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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 27, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> family of young girl on life support at children's hospital oakland is not giving up. and tonight they are searching for a new facility that will take the 13-year-old and provide her with long-term care. good evening. the family is in talk with a southern california facility but they still need to arrange to have a surgeon
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perform a tracheotomy and insert a feeding tube before she can move. the girl was declared brain dead following complication from tonsillectom tonsillectomy. her family has gone to court to keep her on a haven't lay tovrment but time is now running out. tonight children hospital issued a statement saying quote it will do everything legally and ethically permissible to support the family. but the family maintenance that's not enough. laura has more now on the tug of war going on between the family and the hospital. >> don't fool the public. off big stake in this. >> no i don't. i won't represent this family but what you want if you pull the plug you don't have to pay for life support for this kid for the rest of your life. >> 2 men who are at the center of the debate over the fate of this girl squared off in front of oakland children's hospital this afternoon. >> has nothing to do with reality. >> you heard me say this this girl is going to what i think. no. this family believes that she will. and i will represent their interest. >>reporter: children's now says they will allow the girl
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moved if her family meet certain conditions. those include identifying the facility willing to accept someone declared brain dead. provide transportation. and the local coroner must consent to the transfer. >> what this hospital is doing is telling this family we are going to decide what is going to happen to the girl, not you. even if it kills her. and that's absurd. >>reporter: thursday night the uncle and attorney told reporters they had located a facility that would accept the brain dead girl and keep her on the ventilator indefinitely. family asked that feeding tube and tracheotomy procedures be done on the girl but the hospital has refused. the attorney claims that cost them a spot at the bay area facility. >> still very optimistic even after the statement reless from the hospital. we are still very optimistic that we are still able to move the girl. >> unless there is another court order that prolong this is very sad and tragic
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situation, her body will be taken off the ventilator at 5:00 p.m. on monday. >>reporter: bay area judge has ordered children's to keep the girl on a ventilator but only until 5:00 p.m. monday. in oakland, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> one more note on this alameda county coroner has given consent to move the girl from the hospital. >> all right let's move next to the weather and the bay area smog air. management district declared a sixth consecutive spare the air day for tomorrow and for more let's check in with spencer and live doppler 7 hd. spencer. >> air quality is declining. here's live doppler 7hd cloud cover today early in the evening is beginning to then out now. so skies are clearing but we still have this stagnant and unhealthy air. look live from the camera back at the sky line of san francisco. sixth consecutive spare the air day tomorrow. 21st one since november 1st. poorest air
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quality in the north bay and moderate medium air quality at best over the remainder of the bay area and no sign of improvement coming our way in the next couple days. meanwhile it is bone dry around the bay area. here's a look at our percentage of normal rainfall for the season to date. look at the north bay. 15 percent of the normal rainfall level in sonoma -- santa rosa rather and up at ukiah. less than 25% of the normal rainfall in san francisco and sfo. the closest thing is something similar to normal is livermore at 44 percent and that's well below the average. so it is dry. air unhealthy but at least we have sunny mild day coming our wait a minute accu-weather 7 day forecast in just a moment. >> that's not bad. spencer thanks very much. >> bay area air quality officials say until the weather changes and spencer just told you not going to any time soon, this is going to be the new normal. now all the spare the air days make for some beautiful sunset like this one tonight. absolutely spectacular. but it can also
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be a major health problem for certain people and having an impact now on bay area businesses too. cornell has that part of the story. >> hazy shade of winter hangs over san francisco bay. air quality continues to be poor. just ask april gill pwivrment i hike up in the hills and took a hike on christmas day and it was absolutely awful looking. >> we see less burning over all but people are still burning and we are out and we are spotting them. >> air quality management patrol spotted 27 smokey chimney on spas day. those homeowner will get a ticket in the mail. it's one00 dollars first time violators. that fine can be waived if you take on line clean air course. 500 dollars if caught a second time. but don't ignore it. >> we have taken folks to small claims court when they have refused to do anything or refuse the ticket every day we check this rodgers checks the phone daily for spare the air alert and hopes to be reunited with fireplace some time soon.
