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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 18, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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take a look at this time-lapse view of the sky over san francisco tonight as the clouds move in and the smog moves out.
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here's the sunset from our camera to mark a change from stagnant air to strong winds that will push out that smog. good evening, i'm dan ashley. we're going to begin with abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian. really a dramatic change from the fast few days are. we going end to up with rain? >> the dry spell's not really over. we may get a sprinkle or two, but it's not significant in terms of, racing -- in terms of erasing the drought. you see clouds pushing out already because in some places we have fairly strong winds developing. here's the live view. we'll look at the 11th consecutive day of spare the air. will be over after tonight because strong winds are going to blow the stagnant air out of here. 26 miles per hour at half man bay. 24 mile-per-hour gusts at fairfield. some places are relatively calm. winds will pick up in all
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location. a wind advisory in effect for the north bay coast, hills, diablo range, until 10:00 tomorrow. winds out of the north/northwest, 35 to 40 miles per hour. gusts to 60. that will be enough to bring us fresher air tomorrow. dan? >> okay. thank you. see you shortly for the full forecast. along with the wind comes a warning that trees and power lines could come down. here's the latest on the wildfire burning in the big sur area. the so-called pfeiffer fire is burning near route 1 in the loss padres national forest. it's burned 843 acres of brush and timberland and is 74% contained. 22 structure vs. been lost including 13 -- structure vs. been lost including 13 homes. the weather is cooperating. that's key to getting a handle on this. winds generally calm. now there's a 20% chance of rain tonight which will certainly help. therefore, full containment is expected by friday. well, no containing the excitement of the lottery the
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last couple of days. it is official -- we have two winning mega millions tickets. you heard about it here first. i brought that to you on abc 7 news at 9:00 last night. one of those was sold at jenny's gift shop in san jose. the person when will share the $649 million jackpot is still a mystery tonight. abc 7 has more. >> reporter: camera crews arrived early at jenny's gift shop on tully road. the owner had not arrived, but posters had had. the sooift one of the winning mega millions tickets. when the owner got there, he had lots to see. >> today, very good day. i'm excited. i win a million dollars, too. >> reporter: he received his commission check, $1 million. some in this vietnamese community took pictures of the lucky store. others went inside to buy more tickets. >> when good people do good
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things for good people, for everybody in the community, everything, it's like karma, it comes back to you. >> it's not my time yet. i'll keep playing until i win. >> if i don't win, it's okay. i got to meet the millionaire. >> reporter: what about the mega millionaire? many kept a watchful eye, waiting for the winner to show up. >> all the excitement. i wanted to see who the winner is. hopefully somebody in my family. >> reporter: lottery officials were at that store to see if they could identify the winner through video based on the time and date the ticket was sold. the winner will get half of the $648 million jackpot. now that person will have to make important decisions. >> do you want a sure thing every year for 30 years, or do you want to take the chance and invest it and find somebody who knows investments and invest it well? you can make a lot more money. >> reporter: the store was bought four months ago. he has three kids and a very happy wife. >> i'm going did with the money -- i'm going to be successful in usa. >> reporter: he says he'll try
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to be successful in the usa. not a bad head start. abc 7 news. >> nice to see him so happy, isn't it? the other winning ticket was bought by a woman at a newsstand in atlanta. georgia's newest millionaire, ira curry, picked the winning numbers using a combination of her family's lucky number, seven, and birthdates of relatives. she want to avoid the so she let the members speak for her. >> even as we checked the numbers, i don't think that ms. curry believed that she won until i told her congratulations. >> 20 other people across the country won a million dollars apiece. their tickets had the five winning numbers, but not that mega number, seven. you're lucky if you win the lottery. unlucky if this happens to you. one more thing to worry about while shopping for holiday gifts. target is investigating the
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theft of credit card information from millions of its customers. the data breach reportedly began around black friday and continued until just a few days ago. target not giving many details tonight. sources say the theft includes the data stored on the magnetic strip of credit and debit cards used in stores. information on purchases made on line of not compromised. tonight a major announcement from caltrans about the seismic safety of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the one that just opened. work on a permanent fix to install dozens of saddles, the purple device that you see was completed. it's done. the saddles will clamp the road deck to the bridge piers. a set of steel bolts was supposed to do that job. 32 of them ended up being broken, remember? with the work done now, the focus shifts to who will pay for this project which has gone up from an estimated $10 million to $20 million to now $25 million. >> the cost is coming out of our contingency fund right now. so it's not going to increase
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the overall budget for the bridge. in terms of who will ultimately be paying that, there's still ongoing discussion as to who will ultimately foot the bill. >> caltrans says it will continue testing other bolts on the bridge to see if there are problems with any of those. here's a surprising figure we came across today. it is estimated that americans buy more than half a billion bottles of water every week, every week. a lot of that plastic ends up in landfills so sometimes littering the streets of the ocean. now san francisco is hoping to make the city the first major city to ban single-use bottles on government property. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the story. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor david chu says we are addicted to plastic bottled water, and he wants the city to kick the habit. >> the tea shouldn't be deriving revenue from something that is such an environmentally bad practice. >> reporter: he's introduced legislation he says the wean the city off the bottle.
