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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 31, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> you are looking live at times square in new york city where a 2014 has just arrived. famous waterford crystal ball has just dropped lighting up 2 2014 with more than 32,000 led lights. it all began moments ago when supreme court justice sonya push the button for the final count down. these are live pictures but we'll show you the count down here just moments ago. ♪ about no
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place quite like times square on new year's eve. what a fun time. weather looks like it's cooperating. there's some future radio city rockettes. perhaps not. stilted 1 million people have crowded into times square tonight and new york police say they are trying to make this the most secure new year's eve party anywhere in the world and so far we have heard of no problems at all in new york city. all went very smoothly. of course they are experts. no, city police department at providing security for mass events like this. look at the confetti as it rains down on fairly clear certainly crisp new york city night. center of the world new york city. well in just one hour be sure to join us for the music celebration on dick clark new years rocking eve hosted by ryan seacrest that starts at
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10:00 o'clock over on abc 7. happy new year i'm dan ashley. own celebration is now less than 3 hours away. here's the scene along the embarcadero rate now where thousands are expected to ring in the new year. for more on the bay area celebration here's wayne freidman. >> ripping out the old, bring in the new. here come resolution let's begin with richard ray. >> i'm trying to do things the old fashion ong to earn my money. >> my resolution is to revita revitalize. >>reporter: welcome to yawn square wherefore many of us 2 2013 received hardy early send off an lefty they pulled out the bar stool by nann. >> why can't people sit. >> because when it gets to the point where people are wanting the drink on new year's celebrate the new years they have to have room to come up here. >>reporter: ring ring ring. what are you going to do tonight richard? >> well, i'm going to try to
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see some fireworks. >> if he make it to san francisco embarcadero then he will have gone to the writ place. last year and this year as of this morning. thousands of pyrotechnic on barge prime for 15 minute show. >> going to be spectacular. exciting and bring in the new year the right way. >> across the bay in alameda. another ringing option in the uss hornet museum host fundraiser and dance. the balloon for fun. not breathalyzer. back in san francisco, the st. francis is one of several hotel putting on big parties. it's one 50 dollars a head but those heads will get hats and plenty of referee and liquid form. >> with the ticket praise it include adult pwrevrnl for this evening. >> all you can drink. >> yes. >>reporter: good stuff. >> good stuff top of the shelf. >>reporter: come with a room. >> does not come with a ramp but we do have a few rooms available. >>reporter: some guest might need it. >> exactly. >>reporter: maybe that's why they call it rippinging in the
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new year. from the headaches. and as we finish with look again at the bay bridge let's quota sage bartender who said this is amateur night. with that in mind please be careful on the roads tonight is we don't want to be reporting on you tomorrow. happy new year, this is abc 7 news. >> well san jose police have extra officers on the street this evening as well to make sure new year's eve celebration stay peaceful. streets of downtown nearly deserted this afternoon. a lot of people closed up early. many bars restaurants and hotel plan to host parties tonight however and police will keep an eye out there for drunk drivers as they will everywhere else aron the bay area. now to help everyone stay safe tonight transit agencies are ex paning the service. muni will offer free rides from 8 tonight through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and that includes the cable cars by the way. cal train is steppe steppeding its hours train depart from the king street station at 2:15 a after midnight tonight and bart will
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provide service until approximately 3:00 a.m. a little later than normal. >> well something you want to know whether staying in or going out what is the weather tonight and we have that from spencer. >> all right i have the new year's eve rocking forecast. here's live doppler 7hd clear skies across the bay area. good news for new year's eve celebration out and about. the only problem is air quality decline. live view from sutro tower cam are out over san francisco tomorrow new year's day and other spare the air da day. poorest air quality in the north bay. coast and central bay and santa clara valley pretty much covers the majority of the bay area so bear that in mine no. wood burning. however tonight a lvl night clear skies at midnight these are the conditions clear sky with temperatures in low mid 40's. inland location an of course san francisco fireworks display right off peer 14. skies clear and viewing conditions terrific.
