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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  January 2, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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>> right now police and fbi searching for the person you see in this video. as a result tonight heighten security after this arson attack at the chinese consulate in san francisco. good evening. >> abc 7 news anchor amma joins us live from the consulate with the very latest. amma? >> you can smell the charred debris at the consulate. look what is left of the door leaning up against a tree. the fbi is leading the arson investigation while the sf pd keeps a close eye on the building. this video shows a van stopped next to the chinese
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consulate entrance last night. then fire. witness saw 2 men outside the consulate. investigators say they poured 2 bucket of gasoline on the front door before igniting it. relabel source who had seen consulate security video says one of the arsonist is an asian man wearing glasses and jeans. consulate calls the arson a very violent crime. >> not only damage the facilities, property of the consulate but also pose a threat to the consulate staff and also the residents living nearby. >>reporter: that's why security is much tighter tonight exploratorium police are keeping watch over the consulate and quantity has been assigned to the cons general home. it was back open for business but visitors use another entrance. leo young came for a visa. >> i think the u.s. government should condemn this as terrorist attack.
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>>reporter: fbi is not calling this a terrorist attack. consulate is withholding judgment. >> we wait for the result of the investigation and before the final result we have no speculation of the details of this case. >>reporter: nobody was injured in the fire and so far is no one taken in custody. this is 7 news. >> man in his 20's is in critical but stable condition tonight at san francisco general hospital after car hit him while crossing the street. it happened her at bush and leavenworth. police say man was walking outside the crosswalk against the light when the car hit him. alcohol was not involved but speed may have been a factor. this makes 4 pedestrians hit in two days. 6-year-old girl died and 2 others hurt after car hit the polk and ellis on new year's eve. >> emotional vigil tonight for 13-year-old boy killed in oak land. 13-year-old lee weather by on his way home for the boys
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girls club on new year's eve shot several times just few blocks from his home. he died early yesterday morning at the hospital. tonight dozens of people gather at the spot where shot on 104th avenue and walnut street. >> here on this very street somebody pulls out and shoots the youngster. shoots at the kids and hits this one. is really sad. it has to stop. >> at tonight vigil the aunt described hip as peace maker and good boy. boy and girl club of oakland will offer grief counseling for staff and members and will help the family in any way they can. it wasn't vandalism that's the conclusion tonight of investigators looking into a fire that destroyed a memorial for a bay area teenager killed by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. 13-year-old andy lopez shot while holding a pellet gun that looked lick an assault rifle. allen is live at the memorial tonight and allen, they now know this was not arson. >>reporter: investigators say
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there are no signs of an accelerant used to start this fire. these are the remains of some of the items placed on an altar under the tent that was erected by members of the community and as you can see they have already replaced a lot of the affects but despite the findings some people out here are still suspicious. >> i don't know what is going on. it's not right though i know that. >>reporter: the fire that partially burned this memorial to 13-year-old andy lopez has been raising suspicion. >> there's evidence on the internet which is people threatening to burn it down. >>reporter: fire chief for the central fire authority tells abc 7 news that investigators looked into a comment posted on you tube threat he can to turn the memorial into ruins but final report show no, sir evidence of arson. some community members say there are at least some signs of vandalism. >> i don't know even where all the pictures are because his pictures weren't there when
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burned so somebody came and stole all the pictures. >>reporter: fire happened shortly after midnight and when the sun came up a neighbor shot this you tube video to show the destruction. >> i seriously have no words for this. >>reporter: fire investigators believe it was likely caused by a candle that accidentally tipped over whatever the cause community members plan to rebuild this memorial to andy and make it even better than before. if santa rosa, abc 7 news. >> strong winter storm is pounding the northeast right now. >> nearly 2 feet of snow has already fallen in some parts of massachusetts. major highway shut down over might and thousands of flights already cancelled. >> this is a leif picture of san francisco international airport very different picture here weather which is but at least 2 dozen flights cancelled or delayed today. impact not as bad at san jose or oakland where few flights were affecte affected. >> we are live in new york city with more on the powerful
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winter blast. >> good evening to you both. mother nature gave most of the country a pass on new year's but she came back to let us all know exactly who the boss is midwest the brunt of the storm first now the northeast turn and many places tonight a blizzard like conditions massive winter storm unleashed the fury. snow roared in. winds howl. temperatures plunge. 100 million americans were caught in the bull's eye. someplaces in the continental u.s. colder than the north pole. >> couple of fir wall to make sure the fire gets started right and a little macaroni and cheese. >>reporter: in new york a traffic jam as crew stay ahead of the ice. >> you can end up with ice skating rink if you don't stay ahead of it. >>. >>reporter: boston winter wonderland 14 inches of snow is possible before bearing down on