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>> it says that on city property whether it be inradar or outdoor -- indoor or outdoor, if there are accessible water sources, that you can't sell plastic water bottles on those steps. >> reporter: parts of the bill would kick in next year, others in 2016. departments could no left winger buy bottles 21 ounce and less. eventually vendors like this stand at civic center plaza and those inside city hall would be restricted. we found mixed reaction. >> having the bottled water is convenient so i don't have to go away from my desk. >> worried about the plastic. the plastic's bad for us. >> reporter: the bottled water industry says limiting access it its product would be misguided. >> the bottled water, it's the healthyist on the shelf. and consumers choose bottled water often to limit or eliminate the calories in their
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i do the, sugar, caffeine. >> reporter: there are several exceptions in the proposed ban. for example, marathons and sporting events would be exempt. sau supervisor chu points to success stories even without a city requirement. outside lands music festival has had a refillable area since 2009. members at this year's america's cup did not sell bottled water. expect a hearing on his proposal next month. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. a lot more ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00. a new recommendation for protecting the deer that play along a peninsula freeway. the look at the costly crashes that they can cost. also, the removal of a giant tree that fell in november in a windstorm and the ceremony being planned to remember it. plus, a really touching holiday story that you will not soon forget. it's really moving. we'll show you the christmas
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this is your future jam. on the dunbarton bridge, be careful of this. we have overnight roadwork that could affect your morning
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commute eastbound between marsh road and university avenue. driving up 280 can be a very beautiful ride. but when cars and deer share the same freeway, it can be just as dangerous as it is pretty. now a u.c. study has proposed a solution to this problem -- 22 miles of fencing along 280 that will cost millions. here's abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom. >> reporter: after fixing cars for decades, body shop managers can usually tell what did the damage. >> this is a typical accident. you'll have the deer in a front-end collision. >> reporter: this is the mild end of it. at freeway speeds, nine out of ten cars that hit a deer are totaled. >> suspension gear, headlight, all of that is costly it repair. >> reporter: his shop's a stone's throw from the hotbed of deer collisions, highway 280 in san mateo county. >> sometimes mountain lions, different animals that do happen
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to cross the freeway. >> reporter: while other freeways cut through jungles of concrete, this slashes a lush, green forest in half. a beautiful sight until man collides with nature. road ecoalition studies that. >> -- road ecology studies that. the professor runs the center at u.c. davis. he spoke to us last year when they put gps collars on deer and tracked them over a period of months. with the study complete, they've proposed a solution. an eight-foot fence on either side of the road designed to make deer cross under the freeway instead of over it. it would cost taxpayers around $4 million. the fence would flank a sprawling section of 280 centered by the crystal springs reservoir. the researchers found a lot of the deer make their homes here in the woods but find their food over here in people's back yards. >> they've got their bedroom on one side, and you know, the dining room on the other. they're crossing back and forth. >> reporter: the study found deer prefer to cross under the freeway but not all of them know that underpasses exist.
