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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  January 30, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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>> right now the first lady is spending the night in san francisco after a packed day in the city. mrs. obama attend $2 fundraisers in just a matter of hours. both private. all required attendee to write a big check. good evening everyone. >> she's really had a whirlwind day. amma tracked down the first lady earlier tonight. >>reporter: i did. her 2 day visit to the bay came as a surprise to many people but not to those willing to drop some mainly money on the democratic party. we caught up with her tonight getting a bite to eat at the ferry building. first lady michelle obama arrived at the slanted door at the ferry building just before 6.
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curious onlooker did their best to catch a glimpse at dinner. >> they told to us move on. >>reporter: do you know she was come. >> no just saw the police out on the street and they said there's what did they say a visiting dignity tear. >>reporter: secret service close watch as mrs. obama wrapped up a busy day of fundraising for the democratic party ahead of the midterm election. first lady flew in this afternoon. motorcade took her to san francisco eatery catania for lunch fundraiser where supporters pay between 10,000 and that,000 plus dollars to have lunch and met with her price this supporter was willing to pay. >> it's a special event. i'm glad we are here and i just totally looking forward to just being with her and hearing her speak. >>reporter: second fundraiser held in the financial district off pine. she urged those in attendance to write the biggest check you could possibly write. outside the event more curious people wondering what all the fuss was about.
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>> i had a training session and we were done right about now and the doors are closed. and i found there was something more exciting happening than my work out session. >>reporter: visit even exciting for an l.a. resident who is used to seeing celebrity. >> being a female such a strong icon for us so i'm hoping to just see her. i'm really excited. >>reporter: unfortunately she caught a flight and missed seeing her going to her hotel. first lady has another event scheduled for tomorrow. she will be at the fairmont for women lunch with house democratic leader pelosi and those tickets are sold out. >> i bet. >> all right thank you. >> yesterday governor brown spoke with president obama about the drought and as mrs. obama here tonight at least we had a little bit of rain. drizzling in the bay area. we have the possibility of another storm plus some significant snow fall the sierra sandhya. >> a lot of people happy about the snow in the sierra we got rip here. let me show you cop done seeing things moisten up
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again after watching live doppler 7hd and waiting we finally get very light rain around half moon bay. showing up on radar here. a lot of this not actually reaching the ground. not measuring in half moon bay. where's where it is measuring writ around the santa cruz mountain some light moderate returns in the sierra nevada snow has been falling and we do have an avalanche warning. enjoying the fresh powder up there to ski or snowboard remember the avalanche warning tom until tomorrow morning. winter weather advisory until noon tomorrow. expecting another 7 inches of snow on top of what they got up in the high countr country. it's as much as 18 to 20 inches up in heavenly. let's look at pictures and when the storm gets in here. could affect the weekend plans in a bit. >> thanks very much. income storm and last night know fall give ski resort operators
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something to smile about finally. 8 inches of fresh snow fell at sugar bowl alone. however operators say they need a lot more snow and skiers just to break even this season. now you catrack the weather in the bay area using live doppler 7hd on our weather app. down load information is on our web site slash app. >> man caught on camera is suspect of stealing 10,000 dollars worth of copper wire from santa clara light rail station. camera captured the man walking on the platform of the vta station at 3 this morning. the thovt occurred just after the pictures taken and car this one here was also seen just before the robbery. believed to belong to the thie thief. >> some developing news exploratorium police are asking for your help tonight to find a woman who walked away from sf general. 34-year-old valerie gates was being treated at the hospital when for some reason she left. gates is considered at risk because she needs vital medication following a procedure. she was last seen
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wearing a green jacket and burgundy pants. gates believed to be homeless and known to frequent the tenderloin. >> major security breach tonight. this time involving yahoo e-mail users. i.d. pass words hacked and yahoo not revealing how many of the users are affected. lisa has the story and what you can do to protect yourself. >> the only reference you will find latest yahoo e-mail security breach is on the company blog yahoo admits they used malwear to steal pass words to get e-mail accounts. >> they should have known of the breach. >> tech analyst thinks yahoo was under secured and so probably doesn't know exactly how this happened. yahoo itself hasn't said how many customers are affected. still this breach could lead to i.d. and bank account theft. often people use the e-mail address