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so what kind of weather to expect at the beginning of 2014? i'll have the accu-weather forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks very much. >> oakland and redwood city are 2 bay area cities remineing people that shooting a gun into the air to celebrate new year's eve is not only dangerous but absolutely illegal and can have very serious consequences. l very serious consequences. l vick lee is on that story >> new years eve. that means illegal fireworks. >> call for illegal fireworks takes up a lot of our time when we can be responding to other priority calls. >>reporter: oakland police officer john with the son says they are also gearing up for celebration gunfire redwood city police lieutenant james stone is depending tonight on shot spotter to help police pinpoint where gun fair is coming from. sensors placed around redwood city pick up location of the shots as well as fireworks that are setoff in the streets. extra officers
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will be out responding medley to the alerts volunteers also an integral part of open rigs silent night. >> volunteer during disaster. amateur radio operators so they are not police officers. not sworn. they just report and observe. >>reporter: oakland police will also be out in force. with a heavy concentration of officers in the downtown area. illegal gun fire and fireworks have been a major problem in the city during holidays like the fourth of july and new year's eve. oakland police will have a special enforcement team out tonight through tomorrow. responding specifically to gunshots and fireworks. >> officer has a lap top in his or her patrol car. not only have the address of where shots spotter technology detected the discharge of the firearm sought gunshots but also a map. >>reporter: neglect discharge of firearm is a felony. setting up illegal fireworks in
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some cases could be charged as a felony offense. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> is. >> breaking news san francisco where 3 people have been struck in hit-and-run accident. it happened at poll being and ellis at 8:15 so about 45 minutes ago. 2 of the victims were children. they were transported to san francisco general hospital to be treated and adult also hit. that person the adult appears to have escaped serious injury. oakland police will keep an eye on protest tonight and vigil tomorrow. occupy oakland planned demonstration at franco gala plaza at 9:30. group then march to north county jail. plan to use noise maker and setoff fireworks. we were told there will be extra officers working tonight to make sure things don't get chaotic. >> we want to have a safe environment for anyone would wishes to have freedom of speech. march. certainly facilitate but we will not
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tolerate a crime. >> tomorrow friends family and supporters of other car grant will hold a vigil in his memor memory. it starts at noon at the fruitvale bart station where shot and killed by a bart officer 5 years ago. organiz organizers say it will be a celebration with music and speeches. more of the new year's celebration going on around here and the world but first new development tonight and if you accusations happening at oak lap. all of it centered on this 13-year-old girl left on ventilator after tonsil surgery nearly 3 weeks ago ended terribly wrong. laura anthony is in oakland. >> i hate it. jahi mcmath says she can't stand to hear children hospital spokesman repeatedly refer to her daughter as the body. >> her name is jahi. make me mad. they don't refer to her as her name. i feel lick that
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is so disrespectful. >>reporter: 13 year old jahi was declared brain dead nearly 3 week ago after tonsil surgery led to complication and cardiac arrest ultimately. >> hearts go out to this family but the reality is the reality and there is no pleasant way to say anything other than say this young woman is dead. >> the family and children hospital oakland both filed legal brief in local and federal court. jahi family says they have identified facility in new york called new beginnings that is willing to take her on a ventilator. they have even raised more than 3 30,000 dollars on site to pay for air transport across the country. any facility willing to accept her requires both tracheotomy and feeding tube procedures be performed on the girl. something the hospital refs to do. >> in essence washington we would have to do and what we are looking into is removing her. taking her to another facility to have a trach tube
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put in and g tube and then moving her to yet another facility. >> we weren't children hospital to either help us or get out of our way. >>reporter: late monday alameda county superior court judge ordered children's to keep her on ventilator through january 7. also when a hearing is set in federal court. >> laura anthony reporting. now she contacted that facility in new york. they confirm they are in discussions about taking jahi and they posted this comment on the face book page. quote the child has been defined as deceased person yet she has all the functional attribute of living person despite her brain injury. now unmostly clear whether facility is equipped to take a patient like jahi. that remains to be seen. >> we move on. more to bring you here this new year's eve. more on the celebration happening around the world. >> including the city that set a record for the world largest fireworks display. >> also some people have
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>> this is london. when the clock struck 12. looking over the river thames. organizers call this the first multi-sensory fireworks displa display. why. clouds of apple cherry strawberry mist peach snow and thousands of big bubbles filled with orange flavored smoke. taste the display. hundreds of thousands took part in this smelling celebration. you can see at the london eye the big ferris wheel. quite visual. >> well the new year brings some changes minimum wage workers in two bay area cities will see slightly bigger paychecks starting tomorrow.
