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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 10, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil through a comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy. >> president obama outlines his plan to take out isis. and for the first time, that will mean air strikes in syrian territory. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> in an address to the nation tonight, the president laid out his most detailed plan yet to fight the militant group that
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executed american journalists james foley and steven sotloff. >> reporter: president obama said tonight the u.s. will not be constrained by borders when it comes to hunting down terrorists. >> i will not hesitate to take action against isil in syria as well as iraq. >> reporter: an overwhelming majority of americans support u.s. air strikes against isis targets in syria. and tonight, the president says the u.s. will launch a campaign to take out isis wherever they exist, using air strikes and partners on the ground. senior administration officials would not give a timeline for this action, saying they didn't want to telegraph military strikes. president obama asked congress for the authority and funding to train and equip moderate syrian rebels, something the cia has already been doing in secret. >> we must strengthen the opposition as the best counterweight to extremists like
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isil. >> reporter: saudi arabia has agreed to host the program, if congress signs off. the president also announced the u.s. would expand air strikes in iraq beyond the mission of protecting americans and providing humanitarian aid. >> so that we're hitting isil targets as iraqi forces go on offense. >> reporter: more than 1,000 u.s. troops are already in iraq. and tonight, the president announced an additional 475 will be deployed there. but he insisted they will not be combat troops. they'll be there to train and advise iraqi forces. >> we will not get dragged into another ground war in iraq. >> reporter: president obama said it will take time to eradicate a cancer like isis, preparing americans for a potentially open-ended fight. karen travers, abc news, washington. a major new development tonight in the ray rice domestic violence case. nfl commissioner roger goodell says an ex-fbi director, robert muller, will conduct an independent investigation into the case.
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this comes after a law enforcement official told the associated press today that a video of the football player punching his then-fiancee, now wife, was sent to a league executive several months ago. the official also played a voicemail confirming the video arrived. yesterday, commissioner roger goodell told cbs news he had never seen the tape prior to its release on monday, and neither had anyone from the league. to the best of his knowledge. the league issued a statement standing by the commissioner's comments today. rice was released by the baltimore ravens and suspended indefinitely by the nfl after that tape surfaced. meantime, some prominent voices are calling for former secretary of state condoleezza rice to replace nfl commissioner roger goodell. republican senator john mccain advised nfl owners to seek the advice of the former secretary. and remember in 2002, rice was quoted in "the new york times" as saying she would very much like to be commissioner. she's a huge football fan.
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she is currently a professor at stanford. state wildlife officials have shot and killed a mountain lion they believe attacked a 6-year-old boy on sunday. they say the cat exhibited aggressive behavior. dna tests will be conducted to confirm whether the cat is the one responsible. >> it's been very harrowing. cats don't move in a linear motion. they go back and forth and crisscross over each other. it has at times felt like a wild goose chase over the past few days, and we weren't entirely sure we would get it. but these are professionals. these dogs are very good at what they do. we had many agencies working together, and all of us cared very much about getting this cat. >> hiking trails remain closed tonight until the dna results prove they have the right animal. they also need to pick up traps hidden in the area. the attack left the boy with wounds to his neck and head. he is recovering at home and is expected to be ok. three students and their teacher are recovering tonight
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after being hit by a car. it happened as the group was walking on a sidewalk on west hillsdale boulevard in san mateo today. karen tyler explains that thank goodness everyone involved in the accident is expected to survive. >> reporter: sky 7 hd was overhead as police investigated the accident that happened just after 10:30 this morning. a man in his 50s driving a black acura heading north on west hillsdale boulevard certainly veered onto the sidewalk. his car sheared off a light pole and hit a group of special needs students and the student teacher who had been leading them across the street. >> the kids are not safe on the street. >> reporter: it happened right in front of this man as he trimmed a tree across the street. >> the woman was happy, was laughing with the kids. showing them nature or whatever. and then this happened. i hope she's fine. and the other kids too.