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the fence would force them to learn. it would look kind of like the fence behind this body shop, the one that keeps people off the train tracks. he thinks the deer fence might work. >> it may prevent work from my door. but at least it saves the deer. >> reporter: caltrans still has to decide if they'll take the recommendation. in san mateo county, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. there has been another incident involving a fake gun. hercules police sent this picture of the gun, an exact replica of a beretta. as you see, it's pretty realistic. four boys were passing it back and forth and pointing it at cars. when police arrived, they tossed it and took off. one was later detained. the gun was described as an air soft pistol. the same brand a santa rosa teenager was carrying whether he was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. in this case, this air soft weapon looked like an assault weapon. in antioch today, what has become a very big deal in the east bay. the benevolence program as they call it. gives new life to wrecked cars
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and written off cars. and new freedom to the people who receive them. abc 7 reporter wayne freeman has covered this event for 13 years. he was not about to miss it today. >> reporter: 13 years ago it didn't look like this. there were fewer people. there was a smaller spread. and instead of four mysterious centerpieces out front, there was only one. >> i know i'm going to get one. i just don't know what to get. i'm excited. >> i cried and screamed. >> reporter: ebony and susan. when they arrived here today, they did not have wheels. just hardships. susan is a single mother with two special needs kids. >> i've been buy borrowing my mother's car or my friend gives me a ride. >> reporter: notes in i did more. she owns a 2010 honda accord. >> oh, my gosh. thank you very much. >> reporter: and ebony, a 2008 toyota. >> whoo! >> reporter: and now you get a sense of how the benevolence program, as they call it, change
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lives every holiday season by giving away formerly wrecked and now-repaired automobiles. in the business, these cars are what insurance companies call salvage titles. they're totaled. actually, too much for parts, too much labor to repair them until these guys volunteer their time. cameron lewis among many others gave early morning and late night hours to get the cars running. insurance companies gave money and coverage. and sol contreras, who runs the program, gave his heart and soul. this year more than 200 people wrote letter hoping for one of the cars. >> we're looking for somebody that really wants to do something with their lives. that just don't expect the car. >> reporter: every year, sal makes tough decisions. after 13 years, the program has made more than a small dents in the bay area. as of tonight, they have given away 44 automobiles. >> i'm thankful. very thankful. >> reporter: and independent now with her own set of wheels. from antioch, wayne freedman,
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abc 7 news. that is the gift of independence and freedom for those folks. >> yeah. >> just magnificent. >> amazing. >> really terrific. 13 years and running at least. spencer christian is back with the full forecast. the smog is moving out. >> yes. >> clouds moving in? >> independence from the smog and poor air quality. we're being emancipated. here's live doppler 7 h.d. skies clearing in much of the area already. we had clouds much of the day and into the evening. there's still some clouds around. and some will contain a sprinkle or two overnight. right now, partly cloudy over sfo. live from our camera there, 51 degrees in san francisco, 50 in oakland. we've got 52 here, river city. 48 los gatos. 50 at half moon bay. another live view of part of downtown san francisco's skyline. embarcadero center from our exploratory yum camera. temperatures in the mid 40s. santa rose anapa. pet lum a. 52 at livermore.
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one more live view from our tower cam, looking over san francisco, under partly cloudy skies. these are all forecast features. gusty winds will develop overnight with a slate chance of showers. blustery tomorrow with better air quality. milder weather will develop on saturday as winter arrives. here we go. satellite image shows the advancing cold front that's going to bring in cold air. also triggering strong, gusty winds. it will be windy and much cooler over the next day or two than we've had lately. starting the forecast animation. 11:00 tonight, we may see showers in the south bay later tonight. down around san jose, into the santa cruz mountains. farther south, toward monterrey. during the overnight hours, that becomes just a slight chance. one again, the same area, south bay and the santa cruz mountains. then into the early morning hours, around the beginning of rush hour or so. we'll see maybe a slight chance inland, over the east bay. after, that the chance of showers will move out of here,
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and strong gusty winds will move in. there will be snow over the central sierra south of lake tahoe. it will taper off early. back to the pay area we go. a look at the wind forecast, 11:00 tonight, strong winds on the coastal areas, north bay coast already. over the higher elevations, lighter winds in the lower elevations. then by midnight, we'll see the winds continuing to pick up, even in our lower elevations. by 5:00 tomorrow morning, out of rush hour, we'll have gusty winds, clear air. the stagnant air will be out of here. and will be windy all over the area. the winds will vary widely from the coast and the higher elevations down to bay level. on we go to about 10:00 tomorrow morning. a breezy day. we can breathe more freely. with the strong winds, we have a wind advisory in effect from midnight tonight to 10:00 tomorrow morning. that advisory covers the north bay coast and mountains and east bay hills and diablo range. winds out of the north/northwest, 35 to 40 miles
