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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 11, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> next at 6:00, breaking news. two reported crashes on the same san francisco street that injuries up to 15 people. we'll take you there live for the breaking details. fire danger in the dry bay area. we'll take you live to a sotheby fire being tackled right now. >> have an excessive heat watch right now in the bay area, and it's just going to get hotter. a look at the high temperatures coming this week. abc7 news at 6:00 is next. we are following that breaking news tonight. multiple people were injured after a crash in the mid-market neighborhood. harrison street between seventh and eight are closed. cornel bernard is live with the breaking details. reporter: i can tell you this
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intersection just re-opened but it has been a very good place to avoid most of the afternoon. a big cleanup has been going on two suvs mixed it up in the last hour and a half. both cars loaded with passengers. the fire department says the cars collided in the middle of the intersection, one suv was slammed against a building and we're told unfortunately a homeless man was standing in the doorway of the building, his injuries said to be the most severe. the fire department says ten to 15 people were transported to the hospital. their conditions are unknown tonight. but we do know that harrison street between seventh and eighth has just re-opened here in the last minute. so, it's caused a very big traffic jam all over the south of market area, people trying to get back t the south bay and get back into san francisco. we're live in san francisco tonight, cornell bernard, abc7 news.
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right now in san jose, firefighters are trying to put out a fire burning at a landfill, we're live in northwest san jose with details. reporter: you can see the thick smoke pouring over the hillside, the result of a fire that is burning equipment and wood chips at this sanitary landfill. 4:30 this afternoon the san jose fire depth got a call on smoke and they sent a truck. that crew called for backup and now a total of seven trucks responded which is the equivalent of a second alarm. they found several piles of wood chips in flames along with a piece of the landfill equipment. this fire presents several major challenges. first, the only source of water is near where i'm standing half a mile away from the top of the landfill. fire trucks have to fill up water at the hydrant down here and then race become up to the top of the hill. secondly, the wind is absolutely
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whipping through the area today, and the fire captain we spoke to says it's accelerated the fire as well as spread hot ash and embers through the surrounding dry fields. >> we have had embers from this fire and then set several smaller fires. we had a company in route to this fire that hat to pull off to put out a smaller fire. that's important for us because if we can get a fir when its small, it won't become a large fire. >> a large field of very dry grass surrounds the land phil, and crews are working as quickly as possible to ensure that this field does not go up as well. captain williams expects the crews will be here on the scene throughout the night but it has already been a very long day for the san jose fire department. they said that this is at least the tenth fire they have worked on today, and this is just the start of what they expect to be a very long and difficult fire season. in san jose, abc7 news. thank you. some smoky skies over san jose
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today because of a small fire. it breck out on highway 101 and 87 near the airport. the fire depth tweeted these pictures. the fire briefly closed lanes on southbound 101 this morning. here's a live look from the sutro tower cam over san francisco, where it will definitely feel like summer in the city coming wednesday. spencer christian previews the coming heat wave. >> becoming more summer-like as we speak. mainly sunny skies over the bay area right now. nice and warm today but going to get downright hot over the next couple of days. excessive heat watch in effect from tuesday afternoon, through wednesday evening, for virtually all of the bay area, except some areas of the coastline. high temperatures between 96 and 102 degrees on tuesday and wednesday. warm nights, of course, in the hills, and a risk of heat related illness, and as the temperatures rise the air quality declines. we have a "spare the air" alert for tomorrow. air quality will be poor in the
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inland east bay and moderate in the remained are of the bay area. developing news out of livermore. one person was taken into police custody after a plane had to make an emergency landing on the national laboratory property. lillian kim is live in livermore. reporter: we're on private property but right across the fence is where the pilot of a plane made an emergency landing at 3:30 p.m. security officers detained the pilot moments after landing. neighbors say the security here is hard core. it's a lockheed martin subsidiary which specializes in nuclear weapons systems so not surprised they would take any unauthorized person on their property as a threat. officers approached the plane with guns drawn but neighbors
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only saw one person get off the aircraft which they said made a sputtering sound before it lands. >> i just heard is click and then after that i heard -- it. >> i don't think it was under power. he had to land. and any field big enough to land a plane, when you're in that situation, you do that. rather than crash into some houses. so unfortunately for him it was in a high security area. reporter: later on we saw officers escort the man they detained and allowed him to good back to the aircraft to retrieve some items. we have call into the laboratory and are waiting to hear back from them. thank you for the update. police in sacramento believe surveillance cameras may have captured the point when gunman sprayed a city park unnests
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afternoon. a man in his 20s was killed. six others, including a seven-year-old girl, were wounds. their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. investigator says the motive appears to be gang related and are asking residents to review footage to help with the investigation. women who have lost a child to violence spent this mothers day rallying today at san francil. these women are calling for many things. they want instructor gun laws, better access to housing and safe neighborhood, but what they really want is closure. most of them people who have killed their children are still on the lose. her son george was killed in 1996. >> they said our case is a cold case. my son's case is not a cold case. we're here so we can empower one another to bring their attention to this. >> this is the 12th year the group, healing for our families and our nation, has ralliyed at city hall. eekland firefighters performed a delicate rescue operation to save person in this
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car after it slammed into an east oakland home this afternoon. rescue crews used the jaws of life to cut the top off to get the person that was trapped, out. two others were treated for injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. you can't reach a vast section of the internet by going or any other traditional search engines. it's call the dark net. our i-team has been working for months on a look at the secret marketplaces where boy guns, drugs, working credit card numbers and so much more. dan noyse talked to the people behind the technology that makes it possible, and that makes it so difficult for law enforcement to crack. >> never unbreakable but right now very difficult for both super sophisticationated agencies to break into.
