth consecutive day of no woodburning. unless it is your only source of heat. we'll continue to see probably a couple more of these spare the air days until our weather pattern starts to change. looks like that will happen about thursday or friday. high clouds coming up overnight tonight. temperatures will be a little bit warmer than the past several nights. we'll see 30s in the north and east bay locations. otherwise, look for temperatures overnight in the mid to upper 40s. pacific satellite pretty much tells the story. high pressure keeping the jet stream well to the north of us. that is the storm track. it stays to the north for at least two more days. and tomorrow we should get into
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a slight offshore wind component and that's definitely going to mean warmer temperatures for us. in fact, if you are headed to the coast, that's where temperatures could be in the mid to up ever 60s tomorrow. we have a beach hazard until tomorrow afternoon with the large westerly swells. the possibility of sneaker waves and also strong rip currents expected there coastside too. so here's a look at our highs for tomorrow. we're going to look for 70s in the north bay. santa rosa 70. 65 for san francisco. santa cruz about 70. san jose 70. antioch tomorrow 66. 66 concord. accuweather seven-day forecast is going to be big changes. that's why i've kind of topsy toursy forecast. warmest day will be tomorrow with temperatures upper 60s near 70. we start to trend downward on tuesday. wednesday and thursday, there's a system that comes in wednesday night, early thursday morning, bringing us a slight chance of maybe a sprinkle or two. what you're going to notice is the drop in temperature.
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and also the wind picks up on friday. saturday happens to be the winter solstice, the first day of winter. and temperatures by then should start to slowly warm up a little bit. colin rush is here with sports. good win. >> really good win. we've been following vernon davis all season. we pick the right player. what a day for vernon today. in tampa, another solid defensive performance. mistake-free football from colin kaepernick. nfl record book days from frank gore and the aforementioned vernon davis equal four straight wins for the surging 49ers. in the jim harbaugh era of san francisco, 10-1, playing in the eastern time zone. an emotional dame game for michael crabtree. first quarter, turns his defender around, gets his feet in, 7-049ers. 10-0 late second quarter. kaep, play action, vernon davis
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behind him. fingertip hits the wall, reels it in, 52 yards. his 52nd career touchdown, tied for seventh on the all-time tight ends list. fourth, buccaneers make a game of it, 20-14. next niner possession, crabtree behind the december, kaep overthrows him. then he loses his mind. throws the ball back towards the line of scrimmage, has words with harbaugh. he'd redeem himself. third and 12, kaepernick rolling right, hits crabtree, gets the first down, keeps the drive alive. frank gore what a day, 86 yards, 22 carries. becomes the 20th running back in nfl history for seven 100-yard seasons. 17-play, 87-yard drive. 23-14. ensuing kickoff. bucs put it on the ground. kendall hunter scoops it up and scores. niners win 33-14. they improve to 10-4, fourth straight win. here's patrick willis. >> this last weekend will mean nothing if we didn't get this win today.
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so we're just trying to stay focused and stay hungry and just take it one game at a time. just try to put ourself in the best situation to get in the playoffs. >> the niners certainly able to build off that win against seattle a week ago. mike schuman talked with cher than davis, "vernon's views" one on one with the tight end only on abc 7 news. >> so much for hostile environments. kansas city considers the coliseum friendly confines these days. the chiefs victorious in 9 of their last 11 in oakland. alex smith back in the bay area. this guy is playing like a pro bowler again. 18 passing touchdowns coming in. he'd have 23 by the end of the day. his favorite target, jamal charles. out of the back field. 49 yards. that sort of game, a lot of scoring. matt mcgloin pretty bad at times. eric berry 47 yards on the pick. 21-3 chiefs.
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mcgloin four interceptions today. raiders find the end zone in the second. rashad jennings, his fifth touchdown of the season. charl charles, fantasy football dream if you had him today. 35-10 for the raiders? stick around, mcgloin with a pair of third quarter touchdown passes. 35-31. smith and the chiefs would answer. alex, a career high five touchdown passes, no picks. charles does a lot of work. his fifth score of the game. 71 yards. the game has had 12 touchdowns. kansas city wins 56-31. 110 meetings between these teams. they've never combined for this many points. >> we were still in the game, 35-31 at one point, even with all the turnovers that we had. so we had a chance to get back in it. like i said, we have to be more consistent. you know. we're hurting ourselves, i think. let's talk nba.
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like the raiders the warriors, turnover-grown prone, 20 total. the suns, a cast of cast-aways playing with something to prove. eric bledsoe, two of his 24. andrew bogue gut flashing the handles. the pass behind the back to steph curry, thread 30. bledsoe to channing frye. steph curry, pick and roll, launch and hit from deep. 102-100 game. a chance to tie with 30 seconds left. great defense by tucker. forces it here. suns hold on 106-102. warriors have lost 3 of 4, one game above .500, 13-12. tonight a complete run through week 15 in the nfl and we have great, i mean great finishes. depending what team you're rooting for of course. up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, "the hobbit" tops the box offi
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coming up at 11:00, the latest as an oakland family tries to cope after a little girl goes to the hospital for a routine surgery -- and is now brain dead. their next move in the search for answers. also at 11:00, you see santa everywhere this time of year. find out why some families go out of their way to see one santa in particular. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. no surprise at the box office this weekend. "the hobbit: desolation of smaug" came in in first place but it made less than the first "hobbit" movie last year. warner brothers believes people snowed in back east were unable to go to the theater.
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"frozen" came in second at $22 million. tyler perry's "madea christmas" came in third. "hunger games" and "thor" round out the top five. the box office for this year remains slightly ahead of last year's record totals of $10.8 billion. that will do it for abc 7 news at 9:00. thank you so much for joining us. our next news cast is at 11:00 over on abc 7. you can always get our latest updates on
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