9:21 pm
per hour with gusts as high as 60 miles per hour. and winds that strong, of course, can topple trees and bring down power lines. bear that in mind. overnight, mainly mid 40s. mid to upper 40s for the area. tomorrow's highs, pretty much on the cool side. will be sunny by afternoon. the highs will reach only into the mid 50s for the area. breezy to windy. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we started to get milder weather on saturday. winter officially arrives saturday morning. will be mild all the way through the remainder of the forecast period through christmas eve and christmas day with high temperatures in the mid 60s around the bay and inland. and low 60s on the coast. that's pretty mild for christmas weather. santa will have to wear short sleeve shirts and maybe sandals instead of boots. >> yeah. new bike i'm getting for christmas. i'll be able to ride. >> there you go. enjoy. >> thank you. a bit of breaking news. there is, as you look live now at a picture from southern california in the town of
9:22 pm
hawthorne, this is a strip mall on fire. we do not know to the extent it is on fire. obviously a serious situation. last-minute shoppers out. you can see the flames and the black smoke coming off the fire. again, this is the town of hawthorne in southern california. really in southeast l.a. county. and now as you can see, there is some water being put on that fire by a firefighter. so they are on the scene trying to battle it. looks like it's coming through the roof of the strip mall in southeast los angeles county in the town of hawthorne. no information on injuries or when caused it. obviously, this is a tragedy for those business owners in that area. let's hope no one was hurts. but as you see, it is quite a fire. it is really spreading and is burning ferociously. we'll keep you updated here. as i get information, i'll pass it along at 9:00. we're following it on twitter, as well, abc7newsbayarea.
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chopping it up. an appreciation ceremony will be held this weekend for a tremendous tree that toppled during storms last month in oakland. as we reported at the time, you see crews cutting off branches of the eucalyptus tree. a huge tree. estimated to be nearly 150 years old. it's a shame that it fell. it is 1 0 high feet tall or --
9:27 pm
120-feet tall or it was. everyone is invited to say a final good-bye if they wish. this saturday at 10:00 a.m. during a ceremony celebrating this mighty and historic tree. the process of removing the tree trunk will follow the ceremony. in the meantime, they are prepping by removing some of the key branches. all of those toys donated for the holidays are starting to go out to kids across the bay area. different organizations are loads up boxes and bags with goodies at the marines' toys for tots distribution center in san bruno. about 150 groups have put in requests for toys. the shriners' volunteers picked up 1,000 today. they'll hand them out to kids at a ronald mcdog aldhouse and children's hospital. >> -- ronald mcdonald house and children at hospital. >> it means a lot. >> it sure does. the toys for tots program has
9:28 pm
collected toys and has 5,000 it hand out by friday. coming up next, back to the breaking news in southern california. a huge fire is burning through a strip mall. the latest on that. also, the evolution of the war on drugs. dangerous substances you can find on line and why it is so hard to stop. and the mistletoe drone sneaking up on unsuspecting couples in san francisco. who is behind it? who is behind it? stay with us.
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back to southern california. a strip mall on fire in the town of hawthorne. hawthorne located in southeast l.a. county. as you see, this thing is ferocious. firefighters are battling it
9:32 pm
from every angle they can, pouring water on this fire. flames just pouring out of the building, again in hawthorne at a strip mall. we have no indication whether there is any -- anyone trapped in the building or if they got out in time. presumably the strip mall was open for late night holiday shopping. we do not know to the full extent of the damage, but as you can tell, it's very, very serious. this has been spreading for the last several minutes. we'll continue to keep you updated here on abc 7 news at 9:00 but also on twitter at abc7news abc7newsb abc7newsbayarea. the united states finds its locked in a diplomatic rift in india over the alleged arrest and strip search of an indian diplomat in new york city. he says the u.s. authorities str strip-searched and cavity-searched her after she was arrested on charges that she did not pay her housekeeper enough money. just $3 an hour. the indian deputy counsel general says she has full
9:33 pm
diplomatic immunity from these charges. now india has revoked the privileges for u.s. diplomats in protest. this thing has escalated. and in a highly unusual move tonight, u.s. attorney pree preet bahar said she was treated well and afforded courtesies most americans would not be under the same circumstances. after fretting for months about the federal reserve's plan to taper its support for the economy, wall street cheered today when it finally happened. the dow jones average shot up more than 200 points the minute the decision was announced and continued to climb from there. the fed said today it would trim its bond purchases from $85 billion a month to $75 billion a month. but it suggested interest rates would remain at rock bottom levels well interest the next year. >> today's policy actions reflect the committee's assessment that the economy is continuing to make progress. that it also has much farther to travel before conditions can be judged normal.