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>> also show you a positive aspect. how human rights advocates are using the dark net to expose oppressive governments. a special report tomorrow night at 11:00 on abc7 news. still ahead at 6:00. >> mrs. sterling, you own 50% of the l.a. clippers. the nba may insist your team be sold. what would you too -- do then? >> the wife or donald sterling answers the question from barbara walters in an exclusive interview. why a new report says the niners are now blocking a plan for team legend joe montana to build an entertainment complexion next to its new stadium. >> watch abc is now available to viewers who want to watch on smart finances or tablets go to our web site and find out how to access it. and search watch abc in your app store to download the app. [doorbell rings]
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you just heard her on world news. shelly sterling saying she wants to keep her ownership of the team. it's a request most nba players aren't too happy with according to the miami heat's lebron james. james says no one in donald sterling's family should be able to own the clippers following his racist rant.
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shelly sterling says she plans to file for divorce and will fight to keep her team. >> if the wife of one of the owners -- 30 owners -- said those racial slurs, would they oust the husband or leave the husband in? >> shelly sterling told barbara walters she thinks her estranged husband has early on set dementia. a plan to build a hotel and entertainment center next to the new san francisco 49ers stadium is in jeopardy because of a parking shortage. the plan calls for creating 789 spots on the site of the proposed project. one of the backerses joe montana. the team told the city of santa clara if the project is approved the city would be on the hook for providing 8-1/2 acres of parking for the team. up next at 6:00, getting
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submersed in education, a look at the projects east bay students created themselves to learn about life underwater. get ready for a heat wave. >> giants and dodgers be extra innings. and derrek norris had a career day against his former team and the guy he was traded for.
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hundreds of children who are fighting cancer got a chance to put their battle aside today. 550 kids and their families were invited to spend the day at california's great america as part of the annual courageous kids day. the event is in its 25th year. organized by the american cancer sew sigh as a way to allow kids diagnosed with cancer the chance to have fun like any other kids. >> it encourages them and they can be kids because aberdeen -- everybody treats them like nothing is wrong with them, like nye kid. along with the rides and a picnic lunch, everyone was invited to meet san jose earthquakes players and the mascot. >> oakland high school students put their robotic invention to work.
