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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 25, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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serious fire in san francisco. on this christmas night two people are in the hospital while two others are looking for a place to stay. good evening. i'm dan ashley. merry christmas. carolyn johnson is with her family. now, we will show you the bright side of the holiday in a moment. first, let's go to ama dates who is live in the city with that breaking news. ama, there is never a good night for a fire, of course, but this is one of the worst. >> it certainly is. if you look at the victorian house on fire, now that the fire is contained, arson investigators are inside trying to determine a cause. you can look at the scene shortly after 9:00.
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that's when the fire broke out. it was a three-alarm fire and there were lots of firefighters on scene trying to knock this place down. they contained it before 10:00. two people were inside were taken to st. francis memorial with serious burns. there was recently work done on the home and the fire department said there didn't appear to be any fire stops between the floors and walls because of the type of construction. >> it excontinueded to -- extended to the fourth floor. a lot of it went up quick. the unit did a great job and hopefully the people will be okay. >> knew our neighbors for 15 years. they just finished two and a half years of renovations. like a million dollars worth of gorgeous restoration. it looks like that is all ruined. we can hear them breaking windows and pulling out the saw. >> he said it is such a sad situation.
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besides the two people taken to the hospital two people were displaced, but red cross is assisting them on this christmas night. ama dates, abc7 news. >> we wish them well, thank you. it was a hazy a spare the air alert was issued and that meant no wood burning on christmas day. the bad air was hanging over the bay area once again. you know, we have seen an unpressent didded amount of spare the air days and there is another one coming tomorrow. sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. we had nearly two dozen. >> it is hard to believe, dan. tomorrow will be number 19 for the season so far. live doppler 7hd showing clear skies and we hav the stable air mass. as you look at the kgo roof camera we can see nothing but clear conditions and the air quality will remain poor going into tomorrow for the entire bay area. no wood burning and spare the air alert up and it is pretty clear why from the camera.
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you can see all of the ground level pollution this afternoon. it will be another hazy one tomorrow. we will let you know when things will be changing. the air district is predicting an improvement going into the weekend because we have changes coming and we have changes coming as we get closer to the end of the year. your 2014 start, i will let you know about that coming up, dan? >> we need those change had. thank you. >> a christmas surprise hustling to find a flight to the bay area. his daughter was born seven weeks early this morning, christmas day at san jose regional medical center. the mother was visiting family when she went into labor unexpectedly. she and her husband are stationed at an army base in alaska. he was with his family when he found out. he saw his baby for the first time on a smart phone. they went to different chirstmases because they thought dina would give birth at a different holiday.
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>> my due date was the 13th of february. everyone said you will have a valentine's baby. >> he is 4 pounds and 2 ounces and hopefully will be going home in two to three weeks. on this christmas day there was a lot of generousity x but not all deserving people could make it to one of the free holiday meals. two people showed their holiday spirit by bringing it to those in need. they made house calls. the pair picked up $450 worth of subway sandwiches and drinks and handed them out in the san francisco tenderloin area today jie. it shows how fortunate we are compared to other people. >> i love you for that. thank you so much. >> much appreciated as you can see. employees of the california custom cabinetry picked up the tab. and firefighters were making toy deliveries.
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they received smiles and big thank yous from children who got a christmas morning surprise. john alston has the excitement. >> if only all fire calls would be like this. >> you're welcome. merry christmas. >> a san francisco fire truck rolled through the tenderloin on christmas morning surprising children with toys. >> how old are you going to be tomorrow? you are going to be three? all right. say thank you. thank you. >> merry christmas. >> san francisco firefighters local 798 has been doing this since 1949. it is billed as the largest toy program in the country serving 60,000 children. >> it is great. it is a great program. we have done it for a long, longtime. we had people come off the street for the toys and it is an amazing experience.