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the northeast, the storm crushed the midwest blaring siren alerted residents to snow emergency in illinois. >> we ask that residents check on the well-being of residents, friends and neighbors. >>reporter: chicago got burie buried. while some resident skied the city full fleet of snowplow and salt spreader went to work. for millions trying to get home after the hotel difficult it's a nightmare. ice roads make driving conditions treacherous. airport weren't much better. more than 2300 flights were cancelled across the u.s. on thursday. the forecast of sne and frigid temperatures came m earlier in the evening. parts of new york could get 10 or more inches of snow so a lot of concern here tonight is what is to come rest of the evening and early morning. live in new york, abc 7 news. >> 2:00 a.m. where you are. i can feel the cold from here. >> really. >> thanks soyvrngs sandhya is
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tracking the wild winter weather hitting the east coast and here now with live doppler 7hd. >> yes. show you the storm. it's now pounding the northeast. east coast there. is coming down form of snow and feeling the wind chill. look at this. 20 below in boston rate now. albany 19 below. buffalo 4 below wind chill advisory up until noon tomorrow. also winter storm warnings until friday morning at 10:00 a.m. and blizzard warnings going for parts of new england. so definitely on the cold side there. blizzard warning covering long island, eastern massachusetts you will likely be facing some more cancellations and delays if you are traveling back, just visiting the bay area. mane while here we have record high pressure to talk about quite a contrast back with all the details coming up. >> all right sandhya thank you. >> battle over 13-year-old jahi the girl declared brain dead after tonsillectomy heads to federal court tomorrow. judge will pre-side over mandatory
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settlement conference between jahi family and the hospital is on a ventilator. her pamly wants tracheotomy and feeding tube for the girl but the hospital refuse. the procedures are required to move jahi to facility in new york which apparently has agreed to care for her. on monday judge extended a temporary restraining order preventing the hospital from removing jahi from a ventilator until next tuesday, january seventh. police have made an arrest in the murder of northern california priest. the body of father eric freed found yesterday in the church in eureka a after he failed to show up for morning mass. police arrested this man gary lee bullock for the killing. he was taken that custody in garberville 60 miles south of eureka a. police said he was in and out of police custody in the hours before freed died. investigators believe bullock killed the priest after he broke that the rectory. >> it looked to us like there was some level of struggle in
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the house. >>reporter: was this a crime of opportunity or specific targeted person. >> we are just not sure. >>reporter: the priest had close tie to san francisco. on the third sunday of every month he said mass at saint franchise xavier in san francisco to members of the japanese catholic society. >> your private facebook messages may not be so private after all. next on 7 news. details on the new lawsuit that claims the social networking site is scanning just about everything you send. >> mysterious crop circle intersalinas gone. why it was mowed down and secret message people think was embedded in the design. >> this is one cool ride. truck that has a serious over heating problem. >> here's just a sample of what we have in store for tonight. are you cheap guy. >> cheap as
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z >> facebook facing new lawsuit of privacy concerns. according to the suit filed in federal court in san jose, social networking site scanned it to for users and targeted
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advertising. if true that would violate the electronic communication privacy act. facebook spokesperson says the lawsuit is without merit. >> snap chat has announced changes to its photo sharing app following security breach that allowed hackers access to user information. the company founded by sanford graduate says it plans to put out more secure version of its application. updated app would let users opt out of its finds friend feature that was at the heart of this breach. >> bit of hope for city college in san francisco. judge decided to block a decision to revoke the skill accreditation. judge ruled the commission can't terminate the accreditation while lawsuits still in the courts. city of san francisco and 2 teacher union filed 2 separate suits stating the commission didn't give the school proper due process before deciding to revoke its accreditation next july. the mysterious crop circle discovered outside salinas that we showed you?
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is gone. it was found last week and medley drew large crowds and that was the proble problem. farmer whose land was vandalize decided to mow the circle down because he was worried his crop would get contaminated by the people showing up to look at the design. on the subject of the design a certified braille transcriber says the number, 192 repeated over and over in that entry cat circle. >> expect to see more driverless cars on the roads in the come years. automotive amist expect close to 54 million vehicle without drivers to be in use by 2035. they predict in the next 35 years nearly all vehicle in use both personal and commercial will be self driving. safety is an obvious concern but analyst say not to worry. accident rates will drastically decline as will traffic and air pollution because of especially programmed driving pattern. >> i can't wait for this. >> bring it on. i agree. >> i'll be napping in the back. talk about the weather forecast.