9:34 pm
>> bernanke says the economy is growing at a moderate pace, but that the recovery is far from complete. he also says he consulted with u.c. economist janet yellin who was expected to take over next month, and that she supports this new policy adjustment. there was a rare outbreak of progress on capitol hill today. don't blink or you'll miss it. the senate passed a budget bill before the deadline. the senate voted 64-36 to pass a bipartisan spending plan that the house overwhelmingly approved last week, as we reported to you. the deal would avert another government shutdown for at least two years. and it would eliminate about $65 billion in federal cuts known as the sequester. lawmakers saw the spending compromise is just that -- >> this bill is a compromise, and that means neither side got everything they wanted, and both of us had to give a bit. >> the plan does not address some of the bigger issues like entitlement spending and taxes. it now heads to the us when
9:35 pm
where president obama is expected to sign it. a warning tonight from the drug enforcement administration about the emerging popularity of a new set of drugs. they come mostly from china, and you can buy them often legally on the internet. the dea says they can cause very serious harm. abc 7 news reporter vick lee has the story tonight on "assignment 7." it's him. >> reporter: the war on drugs is fought mainly on the streets. undercover cops make arrests, buy bust are their weapons of choice against dealers. >> coke, crack, hair one. >> reporter: san francisco -- heroin. this deputy says policing it can be difficult. >> unfortunately, a lot of people use a lot of different drugs. >> reporter: now the war has evolved into a more difficult marketplace with a new set of drugs. the battles are being fought by federal agents, both on the
9:36 pm
internet where the drugs are sold openly and at airport and post offices where the drugs come in. they're fought by chemists in dea labs where they tried to identify their chemical compounds. the drugs are sold in small, colorful package with names like wow and purple haze. >> there one they call blueberry. >> blue better? >> blueberry yum-yum. >> reporter: most are being produced from labs in china, india, and pakistan. the most popular are the ones that mimic bath salts and marijuana. synthetic bath salts are stimulants that affect the central nervous system. synthetic marijuana is commonly known as spice. they're also marketed under other labels like mr. nice guy and barely legal. >> we're seeing them a lot at club parties. we're seeing them marketed in packages that are marketed specifically toward the young, to our teenagers and young adults. rip bruce goldberg is with the san francisco office of the drug enforcement administration.
9:37 pm
he says the research indicates the drugs are extremely dangerous. >> taking these types of drugs can have tremendous effects on the development of young people's brains. the purity, the strength, the side effects are all unknown. >> reporter: the synthetic drugs are difficult to catch. many of them are not designated as contraband because they have chemicals that haven't been banned yet by our government. once the dea identifies that chemical through a lab analysis, the agency can then begin the process of outlawing it. but the drug producers are always trying to outsmart the dea. it's a cat-and-mouse game. >> this is a way for people in the illegal drug market to try and stay one step ahead of the law by altering the chemical compound of these synthetic drugs to make new drugs that aren't identified yet. >> reporter: the dea is making progress. last year, federal agents won a big victory against synthetic drugs when they cracked an
9:38 pm
international drug trafficking ring and arrested more than 50 people in the u.s. and abroad. they seized massive quantities of synthetic drugs made in china. vic lee, abc 7 news. coming up next, on the edge. a crane operator trapped by a ground with nowhere to go.e the daring rescue to save his life. see what happe a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event.
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we'll go to canada for an ex-extraordinary act of hero. and miraculous rescue for a man stuck on the end of a crane for more than an hour. tonight one of the rescuers is talking about how they did really the impossible so high above the ground. abc news reporter alex perez
9:42 pm
walks you through a stunning piece of tape. >> reporter: take a look at the jaw-dropping scene that played out in kingston, ontario, tuesday. look closely -- right here, the end of this huge construction crane with a raging fire below. one man, the crane operator. he'd inched as far away as possible from the 1,000-degree flames. >> my god! >> reporter: trapped, clinging for his life for more than an hour. >> thank you, lord. >> reporter: a military chopper arrived, but the rescue would be a tough one. >> we're trying to get him to stand up. >> reporter: watch here after what seems like an eternity. rescuers are able it secure the man in a harness. >> yay! >> reporter: after plucking the operator, who suffered owner minor injuries, to safety, the rest is up to the pilot. >> my life was in the hands of the flight engineer and the two pilots. those guys really have to be on their game. >> reporter: luckily for this man, they all were. alex perez, abc news, chicago.