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but she was more damaged. >> reporter: she suffered head trauma, but it's not life threatening. the students have minor injuries. they attend special classes at nearby hillsdale high school, and often walk in this neighborhood. >> it was part of their routine in getting, you know, having the students out in the community and walking. it normally would be a good spot for a walk, and therefore that's why they choose the road. >> reporter: police say even though west hillsdale boulevard is a thoroughfare, collisions are unusual. >> it's a residential street. generally people are respectful of that. but i hope that speed was not what caused today, but we'll know further later. >> reporter: he says officers are interviewing the driver in the hospital. the family of a driver killed in july is asking for a change in the trucking industry. 23-year-old daniel mcguire was killed and seven others hit when
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a big rig slammed into a line of calls. mcguire's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. they believe the combination of a driver only three months on the job and poor truck maintenance contributed to daniel's death. >> i am terrified. i am traumatized that an inexperienced trucker is hauling dangerous loads. >> he had a bright future and was about to become engaged to marry the love of his life. >> the mcguires want the trucking industry to establish a grading system so that only the best drivers drive the most difficult routes. if the industry does not cooperate, the family plans to pursue legislative action at the state and federal levels. sadly tonight we have our first fatality from the august 24 napa earthquake. a 65-year-old woman who was hit in the head by a toppling television set. our reporter spoke with the woman's family, her daughter in fact today in napa. >> she was free spirited. she was an artist. >> reporter: shannon johnson is
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trying to remember the good time. in her napa home, she is surrounded by her mother's photos and art projects. >> she didn't get to live her life to the fullest, unfortunately, but she made the best of it and loved her family very much. >> reporter: laurie thompson the first death associated with napa's 6.0 earthquake. laurie told her daughter when the earthquake hit, she was awake sitting in a chair watching tv. the tv came flying off its stand and hit her in the face. it was an older, smaller model, not unlike this one you see here in this pile of earthquake debris. in the hours that followed, she told her family she felt fine. she refused to see a doctor. but the day after the earthquake, she collapsed and had a seizure. her family rushed her to the hospital. >> 10 days of ups and little victories, downs. she had a subdermal hematoma. >> there was one brain surgery.
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with a second operation looming, she died. an emergency room physician says head injuries can be unpredictable. >> they can seem to be acting normal, but slowly the bleed builds up to the point where then they eventually get too big of a hemorrhage and they can't overcome it with their mental faculties, and they just decline suddenly. >> reporter: shannon says her mother spent her life taking care of other people, and even in death, she'd want to help others by sharing this story. shannon says this poster that used to hang in her mother's house says it all. >> this is her motto, you know. she had a lot of lemons in her life, and she constantly made lemonade. if it seems bart trains are more crowded than ever, it's not your imagination. many bart passengers have been struggling to find a seat. officials say there are two reasons why. first, more riders. there were a few days last week when 430,000 people climbed onboard. a year ago, that number was 391,000. second, there are fewer train cars.
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bart has pulled out 19 cars a day for a newly launched rehabilitation project. >> carrying out those nasty, dirty carpets and putting in cleaner floors. new wipable seats, and new air conditioning units. >> the project won't be done until next year. bart has a couple of tips. take off backpacks to free up space and move to the middle of the train where it's less crowded. a lot more to get to here on abc 7 news at 9:00. coming up, a pipedream until now. but will a new state law signed today prove to be a job killer? a california community cuts their water use by nearly 50%. you'll find out which one. and spencer christian is here with the weather. >> dan, if you like a little late summer heat on your menu, you'll love what i'm serving up next in my forecast in just a moment. and a big beam represents a big milestone for a bay area
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governor brown today signed a bill giving more than 6 million california workers paid sick leave. whether you're a dishwasher in san diego or a store clerk in oakland, the governor says this bill frees you of having to choose between your family's health and your job. reporter laura anthony has the story. >> this is the least we can do. >> reporter: governor jerry brown says it's the right thing to do, but some worry a new law that requires employers to give employees at least some paid sick time could be especially bad for small businesses. >> for small businesses, that shouldn't be a rule. i would say the law should discriminate on the amount of workers, employees, that are in the business. >> reporter: eddie just opened his new cross burgers six months ago. he's open to giving paid sick time to full-time employees, but the law requires it also be extended to employees who work just 30 days in a year. >> yeah. that's a tough one. that's a tough one.