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as the user i.d. on other accounts. >> potential liability and damage to yahoo brand a lot of people hurt is im measurable. >> breach is now the second problem for yahoo in two months. in december the company had a massive e-mail outage that lasted for days. many yahoo e-mail users didn't even know about the compromised accounts. no official notification went out to all users. >> i think that's negligence on their part. >> to not tell you about it. >> to not say anything. >> i use it for everything. i'm really concerned. i'm worried that people l have all of my data going back years. >>reporter: this honk time user changed her password on the spot. experts recommend everyone do the same. in the south bay, lisa, abc 7 news. >> new details tonight. teenager convicted of stealing celebrity chef guy fierro i
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lamb borrow begin once investigated with murder of elderly tim ron woman. wade was sentenced to prison today. this is the booking photo. will spend the next three months there while authorities figure out where to send him. wade was sentenced to life in prisonless week for theft and attempted murder. and we are learning tonight that he was investigated by the marin county sheriff's department in connection with the murder of 75-year-old joan rosen that found shot to death outside her home back in 2009. ultimately wade was not charged and there was never been an arrest in that case. so tune in tomorrow for exclusive i team investigation on the way in case. for the first time you are going to see surveillance video of wade committing his crimes and see the personal text messages that show motive for the drive-by shooting. dan has the report tomorrow night on 7 news right here at 11:00. >> vigil took place in the east bay tonight to remember a teenager who vanished 25 years ago today. eileen would be 39
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years old she was kidnapped at the age of 13 from her dublin neighborhood home while walking from school to ice skating lessons in 1989 and tonight family friends retrace those steps in memorial walk and prayer service that has happened every year since her advertise appearance. >> part of this one is this day is that we have to face that yes she's really been taken from us and there's always a hole in your heart waiting for her to come home. >> 95,000 dollar reward is offered to anyone who can provide information to lead investigators to eileen. >> investigators trying to figure out why a small plane went off the runway and crashed into a fence at san jose reid hill view airport this evening. between engine turbo prop made routine landing but didn't stop until it hit the fence two people on board were able to walk away. hydraulic fluid leaked from the plane but unclear whether that happened before or after the crash.
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>> italy appeals court handed down guilty verdict today in the murder retrial until knox and her ex boyfriend. they were found guilty in the 2007 killing of her roommate and sentenced them each to 28 years in prison. the 2 were convicted once in her death but the charges over turned on appeal in 2011. in a statement late today knox called the latest ruling unjust. she's currently home in seattle and promised to fight extradition. tomorrow knox will appear on good morning america on abc 7 first interview following the verdict, exclusively. >> save just moments from disaster. coming up next on 7 news in. you hear from the sky diver who was knocked unconscious in mid-air. how he survived. >> plus no covered roads ladies to spectacular spin out. all caught on camera. we show you more of the incredible video really wonderful surprise for twin girls who wrote a letter to their favorite football
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player. >> but first hears jimmy kimmel. >> here's the magic waiting for you after the news. whose voice mail do you have saved. >> matthew left mae good one. >> matthew left mae good one. zacchary daiquiri dock.
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>> and amazing mid-air rescue. unconscious sky diver plumme plummeting toward earth is saved by the other divers. tonight dan harris sat down with the man whose fellow jump percent helped to defy gravity and the odds. >>reporter: when is james lee went out on the evenly of the airplane even though he had done more than 1,000 sky dives he had no way of knowing that his fellow jump percent were about to have mere seconds to save his life. >> i 11 the aircraft afterwards came town knocked me unconscious from then i have no real recollection of what happened on that part of the sky dive. >> fellow jumper leg had smashed in his helmet. lee is knocked out. his arms gone limp with the camera on the helmet still rolling as he free fall at times more than 120 miles an hour over the british countryside. from this camera on another diver you cap actually see lee falling.
