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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 15, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> new at 6:00, the california drought. the repercussions could be harsh. >> a live report as this fire continues to spread. >> hate crime charges and a lug wrench attack on a 4-year-old girl at walmart. police say she was targeted this girl. >> and strike votes that could leave these seniors in their homes. what happens if these drivers decide to walk. >> mandatory rationing could be in store for thousands of bay area water users unless we start using less water on our own. good evening, i'm dan ash live.
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>> the story you'll see only on abc7 news tonight. there are questions over whether the bay area is doing its part to save water as this severe california drought drags on. governor brown wants us to slash usage by 20%. san francisco public utilities commission customers have only cut 5%. we're live with more. >> hi, carrow lib. one reason they may not have cut their usage is that foremost part haven't been asked to. it's a surprising lack of intensity in a situation otherwise described as dire. >> today, i am declaring a drought emergency in the state of california. >> january 17th, the governor asking everyone in the state to cut back their water usage by 20%. two largest districts responded,
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asking their combined 4 million customers to reduce their consumption by 10%. >> we made a cause to ask our customers to reduce by 0% >> allen levin is with the san francisco public utilities commission providing water to 26 other agencies so far, it's 2.6 million customers are not doing their part. >> year to date since asked for reduction we're at about 5% >> east bay mudd customers are conserving. >> he says his customers are doing their part, exceeding the requested 10% reduction. >> it asks for 10%, customers have been conserving 12% since we've asked >> he thinks 10% is enough going forward. with snow pack nearly gone. in key reservoirs, depleted. >> our supply is going to be
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adequate if customers continue to conserve at levels they're doing now. >> as for san francisco p.u.c if there is no improvement in next month, it's customers may see that 10% volume teary request ramped up. >> if we don't see a response, we put everybody on notice that june 15th we may be coming back to ask for further reductions >> the governor did did not respond. referring us back to the statements brown made in january. >> these are the lots of water, not so much water, down there. >> laura anthony, abc7 news. >> if you're looking for ways to save water, you'll find conservation tips on our web site, abc7 >> dry conditions are feeding fires in san diego county tonight. crews were getting a handle on one in the city of san marcos, then, flaring up forcing thousands of people to evacuate
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homes. a two-story home went up in flames today. the fire broke out this afternoon on jerry lane starting as a grass fire but spread to a chicken coop, then toshg the house flaments could be seen leaping 10-20 feet in the air the home was a loss the fire burned an acre of grass around the home the family and pets did escape but they are stuck. >> there is a lot more in there. and most of my dad and mom's clothes are probably all gone. so... i don't know how it happened. >> just stunned. the fire was in a rural area. and cal fire had to use helicopters and air tankers to drop water. they had to rotate firefighters in and out due to 100 degree heat. crews expect to be there for several more hours putting out hot spots. >> fire investigators think kids are responsible for a string of
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fires set near homes. the second this week and a third just yesterday all three started in late afternoon. firefighters put out fires quickly. people and firefighters are worried. >> had a witness saw kids leaving the area. >> investigators say all three fires were set close to each other. >> spring heat wave is now thankfully coming to an end, but not before a blast of hot weather. up to 96 degrees this afternoon.
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>> things beginning to cool down already. you can see a cooling influence with it. as a matter of fact 24 hour change shows it's just 13 degrees cooler than at this hour last night at sfo. a bit today, high temperatures today inland east bay in mid to upper 90s. a sprinkling of low 90s in the north bay. things are cooling down. >> that is nice to hear. >> thank you. >> an elderly daily city man accused of shooting at his former doctor last month appeared in court today this, time, the 84-year-old entered a plea of not guilty owe charges
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of premeditated murder and felony assault with a firearm. the shooting caused panic at the center on south gate avenue. investigators say he walked up to the doctor saying you gave me a shot and it made me sick. prosecutors say the prosecutor blamed the doctor for the pain. >> prosecutors filed hate crime charges against a woman accused of attacking a little girl. police say the 20-year-old used a tire iron to attack the family because they're asian. the prosecutor believes he walked into the store looking to kill. >> what do we see about the suspect is that she targeted family because they're asian and she attacked them and this is a premed indicated act on her part. >> the girl is recovering
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tonight. she's reportedly a transient if convicted she can spend her life in prison. >> the walmart store where that occurred is the same where this happened last spring. a car plowed through the front door sxdz into a beer display. three shoppers and an employee were hurt. >> in antioch, police arrested accused of using a u haul truck in summersville road this morning. one man captured when jumping from a get away car. other two arrested on burglary charges >> elderly residents of a home in san francisco are wondering where they will live in july another senior care provider wants to take over the university ladies home and at this point, the home is planning to close.