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>> we bought 2 cords of wood for the fireplace haven't burned a single piece yet that. explains why things here in the fir wood business in richmond are bleak. customers not calling and employee being sent home early. >> no sales means no work. basically. >>reporter: his regular customers who order cords of almond and oak fire wood every winter have stopped home delivery because of spare the air days. >> i think the weather pattern will change but you never know. if may not change. >>reporter: air quality officials don't have much sympathy. they say people aren't buying fire wood because they are paying attention to spare the air alerts. in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> now if you would like to get alert about spare the air day get the weather april works well. free to down load good. to our web site. >> uc berkeley graduate first person to die in an avalanche
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this season sadly. michael kiss was an avid skier and moved to jackson hole, wyoming from san francisco. as lillian explains he was skiing in the back country when the trip turned fatal. >> risk you t to live life. risk to really feel life that's what it was. >>reporter: billy hit a ski house with mike in squaw valley couple years ago. he said had he a strong sense of adventure but took the proper safety precaution when skiing. >> very experience entered the back country. group with very experienced people. they did most of the right things but can never be too careful. >>reporter: he was said to have all the safety gear. beacon. probe. shovel when friend found him buried in the snow outside the boundary of jackson hole resort. doctor in the area attempted to revive him but pronounced dead. officials say it appears he was the first in a group of 5 people to head down the slope and triggered the avalanche.
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brother peter arrived in jackson today. the two grew up in orange county but both moved to the bay area for college. >> his colleagues had you know shovel and what not. so it's my understanding that they were able to find him pretty quickly but unfortunately weren't able to revive hip. >>reporter: he was only 29 years old who left san francisco to spend the winter in wyoming. cal grad mainly entered economic and public policy and president of the cal ski team. family release add statement saying mike lived life with full heart. he loved his family, his cal bear skiing buddies and san francisco. >> that's been the big take away from this is that mike lived his life with a lot of love to people around him and p.m. they the for him as well. >>reporter: avalanche was to have a 40 inch slide death and also described as soft slab avalanche that according to experts tend to break at your feet. this is abc 7 news. >> body found at the cove last
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month now identified. police say the body is that of 22-year-old paulo of brazil. he called family friend on october 28 saying he was in trouble and needed the police. sister came to san francisco to look for him. it took until now to identify his badly decomposed body. >> oakland police have a great unexpected clue they hope will lead them to armed robber. i show this to you. nice digital photo taken right after the crime. they say this man is one of 2 people who held up a woman for her cell phone and necklace this past august. but get this. after stealing the phone he used that stolen phone to take a selfie. so here it is. not particularly bright move obviously if trying to evade capture. if you recognize and turn him in, you will gate 2500 dollars reward. >> more to get to here on 7 news at 9:00 this friday night. target backtrack the store now
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confirm pin were hacked and debit card compromise. customers now very cautious. >> and mysterious ball of fire across the sky. >> spencer is back with your >> spencer is back with your full weekend forecast. 7 news
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>> there are new worries for millions of target shop rs. the retail giant today disclosed that personal identification numbers pin for debit cards were in fact stolen along with other retail other data i should say. business technology reporter david lou is in san jose with the story. >>reporter: just when people thought it was safe to use the debit credit card at target the retailer came out with bad news. the security numbers or pin had been stolen too. >> does that worry you. >> it does it does very much s so. we talked about it before we came even. >>reporter: how did you pay for your transaction tonight. >> i used my debit card and cash. >>reporter: just 8 days ago target said issue has been identified and resolved. today revealed that strongly encripted pin data remaichltd i only use my credit card here so i don't care. credit card are responsible not me. so yes i'm not concerned. >>reporter: however santa clara base consumer law
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attorney kennedy says it's in come bent on shop investigators monitor billing statements and report suspicious transaction. >> there are very good consumer protection act law that protect the consumer from paying for unchord purchase but if you don't notice therjs you are going to end up paying for them. >> target down play the risk saying today the pin information was fully encripted at the key pad. remaineden crypt entered our system and when rae moved from our system. if consumer are still uneasy attorney kennedy suggests changing your pin or asking your bank for new card. >> obviously the people who did this are very, very smart and just wait to go find out whether they will be smart enough toen incrypt that information. nobody nose. >>reporter: few customers say they switched to cash but data breach fade from people mind over times and if the thieves break the indrippings they might wait few months before using stolen data. >> it will definitely make me more aware of following my bank staichlt statement.