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you know, i didn't get the 30-day part. you know, that changes things a little bit. but i'm sure there's a reason for it. >> reporter: cafe talavera just opened in oakland with just three employees and an owner who is very hands on. >> i think it's fair. three sick days is pretty fair to me. and people should have a sick day. they shouldn't feel obligated to go to work sick. >> reporter: the paid sick time can also be used for family leave. it would be accrued at a rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked at least three days in a year. >> somebody who is serving me something does not need to be ill serving it to me. and that's common sense. don't you think? >> reporter: employers in oakland also face the prospect of paying a higher minimum wage in a measure on the november ballot passes. that wage would go up from $9 to $12.25 per hour. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. six undercover police
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officers will not face criminal charges for killing an unarmed suspect last year. they shot juan morales 29 times during an undercover drug buy. the d.a.'s office says the officers were justified. no gun was found. police have arrested a muni worker for stealing gasoline. police say the man filled his personal vehicle with gas that is reserved for city vehicles. they say he stole thousands of dollars worth of gas. he is arrested. now faces charges of grand theft and embezzlement. cities with strict water allotments are seeing big savings. pleasanton, livermore are under the limit. they are seeing 36.7%, 35%, and 25.1% reductions respectively. the city with the most savings is cambria. people there cut water use by
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49% in july. really in half. northern california is cutting more than socal. bay area residents cut water use 13% in july compared to a year ago. los angeles and san diego, only 1.7%. >> wow. >> good news is we're beating southern california. >> yes. the bad news is, still no rain on the way for anyone. >> that's true. it may be months before we see any. lots of heat, though, in the next few days. clear skies around the bay area right now. we may see a few patches of fog forming at the coast during the overnight hours. but guess what's happening up in montana right now? snow. widespread snowfall from mi z l missoula to sioux falls. extreme heat, though, here in the bay area. 100 degrees at lake fort. 98 at cloverdale. upper 90s at fairfield. concord. 95 at morgan hill. 80 was the high here in san
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francisco. looking out over the city of san francisco now, things look quiet and it's much cooler than it was today under clear skies. these are the forecast features. we'll have hot weather inland for the next few days. tomorrow is a spare the air day with declining air quality. and heat recedes early next week. just a few degrees. wildfires meanwhile continue to burn in the northernmost part of the stay as you can see on the satellite image. the wildfires up in the happy camp area and smoke from those fires continues to move out to sea and then curl back into the bay area, adding to the decline in our air quality. some of the smoke was visible in the form of haze this afternoon and evening. looking live right now from the golden gate bridge camera, take a look at our air quality for tomorrow, ozone and pollution will be a problem. poorest air quality in the inland east bay and the santa clara valley. a huge ridge of high pressure dominating our weather picture now, and it will continue to do
9:19 pm
so for the next several days giving us this warm to hot pattern that will carry us right through the weekend. overnight, look for areas of fog forming at the coast line. mainly clear inland, though. low temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s tonight. tomorrow, sunny skies in the south bay, and it will be hot. highs of 89 in santa clara. 90 in san jose. 100 in gilroy. up on the peninsula, highs of 87. on the coast, mild even with the presence of some fogment look for highs of 70 in pacifica. 75 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 82 degrees tomorrow. 72 in the sunset district. north bay, 70 on the coast. 72 at spinson beach. inland, 97 at santa rosa. 96 at napa. oakland will top out at about 85 degrees tomorrow. 90 at castro valley. 88 at fremont. inland east bay, about as close to 100 as you can get, 98 the high at fairfield.