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experts say to land safely you need to deploy your chute about 75 seconds into the dive. about 30 seconds into their dive something amazing happene happened. his fellow divers realize lee is in trouble. as you can see from the new footage they leap into action. >> my leg were his extremely bent. i was traveling backwards very, very quickly so the signal they were trying to give were straighten the leg because i wasn't responding that's when they decided to try to grab hold of me. >> at 58 second they manage to open his parachute. at this point lee finally comes to. >> i was very happy to just be on the ground. it was you know obviously just been knocked in the head. muscle are a little bit sore. it was all a little bit dramatic. >> a little bit dramatic, terrifying but despite it all lehas already jumped againis ins
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new york. >> is sometimes even people used to driving in snow don't do a good job of it. this was minnesota this morning and take a look at the cars just barrel off the road. in one incident right here even clipped the tanker. state troopers reported they responded to 5 99 incidents just by mid afternoo afternoon. snowplow couldn't do their job because they were caught up in the mess. despite the pile up, no injuries were reported. >> toyota stopped selling 6 of the popular model because of potential fir danger posed by seat warmer. it affects 36,000 cars trucks and minivan. fabric used in the seat doesn't comply with u.s. safety code and could catch fire if these seat warmers over heat. the affected vehicle are the 2013 and 2014 toyota camry, avalon, sienna tacoma and control a and country there have been no report of fire or far toyota not issued a recall. >> we all love happy ending
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tonight we have one. poodle that was rescued from the trash at san francisco recycling center last year has new home and new owner tonight. more than 250 dog lovers put in application to adopt gem but animal control officials decided that she should go home with someone who helped rescue her and that person, employee patricia who took gem home today. she will do her best to spoil this little dog. >> really cute. >> all right let's get a check of the forecast. we had our written today. >> we can. any more coming though? sandhya is here with the forecast. >> there is more coming. writ now we see some moisture. it is finally starting to reach the ground. a lot of this is just moisture up in the cloud. seeing a few sprinkles but really the real light rain has been down on the peninsula. screws started short time ago. around mountain view middle field road down to street level. san jose seeing a very light return here and as we
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take you down to the monterey bay this is where the steady light rain really falling rate around monterey. this area here last two days and probably wondering how much did we really get? not enough. san jose 11 hundredths inch. 300 san francisco. 700 half moon bay up to 400 in santa rosa and saint helena and we certainly saw the snow piling up. this is from kirk wood. sent this in and that car is going nowhere fast. it's a welcome sight. 6 inches of snow at tahoe donner and finally lacking leak winter up there. the view from the emeryville camera if you have been outside you know there is definite chill in the air. 52 in san francisco to 53 in oakland. 52 san jose. from exploring camera definitely a little gray out there tomorrow morning do expect some damp roadway. 52 in santa rosa. 48 petaluma. low 50's concord livermore and from our are top camera show
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you that the flag is definitely swaying. breezy at times. with the cooler air mass it feels even chillier. few light showers tonight. mostly sunny tomorrow and rain may return on sunday. latest computer model bumping up the possibility of seeing some rain on superbowl sunday. so here's a look at the forecast. satellite radar showing you the front that went through this last batch this low in the moisture moves through before your morning commute begins. you will still see slick roadway give yourself plenty of time. saturday fine the system skirts the coast on sunday afternoon evening hours with chance of written this is where you see the best possibility of rain. written fall amounts right now look pretty light. tomorrow morning colder chilly however you want to pit. bundle up. upper 30's to upper 40's and like i said the showers will be done but still some wet roadway. tomorrow afternoon the sun shining bright mid 50's to low 60's. 61 in santa rosa. 58 san francisco. san mateo out