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the hourly rate in san francisco will go up 19 cents from 10.55 to continue.74 an hour and in san jose increase 15 cents but comes just months after a much bigger raise. business and technology reporter david lou notes that the 8 dollar minimum wage and other parts of the state will soon be history. >> this latest pay raise a cost of living adjustmentment provision in the ballot measure san jose resident approved by 59 percent margin. pay for san jose minimum wage worker jumped from 8 dollars to continue dollars an hour last march. anyone working in the city limits for at least 2 hours a week is covered. >> we knew that minimum wage is exactly that. nobody is pre-continuing you can pay off a mortgage in silicon valley with minimum wage so it is really hard to say what the broad effect will be or if anybody can measure it. >>reporter: however you can measure the unhappiness and unlevel playing field it committed. take this boulevard. dividing line between san jose on left and santa clara on the right. on
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the right where premier car wash located in santa clara. workers get 8 dlars an hour. 2 dollars less than workers across the street. however the gap will narrow a little next summer. >> i'm happy here but yes i would love to make more money everybody does. so we just think it. >> next year you will get an increase because in july the state minimum wage goes up to 9 dollars an hour. >> hopefully hopefully we do we didn't know that. >> for workers not covered by higher minimum wage law that means 1 dollar increase and 9 dollars in july then another dollar to continue dollars an hour in january 2016. san jose campaign was launched by students of professor scott lipton at sap jose state. >> we increase the wages by 25% of our lowest wage workers and have a drop in unemployment. that is a wonderful thing. that's a model fortress of the country. >>reporter: now the issue of pay for fast-food workers and other minimum wage workers has moved to the natural level. san jose 50 cent hour increase represents additional 6 dollars
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a week for someone working 40 hours. in san jose, caved lou abc 7 news. >> and just in time for new year. public transportation fare going up. average price of birth ticket will jump 5 percent or close to 20 cents. that will raise the average bart fare from 3.59 to 3.78. and some muni fare set to increase with the new year as well. the price of one, 3, 7 day passport will increase to 15, 23 and 29 dollars respectively. muni 10 ride book will be eliminated all together. that's gone as of tomorrow. however existing 10 ride book should be used before they expire july 1st. so if you have one of these you have another 6 months. >> well 2013 is ending with some of the highest tide of the year. check out the so-called king tide. what they did in mill valley. video shows how the bay water over ran flooded this park and ride lot. isn't that wild. not a drop of rain
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anywhere but flooding in some location. that lot located writ where highway 1 and 101 meet. king tide reached seven feet at ocean beach more than a foot bigger than the normal high tide and surfer took advantage of. that waves sent the ocean 40 feet on to the beach. king tide will peak tomorrow morning and happen when the sun, earth and moon are sort of aligned in unique way and creates high tide raising it about a foot above average. check this out. amazing view from sky 7 hd. isn't that beautiful. look at this. this is over san jose today fog blanketing the sky except small section of downtown this morning. just peeking out like a big fog do nut. >> amazing. cool. >> spencer is here and as i said a little flooding because of the king tide. >> yes no water anywhere else. >> no water falling from the sky that is what we need desperately. here's live doppler 7hd on our new year's eve crisp clear all across the
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bay area you can see. in cloud this the sky right now. and it is so dry. now 2013 is now officially the driest calendar year on record for all reporting stations around the bay area. santa rosa only 13 percent of the normal amount of rainfall this calendar year. 12 percent at gilroy. 30 percent at livermore. highest percentage on any of the locations and that of course is desperately low. so on we go. starting new year with dry conditions as well. clear right now we look from the south beach camera along bay bridge. temperature readings 52 san francisco. mid upper 40's oakland redwood city. san jose los gatos and a half moon bay. high definition camera wed across the bay. 40 santa rosa rate now. 34 at napa. 37 no have the o. 40 fairfeld. low mid 40's at concord and livermore and one more live view from the east bay hills camera looking across the bay. these are forecast feature it's clear and chilly tonight but not very, very cold. another
9:21 pm