9:43 pm
>> just incredible. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, the people who are buying up all of those incandescent bulbs. plus, 7 on your side's michael f
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9:47 pm
signed bide president george bush requires that the bulbs no longer be made or imported as of january 1st. however, stores can still sell off their remaining stock. so people are scooping them up as fast as they can. the result of "consumer reports'" annual car value survey are in tonight. and it seems that you need to look at much more than just the up-front price. the back hyphen costs are importance -- back-end costs are important, as well. >> reporter: go to buy a new car, and you think about the price you're about to pay. but what about how well the car will serve you in the long run? each year, "consumer reports" crunches the numbers to find the best new car values. >> just because a car is cheap to buy doesn't make it a good value. >> reporter: take the nissan versa. at around $15,000, it's one of the least expensive cars "consumer reports" has tested. but "consumer reports" says it's a poor choice. >> the honda fit costs more but is a better value.
9:48 pm
it's more fun to drive, more reliable, and it's cheaper to own. >> reporter: and the subaru forester costs $2,000 more than the hyundai tucson. but "consumer reports" says the forester is a better value. >> our value score is based on a car's five-year ownership costs when you take everything into account including insurance, fuel, depreciation, and so on. then we factor in how a car performs and how likely it is to have problems. >> reporter: among the 200-plus cars analyzed, "consumer reports" says the nissan armada is its worst value. it costs more than $55,000, it gets only 13 miles to the gallon. "consumer reports" says it isn't very reliable and didn't score well on the test track. even the door handles are hard to reach. the best value car, the toyota prius with its 44 miles per gallon, comfortable ride, and outstanding reliability. large luxury vehicles get some of the lowest rating for value in "consumer reports'" study.
9:49 pm
it found they guzle gas and have high depreciations and lose value quickly. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> good information. let's go back and update the weather forecast. spencer christian is here. >> okay. i'm happy to report what i'm going to report. here's live doppler 7 h.d. skies are clearing out. there's still moisture around the bay area. we could see a sprinkle or two overnight. basically the change that's coming our way is windy conditions and cleaner, fresher air. statewide, mainly dry in the northern half to northern 2/3 of the state. scattered showers through the interior sections, as well as along the coast. cool with highs only in the 50s in l.a. and san diego. it's going to be cool here, as well. windy overnight. a wind advisory in effect for the higher elevations and for the north bay coast. tomorrow afternoon, clear skies. high temperatures only in the mid to upper 50s. it's not going to hit 60 around the bay area tomorrow. breezy to windy throughout the day. then we have milder weather coming our way. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast.
9:50 pm
over the weekend -- saturday actually marks the beginning of winter officially at 9:11 a.m. pacific standard time. but it's going to get milder over the weekend as winter arrives. mid 60s inland and around the bay peristmas and low 60s on the coast. >> winner coming in like a lamb. >> exactly -- winter coming in lake a lamb. >> exactly. we do not usually associate drones with romance, but two san francisco artists are spreading holiday row plans with tinsel and mistletoe attached to an amazon drone at union square. george desas desasis and mustaf posted this. it shows what happens when unsuspecting couples are caught under the flying mistletoe. that's a clever idea. >> it is. ten years from now, we're all going to have our own drones flying around and doing stuff. >> you think now? why not? >> running errands for us. >> that would be awesome.
