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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 3, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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there is a lot of green on live doppler seven hd. coming up the latest wave of wet weather across the bay area. >> we'll show you underground gusher bubbling up like this for showers hours. you'll see a driver of a truck make a get away attempt. >> and a delicate balancing act between the environment and economy at lake tahoe. >> and a live look tonight from the top of mount tam you'll see how wet weather improved outlook for water supply.
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good evening. this next round of rain isn't a strong storm, but every drop counts in a drought, obviously. spencer? >> you're right. and we're counting many drops now. you can see light rainfall now. you can see that right here in the san francisco area from san francisco and south we have a steady rainfall at the moment. giving you the looping radar, you can see batches of rain beginning and continuing i should saying to move into our direction. nearly 4-tenths in mount st. helena. again, rain continues throughout
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the evening and overnight hours the totals will grow and we'll have totals later. >> the storm isn't looking like a big rain maker but last two were stronger and wetter. wayne freedman joins us with a look. >> people have been hearing about the drought. bad news, how about good news? this is bon tempe reservoir. it's full. that is excess water from the lake flowing into another lake. this is good news and means marin county is, well not over, but getting better.
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for residents, rain water returning to it. >> would you have believed it? >> in. >> no doubt, until... >> that is what libby from marin municipal water district calls it. 0 inches of rain in february. twice the normal average. some is now below the water line. >> we have 25% voluntary rationing in nays mrais. and board may well consider adjusting to a different percentage. >> southern marin reservoirs roughly 74%, still well below
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average for this time of the year. residents like maryan are relieved. >> it's a good start. >> reason to hope for a decent finish. >> there has been plenty of water moving in concord. abc7 news is on the scene live tonight to explain why it's taking so long laura? >> there is a giant hole in the street here. you can see they've just, as we've been speaking have opened a lane of the road to traffic. the way things are going they expect to have the pipe repaired now, they're seeing the road open in four hours.
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this is a big break and main gave way today we're told it's an air valve that triggered the larger break and plume of water. >> 36 inch transition main broke. so we've had to close the street down. no one is without water at this point. >> once water was shut off here, crews came in to get down in the hole created by the broken main this, is a transmission line serving the rest of the system. and we're told it might be early morning hours but things are going more quickly. they just opened this road to one lane of traffic that will be
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the situation for the next several hours. >> thank you, laura. a man faces several charges in kweks a wild attempt to try to evade chp officers. this forced the chp to stop traffic the driver kept going and got out and tried to make i run for it across highway 101. you can see he was tackled. >> when we approached the party tried to flee in the vehicle. not the best get away vehicle. >> one former employee is in jail accused of stealing the truck. >> police investigating a
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violent assault against a transgender student the 15-year-old police tells police he was leaving the boy's bathroom but three older boys shoved him into a stall and physically and sexual assaulted him. police are investigating this attack as a hate crime. >> in san jose a fire started in the attic of a house spread quickly into a garage. a team found several cans of gasoline leaking in the garage. one resident is expected to be okay. >> grief counsellors called in to console classmates of 14-year-old jenna betty. she was an 8th grader at martinez junior high.
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nick? >> we know she was loved and popular, and killed just yards up the track and we know track are popular amongst locals they believe jenna didn't move quickly enough to get out of the way of a train. we've watched friends and family leave powers in this memorial there is a vigil planned for the teen many people loved >> she's wonderful. she is happy. a happy girl. >> she's talking about the popular 8th grader struck and killed sunday afternoon. today, friends and family are here to say goodbye. >> here to support the family. meant a lot to pay our respects of sorts.
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>> news of the death spread quickly. one best friend shared these photos and note with abc7 news. jenna was my best friend. i'll miss her. officer wtz martinez police department were tack today, as were friends of jenna's. they want toed leave flowers a growing memorial. >> in every class that she was in, there is a box you can write notes to her. and it's sitting at her desk. >> counselors were made available to students to work through the pain of losing a class mate. >> details on a fatal single engine plane crash. one woman was killed and a man is in critical condition a helicopter pilot found the
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plane in the june per creek area. names have not yet been released. investigators believe the plane was heading from santa ana to truckee when it crashed. >> a young bear rescued in lake tahoe is doing well tonight. the bear wandering around appearing to be sick or injured and laid down next to a building. the ski patrol brought him down the mountain. >> our key patroller was in the toboggan with the bear helping administer oxygen to the bear so he was looked after. >> the bear taken to lake tahoe wild mrif care for treatment. he has sore paws he's about 14 ms old,
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weighing only 49 pounds. >> still ahead mounting tensions in ukraine. we'll hear from a stanford diplomat now home >> and abc7 news i team looks into the number of pedestrian deaths in san francisco. finding it's not always the driver's fault. >> why aren't more apartment buildings equipped with sprinklers? one city is taking a step in the right direction. >> frustration mounts for the unemployed looking for help from unemployed looking for help from the [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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two major fires in apartment complexes are raising new safety concerns tonight. thousands of older buildings ht bay area don't have sprinkler systems. there is one city hoping to do something about it. >> redwood city, july 7th. a fire swept through a 72 unit apartment building. the fire killed one tenant. three months later just three miles way, firefighters fought another six alarmer. this time, four people were injured. fire and smoke filled interior hallways neither building had sprinklers.