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>>reporter: when is the last time you checked your bank statement. >> yesterday. >>reporter: very vigilant. >> trying to be. >>reporter: in san jose, abc 7 news. >> the shipping giant ups and fedex are still reeling from the overwhelming holiday rush and today they are still playing catch up. both company have apologized and said that bad weather and surge in on line shoing shopping were the reasons. it's estimated thousands were affected. ups admits some customers are entitled to refund but one lawmakers wants shipping fee refunded. amazon and wal-mart offer gift cards to affected customers and kohl's is paying for items that were not delivered in time for christmas day. >> let's talk to spencer for the full forecast now. another spare the air day coming. >> unbelievable. >> we have had 21 or 22 so far this season. >> 21 since november first, including tomorrow. 6 in a row now including tomorrow. and although the weather planes the air quality not so good. here
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we good. we see a little bit of cloud cover remaining. pretty over cast sky today with high cloud around that didn't move much in the daytime hours. clear out tonight and mainly clear sky and cool conditions. live from the south beach camera downtown san francisco along the bay bridge. 53 in san francisco. 50 oakland, 47 at redwood city and fiat san jose half moon bay and are top come are here's 37 degrees at santa rosa getting really chilly up north. fairfield 43 at concord livermore and one more live view from the sutro tower cam are looking out over san francisco. forecast feature clearing out turning clear chilly overnight. spare the air tomorrow and dry mild pattern will continue into the new year. i hope not too far into the new year. satellite image show the high cloud moving through. beginning to push to our south and east. becoming the high of massive
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cloud that produced no rainfal rainfall. we have high pressure building in again and that will keep us dry and mild for the next several days right into next week and start of the new year. forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight and few more high cloud pass by tonight mainly along the coast but sunshine will certainly return tomorrow and with it our mild and dry weather pattern will continue. overnight tonight look for chilly conditions in the inland valley low pressure will drop into the low mid 30's in many location and in fact in the north bay valley down to about 30 at santa rosa, tlun at nap a.east fairfield low of 30 but right around the bay a little bit higher range of low pressure upper 30's to low 40' 40's. then tomorrow sunny skies and in the south bay look for high presre range very narrow range mid 60's, 65 at santa clara and san jose on the peninsula. mid 60's mid 60's at 65 redwood city and half machine bay 63. downtown san francisco 63 degrees. 62 in the sun set direct. north
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baylow 60's on the coast. inland mid 60's from santa rosa to sonoma to napa. mid 60's also all across the east bay from oakland down to fremont and in the inland east bay same range mid 60's, 66 at these cities here. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. not much change in the high pressure range for the entire 7 day period. we see mid upper 60's around the bay and in our inland locations. low mid 60's on the coast and look at tuesday wednesday new year's eve and new year's day sunny afternoon. high pressure in the mid upper 60's who could even imagine that on new year's eve and new year's day. nice weather for the new year's eat partyers. >> work oop your tan the first of january. >> it looks that way. >> strange. thanks. >> if santa brought you a ne newism phone or i-pad for christmas make it greater with the latest version of the 7 news app. our app has great new
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feature for 1 you can make the text as big as you want. no leading glasses. and i-phone users can use our new user generated content feature may may going it simple for to you send us photo and video of news event you might come across. go to our web site here for down load details. check it out when you have the time. >> well bag packed and leaving on jet plane. coming. high school students ready to help thousands usher in the new yea thousands usher in the new yea year. it's
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>> this is exciting. 2 bay area high school marching bands will ring in the new year across the pond. they perform
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in london new year's day parade. organizers have invited pittsburgh and oak grove high school marching band to take part in the annual event. pittsburgh band boarded bus today's to catch a flight bound for england capitol city. >> it's really a big deal. not only for what our accomplishment are but for the kid. most have never been on the air plane and this is their first plane ride will be international to london. >> kahn imagine how excited they are. oak grove marching band members from san jose join the band in the uk for the 2014 celebration. london new year's eve parade like times square draws hundreds of thousands of spectator and millions of viewers on television. quite thrilling and an honor. >> starbucks customers have been showing their holiday cheer in big way. drive through customers at this connecticut starbucks have been paying it forward and then some. so far more than 1,000 people have paid for the person