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the device is designed to go underwater and capture images while submerged. today it was launched into the water at oakland's lake merritt. all part of a project to explore the lake's unique ecology. >> it really was a great day outside, but about to heat up. >> it is, ama. lovely day today. nice and warm. sunny skies, as you can see on live doppler 7hd. hardly a cloud to be found. but serious heat coming our way. live from sit here in san francisco, 60s. here's a beautiful view of the western sky from from emeryville. 81 at fairfield. 75, concord. 80. livermore. a live view from the rooftop camera looking at our forecast features tomorrow. a "spare the air" day as the air quality is declining, and excessive heat watch is in
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effect for tuesday afternoon through wednesday evening. 100-degree temperatures are likely in some inland locations on wednesday. so you can see it's going to be pretty hot. satellite radar composite image shows development of clear skies from coast to inland across the bay area. the jet stream is flowing well to the north and high pressure will be building in for a warm to hot pattern and as the ridge of high pressure building in, it will bring with at it hot air mass going to dominate our weather picture tuesday through thursday. looking ahead for the week ahead in san jose, highs well before average. the average is 75. it will be 88 tomorrow. mid-90s tuesday. 97, wednesday. 94, thursday. mid-80s, friday, and leveling out and a more seasonal range but this is indicative of what to expect all around the bay area for this coming week. it's going to be really warm to hot. tonight, clear skies, and by early morning we'll see low
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temperatures dropping into the low to mid-50s so mild overnight. and tomorrow it's going to be warm. in the south bay, sunny skies, upper 80s to 90. 87, santa claire. a on the peninsula, 87. mild on the coast. 74. pacifica. 77, half moon bay. downtown san francisco, almost 80 tomorrow. 76 in the sunset district. north bay, highs of 87 at santa rosa and sonoma. 88, napa. 85, petaluma. east bay, 83, oakland. 87, castro valley. 86, fremont. inland east bay, up 80s in concord, pleasanton. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, and as we said, wednesday will be the hottest day in the forecast period with highs up around or perhaps even above 100 degrees and the warmest locations and the remainder of the week
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temperatures moderating, a more seasonal range, and heat-related illnesses associated with that increase in temperatures. >> thank you so much. >> good time for ice cream at the ballpark. >> a great day for both our local nines. derek norris brought over in the trade that send gonzalez to washington, and guess who theways catcher faced it to? also extra incentive against your former day. a's raced $70,000 for breast cancer research today. bottom first, norris facing gonzalez, see ya. now 4 or. then two on for norris, 2-4, six rbi. most by anways catcher since 1970. scott cass mr.. improves to 5-1. struck out four, stops the threat in the seventh with a
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double-play, and then nick punto, a three rbi of his own. ways -- a's with their fourth series sweep of the year. 9-1 the final on mother's day. >> one of them special days. can't really explain other than somewhere mom is giving me the power and strength to do something special on her day. all guess tout her. she's always been there for me, and nice to actually in some way give it back to her. >> tell him to trim the beard. giants and dodgers. kids always bring your glove to the park. the first mistake. shot by the puig. tied at 1. to the seventh. giants match power with more power. the two-run shot off kershaw. 32-giants. bottom nine, 4-2 g-men. sergio romo to close. ramirez ties it with one swing of the bat. first blown save of the year.
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4-4. panda comes through. one run scores. he had three hits. giants hang on for the 7-4 victory taking 3-4 from the dodgers. >> okay, if league mvp kevin durant wants to add a league tight toll his resume he has to get past oklahoma first. watch this. staples center hosting nhl and nba games. clippers battling back. blake griffin. 25 points, nine boards. collison, back-to-back layups. 101-97 clips. three seconds down, russell westbrook for the win, no. ibaka for the rebound. no. claimers the 101-91 victory and even the series at two apiece. final round of the players championship, and martin kaymer
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weathered the storm for his second win. fans got to see golf and a turtle that chases golf balls. martin kaymer well on his way to victory. the three shot lead. ing in can symptom hip -- stop him? wrong. weather caused a delay. jim in a clubhouse with 12-under. the wheels cam off for kaymer. double bogeys 17. chunks his chip. had a 25 footer, seven foot for par, and he makes it, furyk can't believe it. in the clubhouse. kaymer wasn't out of the woods. the three footer for par. wins his second pga tour title and $1.8 million with a 1-under 71 gunner you see the leaderboard, where you are, but when you're playing and all the first 14 holes, just keep going. i played really, really well, and then you are really disappointing when they call it. and then you're a little cold.
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and i made a couple wrong decisions from 17 junior what a finish. first stage of the tour california. 120 miles around sacramento. the sprint to the finish. cavendish takes it by a tire. he finished in a time of 4:47.17. to take the lead. to the pitch. premiere league soccer, or futbol. manchester city wins their second title in the seasons beating united 2-nil. their fourth english league watching great finishes in sports, no matter what the sport. >> up next at 6:00, that web are slinging spider-man dropping on
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dropping considerably. neighbors topped the box office. neighbors pulled in $51 million. spider-man 2 made 37 million, 59% drop from last week, the other woman, heaven is for real, and captain america round out the top five. a dog with a special skill has a new home tonight. three-year-old rosy the pitbull is deaf. staff at an animal shelter in nebraska taught her commands in sign language. it took awhile to find rosy an owner who could communicate with her. yesterday that all changed. rosy's new owner is also deaf and plans to teach rosy more sign lange. that is incredible. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. thank you for joining us. we'll see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
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