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to oakland fremont antioch low 60's. 59 in san jose. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. temperatures in the mid 50's to low 60's for your weekend and that sunday chance of rain. at least 40 to 50% back to dry on monday. numbers start to inch back up again. it is milder midweek. we talk low to mid 60's but if we go even i don't know the accu-weather 7 day forecast by friday of the following week, week from tomorrow, going that the following weekend i know larry will doubt it. there is another potential for big storm to come through here. this time around it looks like maybe some bigger rain total. >> he knows. >> i can only go in 2448 hour increment. we get beyond this. >> bent i thought. >> monster night and warrior a little thunder frer down
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>> good evening. warriors came out with more intensity tonight than they showed in the lack luster loss to washington. opponent certainly had a lieutenant to do with it. clippers in town. david lee. snug today as all star game reserve not on the squad. he and curry ready for the so-cal rival. 22 points. 11 rebound. give and go with andre. with authority. jordan crawford. creating brothers that's what you want to see. barns snapping out of that slump go to the rack strong. barns had 10 and griffin had 27. lynch. and andrew. what a night. 14 points. 17 board and the prayer was answered for the thunder from down under. 22 point. 7 astlis. reversing warrior route the clippers 111
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to 92. to the the ice. in calgary. again in net for the sharks. a lot of rest lately. second period the puck off the board here to mark. thank you very much. calgary up 2 nothing. shark offense suddenly vanished. james shepherd stopped by kerry then the puck is right there swipe after swipe can't get it in the net. shark lost third straight. 4-1 the financial score. women hoop hosting cal. stanford up 30 when taylor greenfield hit the 3. but britney boyd leads cal back. she had 25. jumper there. got it down to 5. don't get any idea. all right. 23 points. 12 board. fourth rank stanford hold off cal and met again on sunday 70-64. kaepernick in new york for the superbowl
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activities. niner quarterback fired back at richard sherman today. kaepernick defending favorite target michael crabtree saying sherman just made himself look bad when he did the yapping after the nfc title game. >> i think it was a little bit ridiculous. a little bit over blown but if you have to tell everybody you are the best corner back in the league and you feel that way, go right ahead. but at some point it's going to catch up with you. tishtionz kaepernick pretty stylish there. parody of the moment courtesy of the muppets. >> final play take me through it. >> well, i'm the best corner in the game when you try me with a sorry receiver like crabtree that's the result you get. don't you ever talk about me. >> who was talking but. >> cb tremendous don't you open your mouth about the best. >> all right before -- and back over to you. >>reporter: that was produced by garland jackson comedy. hilarious. sports brought to
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you by river rock casino great portrayal. >> thanks larry. >> next on 7 news. surprise for these twin girls whose for these twin girls whose letter got nationwide attentio
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>> wake up weather. chilly first thing in the morning. grab your coat or jacket. 30' 30's, 40's, temperatures come up at 8:00 a.m. just a few showers around the peninsula south bay. done before the morning commute. mike here 4:30 to 7. >> thanks very much. >> member of the seahawks reward twoing young fans for the kind things they had to say about him. >> are you doing good. are you really real? >> me in the flesh. how are
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you doing? >> doing great. >> it's really him. seahawks running back derek coleman meeting 9-year-old twins riley and aaron. >> they are responsible for the letter that captured the imagination of thousands on twitter. they wrote him telling him he's their inspiration. >> like coleman the twins are hearing impaired. he's the first legally deaf offensive player in nfl history and had he a gift for the girls. >> we want to invite you guys to the superbowl. >> really. >> you and your family. you and your also brother. dad. mom. to the tailgate and superbowl. come watch us play. >> seriously. >> yes ma'am. are you down to go. >> thank you so much. >> so cute. >> how sweet is that? they look just thrilled. all right. that's our report. pretty cute. >> thanks so much for the company. we appreciate your time. >> happy lunar new year everyone. this is the year of


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