9:51 pm
>> so good. >> in a decade or so. >> just wait. >> yeah. keep it right here. nobody saw this coming -- a major upset by the spanford men's
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00, credit card information from millions of customers at a top retailer stolen, as i told you earlier this hour. tonight at 11:00, you'll hear from security experts who discovered this hacking operation and why you might be a victim and not even know it. and hitting delete doesn't mean it's gone. why facebook is tracking what you don't post on that site. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00. there's a lot more that we don't post. >> yeah. >> even if i think it, they know it. >> they know it. they're watching. >> part of the drone culture we're moving toward. >> amazing. wow. >> now i'm going to try to not think of anything, which i do well. overshadowed by stanford
9:55 pm
football and the women's basketball team, the cardinal men's hoops squad delivered a huge upset tonight. probably johnny dawkin' biggest win as the coach taking down 10th ranked connecticut. yes, uconn. stanford went to the east coast on monday visiting the espn studios in bristol. they're wonderful, i tell you. playing tonight, though, in hartford, down at the half, jason randall on the attack, fueling the 12-2 run. high off the window, randall had 22. stanford up two with seven seconds left. missing the front end of the one on one. uconn is -- they scored 13 points the entire second half and settled for omar calhoun for the win. it was off the rim. stanford hold uconn to 31% shooting. the first loss of the year. 53-51 stanford. stanford now 8-2. tremendous victory in hartford. suddenly all is right in the warriors' world, as well, thanks to the return of their player
9:56 pm
who came back last night and the reeling fractured defense came together. scoring only two points in 17 minutes. the victory over new orleans. but his presence was felt everywhere. tomorrow, the warriors home against the spurs. playing without an injured tony parker. in provide bied by the warriors, mark jackson talked about playing the team that eliminated golden state from last year's playoffs. >> business as usual. they find ways to win ball games, and they don't make mistakes. so no matter who's in uniform, it's still the stoons spurs. you got to make sure that you have the right mindset. it's going to be a great opportunity for us to build on the momentum that we started last night. nba, lebron james playing again indiana despite a sprained ankle. real men laugh at pain, dan. lebron intense and not happy. whoa -- with his teammate, mario chaumer, you want a piece of me? the pacers led the game. miami closes with the 12-2 run.
9:57 pm
final seconds, paul george for the tie. got pushed in the back by lebron. no good. and no foul call either. the heat come back to win it. george upset at the non-call. 97-94. as we count down to the 49ers' finale at candlestick park, monday's game with atlanta promises to be part reunion and part good-bye. it's also going to be a who's who was red and gold greatness. the owner who took the franchise to five super bowls, eddie debartolo jr., will fly in from the east coast. he'll be joined by joe montana and jerry rice, ronny lott to name a few. they'll accompany eddie on to the field. mr. d. will be made an honorary captain on monday night. >> you know what, in a different way, i left a lot of my heart and blood, sweat, and tears on that field, too. i think it's fitsing that we'r all there. -- it's fitting that we're all there. you know, we had good times there a lot. we had bad times, and that's
9:58 pm
sports. that's life. but it will be an honor to be back next week. raiders' owner, mark davis, with decisions to make. do you stay the course with dennis allen and hope for something better than 4-12, or blow it up and start over again? raiders, allen's calling card is defense. that's been the big problem. they gave up 56 points sunday to the chiefs. offensively, who's at quarterback? allen clearly likes mcgloin, but he had four pick against k.c. i don't know what the answer is anywhere here. allen looking ahead to sunday's game in san diego. >> again, like i said before, we're in the solution business. we're not looking to point fingers or cause problems. we're in the solution business. we've got to eliminate a handful of plays that have been explosive plays. obviously this last game, you know, the screenplays were an issue. and so we've got to go back and work on that and get that corrected. >> not good to be in the solutions business when you have no solutions. hinson has everybody talking
9:59 pm
southern illinois. hoops -- not for the team's play, hinson the great post-game rant last night. >> our guards were awful. our three starting guard had one assist and seven turnovers. they've must think it's a tax credit. it's unbelievable how our starting guards played. we talked about our big guy -- 2-11. how can you go 2-11? my wife, my wife can score more than two buckets on 11 shots because i know my wife will at least shot fake one time. those guys aren't listening. they're uncoachable right now. for whatever reason, i got a bunch of mama's boys right now. we made three turnovers tonight where we threw them the ball. i swear, i thought one time that one of our player said "merry christmas." i thought it was a gift. >> brother. >> he's also in the solutions business. >> the anger business. >> wow. >> wow. all: ♪ to you
10:00 pm
[cheering and blowing noisemakers] that was weird. we only sang the last two words. what happened to the "happy birthday" part? he's a jehovah's witness, doesn't celebrate birthdays. we kept the language on the cake compliant. "hello during a random dessert, "the month and day of which coincide numerically


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