spare the air day tomorrow. air quality is quite poor. dry a mild from the beginning of 2 2014 and perhaps first week or more of 2014. here's our satellite image showing big and expanding ridge of high pressure that will be our dominant weather feature next week or so-so this dry pattern will hole at least into next week and perhaps beyond. the forecast animation starting 7:00 o'clock tonight shows clear skies all nature long a little bit of offshore flow developing tomorrow mild weather in the afternoon and high pressure will be very unjanuary like as they have been of late. overnight tonight sz cool and crisp near the bay and coast with low there in the upper 30's to low 40's but in our inland valley we see low 30's in the north bay and places like santa rosa, napa, mid upper 30's in the inland east bay and south by so it's chilly in some spots. but then tomorrow new year's day nice mild day again. sunny sky with high in the mid upper 60's right around the bay and in our inland location 67 degrees at
9:22 pm
livermore fairfield 65 at richmond. up in the north bay 66 at napa and at santa rosa. in and around san francisco low 60's and on the coast low to mid 60's so mild all across the board and dry as we start the new year. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast once again spare the air day tomorrow no wood burning against the law. but from tomorrow through sunday we see high pressure around the bay and inland mid upper 60's. almost 70. some locations. low 60's along the coast. monday partly cloudy. tuesday few more clouds just a little bit cooler but talking 3 or 4 degrees cooler. not sharp drop off in temperatures at all. certainly no rain in the immediate forecast future which is really bad news. >> nearly 70. wow! >> unbelievable. >> thanks very much expense engineer still to come on 7 news at 9:00. new record just
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>> pretty good. dubai set new world record for biggest fireworks display near the world tallest building. today show featured 400,000 pyrotechnic over 62 miles of the waterfront. celebration beats kuwait world record set last year when 77,000 fireworks exploded. so this display just blows that one away. >> take you to berlin known as one of the wilder celebration. fireworks are highly regulated. except for the few days before
9:27 pm
new year's eve. berlin stock up on 115 million dollars worth each year. many people actually leave the city because of the noise and the danger. ♪ ♪ about and here's a look at amsterdam people and brit celebrate. large fireworks display at traditional sing along at the popular waterfront area known as the ij. some of the new year's eve celebrations around the world. our turn a little bit later couple hours from now. new year's on ice. the new effort to get the passengers and crew off a ship still stuck in antarctic ice. >> lend hand. amazing support one community gives for bay area girl battling cancer. >> and we all know too well on this job that anything can happen on live tv. what happened after reporter fainted
9:28 pm
during an interview? during an interview? stay with us. across the country has brought me to the lovely city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city, i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's been saving people money for over 75 years. oh... dear,
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. >> crowd at red square welcome in the new year to the chimes of the kremlin clock at spectacular fireworks display in red square. in china fireworks show sink respectize to this song was huge hit with the crowd. laser light show lit up the great wall near beijing. look at that. also music and dancing to usher in
9:32 pm
2014. lunar new year january 31 that usher in the year of the horse. >> well now to the emergency mission in antarctic on this new years eve. 3 rescue attempt failing. now choppering in to try to air lift passengers to safety. here's is is more. >>reporter: tonight a united front. stranded passengers stomping on sea ice to the tune of that famous new year's song awld lang zion. creating a major ship helipad for rescue. >> get the team to stomp down the snow and ice so the chinese helicopter can snow drag on can reach us when the weather improves. >>reporter: after 3 ice breaking ship like this one couldn't shatter miles of that thick ice to reach the ship. watch in the time lapse video as it tries and tries again. the latest rescue plan? most of the 74 on board will be
9:33 pm
flown in groups of 12 to a chinese ice breaker nearby. from there they will be carried by barge to the australian ice breaker at the edge of the sea ice. for now on this holiday. >> just about today 2014. >>reporter: a message. >> happy new year. >>reporter: former first lady barbara bush was hospitalized monday for treatment of respiratory related issue. she was admitted to methodist hospital in houston, texas medical center and in great spirits. according to statement from former president george bush office. follow her husband loss in the 1992 presidential election the couple moved to houston and many spent time at the long time family home in maine. u.s. stock market closed out the year at record high. cementing biggest yearly gain in more than a decade. here are the gains for 2013. dow up 26.5 percent for the year.