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>> sprinkler system would have kept fires in check. >> this fire marshal from redwood city. >> it would have confined them. >> the old buildings required sprinklers for apartment buildings constructed after 1989. this nier 1982 as a fire roared through dorj any may apartments. data showses in the bay area, apartment buildings makeup owe 30% of the housing. building owners say retro fitting would be expense yichlt a 12 unit building would be around $100,000.
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>> life safety is paramount but we thought the same policy goal could ab chiefed by smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. >> they're looking at a moderate program that was approved for older buildings the korj think may ordinance, as it called would the more affordable to landlords. it >> aloud ways to provide additional fire safety standards. maybe a springeler head above a apartment unit by the front door. >> he says every bit helps the bottom line is that sprinklers safe lives, and slow the spread of fires.
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>> five pedestrians have been killed on the streets of san francisco so far this year. we spent months driving around san francisco with cameras to see why it's gotten so bad. time after time we saw pedestrians wandering into traffic, racing against lights with heads often buried in smart phones they're making dangerous mistakes. >> pedestrians have to take a greater stake in their own safety. >> what is the city doing? is it working? what we found out, tonight. >> that is an important story.
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>> yes. >> one thing the city is doing to reinstate a school crossing guard program that got underway today where one group waved signs and helped people across the street. the superintendent, himself once a crossing guard remembers how it made him aware of the safety laws. >> and i could stop traffic and wow, powerful. but it created an awareness about the rule had you do you follow rules? >> triple a providing to bring hats and sashs that the guards will wear. >> hundreds of women left an event today inspired.
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it is the ninth year for east bay womens conference. it provides women an opportunity to come together and take part in development programs this year's speakers included rita moreno and abc news political common tatar coky roberts. remarkable event. >> fantastic. >> yes. spencer? pitter patter of rain drops evident. >> we love this. as a matter of fact down on embarcadero, puddles are forming. this is not a heavy rainfall. it's stety. this is an area of heaviest
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concentration. we've got rain moving towards san francisco now. and here is a live view where it's breezy and rainy. and a live view from our camera, right across the street from us looking towards bay bridge. these forecast features periods of rain continue overnight. we had a break tomorrow afternoon and wednesday. but look at this trail of
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moisture. extending back towards hawaii is bringing a steady stream of moisture. another bit of help in reducing our rainfall. rain continues to move through, look at this, 5:00 in the morning start of rush hour, rain wide spread from north bay and south ward and eastward out into inland east bay. and mid day, rain moving northward. a dry afternoon. and totals perhaps as much as three quarters of an inch. and less than a tenth of an inch in the south bay. overnight tonight, showers, low
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temperatures on the mild side. tomorrow's highs from 60s on the coast to mid to upper 60s inland. light rain and showers give waying to sunny conditions. sunday marks beginning of daylight savings time at 2:00 a.m . so don't forget to set your clocks forward. >> here is our final oscar winner. kevin c is last of seven to win a year's worth of movie tickets. >> so congratulations to kevin and other winners. >> continuing, should e-cigarettes be treated as tobacco cigarettes? >> the campaign now underway in san francisco [ yodeling plays ]
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[ male announcer ] don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls gets you there in just 60 seconds. ♪ local young people are fighting against the pipeline carrying crude oil from canada to the gulf coast. in the hope of getting the president to prejekt the project. >> uc davis we're here to show
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the president youth here are not complacent. we're ready to stop the pipeline. because there is n other option. we're here to make sure the president makes the right decision. >> opponents argue oil could contaminate land and water into the route. >> some san francisco supervisors are taking the first step to help]. regulate e cigarettes legislation proin produced to regulate e cigarettes. officials say people in the city will still have places to stoke. >> there is a wide variety of areas they'll be acceptable. so young people don't have to see moeking everywhere they go.