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abc7 has the story only on abc7 news. >> you may not have heard of the ladies tomorrow but it's been here since 1886. a gift from one of california's wealthiest men. it's a nonprofit. the 134 year history may be coming to an end. >> it's hard to say. it's a very nice facility >> bonnie lived here three years. just last week, she and 52 others were notified the home will close doors july 10th. >> since the beginning of the mission of the home ability to generate revenue from fees was not adequate to cover the
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operating costs. >> bill brinkman is the interim director. >> our number one and primary concern is finding new homes. >> i don't want to move. >> jean feels the same saying it would be very difficult for his 91-year-old mother to move from what he calls a wonderful place. >> we came for convenience, for price, but stayed for level of care here. it's phenomenal. >> six years ago they faced a financial challenge here. now, another player in the business wants to step in, proposing to work with the nonprofit pacific institute. that with others may be evaluated. >> time is short. and we're working to find a solution. >> 53 elderly women and men are
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counting on it. >> the sheriff says arson is among many things investigators are looking into. you can see a wall of flames here. that is evacuated. from time to time, little fire natos like this one broke out. cal fire beginning to get fires contained we are live at the scene of the coco fire. >> that is right. they're getting a good handle on the fires but this one is giving the most problems from here, you get a good view of the escondido area.
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we have a heli tanker moving forward now. a spot fire just a small example of what firefighters have been up against today in a fight to put out fires. temperatures did all they could, but this blaze was just too much. >> this home burned near the coast of one of the hill tops in san marcos. check this out. video of what looked like a fire tornado. with water dropping helicopters... firefighters work to put out a wildfire.
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today because of the thick brush. >> i saw i off the mountain there. i was like, oh, my god, i'm done. >> this lady came back just to grab a few things >> i know there are more fires ongoing in this area. >> sources told our sister station eight of the nine fires have been deemed sus spishus, might have been set intentionally. >> they kept popping up. yes. >> it's just too much of a coincidence. just doesn't make sense to me. >> we do have bad air quality. so take good care of yourselves.
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>> as far as fact this might be an arson situation, all officials would say is that someone was detained, questioned and released so no arrest made. as far as san marcos, this is where the fire is burning. a thousand acres burned, two homes destroyed and 45,000 people evacuated. >> thank you very much. you can see smoke behind rob, there. >> a billionaire beach battle. a judge gets to see why local surfers are complaining. >> this fresh look and big announcement on the championship games played here this fall. >> later with a million plus bicycle thefts a smart phone
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usually, attorneys bring the case to the courtroom. but today, a beach in half moon bay and mostly a mystery until today. >> it's a lot to look after
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after five years of wondering. this is the controversial 53 acres it's a place of beautiful white sand and today, a judge trailed by attorneys and interested parties >> i can't figure out how a billionaire would be so short sighted to come in and feel like he can push the public out. >> he put up a no trespassing sign his attorney claimed he did not need it. >> if the court finds there is no development, we should win. >> this is an attack on people of california. their rights to enable themselves to enact laws giving them access to public beaches.