9:34 pm
it's best showing since 1995 and record high nasdaq composite was up 38 percent. it's highest in 13 years. s&p 500 closed out its best year since 1997 up nearly 30 percent for the year. >> pope francis presided over tradition until year and services today asking people whether they spent 2013 to help others or to further their own interests. in his homily he asked people to reflect if they used 2013 to make the places where they live more liveable and welcoming. iowa man showing the spirit of giving by giving back. businessman johnny wright stood in the cold dressed lake homeless man over the holiday when somebody stopped and gave them money he gave them an envelope there was letter and money y up to 100 dollars in the envelope. he said it was his way to honor people who give anonymously all year long. isn't that nice idea. >> well whatever the plans are
9:35 pm
for this new year's eve they probably do not include remen issuing the bay area blood supply. that's what some people in livermore did today to honor local girl. here's carolyn tyler with a powerful community response. >> not the typical way to celebrate new year's eve. britney is giving blood. >> just to help out having a little kid going through so much. just imagine if it was mine. >>reporter: this blood drive is in honor of the 2 and a half-year-old livermore girl has endured 14 blood transfusions since being diagnosed with brain cancer in september. >> being there now and seeing the need how much blood and platelet is needed. brought life to us f.she needs it plenty other people need it to too. >>reporter: these units make major impact. >> each unit helps more than 1 patient so we are looking at
9:36 pm
potentially hundreds of patients benefitting from this one blood drive. >> red cross says if they get 30 donor during the mobile blood drive that's good day. today they expect at least 130. that's really not surprising because the livermore community has embraced delaney. we told you about the fundraisers. team delaney t shirts and her dad's fellow firefighters who have shaved their heads in support now this blood drive. >> the sol when this hit the family it hit us also. >>reporter: she was home for christmas but tomorrow she will have another blood transfusion. before starting more rounds of chemoo. the family has chosen a quote from shakespeare as their motto and though she be but little she is fierce. >> humbling what people are doing for us as family and very thankful. >>reporter: thankful for the support and the blood donations that are critical for their daughter and countless others
9:37 pm
in livermore abc 7 news. >> bay area fad bank say they desperately need help in the coming weeks. a lot of people volunteer around thanksgiving and christmas food bank says there has been a sharp drop nearly 3000 volunteer option in january and february. they especially need people who can help on week day. always think of those in need around the holiday but the need is 365 day as year. >> coming up. getting fit in the new year. resolution? michael on what you need to michael on what you need to know before you sign up
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recreational marijuana sales. stores will be allowed to open at 8 tomorrow morning. buyers must be 21 years of age. now people with colorado i.d. can buy up to an ounce. out of state residents buy a quarter of an ounce. however smoking it is not allowed in public much like cigarette nor can it be taken on a plane or mailed anywhere. >> well getting fit pop already new year's resolution and for many that means going to a gym and joining. but if you are not careful, you could end up in an expensive contract. that's where michael comes in. >> joining the gym can be expensive. consumer report says there are ways to save. >> don't rush into anything. you might get the best deal if you sign up late in the month because health club often have monthly sales quote 8. another tip ask for free pass. many gym owners let you try before you buy. >> see if it fits for you because whether 10 dollars or
9:42 pm
100 dollars if you don't use it it's a waste of money. find a gym most convenient for you and you feel most comfortable with that meet your need. >> once you decide which club to join make sure you negotiat negotiate. >> sometimes they will cut the price if you pay yearly instead of month-to-month. or ask if they will throw in a free wellness or personal session. >> or savings in numbers. some gym offer discount if you seen one a group. so try rallying friends or co-workers. and before you lift a finger check the insurance policies. some plan like united health care reimburse members several hundred dollars a year if they join and use a participating fitness center. you can also keep an eye out for gym deals on social media sites by facebook and twitter and look for offers on saving with thechlts resolution include getting physically fit and financially fit, you may able
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>> there's a brewing backlash against beyonce after she used a piece of audio from the challenger disaster in a new song. now the astronauts in their own words and why it struck a nerve at nasa. clayton has the story. >> they are words etched that history. >> flight controller looking very carefully at the situatio
9:47 pm