9:24 pm
behind them. and not just on the east coast. in nevada 73 customers in a row paid it ford. in north carolina one woman posted her starbucks gift card on facebook urging people to use it. instead something very special happened. >> people are releading it. they are paying it forward buying it for strangers. reload the card again. >> it is the gift that keeps on giving. >> 7 news at 9:00 moments away. mission failure why ice breaker boat en route to rescue ship trapped was forced to turn back. so close but yet so far. >> also. ae makes decision about what to did with the controversial star of duck dynasty and the show. >> man opens up new i-pad box for christmas only to find stuffed paper inside. he's not the only one either. stores the only one either. stores reaction
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>> good evening again. thanks for being here. we start this half hour in antarctica and trouble as the cruise ship stuck in the ice for day could see the rescue ship coming. waving. so close. they were coming through the ice but then suddenly it got stuck too and had to turn back. we have the story. >> deep in the frozen antarctic 74 tourist and researchers on the stranded ship could see their rescuers. ice breaker coming to rescue us. >>reporter: penguin in view. hope filling the cold air. chinese ice breaker in the distance tearing through the ice to free the ship 8. lot of
9:29 pm
relief on the team and happy faces. >>reporter: but late today, dramatic twist. the snow drag on so close. but it got stuck in the ice too. they are now turning back. the explorer spent 24 hours at legendary polar exploring site recreating experiment first done 100 years ago but on the way back home a major blizzard. trapping the ship in the ice. >> bad news is it's long way from when we first got lost in the sea ice. >> it formed around the ship the explorer the 2 mile from open water now the ice field has grown dramatically. the ocean is now 13 miles away. that is how much thick ice rescuers will have to breakthrough. what is going through your mind right now knowing that ice breaker has turned back. >> it's frustrating again that we can see hope and help but unfortunately we are in isolated position still. >>reporter: federal judge in
9:30 pm
new york today ruled that the nsa collection of phone data is legal. the judge says program represents the government effort to eliminate al qaeda terror network after the september 11 attacks. american civil liberties union says it will appeal. >> 1.3 million americans are bracing for a post christmas jolt maybe someone you know. federal unemployment benefits run out tomorrow. now the white house is pressuring congress to extend benefits when it returns next month after the holiday recess. check stop coming because of program signed into law in 2008 is expiring. here in california 214,000 people wil willless their payments. analyst say the economy may suffer with less money for consumer to spend on everything from clothes to rs ka. senate set to consider three-month extension of federal unemployment benefits when congress returns to work in january. >> unexpected announcement from a&e tonight. duck dynasty back
9:31 pm
into production with its star. still unfire for his comments about gays and african americans, latest now from ron clay born. >> announcement late today from the a&e cable network that duck dynasty would resume production next spring. with all of the robertson family. that means phil suspension over comments about homosexuality and race which appeared in gq magazine will be lifted. in a statement a&e said duck dynasty is not a show about one man view but resonate with large audience because it's a show about family. family that america has come to love. network partly opened by abc said would it launch a national public service campaign quote promoting group ty, tolerance and acceptance of all people. robertson the patriarch of the family reality tv show that is a huge hit. draw about his 12 million viewers and episodes. he was suspended early this month for remark to gq about
9:32 pm
sin liking homosexuality to beast. but the pham robertson family threat tone leave the show rather than continue without phil. it appears a&e blinked. this is abc news new york. >> there is word tonight of potential security flaw with the pop already photo sharing web site snap chat. coding error in the app could allow a hacker to access phone numbers and names without your pir mission. relatively short amount of time hackers could grab millions of numbers, connect them to snap chat account then sell the information to the highest bidder. security team that found the weakness gibson security says they reported it to snap chat in august but the problem apparently not been addressed. as many as 50 million people use the snap chat app. >> san francisco base twitter saw big drop in the stock pric price. share ended at 63.79 down almost 13 percent. earlier the financial firm
9:33 pm
downgraded the company saying the storks had simply gone too far too fast. stock nearly tripled in value sense going public last month and still up 12 percent for the week. >> apple poor stock performance cost the ceo cook 4 million dollars. to show the commit tomorrow share holders cook had agreed to allow his shares to veingt annually based on the company stock performance. after the stock plunged from 702 perfect per share to 3 90 cook paid the price. don't feel too bad for him though. still took home 4.25 million dollars and received a bonus of nearly 3 million dollars. youngest man in las vegas was all smiles when he discovered a new i-pad box under the tree at christmas but when he opened it up he found the box didn't have an i-pad in it. oh, no it was stuffed with paper. his mom miss turner bought the did he vits for son at wal-mart for 300 dollars. took it back to the store and after hours of back and forth