9:20 pm
98 livermore. 97 walnut creek. here is the seven-day forecast. we will likely see some locations inland hitting 100 degrees tomorrow and friday, possibly even saturday. the heat begins to recede a few degrees on sunday, and then we get some moderation in our temperatures early next week. but for the next few days, the heat is on. >> thank you very much. still to come, the best burrito in america. >> doesn't that look good? this is right here in the bay area too. stay hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready,
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a landmark moment at san francisco's museum of modern art today. >> that's right. sf moma has been closed since
9:24 pm
last year for an expansion project. today, workers hit a big accomplishment. >> you can't have innovation without it being stimulated among our people. art does that. it stimulating our ability and willingness to innovate in every aspect of our life. that is why we are really innovation capital of the world. >> the museum will reopen in 2016. if you want a sneak peek, our reporter has that for you on >> spectacular building. just incredible. speaking of spectacular, san francisco's mission district is home to america's best burrito. >> nate silver is at today announced that the mission district la taqueria gets the grand prize.
9:25 pm
the contest started with more than 67,000 restaurants. went to each one.t to 64 and >> i want that job. >> i know. she says the bombardment of liquid and flavor from a la taqueria burrito are enough to stop any woman in her tracks. >> i've got to try it out. well, when we come back, america's battle with isis. we'll have more on the president's aggressive plan to deal with the threat in the middle east. also commonly prescribed drugs could raise the risk for alzheimer's. we'll tell you which ones. >> and apple's big gamble. why so many in america are hoping it pays off. stay right here. we'll be back with another half-hour of abc 7 news at 9 ...we need to break up.
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good evening once again. we start the half-hour by recapping the top story tonight. president obama has given an address to the nation announcing that he is ramping up efforts to destroy the terrorist group isis. >> the president is vowing to expand air strikes to target isis fighters in both iraq and syria. the strategy also includes training and arming syrian rebels and increasing support for iraqi secur forces. the u.s. also plans to increase counterterrorism efforts to prevent isis attacks and provide humanitarian assistance for innocent civilians. >> it will not include combat troops on the ground. >> it will be waged through a steady, relentless effort to take out isil wherever they exist using our air power. and our support for partner forces on the ground. this strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us while supporting partners on the front lines is one that we have
9:30 pm
successfully pu successful successfully pursued in yemen and somalia for years. >> the president said they will degrade and then destroy the terrorist group. you have no doubt heard the group called by isis and isil. isil stands for the islamic state of iraq and levant. that includes the area you can see on the map. a south bay family is looking for help to give their loved one a fighting chance again leukemia. 31-year-old saleh amirriazi needs a bone marrow transplant. he was diagnosed with leukemia three months ago. saleh has undergone several rounds of chemotherapy, but doctors say the ultimate cure is a transplant. unfortunately none of his family members is a match. his sister reached out to abc 7 news looking to get the word out about finding a donor. >> you know, he can fight this.
9:31 pm
he is a fighter. and i'm sure he will heal it. he helped a lot in this business. and i really do my best to keep this business until he comes back, you know. >> she organized a bone marrow drive at the bakery she owns earlier this evening and through the rest of the week. we have the location and the times for the event on our website, com. new research finds that older people who relied on drugs to relieve anxiety or induce sleep are at higher risk to develop alzheimer's disease. the study found participants 66 or older are twice as likely to develop alzheimer's. research also suggests drugs like xanax, val valium, and ativan causes brains to become less active, which also leads to
9:32 pm
cognitive decline. this morning, apple's announcement was everywhere. many people are asking, will apple's gamble pay off? will people go for the apple watch? david muir has more. >> reporter: 24 hours after our moment behind the scenes with apple ceo tim cook having just revealed the new iphone and the apple watch, tonight, factories across america are in overdrive. people are listening closely, hoping theirs will fit even days before the phone comes >> we're otter box, and we have boxes. >> and remember bodacious cases? still determined to make their cases here and tonight designing new ones. in san francisco, warming up the factory at waterfield designs, showing their leather cases for your iphone.