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>> sandhya is here with that. >> might be better what you have a driverless vehicle right let's look at live doppler 7hd i'm all for. that as you notice few high clouds passing through the bay area. other than that not whole lot. record high this afternoon. ukiah up to 70. tie of 69 in oakland. pass previous record of 67 degrees. moffitt field tied the record of 66 today. unusually mild for winter. this is how much rain we really should be afternooning take the a look at san francisco climat climate. january 4 hatched inches. just under that in february. these are some of the wetter month. march just over three inches and april you should be seeing inch and a half of rain. so far no major storm but still the start of 20 fraechbility east bay hills camera breezy out there. 52 oak land. numbers fallen into the 40's redwood city san jose. half machine bay 46 degrees. tower cam are no problem as far as visibility right now. 40 degrees in santa rosa. it is
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getting chilly. napa novato in the 30's. 45 in livermore. view from the exploring camera couldn't be better. beautiful there looking towards the financial district of san francisco. chilly start inland tomorrow. it's going to be another mild afternoon with spare the air alert up again. 26th so far this season. fourth consecutive one. dry pattern continuing that next week. here's why we see so many spare the air. high pressure keeping a lid on things to have all the pollution that is just trapped down below near the surface. don't have any strong wind to stir up the atmosphere so hazy sunshine will 10 tomorrow with mild normal conditions. big storm is developing. not quite making it. it will turn north and i know we need the rain. we desperately need the rain. look here tuesday system very weak right now. one computer model bringing if slight chance in the north bay. possibility of seeing rain between wednesday night and thursday morning so we'll keep our fingers crossed if that
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materializes. tomorrow morning low mid 30's in the coldest north by spots. most areas in the low frichlts san jose, half moon bay. high clouds hazy mild with high clouds tomorrow afternoon. temperatures well above average. 63 san francisco. 67 santa rosa. san jose. palo alto. fremont out towards the antioch area. we look at the big game forecast. niners will be having to deal with the arctic chill as they take on the green bay packers. lambeaux field this coming sunday. 2 below dropping to 8 below. now that's brutally cold. here's a look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. spare the air alert tomorrow and may see few record high pressure tomorrow. temperatures a little lower for the weekend. it's still dry. clouds come in. temperatures will fall closer to average by the middle of next week and we may even be talking about a slight chance of rain during the midweek time period. tuesday north bay. wednesday thursday for the rest of the
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bay area. >> thanks. >> all right let's check in now with sports. >> mr. biel is here as always. >> yes we were talking about minus 2. real man not afraid of the cold. that's why i am sending mike to lambeaux field. that's way too rough for me. can't handle it. warriors stun the heat again. coach jackson makes a proclamation about what is going to happen if curry is going to happen if curry doesn't
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>> good evening everybody. last year the were yours stun the heat in miami. sign of the rising status at the time. well tonight is they did it again. hardaway ex warrior king of the killer cross-over watching the hottest team in the league that is golden state despite the fantastic highlight with lebron and wade. lebron had 26. lack at the ball
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machlt by the warriors. david lee with the finish. that points. 14 board for lee. curry caught fire. went colonel can ick. jackson said if he doesn't make the all star team he will retire. wade come out on him. off balance. sur sure. warriors withstand late heat charge. david lee to the hoop. applauding difficult fender and scoring with the right hand. warriors do it again on south beach. 123-114. and they have now won 7 in a row. tough 24 hours for stanford. sorry caroline. lost if the rose bowl then cal strolls into maple pa ville i don't know for hoop tonight. right place right time off the brown miss. 2 hand put back slam. with nine here. cal up 3 in the first half. cobb caught in the air finds wallace who led all scores with 20. 24 seconds left. cobb step back yum perfect and cobb with 18 points. the bears beat the cardinals 69-62. no. 24
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gonzaga hosting st. mary's. bennett still out on suspicion for 3 more games. runner off balance in the lane. he had 12 points but this turns into a blow out in a hurry. that's power right there. he had 15 and gonzaga turns it in a row. saint marries crushed by the gonzaga. to the ice shark and oiler in the tank. named to u.s. hockey team yesterday. logan the break away and the top shelf to beat devin in the third. little joe grip it and rip it on the one timer. sharks victorious. 5-1. now just over a month agricultural bam looked like the best team in college football and there really was no doubt. then auburn upset them and tonight boomer sooner in the sugar bow
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bowl. call bob big game bob. he said sec no big de-facing off with sabin throws for 3 48 yards. buying time then finds shephard in the end zone soone sooners up. bama answer. henry takes the swing pass. gain of 5, 10, no it's a gain of 61 alabama back in it. last chance for mccarran he is sack. fumble. he says thank you very much. line man dream. sooners upset the tie and aj mom girlfriend both stressed. they good down 45-31. alabama came in as 17 point under dog to oklahoma. abc 7 sports, brought to you by river rock casino. yes alabama was favored by 17. wow! >> that's upset. >> yes. >> nick sabin didn't he get the
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big new deal. >> yes big new contract and 2 losses back-to-back. it's a long off season. >> yes. thanks very much. >> still to kilometer. driving on ice roads in canada. it's common. >> but driving ice on the road not so much. one company cool not so much. one company cool creati
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>> here's a look at the wake up weather. chill in the air in the morning grab jacket or sweater. low 30's inland to the upper 40's along the coast. high cloud another spare the air day and of course as you look at the view from our emeryville camera sure doesn't look like bad air quality but it is trust me. this is the 26 spare the air alert for air quality tomorrow we have more if the morning. >> thanks sandhya. >> well this could be the coolest truck ever. >> literally. that's because it is mostly made of ice. check it out. canadian tire
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automotive company wanted to prove the new battery would stand up to the cold. >> video provided by the company. workers strip the kap cab and body from gmc truck and replaced with the sculpted block of ice. >> the creation cruised for about a mile to drive the company point home. truck melted shortly after filming the commercial. >> you know what that truck that's mike in green bay. >> really. >> i'll take it to lambeaux feel. >> fits right in. >> well next on "jimmy kimmel live", actor colin farrel. >> sorry everyone. good night. >> sorry everyone. good night.


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