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>> the attorney helped bring this case on behalf of california surfers who describe this as a special place. >> do you know his name? >> no. >> i do not know. >> do you know where he got his money? >> i believe it's a right of citizens to have access to the beach. >> those that had access walked in or live here. in six years, it will expire. >> it can be worked out. >> what is your suggest? >> just relax. >> what the judge is looking for and saw today remains uncertain. she put a gag order on proceedings by afternoon, all parties returned to the court house. no reports of sand in their toes
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but it's on their minds. >> a tiny chihuahua rescue perfected a freeway has been reunited with the two little girls who own her. you can see the officer during the dog. charm has been in an animal care shelter and attorneys out charm escaped from her backyard, near the freeway. e girls have been postingos for days and thanking animal control as well as chp officers by making them this giant thank you card. >> that is cute. >> yes. >> that is great news.
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it's winding down now. we have sunny skies and have hot spots today. fog reappeared take a look down south. one in effect for los angeles area, it's hot, dry and has been windy. now winds calming down. it's hot. temperatures 90s in most locations. # eight in san diego proper. humidity readings in single digits and dry. so we'll watch that area for you. back in our region here, beach hazard statement remains in affect throughout the evening. meanly for south-facing beaches. may produce strong rip currents. it's something to keep in mind along the coastline. here is a live view looking at
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the golden gate. we'll have warming trend next week but not like heat wave this week. fog moving ahead of this pool of cool air that will bring us cooler weather. tonight starting at 11:00 clear skies inland. fog forms and continues to develop at the coast. ask during overnight hours, we'll have low temperatures still on the mild side, mainly mid to upper 50s mid-40s along parts of the coastline.
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and 88 in morgan hill. and downtown san francisco, 73 tomorrow. east bay shore line, mid to upper 70s. 77 in hayward. so not warm enough to call it hot. mid-80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. you can call it hot, but it's not really hot. over the weekend high temperatures into 70s inland. seven # inland. and warmer later in the week. >> why you can't believe what
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you read on the roadside. >> someone has been hacking them the story, next.
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no permanent state funding for housing or transit you're a witness of a catastrophic funding crisis here in california. >> revenue results from major polluters buying carbon credits expected to reach a billion dollars next year, 5 billion by 2020. >> a company operates electronic road signs trying to figure out who hacked one sign. take a look at this, this road sign in san francisco is changed to say city closed, it's too hot the message has been there since yesterday, supposed to warn drivers of the beta breakers detours. highway rentals operates signs. this morning a worker delete that had message this, is not the 1 time the road signs have been hacked.
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>> could with hazardous. >> the sign was not hacked because it's not connected to the internet. that means someone knew the combination. it's now been changed >> jebbing, over. >> yes. >> still to come here at 6:00 up next strike that could leave these disabled seniors stranded in their homes. >> the president dedicates a museum to the victims of september 11th at the place they died. >> a big announcement to a championship game to be played here this fall.
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deal on a contract. >> every weekday about 100 seniors come to the bay view adult day center. for thousands >> when it got this way, that is about it >>. the city contracts with mv transportation to run the service. the day center told last week the teamsters drivers rejected mv final contract offer and that a strike could happen any time. the director says if it does, there there are no good options. >> our staff figuring out systems you know? picking them up by car to bring them in if a strike did happen. >> barbara jackson relies on lift vans her daughter used to take her here, but lost a job because she's late to work. jackson prays there won't be a
7:33 pm
strike. >> it's probably to stay at home. paul rose says two sides are close to an agreement. >> we're optimistic. >> but talks are complicated because they've told the city it wants to stop providing paratransit service when contracts run out. catherine's son, sam, relies on the lift vans. >> if a new companies and doesn't accept the union, they will walk. >> nerj meeting scheduled tomorrow in chicago. thousands of people who use a service are keeping their fingers crossed. in san francisco, vic lee, abc7 news >> and update to the story just
7:34 pm
received word two sides reached a tentative agreement. >> there may be more problem was rods on the bay bridge. officials revealed anchor roads rods are misaligned. and we do know that the same rdz rusted from exposure owe elements >> more palm trees being planted right now. 22 canary island date palms went in today. and might appear unusual, officials say they're actually a perfect fit. they bring a strong form to the bridge and are tall enough and thrive in our climate. >> they look great out there >> the president dedicated new september 11th museum at ground
7:35 pm
0 in new york today. and told the crowd they're in a sacred space of healing and hope. pictures of victims line walls and personal items are on display. >> we can touch their names and hear their voices. and glimpse the small items that speak to the beauty of their lives. here, we tell their story. so that generations yet unborn will never for get. >> part of the world trade center towers are displayed as are voice mails from victims to their families. the museum opens to the public wednesday. >> tonight's money matters walmart and wall street, biggest retailer today reported a growth in sales weaker than any
7:36 pm
quarter, blaming it on severe winter weather and said they will probably not need profit estimates. the dow suffered it's worst one day loss in a month, down 167 points. nasdaq dropped 31 points. walmart fell 2.5%. amazon may be able to open a new distribution center that could mean 200 jobs officials confirm only an internet company leased a large warehouse but there is a newer job opening on the web site. >> u.s. airline industry predicted 210 million people will take to the skies summer. almost 30 million traveling overseas, that is an all-time high. >> you know levis stadium isn't finished and no matter how niners do, you're guaranteed to see championship football played there. here is david louie.