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>> the toys were donated at lefty odoole's and then served in the city. toys will be collected for next christmas. >> merry christmas. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> they helped feed 5,000 people in san francisco. they joined 500 volunteers to make and serve food at the annual glide dinner dishing up turkey and ham. they will play in the fight hunger bowl at at&t park on friday. and just around the corner the opponents, the byu cougars were dishing up food at st. anthony's. the people team handed out 4,000 delicious meals of glazed hams and sweet potatoes. they raised enough food and money for 300,000 meals. >> a shelter that has helped homeless teenagers in san francisco for a dozen years
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now sadly closed today. san francisco's homeless youth alliance was not able to renew the lease at its eighth street building. the alliance says the lease was terminated and the property owner would not accept an increase in monthly payments. about 100 to 150 teens received medical or psychiatric care there each day. the alliance's founder says services including a needle exchange program will now be run out of a van. that's the only way they can meet the need at this point. this was a very difficult christmas day for one family in particular. the family of a bay area girl declared brain dead tried to make this christmas as normal as possible for her. she suffered complications of a a tonsilectomy at oakland's children's hospital. the family is considering a judge's decision that will allow the hospital to remove her from life support. they have until 5:00 p.m. on monday to file an appeal. they set up a christmas tree
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for presents for her and her siblings. new at 11:00, a chain reaction car crash sent several people to the hospital. it happened at about 5:30 this evening on point lobos avenue near mary way. it involved a mini cooper and a smart car. two people were taken to the hospital. you can see the damage clearly there. a judge will hear arguments on the future of city college of san francisco. san francisco's city attorney and the california federation of teachers want to block preliminary injunctions that would take away the college's accreditation. without accreditation they will lose federal funds and likely be forced to close. school advocates will say it violates the unfair competition law. >> have i a lot more to bring you this christmas night. an outpouring of support from around the world to help an iraq vet's dog. that's next on a em c7 news -- on abc7 news.
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>> and the amazing story of survival and the big step on the road to recovery. and ups and fed ex are struggling to keep up after a backlog that left some presents undelivered. what one retailer is doing to make up for the mistakes made. and some of the delayed pack kedges undoubtedly contained tablet computers and they were on a lot of children's christmas lists. but some doctors say you should limit your kids' tablet time. time. i will explain why did you get chips for the party? nope.
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world have come together to save the life of an iraq war veteran's dog. molly, a 3-year-old australian shepherd had four broken legs after being hit by a snowplow. her veterinarian said it was a miracle she even survived. she could not afford to pay for sucialg reand -- surgery and was nearly put down. they took to the internet looking for something wonderful for christmas 1k3 people responded in droves. they passed the $10,000 goal four times over. the good news gets better than that. molly went into surgery on saturday and it was a fabulous success.
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this is video of her walking today. molly is now undergoing physical therapy and will return home in two weeks. her owner says the show of compassion has absolutely changed his life. santa got the job done last night. but ups and fed ex couldn't quite. the shipping companies were backlogged so some companies didn't arrive by christmas. they considered doing deliveries today, but ultimately decided not to ask drivers to work today. amazon is willing to refund shipping charges and give out $20 gift cards to some people affected. maybe you were waiting for a new tablet to arrive. they were at the top of a lot of christmas lists. why not? they are fun and easy to use and it is the last part that has some pediatricians worried. it is their ease of use. parents know their kids will play with tablets for hours and some doctors worry those children are missing out of adult interaction and physical toys, both of which promote
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brain development, a toy you have to actually play with. they think that kids growing up using the tablets will be better with technology. they will be more used to it. for the adults out there that scored a new tablet and smart phone this christmas, maybe that is you, you frob blee are download -- you probably are downloading new apps. now, one idea that will help keep you connected all year long. >> if you were really good santa may leave you one of these under your tree, a sheen knee new ipad, ipad mini or an iphone would be a welcome sight. >> if the traffic at this apple store is any indication, a lot of people will be getting one of t three. what will you do with your mobile device 1234* have i an idea. download the new and improved app and get the latest headlines or make headlines of your own. send us your photos or video when you see breaking news using you report. it is easy and now built into the app.
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you can still sit back and watch on your tablet and reading on that small device just got easier. resize the text with a pinch or pull. check out the weather down to the hour. get important weather alerts or watch the latest report from the most experienced weather team. >> it is all on one app, the abc7 news app. and did i mention it is free? search abc7 news. >> while it may have been a warm christmas here in the bay area, dozens of hearty swimmers braved the cold in berlin and london. it was all part of the annual christmas day swims in europe. it is complete with a santa hat, but not much else. some 40 people dressed in the santa costumes gathered to conquer the 41-degree water. and in london's hyde park took to the streets for the 100 meter race ssments the water there was colder x just 39 degrees. no thank you.
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in southern california a red flag warning has been issued because of strong winds and warm weather. this is people enjoying the heat down south today. can you believe that this is christmas day in southern california? there is concern that the conditions will increase the risk of fire. it will remain in effect for los angeles and vent -- ventura county. southern california could see temperature into the lates in late december. hard to believe. is sandhya patel is here now. we will not see that kind of heat. >> not expecting 80s, dan, but salinas got up to 82. exactly the same temperature as downtown san diego and down in southern southern they are expecting low to mid80s again like they saw today. definitely a couple of warm days ahead. we will be warm as well. you can see clear skies and by late december standards we call it mild to warm.