situation. obviously major malfunction. >>reporter: but now this 6 second recording playing at the beginning of beyonce latest single. >> obviously a major malfunction. >>reporter: is a mainly p.r. malfunction. they are the same words spoken by mission control when 7 crew members on board space shuttle challenger died on cold morning in 1986. >> it's the worst difficult stares in the history of the american space program. >>reporter: now family of the challenger crew and many in the nasa community are upset at what they say are hallow words used in a pop song. today retired astronaut tom jones tweeting beyonce please remove challenger clip from x o. crew member and family deserve respect not trivial sayings. >> to me it seemed to be totally irrelevant and the use of it insensitive. >>reporter: beyonce says her song writer included the recording as tribute to the crew. she says she had the sincerest intention to help heal those that lost loved ones and unexpected things happen so love and appreciate every
9:48 pm
minute that you have with those who mean the most to you. one shining star work to go fix her relationship with the explorer who reach for the stars. this is abc news denver. >> micro brewer in missouri fired back at starbucks after serving a beer similar to the coffee giant biggest seller. exit 6 near st. louis and cha chatter claims they serve add beer named frapacchino and near sound alike of starbucks. he never served it so he answered the letter with a sassy note saying contentious brew now called the "f"word. >> i don't fault them not mad not going to fight them. i don't have the money or resources to fight them much less is the desire. i understand completely where they are coming from. >> britain even september starbucks a check for 6 dollars. there it is. equal
9:49 pm
the profit he would have made by selling frapacchino to the 3 people who said they drank i. sounds like they are all even. >> tv news report interutah gave viewers scare during live report yesterday not with what she said but what happened to her. take a look. >> hi guys i'm here with richard and nor dick alliance of utah and you are teaching me how to cross country ski. so how to cross country ski. so give us some >> well down she goes. that's reporter brook graham turns out she just fainted. she was out for just a moment as you see. she actually continued on with the interview after she woke up and noticed the camera was still rolling. she had no idea how long she had been out. but brook admitted that she is known to faint in high altitude and when she gets too cold. station says she's doing just fine. things happen on live tv. >> wow! >> one last check on the weather with spencer. you have been on tv for many, many year
9:50 pm
years. have you ever fainted. >> not yet. not on tv. >> here's live doppler 7hd mostly clear skies across the bay area tonight. not everybody a faint hint of cloud and tomorrow sunny skies mild conditions. high pressure mainly in the upper 60's and some 70's and 80's down south. here in the bay area we have sunny day tomorrow as well and new year begins. mild sunny dry note with high pressure in the mid upper 60's but no mild conditions in green bay on sunday afternoon when niners play the packers in the wild card game. beginning the my offs beginning of the game at 3:40 p.m. central standard tim time. weather at that hour partly cloudy chance of some flurry. 11 degrees. 11 degre degrees at kick off. dropping into single digit later. here's 7 day forecast. we have sunny mild weather all wait through the 7 day period tomorrow spare the air day by the way no wood burning. go
9:51 pm
niners on sunday. >> another spare the air day. thanks very much spencer. >> if you happen to have a 1986 calendar lying around you are in luck. here's why. vintage pictures may seem out of date. there's hulk hogan. date themselves will match up perfectly with the year ahead. dates of 1986 are exactly aligned with the dates of 2014. how wild. and last night more than 300 calen dprars 1986 were listed for sale on ebay. as more people rush in to get the calendar craze or perhaps just clear out their closets. isn't that wild. 1986. all right. >> just saw the young reporter faint. mike has an opportunity to did this soon when he's at lambeau field. 5 degree weather. about that's cold. >> all right 49ers gearing up for green bay. michigan state in tomorrow rose bowl and preview and johnny football playing perhaps final game at playing perhaps final game at the college level. went
9:52 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock open channel 7. excitement building and so are the cloud. live report with how san francisco is getting ready to ring in the new year. >> also look back at most touching troubling moments this year at the white house. captured in photo. those stories on 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. hope you can join us but larry biel is at the rose bowl. you are heading out to green bay this weekend. >> with the 49ers. nfl my offs connect off this we hope. 49ers will spend sunday in green bay for the first round mawch. it will be 11 degrees according to spencer. kick off more importantly how do you stop quarterback aaron rodgers. returned from seven week stay on the injured list with fractured collar bone sunday to beat the bears look at this. fourth and 8 are you kidding m me. touch down. green bay inconveniences to the play offs winning nfc north. today 49ers defense aaron roamingers on their mind. >> well i just think it's play off time. win or go home so everybody is playing that way so we expect to get best game.