7:37 pm
>> the number of events keeps growing. new teams want to use this facility. latest is the pack 12 championship a three-year deal >> as a few tour site we no this stadium was built with a vision for big time events so we're delighted to be here especially in opening year. >> crews are hard at work the 9,000 club seats in place, and the club lounge is shaping up. some serious technology going in, too, including wi-fi hot spots this, has to be fine tuneed and jed york says everything will be ready. >> it's not just technology. you've got 68,500 people coming to a new building. there is going to be growing
7:38 pm
pains >> three year pro jess edges towards tomorrow police, he says it mirrors what he envisioned for the team. iets crazy how much it resembles ideas put into the stadium. it doesn't feel real. and i'm shocked how much it resembles ideas and passion we put into it for many years. >> no video of the locker room is allowed. york wants to surprise the team. it has 18-20 ceilings and lots of walnut. 11 adjustment, a new adjustment to the goalpost raised by five feet. >> meantime, san francisco mayor ed lee in seattle today to settle a bet. in january, the 49ers lost to the seahawks in nfc championship
7:39 pm
game and to settle the wager the mayors visited a food bank where he presented the organization with a $10,000 donation. >> to me was extraordinary. >> other terms of the wager included sending ed murray a bloody mary mix from lefty odoule's. >> coming up next, don't be one of the million plus victims of bicycle theft. >> yes. just ahead here a smart phone lock that just might stop a thief. we'll be right back. hey there.
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surprise!lcome back. crystal geyser alpine spring water. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. news flash, it's bottled at the source. news flash, we sell it in cases. oh. thank you. oh no no no. crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. bicycles may be the cheapest and greenest way to get around the bay area, but they are easy to steal. >> today, a team of engineers says there is a plan to fix that. >> have you ever had your bike stolen? >> yes. >> it's a sad, common story. >> got stolen in front of the building where i was studying. >> a thief sawed through the
7:43 pm
rode off. >> it's impossible not to get them stolen if you leave them out. we're trying to curtail that using sky lock. >> engineers used to work on tanks ask airplanes. jack left his job at boeing to make the lock. >> it's a little robot stuffed inside of a metal enclosure. >> sky lock has two motorized latches. thieves have to make two cuts to get it open. you can't pick it. there is no keyhole the key is your smart phone. like cars it senses when you're next to it. >> the latch opens. but killer feature? theft alert. they show it can ring your phone if someone jiggles it around. it needs wi-fi. >> it's getting endorsements from passers by. including one that knows about bike theft. >> it's good.
7:44 pm
>> officer fred chris rides a bike for the san francisco police department he says it could be a deterrent. >> it's like putting a lock on the steering wheel, people are going to go to a car ta doesn't have one. >> also, for safety n a crash, video shows the lock asking if you're okay. and offering to call for help. if it catches on at $159 makers have another vision, using for bike sharing and renting out the bike since the key is digital. >> cool. >> she'll have to wait they're still raising money and hoping to make and ship first batch next year. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> clever. >> yes. >> still ahead a former tv star tells us how he's able to get his alcohol addiction under control. >> with the help of a controversial treatment that is controversial treatment that is
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a unique treatment for alcoholism gaining traction in the bay area. it's different than the traditional approach, relying on an implant placed inside of the body to deliver medication over time. it's ln been a long road for jeremy miller. >> it kept growing and growing. turning into, you know half a bottle of hard liquor per day.