9:33 pm
leather is american too. >> we are already busy here. >> even the wooden cases from portland, oregon, tonight. all of them hoping for a shot at your business for that new iphone that can take 21 selfies in a second. a lot of eyes around the world, and a lot of questions tonight, about the apple boss and what many are calling his boldest bets yet, high expectations, and the big question now, will it pay off? how do you convince america and the world to wear a computer on their wrist? >> you can't approach it by technology only. this had to be something that people were proud to wear. >> reporter: and last night here we stepped onto the treadmill, the watch measuring everything. but there was something else we won't forget. after they let me try one on, they wanted to show me something. >> i can actually feel your heartbeat through your watch. >> i put my two fingers here, and then i'm sending that to my friend who is wearing a watch. and you can feel it as well, just like the same thing.
9:34 pm
>> that's your true heartbeat? >> yeah. >> we're not making you nervous? >> reporter: no. her heartbeat was perfectly normal, and i could feel it. wow. nice to get to know you, rhonda. >> you too. >> david muir reporting. one of the oldest magazines devoted to apple products has stopped the presses. "mac world" with steve jobs on the cover in 1984 has shut down its print operation and laid off an unspecified number of workers. they say the magazine will continue as an online only operation with a reduced staff. coming up next, a teenager with a remarkably positive attitude. >> what he is telling abc 7 news about his recovery from the injuries he suffered in the napa quake. >> abc 7 news at 9:00 re
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beginning tonight, some key off ramps in the south bay will be closed. here is a look at the closures that begin at 11:00 p.m. they include the off ramp from northbound 280 to northbound 880 and stevens creek boulevard. the stevens creek off ramp from north 880 will also be closed. road crews will be doing work that transportation officials say will improve traffic flow in the area. last month's 6.0 quake in napa gave the new eastern span of the bay bridge its first shake test. experts say it gets an a. the bridge not only met but exceeded expectations. the rods installed in 2010 to replace earlier ones that snapped did exactly as they were supposed to do. but the metropolitan
9:39 pm
transportation says they will need corrosion protection. >> if we take proper precautions to prevent moisture from having access to the steel, everything is going to be just fine. >> the mtc says demolition on the old eastern span is on schedule. both the bike path and the permanent on ramp to eastbound 80 from the island are both expected to open next summer. he is in a wheelchair and can't put weight on his legs, but nicholas says he is doing fine. a chimney fell on him during that napa earthquake. we visited nicholas today. the teen is finally back home. >> reporter: 13-year-old nicholas dylan remembers everything that happened on the morning of august 24. he and his friend were sleeping in the living room when the rumbling woke him up. >> as i was starting to crawl, i put my knee on the ground, and that's when the chimney came down on me. i couldn't feel my legs. i thought i was paralyzed. was there a cut on my leg? was something cut open?
9:40 pm
is there something wrong with me that i'm not seeing or feeling? it was pretty scary. >> reporter: after a 10-hour surgery to repair a broken pelvis and spending weeks in three different hospitals, this ninth grader is finally back at home. he's happy, and so are his buddies. >> as soon as i got home from the hospital, i've had a lot of friends come over and talk to me. that's been awesome. >> reporter: nicholas was enjoying his first weeks as a high school freshman when the quake hit. but he's been studying at the hospital, and now at home while he's mending. >> well, i'm struggling. i'm maybe a week behind in school, but i'm catching up. >> reporter: but what he really misses is his soccer. >> i love soccer. it was like -- it's my passion. being homebound, like, i'm not going to be able to play for a while. you know that? it sucks, but at least i get to watch the games. >> reporter: talking to nicholas, it always seems his glass is half full. it's the positive attitude, he says, that keeps him going. >> i don't want to look at it as a negative. i see this as a setback.