9:56 pm
>> put the ball on the money. put the ball on the money from 40 yards off not very many people can do that. obviously make some ability to scramble and create off the run a little bit and keep the eyes down field and find receivers. >> 1:40 kick off sunday. rose bowl kicks off tomorrow in pasadena with stanford and michigan state facing off. stanford head coach shaw and defending champ but they have the hand full with one of the top defense in the country. these 2 teams very similar. lick to pound the ball on the ground and stout defense. stanford has a little advantage knowing what it takes to win after last year. michigan state didn't come across the country to california to lose. >> step out and dream big. our dream didn't end with the championship and coming to the rose bowl we want to win it. and that's our intention. one of the goals we had was winning the bowl game. always a big goal of ours so i don't care which bowl game you are in, you
9:57 pm
need to try and find a which to win it. >> rose bowl 2:00 p.m. on esp espn. larry live post game reaction during the 6:00 p.m. e game. follow him at larry biel abc 7. >> chick-fil-a bowl johnny trail duke by 21 at the half. says let's go it worked. down 10. air it out. 44 yards to walker. 4 td pass to the game. 3 82 yards passing. boone. played well all day. picked off by tony junior 55 yards the other way. first pick of the season. big one. texas a&m with amazing come back. winning 52-48. today sun bowl ucla virginia tech the and moore dancing before the game. also during thanks to quarterback huntly threw for and ran for 161 and 2 more td. 86 came on this run in the second and bruins go up by 7. bruins defense added to the tally in the fourth. mark lee
9:58 pm
swarmed by the defense. tried throwing it away. picked off by miles jack. 2 way performer 24 yards. ucla one of 9 team in bowl game they win big 4 42-12. arizona and boston college. baseball great ken griffey jr. watch his so that tres and red shirt freshman caught first td pass in the second quarter. nice catch to too. then second in the fourth. dad had to be proud. arizona wins it 42-19. 2 pack 12 victory today. all right warriors on the longest road trip of the year 7 games in 11 days in orlando. first 6 game win streak since 2007. curry struggle no. worry. this is a team sport. amway center. curry 9 points. 8 assist. nasty lay up. warriors up in the first. great game for lee. defense great block on nicholei and lob it in. big game off the bench. the 3.
9:59 pm
got it. warriors up 14. lee. 22 points. 9 board. easy lay up here. led 58-35 at the half and cruise in the final 2 quarters. hitting serious air laying that in. had he 12. warriors win 94-81 second straight win on the road. sharks and duck anaheim 14-o-2 at the pond. down 2 1. marlow sweet pass to him and tie at two duck rae respond on the power play. nick gets the stick on the puck before brad stewart 3-2 duck. went to the duck and matt slides in to second of the year duck snap a whip streak. so 5 degrees in green bay. not looking forward to that. >> have a safe trip. >> all right. >> thanks very much. that's our report. here on tv 20 thanks for joining us. for all of us here, we appreciate your of us here, we appreciate your
10:00 pm
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