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69 at the museum and that was a new record for the day. 76 in santa cruz 1k3* salinas was a new record at 82 degrees. 65 san francisco and look at half moon bay. it was 71. 61 in san jose and napa and santa rosa and hard to believe 64 degrees in livermore. as you look at this view from the lake tahoe cam, they were just making snow because they don't have fresh powder coming. teens and the 20s and if you are traveling up to tahoe, taking some time off and going up there, the numbers will be in the upper 40 tots low 50s in the afternoon and no snow coming as far as mother nature is concerned. 53 in san francisco and 44 in oakland and san jose right now is chilling and campbell 46 degrees. here is a view from the exploratorium camera looking at the bay bridge. 40 in santa rosa and napa is getting cold in novato. dropping to the upper 30s for concord and livermore, 43 degrees. sfo camera visibility is good. we don't have any fog.
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if you are picking somebody up tomorrow, no weather delays to speak of. at least not locally. sunny tomorrow and another spare the air was issued. it is the 19th of the season. chilly mornings and mild afternoons through the weekend and even beyond that. dry conditions expected through new year's eve. as you look at the pacific satellite picture, here is the reason why. the storms are being deflected to the north as the high pressure is controlling the weather here. it is strong enough so no storms are going to make it anytime soon. here is the only change that i can tell you about. friday morning, a few clouds come in and friday afternoon more cloud cover and fell terred sunshine. slightly cooler, just a minor fluctuation. back to sunshine on saturday and the temperatures will come up a few degrees. it is going to be a nice day tomorrow. continuing to see the long periods of swells and strong rip currents. it is right through friday afternoon. just be careful and don't turn your back on the waves. tomorrow morning make sure you
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bundle up. chill in the air and low 30s around santa rosa and napa and fairfield, midto upper 30s in the east bay. it is definitely going to be a clear start. tomorrow afternoon, hazy sunshine. south bay, 69 morgan hill and 68 san jose, santa clara, 70 degrees degrees in santa cruz. 67 redwood city on the peninsula and 65 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, mid60s along with south san francisco. north bay communities near 70 in santa rosa and it is hard to believe the temperatures will continue to remain above normal. 66 oakland and 65 fairfield and livermore. accu-weather seven-day forecast, spare the air alert tomorrow. the temperatures dip a little on friday only to come up for the weekend. and then more cloud cover new year's eve, tuesday, wednesday which is the first day of 2014. no signs of rain. >> i may spend new year's day on sunday. >> you may as well. soak up the sun.
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>> larry larry beil is off and one of the things i love about the christmas holidays is goodwill toward fellow man. >> peace on earth and goodwill toward men. the warriors and clippers did not get the memo. lebron james had a merry christmas at the expense of the lakers. the warriors and the clippers were not trying to deck the
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at least heat fans were in the christmas spirit. l.a. dominated the first quarter, but tony douglas ends it with the three plus the foul. things got physical in the fourth. they get into a wrestling match and griffin draws his second goal and is ejected. it was chris paul and steph curry going back and forth. he had a game high 26. then curry responds with this scweet drive to the hoop. warriors up by two. paul is rejected by klay thompson. the clippers with one last chance. jamal crawford for the win, but it is off the rim. warriors hang on for a 105-103 victory. there was more pushing and shoving after the contest. come on x guys. it's christmas. >> two teams playing with an edge and competing against each other, hard fought games. >> you know what, i wouldn't call it a rivalry. we are teams that play close
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games. tonight is no exception. >> we like them. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you too. with kobe bryant sidelined the lakers just about needed a christmas miracle to beat miami. among those at staples, duane weighed's new fiancee, gabrielle union. the lob to lebron and he stuffs it down the chimney. that was impressive, but it got even better. this time wade puts it off the glass for lebron. the reining mvp had 19 points. the lakers hung around, but miami wins it 101-95 and kobe gives lebron a hug. who knows when they will meet on the court again. it was an old texas shootout in san antonio. former warrior pops for three. he had eight assists and he gets it to dwight howard for the jam. the spurs got to within two, but james harden takes over in the fourth quarter. fear the beard. he had 28 points and rockets win it 111-98.
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at madison square garden. they were playing in okc when he brings the thunder here. russell westbrook had a triple-double midway through the third quarter. durant lead the way with 29 points. saint mary's played george mason at the diamond head classic with three minutes left and alan puts the patriots on top. two missed free throws gave the gails one last chance. but his prayer goes off the back gourd -- off the backboard. they fall to 9-3. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. that game was in hawaii and how do you say merry christmas in hawaii? >> you say it. >> no, you were practicing. >> thank you very much.
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what do you do when you cross a tying expire a lion? a tyinger and a lion? a liger? and now cross it with another lion and you get a liliger. they are three parts lion and one part tiger. we are out of time. thank you for
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