9:41 pm
i don't see it as something bad. it's a setback. >> reporter: he's received a lot of get well cards and prayers from people around the world. he's known to many as the earthquake boy. so what does he think of his fame? >> when i was in the hospital, a bunch of my nurses told me, you know, kid, there's other ways of getting famous. >> i see him doing well. >> yes. up next, delicate dentistry. >> a tooth repair performed on a 23-year-old giant panda. and abc 7 new's new daytime lineup started this week. terry cruise is hosting the new season of "who wants to be a millionaire" at 1:00 p.m. >> "general hospital" at 2:00 p.m. and then rachael ray weekdays at 3:00 on abc 7. 3:00 on abc 7. stay r
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san francisco may set aside money for legal representation for children who have crossed the border. the fund would be $1.2 million. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor david campos became emotional after hearing from children who crossed into the united states by themselves. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> reporter: walter travelled from the streets of guatemala to san francisco's city hall. he and other boys told san francisco supervisors they had no choice but to run from the violence and poverty that continues to cripple their country. late this afternoon, a committee voted to support campos' plan to appropriate $1.2 million a year to fund their legal representation. after leaving the detention center and reuniting with family
9:46 pm
members, they come here to the immigration court, where they are told to come back with legal representation. campos spoke to a crowd of supporters who are behind his plan to help these children stay here. >> we in san francisco are going to set an example for how we as a country should be feeling with this issue. >> listening were natalie and avera angele. they came here to reunite with their mother after seven years of being apart. their grandmother helped them along the way. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> reporter: she says it took them two months to get to their mom. but some don't like the idea of using taxpayer money to fund this plan. >> take the lawyers out of it. the minute you put them in here, you make this an expensive, unsustainable situation that's not in favor of the children. it only favors the lawyers. >> reporter: now families are relying on nonprofit organizations to help them. but these groups already have too many cases. private law firms like kecker &
9:47 pm
van nest announced they would help by donating money and time to represent a few of them. >> my message to the other firms in san francisco is do everything you can, look within yourself and try to be creative. >> reporter: it's not clear if campos has the support of the full board of supervisors, which will vote next tuesday. in san francisco, abc 7 news. for the first time in 35 years, scientists say the earth's protective ozone layer is beginning to recover. a united nations panel reported today that they are seeing an increase in the ozone layer, and they believe much of it has to do with the faze out some chemicals that started in the 1980s. the ozone is responsible for skin cancer, crop damage, and other problems. the ozone layer is still thinner than it was in 1980, but scientists say this is a rare piece of good news for the planet. nice to hear.
9:48 pm
>> time for a last check on the weather. and awfully hot out there. >> it has been, and will continue to be for a few days. mainly clear skies in the bay area. current temperatures, it's cooled down considerably here in san francisco where it's 59 right now. 66 across the bay in oakland. high of 80 in the city today. inland, still quite warm. 81 at livermore. 80 degrees at antioch. tomorrow, statewide, look for highs of 100. 102 in fresno. here in the bay area, another hot day inland. highs in the upper 90s in virtually all of our inland locations tomorrow. mid to upper 80s around the bay, and 82 is the expected high in san francisco. here is the acuweather seven-day forecast. look for triple digit high temperatures or near triple digits inland through saturday. cooling down a little bit on sunday, and it will be further cooling and moderation of temperatures early next week.
9:49 pm
well, san diego zoo veterinarians performed a dental procedure on a giant panda this morning. >> zoo keepers noticed that the panda had a chipped tooth. the zoo's veterinarians decided to do a repair. >> the zoo provided this video of the operation. after a general anaesthetic, they filled it and then cleaned her teeth. >> the zoo says it's possible she cracked her tooth chewing bamboo, which she does 12 hours a day. >> that's a full-time job. >> i hate it when that happens. i'm going to stop chewing ba >> this is a clear and present warning. stop doing that. >> didn't the surgeon general say something about that? in sports, the margin of error for the a's, every game now, it's so small. one play here or there makes a huge difference. speaking of margin of ...we need to break up.
