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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 22, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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. hope remains for a bay area family whose daughter was declared brain dead by doctors. they believe a second opinion this week will help keep her on a ventilator. tonight the parents join the members of the community to pray for a positive outcome. good evening. thank you for joining us. 13-year-old jahi went in for a tonsillectomy earlier this month. doctors said there were
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complications. they declared her brain dead ten days ago. her family believes jahi is still alive and they'll get a second opinion this week. abc 7 news report he talk to the family and church leaders who want the county to investigate. >> we are saying that when you are wrong, you are wrong. >> that message is being send by local faith leaders to children's hospital. the group of pastors is standing behind the family of 13-year-old jahi mcmath who is still on life support. the group is demanding the alameda county d.a. investigate the case. they want spital officials to treat the family with more respect. >> it is important that this hospital understand how insensitive they have been toward this family, a family who is struggling with a potential devastating situation and is getting what really amounts to very little sympathy. you.
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>> you don't need a judge to tell you you're wrong. you need to do the right thing and give this family an opportunity to explore every possibility of remedy. >> on friday, jahi's family was granltd a temporary restraining order to keep her on life support until an independent neurologist can examine her to determine if her brain is showing activity. the hospital declared her brain dead after complications arose following a routine tonsillectomy about two weeks ago. >> if you believe this, i talk to god every day and i tell him, have your way with my daughter. please. i think he is using her for something. when she do wake up, she will shake up a lot of people around here that didn't believe. >> in a written response, the hospital's chief of pediatrics said as medical professionals, it is our responsibility to ensure we don't create hope where there is none. when one's brain ceases to function, it never restarts. the family has asked the family not to come about the case. supporters of the 13-year-old plan a march around the hospital
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monday morning about the same time her family will be back in court. in oakland, abc 7 news. workers at a trash processing facility discovered a puppy alive and wrapped inside a plastic bag. san francisco animal control officers have nicknamed the deny-week-old poodle gem. gem had a variety of cuts and other injuries before being found. and someone thinks someone put her without the garbage. >> more trash collected inside the back of the truck, transferred to the tranls of site. dumped down the chute which went to the conveyor belt where the sorting took place and out on the sorting table comes this little appreciate gem. >> doctors expect gem to make a full recovery. many people have called about adopting gem but the puppy needs to heal and then undergo a variety of tests before heading to a new home. oakland police are searching
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for a gunman who shot out of a car on 580 injuring two people. at 2:45 this morning, a car drove up alongside the car and opened fire. several bullets struck thor today. two men were hospitalized. one with cuts from flying grass. a petaluma man is in critical condition after a possible fractured skull when a man hit him with a pipe. the incident happened when the victim was crossing the street. a vehicle nearly hit him. words were exchanged and the driver got out of the car and hit the victim with a pip or similar object. police are looking for the driver and his car. the weather is being blamed for nine deaths across the u.s. this weekend. in kentucky, floodwaters swept over busy roads. three people were killed when their suv was pulled into a river. in mississippi, tornadoes ripped apart homes and knocked over trees and power lines. at least three people died. in the northeast and midwest, snow and ice have blanketed the region. 44,000 people are without power.