9:34 pm
the store finally realized customers in other states were finding the same thing. wal-mart exchanged the box of paper for a real i-pad and warning customers to be aware of this scam. company says open the box before you make the purchase and leave the store to check to make sure it's in fact there. >> with new year's approaching so are those resolution. maybe you have made one. there is a controversial new procedure to lose weight out there and that's one of the most common we make try to drop a few pound. this involves holding the tongue literally holding your tongue. cecelia on the shock length to which some patients are willing to go. >> sandra. >> i am determined to lose weight. >> and mary loon. >> willing to do anything at this point. i'm so desperate to lose weight. >> each hope to drop 20 pounds in 30 daisy. 2 over weight women who can't control eating going to extreme to lose weight fast. stiff plastic patch
9:35 pm
stitch to the tongue will inflict sharp pain if they eat any solid food. called the tongue patch. cosmetic ick surgeon introduced the procedure in the u.s. 4 year ago after seeing it done in latin america. >> you are sewing a foreign object into somebody's mouth is that healthy? >> well, it's not unhealthy. >> i can't feel my tongue. i can't taichblingt i can't say that you are guaranteed but ample weight loss is from 18 to 20 pound in one month time. >> have you ever received my flack from klooel colleague in the medical community for this? >> no i haven't. >>reporter: not one bit of hope or evidence that putting a patch open your tongue and not being able to eat for a month is going to have any effect on you at 1 to 3 years. >>reporter: weight loss expert dr. rob points to studies that show how mosextreme dieters who lose weight rapidly
9:36 pm
eventually gain it all back and more. marlene doesn't need a study to convince her. she's getting all the data she needs from her bathroom scales as the pounds fall away. >> not as bad as it used to be. my arms are a lot 13. >> sheets also watching the pounds melt away. >> so far probably lost 15 or 16 pounds. >>reporter: final tally, marlene loses 18 pounds. sandra loses 23 pounds. >> really i don't want to go through that again. it was really hard for me. >> it wasn't bad. >> look you are smichlingt i would do it again. >>reporter: still to co-you pay the credit card bill on time right? but is that really enough? michael helps a woman was sent to collection even though she paid on time every month. what's the deal. i'll be b
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so. >> paying credit card bill on time is the surest wail to avoid fees, right? maybe not exploratorium woman did pay on time and still got socked with late fees. her bank admitted it was a mistake. but her account still went to collections any way. and no one could help. until 7 on your side michael stepped in. >> all margaret wanted to do is pay off her credit card bill to avoid any more fee. >> i was out of work at the time lacking for a job and it was very from us stating time for me. very scary time. >>reporter: her bank sent automatic payment to her credit card account every month for two years. her debt was down to just 137 dollars. when suddenly margaret noticed a late fee on her credit card
9:41 pm
bill. she called hsbc right away. >> charged late fee but wasn't late i paid and paid through my bank. >> the company said she would have to send proof. it took a week but she obtained the chec check. hsbc reversed the late fee and everything seemed fine except it happened again. >> they were saying that they didn't 7 my payment and charge mae late fee. >>reporter: again the company said she was delinquent. again she sent proof of her payment. hsvc reversed late fee and once again everything seemed fine. until she got the next bill. it had a late fee too. so did the next bill. and the one after that. >> so every month i had to good through a big deal about proving that i paid. then they would reverse the charges and send me an apology letter. >> still the bank kept recording delinquent payments and soon began calling her cell phone. >> hsbc would be calling me about 15 times a day and when
9:42 pm
would i straighten it out they would say sorry this will take two days. >> financially margaret paid the last 15 dollars of the debt and called the company to close the account. >> they apologized to me and said i had a zero balance at that point. >> however and you probably guessed it, her next statement said no payment was received and she owed a 30 dollar late fee. >> but i gave up at that poychlt i had to have a positive attitude about looking for a job i couldn't good through this any more. >> she admits she was so ex frustrated she didn't dispute the bill. final blow the company sold her account to a debt purchaser. which tried to collect 103 dollars on her account. she tried to explain. she didn't owe that money. >> they weren't nice and didn't believe me at all. >>reporter: unpaid debt glares on her credit report. she says it blocked her from buying a car. >> so unlike i'm calling channel 7. michael. >> and we got to work.