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coming up tonight at 11:00,
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president obama promises to destroy the militant group isis. tonight, what an expert says about the address and the president's plan. plus, the pint-sized hero who put her life on the line. why this 9-year-old was honored tonight. those stories and a lot more coming up on abc news at 11:00 over on channel 7. oh, the a's. >> that sums it up, larry. you remember "groundhog day"? this is what it is for the a's. one evening after erupting for 11 runs, the a's went back to what is their new normal, a one-run game and another agonizing loss in chicago. this guy, oakland jersey. notre dame hat on. clearly a margin fan. strikes out eaton in the third there. adam dunn, white sox put the shift on, and he beats it. base hit scoring coco crisp, 1-0. that's your nightly a's run.
9:54 pm
bottom fourth, josh donaldson robbing former giant conner gillespie. so margin would leave after pitching seven scoreless. lou gregorson with friends and family on hand from the area. frustration. next batter, eaton. double play ball. and then he throws it away, and everybody's safe. later bases loaded. garcia. center field. scores two runs. white sox take a 2-1 lead and hold on for the win. the a's have lost 10 of their last 13. giants-d'backs. lincecum headed to the bullpen to warm up with bases loaded in the second. pitcher's best friend in these situations, the opposing pitcher vogelson 6 2/3. only two hits allowed. to the sixth, a little help, please.
9:55 pm
joe panic going to his right. look at that throw. that's an out. still scoreless in the seventh. this grounder past a diving trumbo. marte has all kinds of trouble in the corner. hunter pence scores all the way from first. giants take a 1-0 lead. presently up 4-0 in the eighth. saock soccer. quakes in vancouver. this shove in the back leads to a penalty kick for the white capps. pedro morales, shoots and scores. he guessed right, to his right. 1-0 caps. then amazing effort here by wafton, who heads in the corner kick. and san jose gets shut out in vancouver, the final was 2-0. one day after commissioner roger goodell insisted that the nfl just tried and tried and tried but somehow couldn't get their hands on video of ray rice
9:56 pm
punching his fiancee, the bombshell today. tonight, apparently they had all along. now they will hire robert mueller to conduct an independent investigation of the entire mess. the associated press reports a law enforcement official sent a video to the nfl back in april. we're told there's also a 12-second voicemail from an nfl phone number in which a female voice expresses thanks for the video, and says, you're right, it's terrible. the nfl, which has bungled and backpedallinged is now backpedalling again. they say they will look for the case of the missing video, perhaps in their own mail room. big concern given that the chicago bears are coming in on sunday and they have two great receivers. starting defensive backs chris culliver and jermaine brock were hurt against the cowboys.
9:57 pm
safety eric green says the niners and johnson filling in have the talent to deal with injuries. >> there's always a concern when a guy goes down. but i think we have the depth if we can't get those guys back in time. we'll get the younger guys in there and make some moves. chris cook will be suited up for this game. i think we can make it work. >> the raiders host the texans on sunday. carr had a couple of touchdown passes. this is pretty right here. but other pressure all game long. he was asked what he learned from his debut. >> that i can do this, you know. learned about myself. i feel, you know, there's a lot to get better at. but i feel confident in what the coaches are telling me and the teammates that we have here, that as long as we continue to grow, we'll be able to do some good things. >> i can do this, and people like me. all right.
9:58 pm
mark gasol in spain. we thought they would be pencilled into the finals. but rudy jobert. outscores spain and pulls off the upset. france to the semifinals. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> is the outcome a foregone conclusion for the united states? >> well, no. they'll still have a tough game. the thought was they were going to play spain, and the event is in spain so that would have been a tough match. now that they have france, well, they should win. >> thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. we'll see you again in one hour on the big 7.
9:59 pm
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♪] this is a historic day for greendale. this state-of-the-art subway sandwichery in our cafetorium represents greendale's first steps forward into the realm of the legitimate. crowd: ooh. no problem. you know what, i'm gonna get it started with my teeth. the legitimate. the legitimate...


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