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>> research show many contain nicotine. >> continuing here on abc7 news we're going turn to escalating situation in ukraine. a former u.s. ambassador now says they will not get away with it. >> and oscar night selfie that brought down twitter. priceless reaction of engineers, stay with us. ??eç
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tensions continue to over the situation in ukraine the russians took over two more facilities in crimea. the russian navy boarded a war ship in the black sea. a united nations diplomats called on russia to withdraw troops. accusing russians of responding to a math nary threat.
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we're live in san jose tonight. and you spoke to the man bho who was just america's top diplomat. >> he says president putin needs to be sent a message sending troops into ukraine is not acceptable. he says he called on sanks and doesn't buy russian president putin's justification he's protecting ethnic russians who live in yuk yan. >> there have been no groups attacking ethnic russians it's mythology that the russians invented that is the argument he's using. with a media almost all of the media controlled by the kremlin.
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>> mcfalls is he the post olympics image will be tarnished and the russian economy will be damaged. >> i hope that the pragmatic size of president putin's brain will think about consequences of a major military operation. >> make shaver hires ukrainin software developers and continuing unrest may cause them to turn companies to turn elsewhere. >> people goring to say i don't want to do business in ukraine. there are other places to go. in europe there are a lot out
7:33 pm
there. >> ukrainin engineers under high demand and can earn $4,000 per month. >> president obama said he's weighing step that's will ice sole yat russia mritly and said russia will find itself on the wrong side of history if it continues it's occupation >> the facts on the ground are deeply troubling but what is true is that over time this will be a costly population for russians. now is the time to consider whether they can serve their interests in a way that resorts to diplomacy opposed to force.
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>> secretary of state john kerry will meet with the interim government there. >> wall street is hedging bets over the situation the dow jones lost one # 53 points today. stocks in moscow fell today as well and oil prices inched up. a performer from ukraine is raising money and asking for support. saying russian troops invading is similar to nazi germany invading neighboring countries at the start of world war ii >> we cannot repeat 1938, 1939. we cannot repeat that this, is different. >> key says he wants the united nations to find a peaceful
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solution to the crisis, and is not pushing for the us to us get involved in the ukraine. >> another big storm dumped more snow today in the south and northeast today police cars got into fender benders. governors of tennessee and virginia declared states of emergency officials ordered most workers to stay home today in and around washington, d.c. and snow on the ground delayed thousands of people trying to fly. first two of eight classic corvettes that fell into a sink hole were rescued today achlt sink hole swallowed up cars inside of the national corvette museum. crews began removering the cars from their gooey graves.
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>> motion picture academy appal pol jiezed for the selfie that broke twitter last night the picture taken last night. it became the most retweeted photo in history. but at twitter headquarters engineered tweeted this picture. oh, no. >> just ahead state unemployment department deals with a massive department deals with a massive benefit
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be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. . >> edd is hoping to clear up a backlog of claims with some new money. >> the money will not help people making disability claims, right? >> no. no. it gets complex. here, a high demand coupled with funding struggles resulted in
7:40 pm
long delays and frustration for many through edd. for john atkinson, it's become a desperate situation. >> that is the message he heard each time he called the employment development department he is dealing with a heart condition ask cancer and received a letter awarding him benefits >> one detail is how to collect the money. minor little set back. >> john tried to call ekdd but says after spending five minutes on hold each time, he would be disconnected. >> i encourage you to apply online.
7:41 pm
fast ask easy. no, it isn't. >> edd acknowledges it's had delays and is in the process of hiring 300 employees to handle phones after funding was restored. >> about $43 million in funds we can put to use right away. start the hiring process and allow us ability to continue to use overtime in processing claim work. otherwise, that would have had to have been cut >> the money earmarked for unemployment program. meaning disability programs won't get additional staff to answer phones. edd says it's program hasn't had the same challenges as it's unemployment program. but admits there are limits on the number of calls that current staff can handle. >> cannot get through to any living human being. >> that meant for him, the situation was getting desperate. >> very stressful.