9:43 pm
pointing out to the company that margaret apparently didn't owe a debt bank now sold hsvc quickly unravel the case and indeed it agreed to clear the debt and the credit report. hsvc said privacy rule prevent disclosing details but spokesperson said by phone we made sure this matter is not going to have a credit worthiness impact. we have also reached out to the debt collection company that purchased the debt and we are working to resolve that debt and bring the whole matter to a close. >> i'm just very happy that i'm looking at the file and sol 1 is helping me. >> the company told margaret the problem began because another customer had a similar name and account number. so her payment were routed to the wrong account. one way to avoid this put your full account number on your check when you make the payment. 7 on your side. >> good tip. coming up next at 9:00. mystery? about.owing skies
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>> mysterious sight across the midwest snowing skies last night. let me show it to you. coming on the runner -- upper right hand of the screen. ball of fire possibly a meteor. picture taken from north liberty iowa. it was seen from 6 states. some say it might even be a piece of space junk but lacking into it. >> talking about space. marathon space walk at the international space station today to install 2 camera that didn't work. 2 russian cosmonaut spent more than eight hours outside the station installing high rest logs camera but connecting problems force them to retrieve the camera they had just installed. once properly working the camera will one day beam back
9:48 pm
video of the earth changing surface that will be accessible to you on the web. american astronauts made 2 space walk early this week as we reported to you to repair faulty cooling system on the orbiter. those walk were successful. one more note about space. nasa today rounded up the most spectacular image dean from space all year. here are a couple of them this one shows clouds above the pacific ocean in may. look like painting or work of art of some kind. strange. image off the california coast in april and this image of las vegas that was captured in january. need more lights in las vegas obviously. >> well item connick waterford crystal times square new year's eve ball look different when it rings in 2014. all of the triangle replaced with with brand new design this year design has series of intricate cut that appear to be endless mirror reflection of each other creating a kaleidoscope of
9:49 pm
colorful pattern. one crystal stands out from all the rest. this one. 12-year-old cancer patient at saint jude children hospital drew a rose in her design saying it represents the gift of imagination. >> really quite spectacular that thing. one last check on the weather forecast spencer is here. you have been in times square for new year's i.i have indeed. won't go back. the here's a view of our beautiful sunset this evening. from sutro towercam. sunset at 4:58 p.m. times square can be crazy. mainly clear sky right now. cloud that provide color for the sun set are moving out of the bay area so tomorrow state wide we have sunny skies and mild conditions and mild weather once again here in the bay area with high pressure generally in the mid upper 60's around the bay inland low mid 60's on the coast and sunday at coliseum in oakland. the rai
9:50 pm
raiders will be taking on the denver broncos game time 1:25. sunny and mild with temperatures in the 60's at game time and looks like mild all the way through until sunset at 5:00 p.m. game should be over by then. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast tomorrow as our sixth consecutive spare the air day. despite the poor air quality we have lovely weather coming our way come that the new year. sunny sky with haven high in the mid upper 60's all the way through the 7 day period. >> all right very good. want to see spencer send him to times square vote now. >> please no. anything but that. >> rick is in for larry tonigh tonight. a lot of sports going on. >> theme is are you hungry for sports. remember that theme. coming up in sports. busy tonight for the local team shark warriors in action as were the 49ers who sat down
9:51 pm