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some areas of the atlantic coast saw 70 degrees yesterday. now a look at the weather. lee? >> they're starting to see quite a bit of clearing in that area. let's go right to live doppler 7 hd. dallas, houston, all the way toward wichita, kansas. omaha as well seeing some clear sky. you can still see where that cold front is very active from a line from about, i would say, new orleans near louisiana. out of the way toward atlanta, georgia, toward raleigh and durham and north carolina heading toward washington, d.c. ahead of this front, that's where they've had the record high temperatures. that's where the warmest sector is, behind it though, a much colder air mass. green bay, chicago, toward the cincinnati area picking up a light dusting of snow overnight. the good news is that it looks like this system as we look at the forecast model by 6:00 a.m. will continue to spread rain up through new york, also boston
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and then they'll get on the back side of it. that's when temperatures will plummet and then may see a light a whole different story. mild weather in store for us. >> thank you. as far as our local airports are concerned, we are in good shape. no delays are being reported here at san jose or oakland or san francisco international airport. this is the second busiest travel day in the christmas season. friday it was busineest. miserable weather in the midwest and north is making a mess of travel plans. a campaign kicked off in san francisco to save a cultural icon in the city's if i will more district. supporters want to raise money for the victorian building. the san francisco community handled trust has raised about two-thirds of the money needed. the head explains why it is so
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important. >> it is the oldest african-american oenld black book store in the country. and it is also not just a retail book store. it is a cultural facility here in the fillmore. it has been in this location since 1981. it has been around since 1960. >> backers have until the end of february to raise about $1 million to finish the purchase. tomorrow is the last day to sign up for a plan under the new health care law if you want health insurance coverage by january 1st. covered california, the state's health insurance exchange is holding extended hours. they were actually open until 8:00. they've been receiving a high number of calls. you can try to call tomorrow. you may have to keep trying. you can apply online at covered open enrollment continues through march 31st. anyone not enrolled by that date will face a penalty. still ahead, what nasa
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engineers are concerned about with the mars rover curiosity. also, would a new deal with a huge mobile carrier in china mean for apple. and why a man a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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apple hag has given itself an early christmas prenl. it nounce ad deal to offer the iphone to the customers. this is a big deal. it is the world's largest carrier by subscribers. the deal will give apple access to the 763 million users. more than twice the population of the united states. apple sold 23 million phones in china this year. analysts believe apple will sell another 15 to 30 million more next year. they will be available in china
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in january. for this work on the bay bridge over, a massive crane barge left the bay area today headed for new york. what is officially known as the west coast lifter went under the bridge. it helped built the suspension span on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. tugboats will drag the barge down the pacific coast, there you the panama canal and new york. the wheels on nasa's curiosity orr are showing lots of wear and tear after more than a year on mars. this picture shows the damage to one of the six wheels. dents have nearly poked through the high grade aluminum. curiosity has travel just three miles but it is rough and loaded with sharp rocks. mission managers may have to reroute it to decrease the wheel damage. up next, what bay area company won a contest featuring some of the world's most high-tech robots.
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and what to expect weatherwise this week. coming up in sports, the raiders blew a chance to play spoiler in san diego and it may get worse for
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google owns companies dominated at the international competition. it was designed to look like a disaster zone. robots were test in the various functions such as cleaning up debris, climbing a ladder or driving a car. team shaft came in first. the japanese research company recently bought by google.
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other teams competing were from nasa, m.i.t. and carnegie mellon. the final winner will be pick after another round of challenges late next year. time to get a check on the weather going into the christmas week and it was warm today. >> it was warm. south lake tahoe, a record high of 61 degrees. that may not sound like 151 but quite mild for south lake. lined up with 7 hd right now. not picking up any returns at all. we're seeing a little high cloudiness off the coast. that's about it. this time, yesterday morning, he with did have some pockets of fog develop. near the coast. and some of the inland areas, we may see that again only the so keep that in mind. especially if you're doing some early morning travel. here are some highs for today. 74 was the high in cloverdale. 60 in san rafael. what a difference. that's where that cool pocket of air settled in the valley areas.
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san francisco, 64 and this was a record that was tied for this date. a 67-degree. temperature running from 5 to as much as 10 degrees above where we should be for this time of year. san francisco, 56 right now as we look live from our exploratory cam toward the bay bridge there. 48 in redwood city. 49 degrees. the trans america pyramid all lit up. santa rosa, 32. 37 in novato. here's a look at what you can expect during this upcoming holiday week. we'll continue with clear skies. maybe a little patchy fog here and there around the bay area just in spots. be careful. it will be mild tomorrow. tomorrow is a spare the air day. no burning unless it is your only source of heat and then this mild weather pattern will hold through right through our holiday week. lows, the coolest will be in the north bay areas. mid to low 30s.
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40s near san francisco and the peninsula. water vapor imagery showing you that huge ridge of high pressure. look at the amplitude on this. this is jet stream. this is where the storms are. here we are here in this dry air mass. and so as long as this jet stream stays to the north of us, we will not see anything in the way of moisture. we need some moisture. that storm track stays to the north. a dry and mild air mass will continue over the bay area. we'll maybe get into the offshore wind come opponent but get ready for temperatures to climb a few more degrees the next several days. tahoe, like i said, it is cold enough to make snow. you won't find the new snow. sunshine for monday. a few cloudshristmas eve and then christmas day at south lake. look for plenty of sunshine. big game tomorrow at the stick. kickoff at 5:40. and it will be pretty mild. probably low 60s to upper 50s.