7:48 pm
a bottle per day. he says he tried rehab programs from alcoholics anonymous, to holistic medicine. after little success, he turbed to a program called start fresh, combining that counselling notedel with an antiaddiction drug delivered in a unique way. >> i could not have been more skeptical. i heard about the program and implants, and everything else. idea that some magic pill was going to make this go away was unfathomable to me. >> rather than a pill, it's delivered as an implant in a short procedure, placing dosage beneath the skin. >> this is a physician with the program. >> it attaches itself and blocks an area of receptors in the brain. cravings and desire to drink is
7:49 pm
mediated by that pathway. he says once in place, implant is designed to disrupt the receptor pathway for a period from six months to a year. depending on patient metabolism. it been available two decades but it was mainly in pill form. a hurdle for many struggling addicts. >> you take an alcoholic who is the most notorious of uncompliant patients they're not going to take thei medicine. >> todd began working in patient outreach and believes breathing room is key to his completing counselling. >> i believe it's a strong component of this. side affects can include nausea and anxiety. success is not gir run teed. jeremy says he suffered a relapse >> they let me begin from the
7:50 pm
beginning and get it going from then on, i have been sober. >> since that time, he's been entertaining acting offers and beginning work as a patient advocate with the program now credited for turning his life around. >> i believe in it. i know it works. >> the treatment program can run into thousands of dollars. the affordable care act does require insurers to provide coverage for substance abuse. >> let's move back to weather. you can tell it's begun to cool off. 90s in los angeles. our cooling continues here in the bay area. high temperatures mid to upper
7:51 pm
80s 70s around the bay. looking at the week ahead, you can follow the cooling pattern. a high of only 67 in oakland. two days after record heat. this will be several days after record heat. all around the bay area, cooling down. here is the accu-weather forecast. monday coolest day and won't be a heat wave. just a warm up. >> let's talk football. >> yes. niners. >> yes. carlos hyde ready to run. one teammate he wants to learn from is the man he might replace. sports is coming up next.
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good evening. a mixed bag of reaction to the stunning hiring of the new head coach of the warriors shocked because it's assumed he
7:55 pm
was going to go to the knicks. one of the things that impressed owner is the level of preparation. he spent tw years writing down his philosophies from planning, a game day schedule as head coach to down to social media. with detailed notes on the warriors roster players strengths and weaknesses covered everything. so preparation not going to be an issue going forward the news conference will be early next week. 49ers did unexpected taking carlos hyde last week the running back could be the successor to frank gore. he described his running style as violent, looking forward to learning from gore. >> when i see, a pay attention. you know? i was a guy that had compare to
7:56 pm
get to learn a guy probably going into the hall of fame. i'm going to pay attention to them ask take notes. >> four years $18.7 million. expected to come right in to start for silver and black. there is no haggling. the pack 12 will play at levis stadium for three years and previous three title games it remains to be seen if it's going to suffer but other major conferences hold games in neutral sites. >> we're going to be playing on exciting stages in all of football.
7:57 pm
it's great news against big time competition. >> ending in beautiful santa barbara. they started out in pismo beach. taylor finney is 65 and 180 pounds, lean and mean. first round of the byron nelson championship last week's winner with a birdie putt. 2011 byron nelson winner on 13 curls it p for birdie the man they're chasing is peter hanson. concern for california chrome.
7:58 pm
the horse is hoarse. they say it's miner. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> join me tonight at 9:00, a local man's claim of a near collision on a flight back from hawaii on a united airlines flight >> then online discounts. how to get best deals possible. michael finney one thing everyone needs to know when shopping online, tonight at 11:00 >> that is this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. our coverage continues now on twitter on abc7 news bay area. thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here, have a good evening. >> appreciate your time.
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