7:42 pm
you know? i need that income. you know? and any little bit helps. >> he called 7 on your side we contacted edd. >> i tried three and a half weeks you make one phone call to channel 7. it worked. >> turned out edd put a stop payment on the benefits because it thoulth he retired and wasn't eligibility. john retired from marines due to the disability but looking for less strenuous work he is now receiving benefits. >> god bless you. >> edd says if you can't get through on the phone, leave the question online and it will be answered within 48 hours. so i have a link where you can go to ask the question. and then, make sure to let me know if you don't hear back. >> nice job. >> thank you. >> coming up next from lake
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tahoe assignment 7 rofrt. >> delicate balancing act between en ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] only yoplait light and yoplait greek 100 are endorsed by weight watchers. so many delicious flavors that taste outta sight.
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>> delicate balancing act over the future of lake tahoe about to play out in court sierra club facing off against the agency that regulates development. and each side claims it's protecting the leak. for decades, economy here was driven by casinos competition changed everything >> we saw our economy go into free fall. >> businesses should douvenlt a project went bankrupt and sat unfinished. now there is optimism the worst may be over. >> our feel is thatting things are on the way back. >> that construction project is
7:47 pm
underway again and two developments would be going up, soon. the deal requires edgewood to open the beach to the public. >> you're looking where the public beach will be. >> many pris back after this owners are excite about theed flurry of activity. but sierra club are worried and suing to stop a plan stream lining regulations. >> this would aim at economic conditions. >> sierra club believes this plan hurts the environment. >> they have not addressed the water quality property or air
7:48 pm
quality, properly. >> owe owe fishls say the plan proing jekts must include major environmental benefits. >> we have a unique management in the united states wex cap the number of units. >> if you want to build something you have to demolish something expels restore the environment. that is what's happening in this spot the edgewood project gets to build new units, also required to make other improvements >> we're doing our part to make these improvements. at the end of the day going to perfect detective the lake. we're going to have an opportunity to run a successful business. >> officials believe these rules keep a good balance but the sierra club says it's tipping too far. >> boy like to see people committed to protecting the
7:49 pm
lake. and live with what we have. >> we have links on abc7 >> spencer is back with the forecast. >> it's wet here and has been for a while, getting wetter. you can see weather spreading across the bay area and points eat. this is the radar showing you the movement of batches onshore. 16/100ths in santa rosa. trace amounts in other locations. how about this video of a double rainbow yesterday?
7:50 pm
beautiful, dry afternoon in the upper 60s. and dry and mild over the weekend. >> stay with us. back right after the break. >> sports is coming up next.
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wide receiver antown bolden signed a deal. led with 179 wards and seven touchdowns and named mvp. he was also a big presence in the locker room with leadership in 2014. this guy is the complete package. collin cappernick wants to be paid.
7:54 pm
he'll make $973,000 next year. once a long term deal averaging $18 million for a year. he has nothing to show for it. is he worth it? is the supporting cast he's made hayed mim the player he is. peyton manning cleared to return after his repaired neck. he won a fifth mvp award last year with 557 passing yards leading denver to the super bowl. now, the guy handed peyton a loss in the super bowl found him snefl a new uniform today, it's a temporary gig. russell wilson on the field for texas rangers early today. a one day only workout. two yearsing allow yoe lay playing in the minor league
7:55 pm
system. rangers manager believes if he committed himself, wilson could be a two sports star. >> he has mental toughness to do it and physical ability to do it. so if have you those things that is what deon had. and bo jackson had, he has it, too. right now he's a super bowl champion. i don't think seahawks care. >> giants hosting pirates. tim lincecum dropped to fourth into rotation. pitching coach had to be wincing after this come back. allowed earned are runs here on this two-run homer with a's and
7:56 pm
dodgers exploded with a seven run third inning. scott van slight loses it in the sun. a's going on to win 7-3. brooklyn nets, the former stanford star the first openly gay player. and we end with the oscars. the event lent of a no hitter and last night he was money here is the sequence last night. ind yinz tweeting make it 13 in a row. his teammates are ignoring him in the dug jouchlt then oh, man,
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oh, man. that is tough to do. i lost my point on the great gatsby. i'm bitter. this abc7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware >> join me tonight at 9:00, from water to wine, a entrepreneur says he's done the miraculous a look at the device could help you whip up a pinot in just three days. >> pedestrian deaths on the rise who is to blame? >> that is coming up tonight. and tonight's prime time line up begin was the bachelor followed by a mreem year of mixology,
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then castle at 10:00. >> it's available on your smart phone or tablet. >> and that is it for this edition of abc7 news. >> from all of us here, we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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>> okay. now, you're all here because you've been suspended from work for sexual harassment. but through this seminar, you will learn the skills to keep you from making the same kinds of mistakes that got you here. >> excuse me, mr. winerslav-- >> it's pronounced "weener-slave."


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