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and we'll keep it clear for you. temperature by the end of the game in the 50s. here's a look at our highs. 56 for santa rosa. 55 for livermore. san jose, 66, in santa cruz on the boardwalk. 65 degrees. christmas eve and christmas day, sunny and mild in the 60s. then we'll bring in the clouds next saturday and sunday. >> thank you. the raid hears chance to knock off the chargers. several drop passes were too much to overcome. >> there is a d in san diego. the raiders do score in the second quarter. darren mcfadden back on the lineup for a change. the raiders had the momentum but it changes quickly.
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showing off some great hands and concentration. that interception led to this touchdown. a determined ryan matthews is hit at the line but bounces off. he will not be denied. it was 10-10 at halftime. the former cal star is having a great rookie season. the chargers take lead. trailing by 13. the raiders still had a slim chance. like this ball it slips right through their fingers. raiders lose. 26-13. they fall to 4-11 them wrap up the season next sunday at home against the broncos. houston's reliant stadium was peyton's place as it was the mosted the passes in a season. he threw four against the texans. this one to julius thomas. gave a record of 51. breaking the mark held by tom braidy. denver wins 37-13 and claim the afc west. >> a lot of receivers called a lot of touchdowns. great play calls. and good protection.
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the defense getting the ball. getting the opportunity. really celebrating with the team. it is probably just a temporary record. brady will break it next year. we'll enjoy it while it lasts. >> the 49 letters earn a wild card berth tomorrow if they can beat the falcons. san francisco could have clinched the playoff spot if they beat arizona but that was not in the cards. carson palmer gets michael floyd for a 31-yard score. arizona goes on top by 7. seattle still had time to come back. but russell wilson's pass bounces off baldwin. that would be your ball game. the cardinals opportunity them 17-10 ening the seahawks' 14-game win streak. playing most of the game in monsoon like conditions, the saints had a chance to clinch by feeding carolina. with no time-outs left, cam newton drives the panther 65 yards in the final minute. dominic with the game winning catch. 17-13 the final there.
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carolina camdentures playoff spot for the first time in five years. despite the loss, they still earned the while card berth. the cal women's basketball team was hoping to pull off an upset but the bears could not keep it close. this was health at madison square garden. uconn star sophomore did most of the heavy punches. she scored 21 points the first half. one more than the entire cal team. the huskies roll 80-47. the cal men also had a rough day against creighton. they got a care in the first half. jabari byrd hurt his ankle trying to get the rebound. towed leave the contest. doug mcdermott led all scores. cal loses 68-54. they're now 8-4. the sharks are just 4-6 this month and it could be worse had they not come back from a 2-0
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deficit against dallas. despite their hot start at the beginning of the season, they are now sit go at third place in a very specific division. even in december there is no room for error. >> something that we keep an eye on. especially if you lose one or two games. the points now are extremely as much as they'll be later in the season. so something we were talking about and focusing on. we have to keep winning and getting points. >> the sharks return to the ice when they host colorado. thank you so much. up next, you've seen the anchorman just about everywhere the last month. we'll tell you if his extensive campaign was enough to push him into the top spot at the box
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the last-minute shopping frenzy. who would speck something like this? it led to the scary brawl. and a waitress tries to be a good samaritan and the wrong man walks away with a thousand dollars. the new twist in the story on abc 7 news at 11:00. anchorman rod burgundy and his scotch weren't enough to douse the flame. the hobbit sequel came in first place. the decimation of smaug earned $31 million. anchorman ii came in second. disney's frozen continues to hang in the top three. that one earned $19 million. debuting fourth was american hustle. that movie is the mafia con artist movie featuring an all-star cast. another dinls movie about the making of mary poppins called
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saving mr. banks debuted in fifth. with all of these movies and even more coming, analysts believe this could be the biggest christmas ever at the box office. now this for abc 7 news at 9:00. thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast will be at 11:00. -- captions by vitac --
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>> coming up on swirl tonight, we address the vicious rumors that salvation army said the gays should be put to death. are they an anti gay organization? >> wow that's putting a lot of pressure on me actually. >> we head backstage with comedian margaret. >> it works for me in my life. >> all that and more coming up on swirl tonight. [music] >> welcome to swirl your a. through z covering everyone in between show. thank you so much for joining us tonight. it's our special holiday show and it's the last show of the year. waƔel get straight into our mega interview tonight. there's rumors circulating


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