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. california water supply running dangerously low as you have heard with no rain in sight this year is shaping up to be the driest on record. how that is going to affect you directly we look at that. >> and he might just be the most honest cab driver in the country. what he found in the back of the taxi that landed him a huge reward for doing the right thing. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7 but rick is here. warriors in tow town. phoenix tonight right. >> yes. both sharks and warriors playing tonight. war yrs hosting phoenix tonight. red hot sun came in having won 8 of the last then but golden state cooled them off. curry did it all. knock down the long 3. now he will find andrew for the nasty dunk. warriors led by 19 at the half. early third curry with the dribble sets up lee for the jam. curry had a triple double bit end of the third quarter. one more time. curry the bull to andre in the corner. this
9:55 pm
final in. warriors beat phoenix 115-86. >> over at at&t park washington by uchl play in the hunger bowl. cheer leaders have had a lot to cheer about. pick it up early in the second quarter after the cougars tied the game at 7:00. ross ensuing kick of off. find room down the side line and look out. he goes all the way. 100 yards for touch down. 14-7 washington. big night for the husband indication here two touch down and almost 100 yards rushing now in the fourth washington ladies 31-the sixteen. >> once considered top quarterback but after 11 seasons in the league fell officially retired as a raider. former cal star was first pick in 2003 and developed such a great reputation team wouldn't even throw to his side of the field. he played 8 seasons
9:56 pm
with the team before signing huge contract with philadelphi philadelphia. he began the year with san francisco but was released after just 3 games. today he expressed regret he couldn't thank the late al davis of believing in him. >> in great davis fashion he took a reach that he believed in and still confidence in me like nobody else could. i was able to become all that he expected of me. >>reporter: well win or lose this sunday the 49 remembers headed for the my offs but will not have mario manning hamm the rest of the season. he was policed on injured reserve because of bad knee exploratorium is 11 and foursome have wondered if kaepernick has what it takes to get his team back to the superbowl. can he make the right decision. offensive coordinator says he's coming along just fine. >> he's done a good job of being decisive but then again i
9:57 pm
think he does most all the tim time. and if he's not we have to give him better play. nobody is open or something along those lines. but no he's doing a really good job and just looking to improve. >> 49ers were having their own hunger bowl tonight with annual trip to the house of prime rib. doing this now for more than 30 years. all offensive line men and coach served up prime rib mashed potatoes corn salad and pudding. ridiculousie carter the eat most 3 pound of meat. yes. owner joe sees this as team bonding experienc experience. >> the faces change but they have the same characters. always the same. great comrad comrade. saw earlier how nice they are to each otherers just lick the warriors sharks playing phoenix tonight. san jose looking for third straight win. coyotes took a 1 nothing lead in the first. shark turn it over and david moss won
9:58 pm
here. san jose tie up in the second. nice move here and score the 16th goal of the season here. phoenix retook the lead but back come the shark on the power play. to the marlow tied at 2. this game decide entered a shoot out. marlow beats smith to take the a lead. turn away oliver larson. sharks whip it 4-3. getting back to joe, prime rib always a generous man he donates to the memorial. donated to the channel 7 news room tonight so we are really happy about that. >> that's great. amazing. very generous very community minded. a little stunning what. >> yes. i feel skinny watching them. >> thanks very much. strong it doesn't happen very of that both our teams play phoenix on the same night. odd. >> update breaking news before we good. ac transit union
9:59 pm
workers ratified new labor contract. this was the third tentative agreement bus drivers mechanic dispatcher and other workers voted on in the past few months. union and transit agency met daily since okay. you might recall governor brown called for 60 day cooling off period that prevent add possible strike. that cooling off period ends on sunday. terms of the agreement have not been released but earlier contract included pay hike over the next three years and workers paying more for health care and pension. but again transit union workers ratified the new contract more on that at 11:00 but for all of us her at 11:00 but for all of us her here, see you on 11 's h-a-w-t--
10:00 pm
guys, what happened? apparently, they found him unconscious on a park bench. oh, my god, is he okay? we don't know, we just got here. nurse: he's ready for visitors now. he's in 1023. hi. oh, welcome, my old friends. welcome.


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